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Crave: Ep. 62: People power
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Crave: Ep. 62: People power

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This week, Donald and Eric tackle the big ideas. Microsoft demos shoulder-mounted touch screen projectors, while Disney takes a decidedly low-tech route. We also look at a ball that can take 360 panoramic photos in one shot, advancements in harvesting energy from humans, the strength of your passwords, and a new spin on superhero teen shows.

It's Tuesday October 18. You're experiencing. He doing it's it's good to see you -- it -- it to be back here in the podcast world He now thinks third downloading a source streaming streaming has steered. All the -- -- you sound like. -- and from delicious delicious and thanks for being. Good to be. We're gonna -- that delicious -- today. Which the -- that yeah actually the the first it in that theme the first tech dish I had to serve up is a ball. Natural anyone. It is a camera filled -- enemies within -- -- panoramic. Camera ball camera balls of the best comedy yes. Testing kind of concepts a -- and development aren't content to some practice and I can actually -- people -- -- -- we can everywhere. You know using these plants. As. And -- say they are I've not seen one in the real world but I -- this video. That's attached to this story -- cupid and optimistic and they it will trickle out to the real world this -- -- -- -- is infused with 36. Own cameras. Out of of the lowly two megapixel resolution picture has an excel around her -- and then you throw the ball up Indiana. It wait until it meets meets. Gets to its maximum height and -- can sense -- it's falling back down. Alone in my case it takes a photo from all the different camera lenses all the same time via and then through software -- -- -- together into one. 360 panorama a right -- scene where -- there's demonstration click and then you can browse through the entire thing inevitable direction from -- -- -- and stitches it altogether that's pretty cool. Canada I don't know if that Loma -- on this thing is an artifact of crappy cameras that are. -- -- -- There is just because its -- is coolness normally like you you're never gonna though your iPhone in the -- no matter how much. Apple could put this feature somehow in some black emperor iPhone initiation of an area -- don't let -- take pictures out it's like this kind of features continued banning needed dedicated device to do it right if you can't if you wanna see. The view for from -- higher. You you know you wanna -- -- shoulders or something like that its -- to do that. Use your ball people is that this grab them yeah -- grab that ball up and throw at me there are hard. -- -- -- That's it what don't -- -- -- -- -- business plan but it is I think it is. It could be smaller though -- -- the idea. Tracking up to flatten out again bringing like this soccer ball signing -- area Wilson here and test -- He's greatly limit big epinephrine Scion to make that trip will be that. -- It also edit it -- now probably be hard to get through airport security. With -- a Green. Laser death all. If you're hiding it actually it looks like manatees and hours with all with the defendant has Gloria -- hasn't spent hasn't -- the ball spike on it. -- -- -- -- -- The practice. Or from starch -- a Star Wars right -- like a melding of that and that might be that little in objector or of that. Went to consciously is you don't sell to -- inject her with the -- yeah yeah that whole lake. Big huge -- of the global Green technology that has -- a little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We re evolve the technology so far that this steer you just float mid air right -- we actually got it figured out how to best way to inject people always know what it out is that date to get better than this gap in this before Star Trek next generation medical -- -- -- Threatening sounded it. This one out with -- It doesn't exist yet it's being shown off as -- -- Asia 2011. December. -- -- -- Yeah let's just hope they and the hood -- meant to create peace here and mention this too is -- Hopefully. When it comes out it'll have better camera quality -- -- that's just an effective. You know having 36 cheap camera modules to plug into a ball yet. The for step. They'll they'll -- And I'm genuinely excited -- this is one of the things was like -- you. Apple or Samsung or whoever -- are still. Leahy -- four cents and Apple to turn it all. -- just like how -- alternately pay our bills here alone Cardinal Health of products and Apple is bald -- there I now. And and the never gonna make if they want a little in the each. Each niche thing -- -- -- -- That will cause nothing but despair. And sadness. And we're gonna look -- what it's not gonna show that meet -- technology we're gonna make it a philosophical podcast about things -- has been nothing but it. You closer to the realization that. All it's nothing yeah welcome to the -- podcasts yet death is coming there's no political. -- and listen to his partners don't listen. And -- -- doesn't matter how many policy by you know it doesn't it's it's still a hopeless situation. Everyone you know if you -- you know it's gonna meet people you met yet. -- I -- not -- that. And makes it wouldn't be that interest. As really gets every time and -- the same thing at least we have variety in this version of the podcast. Version one point it is distraction. Distraction. And be ultimate. Yeah. -- -- -- thing is true down we -- we don't like face the truth on the spec as -- -- to distract ourselves and you. From that you know from the realization. That you're gonna die alone right -- -- our next distraction. This it's also distraction that is of a future that you probably don't really want -- nonetheless very interesting. Is Microsoft showing off a touch screen that is projected from your shoulder you on to any surface. It's using. At Pico projector. Awesome and a depth. Comic and album many Microsoft connect system on your shoulder with a Pico projector broke his as a camera NASA sees where -- -- Is going yet and it's doing some crazy detection of finger points and shapes right. The depth of field dep yeah -- how far your finger is from whatever -- -- so if He ever want to turn your hand into calculator. They've got to back or your notebook yet Paper notebook into -- completely critical and anything decent touch screen might -- gestures where you can take two fingers and expand out a map. A nice -- zoom into -- can email. Yeah or -- some interesting stuff that we can meet. Beginning you have any word on the resolution of the image -- how clear it is. That some numbers there but while the all of this is the thing to -- is ultimately is being projected using latency can ever be. The outdoors with this kind. Definitely not and it involves a lot of staring at a wall to general wanna get on -- law and also talk all. This giant and connectors. On your shoulder bag it like look like the predator almost encountered as school uses brace -- neared. Chest to keep it up the keep -- It's be great for -- And I had a thing him. Humans can. And prototype system approaches the actors -- and not mean so I -- -- still any potential sites like as is. Well I don't see why it's interesting it's like a possible. You know way we can evolve our technology general involves or Hayward another path we -- -- with our technology because of EC and do guys like me. You know touch screens and stuff right right how about -- touch screen you can touch anywhere. -- outdoors except outdoors because and -- Ed Ed -- though. It most likely work yeah why. Why don't -- what -- you one of quite a project at a touch screen onto any surface what advantage is I give you. -- -- what does that do for you wouldn't know this is where it goes back into the -- Sheehan podcast yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- There -- put his content and ultimately lowers the point where the -- as the -- Tablets and that screen and in his new low point. In doing this to one care is just -- minute 32 video in and gonna we gonna that a you know. Bad mouth it -- that of getting -- comes with was poor and his videos stupid. Windows had the -- ready well actually that's not what. I'm doing your front -- something else but -- Allowing them. That's its. I could see this kind of be into -- and specialized applications like Adam. Would have like your surgeon. Wanted to like project. -- you might look a little of your -- -- -- what. Are you -- you know take out the they can use the regular trial run this could be like the operation idiot proof you know surgeon assistant. Yeah right. Yeah exactly -- you be like this -- like doctor Ned. You know don't add up that way -- cut up insolent. Yeah exactly or none of them it should -- the -- which like like. What actually you're not cutting any lights for a patent -- you whom. Yeah this this is this a simple procedure -- -- hand if you're actually just here to shape the patient yeah. And I and human OK so where does the -- I cannot drag -- -- like military applications do -- like you don't wanna carry around like a fragile. Touch screen painting is one you know okay yeah -- was as a resurgence and applications projected on your hands now. You -- -- carry -- like some little small device you -- giant. I connect -- -- back so you can just the way it looks like -- GI Joseph ish. You know and -- -- it's like it's it looks like something -- like -- back. LB a lake. One of the GI Joseph dunes lakes darker or -- those dudes and I always tell the big -- -- and its communication satellite stuff via those guys of the active real back. The first like 8384. Version of you regularly to -- packs and stuff. -- -- -- -- I love that you do though. Apple H. I still like for this I would rather have my glasses again that projected that stuff onto the -- is somehow -- -- -- -- Augmented displaying -- actually haven't rejected out -- group projects on the glass is where you're you can see them -- -- to see them and -- by the didn't see it located and how do you sort EU you do this like. You like. Pressing buttons like there aren't somehow somehow it sent consents in the world. I'm touching you -- in a virtual world you via. I can sense -- I -- -- since. And we can I could I could grow view and -- can tell me you were like who might groping that's the other thing I want is in the memory assistance of that as solid MIT working on the slate. 510 years Mac -- and some like Alan Alda PBS now -- -- -- -- You're walking around -- -- the overhead this latest -- tells you -- -- heads coming by writers Ted and over there right remember his name out fast that. As -- -- good to see again Ted that it right. Or -- dvds walk into. You know. Best buyer whenever it can give you can read out on -- glasses of of CNET rating on that particular technology ill but the best price you should pay for it is -- account like. IPhone to iPhone with iPhone CA -- so much work to get that idea pocket antley look at it that is as prostate presented to -- -- there. Or -- as yelling it's -- in the and that's by Alex area much had to pay for this thing and it's just look at your glasses and masks. It says so right there. LC -- -- gonna be the -- for every joke for the rest of the -- it's like it's like the new sites it's like the new lake. Comics in a certain extent congressman and it makes Ceres and users in the -- mentioned are exactly like. Now that's that's not that's not start it. I understand that everybody's okay so here's here's the -- there's the weird went -- this next story it's the same kind of technology. I'm kind of weirdly excited about. This is a man this is hand held projectors. That can sense each other on the wall -- but they're projecting. When they overlap with each other seeking how these weird little two player game like. Instances. Right. Just kind of shining flashlights on -- essentially yeah but they don't. Honestly do interactive. Businesses. That truly interacting and there there one colored you can only of one caller -- heroes Ella bell. Freak out. And they've shown kind of like applications -- -- -- one B a filed Monday if folder and you can move. You know you can you can a computer lake processes but. Really it's it's gaming that's dead interesting application in this doesn't lectures gaming. Donald rather experts and credits by its crude I -- -- it's crude. It's. Like this -- weird way of lake. District kids' stuff I can imagine that going campaigning like having too little projector -- things He -- project on the ten yeah. That is like being lost inside your iPod Touch right and -- have. More social you -- -- a little power. -- -- -- All tiny Mikey gets back to lake -- shadow shadow play a puppet shoes and kind of that kind of primal. Yeah shared illness share -- -- this. -- away for a reason. Because we have -- and Angel that I guess that's ultimately what does that whales have like a little bit -- -- -- on mushy. Like alternate reality where obedience -- -- games going into -- Console today when it's like steam powered projectors brat that's all that said that alternate universe where this is -- games went right. Instead of connect via this rank. We got monotone color here. Instead of millions of colors we have one. Let's on the wall here is -- -- exit version of it where you're moving files back and forth going through menus. And it's. I see no reason for this to us yeah this is don't do this. If big red tends to cause anything. That you don't want -- Mention exactly which ultimately. The public opinion is projected technologies that you need to be around surfaced -- yeah that's us and we use in the -- seals and we're -- -- militant. -- but -- won't sleep until. Then what they gonna show me -- show from the kids. Now. I don't have. Misdiagnosis. Now I think we as a nation. To stand when it -- -- Or attempting where instead of just like a two state animation where you know that two characters cross every -- them punch each other in a lake. Moving through a story. And like it at first you know doctor -- this guy an enemy they meet up the next kind of instance of the story plays out He turns into a whale on the. How well it's that of that. I get a project here if you put a new prey hidden camera in its flight the movies I think that I think we already have that there's a -- Because this storytelling device -- such that I can already known way to experience and we already know about projectors this. -- -- -- Is it interacts I'm not sending your kids and is thank you for trying to get excited about this again and this is the only -- being ever what is with the open to live chicken is from. Thank you need Disney's high OK -- okay well that's that's -- -- -- Last story here. For my news previews it will. If I -- this this looks disgusting. Says how local that means that as well the most important story that out of -- everything I've talked about so far even more important than the camera ball. Leave it. -- this is an advancement. In. Human powered bio fuel cells. Where they can now harvest. Energy from your body in them -- see more efficient weighing. So that. So robots is a stretch a -- that from these media application would be you know pacemakers that community but off their own power right. And other kind of like lifesaving you'll need a battery life populations show -- acting like the little gadgets that we used to replace here. Kidneys -- arts in whatever area and I'll run on your own your own juices -- your -- breakfast yes. So did this is something that's been around and thought about for a long time but apparently it's the introduction of -- and attitudes. Which immediate efficiency of these things a lot better though the weird little -- He -- here in graphic. All so -- looking and only then that's a before -- after that's the actors acted in implanted in Iraq. For some time well yeah exactly. Analysts see that. This is also Powell is like the matrix robots will -- us as fuel will -- -- in the latest closing things -- the human body makes an awesome battery -- And so -- this -- that's easy to get -- that. -- now all going back in reverse what if we aren't projected wouldn't be a little projectors and our fingertips right. Okay running our for our -- power or online and like -- -- -- the little shoulders -- -- like. I can implant into his shoulders -- -- project data from your shoulder yeah and out from parents yeah. When that need that much cooler that would be very cool. But if everyone has it. It's always say I noted that yeah exactly and that was cool for the first iPhone. County are still at it He had those are some and now -- -- -- to -- the Wal-Mart yeah exactly. Now I don't know. That -- superpowers -- MP -- of the cool because no one. And as they think people flying the butterfly is awesome because no one can do that span thirty shows -- -- that community that would mean okay. So this is this -- you superpowers. This is the key to -- to -- your your iPhone from slapping on your death or having an iPhone raucous all of the circuit she runs off of your own. You don't -- know that all information is in your brain already has access to their coding encoding into you DNA is sit there. Or at least you know -- -- -- can meet the energy so we can do is used rats to -- -- yes rats can also make disgusting little. Like -- penises or whatever that is -- things that's -- sum up -- Fear factor or something like a Joseph -- that maybe keep that in two seconds. That's. So next week He went -- -- through. They've gotten they've done -- them. Probably yeah via. Via. And I meant to and -- -- you don't want to now just me but I think it's collecting could this if this really the if we can really make efficient energy from our own bodies. Powered gadgets powered by implants and all implanted technology singularity -- chair. This is important research. It's not like the idea of using human body as it is -- is that as a battery basically is it as -- energy resource. Awesome yes the more efficient it seems like they'll be pretty clean energy to me. I'm all for it here's where I go at this the cynic in me is that is plight is gonna power like advertising. Now illuminates a chance or something now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So is this how they are okay so is He offerings. He advertising for yourself like this like into Craigslist then. Like your on the bus -- -- you're single you Selig a young you know. Pretty girl you like in the totally open you test be -- -- the special offer U -- And she can either you know -- she'll sign back with her little -- deny or special offer is like come with me right out of the holiday and yeah exactly -- here. For her half all. Well it would -- it would be a more interest in future. -- Missed connections there -- -- and women's connection daily plenty of them but we'd all tournament advertising opportunities. Can make money -- -- like this I. That's all -- that. Would -- you know it's only lesion. We should do before we get -- year -- segment we should do something as we should go to our awesome sponsor do it here where from -- here work from -- yet easy. And it's still. -- our guys today in our security minute news should I change my password and if so what to. So with all the hacks and attacks premium people's personal counselor wondering. Is my password safe enough and what should I do -- it's maybe not. That I find out if -- been hacked so the answer the first question is my password safe enough is probably not. Even non work passwords can be attacked by so called brute force attacks. A fast enough computer bank of computers chugging through every six character combination and there is -- easily stumble across a user's password. A better bet is to use a long string of words that you can easily remember. But they're kind of in congress like say -- I don't know the purple unicorn is provisional captain of the death star. Now paint yourself a word picture of this particular situation and you'll never forget the password but it's highly unlikely that a password guessing algorithm will stumble across -- Now to see if you need to change your password right now. Go to should I change my password dot com. This site keeps track of the lists of email addresses that have been compromised and publicly known hack attacks if -- -- -- comes back. As being in the system -- to update the password if you haven't already. Other tips -- don't use the same password everywhere. And consider using a password utility like last -- to help you keep track of all those different passwords you use -- all those different systems. For more see -- how to story link of which is in the crave podcast show notes and if you have security question for me email it to how -- to at Until next time states. We're back having made -- world a safer place yeah with a brief. Yeah those -- negative economy could go to. You know agendas and -- -- -- on last that's a completely it would get -- Passwords. Protected too must pass option -- -- -- But they -- out again. Saga and -- doesn't matter in those -- that means an end in tears and pain and -- which I think -- sellers at the dementia. That's gonna end. But before it ends -- Yes. Of that school's -- hasn't been a NATO -- beefy. One. And the -- this and I most this article was announced -- -- aroused. Known though that. -- -- at the elk had to -- -- whose illnesses like last. Anyway. Anyway yes. We fan of heroes. When it. -- confusing at first season right everyone accounted relate. For me even liked I would say the first like eight episodes and maybe there is like a couple in the second season -- that the company man was really good. Com and that Heros we can all agree. He used disappointment right guys -- right make heroes did not live up to what. -- -- -- I feel like the -- officials that they tried to do too much they didn't do any one thing really well. Yeah that's it like the first few episodes so we love them to these -- again super complicated. Just -- -- -- -- -- tries. I gotta -- rooting for -- many years now yeah yeah that too like you I didn't really like is that needle guide that there is seasonally which is. Seems kind of boring in hello Hayden and hearing -- -- -- -- -- don't just got tool belt without tell have a couple. Malaysia is sixteen by Alice on that was like. Little later a bit faster and anyway you can move Colorado that's seem to. -- If you like heroes like idea of heroes or -- like -- even. On this show. That's been airing for the -- years in the UK and just started hearing recently on Hulu -- misfits. Miss -- is kind of heroes but. With a -- really really dark humor to heroes have. Leo it really dark humorous spin on it -- put it like an H PLC can get really violent. Release sexual really you know it is really that language. And you have pretty much missed its -- use -- to -- you'll have all these. Tons and tons and tons of characters it's -- it's you know its its country of its focus on these five characters who have superpowers. And it's really awesome. I've had actually argue that message is actually better title for what heroes was anyways because they -- hero looks exactly your run all of them it usually sit in their nests actually actually hit exactly where each other's BI LL -- -- -- always have their public heroes those other problems like. This one hero and his name is hero and no one else is really hero other people try to be able and I did it was weird let miss -- Is awesome. And I have a little clip -- to -- -- Cleveland will come humor -- Stahl the use on the show it. Is only one thing young lady should be in certain themselves. And that's knowledge -- So it's -- -- this is. Excuse near the in the the first season where this woman she -- -- power was she she talks He she can control to make you do agencies like here you how you think about beings and so He goes in here this one character who has been turned. He's kind -- main character. Since -- made -- -- her headphones I mean they have little radical in on his gun out to them going there confront her and trying to make her. Gonna change your view on that basis it's. It's really -- always funniest thing -- has always in the day. Then Netflix and sun -- yet doctors to see -- Just stay -- -- some. What were going to expand your words are safe and you do to -- don't do that better off. When did -- and I. Students -- me shipping address -- and then yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess they -- get -- idea that the kind of the humor that's that showed uses and light. Just the kind adult situations it puts it in the but with this very humorous spin it as early. -- all juvenile love to do another like juvenile delinquents. While there is a little early twenties in the a they've done a little bad things are doing this on our community. Weekly -- when you have to. Now -- -- jail time doing community service -- service -- they're doing that. So but this fits the new season starts in November -- This -- she is uncool right now because they're awesome and He won't be disappointed even though unlike on fictional on the Everett and Hulu. I like who agree yeah and I had never look at -- -- I -- -- yeah yeah this is after you finish breaking bad go right to that. If you're still listening. -- -- You can email us crave at CNET dot com's you can check out the crave blog at crave. Dot summit summit that our winners on embarrassment. Or. You can tune in next week who will be going to all of this all over again with the distractions. -- we'll keep you from looking at the boy -- And existence for one more week. Next Tuesday join -- that didn't see it.
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