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Crave: Ep 43: Meeting the Makers

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Crave: Ep 43: Meeting the Makers

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Eric and Donald reflect on their time at Maker Faire 2011 and encounters with robots, propane, and high-voltage sculpture, and wacky automobiles.

It's Tuesday may 24 you are experiencing the crave podcast. I'm Donald bow and Eric Franklin part of the crave experience. Asks if you speak at the band -- and the new -- image bills but. And now we need a little banning housing -- Lawrence -- Ian. Yeah baca thing to do that -- -- time you button. Or I'd be fun. Before we get to that now. Let's talk about maker -- a little bit more because you and I -- We took -- make repairs to -- But to the make a fair and only -- survivalists and actually make affair with insane. Might not implanted in like the way that let you blew my mind is like -- -- -- I'm going but first time going from me. I insanely it was so crowded yeah -- like it attendance was. This is the or did you look at the numbers and see like -- the tunes with up. From previous years when -- from Daniel from news.com was -- -- 20000. More people than in a while nice a lot of -- a huge jump him via partners create. But -- we -- phone video so let's take a look at this video we shot and then we'll come back and talk about. -- -- Volvo and and I'm Eric Franklin worked at 111 maker Faire in San Mateo California. -- celebration of inventors and their inventions. Cracking this is all kinds of cool stuff there's always some cool effects if the let's go -- -- and. It's visit originally started -- kind of a goofy Halloween -- project has a shareware program. And models are available from Google's sketch up there's a halo -- Wiki what is this exactly. Oh this is a kinetic sculpture -- artists to do it different for the wider range of genetic quirks there's a button here and you can push -- -- And when you do that job. And now beautiful as they should be. Users here to show off. I also mean robot -- -- only term we use kinetic sculpture my particular approach it is to use only things that I can find -- covers ukulele and loves. The whole -- -- -- voltage meter that's been flipped upside down and now. This one's name is doubtful because that's the center line reading on this page here. I know there's -- story behind how you got to come to create this IE disassembled typewriters exclusively. And I reassemble limited human figures. Items already on blu I don't well little wired things together and -- -- parts of typewriters. And reassemble it. This is the plasma drive of the Reagan got the rockets and it's about forty foot tall retro style rockets at -- which is currently installed on the pier San Francisco. Best science fact. Is that the platform for studying a high voltage phenomenon called -- -- electric barrier gift -- as it turns this crackles with with high voltage electricity annually viewed Apple as right now no off. And turn on the high voltage here not because -- By the way mainly it -- -- it requires darkness and it sucks for him an Internet affair but there's some great page at videos up on my web page. -- -- -- -- It's kind of fun I never done anything. They really artistic in my life business send out we'll -- typical -- -- -- -- his role. I assure you see is that Jewish -- -- it runs -- the -- good joking. You don't want them the meaning of the block. This is -- -- -- the abilities are stored in the Android that I and that's sending that information out news. Another micro controllers instead of a market -- -- fans aren't on the other than losses. I don't mind giving. Many. And -- I. When is showing here because it's so we're showing fire camp which is. -- and rock experience using rock band which is a video game. Cingular wireless is out of my friend -- you're playing the guitar -- -- -- plugin that can hear it sends data to come. -- little wider than. Central and basically controls and he -- -- open source consultant on takes -- bibles that you got from that we don't. And puts it on and send it to the related widgets which makes -- -- -- the 120. For 120 volts goes into one of these solids and the sole rights makes it all open up when the -- the electricity. The opening was -- room. -- -- Did -- in mind. Helps them -- me. And a little world they'll take you like looking -- a little stuff that we messed up by an hour now I will will actually take a commercial break and we're gonna come back. And when it can talk more about maker Faire -- to decide. What's going on over there I don't think it's that it's just moments when -- -- myself from. -- -- -- expensive. -- -- T-Mobile is truly unlimited plan for just 7999. You can use FaceBook browse the web and talking -- as much as you want. And help since the next. And switch to T-Mobile is truly unlimited data talk and text to just 7999. And -- over 350 bucks a year only on America's largest four G network. -- -- We're back. Covering our maker -- 2011. Wrap up. And a half south of. Bursting at thing about the video and I think you'll back me up on mister. And we that first we can't do with the prop maker without cable that you -- yet I -- -- -- guy only four dollars. Or like almost like -- twenty minutes at least -- well first -- I spoke with a sister who was helping them -- the boot spoke to her for like 1015 minutes. Then he was finally free the tock. Spoke at the sky for -- tournaments he's just -- his -- off. Meals greatly used -- I thought that if you're into it if you into halo into making -- only real constant -- changes that ends up. What ten -- it's. Video of it's -- It is it is -- aren't being who we get -- we both had to get -- in your viewers to home yeah people that gap that little -- -- that will allow I have to get to get better can be a time when they're talking about something you're passionate about the -- a lot to say about it now. To see anything that can be cut down usually where you have to -- And it tells I think those actually being about this warning like I felt like there's a lot of room for improvement my type of my technique my game. It's -- in -- -- people for a camera and stuff. -- have a lot of experience with -- so. One of the things that we want proves that try to get people take more engage in more entertaining war. I guess interesting things to say really quickly. -- -- speak it well this is disease in the art of interviewing nerds too which is typical end. And -- this -- the same people Mara are are -- -- -- -- Even though the end product is really interesting to show often talk about -- oftentimes the people behind this -- tech. And the reason that they are who they are and you meet these gate keeping it because they can -- is there a way of -- Kind of getting this is -- -- again you go -- and they're not used in most forthcoming people. But. Lot of new people make an -- And so we'll have links in the show notes to all that with a cool. Technologies. The blog. But immediately -- the content that you could you could print out in my Google sketch out yet like the design for the giant halo. Well not -- a giant like I hate little helmet rate that'll fit on most people's and then you get to bond to the crap out of -- -- -- -- drives together and there's like. 56 of the steps like that that and they're there he showed the -- the progress from that little paper. Cut out yet odd until you get the full. You before -- -- pretty cool now. I think he's gonna get into movies he's he's he's working a couple of student films like that we'll really know what to come here -- little student films like that companies if that Petaluma Tutsis -- count when local -- -- really smart guy really cool. And that way you didn't have the -- bad -- gun steel and it showed village so the first second and there are all like replica was. Guns you get the sniper rifle from halo or better -- the -- -- that's the machine them whenever. It was great it was. -- a great job and also like it that will be sweet dude -- hold me compare it to could you give you walking around in their break. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As the kind of the fun part of me translate between that bad -- those guys and like. The steam -- people about riding around there. Giant old tank mean bicycles to that the -- means -- -- again -- you do it all yeah. -- you talk to you -- -- -- geyser into. Which would you call that was it that retro kind of robots. It was making the typewriter guy you meet and in the I mean I can't there's a whole quarter and that took up a lot more than the announcement back in Q but -- is there a good interview is in really good visuals -- look at who -- -- kinetic sculptures. Which might be super low tech and creaky kind of motorized sculptures at the world of robotic read cycle technology. -- be had interesting links into technology -- -- technology hurdles that went bad at typewriters. -- action at a friend. And people here. I. I think I'm really hoping that happens is the candidate they act that only that which is that -- -- -- Don't know how he does yeah if pieces like reviews and pressure to keep everything again area they do -- the sculptures are -- solid like -- now. Is any of these glue and what else the soldering wire and that -- -- -- remotely. Yet what -- well media and -- that it will it. Doubles as ordinary but they're kind of like you're standards. Like the one like the one guy come out like a good looking girl friend you know the game -- with him whenever. -- hope -- -- let them out of the gauge. -- -- -- you have a company because otherwise is like -- does work. Like it was a one guy with that picture that the that the plasma -- he was. He'd look nerdy but he didn't he was kind of like a multi it was legit I was actually surprised that content is flat but this -- what little sculpture area of lake. You know cool looking but otherwise totally not functional. Are -- right exactly and in this actually one of being an app has done -- protest in this electronic phenomenally them on -- the electricity or -- yet it is like Tesla -- but like. Cooler and weirder via. One of the -- clearly he really shoot lightning out stuff that's cool has -- just one. More artistic. And then and then we were we were gonna -- An ultra low right this ultra at least I know what lol well before that though we were gonna shoot it until we want to shoot -- and some kind of compete place. So -- wanted to both given to that that house car. So I went over to that guy who met -- out you met that guy -- -- Robert bass former like retired ergonomic and -- really cool guy -- other it's ultimately seem like equal value talk to Morton I did. All didn't really get what we're saying when we said hey we -- Issued -- -- hope together they -- you like to shoot it -- interview with economic outlook right right now Donald bell and and I love the follow valid that guy just and then. Go that is at -- argued that drives him well in -- -- -- Who already I want to be that oh yeah that I just retire and then -- -- -- creed never done anything artistic reforms could do those of the healing and engineers -- -- -- I -- and it didn't surprise me that some -- -- engineering background would -- its -- -- -- -- perfectly mapped out. Is already that yet okay yet he he you -- and -- technology to funky old. That what surprised me -- -- -- just like throw it onto an old golf -- you really designed the I mean. The wheelbase and anything from the ground up. That's where they will make -- -- always get these like really ground up like really handcrafted. Like inventions or whatever. -- that aren't necessarily -- You'll be ill well it's a golf cart and put them. Though some would on the -- of mental health you don't really get that you get these guys who don't really think like that they want invent stuff they wanna create stuff from the ground up usually. I -- I could've just bought a bicycle blends that has been the same amount of money building one from scratch with toothpicks okay yeah I like and tackle it she glued that I. Yeah. I ever hear it and my light travels in -- Novak in view industries in the Maltese falcon in the years ago. What else to say about make -- what what about the -- -- the kids were -- another interview that you span lake. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a rock band whenever from the video games looks like I had the -- angle here. Covered that the halo stuff right now I have the rock band stuff but it wasn't really about rock band it was -- -- these high school kids. Com take didn't you build been so interested in doing this being that -- -- -- taking their weekends away to his work on this project. That's what of the most interesting thing to me that -- -- suddenly -- the twenty -- -- -- Though there LA you're like 1718 year old kids in still in high school where you -- -- it weakens up to work on this. Fire breathing dragon which we found that only -- -- -- -- guess any that began as video project last year with things and electronic dragon head that would shoot fire out right. And then of rock band -- I -- where rock band whatever program is in it was Americans at -- where you you know depending on whatever phrase you're touching. If you bet that corresponding fire was -- -- and that. Fire hose which each of the different Mike my little models for that protein -- -- -- Color coded with the same button color code now as -- that. Control beauty eating at -- -- that one blond -- like really working the crowd packed and there's Alex. Dad and his like he won my heart is lake -- so stepping out my dad and only give out and I admire that that causes you know this you know -- -- you. Do that strangers you. Will the link between their kids who -- designing you know -- do we know based propane systems aren't the ones who like cheerleaders -- you know different accepting dozens his mom recently with -- he's like yeah he is he was a cheerleader in college is like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like it's everywhere -- that would this whole like genius in our do we know engineering -- -- about cheerleading. And but a funny considering -- enthusiasm for technology to get into going with something more lucrative -- cheerleading gesture colleges and and a if that gets into the -- to -- opiate. But I thought I was pretty inspiring and it. He'd like high school kids yeah also -- and you can make educational for adults to do no way you wanna get kids' interest in technology. Combine video games and pyrotechnics and they need to -- out again and -- -- -- fire him -- -- -- and fire. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How many houses ditched him how to get -- -- I guess and enter data that charges and backed out there. How many waivers had to be so yeah I started enrollments -- like. What degree -- was highest at one. Endure yet -- -- while I and in conclusion. Make -- doesn't happen just with a year there's actually make affairs that happens in cities across the United States right so check out maker -- dot com. And -- can get all the details on that and look for one with community areas its its I think for the -- audience and England and in technology even. It's more you know out there makers stuff. If that's not -- -- -- of time. Until next week. -- -- -- --
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