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Crave: Ep. 25: The Wipe Album

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Crave: Ep. 25: The Wipe Album

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This week, the Beatles come to iTunes and autonomous sponge bath robots arrive at Georgia Tech. Plus, the Nook goes color, earbuds that zip, and a spoonful of sprinkles help the chocolate covered bacon go down.

Tuesday November 16 annual watching -- -- podcast I'm Donald well. I have Eric Franklin. And that it -- been both a video and we -- -- -- -- Yeah she's I think -- sick at home getting over whenever or. It is a beautiful day outside island -- she just asked -- that today and I wouldn't for the past now mounted and Aaron Brown. I -- so big news today of course is. The Beatles catalog coming to iTunes yes it is a day. That I will never. Ever forget -- is very live in -- for you yet. -- far. Spin a lot of lot of people -- been right. Knowing what will will men who these people who -- people wearing them to think everybody laws so comments are seeing and is it is really -- people is that I'm sure there's -- -- The people who aren't even -- back on top of the news that even need to know about this around and about this a week announcer the volume super excited. But as far as all of the tech bloggers that -- -- Booting up the computer's dead to blog and write about the next Apple innovation being unveiled at 7 o'clock this morning right right cause they know -- -- -- that I can't come on really we'll always measured I don't know anything about like. You know if they're overseas. Now packets are overdue but they're all about tech minded -- flake -- Dell tech minded or are there are more of like the I think. Music. Fan that authority has The Beatles catalogue yeah it is -- about the CD is last year I -- the big Beatles remastered catalogue yeah. Read go into any -- any respectable and I even thought the deals cannot be canceled like furniture stores and money. Thank to think it's like -- high end. You know but something drop you know however -- many hundreds of dollars on public the deluxe Beatles box -- Remastered collection you -- -- like all The Beatles hype. Over the remastered catalog was last it has like The Beatles rock band last year -- that there are exactly and understand Larry thank you lot of predictions that that's when The Beatles catalog would have iTunes last year alone would make sense yeah -- -- -- -- But yeah. Opening -- less exciting from a music perspective from a music respect array from -- This is awesome from a tech news perspective music. Yeah okay -- sure from a tech -- that reflect the it via a home. But -- up from his respect perspective is a big deal. They announce pricing and -- -- -- yeah I mean it's all it's all up to file right now they did iTunes LP's I think from majority of the catalogue I want saying okay this is everything you're getting like. Extra content -- getting in getting. I think everything. So you -- is there is there a way to just. One click buy everything. I guess they have like the digital version of the box at nice -- that it is great I think it will acting -- -- -- but I can't predict. You know how many people or out there are interested in this and how they'll already have this by I would imagine who would want to have like. Quality versions of that -- -- All that well. Yes and here's in digital format is alright here's the here's the -- advocate rate there. Steve Jobs doesn't need anymore Nichols in this pile of money -- as -- hack that says I'm not there. That anyone working in Apple's coffers to Leo yes -- like iTunes -- game like this that supposedly one year exclusivity. Over The Beatles digital download. A rights so there. -- if that people who are just like that Apple haters. Anti gambling and there's like Apple doesn't need anymore money this is a big deal and speed Apple for -- -- money The Beatles iPod make more money because I'm going to buy these things even -- -- I understand that I can empathize about -- -- you. I showed a picture gettin' one of lake -- have all the music I do admit it -- downloaded it and he illegally whenever -- a I -- can't name a few trying to pirate music on the Internet and childhood that you -- not like -- To virtual feet without tripping over The Beatles collector I so is that I went to mean the thing that I think -- My perspective one makes me just kind of bitter about all of kind negative media -- -- that -- still make. ITunes is the number one music retailer. In the nation if not the world rain we live in this. -- and our kids wouldn't know what to do with the CD. As opposed like you know any difference yeah what you -- Political power would come through particularly in in the big picture is a good thing acting to have. Like the most celebrated band and music catalog in recent history to be available for generations -- you know. Yeah yeah cited about so why not -- people. Did you knows right I don't know. In other -- -- next -- blog is actually I do think that there will probably be another announcement. At some point that will be like. That would begin with you to where -- -- -- U2 version iPod Akamai 2004 it. Yeah why don't -- it -- I don't think that you two iPad iPod I had an EU to -- on a gave you like a fifteen dollar credit. Like a card that you could use towards downloading them that you two. About why -- and has come preloaded and you bought the U2 iPod in there. May be able to figure that out of hammered out by. Man I mean that would make sense with who's gonna like. By a Big Dig dug The Beatles gift card you know like the -- that gift card album you know how they have those iTunes problems he can find like Safeway yeah Iraq where -- at the little plastic card right and no. -- I -- sort by that artist and liked was people who applied and I'm sure that now optional be out there but as opposed to me like. Buying your dad he. Beatles edition yellow submarine iPhone. Well yellow submarine -- below weird something. That I think let me -- the white album by. Beatles edition incident that that she's -- -- And -- I think is a big deal in like you said it and approved music prospective big deal it freaking deal right. All tech news not so much. But -- same -- it's like okay cool you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think what people hitting on that job and a big party and you can yet they hate him he called it overhang -- people -- are miffed about the hullabaloo that they're like. But -- but I. -- -- -- -- -- Man take the music industry has been fighting for years and years and years to deal began legal digital downloads -- The Beatles. And Apple finally -- -- like they should get some kudos -- Doing whatever -- -- -- -- -- -- go or however many lawyer tricks had to be done I mean that happen I mean finances -- is actually more advertised. There -- no matter who's profiting off of it. It's good that good music can be easily purchased yeah I agree I. Moving on if you wanna listen to it. We get in the air but -- use. Sir this is a definite. By jasmine from here to talk about it with a -- action actually mean here by the he -- buds are a zipper. Based cord for you earbuds. Senior kind flash he fashionable earbuds so it takes away all the hassle of like getting your -- tangled -- The higher your bigger zipped up -- can still get tangled now. Oh I see with few of -- -- as well. Addresses court and that's a huge problem for me yet -- of course I don't want to address it in either Mike. Right or painting or Ottawa -- -- -- -- if they get a basic black version of this MI and -- yeah otherwise you know you might leaders. Who have -- You know it's a problem. It's a problem mr. Heath who. And yet so these are forty dollars exclusively from -- buds. Right. It may be that someone. -- -- But fashion forward in UT in your life purchase these four or living in 1992. Yeah I can't yankees founded -- I think from it is designed kind of solution and it -- any idea we'll see how well it's implemented. More well only from both probably we probably won't cared next week yeah right now -- like -- can. What I really do care about and this is a long term care yes is -- this print edition of the ZT eat -- Which is a case in the cradle for the iPod Touch that gives it basically. The capabilities of the iPhone. Mine it's like messaging like an integrated text messaging but he can still what you can install apps that give -- phone call capabilities. If it's a come MiFi -- shaped like a case C got. Sprint cellular. VG. Hot spot built into the case interesting idea. I mean the work around you -- pay for a plan sixth -- nine dollars for the case. And then monthly service plan. That goes for 2999. He's got that data cap -- it's not like the data plan isn't gonna be as. Robust yeah as other options are but. If you're if you're in now like cut the cable. I want the iPhone without having by the iPhone. Deal with eighteen Keenan's contract rally to in the robot dance while fighting against yes the conspiracies to make -- by the on exactly this is -- -- for this is the -- option was only appropriate that you -- and -- and -- -- it and has made have a popularized. -- an iPod Touch a little -- that. Yeah. Buy it. We'll see and then added the cradle little July that's would you -- this -- -- anyone -- that it would. Allow us. Both content and are asking -- Fine I don't know I think if. It is in we've seen -- play around to experiment with this see if I mean can I and the most boring phone. Like the -- phone capabilities and I'm asking from my phone so minimal like. I actually played around the idea of having that they can phone has three buttons -- one for mommy one for daddy and one for 911. This is only two people -- seem to -- they call it my wife for my mom well. -- -- -- -- Okay so that's a that's a very sad statement and realize how sad that is -- Who would like called life in and everything about -- -- that's it was only call. Everyone else's taxi you know it's like yeah need to contact man doing some emailing and want to commit to -- -- five minute call with this person -- -- And then most the other kinds that I need it like to get on like a mobile web browser become my iPod Touch -- in places like my life is. Such that I'm usually in -- -- way have -- -- Wi-Fi connection but for the little times -- I'm just like walking. From work to catch you know my commute home. -- -- -- my -- I'd like to have that option not came around. So. I wanna check this -- if it works at all excited about them. Other exciting news. If you've been waiting. For. A way to receive -- sponge bath from a robot -- Georgia Tech has been working on this for you they -- system robot insists his robot that will. Gently. White -- down -- -- that that it. They did that and this thing up make and is that data about wiping area and down wiping motions and this is it very gentle not very attractive they could they could. You know sex up this robot a little bit -- you know we'll -- there are those that images I think it's area. Fully function and it's is this is a good thing that is happening is for being able to. Guillotine a large populations. They know in mobile people in hospitals -- to help genome. Move them around and and and clean them often picture declared he -- care I'm -- something out warfare if it's that the reality. So -- might be down but can't wait. -- Bill that apparently that's what this one's doing -- actually upward motion means I'm okay while the -- like lake. Pictured and rulers you know he's putting -- gets a little -- -- -- And watched. But. -- here so this is pretty cool it down again it's not the most attractive robot in the world but I am all for practical applications. A robot technology fair and if they can am you know be used to make health care. More affordable. -- -- -- -- -- But -- -- goal this year it's cut a slightly sensual video here is almost not -- or inclusion -- What it thinks they can go on -- Yeah. It but it is also one of the things where you slow it down but you. Oh that's the slow motion that this -- -- And -- the music there now there will rule rule seventies -- music background there. There's -- -- jokes and not connect and moving -- milk color we have our full review of the Barnes & Noble -- color. Available for you to peruse it got a four out of five star rating here from David Carnoy. And I got a hold water a chance to play with -- a few weeks ago. And it's pretty cool it's if what is it 250 dollars -- and 49 dollars if Android based. Tablet colors mean. Regarding her client -- -- closed while you wouldn't he went think the media -- there. It's called the -- color. Other screen. Islam and I. So. It's rated you can you can check out the video. I thought was pretty cool but it was disappointing from Android tablet perspective that it in -- a closed system it's not meant to be in Android tablets solutions. It's like. Basically you can have your books and that's it is that that the case where there -- some apps I mean there's there's its own little -- that unfortunately beacon installed. Pandora I you can look through their own little app store to download. Certain to be deflected it means that -- they're gonna contribute to the overall. -- -- -- And multimedia experience -- it's a closed system very there's a web -- there's a web browser. It's also it wasn't down. -- -- -- -- The world and doesn't need to be at an e-book reader. Well well according to -- it's has zippy performance so mature version use take it intent. It could've been engineering example yeah possibly maybe it was it was it BH. I mean yeah I'm not -- conflict that their -- his assessment but it wasn't down it wasn't. Mike something that I would compare against the iPad prices features and capabilities. And speed -- that it has -- but -- but. Even so 250. Money. Wars and images. Basically read books. And -- yeah but if if you are looking for Khaled that you can use. Do some light web browsing on and checking email and also works as you know company e-book reader -- -- pretty good which ended design the actual like. Hardware itself. Beautiful -- the most beautiful. You know a tablet outside it -- Apple's making him as far as the -- of that believe it was. Designer from. The One Laptop Per Child project. And -- the albums usually a -- cool. Cutting edge. Design and as I -- familiar -- youthful. And if it's a slick design those were checking I believe if you want to -- appreciate it from the Sampras playing view but you know also likely give a good rating for me because there's more than. You're. Attention to it's awesome -- it looks cool. -- to I mean it's. Thank you isn't he you know -- that's the thing if you think a -- like display technology that uses like the minimum amount. -- -- Over the LCD that -- -- -- -- to that there's not too much to. Interacted. The display right you know looking nights out declared that via. All that stuff in here this. And as a follow up story. The hr PDN seen them by that we covered and then create podcasts. Few weeks back. -- that there always behind it and distract you from. President Obama. Got to meet her -- -- There. Yeah this is weird that this is this is I mean this is amazing thing for robot kind -- Yeah they got me of the president right and -- later exactly. -- They're giant man hands. Which -- held out. -- I give up. These scenario we surrender of Japan and but we wouldn't yeah exactly so far there and they're playing. Playing defenseless -- that they will find a way yeah exactly. Dollars dollars if we don't kill ourselves first. With this week's edition of this is like that. Which -- bring you chocolate covered bacon. With delicate little multicolored sprinkles. The cookies in the background. The chocolate who have taken it and now -- -- sweets. The meats. -- mix but there's sprinkles. I thought the sprinkles -- really the magical touch here. And can't picnic if it -- anything can be forgiving. With some patriotic red white and blue sprinkles. And in making and -- -- both on the planet I forgot to bring up -- -- -- little American flag over here. Hello and the end patriotic sprinkles plastic. And stick it out of -- on a stick. Yeah -- and Britain I think this is. No he delicious I think it I think -- -- -- -- anything you'd like. Towards cardiac. Should it the end. -- because -- and into the hog. No one has like fifteen years. Yet yet. It's in -- it. That's it. Does that we're now we've got that's our great podcast this week if you want to check out the stories we'll be talking about next week. You can go to craves blog -- trick cnet's crave blog. -- create that cnet.com. And you can email us or -- but I don't ever remember it being modest. So companion ever calling. But. Because look at that took of the -- Okay -- -- -- this week we'll see you next week. --

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