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Ep. 58: Replace your face: Crave

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Crave: Ep. 58: Replace your face

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This week, Donald and Eric discuss two street-legal TRON-inspired lightcycles at opposite ends of the price spectrum. Plus, we creep out on a way to perform real-time video face substitution, and the implications it will have on the future of video chat and our children. In Geek News, Eric nominates an actor for Zombie of the Year and sounds off on Gears of War 3.

It's. Wednesday September 21 I'd just an early critique of fuel -- -- because it's a great podcast. Coming fashion. I'm Donald now America Franklin it is a -- podcast. And is there's no going back and not an anonymous event and that's that's what we what we do now. Is what we've always done is gonna be because. I can't fake that kind enthusiasm and second -- are always those the Fagan at the first time is is is -- alpha state. And yet now that they get -- as genuine all as it -- at the end of this I'll do a fake restart. Just for you okay people -- signal. What how poorly icann speak. So you museum you see Donald bell being enthusiastic as a genuine cause He can say right now -- it looks like someone is its. Now -- -- to do something horrible and I don't believe -- but really it's just how I live my life. You know what here's had exposure to I barely know why I am here now. Except it's Wednesday to talk about street legal all electric Tron light cycles OK right here finally finally. Finally now we covered a few of the Tron light cycle ask. Motorcycle. And custom motorcycles before we have almost all the looks really uncomfortable share. Like they can barely stand up and this what it -- All of this one is a little bit different and I think it looks uncomfortable yeah slash. Where is that you -- -- Latino. The -- stimulative of the great mollen in. In speed is -- -- content if -- -- they've given at them all to her right now this is one B as custom creation from Parker Brothers choppers. And it's actually -- an offshoot from part of the hundreds of others that eating you know acres there is a yet how many chicks which is there anything that I like it how anticlimactic and it -- -- that walking past them like. Why if you wanted to pretend to care -- is like you got some. It's like a cancer flooding -- -- -- it'll -- cool. Then back on it and -- Make it any way actually it its functions and -- beyond going -- in the mall parking lots and trying to impress people what we didn't see that. But immediately if you -- -- does look at. Let's see him on the road like with other vehicles like. Like official bureau -- the best well -- get the crowd. That's apparently can't these people missing on the road in -- -- it so people rubber -- looking at you right you'll die. Yeah well you don't look at them. -- -- -- Policies in the that -- gonna romantic look that you didn't crash raised. After that is yet that does not Luke and his Pallet making with dramatic. -- music in the background. Yeah switches and relay -- look. Ladies ladies I think he's single -- -- Again I'd be okay how He committed to the lights in this might have been a more. Right he's right -- go full line and layered with this or it -- turned into like the the saddest beat down an apartment. Ever there are hoping to hit -- trucks and motorcycles. And the beaten up after months and months of hard work. Just hand him might -- -- get -- truly the whole thing together right. -- getting your custom Tron -- -- on. Taking into the mall yeah you get beat up by some duty takes -- -- vehicle. I like. I imagine that people would probably such hearing. If they saw that happen with this and that's that's. Neat well the got to trust -- done just like that -- now -- the -- trusted done using -- well. The -- when electrons and done. Immigrant -- recital and in got stolen you have I would say at this same crowd that would cheer for that would also of really flipped out if they've beaten up Tron guy got up in and out sometime latent lately they're busy yeah -- -- Sierra. However that -- predict -- look -- -- and -- has to do that here. -- were full of ideas. Among other things -- But again. He's just -- real enthusiasm right now. -- the second -- passes that door it's -- -- Com and you didn't remember two seconds after you leave you -- what we toss them an idea had before but I wish someone was videotaping it so it can go back. When I said oh well. Look -- it is -- Next time they accidentally cut -- I don't know how much this street legal version of the late cycle cost but it is probably more than I can afford however hopefully. There is a low priced alternatives. -- bicycle and reasonably high speed up the deliveries today. This is cooler than my delivery -- it is. This is an LED equipped. Weighting system for a bicycle tire. That glows red in the back and white and the -- -- -- convert like light the way for you on your tire. And then you get the break laborers on the back and can -- over to kick senator video for it maybe get halfway there isn't really they do a demo. And that it actually is really cool. And a great idea so is is still -- -- -- -- phase so the final retail price is probably gonna be close to my 220 dollars it's pricey. Is the guy. And it efforts against this coupled with a different demo. Like -- mention versions of the thing -- asked to fit on to his tire. Like some weird thing with wires -- poking out of it didn't work. But -- -- this version that snaps on okay. And when you get the tires the wheels as saying that rolling actually will hit the persistence of vision effect. Doesn't necessarily utilize a stain on the right and -- -- it once it's and the back. But actually functions section now light your way through that's actually a practical and it doesn't -- I don't think is that distracting like a blinking -- thing -- -- tired. I weren't happy says you know people consume them well I -- citizens and the wall in front bit but -- -- -- -- that -- rate picture has -- somewhere. Yeah -- my only concern would -- that it would like that that's kind of ridiculous I mean Lisa what we looked you know let you may believe -- -- pride and write little Disco effect. -- exactly. I don't think I get is being not quite as quickly on -- probably not as I would want -- try it seems like -- -- probably go at least three times as fast is that that Tron Morissette and Andrea and yes. So you would add -- bug in the I didn't caught -- And that's really cool released today its its its like the bike equivalent of your rims that keeps spinning almost half are also -- more of like. I. Busting it's a fact -- sure that the season. Leo now -- points drop Irish gift tokens refugees that tokens of what to -- who's fallen so unhinged you're really watered down drinks right in Washington. You -- so crazy like -- -- analog guy hand at a Chucky cheese right now yeah exactly. -- even let me in -- why while they do that yet. It's probably easy to hang out the cab -- out the -- -- from. At least He didn't -- some attention speaking of -- This yeah. Next story is AM a demonstration of -- states substitution. Video this is currently technique. Some -- is open source. Available to people now. The right coding skills and basically what it does is that tracks -- -- is a I think yeah I nose mouth kind of triangulation. And it cuts out you know -- appropriate -- your faith in the maps and other photo. On to the year basis as it -- being projected on your -- right -- -- and just in the final video results. It's substituting your face for the image. That -- you've got keyed up. Good -- -- is footing as the Andy Warhol one looks at least creepy to me. In its cherry street analysts love to do something -- -- children out not quite work -- -- you but it's not a bad idea. Like the sky will -- -- -- that works this is a demo by. Arturo Castro. Brad Pitt looks kind of weird for you that I've yet but it works is -- artists -- third -- -- and that unlike in the end all but still -- Implication of this and -- -- -- being like to some really interesting demo. The implication is -- what effect feature really trickle down a bit even better version of that. Triple damages like. Video -- You know so you can put a look at the space. Can be disguise yourself. -- -- your chat roulette imagine chat roulette with this feature on write -- now obviously can't dealing. General -- slowdown but that's exactly that I had a glimpse at what the next even -- ego like Marilyn Monroe's face appeared in and whatever else down below. Go global well throw some. Like I just. I -- I fear for my child's -- into the future -- something my back and possibly happen. Did it any the world that your child is growing mountain and so it's it's it's none of it's not -- as -- the -- The world analysts say a deal with you can't do you mean million dollars to have them do with the -- its its the world will evident right now and he's -- up and and the stuff that you're gonna have to protect him from. I would not I can't limiting issues right now we should really -- podcast on that. -- terrifying beings He should really be like in the future NASA distant future you need to protect your children yeah. I saw this coming like the Fox News panic effect alone will probably get -- people suspect -- -- -- should know what -- scared it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's really overdone like. Those controls whatever yeah -- fired against don't -- And if and then took this time it -- -- cuts from the fact that it's man but yet check out the video -- to know which enemy is gonna look like here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nobody enemies genitalia -- knowing that there's gonna be some version of this is gonna become -- -- Maybe innovated like facetime. Or or Alia whenever where it's like. As you -- to combine the face time with that little face thing you can already doing -- when you're on your iPad ranked. I'm sure that's -- -- -- talk about the photo Booth is affordable Apple notably it's like a lot of crazy -- Welcome and thank them speed lines of an enemy's re -- is gonna be weird and creepy. And like this like this agreement. Like -- like creepy weird that I have kids now. It doesn't worry about impacts if the Trojan on future generation all that well. Use like I just wanna be able to via chat with some -- and -- and most enhanced version of my face possible yeah exactly and that lady being. -- amnesty think if you like but -- believe someone else it's mean -- would lead actor and role. Yeah you -- -- to have to let. Like text and almost -- -- -- on cam Donaldson and does will be wearing your white space. -- we all lapsed. -- -- But I could never touch a computer again and study and are looking and I again -- a bit weird like in the -- on news. Now He knows about that thing you -- my wife knew it. Now my wife and Donald bell. It. -- Analysts. An arena how to follow us only right has set on our term likes what it's like early -- on the -- a matching in the catalyst nexus and I don't Wear thick compared to what we have skillet. Honestly after this this is kill it we have. Viewers' feedback the -- comes from. Pancake yes our pancake version of the -- that are AT AT chair. He was not sure He you know lies in a waffles wasn't so sure if I'd be in tanking pancake related but knowing that the Star -- -- is here. He showed me this. Nice that's a lot of fine theme pancake worked yeah and I believe all the sections of the eight ATA tiered wedding wanna go without. -- If proper it looks as and -- say at that -- extra. I know I accept addresses those located let you know that's a look at what's He would -- HE HE is that the -- of six real -- -- if we get -- -- -- reader email on a slightly whenever and -- construction at the appraisals. That looks a little. -- -- -- It's a pancake R&R if you went to get into -- really truly appreciating. Pancake -- You got to realize -- -- build the lobby sobbing nature of it is that the best part about it. And it's not perfect right no -- That's that's -- it looks a little suggestive those pieces of particular pieces some. Action now to saying -- just gonna say it. You know cause that's. So to pay -- for. -- value hopefully no one actually it's right. If they did I understand if -- -- eating those a little pieces -- -- apart from. I'm else can you here from Earl -- girl from Texas -- and -- paraphrase this month He goes. He goes on that I had that little pertinent part here is that He thought we had another great show. Hesitation. -- this is opinion. Isn't -- I don't try to keep hit -- curve quotient. Which of which He is claiming the first use of the word in the geek -- lexicon. At a reasonable level I agree with Eric about mr. Lucas fiddling. With the original. Content and context -- Star -- Darth Vader doesn't need a voice to kill you if He doesn't like you He just choke you out and replaces -- -- put on my VHS tape. Version -- -- and played the original trilogy just the way they were meant to be -- there He goes on later to. Create a full definition of -- quotient. Which is excellent because -- I think -- -- the show as well surpassed. Via this episode via okay good bush well now a new territory I can back off now hit enter and -- And can -- and take my mind right gathered yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- And while we're talking about the Star Wars trilogy. On Blu-ray that the fiddling recorders and oh yeah and we also do the west has via produced economically and also to -- on principle because ultimately this thing now -- The web is produced. To version two alternate things that didn't actually come out -- Blu-ray version but would it make sense. To have come out the Blu-ray version. Instead of the -- Han shot first -- shot first during a we now have all the run shooting first. -- -- Wave at them out it is a loyal to run us totally justified because they shot to death star -- the this is say they've had no weapons -- all right she was lying totally see this. -- -- And -- is the -- to control computers. Consider. We -- here and I'm now gives -- -- lock down. Largely very dangerous. Is -- what operating. -- -- That control panel deserved -- okay deserve to die you -- genre and style lawyers can now come from a hero from the -- I went -- in provoked. -- -- -- Yeah that's that's a moral here. That good guys. Now it isn't just aren't there just aren't when does make sense in this instance she lot of lasers now. Slated I think you're gonna places -- Since I'm -- -- on that note yes creates favorite segment. It. -- -- -- -- Now identified at -- at a commitment and contribution to -- -- and music is in Australia and in doing a little. I love that -- still -- to this day I'm an it problem. And too -- in geek news this week Donald what I didn't run across is this producing video -- couple things but it's -- video. Some of movie guy I like movies I you know -- -- -- the watching the Oscars is almost ten years old you know and all Osama bin you know. Impressed by these so call actors. You know the Eugene -- is a routine -- Denzel Washington's of the world. And to women -- sure to -- -- street they go. Com. But these guys. Are. When. We don't get you don't get. The attention put upon the unsung heroes of these movies right. Analysts say something that that shows the kind of looks like the -- -- the act two hours it would talk about in their place and this is real acting right here. Saving you wanna show that clip right there. This is from world war Z which is -- right now Brad Pitt. And I'll look at the -- -- got a car okay. Comes out balls is asked by zombie DNA yeah I think I believe sell -- -- is -- in and this guy. This is this is as bright as his big break he's -- -- his ass off. This. Wow. He's that this isn't -- method acting -- -- -- right here okay it's like what research did He do. And adding I don't realize obvious that -- -- this -- I'm sure there's possession I'm sure they -- -- like five minutes. And this -- -- wet a line and I He may be feels really bad about but you know when a movie comes out it's can be worth it. Com yeah so that was not acting like a canny Indians army from Wilmington and has given enough that -- now you can vote to that's this amazing stuff right that's acting folks. -- -- -- You've got him an Oscar man connection OSHA rules we'll -- just to see that scene replayed again -- protect -- -- Or like like him like thirty years or fifty years when He dies in the award for best on the possession goes today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Other big news this week in geek news this week. The in the -- from -- I'll be -- according child. And it. -- -- -- -- There is a big is a big week for gaming home. Very much anticipated game has come out this week and it's been years in development you'll be really it has made this game. Very excited by elected did the -- hardcore gaming community has been waiting for this. I'm talking of course a bottle frog are three -- I'll -- definitely wrong that's now that's that's a truck said that I notes mix up now -- -- treaty because obesity silly. We're talking about gears of war. Three that was -- -- about q.'s award from her property. And has a little -- from monitor. That He will note that what what -- where the politics at the table. -- -- -- Anyway here's what they -- I got the twit last night. We obviously a lot of -- while there have already been planned as one assume we'll give my two cents on the game yet and I'm not to know what's Eric Franklin exactly what angry. One thing is like I was never -- gears like. I was never looking to use deemed I was never one like chemical like all -- above views like this one of like -- games like. It had -- his book -- chest bumping and stuff. -- -- -- like the first two -- never play with against me but playing his game -- -- I was enjoying the hell out of this game. All -- be a lot refinements. Mean a lot of cool our game play arc tweaks and stuff like that like the Emmys will take as much damage now they can go to either be react to your shots so you actually know that you shooting down. -- -- different odd game mechanics like like putting out fires -- opened fire extinguisher -- Connolly was actually cool. All -- multiplayer -- declare a Horton mow my friends been training and whole horde mode in gears -- two for like months now. So we got an -- we're kicking ass it was really -- get these new mechanics of what. Establishing bases -- -- like that. This is an all around great game. I'm having lots of fun with -- so -- -- storyline is really cool men will mean its its its good along column over so storyline but so far it's pretty could I heard it gets even better so. Idea -- interest in the school. Xbox all this. You have it. If you can't act is going back to progress for many okay because that's really stood beside me and family moved past that and -- -- as semi -- -- -- tells them except. And -- it would be Willis. On some things if you had a time machine to -- -- -- some guy playing rocker. And in its prime right and show him the future. Of what games are gonna show him just like one minute of gears of war three and then -- watch -- was. -- -- -- The loving me if I'd like to see below breathe a little too young to be my -- but -- a look at twenty year old dude. I play a frog or in 1981 and are key rate annual outlook in thirty years. This you just say that in the show -- sort of short of that tablet right you -- you tell iPad He showed revealed -- were three. And like Unix XP themselves from drool says. And -- Latin and hop back in time machine in like this ride guy active had invented a time machine thank you god knows I've -- that -- tragic thing is he's gonna comic highlight this is like a movie like none and -- -- this is a gain -- You control this -- must cost like a million dollar a -- yes now. And and if you wanna play it if it gets. NASA is what we let twelve year olds do -- -- -- Exactly this will we don't just let -- a grown man arcade right now -- -- might tell you how land that it. A slow -- about that and years when your fifty. Year track they are now he's playing this. On this schemes and some of this game mechanics on this -- -- -- on this earth. And they're so simple means that at lectures or tutorials and he's been at it at that. -- -- -- -- -- -- In alien look is good -- tells you what kind of systems we have I think again. Secondly this week Steve and -- play many games lately. The -- get -- is consistently one game -- -- last me for years. Is read it I like red dead redemption use and still and are used are you getting old are you don't like every -- -- -- Hundreds and ask how I guess it's. -- the complete is to -- testing it out until late though until it gets ridiculous yet. Men have but with bright red dead there's like now obviously. -- the zombie extra -- you can do that -- -- -- -- in other years -- -- minutes and -- I'll still be talking about it milieu it. Let's and then as well the players like that enabled games these days He used to be that you you'd have to -- have to buy multiple games. These days -- all like what you like if you're an adult it has a job responsibilities you have you know twelve -- data content play a game -- You these schemes can ask for so long with the achievements with the different different difficulty settings with all the hidden stuff moved to the multiplayer. These games last for months if not like a year's show -- -- -- the industry plug at the software eventually I think I feel like I have to stop making games so good he's karaoke last -- limiting higher. -- stealing our money on it now now was what they do is like Michael to his actions so as you want to keep playing this game you these these different weapons and perks you compete for -- is pretty -- especially to read anything -- from my western thing to like zombie apocalypse sure. Showed -- those are two great tastes that taste great together Alia. I can't read read up your Alley after. Yeah so. -- see this as -- as -- -- three. Real zombie acting. And responded -- -- and -- you'll be talking about next week on the create podcasts. Check on crave blog crave at cnet.com you can also email us at crave at cnet.com. And then we'll read those emails here. Read -- here. It's late. What is read them it's the future it's exciting stuff it's reading emails are. Get it through. This and doing -- live action reenactment of them that -- -- me. We'll get -- we'll send -- something that's where the -- will try yeah it will will be little sketches. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This segment legacy -- have to be. To be in -- movie. I love watching -- gonna close -- them always watching for someone who's running but not really acting like and smiling and running. Its chemical that Spinner yeah. That in these stops. Did -- go. -- and it. And I got I love this guy again and again so -- -- really put a lot and to actually did relatively. I hate the rim -- not remember the last time I ran ever ever occur if then who didn't.

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