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Mobile: Ep. 24: Top 6 ways to fix Android

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Mobile: Ep. 24: Top 6 ways to fix Android

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Android on your iPhone, 3D Video Chat and the Top 5 ways to fix Android, All that and more on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly for Thursday, November 11th, 2010. Join Justin Eckhouse along side guest host, CNET Associate Editor, Antuan Goodwin!

Federated on your iPhone 3-D video chat in the top five ways to fix Sandra and all that more coming up on this week's edition of 800 -- weekly for Thursday November 11 when he -- -- -- alongside guest host. CNET associate editor Antuan Goodwin attic and of course -- NATO. Hey hey welcome. Thanks for joining me. -- for having me through. Polly's. Let's jump right in and -- talked about browsing on Android. So. Yes -- last week Mozilla. Released their second version of Firefox beta for Android and than in the biggest -- -- -- ago opera released its first opera mobile. Via printer and that's on top of their already opera -- it's been out for awhile ray exactly so now we have sort of three you what's called major browsers -- -- built in Chrome. Opera Firefox Canada a couple minor on spread empire. -- and Lebanon which is really good I'm. So there's a lot of browser choices for Android. Right now. So what it does is articles that were kind of we're not here from Stephen Chang Lin CNN news who basically -- -- declaring we have a new front in the browser war. We're -- -- -- or has gone where was you know. There's a war and and there wasn't a war anymore because there was only Firefox and I the and then. Safari came in and. Crow moon moment. Com. Opt Bragg and opera's always been there like he has remember me Marines still here -- if by that I did people who swear by opera. Then if you punish the -- ever vigilant you're -- that's still around. You. Thumb says this is very different events of the -- world where you have safari. And do you have opera you have what he calls quasi browsers -- -- opera mini because Apple won't. Allow any -- that had -- redundant features that is built and VoS and browsers -- -- opera mini got past that restriction because. It actually is -- have a full browser uses proxy servers from opera to displaced. -- So one drawback of having multiple browsers is that. You have to choose which browser you wanna use you know and -- When you have more to watch that handle. Given task will prompt you needs clicked on the link near even know what browser -- You know could create a little confusing for users. I mean if if you -- body -- to download. I have browsers and that if you don't also felt that you don't send a a default -- you can just set a default. And his they anytime. That you know -- click on a link it opens up this particular one. -- but -- that prone to getting reset every time you do an update. Yeah exactly. It I wonder what's gonna happen here -- he is the browser were. Han -- gonna be as. -- -- hard fought as -- was on the desktop but it seems to me that. You know there is a clear default browser and it's and it's gonna take a lot more work and you know you're gonna really. Need to feel lol. Some reason to go out and seek another browser it's not like. You don't know -- it's Microsoft that there really is a way yours is set a junkie browser that on our parks in -- -- pull the you know -- -- this is so much better yet. The immunity. Is in the -- the thing is that there's actually nothing wrong with that -- -- brother Brett and it it actually the one I use -- is that. -- I guess because only. To have a lot of that from a phone for -- we'll talk about later -- The gets a perfectly good browser and now that you know there. The within the advantage to for me at least going to another brother like I fire with that you know I -- -- -- before -- without another -- out. A -- -- anymore either. -- -- federally -- is gonna be so much civil war is just kind of a have enough friendly rivalry between you know enthusiasts and and -- Yeah I mean it seems like most the other browsers are sort of up to par and -- great yet that you -- are a little awkward date there aren't sort of totally compliant with the who have called them. -- bystanders. On Android. You know if they can push the built in browser to be faster and better rate. But what -- who -- he -- happens here. So speaking. New software for Android. Researchers. Were able to install new software. On users' phones without them even known. They pushed out. -- out to the -- -- marketplace. That was basically able to take advantage of some security holes and Android. Says happens disguises an expansion for a -- game and angry birds but you know start with as -- -- pretty brilliant ploy. -- then they actually pelican it is called it anything -- -- if somebody would -- -- you know I'm trying to get a new. Mad -- game like -- -- like that and it probably would just clicked on the first thing in the news happens all the time if they're angry birds now on the market like thirty things come up. Come -- yes exactly and -- and calls it mad bird. The -- there. So people downloaded this and then that app I don't know actually did anything that was very -- stimulate. -- fool the user once they got it in to thank you make it actually was doing some may reverts thing. That -- clear but anyway it would silently install three additional apps that any warning. And those -- had access to the phone's contacts location information and SMS functionality. Oh and to transmit data to a remote server. -- for this kind of bypasses the whole. When you install an -- you get their permission screen -- like this is viewed things that this -- is going to be taken advantage and in a few for example we -- the issue with the with that wall paper app that was reporting information. If you feel something inflict a lot of my wallpaper at need Internet access like that something fishy about that this that would be able to get around that by. But first posing like you know -- perfectly legitimate set of permissions in -- and installing other at that. Have access to other things that you don't ever -- the opportunity to prove or disprove. Right. Not to mention the fact that it installed other apps without ever telling you were asking you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay yeah I wonder if this -- dumb. Mum. While -- but. -- it as a rule typically when you installed -- I and marketplace apps you have to go into your settings in. You know uncheck -- -- it says I'm allowing. You know -- and certified market at thirteen a third party have to be installed -- wondered if what if you're fixing go around that toward. This only kind of target people who would have that box and checked. Grade yet it's not totally clear here. It it certainly and staying in mrs. you know not at all the first issue around security. You know it's one of things that comes of being you know -- Vanessa open. Stance here. Google responded. Who took on what -- -- six errors to remove this app from the market. And they. It should quote that said we began rolling out a fix for this issue with -- applied to call 800 devices. Com. And furthermore. As always we advise users to only install applications -- -- My question being how do you know what contrast. Interest anything. Exactly don't know -- -- the -- app from Google incorporated. Yeah but there's -- him. I mean it -- again it's another thing where you know someone who's not the new. Could just make a simple mistake on there could just be -- apps that are you know called -- and whatever World Series of poker. And -- an official happen you know one's just a little different you can not you know if you look below the -- still have the publisher's name. If you know what you're looking for specifically recommend the publishers phone number in there you know of diversity -- has sometimes they do it sounds as if it's gonna call -- think about. Okay Andy did it this -- on the free yeah exactly now. Yeah. You know do some -- due diligence -- guests. But it certainly it's an issue -- it. Yeah any in again I think we're probably gonna come back -- -- later on this in the exactly -- little bit of a -- -- -- -- to the so this is -- this is an interest in story from and it I think maybe the first time on -- -- that we have. Based -- story. An article from -- news. -- next issue media. Is creating what is being billed as -- for magazines. And they're planning to open their storefront early next year. Hand. Your magazines are really becoming big on tablets than you would think that they were first released that's for iPad that they're releasing it for injury. And -- Who ha ha. And this season it's you know a technical issue this really has to do -- business models. Of course -- it is important that. Clearly iPad has the advantage on tablet right now just -- you know market victories and -- you -- exactly. But what the problem is and you know there's been a lot of rumors around the magazine marketplace -- no doubt man out for that. But. The wave that -- magazine its work he is. They really value all their subscriber information demographics and that's how they're able to sell advertising -- and gets you premium prices for that advertising because they. They own and -- know these. These subscribers. In the Apple model. From what we've heard will not allow magazine to have direct access to this. You know -- -- oh in the end users and publishers are not happy with that. Com and so this application is gonna release -- -- -- where they can't have back says they will sort of own the end user in that -- And you know the head. Next issue magazine this year -- Morgan. -- in third. Has said that you know this is not a technical issue were radius where Apple. Harmonies confident that it will -- -- now. And raises an important platform and -- He is -- the publishers but they need. The if the end advertisement and Africa on on on but if I can. Technically get up a little bit of fed new put up a Philly print magazine should be free. -- free and because there have been them like you go to web page you view and you don't pay to be on the company's. Like a you pick up an issue of GQ with Clinton -- thick and about that much of it is bad collectively eighty -- event where you need to table content. But yeah they they really. America I don't know what the all economics by magazines are -- know that newspapers typically. You know. What they're charging. They're really if at all covers distribution costs -- You know certainly there charge a lot more -- magazines that. I mean that I think it's brilliant let tablet magazines -- done at this point making you look Canada wired over the charging five bucks per issue when you made -- subscription per year for ten dollars yeah. And -- sometimes. They're going to get a subscription -- -- nutrient elect fixed dollar one time. For two years. Deliberate -- was -- Though yet they're they're going to opposite way to you want them to go. Yeah I mean the thing is that I kind of you go to their web site and you can get a lot of the content for free. And so you charging. More for the -- And you would further the print version which is arguably the definitive version of the magazine seems a little weird I mean I guess you can through things and like. You know more. India photo gallery view video content from the -- there's if there's added. -- value there than you mean they can justify it you can't really display of video. In a print magazine. Government of not really gotten me into. Into reading magazines on Smartphone especially. It'll be interesting see what happens. You know -- Apple comes out there shop and -- -- that comes out you know how will the business models of balls. -- will magazines started be a link get more money adding users because they're -- in -- in the hands contact. The good thing they were developing for both platforms simultaneously because had they gotten to the point where they're reading -- once they're happen and Apple just like nope and do it in the and -- -- kind of stuck there but there had -- hand brake. Yeah well Apple's a hard one to trust at this point you know I think wired did learn this early on when they develop their own opera and error. And flash and apples and oh yeah aren't that anymore. Please -- -- yeah. -- those stories only developer -- there ego. Or playbook terrorism that's probably good. So we've been hearing a lot of rumors about. The nexus two. It's here it's coming out next week. -- -- -- -- And this week is no there's no charters of -- additional rumors earlier today. Best buy mobile published eight needs that listed the nexus -- for T-Mobile. And the -- how did -- pure Google experience. Which is kind of one that the Nexus One was all about. And that it was exclusively a bit available from best pilots and a test of rumors we're -- last week. On the page should of went away pretty quickly but people we're able to take some screen shots of the Google -- the -- interest in me was gone my try to look for it that a school route -- Google pasture. Best buyers who want conspiracy and now. -- So we're looking at on this -- with -- It's. You know that the rumors have sort of claim that it this is -- a freeze gingerbread or injury 2.3 phone with the Koreans -- -- led screen. Hummingbird processor. It's. It's probably going to be. You know definitely from Samsung and probably just along the Samsung galaxy yes. Line so maybe it'll be the galaxy yes that is running gingerbread plane. Yeah exactly. Which -- you know not be a bad thing and maybe -- all the distribution problems because they're gonna go with. As biased their distribution -- not that build their own distribution network that worked at the world of them -- yeah exactly. Engadget had a story suit who have just about an hour ago. Confirming this phone is definitely out there on Flickr and they're able to find a bunch photos that work on. You know in exit data in the actual photos. Said that they were taken with a nexus -- an interest in the according to engadget. All the photos there were uploaded to Flickr or posted by either cool or families of -- -- -- -- how they figured that out. They have access to elect the employee -- for Google support. Prominent inspired. Yeah again who -- Rule in the average Google exactly well they -- generated. Please the people weren't fired -- happy. And people who do you get -- probably won't have a look at jobs as -- in their -- it exactly have learned my lesson. Well if you have been dying to get rodeo -- your phone for one of those people who. You know -- and entered one sixers two or 21. We may have a solution for you. If you -- iPhone. Displaying ground -- if you have an iPhone two G which I imagine believe it cheap to pick up at this point editor or you even at three G. And this is not -- there's a program called boot lace will -- stalled for you on your phone. Which is pretty. Cool I haven't actually played with myself. The new update here is that now you can install it on a jail broken iPhone two G or three G. If just directly on -- phone unit need to use a computer and it's pretty from looking at the instructions. Which will be post in the show notes it's pretty easy. Yeah -- -- just fired up it pulls everything over the air and then next thing you know you had. And and for -- iPhone. Or whatever and her throat and going to be I'm gonna have so much fun I urine making my Apple and -- angry with this. I know I wanna go securely install enter it on all their phones and watching. I hope could be -- -- come back with conventional it would fit a -- when I first read the story as that goes Alec it's like a phone that's -- or something like that. And of people on windows off and skin their. Windows like a Mac -- there's kind of exact opposite of that. But it's in Pristina wonder because they definitely. Say some features work and some don't like there's actually worked as a phone or new despite running out -- An element. In the -- -- the screen shot. Have the signal bar. So maybe it does mean that -- a screen shot reinsert it -- -- nasty current apparently. Yeah it movement and it. Will mean would be what if -- if I don't know if he -- -- example icon there that looks like the name error alert missing nasty Karen. So. I would definitely be interested to know anyone who's running -- You know what works what president. And a -- -- it. That. You know -- -- easy now. Aren't one last story before the break 3-D. Phones. Sharp. Has announced -- to release seem to 3-D phones. In Japan. The star with the it sounds like -- -- click on to the US at some point. But to. Three phones. Launch when is this. The time later this year -- thing. They're going to be at the carrier Softbank. And there are three phones that you know our our glasses which is good because it -- and a group -- -- Have to wear glasses to make a phone call the you know can't see the buttons at the you that would be weird. They're running Android 2.2. From sharps and -- in terms how -- you which I'm not familiar with I -- -- processors. Three point eight inch displays. And they come with nine point six megapixel and eight megapixel cameras -- -- pretty as the and there are due to come out a year ago in December and February. Com and in addition to have -- in 3-D displays. They have three cameras as well. So there's some speculation by the guys over at -- and me that you know how far off could 3-D video chat -- Hopefully very very far off -- -- into it. We'll just because look at gonna figure. You know you -- in video chat already. You get a wide angle camera at this close your -- though. You're you -- that we kind of distorted like look where your news is we too close to the right and so in 3-D it's just. Gonna look weird. Is seemed a little weird it. So kind of cool. You know not -- president that in Japan because it's kind of one of these. It seems a little gimmicky -- -- -- -- saying we're gonna polls show about that. You know three EV DO would be cool -- you know. You know it's taken videos you're gonna -- -- -- your live 3-D video for us to talk to somebody and I mean to be until -- -- -- really big fan of looking -- people talking them on the phone anyway who benefit from talking on the phone probably doing something else. And not looking at the screen rate but it. -- -- It -- pristine it's it's good that it's without classes for sure yet like. So I guess there'd be like a similar to easily Nintendo -- yes. The kind of three the video game console they're coming island -- I don't know how those work but I think. Basically your beef is gonna be so far we from the screen so -- Have some sort of a way to do the -- corporation. -- you have -- -- But on the collective make that happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it after the break we're gonna get into some tablets and tell you the top five ways to fix Sander it will be right back activists. -- -- and practically inviting you to join us for the 2010 edition of cnet's holiday help desk that happens every Monday at 1 PM Pacific 4 PM eastern starting November 22. It's where we make you look like a brilliant tech gift -- as we take your live calls and we feel your emails in fact. He sent us an email right now to holiday helped -- at cnet.com and along with the rest of cnet's editors will point you to the right product at the right right. Holiday help desk Mondays at 1 PM Pacific time starting November 20 seconds at cnet.com slash life. Welcome back. All right we're talking about the Samsung galaxy have I don't think we've had a show -- -- them two months wherever talked about the galaxy tab. Let me -- will stop talking about it soon because it's out for most. Or if not all carriers at this point. So most recently this week it is -- for T-Mobile. The T-Mobile is offering a tablet for 399 with a two year contract -- -- 99. With no contract. Their data plans are. Our -- -- -- -- planned for 3999. And 200 megabyte option. -- -- it -- nine and that's kind of weird like. For an extra fifteen bucks you get. Four and a half. Four and four point eight gigabytes extra. Yet. What -- like my would you ever up for the -- -- -- -- if you'll only wanted to check -- email want today. Like in email wouldn't think of the 200 meg way to I don't think -- Abbott the only wanted to do you -- taking -- the new deal that. -- it is something -- -- and in this story that was posted. You know on our Internet -- blog and also in the digital home blog went on presenter. -- -- Samsung mobile president at some interest in quotes in here. Where he says that the galaxy tab will change our lives it's -- true paradigm shift -- Yeah I would be -- that. Ruins. Let me know quizzes -- -- next segue. -- new that it can rebuild cities around the Samsung -- -- didn't think -- -- and and it's a cool device but it means there are times -- there. Yeah and -- -- head -- product planning for Samsung mobile -- honestly I don't see anything about the galaxy to have that is weaker than an iPad. -- a little bit more. Well more realistic I don't see any thing not a fact that the screen is how the science. -- that the battery life is half as good. Nothing. -- that we hear it if -- current it's just different in different and kind -- expensive in the long run. It exactly. Well it also came out for Verizon for 599 and this is interest in an assistant -- land on I was look at the -- website. With a two year contract you can get for 599. With a one year contract you can get -- for only -- and in time or with. Month to month no contract. -- -- -- Respect the question while and you even get a contract. Just because you -- Verizon you're gonna show your commitment to -- -- you know they're. Ethan and care here going to be if I didn't -- to be locked down of them. And file would have been an on the other hand. Like rookie -- use this. Locking you in -- about commitment but showing your love Verizon. Cameron who could -- Yet and that's bizarre and that the plans were not cheaper either. Maybe some sort of glitch in their. The shopping cart and to just came out. It could be -- You know -- is counting -- people not it seems that checkbox. Maybe they don't have any way to not list contract. The businesses -- so based around that. That anyway sampling galaxy to have it's everywhere you wanna be at this point. But that's not the only tablet out there. Donald bell either post on the crave blog about a new and -- tablet or so -- second generation. Dual screen -- a tablet the pocket. It do you. I pronounce and he with a capital DG and little are -- -- that you just ignore the capitalization in just the edge. They're copied DD. I don't know near the -- he says a second version. The first -- -- her is heads and this one is the pocket -- Which uses the I don't know he should definitely look at this picture either hopefully will -- the video version here -- -- -- body come to our. And her house website and check it out because it looks like someone took me in -- Hand -- a sampling -- have. Duct tape them together and then took a sharp Ian wrote on the Kindle. Yeah does it look like this was designed in a week and on an afternoon there by -- -- or another all of tend -- -- -- -- I mean these are the two half like linked to that means it really does look like two discrete devices it's not -- -- entirely. Clear we -- -- full review via -- and so -- basically said. Six inch. LCD touch screen on their right. There were your were -- and you -- competitive Korean here graves does. If you I think there are frustrated that you couldn't get a color. One inch thick device. This reminds me of the time that I've taped an iPod to a cell phone and called an iPhone back at rated by the time in the first generation game now. As -- kind of what that would play you know like oh yeah I can do the same paying -- little bit of duct tape engineering. Yes and -- if this pictures and good enough for you let me -- -- -- you furthered. It doesn't include The Who market. But that's okay it runs amber at one point six. Yeah. -- -- it's order books for the thing. It now while you've been with sampling galaxy perhaps it just cut in half and take -- part of -- around with you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anti Republican and -- they are a couple of aren't talking about the the -- -- continuum the of this money in school also dual screen rate. Yeah. The -- don't like the -- Did you whatever those called. They continue to been talking about the little while it's finally out it based on the Samsung galaxy gas form. It has to separate displays and that's larger reported its super -- -- screens on the top. The smaller one point eight inch -- display on the bottom. Witches in other or an attacker and that I think this is pretty cool actually on the bottom that that -- Sort of showed you text messages began -- or tweet their -- -- information there whether ration. New click one of them is like idea who controls. -- are an incoming call -- without interrupting the video you're watching. That looks cool. It it definitely looks pretty cool unity and -- -- you turn the phone on it as soon -- -- feature where if you. He has -- it in a certain place the -- rule come on. So imagine that saves a lot battery life a minute how many times -- -- I turn my -- -- -- -- -- just to -- -- time it is. Yeah and that the screen is gonna be the you know sixty -- and your -- -- yeah I just power in this arena exact seem mind -- and 70% of my battery. Wednesday I just pulled a number of the air the president precedent exactly well you that is authoritative you know move statistics permanent. So let's -- the serenity -- to one. One warning that I put in here is that like the -- fascinate being as the the default search. To Google. So being he's your only -- him and of course in open a browser but the little search widget at the top you cannot download. The -- one that doesn't -- -- Little frustrating. -- it's also d.s fault map mean -- This has some other nifty features it has mobile hot spot but also sports Divx and -- that'd playback. -- gigahertz processor that make it. What camera only the flash -- -- view captured you know. The L and he support and the -- -- I pressed her. Available in stores November 18 for one and you know two year contract and an army mail in rebate. -- like man. Yeah pre pre anti -- anti -- you're going on there if that features though it does that I really like this second screen and hope that other. Phones will come out this. Yeah a union they can actually would be really cool fluent if the -- the mute kind of the opposite of the network relate to -- screen. -- you know you've even less battery life within it if -- -- -- -- it -- -- -- -- looking at in the -- -- forget that. Aren't those horribly stupid we'll cut that out imposed Hampshire. Known -- Evernote will ever know exactly and I come over these weird ideas. Crazy. One more phone finally released to the -- knew about but now all the details it is the Motorola -- pro. Which if you look at the pictures here is a clear attack on Blackberry. So this -- president for Verizon and in stores of memory you also for ones -- -- 999. Your contract and -- mail in rebate. But some of the key features here it has a portrait pretty keyboard which I don't think we have ever seen on Android before. You know we've seen -- payments every rim device out there. And UNAIDS TDMA GSM wireless chip so you can tune -- nationally -- with this. But -- it looks like a Blackberry. If it's basically. Where -- -- you have your friends are about to buy a Blackberry. Say we do anyway check -- this phone. It might be which want. In that it doesn't run by -- -- so they. Big benefits there. But then you'll be able to BBM your friends. Yes well there are on overload when foreigners so I want. A lot of friends -- you could use that these whereby it and and when he when you tell limits are not on the Blackberry phone that they can look at -- disappointed. All I think there's hearing messages on that that these will just no way I could send you attacks meant yeah you couldn't you can -- in me -- -- -- You you mean you don't have Yahoo! messenger anything no medium. Yeah side that I think they're marketing and that has that has gone pretty well actually yes whether they're they're being -- They've been pushing points but I'll admit I'll hold -- for about twenty minutes. That the -- is. When I actually had a Blackberry. Eight know when -- -- that. You know five years ago I have my Blackberry. Or 43 or whatever was no one even knew with the what is -- played with that for ten minutes and asked people about it know it and document new. So this in -- marketed that. Five years ago. We -- another island kind of like. You know application that I've been trying to make people do it I mean trying to find somebody to use the bump map where it. There's relate nobody ever has it. And there's an -- it would you use the bump mapped to send information or files or whatever to somebody with a phones aren't popping your phones together. You can these people people money for PayPal -- -- that lets keep trying to find excuses uses -- And knew what he has been installed and in it it's the stupid reason -- and you could. Realistically if you only give -- my phone number. I just call you and then you have a phone number on leave or you know whatever editor. Like I am -- there are really leaving ornament that. -- an amendment intrigued by the the concept of if bumping. -- what -- reminds me is -- The -- is of trios and involves an east of beam yet -- being -- -- -- in the mine. -- it's pretty awesome and we don't really have all the features that being even -- five years ago -- where you can do that over Bluetooth. Can you beam you Bluetooth apps to each other. It'll at least they're beaming apps parallel -- the end you can whole lap I can use the bar code scanner -- to. -- -- It basically you just give you eurocard. Raised in and tell them you're from there's no need to fined -- -- -- and this was gonna go I mean it appeared here so unity he could be offline. I mean these devices weren't online as there -- palms -- but now every creative online. It's true but there's still some value in the I want beaming back. In -- in back bringing it back. All right on to notable -- releases this week. Can not a whole lot out there but -- YouTube. Last Google released the remote control lap we can remote control -- From your phone. And this works with your PC your with Google TV -- -- any device that has -- via a browser. Where you you'd download the flat apt your device you're hundreds of -- com and then you considered do. Basic need to lean back navigation with their phone fast forward jump around two. Different videos. -- played. Is. You know move render -- Chemical the -- article. I think we're gonna definitely see a lot of into -- to scream. One -- controller another. Type of applications but it it's great to see this does is there. I really like that you don't have to to Iran a separate app on the the client desktop. I -- -- head apps where it's like oh yeah this is the public keyboard replacement that you can take mr. -- -- so when you're that the run. Some sort of client app from -- client app on you're. Laptop computer desktop or whatever and this is -- -- it all happens. Through the cloud using your the account -- have. Right exactly. So check that out if you're a fan of YouTube -- YouTube lean back. And now of the moment you've all been waiting for. Hopefully -- You're listening me be very fix these these -- -- top five ways. To -- -- So Iowa let him on started off here. Yet the the first -- actually. Personal problem that have been trying to deal with like all week I've been downloading. All sorts of software to my computer -- it was just get to the point we need some sort of better. From Google. Media management kind of iTunes that's. Applications in desktop because the mean and stands iTunes but better yet like not iTunes. It has a lot of problems yeah. And then I -- -- the fact of the matter is iTunes is designed to really only work with Apple devices. And you have to jump through hoops to make it work with anything else and then it stands with you know Google supplies you this this operating system for your phone and they just say pages but the music on their but there's. I mean -- couple of that -- double twist. And then you know Winamp while he comes out but I mean. I've never really had a lot of good experiences with either of those and at -- some sort of this is the official. Meet music syncing app for injury like -- like that. It songbird -- that and convert -- -- to look in that. Installed link no I don't know. Movies from our part chat -- there are -- -- in this list and -- will Leo we are ejected. -- Rejected that we also don't like it's that aggregate -- or. Rhythm box or have to check out these apps and get back to you next time and on -- and give your full rundown of of the best of song burned NC double twist to build -- box. W in the -- week. Excellent nothing else. All right number four it is actually are not in any order it pollution -- -- probably but we didn't com that's the look dolby in next week's top five ways to fix and -- -- weekly. So wouldn't the second one -- is better minimum hardware requirements last week we talked about how windows. Phone seven -- pretty strict -- permanence like minimum of it figures prosperity compared Android. You know their -- work permits are pretty wimpy. So I think they could really make the whole Android. Community -- system look and feel a lot better if they really demanded much higher minimum requirements. Yeah definitely. There's the in the -- and have like. People having a bad experience with you know picked up you know the bottom bargain basement -- -- that might mean. It's not really indicative of you know what you can expect the best. -- it. So next. He is. -- separate you die from the core OS to -- update missile complex let me explain. So were all frustrated. With. How long it takes to get new -- it updates to all of our. Devices and with the reason for that is all the carriers are trying to differentiate by customizing that you -- VoS. And you know maybe gingerbread -- that -- nice UN and maybe they -- so we really feel like the solution here. Is just separate the you live from the -- west so core OS updates can come out around but -- manufacturers sensitive -- team. There you lie infrastructure. Without having to do a bunch of -- mean every time new OS updates -- -- the menu and have the issue of Lego and I gonna get very and by the time -- per year to integrate doubt ray and ended the six more months third nine more months ago -- we're gonna -- gingerbread you know it is separate those think that for it -- it. Form from the function. And give everybody the update since. And that he can we do that. Brilliant and yeah -- -- I think you're on to something there -- put some -- added that wanna. Few aren't gonna the next one the next who has improvements to the market and -- -- the -- -- pretty. -- adamant about Moore so than I am. -- -- area -- -- American -- -- find anything that I know exactly what I'm we'll import the -- reminded them so you're looking for look at her better discover ability better ways to have really pushed the good apps out to the top. You know featured apps hot apps by category sorting filter team. Fat city and you know all sorts of different ways to -- really drill down and find the best apps out there. I want them that PayPal so that it's a lot easier to biased. So as to meet in separate. Who will check -- account and I know that. A lot of people especially international users have that issue. And then I want a web based version to browse. Because it in their web based person of the market you can see the top -- but that's about it. Well the thing is like much like my complaint about media management -- or people immediately. -- to a third party. -- when you when you say you -- web based -- and even you know some of the improvement with that you just mentioned. The first thing people do with which -- brain industries use that brain to do all of your at thirteen in at thinking in updates and everything good and bad. Does a lot of which are asking for. But again if that's. Not built into the core you have to go out of -- way to find it and but beyond I got my mom and -- phone tomorrow she wouldn't be on at Greenland program. Right now exact payment app -- is a really nice say can we frequently linked to it in our show notes when we're documents -- of the -- But you know I I think Google. Google's you know purpose in life is to organize the world's information so can they start with their marketplace markets aren't the palm same here. I think the thing also is. It's the difference in how you look -- -- because I'd never go into the -- without knowing what I'm looking for. Like I find out about at the here about apps and other places like somebody there's LEA revert to sell. And then I just goaded open the market -- immediately goes thirds and search for and revert from them downloading within a couple seconds I don't ever just -- what's the new game just peruse through the market that -- because you could never find yet I mean maybe if it were better -- -- Spend more time just perusing out but it you know I think it's. Maybe that's just -- of the week Google thinking about it -- accounting and nobody is looking around. Aimlessly. Right you never know. There's search team they're all about search so why would -- except for search search. -- and then the last one go for improvements to multitasking. And I mean this is kind of the vaguest. Of the -- And that's because we're talking about. Nobody really does -- right. And hurried to the pretty good job of it Apple -- the questionable the -- job of it but -- mean even in in in the fifth incarnation there's. Really kind of hard to -- bringing around. What spreading what's not -- -- today just -- that application or is it gonna just back out of it if if I hit home visit the -- in the back with the -- you know you hit home in Iran in the background. But if you get back. To exit it'll close the -- And an Indian you can also closed the app in their dubious service running doing things like background notification that the -- The little weird and mean in. Sure that some people have their head around administer something that does is really difficult to explain to somebody in fifteen -- Right -- -- see it's confusing especially for new users or some non techie users. You wanna throw your row last that your number six bonus one -- here. Number six bonus when and I don't really know if anybody if their we're gonna if it anywhere with fifty to a number think -- And this is public device specific but it. It's that weird separation between onboard memory and you know onboard storage space. And the SD card storage space that's always been to mean the fact that you can have a sixteen gigabyte if he card in. And still you know be getting -- memory. Messages because you've got too many apps are to -- text messages. And this is something again that you know will. Apple does well by not having an FD card -- a thirty gigabyte iPod. -- but if you the iPhone. You've got thirty gigabytes to fill whatever the hell you want you can put -- -- maps you can put you know twenty gigs of music you can do whatever. But on the injury and -- these -- -- separated and it's up to the handset manufacturer. Two decide how much internal memory you -- -- -- some phones that could be useless eight gigs is not really problem. But -- on other phones. It may be something as small 256 megabytes that due to share -- DOS -- so you may only end up with you know couple hundred megs of storage space replication. And Fred and incorporated susceptible to this because we both have the original jury which is pretty limited clear everything he says -- you reload -- -- -- kind of ridiculous. It's like the it and then. This is something they kind of addressed when the went to throw you -- the did you know you're gonna be able to install your -- dot com on your. They still lifted up to the yet many -- to enable it. Well if that developers to you mean spectrum you develop and and they leave it up T users actually move yet exactly. Though. And I mean in my experience that got forty that from a phone I think. You you know only about eight of them will give me the option to move into an FD card. So it. Not really well called solution think that those sort of more intelligent handling of that memory when -- when the phone sees that you know you're about out of you know onboard memory space -- don't -- my you know incoming text messages -- Find some sort of way to put them on a big sixteen gigabyte if you quite a bit in -- -- nothing on it. Yeah exactly. Well there you go to get your own suggestions. For fixing and right. Please send it in Zander announced at cnet.com. -- email. From that the grid to -- he says it has a -- -- from Indiana you'd standard and last Thursday's show was the first show I watched. Your podcasts it really liked it it welcome. But see you're talking to a minimum harbor permanence on the show but forgot to mention that gingerbread is going to have a minimum. Requirement as well just thought -- put it out there and he's remaining stock about it but just for. So we didn't. Forget this. But as far as I could find this is not an official thing but there's definitely rumors. That there will be increased minimum requirements with gingerbread. Joe -- probably good thing though it may cause -- phones not to ever be able to get. Gingerbread possibly even our very own throwing. -- -- Yet so maybe they're gonna require gigahertz processor because it sounds like there's a lot of view I -- that maybe require more. More updates. Or more or more processing power so we don't know the exact he tells I definitely look for it. Overall. You know it's gonna. Probably be a good thing for the entry community bad for it online. Owned by over -- 101 gigahertz going to -- -- it well. Motorola to have to release an update brave new worries that the -- and that's all I have -- -- problem doing. That's true. -- -- -- very good as this show so if one sends email enter in Dallas at cnet.com you can follow us on Twitter. -- atlas or you can watch slide show every Thursday to PM Pacific. At cnet.com slash lives spot and -- analysts and of course the law we're gonna find all things and -- Including the show at cnet.com slash Android -- -- -- for joining -- through it on its always awesome to have you here it's always it is. And Leo for about an hour -- about it provided enough. I guess we'll see you next week.
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