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Crave: Ep. 41: Brew the dark side

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Crave: Ep. 41: Brew the dark side

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It's a throwback episode of Crave this week as we reminisce about Lego space helmets, Atari keyboards and Disney's Star Tours merchandise. Also, Darth Vader puts his star power behind a new line of coffee and panhandling rolls into the 21st century.

It's Tuesday April 26 and you are watching -- crave podcast you're experiencing it. Right now. I'm Donald L and Eric Franklin. And today I'm experiencing don't know if it -- being -- not do for yet. Because today the day. Where you can witness. The life size. Lego home it. Life size -- or right so this is what does this that this is the helmet. That. Is usually on your let go right like space dudes. Right action figures -- call may be if he had yet to -- race card drivers as an entry can be delicious motorcycle -- slash its current moment and but. In this case would be little gold visor is definitely. The space helmet now when I first us about K cuteness some kind of -- and -- -- -- life size version of the late on the but. The thing actually has a local feature on the back of it. Has a USB. Template. We can plug in a in a generic US -- in most cases the like -- -- you think and beefed it. -- -- audio file. On it and you can play back the audio tracks that are associated with different comic -- from the is really meant to be like. You like comic book enjoyment head pod. Basically because. -- comics you let -- comics for in this particular instance with this person is obviously a pretty big Lego fanatic but it could be any kind of comic that would have either soundtrack and idea content to go along with it. And his little tracks give buttons on the side of the helmet yeah right by -- -- chin. And you can actually. Give back so the idea is you have this a -- on the giant -- MP3 player. These analysts think that is modeled after the comic audio -- also read the comic through the helmet you'll have -- -- -- obviously at this point oh well. You probably -- now at that as -- the next generation away like the -- media and yet it is usually me yet. And Andy's see your kid making himself in the head. Let advance pages right and in the south and flathead. And people kimono like -- -- logic to me alone. Oh yeah yeah that could occur at. -- rather than reality hired out -- -- he could make him Madelaine yeah that's our problem and our fault again. Also in the retro fantastical. Fan creation there is an eight a keyboard that is designed after -- 1979. Atari computer. Remember that. The goes -- 400. -- I'm thinking maybe yeah maybe -- porn and -- original with like a touch screen or not -- obviously not. Touch membrane keyboard. Array they're revised version here is you know more typical keyboard -- But -- they changed all indicates little brown and orange oil and and is error but there's no cartridge. With the characters -- -- The idea to bring in Korea I -- that you know. Very apartment funding basic computing gap and has also there's no who. Generic bees. That really is kind of a the calling yeah parties via. These -- seventies. Early eighty's -- On the opposite and that more of a needed technology. Cobra attack we -- -- good writing about -- tag. -- -- crave talking about -- system that is -- a key chain. Little attachment and an app that will help either find your key chain music keys or your phone use your phone okay. Of us that her -- days -- equal size and technical errors with something like that that's a tagline yet -- red tag line. Let's in the show I tested -- over -- to keep talent that's that's again that's like one of those with and then explode later moved here. You -- acting as a wintertime we homer may yet. -- -- this today 59 dollar fence there. And comes of this app. And so we if you're within the tightly typically loses her keys or god -- -- -- Smartphone. You can call -- back -- -- so that -- -- he's actually going from the -- to locate keys -- little key -- bit like emits a little alarms sound they can find them. And go from net -- -- the phone I don't know how that works but apparently. It does. It sounds useful could be money wealth and news and easier to. -- Future. Panhandling is here it is a robot called -- meter. And it it looks adorable mostly -- the panel looks like a prodigy. Cross between even -- -- and should move okay. -- little. Analysts and ambitious little Mount -- is on some project. That combined. Robotics. And finally. -- and interactive installation work. Is a little robot basically that roams. The plaza -- the university in Scotland. And people can come up to it. And hopefully understand with the plugs and change into its back what does say an animator -- -- the -- nobody -- In nineteen -- can be done. -- A quick like you. And it'll -- You know walk around be adorable if a bunch of kids coming up to it -- Playing changed with back. And then -- channel change different colors and -- had -- up and kind of indicate when it's super happy years sad and shifted that to magnet for money. And that those -- robot homeless dude basically. Infinitely more adorable and I thought about that -- -- -- that angle to about how pissed off we need be if you were legitimately homeless dude yeah like -- come -- Everyone's plugging their change into the back of this road guy he's like you just walk pass me right I'm here with a sign telling you I'm starving and then like mister burns walks and picks up his robot later on her her hackles although it and a big kick -- This. As a direct. That said it it could be in the future of you. Collecting. And him handling -- for good causes hopefully not permit programs. Money going to bad -- Money going to -- -- -- -- -- A Darth Vader inspired copy -- you can order from thinking geek -- -- -- dark side roads. -- -- The class -- pretty clever via a connecting you pick this -- -- -- but had no idea at the top is going to be any did -- right. You get some pretty did meet he points to have its -- bad about -- -- dart of Darth Vader. Can be considered. Geek points anymore make work. Well really -- and then right and and feel like it in like that computer load geeks finding each other in the world. You know morning after. Me I am copying this open up a fresh you know -- that it. Darth -- dark growth. If it did dad the little -- there now and -- -- means. Speaking in code that opens the medicine and euphemism. And I really mean you're making copied -- your loved one you know wouldn't some -- Little -- no -- and different product. Let's below -- -- -- the sensitivity of the little girl who was on -- -- some -- some silly style was event. Joe who's just of the jet lag is a guy just has -- Peter and right Andy Astor. You know you can join the dark side join me on join the Dai -- if you let it out then I'll join you and it's -- Q it's a -- email. -- -- retrograde and now that -- -- it if has choosing copy them yeah you know my allegiances aside to the rebellion are. Today empire I would probably go the -- with a pen although I feel like an obi wan can will be -- would probably be that -- did fair trade organic. Blind you know I yard easily count wing that burlap sat back being -- Kind of lucky looked like he would. He looks like -- a cup of coffee yeah he would -- the couple coffee but it would be yeah you're right. Completely natural and organic -- all the robots can get on -- might -- times as much as the dark -- yet hater. The yet to smuggle if you get rebellion would have to smuggle it the empire -- right this. Yeah we got -- fire and but. We're not abandoning -- -- -- yet because. It's our tourists apparently -- Star Wars themed ride didn't and is. Getting -- -- and with that. -- there bring on a long a new line -- start towards merchandise which sounds like it might be lame. Battles related. I mentioned -- My kids getting into matchbox cars finally -- -- -- focus they're kind cheap and at a -- -- -- There's like this will fit -- like six different star tumors. Matchbox cars and it is currently -- those dollars. Because -- get inside these little chips right for the ride the right it had told you around with the yellow one was that with movies of them. In the in the movie and -- the -- tumors -- of kind of like a weird. Four off of that traditional -- but look there's little. -- I'll zoom in to date -- query right there that that makes you want me speaking get matchbox -- -- RTD -- fitting that yeah canceled. So. With the scale in this this is like matchbox cars -- -- OOT saying it scales often are do not to be gigantic if you is yeah this in the if you look at it that way viewers whether. Well. But yet there's also a couple other things like that CPP in and argue -- -- here will baseball baseball. If nothing says -- like it did. In -- faith are. Now. It -- borrowers that is pretty nobody is legacy EPO RTV. Cast it and I'm mostly -- -- in the -- of course like the big gulp. Now -- -- departure dark data copying and maybe you know it the opposite that aren't as he. -- -- -- And put. In. It so what. You -- ended there. Dining at the -- style and always yes and if I go well we are talking about next week. Picnic check be crave blog at CNET -- that's in an icon and we will see you. --

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