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The 404: Ep. 635: Where we fear the TerrorByte

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The 404: Ep. 635: Where we fear the TerrorByte

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On today's episode of The 404 Podcast, hosts Jeff Bakalar, Wilson G. Tang, and Justin Yu fear the wrath of Jeff's alter-ego TerrorByte, debate the efficacy of Wi-Fi access in NYC subways, the latest Android Froyo update for the HTC Evo 4G, and more!

Can you. It's August 2 two when he ten. Moral force everybody thinks -- joining us on this Monday and I'm looking back. I am Wilson tang and Justin you but don't do it that you do it this is the silhouette. Fear that -- everybody. That's my annual draft name gas -- about ten. I don't think a mechanical Godzilla king did not it'll -- yeah aliens it is good for people who might have realized over the weekend and he's a born again rappers I don't know -- like him well you know I I got my start music peizerat -- -- -- I got a call now I don't know what they came and went by top heavy hooked you know we've -- certificate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- embassy there about a terabyte. It's terrible about it. That's as the series that mile timing right I'm getting bad analogy Mario here in red in it though about -- -- -- on the in my uniform having the I quality and spinning platter -- -- the thin and let me -- got I've gotten hammered -- deejay was legit ice water yeah. Yeah it's what -- -- -- you like a mood pieces I don't know. I DJ surely Apple -- it's a love letter yeah -- get a letter -- -- -- you. It will it will be -- -- -- because when I was gonna -- -- -- the other. Of the day that when I was gonna people used to call me. It really does lieutenant won't change boy I look at the mind -- my last name right off the -- Yeah get a payback they were only calling us of the U -- Clinton plan and it'll just -- Yeah. We're going onto our next. -- would just be us. Trying to run it is to try and -- don't vivid in the -- Floated it's definitely not your work. -- you -- -- -- about broad vote of no problem no problem. FI eSATA. You music yeah. Its -- only thing I used only Dracula all. -- -- If anybody would route the vote on it yeah I think -- Do you go yeah imagine. Dracula and terabyte go out on tour here -- where they suck the memory up. And the department music -- -- they -- gets about a lot of news going. Yeah. -- about the bitching about it yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you don't favorite -- real audio but hot American summer I did -- this weekend and it is. Funny here every annual Sonoma avenue now that you've met the end data that does that ruin the -- down these are better it's it's funny then handed me though yeah you you know -- comedy is if you don't live with the idea and you don't have isn't here -- never realized but on the dvd for wet hot American summer you can choose to have a special audio option here where there's extra parts. Random -- yeah. All the fun you'll be its chief technical university in one will bend over your head and all the good -- like a room. Well -- -- party. Buddies that you out of their cars and we can't -- members of -- -- -- that video on YouTube. Our oh it's that's that's not that -- that I've never seen and I there let's get some stories of the day. We very exciting things going on not really. Public about that Wi-Fi. Not cell phone service Wi-Fi and is apparently coming to New York City subways and gas line. Well it works for awhile now -- according this article they've been trying to get Wi-Fi in New York subways for three years but they haven't on the funding for it. Until just recently and on Saturday Bloomberg reported that like parliament becoming wildly at subway station -- -- -- Telephone always did you -- -- yeah a teacher gets no love -- -- -- -- great that's fine I'm fine put Wi-Fi in the subway and what the hell form and once you put cell phone service when I first now I know. Okay that's good I think emergencies and an -- and I gotta put it. Yeah I actually think that they think they should turn on like these should have cell phone service in case of -- -- callers like. Off in general. That doesn't make sense -- know why but I. You put the emergencies doubled there is all I need to turn the power on didn't like it did an emergency able to on the train it yeah hang but you really wanna hear Joe's vote next you have any conversation about what he's eating and no I don't put if something really really bad is happening I wanna be able to call stealth happens -- on the subway every single day where you should if you had a -- -- I don't. Okay so. Why don't ever -- him. But that poor girl who got abused and instantly what that there was a -- -- Clinton. Terrible story that awhile -- -- Well terabyte when that have an -- -- comes after the put I don't get. A terabyte -- -- wherever you. I part of -- popular. But I -- I. And why they -- Wi-Fi in -- subway before -- but -- show and he's not I would appreciate them much. Of course because like I'm I'm on the train and I read like the New York Times -- when something terrifying is happening to be used to turn. Why wouldn't you mile or even more so from -- do the -- the authorities. I don't know call for emergency -- it's a little island could make the same argument about being an airplane where. No do you know -- does have because no one's gonna climb up to the -- them. Well or not. Someone's gonna go underground and save us. -- I know I'm like well. Let's go get them yeah. How -- -- -- on a -- were you actually needed called comp zero yeah and you'll be fine and it's been 27 years. I mean he really would be sitting. In a subway -- listening some woman yeah -- does some pluses and have the same thing. You know the subway some of it is above ground do you deal with it anyway what we're gonna shoot people. It doesn't for a bloody Yorkers afflicting the modicum of this I don't like this of it and -- yeah I thought I'd -- I suggest of the debate here we have out of everybody and I would think you'd be the first person I don't know myself on the seasonally I want the data to -- You know -- wanna send text messages I wanna do crap like that. I don't hear people talk of listening to headphones -- -- talk all day. Chlamydia he had an iPhone -- -- this time over Wi-Fi on the subway and. Making that I have yeah and I had that's exciting study each -- -- service from people put the three in the forty in -- ultimately one guy complaining that it's not to play it's it's it's the record -- Oh but I mean I'm excited about lifetime -- Update my phone when I'm reading the news -- -- videos and text message ruin. It at a I'm sure this plays on the screen you get to the Internet I'm sure there's ways there. Coming Jeff Flock here yes over the weekend year's eve oh yeah HD Tivo finally got rodeo -- -- -- in the end it was announced through again from area earlier tomorrow -- we -- evil -- -- yeah and one other guy it will finally and the people have been done enough for real for the last couple months right it's only available right now officially on the nexus -- which doesn't really help us carrier to call home yeah I mean I even they don't even sell the nexus line right he can't even get it yet officially and this is on the Leo because what happened. Who is they're all these news. Leaks that the Verizon Android phones of incredible the -- that those -- That there we're gonna get for audio version and then last week you know -- -- some terrific. And have. Princeton and -- -- a few hours after that it -- is Verizon is equal to toy book review and in the original group which is very impressive because that's prevents the old destroyed flown out there yet right in terms of Verizon but we're having a little. Bit of a debate about realignment that has tasteful one yeah and there's no that's I feel like for a lot of people is the biggest reason why not to get an -- -- the first place is the so the lack of or not even the -- but you don't know whether you and get the update you next I don't know put like in my in in defensive Android and I will defend Andrew on this point is that it is the severity. New operating income in its infancy quickly filling up early -- I was -- a conversation with a friend you -- confused about the difference between the generally. And enjoyed. Right Google go yeah Troy is the phone that's lighted by the company's. I reinstall those young was there yet again -- -- is that visitors. That legitimized the I was out this weekend and -- is -- the person happens. People come up anything from that is that drew yeah yeah you can -- thing they think -- -- -- enjoyed on its. It's called the dream but as we get into the Android and the -- injury X ray -- -- really bolster it's horizons for all of yet. -- fault they screwed it up for the because they label all of their Android phones as to -- right science and now you have majority incredible yet Android X 5000. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let me correct few years. Hello how are golfers don't know they're out on -- and -- -- contact. Yeah yeah. IV noticed yeah because it's like oh well it's not the way it's an Android -- -- yet that. You know just to scan and then there's a floating you know which is the version -- -- -- -- maintenance volumes are -- people at -- -- -- yeah forget it clear what exactly is rodeo so probably -- is the yes every joy iPhone now accounts frozen bubble every joint operating elect -- incremental upgrade okay uses labeled with -- user -- OK -- for the rodeo it was included people there. And then we know that was it was penalty duty I think those -- the letter. And I it was done and I don't know it yet could be donut and then suddenly cupcake -- -- was. I don't know how tough finally. -- -- plan -- -- I. I want -- both about. No one following -- -- -- -- G for gingerbread. And I don't know it's just weird anyway. Again that the people and make your -- are you excited anymore -- doesn't -- I got the evil that was the biggest thing that was bombed out of -- like -- and this is great and then for -- -- -- got an old version of Andrew and I got two point 11 warrant on Michael on I want this -- you can -- you supposedly like six times faster 19 and had you know flash on it and you could install apps on the SD card. Big deal a lot of people know that you could only install stuff to the built in regret that he had like 500. Megs of something resumes that was you screw you actually do and you -- work email on your phone now which and even looking yeah we don't like it on there and now there -- -- Obama. Yeah ever even when you're out where the have a problem. So -- -- -- tomorrow for the you know very exciting stuff. Meanwhile. So -- -- excited it's faster tantalizing hints -- -- thing with me flash. Big rush isn't quite so -- of -- deal because you can even. And YouTube works but there's already using to have that I think -- doesn't work though Hulu doesn't work I'm sure there'll be some sort of work around -- be one -- button. But yeah I'm just excited to experience the Internet can have -- -- normal person. You know and that's exciting and I mean for and it's coming out of Verizon this week yet another thing I guess in the the Smartphone -- new species. Discuss the issue is jailbreak need dot com little you nerd that is actually legit way to actually don't even legit but -- legal it's an illegal all jail breaking their legal on the iPhone -- -- -- can do that to a breakaway but before you had to. Get to download -- -- programs -- slowing computer tether your iPhone to. And they had like a 10% chance -- would actually -- -- because I like those. There are there a lot of things you have to worry about him from CNET version not fun or will it yet I mean there's a lot of things so apparently -- iPhone developer yet gave everyone access to this with amazing as they want announcement they -- -- crazy Dickinson on this and I'm like yeah that's what I'm wondering. You don't have to do anything except go to jail Britney dot com. And then you just saw it in Europe safari browser on your iPhone then swipe across -- screen and and then your iPhone is Gilbert gambling that way either -- -- hello. Okay here's my question -- -- after you jailbreak your phone using the service can you install the Apple. Fascinating -- one point two you actually. I don't I don't think so yeah because usually that breaks your phone and -- -- a 100% positive the new the next update from Apple's gonna break yet again but I did -- that its new service called my three G. If you jailbreak your phone -- -- this you're gonna have -- time over three G does have really yet check it out I mean I haven't launched it myself because I. Three G but did you not afford checked checked that's opted out minutes of -- that's pretty cool Wilson and so when you jail breaking your phone book on here okay so it's amazing -- -- you've had that phone for a month. -- actually have a couple friends face time and it's still the weird thing -- the hard thing is that you always have to deal with or you and respond we can use one man -- -- Yeah dirty vicious I was there we. I was go -- that in the commercials. Pan Pacific show the series of text messages prior to the -- but how how I'm confident and well. No I mean -- between you know we've talked a face to let things that I think everything they've -- and he's please don't you. He said because my girlfriend actually answer phones. And and we then yeah. And via the the hard part is. Is we can't upgrade to I analyst for yet and is the Gilbert is bull was an -- -- like her particular. Preventing the moon yeah. In the neighborhood -- They're -- -- -- -- yeah we're big -- we're gonna face time with us and -- Back in a second stick around. The full our phone or an Panthers the show where we policy. I might show Alter your lists watching T the four room -- -- on the web code to. Where amazing things are awesome. -- -- Where amazing things. Keep listening to this okay we had -- -- off and record. Eight different provisions -- have it added -- a room -- you know we're gonna get it. They are not dead at all there it's like a Michael is all about stream of content. You tell it has nothing to do whatever options and whatever does creep it was all. In a -- we got calls from the public time to get -- that time usual amount of -- CNET oil -- oil. -- -- Hello this is probably dangerous -- not gonna indoors this. But sounds like a couple people decided to take our show. And put in drinking game to it oh god oh god. There's no way this is -- and well. So let's listen to this voice -- I apologize in advance -- here yeah. Or for -- -- -- cargo or -- -- now you are. But united travel all the way from Chicago Illinois -- with your you know what -- you're. It would aid you're drinking game or ethnic and you'd -- Really yeah. Let's take a great amount of Portland combined with no word literally amber -- once if you want more than one no limit her in her away. -- This -- -- yeah it meant let. Or four. That's actually really good that's pretty. A anybody getting drunk there -- did -- have a little Bacardi 150. This action shots and deadly may help them -- now by saying this. Literally literally literally couldn't literally -- Doctor king on this doctor Tomkins. Yeah yeah not. That's 200 proof alcohol on your. You killed a party ladies Bacardi when when when I never had a. Before that's like hell what is that marina no 8% alcohol you know uncle because bush is what with the -- -- fire -- yeah yeah -- basically a nail polish. I. That's pretty -- stomach and I respect that in my account I respect that but you know be careful and -- -- -- -- to finally time to play 151 with. Drinking unruly youths riding and you -- alcohol was Friday so let's give him the benefit but if you yeah you could definitely do some kind of for -- go and that it would not much as 41 of the boxes could be literally another one could be a kidding -- -- all the -- the last. -- males of middle in the -- responded you know probably yeah. Next called. People seem to think just in there like resident -- for the -- yeah I. Think it's. I can always there -- things in last week in reality is is that freaking loser with a I love destitution we do that you could -- right here put. Let's we have a question from -- and we're gonna -- now. We used this spring this on Internet time to prepare this is the beauty of -- yeah do all of this is called intra. That's years. -- world war. -- yeah cure all that vocabulary. -- -- given it a little bit relationship but let's just this. -- that getting. I don't have -- that's a marriage. Okay so so -- -- yeah a lot. But if you guys that are vaccinated with. Why it. Hello and -- -- -- yeah I don't know this view it and that's his own prerogative the younger guy can do it but you're not there yet now. Now I am on the other hand had been through three unsuccessful -- right. Of course I got. Right that's right I -- Not the best thing to be talking about -- well. Maybe what went wrong in those trifecta of marriages. In other all these other chicks coming onto means. Well I yeah. The name -- early -- in Canadian lady got -- -- that -- -- the so I would have our our caller is for advice on how to maintain successful married again. Here's what my advises -- some people say happy wife happy life but I'm gonna be more specific -- cook your wife. Can't figure why ideals you have to zone but you don't know how to -- I don't know hundred. They took a specific -- I'm just saying cook something I mean I think that women appreciate that kind of effort -- -- you know once a week I think you can get -- colonial is public record you think -- thing is -- is the key success I really did I I've actually -- agree with you can't hear very well I think it's important for relationship but it's also important for family to your outlines going up we always eat dinner together and -- good time -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- and. Get you were in my office and on until walked and and I you're talking about how you have no money through. Because -- moved to through and -- the first things yes you is how much you spend and I -- how off did you go to eat yet and has said. Tired today. All of -- -- -- -- Secure point one times a week I go out to. We reviewed it have you afford anything. I just -- McDonald's. You're serious but if I had a life I would compare -- and that's what my advises you call. Well. I mean look and I know that you cook a lot free your girlfriend. I love cooking -- has been used to a lot of props and it can combine food with the badger -- Then that's all the better let him -- -- remember them when they're like that exactly how I could ask European lab. We won't tell you that I just he had vaguely yeah you've gone bye -- -- movie directed that we don't mind. Yes you -- it's a good advice however sporadic in -- yours. Then we have a -- -- from somebody who. Questioning our choice to -- Apple rechargeable batteries -- -- probably a mistake and I'll explain more. John Florida. Gluten that showed the day and I'm a -- it. Render -- -- how did Apple batters were. You don't need in the market for some rechargeable double -- from a new camera. -- little camera and it knew better sport. Arm. Which up and actually thinking about buying that. -- bungalows to get some other stuff in. Picked up a Energizer. -- for battery packed with the charger that charges all for -- and. -- Well twelfth not that it's congress that's unheard of year if your line shame on you -- on the navy job may be elsewhere outside in the right but in New York -- you can find pack just a pack of batteries -- dot com. -- and taking my endorsement. Nothin' you alive but I've bought rechargeable batteries right leg right after that story can. I got this thing called the Sanyo makes them it's like on a -- their poems from -- and it's I got six double days I'm sorry eight double -- into AAA is plus adapters further from larger sizes and the charger hopefully when he five that's too bad that anywhere in here I go -- -- Apple -- cute and looks good. Like c'mon you gonna beat that price in that time who had this -- system that's -- use. The vampire apartment is amp -- -- and that's it ultimately. And I -- like rechargeable batteries that are really important these days -- -- have so many different things that I am confident replaced yeah -- measurable it's now yet but you know I think it's becoming an issue for me I have rhetorical and throw my gain control them like little docs for them but you know. Cameras. Whenever a Xbox-360. Controllers like eat that pizza from right now and they like a full day empire Apple they're too like your view -- -- it's. So -- some advice for you. Before we -- here let's talk about Blackberry. And our pin number who has the black. As it could hook -- not joking who had I don't have much I give it to you you meet US -- -- it. Yeah yeah yeah. Now -- had a ha ha ha yeah I I we we you know you'd talking you guys a lot our pin number we did not happen -- -- how -- Michael hill to. But right now let's talk about him dropping my iPhone and water -- humiliated. That was awesome -- he's oh I'm so sorry community care -- we find a Blackberry when we fire Blackberry we will answer your friend record request on Blackburn messenger. Or pin number or write this down because this is what we want you yet that he's pointing to it. This isn't -- what you don't you enter in 248. Who. F as in frank. 45. Q that -- you get are you know. Conversation going on there and put in the pin number I didn't know it wasn't familiar -- agreement -- I understand he's continued use that. And you get to talk to one of us at any given time 24/7. If we have the phone if you say something insightful and clever we're gonna play it on the air and released please please especially Jeff hasn't. Misses him in the middle of the night he keeps it right -- as head. The story falls -- mineral I didn't have -- lucky you right you wake up -- just leave it on your chest. Fingers on the keyboard yeah. Thank -- -- -- at any given moment to answer a for a four -- call -- a thing is that we need a fine I'm not -- we don't really have no idea yeah. I swear -- -- we've -- respond to pick -- have been keeping going -- is the lot of fun so what happened to your iPhone and more liquid. And Michael Showalter well yeah. You've got to get rid of it and know what my my what a couple of them on the table when we had Michael on Friday yet. And I did attempt to show the picture taken of him and he'd -- dropped it in the -- well you should have to let you shouldn't have prefaced it with -- they need. Surely this picture to -- -- yeah while you're looking to. Yeah. I don't underneath the table that way I think that's for a Mac he's just like he grabbed it is that it's going in the yeah. It's still working fine -- you don't off lucky Mike yeah it is you -- -- -- -- Who would have to get going on this week the -- Nothing now that there's nothing exciting I'm doing loaded all this week's knowledge and I know it's loaded into reality there's -- that's in that I think it's CNN slash load see okay CNET back on flash loaded wanna wanna search. Yeah. It's part -- -- yeah. I well. Is your job -- yeah -- lot less loaded again so I. I get there look. CNET in. Google yeah yeah yeah you don't search for -- yet that's gonna do for us -- Hurry hurry up and coming up and make sure you tune in every day chemical redo -- that you know that not bother me this is a lot of fun. -- anyway you wanna get it together. -- factory if the -- I'm gonna revealed the real -- what. Stage -- fragile moment. Run run game -- I'm gonna. -- is 66. 404 CNET number to call the four ports in back we've got. Submissions. He found me isn't going to make Houston -- We're approaching the deadlines. It's no definitive -- yeah actually I'm really you feel like we're burgeoning in the future yeah of the human moment cold but it's. That's gonna do for us see you guys tomorrow I'm Jeff Bakalar I'm Wilson tang and continue to support for a tactic -- routes terrified of your hard.
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