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Dialed In: Ep. 208: The deal with Motorola's Droid Razr Maxx

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Dialed In: Ep. 208: The deal with Motorola's Droid Razr Maxx

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Just how many more people can AT&T upset? Kent German, CNET mobile section editor is one, and he may have been one too many. Also, how about the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, which is probably what the original Droid Razr should have been? We chat about these topics plus all this week's latest news in smartphones.

Hey guys. Good -- -- good afternoon matter where you are you're listening to another edition of CNET dialed in podcast. Episode number 200 and -- Today is Monday January 30. And we've got lots of mobile news talk about there's like always -- news keeps happen and happen and happen and solar house and have jobs oh my god you know. I think we need like you know forty people recover all the stuff the -- its -- Tonya it's like the middle of January to end of January almost February here and like. You know should have cool down a little bit but no it's just hot and happening and all day all night long it's I don't know what's going on. So -- let's talk about its will actually lets -- institute's us some of the folks here today. I am Brian Bennett senior editor at CNET. And we are joined in south said Cisco by the awesome just -- -- and associate editor. -- -- Are you guys -- and now we also have a -- law associate editor at CNET reviews. -- And of the man behind the dials. The man behind the board we have Stephen -- technical producer good morning everybody. The Mormon. -- we also have a special guest today a -- guests. Two special guess that's correct -- forgetting we have what we have Nicole Lee who is a CNET alone though there. -- -- -- Is no stranger to this podcast studio -- the technical problems we header there's an appetite for the only person here that was on the original -- mountains. I think -- -- wildly. -- filed in the next generation he had totally different totally obvious to the first generation. And maybe you can now you have the secrets economic bang on something on a -- There are no real I have -- houses that sit back and Kosovo of -- leaning on your skills later on probably. And up we also have the illustrious Roger changed -- -- two -- is now in the executive editor now. Of -- news at CNET news first day on the job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know so -- against -- let's kick things off really quick now Roger we're gonna be chatting and about -- now what I'm Kent German actually routes -- and the last week talking about AT&T and their ala. -- -- with the FCC in their dual trash talk apparently. I had. A -- -- opinion piece says late last week them you know basically saying eighteen T quit whining. -- AT&T used are there a fourth quarter earnings conference call as a on -- to sort of vent their frustration at the FCC. The CEO of AT&T Randall Stephenson who. By the way rarely ever comes on -- conference calls gets on and and basically to starts ranting at the FCC blasting them for. You know their rejection of the T-Mobile deal and -- of scrutinizing the SEC. Claiming that you know this government regulatory body is now dictating how the market works and not you know. -- companies -- decide. Where -- -- wives and she should go. What what's what's crazy about is that didn't he say that this he called the steal some sort of a small deal with -- why yes -- Like he's like don't don't don't you know and there always FCC's always conveniences. Trying to regulate small deals for a little bit -- spectrum I think the -- he was trying to make was. AT&T has made it actually made a number of deals last year not just the T-Mobile one you know while on the spectrum and a and a variety of other small -- deals for spectrum. And -- his argument was that for every one of those deals big or small they they all got intense scrutiny from the SEC. You know what care was trying to say -- and I agree with -- At CS EC's job. I mean scrutinizing every deal should be what the FCC doesn't analyze. There's really no reason how regulatory body right right exactly -- -- it what do you guys think -- and they're looking out for for the customers with the. Well I -- it must've been some rants because then it engendered. I think probably the most emotional response I've ever seen from Kent in an article. Yeah I was reading this and I was picturing it and I mean if there soc reference says. There are all sorts of preferences and then he has to flake out on a Rampage and I am picturing him. Sitting in his office listen to this screaming expletives in a -- stream of them coming out of -- not. -- on the death screaming. You say that I'm really envisioning this happening. By I did not hear it from across office and a must not have happened by. -- I mean I I think -- it is here is there's just some hypocrisy here. With AT&T. And error. Really feeling at -- specially feeling -- -- a deal where they had to. If T-Mobile. You know several billion dollars a lot of three billion just -- yes to Brenda to freeze during that. Actually it's it's and it's out there wasn't a total values. Alleged errors reported 86 billions per billion in cash dwindling we have Yang and NASA -- all this other stuff that's that's a lot in. They were really banking Honest -- I am -- -- trade unions behind them. Bread and cash interest groups of enemy if if it wasn't with a government stepping in and share day would've. It's like when any fluently little -- when it was was initially announced. I think almost all of us and I was gonna happen right -- resident Mac and yes in the bag. And I think what a lot you were thinking was late teens he spends so much money on lobbying -- one sadly lobbyists out there that right there are busy despite their vehicles and -- by the way and that we expect any different response from AT&T. Hi I mean I thought isn't about everything in just shrug and be like well Ehrlich next time. I I don't. Knows what Randall way announced that was the smartest and I think they probably pissed off about two people the FCC and it I don't I don't wanna see is there. AT&T is still gonna YDD these deals are understood -- -- need FCC approval for future you'll see you don't wanna (%expletive) them off now. Yeah I mean moral of the story is still master government. -- -- and drive that a German gas you'll also. I think what -- was pissed off about was sort of the the link that AT&T tried to create between saying while you rejected RT mobile deal would Alley on -- -- and -- -- the raise prices. -- in effect saying you know -- punish your customers because the government told us we can't. We can't buy T-Mobile because -- -- -- AT&T -- and it's -- -- spectrum. I mean well you know I think the eighteen C -- of you vote he invokes a passionate response many people. You know consumers. Certainly so it seems like a lot of people have it's just this this -- feeling towards. You know that carrier depending on what their experiences. And most of it has been combat so. You know it just this sort of thought smack talk to sort dot gets people know -- -- you know so. So I mean if if you're if you're out there listening and you have an issue with -- T Europe praise for them we'd love to hear about it you know we wanna know what you guys think. But it evidently this is the wrong things in the wrong. I think they should be worried I think churn is absolutely gonna go that they're gonna start -- customers they -- coverage -- -- doubling and only -- and journalism to their competitors in journalism to T-Mobile. That's true and though T-Mobile amendments homeowners. Edit a T-Mobile and I don't know provision of T-Mobile. Closet on the iPhone it's that's currently in his -- for a -- and also LTE and that's an LT that there are not people I think you hate AT&T enough. And who will -- AT&T -- prices go up that they would definitely consider it out especially if they're not in the market necessarily for super. Yet and I think there their decision to raise prices recently. That's gonna hurt them in the and customers -- -- But. That said -- -- we've been saying that people roughly eighteen team when you know Verizon is the iphone's but has yet known. This last quarter all three carriers have the -- found AT&T sold by far the most. So instrument -- there -- also -- selling three just as well yes free so all -- exit of T-Mobile me. For for -- -- and yet -- Well -- cease fire it at a threat even little -- he spammers are not paying a penny for that means the way. But I AT&T has told me that a majority Athens oversold this quarter were right on forest. While -- Alright awesome well I think -- essence moved things along organized in a month next story but wanna thank Roger for journalists for a quick. Thank you guys haven't so if you get paid no small people out there on the AT&T usually do -- praise you know that we posit as -- -- -- his throat and I know he'll just didn't over to the in the recesses of his phone -- there -- our -- if I find guys Arafat's erratic. All right some even ride along we're gonna talk about. The news about the former. Palm CEO. Who has now left HP this week this week -- -- -- -- -- -- So so Jon Rubinstein. Has left HP and you know I pretty much is that maybe the final month. Note in that chapter of a -- -- -- yes I was trying to avoid that house I wanted to say that out now affect ethnic. Nearly cost -- the final the camel the -- of the space. Yeah -- traumatic for them there. The sand. Final grain -- -- -- whatever it is but I guess immediately Tagamet. SS it's in the it's in there somewhere. Else. Yes exactly. The Santa -- camel's back. -- sin -- -- -- and empowers camel -- an element often. That's well all fell through the floor into the the bottom of -- city. Or something like after -- pear -- -- yes I mean that all happened so it HP apparently so. -- yes of this is that this is a big deal -- in on that pretty much ends that chapter. In in the whole HP acquiring. Palm and then it's pretty sad you know because right now we're just -- minute. Was it really a three. Three with almost form or way horse race now between. IOS. Android. We've got. Microsoft come up with Windows Mobile and you know what else is there HUHP was open palm would would -- would compete but that's just. With webos via you know so -- I have a couple questions about this I mean first of all. I wanna know what he's gonna do next is their future. For him and it's a who's gonna get them because I initially thought like I saw this news and I initially thought -- Microsoft is Smart they'll try to skip them. Just because he does know -- -- an ounce of Apple he was their first. And although this failed and it did field of her spectacular way in which could be sort of like a mark against him in and it. Casts some doubt in the sky really do it does he have the chops. I think that at the beginning at its inception in -- There is a lot to say that was very positive about webos and and we body hair and an Apple about it too little -- and the and Bonnie you know webos the sort of like -- planet. That we all liked and that we all buy and -- its original ideas and lot of potential and it and virtually never took off. But I think that those ideas there. You know even if execution in. Failed ultimately. I think that ideas in the experience probably are. You know a bonus for urban scene and I still think that Microsoft. Should try to nab him or maybe I mean -- the software -- so. I guess no longer an -- endless they really want to do something with Symbian although it seems like that and Timmy and treatment over as far as adamant that that ship has sailed exactly and so. You know I guess -- Could go to Google he didn't surprise of falling -- -- completely Argo and how somewhere and then that's a software you know -- in each TC or something like -- -- my my personal opinion is that he has he would be about valuable asset. I had to Microsoft because there are now the front runners -- the alternative and a way that webos can now never be the front running alternative tampering and IOS. And what's -- -- wasn't webos when the first not the first. Smartphone OS is to multitask. I'm out there were there was multitasking banquet -- true multitasking him as I remember that being a big deal and nine you know that's one thing of people criticized. You know Windows Phone. For especially when it first -- -- -- -- 17. Yet when I didn't have the house task switching now yeah they'll call I don't tasking I -- task switching. And say potato S it -- a I mean there is a difference like technically on what's happening in the back and about -- either processing at the same time. Or am I mean they're using multitasking because for users that to you you pick up. In one place you go to the next and then you can sort of pick up where you left off in the first place. But I don't know if it's necessarily I do believe -- the processes are stopped. And -- just -- and it's I think it is more technically practicing task switching but that's me picking. Well you know it's -- because. You know it may sound like a but not with a minor detail but you know when when you're actually use your phone -- -- -- and on what to podcasts. Kind of guy and I like to listen to those things also like you know listens tune in radio and Internet radio stuff. So I'm doing other stuff and I notice and on windows phones. Sometimes it just shut off quickly even though. I am actually in that application to shutter awesome I'll -- podcasts for you yet discovered -- like okay sorry pal on the war -- more podcasts more radio -- so. A mini me in -- -- makes a difference in -- daylight so. All right well let's -- -- the next thing looks like -- another rim Astoria and you know. I got sick of talking about -- that I have to say like you guys and a lot to say. -- -- I don't care are identical we think about. Right now they -- the the -- CEO. There's just happened last week on my plaza read this -- he would -- pony up in put fifty. Million dollars of his. Own money into buying stock because he believes that that the company in -- -- so. What do you think about that -- mean you think it's related to as a pure. So he says he's a former CEO. Deceased -- the role within their organization yeah yeah lord is on the buoyant. So he -- still has a -- race and -- absolutely so you know it doesn't surprise me humanist and he's willing to invest. Although I think. I'm I don't know how we all feel about -- -- I do think -- they had -- huge problem in management. For so far for so long and you're the -- just sold movie into the game with almost everything. They would just trying to do -- just holding on to there. You know there -- there business and corporate and government on stronghold that -- -- even considering the future. And that kind of get mapped out but as soon as you've always been seen before for the the falafel -- -- -- -- be -- to innovate. Need -- to be like yesterday. May and found -- -- to like invent a time machine. You can get their products from the future and bring him back -- and I just feel like to know whenever they get this -- -- BBX or whatever it. Things -- wanted to view -- I don't I don't know what is called. -- -- that's not a problem -- it. How come I don't even though it -- -- BBX being the need to they have that like yesterday they did he needed it that the long time ago. For years they needed the imaginative yet yesterday and now now it is to make meant eating too -- -- not like you Tony thirteen at this week's Lee. So -- it's -- As -- real and -- -- -- he's he's he's buying he's putting -- dog to million dollars but the shares as as a as -- confidence saying I don't you know not a finance. Eight is to study the price of the stock order -- fifty million dollars I mean I just feel like there isn't. If not ulterior motive -- at least an extra benefit. And yet it has -- -- -- you know different as a horse in the race and I wanna use this size horse racing and Europe you know. Whatever as much as possible -- hate America over suspect. Yes I'm -- use that as much like him. Just because you know -- the Kentucky Derby is coming up -- I want you know. -- -- -- Many case -- yeah absolutely and I think he's definitely. You know trying to inject capital on -- -- but I wonder how much know how much money you think this guy. Which is fifty million -- -- For him. I mean he was the founder I'm not really sure they're stock structure is but my -- -- -- aperture expert to. Yet you don't go to -- here. So maybe maybe it's not maybe he didn't actually use you know I guess he could have he could cash out now but he -- lose it on -- com or at least have any likeness. Yet now it's too so -- you don't wanna kill your own worse in the know. He could get ahead of the horse before the carts. As they say some but yes seriously though that's their -- That O Leavitt that make me I'm lame hacking attention -- -- You know we can Disco and go but but nemesis and -- -- -- think it's it's -- Harry -- on this but. You know we don't know if it's -- -- have an effect but. You know as as I just he said last week there -- really nice and it does say a lot that on the Kindle fire. Com in one of the one of them through actual real challenges to the iPad two is using hardware. Palm -- which essentially the same as the playbook so. That's a great device Palm -- from -- perspective so they know how to design products it is and that's offers. An up in appealing to everybody so. -- all right so let's move onto the next the next store and I made some big news now we have. The whole saga another corporate site -- -- we're just rolling out these like corporate stories for you guys. But -- we have Sony Ericsson and the EU has now ascendant. They can actually go and and buy. Buy back their actual speak in that point joint venture. And of Sony Ericsson that's pretty much lesser act and a S -- -- the courts cricket. So but the thing is what's actually -- -- thing -- is that we're gonna be seeing some really cool looking devices from it's from Sony branded Sony. Like the Sony Xperia ion which is -- becoming AT&T. Hopefully this spring. Arm and then also of the one that every instrument -- -- Sony Xperia -- which. Looks like this you know obelisk from 2001 or something home that that -- just -- -- Breathtakingly gorgeous design. And you know as it was clear bar that runs down the bottom of the base and lights up -- you know I'm just sucker for anything that lights up -- a cool way. So would mean that's a very. You know very nice device. Gorgeous looking ties in directly with the you know the PS3. And all their economy entertainment -- a properties and all that stuff so. So maybe Sony with their new brand is actually going to be a real forced contend with the next that -- a year to -- in Smartphones. I mean I don't has -- those who. Undoubtedly be science CES and experience. It's just a funny children it was gorgeous the -- -- I agree. Is absolutely. So yes so hopefully we'll see more that he can point to get -- and hopefully -- and it looks like you'll be heading to AT&T if rumors can be believe. Armed you know command -- FCC filing. So that'll be awesome and then let's move on Christmas -- next to a story of for a take a quick break. There's a story that. Basically -- that up a rumor that Verizon's readying family data plans. And that I would be a good thing I don't know about you but I'm gonna cost lot of money Mies liked spicy LTE -- something. Rapidly data plans and bundling with other hand with other devices is something that I actually. Predicted flash rented about. Sometime last year. I'm not bundled plans for the future and I don't know why we haven't seen him sooner but these should -- that we see them now because it's just ridiculous in anti have to pay. X amount for your phone for everybody in its handling error for yourself and then X amount additionally -- another device they're gonna sell more devices that they make the it and sort of more attractive option. That's true mean and it you know I guess you're you know -- your -- that you bent on in this ammonia through. FF FFF a oh yes yes I did. Producers say -- nobody I think that that it's so expensive and you wonder why realty. How carriers can really justified its and the price is that they're charging for these phones mean we've now reached it seems like it's 300 dollars now for a for Brendan Hansen. I'm -- top of the line him -- line yes he of them you know broke audience -- -- -- dinosaur you know. I mean to but still that's a lot that's a lot of money and you wonder are you really what he really paying for -- paying for the subsidy. Of that handset or are you just sort of getting money funneled in. -- -- -- -- -- Have -- connect to the data services all of structure that they've built. -- you don't really know exactly where your money is going to and it seems a little bit. Little little seedy sometimes and I don't know if I really believe that the price and so much more cost so much money -- to put up and it -- You know -- I'm just -- -- so. -- we'll let our our listeners view the judge that. But with fans -- -- -- what I think the source and that you might be able to get a new. Out and additional line on top of your data plan for maybe like ten dollars so. That's good. Of course are all gonna come -- here your total bucket so. If you have -- five gigs two gigs on if you've got that some kids that are just texting and streaming Hulu era Netflix. You know at the bus station. You know you're gonna be in some trouble as an extremely -- and you know and I am you know that's it no more data. So you -- you gotta be wary Nina watched that little -- little app that says how much DT you're using for the month so. So -- our -- so why don't we take a quick break and move on some of the other news that we saw this week. Hey guys were back again. Listening to dialed in the video podcast -- talk about all the cool stuff is happening. In the Smartphone world in what it means to you so right now -- screwed quickly. Chat about some of the -- news stories that hit within the past few days now we've got. On the Sony XP retirement this before the Xperia ass on the land on AT&T so -- gotta hit that really quickly. Com so basically cleared that CC and that -- it's our intent and I think it's great to see it on AT&T because. I -- In -- as Selene the Sony Ericsson venture really hasn't apartments hooks into any US carriers here and not relieve the only way to cellphones and mass. Is accurate to carriers so I personally think this screen especially because it does have a twelve megapixel camera. And and it'll be interesting to see how that pans out against -- eight megapixel cameras and then -- upcoming sixteen megapixel camera and the HTC teton to. Which will also be for AT&T. Now -- now as you said before you know twelve megapixels of good camera -- you know but. The Xperia eternal question. And now this is one of life's you know. No burning issues that there were discussing and I think that. You know Sony has you know they've added they've made some pretty good cameras I would say over the over the the decades so. You know I would say -- assume -- -- -- careful -- to have a really good lands. These to have like one of the best camera phones around with all -- its older Sony Ericsson's of one that the same assortment of cyber sharp sees something everybody had -- -- than those cyber shot phones it was like. Is -- -- -- than a phone or something and those related. -- get from a long time ISO. -- -- and hopefully we'll bring that and that expertise to this device and -- we checked out the Xperia arc. That was unlocked and I'd have for next camera as well so benighted time -- you do -- pairing that with twelve megapixels and that's. That's pretty amazing plus -- you know four GL TU moments so. You know it that that sounds awesome. Arm and then now moved onto the next bit of news and we've got the dissection found out this morning at the Samsung galaxy notes that. Really bizarre Frankenstein device which. You know seem to relent hybrid -- and the gadget of the. Yes yes I mean. You know I my in my in my feelings to this device and -- change by the hour but. You know we've got -- it's basically you know we saw this at CES are based. And the worst -- actually even -- -- -- adolescent time September. -- and -- -- conference in Germany. So he was the first one of our team to get his hands on it by -- did he began at CES and hopefully we'll be -- it here and office as well. Allen and Alan my coworkers so he bought the unlocked version damaged -- like. Only low -- -- do you like this it's a -- we have frank in the to say the blueprint confirms its its huge. Isn't it he Jason Howell -- does a massive wings and I noticed that the collective values that keep it seems like to beef that he was into the delta cannot lag and you know -- -- -- it looks like a little tiny phone in his hands and it looks like said she's tiny tablet. And the big phones it -- uses -- stylus to say we aid. So critical thing -- I remember from -- -- they actually put it to work I'm not really. And artistic sword I don't know calculators and public -- -- day or like writing out notes slate. It's cool but for me it -- really fit into my workflow but I see how people like it. And so I Samsung -- in some caricature artists and actually read an article about that because it with. Interesting to talk to the caricature asked about in only that she wanted me to digital assumes -- accompanied her only caricature company in Vegas got bigger but there. -- -- lot of different events and I was asking her like about usage on that vs other things and she actually really liked it -- like the science. She wants to learn more about and digital over -- said there there is definitely use case I think -- Are -- -- there's more than one use case for how people would actually. Use it at Expos even if you never use the stylus if you just tuck it away and -- him forget about it and you just don't care -- It's so look at phone. Well I -- mobile phone arts and that -- -- and went like two years ago when you're talented and when you. School arts Tisch school of arts and they had the mobile phone are convention thing where they -- -- and compared notes on. How to the best way to -- certain things on -- -- -- and -- on tablets and phones and it's like kind of they say ticket digital art movement. I don't really know I can't really comment on that but seeing that CES with that caricature artists with like this is something that's like didn't. Going on for a long time and things at the galaxy notes that -- -- public entity that you for -- and people act and now. Mean you know I personally -- just want something that would be able to take my -- and and actually decipher them because I didn't it's not OCR. So it's not converting from -- -- understands not converting your notes it's just recognizing. That what you scurbel. It if it's like recognizing converting to digital form so basically in real time I was basically in real time and you know how like if you do that -- pain elegant terminal. -- get the departments or something you sign your name. And it's never cracked in -- mirrors that exactly your signatures like two inches above or below or at a weird angle alerts justice wiggle it like I know I -- everything you know -- here. So I think for my understanding it's just more like true T what you actually scribbled out. It's not -- its -- -- so it's it's still it sounds like it's still not quite where it needs to be but. Where you -- -- -- left or where I wanna and a well what are where I'm what I want is pretty much what can happen for like twenty years but. You know I can wasn't always present -- -- car he. Radio and C there was later -- -- me you know -- I -- -- what I think I. Well you know. I think some like this would would be awesome to -- -- of its record voice recordings and transcribe that into text. -- in real time. And then also I can write in real time transcribed and it's. Perfect flawless text that is an -- would ever pay attention college. And alert. Yeah I'll just say it's kind of as -- say -- that hasn't changed -- them. But soaked yes so we'll see how this product goes -- CC would I would develops and hopefully we'll get one in -- -- and and in two quick review on the so but speaking of reviews this is typical media you know let's just go through a really fast as -- -- running out of time but yeah and. Will be but I mean honestly I think we should start with the review that I -- wanting to talk about Iverson's Tricia restarted and that's the Dreamweaver user -- -- it -- -- I. Odds are I -- about you know LG spectrum but I'm -- the spectrum it's got it but I really wanna talk about the Mac -- -- Aren't themselves -- -- so actually Nicole honour of reviewing their original -- literate raiser for CNET community gave it the very coveted editor's choice of our interest came out -- -- that and -- and implement tock after she asked -- about heard about the traders -- Macs and we had some definite opinions. So I don't know what you guys think that I think they should have came out with the reason Macs firsts. Like in November you know like two months ago. They glided to come out with the reason Macs -- -- literally -- -- literally too much sleep there. And for the same price isn't isn't the same price pretty much. It -- be lowered to bring the price of the reason of the media arteries it's a hundred dollars okay difference they -- yes it's -- -- But -- edition on the -- to start with its thin -- is not the thinnest phone oral probably but it's still pretty thin for what it is. And is -- is less this longer battery life right -- lot longer isn't -- what you want from a phone. Longer -- I think you -- a phone that will actually last. Take it somewhere and you don't have to carry around -- and her dad are threatening kinda right let's fix it solves the problem of the four GL TE supposedly draining battery and it's it's also of that and it's a better phone and its addition to use it to go -- -- -- it like an editor's -- plus plus. This is just -- -- ago. So I actually wrote it appears I'm Brian your review this so I'm definitely not trying to jump don't know no -- added I. -- -- -- -- -- I jumped and Netflix introduced thing I've heard in -- McClellan I just that -- granting about it and it actually inspired me to right appears and CNA and dropped a link if you wanna. Stared out but and inspectorate of -- it is literally titled the Motorola draperies or should have on Macs to start it. And I basically you just go off about the exact same thing and it turns out. I'm -- -- got a little bit of information from. President CO acts. CES that it was sort of like an afterthought. And so basically there is an engineer sitting around. Playing with the from batteries with -- battery in. And he sees that and takes -- it's as Angie -- and Motorola -- Takes it to Verizon -- -- to them they were apparently reluctant but. -- to -- -- Utah's you know. Gung ho spirit it for the -- And it's coming out just a couple months later which I think you know on one hand it's sort of like will it excuses it because -- thing to do that anywhere on the other hand it's like. Did you can get the photo at a couple months later that means you have the resources that means batteries were about a hearts -- sourced. Why didn't she just as like -- is the point of making it happen phone for the sake of it being an. If you -- your name by offering a phone with real longevity I don't understand why I mean like -- mean did their whole marketing -- -- -- -- it was Brazil was because it was so with the Zune it. -- there was even a map and not just the thing was old. -- now. Resurrection -- about this. Hello is it still isn't -- and less we know that -- comments in the chat rooms and using it right now its -- but it's it was almost -- And I bet that it had dinner and an irony. Really edgy -- -- Red Square -- they might think says there is anyway. We are right here but it's not. Just like to you so is so you're saying it actually did feel like a razor razor and -- positive. Stars -- but I'm and -- -- But yes so yeah a lot of people lot of people complain about that and also let people lurks -- -- -- that they -- -- bought the injuries are and now all of a sudden it's yet. That's -- thing that does the thing that that I think is jointly discuss frustration is that. Use that in many GP just bought the reason that in November -- in December -- -- -- as long gone but then this is like. -- -- what and is longer battery is -- that -- -- -- lighted at its. But -- be -- if exactly well and you lot of -- lot of people are frustrated so any -- and I do I'm getting accused in the -- advocating to raise there and I just wanna say like. -- loved every -- Mac but I think -- awesome. I just don't understand it there is a benefit I think having -- phones on the market immediately -- could spring a ballet. Things seem to work out for Motorola that -- happily the choice of having. In a slightly cheaper at -- owner having some -- if you're going to Verizon store and you you have the Droid reason Android is an exciting event the and you can afford it -- dollars. -- know why would you why would you -- Does I just doesn't excessively -- would you -- this. -- right I just don't want their -- -- -- -- like breaching her luck at all sorry it -- about -- from clouds and never my phone looks really nice thing in the -- Okay selling off -- brand you know a year about this was an outstanding and you give the street science which is -- almost on her hand. Oh yeah yeah I mean we we are debating a -- fourth and is not even a nice content. Yet it isn't but -- of course they say that today it will get -- -- -- eventually dislike him in the people said about their phones but. On it actual schools get us from sandwich in the thing is it lasted nineteen hours and 47 minutes. -- the godfather otherwise known as for ever. -- it's important to -- Well okay -- -- there's a little bit of a unit was a huge statement -- but. But you know what it lasts it lasted for a long time is very long -- in effect I was like you don't m.'s is gonna -- will finish this review. You know so it's going and going and going. -- home which is amazing so. I if you want a phone has -- -- long battery life that's Android that will get ice from -- in the future that is where every idea is for DOT focused its four GL TE yup. And I did let us not forget that. And and I intended to do some additional testing and -- the did get much. More speeds are much more in line with Verizon LT like around. You know fifteen upwards of fifteen -- -- second round and about 22 point five up so. That's pretty awesome com. The only thing a prize amounts of -- is maybe some of that weird Motorola specials sauce the portal yep that's always the case those and it. Yes so so that's that's nice but. -- -- But yes -- lets lets us move on cause and no time as this is. Pressing down just wanna get to some of these reader email so I -- give you a very quick overview of the spectrum and the full review of course is run reviews at cnet.com that basically. It and I think its its pretty -- it's -- as fast LTE speeds it definitely has an emphasis on HD. Beautiful four point five inch HD -- screens that -- when he keen every 2.3 gingerbread. Everything -- Having a clear follow up to the charge their revolution revolution of the display felt was amazed that there are not changes but I really don't think of it is the successor I think -- -- has its own phone and yeah it really be a successor currently. Which and I thought this is -- -- -- -- you know like the design of that is very clean it's very simple LG -- -- -- has pretty much the same specs but. For me like adjusting come together and this is where its objective like. You might love the look and feel when -- and I might put Republican field another buy an I mean. It's one point five gigahertz dual core snapdragon processor -- megapixel cam rather work. It took really good pictures outside incitement. If it could take a look at iPhoto gallery at 1080 Ph.D. HD video recording apparently -- -- rattle through the specs that basically their top notch. I think there are a couple issues I didn't really above it is skin that LG put on top management -- -- kind of annoying means and I sort of the same as the revolution link and that apps -- -- -- -- -- loves them and it's just like nineteen your satellite hunting for things and you can't really reorganize that but I think that. The phone -- at. There's a lot of competition on Verizon I think that if -- -- or on sprint you know maybe it's a banner and just because it's not up against the drivers -- Macs or that I counting access. But overall -- you know I think it's a really great phone and of up to plus one for -- -- You know and a -- you guys and and we only have eight minutes. -- you feel okay kind of going straight to their reader comments and it's is that okay. And -- take a look at that LG connect app for achieves if you -- -- hear her thoughts on that it's not a complete review. And its front pre production model yet it -- super deep dive and and I reviewed a while we Mercury so if you wanna see those men and tech -- on our site. That's true because you -- -- looks like you can save us some money on -- some of these you know post paid or prepaid carriers. -- and then there's the selection since beginning -- ultimately worthless. So I'll let's let's quickly dived into the reader -- -- we got one reader -- -- we saw every atom and there. -- -- -- -- nice. Very cool well let's just quickly tackle this first one we got a guy in email from. Not comment from all -- from Bahrain which is reform -- Paper listen to us out there so. And he was wondering you know what is the deal with Quad Core -- I'm paraphrasing him but -- -- he wants to know if Quad Core phones are really worth it. You know in the in his it's just like benchmarking. Well luckily just about that's. So very ago so let's let's let's -- -- at thank you really take -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sheridan and first well on the share what I what I can say is that you know. Sure quite -- is gonna be gone now waning -- I think mean just with anything just -- dual core was. You know the top one are gonna have it calmed these you know use it as -- excused sort of push that price up. And keep it at a premium price com though. You know. You know I'm sure light -- This can sandwich you'll do better with a faster processor and just because of all over and it's -- -- like a year ago -- was assumed -- new dual core for a ME it's only been a year really -- a year. End dual core plus -- almost that commonplace now so I am not I -- I wouldn't imagine that -- might -- -- as well so Nvidia is and at chipmaker yet one of many an anomaly once but there are. It doesn't have really good job -- getting out there in front. And -- their roadmap basically shows -- financial quarters. Coming everybody -- here I -- tencor everything earlier encouraging I think we need to point out as is lake. Which -- the port are on so ready about a hundred right now. I mean that the iPhone through so basically the way I understand it every operating system is written kind of in different remains to utilize the processors. So. There's you know we've we've talked a lot -- and part of these conversations to you about windows and specifically ray single vs. But Windows Phone and I mean it uses my opinion and I don't think Windows Phone really requires -- much processing power. I got used and did the Windows Phone on the Nokia leukemia and he was like finding was that subpoena from me anyway and I -- -- really feel the need -- need it. Like mark how are -- And -- processors -- leaks to the way that now operating systems themselves deal with the net and tasks and task sharing. And that's really what processors are for -- for divvying up tasks and for making -- faster. On the other hand. I think that there is gonna be consumer pressure of I want the -- or you know maybe -- exception I found IOS has its own processor. Right out of prize. Then a five dual core processor. And that's said though it doesn't work with -- -- -- community did -- really did like 3-D graphic Greek gaming. -- Windows -- isn't really have right now I think that's partly why. -- -- -- I don't know a thing that in the Felix talked about a tegra three is that. Since it has four cores -- five cores as. Ninja -- I have cool iris yeah I know it's like -- -- -- like less and it's like a third of the power. Excited doesn't count as -- -- actually actually conversely you're gonna happen and it is actually a secret court. Or that sleek. Cuts down the battery. Usage because it didn't you know in when the phone is actually in standby mode the fifth or -- take over. On its running on a slower speed and so that wave the phone can actually you know cut you know. It handles -- and it handles background tasks yeah -- -- -- so I mean it's basically designed to increase in efficiency and save battery life so so that's one big plus they they say that it is. Diet and -- I am sure they're not only ones doing this either and there's a lot of developer movement in this direction. So. I mean. My answer do you think we need a Quad Core phone I think word gamers and people who really care about high performance things. They're gonna be the first adopters and there really can see a difference they have the potential to see a different. With Quad Core -- don't -- weak lead a year. And then you'll see a lot more of these -- of and then it -- could -- your question yes if you end up when I'm really happy that he needs seven cores. It's an open and a marketing stunt to cellmark -- I mean I don't necessarily think so I think that's kind of like the way that. That technology guys were always improving. Upon what we had before. Because also remember at that Nvidia's. Or anybody selling their Quad Core chips in their iPod or phone means nobody's buying the stuff that's dual core or single cores acts and an -- went to that talks and -- And -- -- and the Microsoft represented and he's like. Oh we need this it's the consumer knowledge means that they don't make me and I'm like when you make it into court found -- and -- -- I really don't even understand what these courts are so they clearly don't -- yeah that's that's the problem I mean if you Cella. -- -- felt my Quad Core dual core whatever I mean people just think bigger is better right. But it's it's not up to the consumers to go and research what ports -- -- highly technical its not up to so I don't know way. The solution is for Microsoft but they're dabbling in need to figure out to strategists. And are exactly exactly but not something that they're gonna have to face a problem that so they're gonna need to finds them. I -- the real marketing magic in stick how to overcome that with what they have. -- all right well you know it's still -- -- -- would be re design as you know who core Quad Core one quarter you know. He met most of my channels Friday. Read the last question yes let's let's -- is -- and I I got the plan on. Basically as a user view kind of -- on -- dressed in -- name so I'm gonna call this person anonymous. And is very interested in AT&T to get the -- let me and 900 which is a Windows Phone. -- is it worth it or do we see spring getting a larger screen Windows Phone device in the near future. So basically patent and there's also an additional comment that I ever instant on the iPhone bandwagon not giving Windows -- a spec and let the. The union and it looks but it awesome yes in -- are also -- she decided seals like this phone. Evidence used in those numbers on the and want that sort of thing HTT -- and T which you can departments and -- I saw the sixteen megapixels I think it's kind of almost too many mr. -- you -- -- -- it's -- this and actually. I was gonna be accurate within a couple shots and be pretty game they are rightly -- outdoors and even -- that out that's not every. Camera looks better than a tiny new exciting it's kind of depends on -- aesthetic to -- editing the HTC tech into looks really get as well. But believe it's a Panasonic sound even. If some of the -- -- -- I am digging the. Of the design of it -- class of. So basically if so there -- listening to it needs and you've heard it here -- -- 900 has some deep soul. It's I have -- it unsuited to insert a question. Yes it's worth it and -- -- beacon spring house like wide windows on right now. And right now windows phones seem to be gravitating -- -- -- and because it's it's more of a world standard and and sprint is on TDMA. And yes -- -- The phone is fast sleek and tax. Mr. in a quick -- before -- And leave. Course. They did -- that might enable you. So I am just FYI -- current institute and Eric -- to the TV and am that we are going -- New York this week. And because of a terrorist founders -- -- be on -- with Kelly. And there's good news Jolie you're gonna be so -- the Nokia looming management and it's -- take into my VTV. -- this Friday. -- -- yeah that's exciting in you see the phone person well our biggest CEO. You know I mean from backstage -- -- with something half -- And I. Often via today again. Friday night -- commitment off flying to California for that. Sounds like consultant to blast -- how many how do you act is not good yeah and gosh oh yeah there -- -- -- -- -- I'll patent and I don't know many. And MMM and I love and the. We'll see we'll see -- -- well let me know and stay tuned. All right so let's just you know wrap things up this is -- very lively show unbelievable. On we got so much going on but you know -- very there haven't you done it you've you've -- just fingered way and other half were from an answer. Eric at nine yeah well you know -- -- you know but hey this is what we do this when we talk about can talk pose for hours but. We've reached other end of the -- and podcasts if you want to allowing give us your feedback you can email us -- down in at cnet.com. Or sent NASA an old fashioned voice -- at 18186640226. Creates. -- you can also catch up on our latest news -- found in dot cnet.com. In of course subscribe to our podcasts. -- the website and podcast dot cnet.com. I'm Brian -- senior editor at CNET reviews and you have just been listening to dialed it. You guys and thanks and call -- thousand. I've -- -- six week.
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