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Crave: Ep. 17: Shiny things with future features

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Crave: Ep. 17: Shiny things with future features

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In this week's Crave, we spread around the love (and hate) for Apple's latest iPods, take a look at a backpack that will map the world, and determine whether telepresence robots are inherently annoying.

It's Tuesday September 14. Slept -- -- and every time Donald no and -- yeah. This. And I think I'm losing my voice -- the fifth time this -- you're shouting -- Yeah I'm -- I've -- I can't -- that's treasurer of local courts notion that pretty much it's it's a strain on me just all distress of being around us you are right so on Apollo that -- -- that. The people that we missed last week -- a stressful we offered for Donald bell -- thing just them back to when capitalism for you. The you -- -- you have your -- your panorama scene at the at any of that iPod fury. Flurry. Then because that the man that we -- -- is that he's alive. I I'd survive yeah and -- -- got a little bit -- pleaded to show us that. We inflation outlook and and the week before that we were -- your frankly unless it. So well back then we're all that yes that we not one week before you did that we did -- -- there it seems like he -- because that was here. That yeah -- the real solution is titled I'm eighty I again I can't roll back -- enough at -- -- I've idea iPods. -- hand thinks that's -- abilities and I hate it. -- -- -- -- -- -- I it's an academy nano they get the new types -- minutia. What are you hate it. That's a strong word I hate it -- -- Okay hate about it UK BP it's just like the -- -- Lan but nothing -- nothing. Now I hate it it's small and then remember remember I has donated iPods -- alarmed actually just love this is that thing -- jasmine has. Has its general dislike for touch screens is that that an analyst on away from buttons and -- -- -- connect match. Something you dislike. Great now I hated. And actually but I didn't like it but -- so it's. Any story you know -- it just -- -- can't win me now I'm. Really strongly about an and I haven't I have strong negative feelings about it. But another you can't tell you why you why you hate it will what's I really really don't like what I don't like the very -- the Mac that the touch screen is not. Flush with the device it sticks up. It's a word like you can like backups with your mail that -- thing I'd get yes a little what's the danger of horrible at night I -- and that and I think it'll be prone to chip theme first of all like it elegantly caught on things and elect chip off the edge of the screen which I think is just. Completely don't you know. No ice but that's what it looked like it allowed us if that's been around as -- is -- gonna a -- it's kind of -- added that now corners -- -- that's what. -- it it's you know it's -- rounded edges that we think he's glad. You'd love it not love it that -- at least not have it. The jogged him Jim kind of fun but screens are not in front office and -- -- Internet. As she yeah right there but it that's about this at the built in like Saddam owners got the radio the FM radio built into it that you can pies in light reasons. That'll thing you know Thelma now I have faith to be -- -- immediately. I was I was iPods lack of an epidemic I was really stoked when the nano first added that and that the -- again and last year. Yeah yeah I -- I was like great finally yeah. But there is just it just seems the -- seems utterly ridiculous that they need to be that small devil's advocate them. Your Apple. You came out -- than last year's nano happens that cam corder. The -- if they finally relented deviant art and radio. They give it a daughter they gave you like bigger screen with that while still keeping the same design but would you have done this years. I think -- they could. Added I don't think we -- to go this small first of life indicative that they really wanted to at a -- they -- a bit but taken with a cam corder. Added that that made it a little bit smaller kept the click wheel. And yeah that's I would now and made yeah. I know the other. I just Obama might I think that Apple kind of -- their back is let's not back against the ball and elect me where out of ideas. -- we need to -- it radical. Well yes except in -- it is my semi new iPod nano classic. -- we need to do something really and it. We try to anywhere what they elect I think that's a sinking -- the shuffle last year's let's just do something really weird and it's fixes it that's. Right treatment here. It now honestly if the screen are also wireless I wouldn't hated I would only just like yeah but because the screen -- out. -- I got there when you pick this thing up the first times kind of fun. You know as much as Apple has -- that it had been like that's what about you pick up and you out of you pick the best -- Like you go to Apple stores Apple products -- Imagine going ambient neatly on that and that's these are fun -- -- -- Huff told sorry it doesn't matter where you bid to be a -- years. But I do agree and this is an interview on my views yet I haven't seen of the -- that -- -- the touch screen doesn't add anything in a practical. Yeah and makes it way less practical. I think say hello -- figure if you're if you're kind of music if trying to use it without looking at the player and it requires more concentration. And previous versions actually that's what you're doing that's something that's something probably hitting home for her because she likes to dispute that had something click it -- an X on whatever you're drunk Captain -- is -- content and that's a lot like that -- in -- pocket navigation and that mainly every -- you. Baby. You don't have to look -- an -- what he doesn't he said. -- got really passive medium and in the chat room here actually mentioned them and I I would agree with again if the screen with flush with the player but I'm I don't look cool like the clock functionality of it was beautiful it much as a watch. They -- you clip it onto like a wrist band and like replica watches it Nvidia thing just entry -- it doesn't yeah I sent over there aren't that that's cool under that I will I will relent on that one. Tiny little thing right man I like bad about it. I think I was wrapping that they were let -- -- -- back to -- -- -- but deftly that you know in a position where it's like we really need to excite people a you know about I knew about this far that we didn't it radeon the last couple years. And you know. We you know -- -- take their chance with this design. Is it radical well you don't know that -- this -- The dvd when you walk in and you completely -- money and destroy a product category chair you know like any art MP3 players yeah. Then you can. Holy See all of it -- I will bring it back. I really people like like whatever they want Ellen's gonna like that up to the other thing that's interesting is that. The number two manufacturer -- keep it right now. This is that's this -- is still making it means that -- podcasts. It's it's SanDisk you know and they -- -- player that clip on it but does more stuff the national. Okay now so I think the of them probably looking at what -- number Q distant number two. You know competition -- it's a little bit more like that but. Let's yeah and -- more expensive. The other thing that killed that company the other thing with this design is that -- its -- now much more from the -- to get run. Which -- -- -- -- right forget about perfectly happy. About share that -- the yeah and yeah bush is and that'll be clipped on your clothes now. -- yeah that -- and more and more of a danger just throwing additional in the wash and something tells me. But this one isn't gonna make an effort trip through that -- Hand and ran like it -- supplements apparently and a whole article apparently that earth and he was because that the Washington -- -- -- happy to you I. I have -- you know I can -- -- -- to the CNET that's -- I'm like when. For the iMac I and in -- tested it it's water. Like sensitivity he's gonna ran it under that apparently just -- that second and it went. Both the personal and those that didn't -- you. I had it -- I literally others thought about -- -- -- I mean the -- is just about that not really anything that meanders. And the thinking goes that the touch though that is I want that it touched -- -- -- -- -- -- battery -- is -- We better rate in all of the ways that we measured it before like video constantly video playback and constant audio playback. But I feel like the ways that you use the touch now with multitasking in keeping different apps opening going back and forth and the -- -- gains. Can -- of processors so much more take advantage of the process is so much more. My experience so far with it is that battery -- -- it dropped but mostly because apps on mining and things and doing in the multitasking. I demanding ask our demand much more of it and it before yeah so it's kind of mix and you we rudimentary games via my group immediately EU birds. You know -- -- doing that -- running the and a and -- people in the background and like. And inoculate that -- it. You know he's asking definitely is gonna attack the battery and it's hard to measure. Slacker is using what -- slacker -- -- -- uses the Odyssey. It's audio with Lindsay our. The end yes delicacy is that okay let's have a fast if it's -- -- now but still I think I'm. Not even -- and I'm just I mean I anticipate playing new games that take advantage and -- because the -- -- to me because it's pumping a lot more. -- little pixels mill has been driving that and that's kind of fitting for that you know it's it's especially with gaming pattern them but my sense. Is in real world performance and him I think real world I'm -- the meaning like. Gains and on demand more more games on the bus and within the pod cast the same. So honestly I'm happy I feel like if you -- if you turn off in the kind of like. Like -- enough years here antenna basically you just play games -- the podcast. I bet this thing will last a lot longer I think you know we've we've -- we've -- -- with us before we usually that's a seem like an on off right. Not saying everything put an airplane mode and and and do that those I was actually. In -- place this week where I didn't have any access to any animator AP's -- -- in an airplane mode and think lasted. Like my a that the iPhone for. And that's -- that but. IPhone for the last that the whole weekend out playing games I don't think you I -- the battery an iPod and has not as bad -- 110 really I'm pretty sure. Not as much space together that's it for battery much smaller and also they probably don't give it -- -- -- battery because they're making calls on it. That's true so they probably figure you don't need as big a battery and yeah it's such as you do yet and I think you're talking about a different device that video -- on the iPhone it's technically longer than the rate. The items I'm sure it's a bigger battery in there. Anyway and and I love about MP3 player but not within the shuffle I thought up better on some pure asymmetric oh everybody mile zone that is smaller I gave my iPod Touch actually -- -- I the second generation iPod -- now and it. It sucks cause the second generations are running for windows. The world -- both updates of our -- and apparently where one has kind of except issues. -- and -- and wealthy. And herbal -- it was gonna be doing that November we'll -- -- will ultimately. I -- Helena. -- -- Look like about the military L will talk about military uses for VD technology. This is a own lines backpack. -- mapping read that this both operating like -- He looks like a GI -- backpack that you have like Italy. An iceberg. It doesn't look like he's incredibly -- he has looked -- -- or even about the at all that these guys -- regulate high school kids all of their their cal students and -- so what this basically does is it it's got a bunch of sensors and video cameras that can. Record and and and three and six degrees -- -- walking around. And -- has been my laser sensors and GPS sensors that track your position. To map the actual. Apology of the -- to walking around and get all that -- all combined together. And and can can make essentially the fact that Google reading maps yeah. -- street view. But even even more detail. In one system so the military after this or Matt seem like wars -- the built the kind view. Remote mapping of the zone in in the like you you don't know only going later went out. Right you know they're -- -- and kind of run -- -- Agreement tomorrow -- plans COI swat teams at -- the beat them to. Those areas like you know you're gonna enter a building I don't wanna be I don't want this can on the -- -- Palpably -- that well cannon fodder if you think it. But yet at the -- ultimately this these new rig on the back of robot and maybe we'll get that go by and that's that's -- that. I think it's a critical technology I think that mom. She waited certificates a couple he -- it and it's a -- either if it is the -- engineer ever. I don't know I think it's it's pretty -- I don't think -- packed earth science and or something that somebody actually carries around but it. It's neat that the -- -- sensors and cameras on the one. Thing. Capture that information and -- measure value he units in these scanners and the the inevitability. Like Google Maps beechy inside places since nothing happening the -- mapping. Interiors like buildings. And with him in his state religion it yet. If that happens now that I'm not a -- of camera technology that might trickle down into consumer attack sooner than later. This week was that the scope on Monday -- -- -- I'm -- it's all blurring together now threatened writing our area right. HD aren't what I'm doing HDR video this guy who's really got to Canon. Theory but also looks doctors know where image. He further back -- that are -- it was a things. -- -- -- -- Let's have Cisco. Better the view from the side of -- It really it it looks like this in -- roof right there yet it literally looks like that the average smacking my from the main towers places I think anyway. If people I don't want you look like it's -- -- -- -- And -- whiskers or -- yeah. That's the semis I know put in everio I have every do but this is this is -- -- -- software and some where where the video comes from. That thing is -- suffered a -- to do processing on -- cannot do videos of Wii Sports at actually. The NH DR. Any balancing like the overexposed image in the and exposed image to -- would let outside to -- very mean the looking. Kind of. Yeah I looks a little -- as it looks -- in that. That still image on the video right there like -- is missing games for elect. Last few years that use -- -- it's like it was kind of a new this in the last generation car councils yeah alone just you know so they can have like the white. Be really really bright and are usually dark in keeping detailed yet those -- talent halo intro kind of thing yeah yeah I can -- -- -- like Halo 3 use -- Each -- stuff in it. But -- -- -- -- it seems like. It almost it it it doesn't look like realities like. Who who who wants the -- really the point yeah. -- -- -- live it love it -- and it although I don't I don't want I don't want the unreality can make me look like my whiskers or like you know. Falling off my face and right decrepit you'd yeah. But down and see it that the layers of -- and highlighted here I don't want that but I do think that that as much as the HDR photo. Feature coming to the iPhone Forest Lake. You know damn -- I don't know trying to repackage some hot and since there. Deprive the people probably aren't going to use but people are excited that there's this new feature to babble -- I totally see this sixty. 120 -- you know playback TV it's another way to sell it doesn't really -- red -- I want more features yeah I want the future feature -- -- my family and -- -- my shiny thing I think meet the future features that the fact that connects it. Title. A I so that we going back now to the rollout that would cause it's got that read -- there's the willow garage telepresence robot that we've covered in. If not this particular telepresence robot that apparently needs and feelings were there is something similar which -- honestly this picture looks evening where I'm it was -- it -- of the working permanently. Saying it I think I can dream I can drink alcohol not at work and -- Mattel presence of no it's like available guys that working as a blob is drink -- you missed it in Africa it's. We've never had drinking before let the first thing is is there anything he. So this is basically a promo vehicle like that in the light from the -- -- robot low. Crazy editing yeah. The reason I need totally bad video editing right there. -- to it -- to -- that they managed to. -- Please. Marked by now was -- -- if telepresence robot is -- is. It is. Never trust the -- -- -- and -- and and a camera -- -- -- -- matter. June and about it -- -- yet Eric you had an opinion it's. Hello opinion really about this. But it is like his video there's like the guy -- -- Who's ever the -- was working remotely with from the from the -- -- Is this it could do she. It's like hey guys you don't like being easier to moderately well -- -- of in the conversation though no way this tickets Illinois has yet to be there this -- they haven't told me it's gotta like a bowl is an area that -- that god beat -- -- took a beating you know who looks like a -- -- and -- -- -- an episode -- the -- -- the -- like a little robot. That home in his underwear -- theory okay I'm gonna go I people can see him on the screen exactly it it's like picking his nose and the report in the background and spells they do that it ought to be mold and everything but her back as -- the content. -- the out of just the video this seems funny that he. -- and that. I about it we should find that night it on it because that's the next year had Netscape that the FCS coverage is gonna include telepresence robot -- okay well you don't will have the -- -- -- -- And oh this on shall fluently so -- all the reporting still but without and the via actual fun parts. That's true. With. That having its music and -- that -- the contracts now that did that weird ironic thing is that you'll feel they'll be some new -- -- we have more dressed up via your avatar on how. Right here -- some how to make up for the fact you're not there maybe put -- kind of robot. If you hold cottage industry of -- -- the others dislike the top. It's right or or like -- is put like that -- few teachers. The site. I'm I'm formal I think that's why when of the party just -- little vastly on the cameras land so that they can't really think even deep -- in mind. You know -- -- like my like robust support -- right. Now now that -- -- now we -- it I'm done no references ever had ever days. Anybody but. -- and you want my answer and well basically there are literally hundreds filming and -- -- -- -- really. It. I he wanted the camera. -- look at this post that on create about America -- -- there there are doing like some high definition camera read it pretty I mean it's now watch the video at Gotham he. Documentary camera gigantic -- it's an agent water or. Yeah he wants it and they'll be that slow Mo replay of this idiot you -- rail routes. Now this is pretty awesome I mean he is from where you browse around for -- -- -- Keep me that our turn you you do -- -- Papon a variety. Everywhere so he makes up the really for a building them and yeah -- -- around the still there's this footage I have nobody -- and filming here had a -- thumbing -- any films and then he added that camera. You've got you let the Hillary -- the backdrop that the boat and get it back later acme company but you've got the panic quickly and until that and then -- -- -- dozen. Films that I just up and and he just let's that is and is still bizarre and such like an ad for the the camera company to like look we can survive man to -- yeah not the share. I cameras and tests it against me answer me. You know bugs. While I hope they weren't filming in 3-D. You know why I don't know I I'm sure you know in imagine because no one wants viti. Apparently -- and in Nielsen is -- -- there in case. -- offensive if that's the reason people don't want -- TDs. It is they hate the idea -- -- glasses and the fact that the glass is prevent them from multitasking while watching and that if by fifteen glasses that even color people just wanna be able to like. -- -- I hear from the refrigerator and -- -- -- what is -- and your crossover. Audience -- the well and -- happier -- the -- to ministry I'd suggest in. There aid that means like it's it's like it or theme that my efforts at this this glasses and be concerned with -- EV. It seemed like oh well they don't wanna -- quirky. Like Apple and it's not that it and that like I want the deal to lake. Read my crappy magazine and I you know look at my computer -- -- -- whiter I mean yeah us weekly. Exactly. And and -- -- TU I that's it and it's something that are at their eighty genius in that area right now. Like higher meeting the road kind of concern I wouldn't have I hadn't really thought about. I never really thought about it I am an iron a needle reading yet its tires on the road so there is more like the glasses along with phase with the glasses he's the face. A better. Literal I didn't think -- -- -- Baghdad's. I'm thinking you've got room I apparently. -- we don't. -- the -- at the road you lost me -- it but. That's. -- metaphors well -- my husband -- -- really. Yes Super Mario Brothers. Those -- grandmothers turned and I and today. -- -- -- -- -- -- So this -- this video that we have an honor your hand and eventually the idea because -- -- you don't go out and find what you can't we can't play any of the -- -- -- language but he -- he's really angry people aren't built. He's calling her stupid and and -- -- on their hands. Because she and I getting -- And and browser is really like and a thousand late easily protect news -- when he is scared of Mario and deeply and what's going on -- do. Yeah if he -- -- -- He's he's freaked out by -- -- But then if you think I'm fat. And -- does that threaten her and you could lose a -- economy that's. It's something word I don't blame him a good idea -- keep going to -- and now you're recommending that you've been meaning that there's an even bigger hassle headroom product that prints that's always an out of -- cancel until you get to that I. -- for. It's -- in areas like this where that is right it's like in two days after 28 are afraid it does -- level 2.5 years -- fell off when I I don't -- over fireballs. Fear you go and other cats how odd. He. When he got years of doing it and here is that it -- with my appointment the idea that okay. Somalia has been doing this -- -- would be a cool idea in the video capturing it doesn't really amount plumber I have things to do not think I have other things to be around what do you businesses suffered -- players and -- -- we don't you have business cards yet. Our plumbing yeah because that had to put them off yeah and rescue your videos Wheaties and useless he can do it I think if the business card he does. The only thing and -- would in what is -- and its its its elbow serial. It's all about there he wants a -- it doesn't like are we gonna -- -- out -- and I you're gonna I have to find my -- brother. And believe me he is here it was apparently -- -- he has Brad Pitt -- true for -- It is. Here we are in the middle and -- -- -- an an interest in a movie before I -- -- to segue from Mayer Brothers demand for the man nine. Well obviously that -- me. It is there's I wanted it meets in here announcement -- -- -- this -- this is like the representation of all things Eric if that there's she's -- -- unit. The Buick. Is able things Eric who edits amber Carter and -- it -- and right channel. It does look like it but there's like seventy -- -- -- get an animal that there man but what looked like one's religion photos and videos gotta kinda lazy -- is -- -- and being when he can senselessly. There's a lot of -- in there. -- ground veal sausage hot I'd be and a -- -- Lots of others that cheese cheese peppers it. Thud that's me each day they went out the meat on meet three way the -- also is disgusting. Music. They then scroll to advise on top of bacon -- -- -- air and then. Well -- -- -- -- there's disgusting. All the grease floating around the bottom -- -- on the top not. All of there's something -- -- child and olive I just like through like five all of them the room like that but your company -- -- them I don't understand it and that really like I said that they can I even Krispy c'mon people. Yeah about the product mean -- I mean come with it ability Krispy. This -- -- and a fun and meet crimes hmm the pork or G. I don't wanna show this line it's it's alright yeah. Steal your guts people is let's make sure that -- down -- -- on this yeah. You -- -- in meat stuffed with one pound ground pork when found by it I'm parks not that I'm packet eight and Apple -- spent and -- did it with suburban apartment if and then you burn between that's elegantly. But slightly ahead but the -- -- -- under quirky Noah there's gonna put this yeah. A lot but if strictly Israel had no drafted by barbecue -- right there. So discussing this I could I had I couldn't narrow down obviously. Bill. We're so much man on the Omnia the desire -- -- -- appointing all the titles got the two are really learning in the -- the viewing in the main job. And can. Any -- leave you with that. Meet believing that the kind of happy lunchtime. Right and yes that's that or create podcasts wanna catch it next week we'll be back in a -- -- creep show at cnet.com. Org or call 870 users CNET that's the 38. I think yeah what -- people called. And -- they say they'll say stop yelling at each other and like talking over each other and -- with all the weird disgusting -- pictures. And and we do is keep doing it yeah it enemies camera Allison I think I think -- should have a contest for people actually go out and expertise this is later that. Foods that would be -- inspectors. I would love us some pictures of the that the player it's -- please send -- to -- show at cnet.com or Lennon and mean don't have enough France that the background iWeb all you -- to -- -- -- date which has been. I don't know what. That's happening let's look practice the -- then got -- -- you hate to do to help. Half the not -- We'll see you next.

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