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Crave: Ep. 19: Toddler bots and blinky booze

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Crave: Ep. 19: Toddler bots and blinky booze

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While Jasmine's away, Donald and Eric fully nerd out with robots, robots, more robots, and vodka.

If you've got -- fit and you are listening to and watching the crave podcasts. Cnet's. Podcast dedicated to all the crazy goofy wacky and sometimes actually important technology on cnet's crave blog. I'm Donald -- About America hey Eric thanks for joining us Eric -- jasmine. And I death and dying out in an apartment it has -- a bit is content changes there. I think if -- be like the cold bare normally I switch back I go ahead. Half -- point counterpoint. Yeah I thought that it -- we'll do that will next episode. I actually replied. I. It's been -- a week of catching up right. -- -- good stuff to talk about of course Allen picked about 10% of it for today's show that's so last week I know I know I don't know that okay now we've got a -- it is all kinds of things is patently messed and Apple isn't my way my Berry. But there you -- current data Blackberry madness on Monday. That fallen anyways. Right here and there what what is here them. Is the kids walker yes a dedicated. Them. Now that Peter has. The HD -- cast it's a little bit different. And I dedicated Mac for. At birth toddlers for takes little -- going around it is our own little robots -- a white figure. It's not for sale and if you were for sale the -- -- blog here ethnic that customer on 21000. Dollars. But. This is way cooler than like the little tiny like. Miniature car that you know toddler would be of the drivers here are -- that. It is. This -- labor like a handicapped kids and it was not just play it -- One -- toy a little -- it doesn't actually theme that practical unfortunately as far as it it being -- bird kids with disabilities and I think it's just. It's just there for fun now and even then it's not. Being sold but my god it is cool is it is one plane thorough way from being old believe that yes Mac imagine -- -- that kid that. His you know his dad built this. Like -- walk around a walk anymore and walk normally is uses assault yet but it's not ideal -- -- can you imagine though -- Costume party or something my that -- like Halloween coming out. They write -- and India. And like. -- that a man like that. I'm going to be a fully function mean. That's so skeleton enabled robot you know is available at -- -- -- with in here fire Japan. -- -- yes and yes that's pretty cool but then next year's they would -- In. It's from Japan to its obvious that -- yeah. Yeah I totally. We should build the innovation that you -- the -- when -- smaller -- fitness is kind of weird. Maybe that's the one for adults you know in the video there's like -- -- -- add to and from wearable. And -- the law again and it's -- and local. Did nothing wrong doing on the back. And pick -- -- We -- here yeah exactly also robot news there is more of an. -- -- Project called the give -- robot that is being auctioned. From the -- in the contemporary art. It it's not entirely practical but it will help you if you want to collect points basically kind of -- Com. Panhandling robot. But it's adorable in -- -- unions you know it's very wall in Lake -- out of little paint cans yeah. Intentional late -- penis. -- they like blacks. Jews the one eyeball it actually track the when you come come to an ethical and that we prosthetic eyeball actually track you around the room. And we'll call kind of sad and pathetic in the gonna shake if look -- little echoing can add you to get some money. And -- you like -- and -- Mattingly is applicant acknowledge and thank you look and then hopefully yeah thanks thank you can -- -- Them. Got one. Though and definitely -- them at risk for sale there's only one of them yeah it's it's powered by our do we know pro. Mean little processors that he could if you had enough rusty. Steam -- equipment around you could make your own very steam punk you know outsource your own -- static -- -- It happen. In creepy -- news it's what is it it's Japan CDS. Conference happening right now conference -- expo here and and gadget came upon -- -- -- -- -- life like Teddy bear. And now I went looking for on YouTube and sound like. Higher production video shows the -- not from months ago but. Kind of this -- conference that put it back up into the awareness I don't know widgets it's actually in -- release this thing and feel it. Wave -- did it is it can responsibly you type you know that your contract you in the room like you can you can -- little I mean yeah who -- -- happy moment. It looks like it -- -- a look it look at the B everything India looks like it was held little kids. You can fit it in that there is it is totally petty about it on steroids in. -- -- lock though and it. I want -- -- is kind of creepy anyway has a little bit more of a menacing eyebrow look on. But the one left of kind of adorable I noticed to have him -- That they even when it. You know cumulative so -- -- -- -- -- -- ever that they they also we talked about pitching this translates something. And it. Keep ultimately company you know I -- them feel negative -- -- -- it's got it's got that -- adorable pet kind of Soledad only can -- Now in the ballpark. It can. -- -- -- -- -- I don't have them just because of -- what what it actually do like. I would they can meaningfully. -- -- it does make it that in the -- -- on it yet it's absolutely it is to wait a little exercises. Again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Downstairs -- what I'm sure when it runs low on batteries in the voice starts like SuSE. Going to be really terrifying -- -- in the eyes get red glow of an -- Indicate that battery is -- -- -- spitting fire and and hand admit that like EM and -- oh. I'm. Pretty terrifying but on oh I. If it's consumer price interesting enough to have around in that thing like Leo cents. In news new millennium. -- -- yet. A who misses -- that part one mean yeah I noticed. Who you could have done something and you are frankly. But if we have got. The -- not a big fan of autism headphones have -- that's only -- appointment and you buy the ones that. Factory use them around on the -- okay well. Not that that they've been -- -- -- ultrasound but before leaving came to CNET. I don't out I had on it as there. They're really good value not this particular pair -- This -- the -- -- edition. Ten headphones. Sell for 2749. Dollars. Limited edition of only -- 2000 and little. Year. -- it's cigar box. -- -- -- the look of these he looked holy like something Andrew Ryan what happens in like bio shock you know it. Wherever you what was it Citicorp -- -- letters it looks totally like the retro they shouldn't. Yet knows if it's still like technologically -- it's time you know. Yeah so that that forty millimeter drivers taking -- plated silver plated copper wiring. The the actual -- -- EU in ports heat in mother. -- it's -- for a machine so but but. The audio files by this I don't totally an audio file only product and like -- file like. Like -- by stereo that's and you need you need it even more expensive chair to relax and to truly -- seriously right now I feel like I just brought this home today. I noticed when it's -- B and that with the price especially this to be its centerpiece of your leading yet like you would clear the television inside but yes you just won the lottery and you're redesigning. -- your new house you design. The shirt for us. Yeah. While you're listening to the headphones and truly have thought about this -- always talk about how I -- -- this round of effort. Do it. At that the -- I've. Britain running -- -- editions of it. If it doesn't and open -- or you. Different ways to actually enhanced audio quality enhance the music -- means means. That don't involve technology yet. Number one -- -- list. Mood altering substances hearing share including liquor. Including maniac -- -- -- if not that -- and I think it's definitely a bad thing. In that in that -- we have a new vodka called me dia. Vodka. Because that Metallica periods back to me if it regularly. -- February 8 -- acute if it like I really actually said out loud and they'll and make a right now prepared anything but have a period and erratic but -- I think it's pretty. Hope that -- you know. -- with the com will it make life has blocked was in the lab we. Craving -- -- total total gimmick vodka and a little thin. Like. A lead the -- strip that runs across it. And be programmed. You know and only nice here is up on it and you -- at a premium service Europe of course it's like forty dollars a bottle who have been -- knows the lakers -- -- it but. Look at this I mean what -- wouldn't want like -- the vodka bottle they have on hand actually. You know how -- -- running LEB strip mine out this video gets really good. This really get weird awesome well -- and in the console off it is definitely can Las Vegas bachelor party totally -- You know let's let's get into some ladies -- lay out of the guys have. -- LED light. On the Arab about it about the we do write those ladies you can literally it's gonna come over to the table that has the blinking light yeah and here and in -- -- -- Those big voices I mean. But it and done I I don't have any vodka on hand if I did down I would go one the flash. IPad -- -- here. I speaking of choosing between you know standard thing. And the super deluxe awesome version of it. -- -- like users may right exactly. -- get it if you are basically means that. Are more awesome -- but otherwise you you know we're pretty much. They do -- papers except yours your knowledge of pop culture references that's in -- Cause of -- everything written for all yeah. Again my knowledge my looks. My -- you know my personality. -- you know it's like -- the way I am with people in ounces. Yeah. Yeah. My -- do you bring it if it. He let the healing that's where his other daddy yeah yeah -- as the more awesome dad where's my real -- -- it and the evidence. Think that understands my sense of humor -- it is a better jokes -- -- -- jokes now. -- gonna gonna gonna go further look at it now I don't think we should -- speaking vote them out and we'll do them -- -- -- -- the cancer where you -- community -- right part of my son. Annual everyone he knows me in my life as an impact tan gesture I'm the one thing -- do Havel the we have over I have -- mobile guitar you do I do have that. You have that I don't have yet. Though it's an actual replica. Of the regional -- I can -- one though can. For 150000. Dollars 150. -- there's a company called. With fiberglass freaks that now. Issuing. Brand new custom need. Spec down today the most -- detail yeah I'm sure that mobile replica is. This is can -- it's pretty -- in the making eight a year okay. -- -- -- the ballot like and they're kind -- doubling up but -- from about six months per card again there -- assembly line. The -- backing out all the different parts -- interior. With all divisional kind of components from the bat mobile ninety -- and everything like you know -- -- patents and all the different buttons all the lights. There's -- working flame thrower. On the back. Particularly with the fifth and ethnic -- all that you actually can use California thoroughbred felt I don't think you mean you can. But. It yet he had steering -- everything although we -- the weird little kind of tacky labels that record labels willing -- awesome the little location like. Yeah I mean I mean are things one it doesn't actually work as a mean effort lights up -- and I mean it actually -- Pretty dope. If you get this you -- of money to get this you probably live in -- -- -- account podcasts. You know. Department to unlock the drugs and would you have the money you spend on this yet -- you -- around. Yes this is my retirement plan is this it would buy this and then -- flagrant myself out you know to make appearances like state fairs and that's the Apollo would be and it would be out in existence. I mean money of the guy who owns the bat mobile that's true but your one of like. May be at at -- one of you know hundred -- -- have this Apple yesterday's eight EE get it you get the -- rate -- only eighty year. Right on -- -- like taken nearly you retire in maybe there's at least that it. It guess I'd love to -- around be so afraid of damaging it and that. I might just keep it in my right how's it -- out of treatment okay -- like -- Remote back computers wing office in -- dashboard that's -- -- film. -- If it does it does it actually didn't have is scope here here it is I'm surely all the wrong buttons engaged the flame thrower and -- This yeah thank you know you you go to lighted cigarette in the plane there it comes Amber's you -- back in that I watch reference where you thank you. It without them I like if it very happy I and I think that probably about the market but is that. Yeah I was -- my next Atlanta lots of robots yes -- at bat mobile at least two we now. It's weird cuddly freaky robots have today Andrew Ryan headphones which he had no idea what that means is there's -- Yeah there's there's a -- euros -- Vegas you know winded -- ubiquity of view in a bar code bottles lit up yet anyway have you have you watches video. -- there's some really began with not safe for work -- -- you're -- you know that's pathetic I cut it up right. As my own attention span that inning game towards that yeah yeah it's -- can only I who made perfect. Podcasts that's one thing. We should stop. It next week and it leaving that there is. -- Internet. I write things -- -- and everybody catching up.

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