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Crave: Ep. 24: Bitchin' Camaro bacon probe

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Crave: Ep. 24: Bitchin' Camaro bacon probe

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This week, a crazy stunt involving a personal flying machine, a freaky-looking flying robot probe that inspires countless minutes of Star Wars prattling (much to Jasmine's chagrin), and a super sweet-looking speaker with a jaw-dropping price tag.

It's Tuesday November ninth and you're listening to -- watching a great podcast I'm doesn't cramped I'm Donald well. Hey it's Eric Franklin. -- I gotta make things it's something I dislike the least he says. I don't know that is from the better it does feel that feel NDP insider and -- thousand. -- -- -- Keep it fresh to eat much and of course joined again by the company -- -- palace making my life so much easier. Every -- I -- especially today. Yeah ambiance -- -- -- -- like easy now on and I need it anymore efficiency. And bringing back and of efficiency into my life. In the future it's it's it's -- the boat airplane helicopter. Concept the the boat. Finally clad -- -- talking loudly. It is strategy edge yeah this is pretty go although totally I mean. The version of this I could afford doesn't involve like a sports car it'd be like the little -- that backs -- -- helicopter. Somethin' but damn it is a it's it's a car. Essentially I imagine if proceed buys the car right and then he had he snap on accessories. Such as -- -- Or -- helicopter. To snap agenda or perhaps say. A boat. He devotes maximum ninth that pretty outlet for their drug runner boat ray -- there. May be a -- I don't know why don't have the snap on spaceship. Back down I imagine that. That's coming over the future -- -- impart. Two point so this is a concept that actually it is rooted in this kind of nice idea that -- as cars become. More kind of electric powered -- little bit and and the dark our roadways become clogged with. You know population explosion in growth that we will want. Vehicles that can be multi purpose in -- that was. And also because it could look -- a thousand rooted in is men get older and richer -- -- -- -- anger of hurt. To their childhood cells as they go about their says he had that is that the British. Nine intelligent -- -- -- -- a few more James Bond to have more recreational time -- the program yeah to have transforming. Vehicles yeah they don't need things like this is it has -- lingering. Cough also -- If -- like it's thumbed his car designers TGI you know I mean are I had Leo -- and then it makes you feel a bit after. Now I I love the idea of it. I love it means very jeans by the very in very transformed -- movie. But not in real life now. I don't want them crazy person. He doesn't know how to drive on the right had -- your helicopters airplanes have -- -- you probably see like the -- -- the virgin guy's name. Richard Branson but -- -- these privacy him. Only one of these -- You drive -- would like they don't a couple of naked chicks on all I have to say is that they better make a license a lot harder to get. I personally -- the -- -- -- drag operate this thing better gaining really -- nice I. Yeah I love how this is even a possibility. You know -- we give entertainment literally I mean I hear that roadway congestion and -- get me. -- -- instead of making my cars that can drive themselves and actually regulate you know roadway congestion. In some intelligent way. We should just give people. Helicopters -- Alexander will -- there -- tough how. I don't get any better public transportation and in high speed rail or how does the apparently -- and probably work from. I have not get -- -- camera but anyway the flying car is -- as a great excuse to make kickass immediately that's it. Makes me think of via the -- name which yes. If you want a more dangerous possibly more dangerous weight you travel. And -- he had the road congestion. Jet man yes Yves -- is that anything it. Sir when I imagine Jasmine France compiled. And -- I've throw. It he formed his the first. Aerial loop like with a jet. I mean. His own kind of custom jet pack yeah. And I am amazed at that and think his lights on fire and that's that's great well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Branding and at sponsorship deal with dep on to his seat and the what they knew -- he actually died. There again that -- that that placements would magically go black men -- know -- of the you know well veto if that is it would get tons of hits yet you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right. It's incredible that I'm I'm gonna -- Betis. I would at least once in my life want to get into work. Now got a big group here at CNET we can get in every -- that's where you probably only it here ones. And you we want people care about the -- the -- -- at all but. Definitely. -- -- Yeah you know I'm with you there even if you've got me if -- -- off the ground very slowly. If you. Think of the like the world's fair kind of jet pack it first and that's what. It's like bulls water hoses and I do -- Yes and in order to complete the loop I think the actual wingspan had to do a little bit of contraction. There's a lot of little mechanics had to be worked at your place yet. I've used his body. Just -- yeah. Not for everybody but for me -- picture of -- And the third -- in this dramatic death from above trio of stories is the Japan's flying surveillance robot. This is if you won the robot to do the line for you. And scary part about this video. -- that it looks a lot like belief in mean matched -- imagination. Like the the imperial like half pro. Yeah content and butchered you know when it two -- -- -- You -- dutchman. Or to -- a picture to about the little suspicious. That via LT we -- self destruction right. Yeah actually hit it pretty had gone -- -- the credit for doing okay. I don't tell if you won't. They of the Japanese are way ahead of us. In there it like very evil looking yes spy drones. And it's one it's kinda -- like we've we've seen the pair AR drowns out there we've actually we hadn't planned around CNET. Few weeks back but this thing well I'm gonna have as much as it looks dangerous and also -- -- about the delivery you pot of fondue. -- I think -- -- that butter churn out. Look about it identity thieves cloudy with a chance of me yes that that's -- -- mind. -- device that which turn out to be very dangerous actually it can reach you mean while the ministry to giving in the movie in Namibia turn out to be dangerous right. So you -- here for his people I'm back here marriage. We have the most fading. Product on my desk last week. The DM box. From problem. Which -- little Bluetooth speaker talked about -- a little bit on buzz out loud last week at IMAX my Florian person video apartment right now but I thought I'd bring into the studio. -- little glory shone down. Again. But for our creed viewers who -- this 109 -- -- Too expensive for a for the it looks beautiful. Can imagine this -- like you little executive. That's it definitely does. It sounds okay now that out of the three scores of a design features and performance the performance arguments it. It's the army if that was great for something that this small you would you'd be surprised her but it's the last month Apple smells like -- Like really that. Five favorite -- hello -- limit marriage via actually it has kind of music you know what -- really actually there are a doctor after it's studio. Yeah that happens -- -- can -- -- like chemicals to get my drift. Like I was giving me a headache where it now. Now now that like that proposition did not have an opinion headed to turn -- -- -- -- like that I would never -- yet anyway the chemicals now I had to take them off that was so strong smelling her. -- -- -- Film and it. Finish up of this thing 199 bucks if you I'm pretty decent -- And Bluetooth music speaker and and I really well featured speaker phone device if you want and a -- -- -- how many colors as how when it comes in for -- -- that problem that jasmine and I just black -- care about yet is let it read one think there is blue blue red gray and black and may have different -- -- -- means that Mike. The new diamond in purple wear shoes -- who does include earning. What it irrelevant and should. -- but they have kind different embossed little shapes on the front of wealth and diamond shape. The blue and has -- -- -- -- to it the bad one. Looks extremely classy looks like Metallica reached. Punched upholstery. -- I -- I just if -- -- and has quibble sound. -- on it will kick and then independent. As -- it's. Oh. Doctor containment. Meeting to -- to connect menacing voice we'll announce the caller ID information. You can change it Q and part of that little treatment. You can hook this up over USB which is another one that really. Kind unique features it has allowed other Bluetooth speakers. Options out there is that you can update the firmware. It's like new features come out -- it's a little custom maps where -- can do. Speech SMS messages on your phone. It can have different voices like that sexy girl voice to announce that the -- unwillingness. The macho man Randy savage voice or something went back on -- and yeah I went and I'm I'm I'm excited about -- will say about me I don't know. -- this kind of weird to use would have translated it confuses my. Mania -- that was fun directory last access you want -- more information or snipers that but you can check it out and theme. -- this mean that thing I've noticed I crave blood has a little present. On -- -- home. It's cute little open feels a little business and for you with a man. Who. Is the new iPod nano watch ban. Let me have this huge hit. I like seriously I'm surprised it took them this long this with something that like -- the minute I held the iPod nano the new one. And -- that had the little watch faith option on yeah. It seemed like an easy well the first one came. In September. And -- Read it it's -- yeah that's from looks doesn't actually -- yeah. Good. And their my public swatch watch -- I can't -- -- African. Heart rate monitor one actually biggest idiots couldn't put it this is just keep -- -- -- about style margin of error -- I see how they of the other Paterson Catholic where -- the organic in the way. It's the that that the head and -- there's -- -- -- sleep and when I guess that would help. It's filled -- need Bluetooth. At and colors -- you know -- making you happy with -- -- -- payment ADB and I use please and yet at the thing. If that if still. Stand by that and I. And on that -- that time I have with an -- But. Hollywood and practically inviting you to join us for the 2010 edition of cnet's holiday help desk that happens every Monday at 1 PM Pacific 4 PM eastern starting November 22. It's where we make you look like a brilliant tech gift -- as we take your live calls and we feel your emails in fact when. Send us an email right now to holiday helped -- at cnet.com and along with the rest of cnet's editors will point you to the right product at the right right. Holiday help desk Mondays at 1 PM Pacific time starting November 22 at cnet.com slash life. You guys like under powered computers that are shaped -- novelty items. Yes now and I got the product -- who it's the Chevy Camaro computer are. Coming use -- -- -- call telling Oprah. That's only ask that we can hook up your. There's an ecumenical theater and -- Now it's in the city and that's the -- thing -- -- look kind of cool but I I can't imagine like. If seriously if you went to some of -- the -- had. The computer hooked up to the monitor was -- Chevy can now I would I would turn around earth all of my credit forty dollars on top of it. Is that on an Iraqi so there yet though under about and the thing and they get -- item no core processor let alone what what what you probably think as the standard. I had just mediocre yeah talking about much for -- novelty computer. Template but clearly you're Richard -- -- really not enough Romero. We -- because. May be that where am I gonna since scale here and I know Irish at the that this is their how to get the elegant -- -- on the the -- -- Now let me it stands out if there's a statement computer furniture fair and what better media says I love. American engineered and -- automobiles -- -- the -- paying about 7-Eleven wait for the high school goes. From. -- -- -- -- played by -- month for and a my speakers that would be -- it had some might foreigner belt and soundtrack. Ray Knight is making a connection wants the computer on a peek at these numbers and the Internet on us. Plus partner the but now actually I don't want -- and since then are do not -- section. So. Move along with me it's an odd thing is putting that out for now I mean it's just you're solid percent and the camera -- -- -- the momentum of the show. Continued I it will continue with of the inedible totally -- that little performance and that -- beacons soda. From. And that is now making bacon flavored I -- -- I don't want. I wanna try -- it. What what what so I'll put a different comment there and living in the body eight when B if you. What's what's the kid with that thing that the Q what is that the -- -- and handling different. You know users source pictures all yeah well okay party the people used to collect you're -- -- -- -- back and then. We -- that I don't understand it. Do you get for ten acts as -- -- -- -- the pretend that you'd get. To make instead as one -- -- inlet bomb at an embryo -- me. A bag that can popcorn -- pack making green. And I can imagine the night of regret -- it like that -- tasty goodies late -- are eating it yeah. We have with the lately -- -- rate beacon now. Yeah and containing -- I think it I think it behind as an element he's -- then legislature and like the real thing about him. I delegate in front of -- jasmine. Well. Wow how about some cupcake errors that -- that you really can. Burgers or the other cupcake. Just strip at eight there there all the design. Partners so that sort -- look -- -- photography I like it. The chocolate cupcake. Standards and between. I've -- Vanilla yellow Kate -- -- it and and with frosting area colors pop. As -- -- the male ones the other -- as a chocolate cupcake top and an opening a look at it that the -- and that all. And then that condiments are various colors -- I. Mean it looks good and it -- delicious that would that would actually make me fat because this is one of the few things I've featured on here that I would eat. Man we get these easily -- and -- of -- cola. Oh absolutely -- and believe me you know we need we -- deftly. Extend our our listeners shipped as people mean -- the price. You know that occurred fans. That's right -- that you send it to send us some adult chocolate milk. Yeah now like adult pornographic job that sounds very -- yes this is forty proof. Chocolate milk this don't -- what alcoholism. I vodka the Nixon yeah here. This is how quickly do you think that would go down and so there also gonna make or adult orange cream -- for an adult life -- mean. The number of other ideas you know unique is the adult channel it would get chief it and ground in -- Yeah that and trumpeter Harry -- that should -- a -- line. -- -- -- But you know what the -- actually it. Retain -- use it -- proof. It rhymes. Yeah yeah and -- -- once -- those who founded. Yeah recently and I have to keep going -- -- -- -- become I don't. And it's kind of thinking that your use is not the time -- -- -- -- I look at that now right let's quit -- behind yes. -- I get it. -- If you like -- you can but it's an email like trade show at cnet.com or call us at 870 -- at CNET T six. -- and if you want to read ahead and see what we're gonna be talking about next week you go to cnet's crave blog crave that cnet.com. Annually. Thanks for listening.

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