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Ep. 56: Midi-chlorians vs. MIDI accordions: Crave

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Crave: Ep. 56: Midi-chlorians vs. MIDI accordions

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This week, Donald and Eric the future of mind-controlled televisions, and an iPad joystick that looks like Atari's vision of the future from the '80s. The horror of the MIDI accordion is revealed for what it is. And in Geek News, Donald and Eric sum up the unforgivable digital vandalism George Lucas has wrought on his masterpiece.

It's Tuesday September 6 and you are experiencing the crave podcast -- and Donald bell and Eric Franklin. Welcome. Welcome welcome to the future. We hear well where we -- appearing in -- it. We're hearing wait you say appearing we now know we're aware of where we're -- hearing where where we're looking through the keyhole tablet. His second I -- that it's actually -- tablet a checkbox up at the front of the podcast it is flake. Perfect for -- -- and general personalized quarry met Sierra. Awkward metaphors -- Hurricane and it's. Got that line and now calls it being canceled. -- -- And now -- tech news. -- read -- front here we have. One thing that I I'm not sure how I feel about it but I do want it to be a reality. The higher. Mind control. Control. For -- fertility OK I think for their own television and this is -- one of the kind of little. Underground revelations at. 2011. They -- is -- -- the demo. In at a higher Booth here. I was not say here -- sounds weird right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In -- it's a dozen McDonnell singing yeah. -- seventies -- say they've got they've got some brand difficulties I mean its its China based company. In the name. -- you think of like microwaves there or refrigerators they do monitors his -- -- review really cheap. Action -- an -- here but this is how they gonna make -- mark. Put on as He put on his headset device has like a little tap. -- that rests on the front of your head and share the -- He had like the leg move. My mind flex to -- just hours -- flights that -- -- your new jet IA mind control power to direct the ping pong ball. He remains the -- -- Mind jeweled toys out there -- about things -- Yet I think if you version thus we hope that this is this is the version where it through the sheer power of concentration -- -- going to be able to one day. Changed the channel -- -- your TV or do other remote control like functions. With your brain so I can't do this yet now is is that the demo had like tag team decently on the TV where you're doing something like. Make the Lego mind something here recently trying to -- make a little barrel explodes and demand -- power of your mind that teaching. -- medics yes basically and we we are that -- the air and we are the the part of the equation that needs change. Right I mean that that the hardware -- to -- so basically this what was gonna treatments. Well this is the -- local loop. Of television is that it is essentially a mind control mouthpiece for the man. Right now we are using our own mind control to switch it on -- -- for change channels it's like. There's lot of -- stuff going on here. -- Schools know it's very cool and it's in -- -- It's it's not quite as and they need to incorporate this into that Sony head wearing the right possibly -- to. -- He changed the channel with the power of your mind. With this thing authority -- -- -- if you're gonna commit to wearing something on your head yet in my -- will do everything yeah exactly it being like the remote control that makes you look like a -- As it has you looking -- -- door key if you have that huge. You know virtual reality head right -- -- on the night near butt being big -- below normal -- that you can't even see your hand. We see the video screen and pregnant or if the well and -- -- Here's what He had this this -- is it not show. You know the remote control she has -- hand she's. Pointing away from the TV husband -- I look right now it is. This you know just point it towards -- and if I have to Wear something ridiculous on my head like this I want the feature of not having to see people point. Right. Yes I can't see you guessed that it had been covering Mac yeah exactly -- a career -- sand and enjoy your life. Basically this is this is this is obviously it sounds. No way that this can't be the future. That is the future I'm pretty sure that does not out yet. I am I gonna go restaurant. Atari has. -- -- but not quite released pricing and availability for their Atari branded. Arcade. Bluetooth powered iPad stand. Called simply. The arcade the Atari arcade. And are cantina kind of more company -- that if the -- Atari arcade duo powered joystick. For iPad. -- -- And -- brother -- how would you have blogs is that this is anyway they they -- Ever since late CES 2011 we seen the I keyed. Writing I think one of -- is probably more Zealand and has when you have like that come traditional arcade cabinet deal. This what I like because it actually looks like how I think the eighties would have -- like. Projected the future right for. Yahoo!. There is any well there -- the other white case with a scanner iPad as but the white case with the red Atari symbol link logo thing kind of works. And maybe a little too smooth for -- -- you think. Mean there's none are flashing lights on at the if if -- like it's more like -- retro look at what the eighties would have thought of us -- you you know -- and -- being completely backwards looking. -- Now this could Alison feel like I'm totally brick my iPad sends a bad just this is this ladder and out policy on -- -- and that he'd and a fresh. And it's matter of good now that's yeah like you're -- -- you're thinking like QA -- right there at. From -- Leslie that's already so you wanna sell a lot of iPad -- like a little -- cozy stand on the side of this thing to encourage drinking while playing. Yet now -- it is no no there's no -- -- -- quarters of this. Yeah don't have to get a little extra feature -- you might -- people little -- to the top of the iPad. The two to two -- then -- the higher bunch of -- that to look mean and look at the gonna kill -- -- -- if He doesn't need to have like a faceoff version of this three neat tool of them. Two ipads. That you can -- that back to back yes yes share not like that He. -- -- -- -- -- Oregon I should be coming up with an -- yeah you should a whole disk or are calling one -- yeah knock off the next -- -- this right semi might check at -- compact to my. -- -- -- Well and someone else in used to send me a check is in April -- corporation. For promoting the idea of meaty based accordions. Than. Which -- I I kind of slipped out. The last podcast and was misinterpreted by one of our listeners. Watchers -- here's the -- not investors who dismiss and yet it's -- -- Flip out and not be derby -- we are detect that but yeah sorry. This is found. -- Girl from Texas -- to say I just got a chance to watch Wednesday show two words. You guys killed it which is a word or words actually let it was a terrific show. And one thing though is that the only was I the only one who heard Donald's forty and slip about the true nature and his -- nature and skills. I am speaking. About when He said. Many accordions. But actually said maybe -- already old -- back and listen while that thing is actually said -- accordions right. But I -- and -- Our around any any accordions and medical structure would be an easy to misinterpret -- I'll definitely if you're Donald -- a jet I I knew it. Help -- Donald you're my only hope also Eric's. News segment was great and the content. And the delivery I think a lot of adolescent young -- -- like the way the new wonder woman is draw on. You can check in the purview -- he's checked it a few times there and I anticipate. An unexplained shortage of petroleum products upon its launch by acting now I don't know -- He could. Would you say you're airlift analgesic that right now you're checking off checking off the -- -- Quotas well I I actually like that. -- -- And it totally awesome. It's not. You know this is -- we -- read all letters -- news rock's great show. -- from taxes and I have an accompanying this just to clarify. Their actual existence of -- media accordions. Here's a little bit. On it shows off what is -- the premier -- based accordion the Roland FR V. -- A -- and yeah lets you. Us. And -- -- With the FO seven is easy to read only at 120 H ethics panel pixel LCD display -- -- phasing out fuel vehicle the end. There's never been simpler. Not -- We are not -- No we are we are candidates as pretty as we we -- this last week right make -- The -- that's what's his employees is apparently -- It -- is so wrong to hear anything -- accordion that is not an accordion sound jalla. It's. They they had a -- this that's a horrible thing is that you can actually make an accordion sound worse attorney into a virtual -- I say -- I'm a huge fan of accordion. The way accordion style. And in fact I'm seriously I really love that cells and those kind of weird but. Man He don't really exist showing -- -- the it's it's. It linked to -- Honda according to your audience or if you wanna can't out of this Renaissance fair that's. Yeah like other really like I liked the sound I don't really need -- prescription pharmacy where an it's. So -- -- records as the current economic record directly SD card if you're on her own glory is -- back into -- I -- in politics of those six and -- back there it looks like the result of the Renaissance -- Exeter. Kind of not really -- attention to me they'd be standing next to the that they aren't Lego you know as I know where we're gonna hang -- economic sectors concerned -- he's also looking -- -- the illusion by -- is not being initiate not us -- -- you know you won't -- this exchange does an excellent has -- it's I think -- clarify the -- that I am -- and I -- I was not speaking about -- chlorine spent actually -- about me accordions and now you're welcome. How badly do you really Monday do you you know. Music technology news. And gadget news if -- beginning sectors include -- if you feel like it is only -- media according from the world. SA SE 2000 -- A great try -- this direction but. Not sure that -- which is -- you really silly to access them damn well on that note. Our favorite new segment. Bad I can't moons. For a five year olds by fighter goes according to the ranking -- -- to scribble scrabble. On -- news this week -- act. If you're anything like me -- then. You like the same things -- To that -- and -- -- And if you like well liked in -- followers right you got man -- -- a general sense. Yelled at us like to talk really yet about the movies but -- the concept the style lowers the mythology it was created the world of books and movies. The comics the games. All all that stuff I TV show anyone who's made it this far watching crave and with all the Star Wars references and is probably on -- -- Exactly. All. -- -- is pretty cool. -- -- -- -- You know getting what does it do the movies I don't like the preschools -- I just don't find that they're really good movies beyond any kind of like weird. Stuff that's -- on them just like the movies themselves and sexually. Not very -- me. 1997. George Lucas released the first of the special editions which should -- -- a warned us where He was going with the new Star Wars trilogy right. -- unique to special editions and the thing is like. I like some of the changes that were made in the special editions like the effects changes like you know there's a dark -- or we want fight. They have so you know the though the laser swords and they look much better in the special edition and they did their original. You know. Which look really crappy the last fight looks good buddy gets itself what the Java. -- walking around. You know He knows it which is a horrible scene in a ball of fat mug at the camera like who is that what He wasn't looking. At the camera -- sold -- -- all that -- amounted to. The next week -- releasing a blu rays of the bolt to ladies. -- yes yes the bit bucket I Ian -- midnight. And other additions evidently long waiting for the Blu-ray high definition matters is our lord -- -- awesome yes however. You -- what what. In you know where it. Because you won't Begin paying. You'll not be getting the original versions of these movies of that these are the original trilogy you finally get the original version of the second trilogy that will -- -- the -- -- phantom menace. -- -- example that all they've gone back. To the phantom menace. And they've kind of -- there is is really horrible. Dumb looking puppet in the phantom menace of yoga -- looking -- -- Original empire strikes -- puppet and on they've gone and they've replaced that with CG -- to -- clip because -- example that. Now is that seamer -- annoying kid is. Intel and they see there's a CTO -- it now in there they replaced the arm. The the puppet the -- it. But. How big deals like alright sure you know it doesn't bother me -- my current. The -- was come distracting really you know is it whenever I would see that film -- was his kind of stupid looking I mean -- Gillick. Any time. That there's -- -- move like this that rakes. I mean this is the special -- -- something -- -- for people who -- the original are so probably wrapped up income -- played the original back in their minds -- that any deviation from that is gonna feel unnatural no matter how it can be pitched as an improvement nine. It can be but maybe that's the first time you see it but. Did you least enjoy some of the let them rather than being hands as they made to the battle scenes at the in the first Star Wars like the special edition like it meet the -- -- -- new CG effects -- I'm noticing them. That's the thing we noticed that may have noticed the man kicks me out takes you out of it right -- -- story you like although some great affect the and it there didn't you just did -- that it is. At the core of what ever like my excitement -- over the novelty is something new there's a -- just got muscle -- -- use. As if it's Lucas it's of -- -- gal says He contaminated masterpiece. Protects. Just assay to resolutely has something do what everyone's with a I'll not be buying the -- -- disagree with that. That first I had no I think He can do an ambulance now. I will give it won't ever get that already that was does go to the second one -- this is a change that impression I spec. Very app pivotal mothers choose -- return to -- very pivotal scene returns to its you can spot. -- Citing the digital clipping maternal thing was part of -- the -- an area Alton. Yeah that's seen. I have to say that -- for me. Speaking personally because -- I know that moving back and forth -- that seen this kind of -- -- -- it's it's goofy and stupid to me now it sounds like he's putting it together like the like chunks from the duties. As the chunk that can't let them mangled the amount -- another -- those that was slot slot -- lap pad like him. Meaning. -- Memo. Rocky ruling until now he's lake in the masterminded the entire galactic empire right right now once it is kind of speak his spot to loud yeah I know now is like. Many low. In the. Oh wait a minute. Low it is simply treason and tired carriage up until that point they really really does kind of diminished the and why it is sad ass master my camera like when He wants to see something TU that it is angry -- is upsetting he's just gonna snap. Remained united on real -- as a disturbing you know is not gonna be let. Such. I -- it in just a devil's advocate here at BB they're small. Yeah it's all very small you don't out of context we're probably speak and way too much -- come you know the in the grand scheme of things. But I like discussed in the stuff. Yeah you're right though like -- was -- -- is like this I'm gonna do this I've decided to do this I'm going to do in here it is has done well not a well. What I don't understand the link is hammering home -- viewers think it must have thought that somehow -- is like. He -- that people were missing the point now. -- weren't getting why He cautioned the audience is on getting this -- -- -- -- -- reactors such as a condescending movement psychologically -- were smart enough to understand why He didn't want his son. -- -- I in a lecture fusion right leg match right. It also. You know at their apartment also light at -- the first five -- doctorate from a he's never taught me that the reason I haven't been able to shoot at. Lightning out of my hands this is kind of cool note to others worry it's only this that -- -- are now he's killed -- son hardly -- -- but it does is it is. He He technically can't wait to see held I've never -- before maybe isn't gonna work out well I hope I'll admit it. -- -- -- -- -- It's out of here he's shooting special -- -- to my sons but maybe I'm -- yeah he's cooking ended yeah exactly that's. That's smoke and that's and that's. Atlantic giant the barbecues and leaves -- note -- overdoing it. Our cooking them meet all the -- -- me let me do it on us -- -- yeah we should do this until this has. I was gonna quickly go until well the last one bomb Wii was -- also the most controversial change from the original style or special edition 97. Was probably. The Holland shoots. Agreed old -- oceans first. Cut the change -- -- trilogy pond very very directly very obviously -- relatively like a bad apples bad. Yes she sweet I -- to see and I rewind it tons of those handy especially -- in thousands castle awesome because He was just like. But to have these shoots them you know could -- -- -- -- -- He did nobody gonna Schumer you know it's greed was good to me is -- -- subpoena saying -- -- but. When this -- -- came out to change it so that. -- -- -- Content -- -- had -- -- really all -- right in spite of the fact that that they are right in front in each other point blank campaign yeah exactly we do on it somehow misses and Anaheim shoots him right after that now if changes -- yet again and you can look at here you'll see how they change. -- -- So. Now it's kind of almost like a shot at the same time I think W slowed down you'll see -- -- -- -- -- who shot first that's when I heard at least. But if you look at that -- if you look at this -- again -- also seed is very awkward. Win Odyssey Jihad moves his head and in the small comes that in the next scene he's all relax again -- it looks really weird you can see -- watch. -- -- -- Gone yeah and then he's like alleged events like relaxed now I notice that to the shot from -- which uses little. Like little labels really like within its organic thing so yeah you got a little -- color. If -- -- -- is my son. Editorial -- on our plucky little guy again make -- -- his last thought was like. Only this is -- he's gone this is -- -- Yet -- sunny and pretty mean yeah that's really bad com. It's better at this if you get it try to you know if you're gonna trying to -- -- -- -- Again with white clouds -- but I do feel -- dorm just like the darn near one where a kind of betrays they picked the character right I feel like this lake. Not only is it a disjointed opening trying to one isn't it true fan of the original films and notice the stuff -- buy -- -- from a technical simply doesn't look that good. It goes to like the heart of -- the character of Han Solo and whether or not He is this you know lone wolf bad ass who is -- this week to. -- -- leading courses at the bar bartender on his -- out exactly and -- or if he's the guy who will wait for. Evil bounty hunt or maybe shoot for him -- He feels justified in killing exactly is -- this this is probably happened behind. The times tons at times like these so called -- about it exactly. It's like Clint Eastwood and on forgiving you know when -- guys like governor guns at the -- -- -- initiative and stuff he's as cool as well but shouldn't this machine -- actually this -- So here's the link I I threw in a class action came across this -- over the weekend which is the in the saving Star Wars or -- -- dot com. Website which is all -- going for and against. All of George -- little -- is yeah this is impulses to keep changing his masterpiece from the original work. And there's this there's this time in 1988 where it was a time when. Was it. Meant making of head. -- pet cats and my head chanting and inherited all the that the works not -- dance -- Ted Turner center and okay and hair all these words He was color rise in the original out around yeah yeah and that and that's a yet Everett after all these filmmakers were up in arms and actuary keyword. -- ruining these movies and know when it's everything and other go back and see it the way it originally was out and George Lucas is one of these guys since He stepped up and gave his long speech about how you shouldn't change stuff changed it to everyone who as part of our cultural heritage everyone has the right to see the movie wait was originally yeah. And he's so gone against that with all these little tweaks I'm -- He feels justified and right but I do feel like. As -- as Americans. Hello culturally. We don't how the longer just a short history took to reflect back on -- like our little milestones that we can actually like. -- really hold -- and and had -- the finest says. Americans -- in the modern age and there's so few and far between that I think that there are -- they're that important that they should be protected. From from even -- well intentioned creator yes. I completely agree I feel like they'll should be predict that feel like. There should be able to release of the original trilogy common in the way it was needed and may be the second -- has one -- and a probably does. However I still do feel that that's kind of it speaks to may be more -- our generation. Then anyone else must end of the -- and generations after us and even generous as before rest feel like it speaks more to our generation in that we like all this is the way we -- it. This is the way it was done is what we saw a week when -- -- little kids this is the way we prefer it any changes any deviation to that. We're gonna have a problem with that because we're so used to the way it was a -- -- so. We're so pleased -- the way it was done originally. Com any in the key change from that we're gonna be -- after like that kind of speaks -- our own selfishness. In -- way math I think you're right I think fish they should be preserve -- -- the original should be preserved. But ended the day do you still feel that He has a right to release -- -- go back and -- movies if you want to. Yeah I I I understand that you now and I also feel like there is I think it and a larger cultural. -- -- with the works better this important to our culture to have there. Their creator gold backing and retroactively -- them to have. Like there -- -- culturally to not have that without pulling a VHS tape off the shelf for getting hands on the golden laser disc copy that -- came -- way. And cannot -- have access to that original work and have totally. Sit through like his love that they didn't do it very positive every kind of there's a great week and had delayed you know engine grown explains -- it into your. Gas anyways. I don't know if there's natural you know popular movement that parents are words that -- -- -- stuck it won't matter. It won't matter like -- that matters really -- is George Lucas probably have bigger problems and Kessler did not go there that there's a -- that Ireland together. It did there are some things going in this country that -- a little bit more important. But beyond that like George Lucas doesn't care about what those guys but. What needs to happen is -- -- -- to be just didn't really push this thing over the edge like a retro active movement to add CGI enhancements to the original Star Trek. Mike series than they do. They do that. Today -- -- that they when they -- the one Blu-ray how we also alive I don't and that's how that would not run about like the nerd Armageddon. They -- that they went back they -- that the original up prints whatever they you know they needed it the transfer of millions of test runs a high Def. But they also went indeed they -- -- some of the old old really really bad effects. Yeah I don't know they get I don't know how many beat Atlanta they ship outside ship effects He read it and they look like they don't look like they were made. In you know the 2000 they look like -- -- sixty but He looked. Better and I'm still -- kind of discipline -- our -- Geek culture well -- and now now UV to actually put this on low enough army. Google is there hasn't ruled items that and -- I think yes it I don't wanna see me cry. In it's like -- camera it may humanize you can you can take out the video naked is here my sobs and you can -- it. And that I can't actually if you wanna see this -- -- document next week. Check out our crave blog -- crave that cnet.com. Or news.com. Slash. Whatever is on the bottom of the screen and news at cnet.com slash -- if either one -- kitchen and I found. And them you can't email us. Crave at cnet.com has been getting to a sneaky for the emails -- really fun to read on the show. To keep -- and -- coming in and make them -- does Donald needs that it's time to meet up with. I see get --

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