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Mobile: Ep. 55: Over 4.5 billion served

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Mobile: Ep. 55: Over 4.5 billion served

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How is the Android Market like McDonalds? What's up with all of the missing Gingerbread updates? and What does Google Plus mean for ye Android faithful?

How was the Android market like McDonald's. What's up with all the missing gingerbread update and what Google plus mean for you Android faithful. The answer all these questions and more on this week's episode of Android atlas weekly for the thirtieth of June 2011. Episode 55 and Antuan Goodwin alongside testing house he's back I'm back and it -- the American. Civilized introduction to this -- and her. Here's the anti terror introduction I -- on planet. We're trying to -- the -- -- that the professionalism appear on Android atlas are waiting you know what I'm last week there have been sued in the at all getting better. You there's gonna be an OTA update every six month. -- Things -- this show take precedence over all I'll assume. But then eventually. Rev run of retired isn't cycle here though. But yet we're Trenton new things today on the show. And we've been soliciting. But we've been soliciting suggestions suggestions. From our listeners for way that you would like if you so improved because you know -- wanted to be better for you so you've gotta think just been fitted Android. Atlas at cnet.com. Or at replied just and myself on Twitter. -- and to the first story of the day the last three weeks we've been talking about. The next nexis. The -- phone that supposed to be heralding the the announced -- the the -- of ice cream sandwich. We've heard everything about what specs we think you're gonna be on their last week we talked about what's the thing is like a little Simpsons homer sound every time agreements today -- code name. Really random and MIS. News and it via at -- -- -- and I couldn't. But if -- we talk about what can German one from the on. This week we've actually got a rumor that we think we might know who's making -- phone. There's. Story on Israel's blog this is the Samsung nexus -- Might be the next nexus phone. So services. Including boy genius report her favorite reverse -- that these days atom and is not much of a surprise -- -- realize -- -- it'll last month. They did make the last couple right. If ethnic that if we need and now called -- -- -- was better name the nexus forgy. Lift and using less reliant on the the wireless technology behind it and it and I felt like optimist -- brother. His says. When it what is this picture of it the physical and on and a little in animal Lehman and it -- like it on like a -- -- do speak. Otters and on what kind of animal that would be Kowalski in -- -- something what is the deal with that present -- -- do with. It's off anything -- -- if -- if the contracts. With the industrial hardness of lone parent or talk about -- hard specs let's talk about it. On 720. Looks to be hand held the remotely or four point three inches here probably the -- no physical buttons rate nine that lines of what we expected to see. From ice cream sandwich. Think brand phones iPhone managers brand iphones -- -- interrupt this. Mr. on in the public to -- the it would get -- -- later. But they were talking about next generation dual core CPU one point two gigahertz one point five gigahertz -- one of those two. -- a listing information we've been going over. For the last couple weeks the real news here is that we have an idea who might make in the finally might be alt. Certainly go over too much more of that they're saying also that -- mountain stalking and rhetoric yet stocked in great. And there's also is they're seeing that injure I had ice creams -- it's will also be four. Dot -- plus update not -- three dot X -- honeycomb being yet though and -- in line -- these analysts will be all. Revision jumped four. So hopefully maybe -- all rumors all -- ashamed it's not they must excited phone Carolina today and not not to me. I must say the phone is that the -- few stories down. Parents -- intact let's let's stick with Samsung for a second. And talk about the a little tablet news the Samsung. Galaxy Tab -- 14 G. It -- he -- -- now one with fourteen and of course is available for pre order now so you want one. You can have -- well you can pre order legally four to six weeks you can have -- for the low low price of 529. Dollars and on contract. -- they require a two year plan apparently ordinances article -- is via an -- for tablet. Actually is a hard time with the data plan -- mined to when I got that had to eat. -- cancel the data plan. Yeah I mean for me two years in a long time for old now. Tablet might be last longer it. I'm gonna feel that I'm -- not a big fan of -- -- -- if if you wanted to price thank if you sixteen. Gigabyte U 130. Two gigabytes of internal space your talking about 329. Dollars nine cents. On top of that two year data plan. Data plans like -- it totally makes sense to me because it's not -- subsidized at the price difference between this and the Wi-Fi is not. That much of a different -- if four G. It has -- in the Wi-Fi. In another west west of -- actually but it it has disease. If -- Yeah okay all of the stop right here and to have the -- five yeah. I don't know really negative feeling about -- -- they -- -- here is that this will. Potentially ship before -- for the zoom upgrade for -- is actually -- -- with we -- -- I think a meeting last week we reported that the or maybe it sought loading on the web but there's actually -- doom four -- that -- show up and people in the Indian retailers computers literally. -- If the zoom four -- gonna come -- For the forgy upgrade to the regulars who come Alec what is going on with that it is even swap -- of one I don't know if this is. Kind of that theme. Buys the stuff now will upgraded -- -- now nightmare that we can have to deal with with and -- and general you buy your phone and injury to that he -- the point. -- have. -- one and maybe it'll it you know like sailors later on but you have to trust that there will be needed he lives. Trusting that at some point -- be a greeted orgy in Italy. -- around when -- comes in on it happen. The little I have a -- out and the shift sifted my mindset to me just I what you want and I mean. Don't mean especially because like I bought that honorable thing you know can be modest -- like a phone that you want. Set your expectations for what's gonna come out of the box and if you get more than that it's -- On top of it but I mean it's in Italy with -- around and waiting for things happen a little -- But they can't agree. And actually that's -- -- and Green you know why -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know does Oracle -- -- -- -- -- the FaceBook phone with that up Nelson FaceBook and negative exit in wonder too if the only one other on the market. The HTC status. Previously known as the HTC. Cha Cha and -- deadly -- business. That's updates. This article was written by Bonnie -- -- so -- Tata yet political avalanche. The way the -- the parts on any data on. HTC tests are now known as the HTC's status. Is it's he would gingerbread phone. Has a dedicated FaceBook button. Because you gotta have that out. They just didn't like that button if you look at the picture. It's like. -- -- a little. Worked with -- hanging out underneath the keyboard waiting to be accidentally pressed every time you the phone and you jeans pocket. Didn't that mean it's got you know at a two point six inch screen I've kind of get that candy bar black beard -- looks like a Blackberry -- the chicklet keys and what Nat that it city. Easy to type on -- mean that even if it's not easy to look at with -- And -- the mayor admitted -- weaknesses and if like abysmally small now to me. Kind of team debts of low end to in -- maybe kids. I school kids because it's not very not very fast. Does have a camera front facing -- -- him. -- it's all about FaceBook. And I get that -- now I'm gonna hold out. Not -- -- and -- as we know now -- in for the Google plus phone we'll talk about. More Google plus and a little bit and most of the software -- where with the hardware. For a little bit longer. Another phone firm. T-Mobile -- -- -- slide it. Which is me -- TC accurate yes. -- -- like that -- this one. Like a lot -- like the specs on a slot and on he also wrote -- this. Opposed and its you know she liked it's -- I have had for thirty minutes spent the deals are you know one -- nine. With contract around July some time has -- most advanced camera of any Smartphone out there according to -- TC. Respect the question. -- it an equal my words were -- am. Something like that -- the -- that cleared. Camera advocate like my that's where you slide -- the big deal -- keyboard and -- inspect and -- not. The big deal -- that eight megapixel camera dual only the last 1080. What's interesting -- a wide aperture eleventh. And that backside illuminated sensor which if I understand my camera technology right means that it to take pictures pretty good in low light. And be quick. Australia also very -- I urged the nonexistent. -- center lag is the Bane of light and attractive picture -- -- this morning yet the through the cat. Story. And that's -- -- eight pictures because they don't it still -- -- And so every picture is just like H areas that the button if that's the blurred -- eighth you would think that -- and -- -- it in. Levine at the kids at than kids -- at the other thing I don't wanna say that the month and pick -- a but it is about the name of other technologies aside from that zero -- It also has you know sorry I had one he's still -- -- a camera yeah it. -- -- -- If you're gonna talk about cat from -- no. No I'd just what is only things actually are really good for cats and as Brian Cooley and are gonna do so called tech tech agri tech dot net equity GT in -- -- -- -- -- -- talked about nothing but can so it has it to take as sweet shop for panoramic pictures but then this. Well has burst out for capturing in mass sequence of photos of -- might be good for apps that are and the really good thing. Which I think is a problem for my cat -- have one Mike at the black. Has clear sides. Earshot HD are so it's the -- around my phone. -- -- announcement cameras are. Yet high dynamic range how you would traditionally. Get -- your pictures is back when I with -- meter is -- take. A series of exposures of the same picture and you Claremont out of each other and take the -- the beats to -- -- once super image. That's perfectly exposed across all ranges if actually has a similar sort of thing but it take them all -- -- -- Rightly so ridiculous to -- -- black -- probably aren't -- expert and it looks flat. Here -- at orange. One of those two that's that's easy. I'll have one that I'm actually -- -- at. A they need friends they don't need for being mean they need for an India and India -- -- it can under bootleg disdainful or ground and it. Or at least get a tap app for your phone that pretends to be -- in the house where you as -- -- he yet this has definitely be shorter. -- -- Well so besides a camera it has a full QWERTY keyboard has two point seven ends at WV GA's super LCD. I -- point two deer herds dual -- after -- processor. Has and about it but in quotes forgy. Because it's T mobile's orgy -- people -- he was a really forgy but it. I'm still at Massey millions of the disease. Support for Wi-Fi calling you it is nice. Not only has one gave Chris four gigs of internal memory but you don't as a winner is -- -- -- one Gigabit. For. You know your own stuff you -- -- memories weird. It's is that it the decree number that are quoted. -- phone are usually usually mean different things so. I'm always a little confused by like what they mean that as this much memory and -- -- my user don't know until. You actually start digging into the specs and figured now but it. -- -- -- -- pictures of this -- picture taken phone. Over India and for an atlas launch. So you can check that out at the link in the show notes. One more -- before take a quick break. Google. Now talking about activation. The activate. 500000. Half a million Android devices that -- right half a million and it devices a day that -- -- have a billion. No -- we'll talk about millions and and it. But yeah Google's. Observant up 500 Alvin new entry devices so -- you like in -- phones you got a lot more new friends. Every day growing 4% four point 4% week over week. I love to see the -- comparison. But that that's pretty cute trick yet the big number only numbers. Yes -- useless that's. I do into relief with that -- -- -- a quick and break. And will be back. Talk about the same thing we've been talking about a week Google plus and then we'll figure out how interest like MacDonald. And we are back before we answer the riddle house. And -- like McDonald's we'll talk about. The biggest news from Google this week flawed from the middle issue but we do -- -- differently around here Google plucks. At Google's new. Social networking -- their latest attempt at social networking and -- and the four -- FaceBook killer. It Eleanor Taylor but neither -- -- -- its kind of like Google was plus Facebook. -- -- -- account like -- of the best way I heard it described as it's like FaceBook. But what the privacy controls right in the status update box I thought the way -- -- after an earlier this they've heard it. -- -- -- -- -- -- That it now the best way that -- Internet. The idea of parents and tells Google plus thirty seconds -- and thirty seconds it's basically Google's new social networking in the -- levering -- of on the show because he talked about it. On a couple of other issues. Is because. Like any good Google product that -- at fault there's actually in grade. Implementation. There's a -- -- plus app that you can download or Android at the very specific. Feature that you can only use on the handset called Google plus -- -- in basically what that is is. It's. Kind of like instant messaging. But for a group. It's like sending a very brief instantaneous methods to a group of your hand -- -- plus you have these things called circles where you group your friends. According to the circle so -- friends go into one physical. And then. Some of those friends are also in the -- kayaking buddies I think -- the it was in the use and unity co workers go into another one. And if you want a very quickly send out -- methods. To people in that circle. You can use Hubble instantaneously communicate all of them. It only works on the handset there's. The newest partner Intel that we yet it is kinda weird -- and -- -- -- -- you know these -- it's an avid backer. And -- do it by yourself the -- to be my pack two -- like forever alone I know him brouhaha. I don't. -- -- -- But what that would let -- -- odd about this in the -- -- -- is because of course -- -- -- while and you just since from the Gmail message. This is little bit more instant in that it's that weird. Gray area. Between an instant message that you can listen to one person and you know chickens and two others had a buggy if you're on Google plus -- -- With -- what you think about it. Among the old one on it I'm still torn on the place -- the whole -- -- it when it I haven't. That are not in the -- invite when the invite treatment open up my header on my school's staff did -- to block. It did. Everything has that new kind of like quark without and that's part of it -- super cool -- Because when you're logged into you Google plus. I'm over on the left hand side where -- -- finding information normally is. If you're -- in the plus there's also sped up the -- -- there you can update your Google plus that it served in the picture treatments and in Gmail. -- you don't have to -- beautifully presented in a Google doc the eight year in the Google and Google docs. And somebody like reply to something that -- posted earlier you don't have to leave Google docs go into Google plus and the methods in -- to -- you can use it. When and to -- and you can also do all of that. From the Google plus app on Android is also a neat feature called instant upload which is kind of -- that feature. That was -- -- -- on. IOS five where you take a picture in humans -- -- could take which are known. -- automatically. With the way into the cloud. For you to share with your friends. There's a feature like that built in the plot as well every camera phone -- that -- snapped. With your Android phone if you choose to do so. Automatically be uploaded in two -- holding and a pregnant holding and a bald because you've taken. And then you can go in and choose which ones you want to share or delete. For it with that feature with all the missing analysts' weekly -- -- Yeah -- that Google plus there's -- -- to think things going on there we've also got a lot of chatter about that over on cnet.com. Check it all out. Now for the answer. To the riddle. How is Android like McDonald's. But it's over four point five billion have been -- a third of our -- -- -- -- -- -- four point five billion. Apps have been served in the Android market according to a story over on Android. That's a lot of downloads. It is a lot and -- gets in a year activating 500000. Devices a day. People gonna download program. -- -- -- -- I guess this is only a year after they did their first billion. So year's total on the on the market into the market existed okay and the first place -- first billion took a year. And the second 33 and -- billion. The -- the last sixty days alone one billion download -- -- -- really a pretty aggressive about it is. I don't know what that means I don't know what to make of this numbers so that's a lot of download. The number. If you give you an idea whose number again those -- throughout just one moment in Guatemala elect to talk about McDonald's. Speaking of applications into an office where tunnels to your -- while it no I don't defeat McDonald's to myself. Horrible horrible delicious. I do have to smell McDonald electric prize in their -- -- about it that's him until they get me. Up buys. Got a lot of complaints about to -- to listen if the a lot of phone on Verizon's network. Have been seeing gingerbread leaks. We can themed gingerbread rumors but a lot of the phones are still. Floating around running -- you know and people are wondering what's up with our gingerbread update you can story. Another story -- specifically Motorola. Potentially re right -- Specifically laurel -- but potentially the rest of them because a lot of -- for example the leaked in corporate rom. The NH TC thunderbolt is stupidly buggy and prone to bridging phone. So a potentially ACC is well. But the rumor has it that Verizon in actually rejected and the gingerbread update for -- the specifically imagery acts. Com to. And a couple of other -- to Detroit to the very pro because the from that were pushed by Motorola weren't exactly up to snuff. Right so they did. But at the update for the directs and there's been tons and tons those problems Indiana raises with a -- yet. That's -- that's kind of source of the present stepping back and Anglo. Our support for items went through the roof here yet. Yeah I'm also president rolled backers of the. And of the is never a good idea to go backwards in the keys like that -- the -- of parliament to exit the phones are overheating. You know. He everyone's -- and snap up. It's true it seems like that's all the email we get these day is that yes and they have following up on a problem with -- directs have. Sort of halted any future updates is -- hearing. Two. Gingerbread. Until against Motorola first -- -- their problems in this you get the bottom of what is causing in the way it's spread issues. Right and then there's also. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For the opinion -- -- once -- And then a few few defended like well you know what we'll take off some of the -- where it might be able to agree to develop it -- there's a lot of Italians -- A lot of issues with getting 200 to run on the phones and I would. It. I don't know that it -- that the the custom firmware that they put on the phone Booth and and is that it's they think -- they're running stock they wouldn't have all these problems and while -- I don't know I may need to -- Stockton affiliate gingerbread went perfectly fine on my. OG Motorola -- one in action and run fine on these other devices. And I think it's because. You know you don't really hear these issues -- there's no issues engine debris problem I mean that. People were crying out loud about -- but I mean the phone that runs dot injury to get the update after they have fewer issues with them. I think it's just the -- this custom firmware Manley at the time that it's going on. Over -- if if you what Sony does differentiate -- -- -- Yeah I never thought I'd think that -- -- -- he does. To it than it does not. They can also just forget that all -- all Bluetooth and all of their devices they could read their second bit of Samsung Galaxy Tab and one youth. -- -- that com so let's see this guy right Galaxy Tab tax has figured out. Kind of had installed Ubuntu on his -- it and -- to one. And Sony -- he did install it that they don't edit holy followed essentially to access it -- civilians he. Into his own device. Actually interact with it -- so it's -- on there but it's raining. With in Android itself and so it's a little slower than it normally would be. And yet it connects to your own machine. You know a few -- -- video. Over on -- to have tax he has instructions how to do it and actually demo event in. You know he likes that right he also has a Bluetooth keyboard mouse working with that so it's kind of just like little. -- computer. That's actually having a move jealous -- of them Bluetooth keyboard. We get a Yunnan would -- without which phone you have been looking for -- trying to get a Bluetooth keyboard to work. With the thunderbolt for awhile but there's. -- -- -- -- -- It's a beacon activities and disabled by -- sense -- face TC because -- CC uses its own. Bluetooth stack that's different from the Bluetooth stack -- core Android. So if you install in minutes to install from an engine model and here you can you the Bluetooth keyboard if you wanna runs dot. Are roms that are based -- -- you hands. Quality line while Iowa why would they do that pilots because they want to use their own software -- -- the room. -- -- Bluetooth stack. But what's wrong with the regular Bluetooth stack with a mean of the Apollo Bluetooth in general -- well if it never good enough under delivered. And I'm gonna anyway that's not part of the news with this need with the end when you often. -- Another bit of -- news. There's an app came out the team now called obscure cam has awesome. It is kind of off in a few art. Paranoid about privacy. So much so -- -- trust your own pictures. Your -- -- that it's you can installing your phone's been developed in concert with the web they called -- dot org that human rights violations. Page. And it basically automatically. Blurs. -- -- And removes geo tagged data scrapes -- metadata. From photographs I think the idea of this being you take pictures that political protests without worrying about putting people who are protesting. In danger. -- -- -- -- Tracked down and and and dialect and it doesn't just learn your face -- you can also do the Groucho Marx it could -- fake nose and glasses than they zealot that. So it's you know that little fun and there as -- -- playing on. Taking pictures -- -- -- when the G-8 rarely. Protest makes you install a step on a first of these you don't -- -- -- your political dissident friends out to the man. And a at random but if -- an existing app but it's not. The app of the week this week we have the return. Of the app of the week segment -- -- more apps of the week we get it now -- organ do you one better we get apps of the week each of us is gonna pick one. And -- been a little second about it will put the links to each of these apps in the show notes started off with battled bears minus one. I love this game it's a 3-D over the shoulder shooter I used. You know twin -- -- -- operate with a touch screen. And you control. -- cute cuddly Teddy bear whose armed to the -- With machine to engine lasers and all sorts of other things and you basically shoot other -- That are trying to take over your spaceship. It's fun little old 99 -- three game at the great way to show off. The hardware and three processing it looked like that exactly but an event that this is a good way to show off the hardware. On your. There that but it looks like. -- your your new phone. And death rate that's actually -- -- and now. The -- ninety -- and download great way to show off fun little game check it out but the link in the senate just there was again. -- arts and minds are quite as exciting. But it's it's pretty cool. Social app called my fitness howl -- it's. If you're looking to. Diet or you'd just really you're like me -- from love data liberate. -- -- sort of can say okay here's how much are currently way here's -- target weight and then. Every meal and snapped sentences track. The caller's -- -- consuming. Seek and say -- right right here's what I ate for breakfast and president database both locally and online the -- so it's -- despite. At a Turkey sandwich you can actually say I have to specialties turkeys -- It knows how many calories are in there and -- -- -- -- -- how many calories you have left for the day. And you can also register exercise or go and run and then -- -- more the you know that will allow me to eat more at that date. There's little reviews mine boundary and actually you know I don't remember it. Yeah and eat more and now I'm going to and I can track exactly -- to eat. You can enter at all on your phone it's free it's -- of their web site monitor everything on the website as well. You can -- friends and create joint goals and it's you know it's pretty cool thing whether you just. You don't wanna see richer eating and loved to do you -- you're actually trying to accomplish something. -- -- and corruption -- -- we got whenever awesome that will improve your body in one app that will -- your brain -- the apps of the week Al there is minus one in my fitness now. I'll -- a look at a couple of the latest device reviews over on Android atlas at cnet.com. The first one is the Samsung galaxy smart. This item this product was reviewed by -- -- to adult court. She says that it one of the smaller phones on T-Mobile network and an array of color choices. I -- to figure personally -- -- complaining about the keyboard with a couple of our other cellphone reviewers you wanna check out the review to see exactly. -- he feels about that the chicklet keyboard that it -- The second product that we're gonna highlight is the velocity micro Cruz tablet you may not have ever heard of velocity micro brews but they. Making Android tablet the whole bill thing is that. We're not fond of the dim low res screen and bulky design also -- Google mobile apps and included including the Android market. Not a very good review edit these cheap and is cheap -- it's one -- I'm starting. -- -- relief though and an extensive injury tablet pop over he would Donald we'll have to see about that use the Android tablet -- Get -- -- emails. Aren't -- yet. One anyway. Around. This is actually responsible business -- that -- the room. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which you've you've talked about autism a lot of keep as well as one -- Hewlett over and over union says Christopher rates in about our plans for -- Many says that -- the I was looking for an easy -- to transfer podcasts from iTunes to manage transformer. When it found an app called -- seeker. It can sync with iTunes and -- smart playlist along with play counts and ratings both ways it even allows you to make your own purpose on the -- Which it calls lives list. This makes -- much better than double twist although the UI is not as -- -- from eczema better than. It also -- -- -- my commentaries. It has a -- it also has a wireless sync add on as double twist has -- -- feature. I had been waiting with IOS and is finally. I mean in IRS five well I hope I help plant on fine when he was looking for love the show. -- I'll check -- out lets you got -- next week when I think about it. -- he helped cute yeah the -- actually conduct is came -- on round is carried both yet. And it will be mostly because I've been having battery -- on -- and you don't really see that this is like Amazon or Google music. They really stood and I think actually that we talked about if you know last week -- return by Yahoo!'s -- app. And how it does -- sort of smart play with things were displeased with thinks he wanted to play. Based online your listening history news this seems to be more proactive as alligator in there and see exactly. -- -- It is specific -- given that. The Ellis you know -- of the about it. All right and that does it I think that does do it for this -- show. Fewer check out. The show notes for this show and north get -- -- injury news you can benefit cnet.com slash injury dash atlas. You can also -- mean this show live at cnet.com slash live every Thursday at 2 PM Pacific. You can email us your questions or comments. At two ends -- Ellis at cnet.com. You -- show on Twitter at -- Ellis need to follow me I'm at and do on Twitter and just -- you are. That's not my real name that's gonna do it for at this week's episode of Android us weekly episode 55 we'll see you next time.
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