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Crave: Ep. 34: Jasmine France: a legacy

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Crave: Ep. 34: Jasmine France: a legacy

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It's all Jasmine, all the time as the Cravers say a final goodbye to the lady of the show. Jasmine spent more than seven years working for CNET, which means the majority of her young adult life has been charted through First Look videos. We take a look back at some of her best--and worst--moments, which chart hairstyles along with product categories.

-- -- February things that's -- eleven. And the -- results. -- rats dogs I -- Hollywood loves the buzz out loud is cnet's podcast indiscriminately it's episode 14112. Of meth free edition of a hell of a mostly meth free additions reflect most of -- I was I was talking on -- but it isn't that interesting I am about -- -- immigrants. What did you -- -- your friends forget epic rather than dominantly did you make penicillin and elegant -- that have -- again maybe could have made math from -- -- -- -- Ulanova separate map -- dear lord has given out -- -- -- -- -- actually have feelings and taped it shut in the coming lineup uses. Okay should we out of hot technology that -- Yahoo! -- in Canada and an analog weekend part of focus. I'm Leo we -- the acknowledgment that we -- presents a Wii and three days for most people -- -- America lots of sleep. Up from like five to 9 AM. I mean PM in the -- the day yesterday -- amazing I love that it ended in public and added you can get event yeah a little bit but it's all right it was worth it. They didn't think an undefeated that vicious cycle you can then later on today of -- Diplomat and around there and mental threes coming out today I will -- -- -- ever again and ever. -- -- -- -- -- Oh we know we seem kind of the civil -- in how the Internet helped out Egypt. I'm -- has kind of brought their -- the forefront and an article in the CNN money is tight not Howell if Libya even tried to shut down. On the their inner such URLs like -- bit -- which is actually. -- the top level domain is -- which is actually a Libyan suffix if they tried to shut it down it actually it would be that easy to -- Right so ever -- of panic thing over the -- mean I'll Halliburton has yet and media awful because it it. They need to be gunning down her government is firing on on offer this absolutely horrible but it if it is really think that does seem to be the continuation of the trend we've seen -- like one government -- -- people are really empowered but then. You know of course here in America world we can certainly turn off the Internet are inadequate -- in -- -- out yeah. So people notice that intermittent -- some of the dot ally sites did seem to be coming up -- but it sounds like. Because it is that he'll be a top level domain and it is attached to root servers that are located in. Many countries or in them is looking -- Netherlands and -- location of the root servers via. Only two of the -- to recite the -- -- he'll -- have vibrant -- only two of them are great to Libya so they could disrupt. The dot -- domain like they kind of -- -- but they can't really -- it off the and it kind of sounds like they Internet service at least for right now appears to have been restored. Yet it -- dated temporarily I -- shut it down but they put it up so yeah. So -- -- -- users don't panic completely. People are dying for the freedom you're URLs they'll work seriously the word tweet that I now we can actually was like how many of those Al well I don't mean Phil paid for -- attacking tanks. A really home. Because it won't have the money equals and -- dealing with -- economy. Probably the biggest month ever in the more than anything I mean we saw that -- -- yes we saw -- and in Egypt but now I mean just. Not even necessarily in Libya it's honestly they're using technology as -- -- hasn't been -- apartment but now it's really started. You know some of these Middle Eastern governments or people to citizens to up -- and. Basically asking demand for a democratic type -- government it is remarkable I mean it does feel like the start of the revolution and it couldn't have possibly been. Enabled by anything. Anything but infinitely nothing is that pervasive to bring information that you know to turn -- down and let the sunshine and so it -- I think that we are seeing the beginning of probably a long period of major disruption in countries that have. Have prospered by cracking mountains in Burlington. Though will will be watching and hopefully mean. I hope that this is the last one we see where the government responds with -- -- yeah because a hopeful I would think that at this point any repressive government should realize that we're all watching. Especially if you can happen in the Wii and I haven't. That's when we really noticed theory at that. Meanwhile as panic over turning off the Internet reaches a fever pitch. The the US. Is trying to put a slightly more reassuring spin on the Internet kill switch bill. That had been floating around congressional hallway. Yet -- -- -- we had talked. Earlier on during the -- at -- of situation but now they've kind of changed. All a little excerpt or guests you know -- re word it's on the language that says. You know mom -- it in the -- between one page bill the Homeland Security has the power to issue the -- to certainly privately owned computer systems. -- the president declared a national cyber emergency. Then the new section the bill notes that it does not include the authority for the present alone to just shut down Internet. Ray has previously it had talked about. It's totally -- so let's leave the politics not previously it had had talked about -- national cyber emergency and protection. Protecting cyberspace they have now changed that language from protecting cyberspace to Internet freedom. It was called seriously like this is how manipulative -- it -- all about the words right it was previously called the protecting cyberspace as a national asset act. As part of its maker -- it has now been renamed the cyber security and Internet freedom act. That's the main sections that people -- concerned about because basically it looked like just as the the world is freaking out about -- turning off the Internet in Egypt. The congress was getting ready to hand the US president the exact same capability in America and -- you know any US president though even regardless of what do you trust this one you don't know what an excellent in -- -- -- mean it was just like are you kidding me. So now they're trying to say okay. We're gonna be explicit about you don't have the authority to turn it off but you can issue this declaration. And then. Require. That critical companies. Companies that you deem to be critical to function shall immediately comply with an emergency measure or action. And that's also another sticking point based on what it's really kind of -- Deemed by the government's definitions of what is a critical critical to -- infrastructure that they still can. You know that the -- about -- sure you presenters doesn't have the on a whim he can normally kill. Put flipped the kill switch but at the same time. If you're on a list of some of these sites or services. They still at the end of the day have the ability to just flip them off -- and -- It's a gradual -- they're trying to change the language again you know we don't know how checking whether it will come but they're they're trying to figure out because Egypt kind of sparked this. Howell what kind of rules can have in place to try to control these situations but the end of the day it's still the same thing they have the ultimate authority just to shut everything down if -- if they want. -- because they get to decide what. Companies are labeled critical and they don't have to give any notice before they mandate any emergency measure or action and they don't have to undergo any judicial review. And that's the part that has people -- -- -- like -- -- handing over too much power because the future. Administration could come in and -- have decided that every ISP in the country it's considered critical. And there's no judicial review of my action I can just order them all to shut down for thirty days if I believe it you know there's enough with the threat of -- get -- there cyber emergency. So -- -- people at least though people are keeping an eye on it there was a lot of concern about the original language. And they have. At least tried to temper that some. But we'll be watching. Is that we turn up an immunity evident but if they killed the Monday in the coming happened and they kill the Internet for. The affidavit to -- the regular Google in the world like the -- Well and it would be a financial disaster because it's not just -- Internet Australia breast it's trading Sammy -- think about like. Think about the trillions of dollars that are related online I mean it's -- it's it's an incredibly dangerous thing I mean give to. Any it'd doesn't even just the fact does that -- the world because of how integrated all of the economy is all of our systems all the financial. Dealings and trades that happened between countries and how we're all dependent on each other -- -- It would be disaster if something like that. And it potentially allows -- Restrict access to certain web sites or types of content and that is that is unnerving too like if you decide that the cyber emergency is that there's. -- what you think is a credible threat of terrorist activity and then you decide that you're gonna have restrict access to all web sites that are in Arabic. I mean really it's not outside the realm of possibility like we have over reached before. And so that it does it need to be as specific as possible on -- judicial review does need to be in good. We will as -- -- keep and I and that also will be keeping an eye on the Motorola zoos as they start to your homes into -- because apparently. It will when it ships -- Tony for February 24 ship without flash support. Yet know that this is don't don't get too crazy yet guys because -- Adobe announced that. On they will have obviously a tablet optimize but there that'll come preinstalled on some -- but for others it's gonna be an over the air download and a few weeks which would pretty much include the models in because. On the when they just and a recently announced -- release the tablet optimize flash resumes -- probably already in the packet. Yeah so they weren't able to that because you know because you get like Y -- and you're -- -- every. -- don't worry that though they will become so it's -- It is funny though everyone you know kind of went bonkers when on this little -- in the -- hand corner it says Adobe Flash expected spring 2011 ray and they know. And an Apple people like. Like two weeks. They couldn't they have an iPad -- -- Like this -- -- story a few weeks and it actually -- -- that happens all the time like every time you buy a new computer you know you have to install updates where and I think that's basically. What is so it's not as it's known terror behind. At that initially founded human yeah -- -- -- that I am super. Well -- that's super stoked. Amazon has lodged crime instant video this is the streaming service that we talked about two weeks ago I think -- They had previewed and it is for if it is unlimited streaming for paid Amazon prime to -- subscribers which is interesting. At the distinction because apparently students can get prime for free -- just for shipping. But this doesn't apply -- that. Yet is and is often and services now like -- looked at what Amazon have has -- feels a lot like -- -- some of what's on Netflix and back. I cannot feel like churches the launch but right now feel even more scaled down from Amazon I mean from Netflix and get some like the cool documentary veterinarian -- have like. The girl with the dragon tattoo movies but not -- But nothing even kind of on the from the new -- -- inside Netflix but ultimately I mean this is a step in the right direction I'm sure as the content you know. Content owners see this and they're more willing to just you know get the content everywhere that will see a better collection but. You know it's better it's I'm I'll be the first and not complain about this no I'm here I am not very Sandra that's right now -- -- -- 5000 pieces of prime eligible content which in effect. Not a time right now but it. All still very very good for the future a really good step in that in the and I got Amazon -- is I don't care that's off and Amazon has the reach to be able to get the good content I think really didn't panic and think in general they probably have pretty good relationships. You can so you can do it on a browser and -- apparently and data tested on -- Logitech revue Google TV box. It's unclear the -- I what I really wanna know is whether it's going to be available on Tivo. -- -- and Amazon video on demand on Tivo and also Netflix streaming an -- like or just those set top boxes that have Amazon relationships like you know -- or. In an Albion seem to keep -- detect and other. It's awesome and if you're not currently an Amazon prime ever seriously do -- it at eighty but the your. You cannot you'll not you'll never make your money back so fast that he will attempt -- Seriously Andy free shipping on everything you order is a -- like some -- dollars -- the year 88 at a year and you can share it. With four in mountain Sweeney. And off our email addresses that the video -- -- via. Yeah breezy and very cool -- -- you take a quick break and -- work out and. Watching TV and have fun. -- -- -- -- The human legs when they come back the latest developer who is taking Apple could happen to know where this subscription via -- Apple iPad shipments -- may be delayed and shocking news about -- shows on the Internet or line. Book about the buzz out loud everybody in this plywood -- -- pounds after her a little -- -- Canada. And a little presents an indication he's nodding her head like. That rate is a great vacation wasn't it -- once I got back from Canada is great. -- -- -- to some other maybe not so great things Apple's new Cisco funerals is now. Not not only kind of -- or pissing off publishers who have these content services but also developers from one of the examples -- Developer of -- read ability web service soul what is on its -- by are an idea what this service doesn't have basically reformat web pages to. Get rid of the -- And the company has its web based subscription service that you can set up on their website and from their -- percent of the money collected goes to. The site publishers which essentially -- covers the cost of not looking at the advertising. Whereas the 30% read ability pockets so because they're the ones that are doing all this work. -- now because of Apple's subscription service this would take a cut out of you know. Their pocket and also the pocket of the money they're trying to get back and at the same time. This is not even an in app purchase that is done on the -- -- this is all set up outside of it. Apple. Rejected. Their app because it offers some source that subscription service but -- -- even have an in app purchase model. Ray and it this is the first one I've seen where. It was an outright rejection. Of the app using that language to justify it's a big flat out said citing you know guideline eleven point two. Have to use a light utilizing a system other than the in app purchase API to purchase content functionality or services in them in an Apple will be rejected. And -- ability but as they opened letter out and they said basically that it smacked of outright greed. And that they were more than a little bit upset because they felt like you know you have the right to implement this policy but it's super developer and from me. This is -- you know I mean it's like that the tipping point right like when the developers start to get angry. And potentially consider other platforms that's when you have a real rebellion on your hand. I think -- seen those like Apple because of all -- follow Apple's kind of laid low once economy that announcement. And there's figure start -- -- and many levels how this is affecting developers since you know people that are using subscription services music movies -- I'm I'm still curious to see if Apple Apple should. Respond to -- in some -- you perform. You know I've never seen I haven't seen -- -- from a -- -- developer standpoint. Just throws out and then completely ignored the it -- -- they adaptable Skype issue. Momma with. With what they're using and also with via Adobe Flash wrapper. Issue that they had ray and that people -- -- I mean this is an example where. The service is completely done offline it doesn't even need any -- of in app purchase but because Apple's request and -- they rejected the app. It's how did you think it actually think this is the kind of thing these -- the moves and even Google 10% with last week at -- you know -- -- that was pretty reasonable and and I read a blog post -- that you know 10% is not totally and reasonable since it doesn't also include a requirement. -- you have in app purchasing only but. They said you know even that is probably gonna squeeze developers enough -- he needs to be something more like a credit card transaction fee where it's just like a percentage or two. But I think what it will do with anything has drive developers toward html -- because really let's be -- -- you don't need -- app ecosystem in the first place and it isn't it the problem for developers that you can't just write once and deploy everywhere that's what you can do with the web. And it Billy if anything it's almost like fine you know what let the little App Store players only do their thing to use the web that's what it does that would have -- Though the rim guy with things like things apps we're gonna die anyway and has engaged in outside everything's in -- -- anything. -- and hopefully that will make it -- after I mean I you know -- -- -- can I do think that app. After that about your answer -- jump on -- -- -- by -- in its its hard. I mean I its -- I guess from the flip side of the people are -- are so oblivious to it and don't care which is a majority of the users. Right right they're the ones that they don't see it they don't feel it you know we're the ones that feel it and understand the dynamics of the behind the scenes but. Does this policy affect the majority of where Apple make their bread and butter probably not. Not right now but it will of developers actually are terrible I mean if Amazon for just Amazon would take them -- I haven't done just that you know I'm -- and we're not distributing the Kindle app. On your device and by the way -- carried both it and that's one of the scary things to thank -- -- it was bigger I'd like. Popular apps on there because it might hurt Amazon can -- -- that right. Well obviously Apple's betting that their bigger than it that it Amazon holder -- people would blame Amazon which they would. They ultimately what I mean Amazon would -- if they -- a huge advertising campaigns Atlantic's. Explain the terms and conditions of the Apple why policies. That's a real sexy and I plan from them. -- -- what we'll see if Apple reacts to this or adopt this also in other Apple news. I'm iPad users that are you know we've been talking about -- late march media early release. According to Bloomberg. And you want to securities out of com where -- data out of over and -- said. There may be a delay. To June from the April of from the expected along the iPad because of production bottlenecks at the manufacturer also on Apple -- -- -- -- -- -- -- right before the Chinese Lunar New Year. That could have thrown a little monkey wrench into it and caused the delay. So. -- three more months -- All that is a big delay to generously especially since reports are -- coming out that I've had. Supplies are starting to be constricted like in Europe apparently there are some shortages already low stock levels. Some price dropped from like T-Mobile and orange. And so people are it it if it -- net so this is what's really inching right if it's starting to be scarce. And then I've had -- was delayed until June. You definitely have a windows narrow window to -- where all these new Android tablets to make -- -- -- Headway yet at least to take you know may be around 10% of the market share that you thought you might have had if you had your product out there yeah you know which is of which is a big chunk. It is a pretty -- I mean that's actually considering that they're all basically in a drop right then it's like. I mean all those other Android players and you know -- webos tablets and one out there they're not trying to be a date they kind of probably in their own minds -- -- admitted they were not gonna be the dominant player but all we need is like -- -- -- percent of -- market now. And that not all that that's all the gonna shoot the timing of Zune Zune releases perfect for that. How much they really aren't they get the Wi-Fi one out at the nanometer them 69. For the -- island -- That's via that would be good time there are also the chat room got a sorry I was gonna say that also -- Dahlia that Sharon has. On because you know we're -- we're doing this a little after the -- is set according to all things. To introduce the iPad two which potentially means it or it could just be announced but not necessarily available yet. That that happens all the time -- that seems highly like right right right and so the -- guys the announcement for the iPad two according all things. It'll be happening next week -- section. Which analyst -- probably felt all the computers but it still doesn't mean that it's gonna be coming out in April. Via oh man if they. They could you know what they could that would be a huge mistake I mean I'm very interested the -- if they really announce it on March 2 and it doesn't come out until June. And at least they're building the -- -- all that time in letting people know it's coming but man that's a big. -- at the big thing about that though you know it you had to do that reason beside the thing about that those that the die hard Psycho. Apple culture like they announce the first iPhone in January MacWorld it came out. In light -- are what is it April -- the very first -- people are willing to wait if what they show is that it. -- Like that that group actors out there willing only will that group that cares about it -- willing to -- but that's not you know the entire market -- not -- they might lose a little but I I think. As long as what they show is compelling enough like if they said. A this is gonna have the same features hardware allies from the Motorola -- but it's gonna do like two -- -- -- -- -- things. People gonna -- man what they can do at this point that though rebel military its price point -- -- -- I'm very accurate their price point. At the we'll see if that in fact will be march 2 it sounds like the event would be held in San Francisco. There are by the way competing report saying that the iPad two release will not easily so. Maybe it's not if it is delay about the huge as far as -- and that's a huge opening rendered but hopefully I mean if -- -- -- camera -- and I don't know we'll see how well specialists in other Apple rumors before we get off Apple's array and a -- thing. That Apple posted seems to indicate pretty clearly actually that Apple is working on building TV. Let's but we're making them before you can Alexandra predicts. All that's right our prediction show I said they would announce -- by the end of this year Arctic. There it is at number three for me already my role -- the could unlock the guy at -- mid Jillian. It is not hire -- the dominance he'd like tidal -- nine -- -- Throwing darts on a -- This the wind -- listing asks for ambulance or a new power management designs and technologies and goes on they would be used for Apple's next generation Macintosh platform. Spanning from notebook computers desktop computer servers standalone displays and TV. And out flat out TV not set top boxes which would be an Apple TV but TV -- -- -- -- Microsoft has announced plans for a Kinect. -- today. Which would potentially. Allow for development of can act like -- and on peace. And now if anything -- yet excellent stuff yet. Further hacking and then in the shocking news from CBS department. And having unfettered like -- for the show nearly impossible a -- -- CBS and Netflix have signed a two year not exclusive licensing agreement. That will put CBS shows. On Netflix mount it hanging on the Internet somewhere other then that CBS -- problem. So if you guys are hoping for CSI that's not gonna be part of -- at least initially -- will be shows such favorite and popular ones like median and -- not Big Bang theory. Not How I Met Your Mother -- equals but as it. But if you want and you -- -- island and I -- family ties again if you like the old -- the -- family -- Arctic. The original -- -- life aibo which is that's the honestly better than the current I bought it I don't know about that. Twin -- Twilight Zone but at least we can no longer. Destroy CBS for not being used until -- I completely not completely it is. Pretty weak stuff that are not. There is any of the -- so I'm sorry I don't think it was on every night. If that good of a show yet it's the -- online and let people know that it's not good window and it is an arm. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- doesn't let -- -- public who is on Tuesday on after and as well and I know I know why you like that's another right -- L cool. A nurse came in my game LL anchors are now in -- -- show -- -- an Aston Martin's. I -- you. -- It. Any -- at the start at the start is his that we i.s as its -- -- like to hear -- and also funny little story of the escapist magazine about how apparently George hot. GO hot -- and have the injunction placed against him. For Gilbert and -- -- has you -- a fund raiser. Over a weekend and ask people for the money to help beat the the Sony -- -- -- legal fund and apparently he raised all of the fun but he needed. In just that when we -- Yet -- is enough money for the first phase of the -- about eighteen hours. Units that -- specify how much he actually -- but he did say that he would donate any of the money left over to electronic frontier foundation. Yet so it's like. All these people were pirating the games. Paid disguise the money they would've paid for the -- anyway. Plus Sony get their money again and. -- -- -- Positively I'm excellent anyway and. But apparently -- EFF offered legal public people do feel that he has a strong case because what he did with essentially. Gilbert which has been ruled to be an exception and that -- MCA it is legal to jailbreak devices like -- -- eating in you know specifically enable piracy Gilbert machine. Though people Billick is -- pretty -- -- -- -- -- Our rights shall we go over she -- I think we should. Okay on Intel's listing their new sandy bridge mobile -- the tentative breakdown. -- what we can expect to see these are the sandy Bay Bridge chips that are likely bound for the Apple MacBook some pretty much every PC vendor that. We can think of so they have you know what they're. Sandy bridge based I three I five and I seven dual core chips the I three are -- dust cloud based -- -- -- on. I seven are dual core chips on and you know we'll we'll see what we -- Yeah that'll be -- also BMW. Has created a sub brand that. Specifically for battery powered cars the sub brands can be known as BMW I. And it will us market those -- a whole line of battery powered cars starting point thirteen plus they gave a whole kind of a picture of what they would look like. No real prototypes yet. -- -- in a prototype that you have to see. Is Nissan's electric concept like Nissan already has -- -- this is that there I don't know if you pronounce it yes -- that this is like. If you scroll down a little more is that there there's others all those shots that's like a 37 easy on acid. We can agree to that well then that's a real car that's not our render the -- -- thank me wrong. Yet that is -- and amphibian -- you're gonna wanna you're gonna want -- habitable and analysts have a novel I'll I. The that of the -- -- yeah. A little -- on the Internet this week and about Google thinking about killing the URL bar in Chrome. He's taking the idea of simplicity to the sometimes inescapable. Inevitable and which is like it's so easy that it's impossible to use them. Come on that they're toying around four different layouts that are totally to easily browse the web classic compact side -- -- and the most notable changes that the compact version. Does away with the URL bar and then put multiple URL bars into tabs which they say gives even more vertical pixels they're less scrolling. But now how many more vertical pixels are you really gonna get by getting rid of URL bar oil -- when he Tony. Thirty pixels -- can reduce like everything else up there and then the fact they can do everything from that -- like search and any URL and just control -- -- -- is likely to. That's not usable -- it delicately. Elevator and apples or in Tokyo. And gives it its own government thing I'll know I've been oh yeah yeah yeah the one mega is a three story started -- a button yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It lets you do that by would you do that what he -- buttons when he -- -- -- when I kind of feel like Google want to make the so that there's just the Google search bar up there you always going through Google and on the net. Not always the going to meaning of the kind that Saturday I thirty -- yes. So -- they are all Meier -- girl yeah a lot of mobile eleventh like these killer market and I mean it's just it's just like their concept of what they're thinking about -- they're not. And it. That. Please don't love the problem is that although you could make the -- for the -- work with my bank website. Looking through movement and I'm pretty him -- -- news. Got a cool story from the independent in the UK which is. -- any out the existence of an unpublished. Report unpublished government research that suggests that plastic bags. Wait for it are actually greener. Than paper bag and canvas tote -- Right amazing your mind blown right now. -- blown. The findings suggest that in order to balance out the tiny impact of each lightweight plastic bag consumers would have to use the -- cotton bag every working day for a year. Or use paper bags at least three times. -- rather than recycling them immediately. And however. Even though the study was scheduled to be published in 2007. And it with it was commissioned in 2005 known of the research has yet been released to the public. It found that and it's it's still locked down so it. An HDP plastic I would have to be slowing global warming and warming potential one point 57. Kilograms of CO2 equivalent. On the if -- the same paper -- is used four times. Would be at one point 38 kilograms he had to and then a cotton bags would have to be -- use the 171. Times. To emit a similar level yeah. 100 you have and most -- 171. Time they say most people just use the -- back like fifty to. Did you forget you have every -- to put it in there and then they talk about they talked about the paper bags to being. It was like. They had -- he had the bag the plastic bags have less than 13 of the CO2 emissions -- paper bag. And that -- why you would have to -- yet to make I think. Because -- -- light. And then the paper bags even though they degrade their so heavy that it takes a long time now. That this interesting thing is that if it across genetic and on the idea of the report overall because it wasn't released like it was supposed to be in 2000 -- But then this. Some industry people are saying lol yeah I'm pretty sure it wasn't released because it didn't find the right -- Have been. Which you know. -- researcher at the top researchers talk about sometimes that there. If they're researching something that goes contrary you'd like global warming dogma right they don't -- -- funding -- whatever -- did they buried. Did they -- this report. I mean it's not like all so it's a few they're talking about only -- -- two -- not about the giant plastic island authority and that it has you know. Yes -- -- emissions from like start to finish straight from production to light you know. Move mean these products to like the landfill and and how much of -- -- along the way via. -- they do say the of that solution -- in this article. Would be -- they come back for several hundreds of times you snake constantly for years gap which you make which is true. Which is through -- is that our -- -- Latin. And they say if you're not going to do that than a plastic bag that's -- you know the time. I -- that you Writely is that the plastic bags as your garbage Baghdad also re using your plastic bag as a garbage bag is the next Beck's best option better than paper. Because the paper has that such a high environmental cost to make those bags and most -- recycle them immediately. And very interesting I people -- we haven't got it. I added one dollar costs you didn't just discover. This -- and we'll get to that in a moment but. -- to the Internet -- -- buzz. This weekend and -- the hilarious news apparently true that a twentysomething Egyptian man named Jamal Ibrahim has decided to name his daughter. But. In honor of the service that helped anti government protests overthrew addiction to dictators. -- yet. And have been a -- -- -- the girl. -- her name is FaceBook to -- banned him that he basically -- his whole entire name because it's not like women. Are getting any respect if you can't even though they also protested -- they're not on the constitutional committee. It's not like they're in now anyway -- at the time to Cisco by file that you basically get the exact same name as her father but with -- but in front of it. Women and ago she go by Aussie Aussie I think the technical. School apparently it doesn't during -- -- -- Alright I don't know nothing about us e-book. You'd you'll -- on this -- you do this. -- -- Antonio about it and new app for FaceBook. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Clearly the app is called the FaceBook breakup -- a fire. Andy it's so simple it's just genius who. -- think it lets you pick certain friend. Whose relationship. Status -- -- like to better. And if one of those relationships changes that you'd get notified by email. The app website says you like someone there in a relationship be the first to know when -- out of it. When it right. This is -- main. I felt like they go -- in a relationship with -- lucky like it's complicated than you can wait -- the on again you don't wanna I wanna get into the mix the only limits and anyway until that changes again do you like. Singularly looking or whatever the different pattern on the relationship it just makes it easier than have always -- in that same person's profile like every -- -- not that I've -- this. That the app does it for you and then you can put more like fifty. Police. -- it would give that he does want it now like sometimes -- curiously -- an -- Dating is again another state regulators -- -- and work out -- finally vindicated until. Like but that yet dating as a game of numbers and if this helps that game. Have been by far I'm handfuls of what I -- actually turns out it's like that I need it and I liked typing. Now. And is exactly and -- that it says it's complicated don't moving yet that's not gonna work and then even when they change the relations that you had given at least another lucrative. Don't be the -- -- -- are seen hide the day after they changes the you've got it you've got -- -- tax would miss out now that are -- of the island or tell you know you keep these like hey you know it you wanna go get a snack like just saying I know get your mind off things -- school. Their ego you know I'd I heard about your -- -- -- it but don't play super friends on guys just feel like -- analysts attending county don't use the word I wanna be there for you. I wanna hang out Leonid don't say that it -- not -- on every area never say that now that Steve that humans. That's -- that's you mean that's gonna cards literally. I love the concern. -- annually is sitting getting to know you still get copies. Was this talk things out. -- -- -- that would have been represented Arabic at night broke up a catapult you and all of the golden rule. I don't care and yet it's out Stockard it is they have been deeply early he did -- on there. It is so -- though it is public -- They go and. I and then lists and not a happy note I apologize -- and his -- that's an idea because this is sort of a video joke but it is a lot I haven't seen this so it's all over the YouTube but some lucky kid got for his birthday. A playable. Angry Birds birthday -- and printing -- and thank them and can now. You can -- and. Whoa whoa whoa whoa owned. They've got all the little brother leader and if I'm not I'm component and this this I think his hat has been greatly caves under the patent. So they're making light of day in the ground and -- -- -- The thanks they spread some green frosting on the toilet. Think like grass out across the for the gonna build actual like a whole huge typically get three foot long things like -- -- The cake chocolate actually -- And neighbors had no idea ever again this is it and -- of them would have never guessed they would keep this thing. This is currently involved and the school and they got three little obstacles like the brand they're using ground and he -- -- -- -- platforms. OK others are -- are there aren't they out yet it's a good. Dad and the video does if that -- addition to making things and I'm pretty sure that this guy did an amazing thing -- -- Professional on those look like like -- kit Kat bars they're like candy bars great. By Alex this is like something whether it there -- wafer are struggling for Mars. It's just incredible and they have the video game you're listening to this is the entire making. Like starting at the beginning on and you can't believe I -- this is like telling intricate it. Oh no -- amid a slingshot usually -- -- -- delivered. Call my good man. While that you didn't. That might be like one of -- coolest dads of all time -- I'm assuming he's a dad has yet -- farms but I don't want I don't -- -- that I don't assume that maybe it's -- It's like I the case and noted in the UK and then other birds are phenomenal. And then the thing as the party's big game it may turn it over the -- -- -- -- amber -- -- -- Nam my goodness -- they actually to demolish it. Reactionary and that's okay you -- 53 people there -- -- that's due to. I'll know I'm gonna go. A -- -- that's a frequent travelers Salem. And now the the Redford has some serious and -- -- -- and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That are dying. But who's catching on in birds on the other side of their face -- -- that -- -- like. -- -- -- Does that all you have -- -- -- that -- -- -- the -- -- music you don't you guys. Ads and theories that literally this -- area is like two inches why whatever -- to -- seven year old boy nano -- to slingshot. To see what happens of the youth of America. IPad that's what happens I don't. Intelligent virtual slingshot and -- know how this is -- -- denial on this this is not easy okay. It's not easy it should be for a seven year old boy. If we hadn't ruined our children with their iPad. Now we're now are criticizing the boys happy Angry Birds slingshot abilities of the Canon -- As though. -- And loved it -- through happy ending right no voice -- today but let's move onto. I got an email from our gold frenzy of ash in there in Iran -- that you may remember me and to get status from Tehran one of the few person listeners -- meeting shows and sporadic it was around. Admit to the episodes -- have always been a -- just wanted to say that Valentine. Is not international -- Molly at least not Iran we do celebrate Valentine's around and say but on eighteenth of February we have it there we do not. But an 18 February we have a -- -- upon Narmada Don. -- -- -- -- The day of lovers and cherishing we love since 2500 years ago and -- that we celebrate the 18 February. -- we can't afford days from Valentine's is upon her -- on the four days of low. -- -- here he says unfortunately all levers take each other's hand and took a lot not a candidate. But to stand in front of Iranian regime to protest for our freedom. -- On pianist thank you for the trivia with totally good now and then also good luck buddy. Data -- our inside source when they have that you drowning in rebel like last year. And we were very worried about it. For awhile but games -- -- -- hear from you again. Are right on next email this'll from Chris hey buzz team on a -- that is yes he longtime listener. But I -- amino today however I may have once again had my weekly and so they -- Chris who lives on campus on Cornell. And because they have a file sharing network on campus through their school. They also -- -- means essentially from -- PA NRA over their schools file sharing network. So we'll -- new notices on message boards and in their lobby. Warning people like you guys whoever's scary -- files it's obvious so here we have an image but this one. Yes -- handwritten but it says attention someone in anti gay which is one of the buildings is or was uploading the -- the -- stop now. Paramount Pictures wants you. Last week it was Sony Pictures is watching you. So he's asking are they now -- caused him specifically. -- movies is calling the building are they threatening their landlords we -- now we can't get on our schools file sharing or if we are not on campus so the luz studios must be looking at other networks and he asked does happen and other places and are they really gonna go through the effort to contact landlords and apartment managers -- residents to stop committing. The ultimate evil. Apparently. Apparently in a handwritten note. Yeah that's it I'm sure they're contacting on -- and enter the only reason their contacted -- -- because they're using IP addresses and it'll these scattershot. The -- narrow it down to that do one. The one building that frankly at you can look -- them to -- the. And everybody and it -- But he created -- you know like usually feel like aren't there don't leave your -- message and have by the -- stock. Is. The -- on -- -- the person who was later thrown away as free Wi-Fi like someone was using an off some of what I got you got contacted. You I have -- obviously I'm removed from college but I'm wondering. If they really how many Wi-Fi devices they allow if you're already have a played in connection into your dorm like are the Wi-Fi is just managed by the campus which I would assume. And the -- -- you know they don't allow tethered Wi-Fi devices from your own dorm I would. I'm assuming -- out now Sony because kids can tell its does now things have changed and now generally know how things work that I could only imagine if -- later everyone had at least one Wi-Fi device all over the place it just -- -- -- started -- its -- had a good point though it is that I wonder if it was someone who. If it was not the Landler but someone in the building received a notice via. What you said that's totally true. I movie on here -- in Salt Lake City erected at the latest pre ordered my -- human with -- prize in the store clerk handed me a fifty dollar gift card. When asked that I -- -- and -- in pre orders can with a fifty dollar gift card dropping my priced at 750. I thought I'd pass -- along for the anyone else want -- -- can take advantage. Also I did I complain about the price but they got every little bit past seven -- a little more -- adjustable. And I would so be written for the -- -- -- He that the -- youthful. Not Canada international roaming. Another I love that -- and three if -- in Austin for south by southwest I still hope you are you have got to come to our party and -- -- it's -- be -- -- okay. It's gonna be used Superfund party -- it was special guests at the actual show taping able. Little there's special guests left on have the TV if I get -- commonly come later that night Molly might be dancing on the table. -- that frankly to give it. Frankly haven't done it again it is that it's gonna be at cedar street in Austin on Sunday march 13 six -- 9 PM meet another -- -- CNET and -- -- -- bright dot com now and the end I heard rumors of a cure. When her as a terror currently definitely applicants -- -- -- cards and they're trying to track down act. And eat well and again it's free. Leave you don't have to be under -- south by southwest part is that you can the in the area show up. Driving in to tell your friends and that the very least to get free tacos and alcohol. At the very least ask don't tell you that solid effort started to tell the entire town because we don't have like -- diet or anything although there are any -- -- around the Gaza -- Everything so that take up the -- CNET dot even bright dot com you guys get all the details just lock down your reservation -- -- -- release. Everything. About cnet.com is our blog -- 806 on 62638. Adler and amber and buzz at cnet.com. That's our email address we wanna hear from you. And now -- -- CEO of. --

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