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Ep. 17: Hands-on with the PlayStation Vita and HP dm4 Beats Edition, plus Valentine's Day gadget gifts: Tech Culture

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Tech Culture: Ep. 17: Hands-on with the PlayStation Vita and HP dm4 Beats Edition, plus Valentine's Day gadget gifts

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This week, we pass around the brand-new Sony PlayStation Vita for some live hands-on demos, check out a mid-priced Beats Audio laptop from HP, and also debate the best and worst gadgets gifts for Valentine's Day.

All right everybody welcome to a very special. CNET labs cast. It's so special. -- almost broke all the computers -- well it doesn't look -- Joseph -- the world's biggest PlayStation fan. I -- I keep I know I keep saying that. But that is why you're here today to give us your take on the PlayStation vita that is I think the big topic of the week the Harvard -- -- -- regularly. I I like it I like it. -- -- the biggest thing than a fighting with the titles so there are a handful of titles which you were so happy to be. Brilliant today. We have -- you have to have a PlayStation vita right there Joseph. I have a network in the united heavily gain for -- that you have the actual devices you know and and his hands. Actually do an excellent excellent I have to do -- I love. You turn -- here -- A moment charted it looks great -- but I'm saying to myself was shown that part of the just -- a government plans and -- -- -- out. You know news clothes I -- I really don't forget. It looks really good game play is really smooth and -- The only thing is that you know this is the best title in the collection because -- the only one that's going to be for fifty dollars. Where on average than the rest -- rumored to be 29 that's true or even less if their downloadable game. Yet but I mean me personally if I -- hand held I wanna game that looks is close of the console is possible the PS3 is -- what six years now. I.s -- the idea so I would expect a hand held would be. A roughly around that let hell if I power audio out what the PSP when it came out was very similar to -- -- into the PS2 and PS -- site and I would expect this to reverse the district. I think you're great breaking point and we've discussed this in -- myself and cats would be that if you can purchase a game on your PS3. And taken on this to -- my continue to gain something like along. Kind of a cloud save in the same game or some aspect of the game where you know put a lot of sense to me exactly -- -- -- right here -- I wish to -- a significant consumer hardware typically it did a -- -- great -- you you keep playing on an attorney camera pretty. This with. -- -- And -- -- to open. Got canned. Chili. The scout camp and they -- -- -- the -- -- -- and -- benefit these game that's right that's right. Yea I know it's really out -- and those two analog stick I cannot. I cannot emphasize how how much of a game changer I think that is compared to either the PSP or even the 3-D S from Nintendo. -- just don't have that kind of dual analog stick control its I think the last thing that was really keeping -- hand held. From being a good competitor. The PSP I will say however that. Edit the form whole whole look like click click let me see the actual design of it like hold it up with either -- the front side -- full big. It's to me it's a little bit too reminiscent of the PSP they didn't start from scratch. It is -- -- and light it is very light I will say that about it you have the touchpad back here. Touchpad on the back. Screen is also -- touch screen and two analog. I grant and the buttons -- the things a lot of buttons on -- it's almost it's almost too complex and away and for those who don't know the game but I edit via the tea. -- -- LSD key card I'm a fan of the tests in aspects so much money because. Of the genes involved you know and thank you want the finger in the way. For some of the justice that have to be made. To trying to work on its current look at that isn't he off the bat so you know if you find it by accident -- -- -- and -- You know he's just have to flick it -- the sites like personally patent and toilets are about some -- Question and -- that he was actually playing the way he was pretty much mimicking links sketching a lot of -- it. I've ever tried to get from one column to the next and then it got in line. I I I like the -- -- like it. I think would make it -- -- is the and so the software -- -- that any new plant or military site where there -- lots of you looking at it again. -- -- -- -- -- wipe out how many times deeply white balance artist that's cool but does that mean the address and I -- golf etiquette you've played a fifty times before but Tivo to be an investment that's what it's asking. Come into play them marvel vs Capcom showed -- and RAZR again kind of report I think this Boca. Only Mann Raymond has -- -- -- hot spot has to ask as the anti communism progression -- man and a tribute to the figure up the Michael Jackson experience now regularly takes very successful on the for I love or luminous on the he has really prevent as one port -- that that is one remake I don't -- -- Asphalt which was an iPad game and -- and also and I and I mean that's on top of -- list due to basically ports of iPad game one out let's let's that the state sacrament for example it's a boy. The we'll -- figure your point is dead in that the touch screen it seems gimmicky and in a lot of attachments are found in the actual buttons and stick. -- a much more natural way to prevent arms noting Julie's. Point about the same mistake with respect -- -- there twelve games on that. Seven of which I'm busy I got a lot of open I got a little kid is a job to do that let's see the five academic got around to playing however and the downloadable -- makes yes very nicely done he -- used in. Rose Capcom also very nicely done but again we've played this time -- giving them out of America really get. Wiped out. Good but again I think -- that too many times and asphalt on Tuesday out of the twelve games in house and I autumn friendly you'd vote. The need to I don't advocate of -- variation of things to play company also played super stardust which is a downloadable game. -- allies -- are also available as as downloads but you need that -- PlayStation vita memory card which is like a micro SD card but proprietary equipment so it's like always a hundred bucks for 32 Diego like sixty bucks for sixty game. Season and now there's this is my biggest that's my biggest sound of the PS -- that. The -- -- -- case that just what kind of view you just wait when you possibly. Forget it. -- after you've already enjoy it and I'm like for the game has aggregate the selling someone's gonna probably buy a vita and the gonna probably not have enough for their boards to get. Started and the full Republican 120 to twenty gave -- the card but the -- probably sell it back and immunological passively on them without. You probably find used as the cars that you're gonna wait around to making our job or Craigslist you epic when it went on to say on speaking terms of people that really want the hardware. Yeah you know if you wanted to be the memory card uncharted. And the hand oh yeah you're just anti -- over -- -- right there on day one yet. People cried about oxman of the PS3 -- And the PSP yet so -- obviously was -- books of the and they know it and go well known it's started it was when a listener okay. And then the Nintendo three switch -- to fifty of -- when they went -- -- and then they dropped it actually fairly quickly and I'm hoping the guy you know if that I that's the question is is. How potentially you know you've got to play the funding -- -- I want one but I I don't I don't have a problem waiting because its products you titles -- -- wipe out. And uncharted and trust -- In hand illegal and is uncharted notes melting uncharted is really get it really -- the system well on the other games all seem very nice but their versions of security let me guess that was uncharted but to some nicely done -- it vendors in the hands and it plays great you know you -- also think maybe -- -- -- -- -- cameras. Hold -- and -- the -- yet when -- because it's unclear how we all that is even at an angle. That is the real I think the secret stealth attack of this thing is the OLED screen which -- talk about which is what we talked about couple weeks ago and that that's been -- enough there. Which is what we talked about a couple -- go from CES the super thin super bright color displays this is one of the five inch screen. But look at the off axis viewing it's the same if it doesn't fade at all even when you go extreme all the way like that we're gonna. Though and you know touch screen beautiful brown -- -- a video clip Belfast to go and videos. It's got them. If it came with a movie clips preloaded on it and frankly when you watch something someone is OLED displays. It's critical. -- men in black or Spiderman Spiderman. Man -- come home and everything that's another that is you know what the affiliate diphtheria and -- -- logical to have to get a little tiny laptops they have Spanish and yes I -- I don't preloaded on them into a -- like twenty bucks to unlock them to measure how we're the world is I mean it's a Sony movie but doesn't. This deal would give now but those that those movie licenses -- -- a long time ago. They -- -- If pathetic that it. Tired of these origins oh my god -- -- -- -- or I think we don't have to Peter Parker. I think we're clear on that part of my son is three he knows what -- if you go to Florida may be a little bit like -- desperate to more exciting part. We should put the event area room on there. -- this is like an HD game unit that. -- is -- finally things part of an effort to the trailer. The iPhone to see this a million times and he's gonna have at a quick 52 -- expected to -- movie they were the tied -- -- my spider. I mean I don't mind wires still looks the same community doesn't look -- -- to play the role again. Well of course. But sometimes you just wanna reboot you don't pay actors as much into it and it's not reboot re -- I have -- -- -- you for your money and we look really off on the statement. It does like I said that the titles will make or break it if they had like god of war in the uncharted and god of war even re released. Launching with it it be so much better -- It's it's very frustrating is you getting your anxious to put games on and buy games for and then there's only to a pre game that you can really play examined their mistake with the forestry industry. Yet I mean you know there's you know it does movies but that's not really the primary things -- the first hand from the -- it does it does web surfing the net but the primary thing it's got the front back cameras that time -- the primary thing is primarily a game machine. Unlike let's say your. -- iPod Touch to your iPad is something where does all -- -- kind of equally well it's not as good as gaming but it's -- -- -- to what you see that and that's another -- conflict. You're you're carrying one more thing what does this do or how well does it do it to justify -- caring one more device. One more charger one more thing cable military you know and that's a proprietary in the charger cable why I will say this is my -- and I'll -- you -- -- -- the first. I started off as a vita skeptic when they first announced it but a year and a half ago and that's in a bunch -- times got to play with it a -- time since then. Remained fairly skeptical of -- due to complex. -- any buttons. -- to single focusing just on games. That said having figure -- final hardware and the only screen and that fantastic uncharted game it's the fact that it's fairly responsive. I am I have a much warmer feeling about it now they did before we got a chance to play with one. I'm not saying I'd run out and get one on day one -- was it was huge uncharted fans but. On islands being a skeptic to -- wow I can really see the potential here but that I think that's exactly the titles will plea when I mean Julie would be would be. Yes. -- I -- there wasn't a skeptic about it and I am new with. If anything I was hoping -- they would about it and then go pick it out at every event it. It couldn't be any rumors here so what have I heard about it prior to actually -- coming out I thought was you know how to I had hoped -- And then you know and actually did see it and actually the player and uncharted and -- Yes it's a pretty cool device but the same token it's like something else -- I really don't need them and you know with my phone -- -- a lot of stuff from phone you know and as you know. It is is. It's -- as far as a touch screen aspect is concerned you know it's it's kind of minute looking like the whole iPod Touch aspect and that and an all the other phones and iphones and -- -- phones and and that you know. The iphone's. So it's it's it's kind of lake -- politically. And I -- -- my original PSP which I barely touch as it is right now so do I need something else like. Mount Lemmon in an announcement and am -- gonna jump over 200 bucks for a friend and I am deeply maybe once in a -- finally complete my original that's notices out to fifty for the Wi-Fi version 29 directed -- three -- and -- a for the three G yeah you know the 199. Would be blockbuster. -- what I would be great. Also. If -- -- -- carriers and -- -- didn't Sony see how people. Totally went crazy. -- and AT&T for the iPhone and I mean are you are you kidding me. It's like who the hell is behind this these digging these deals and AT&T they deserve -- as I'm sure there's some sort of specialists. -- bonus because there that -- that is not the care you -- what -- -- -- Sony Ericsson phones. -- in my cares about on the as serves from the phones on the server I mean the reason they were the regional carriers in the console had Tivo -- -- -- are carriers of the -- -- the iPhone and in in the sort of big. Debacle big mess that -- and now the PS he's gonna go that sort of the it should be on all cares and I think -- to -- any three G I I can't imagine it's that common handed down. I mean it it you know what automate got a blockbuster. If they release. A Modern Warfare. That you can play via three G or Wi-Fi. -- let's -- a little yeah well we'll go nuts. Not to call it should be -- M rated game call of duty when that little like -- little like. -- I'll -- -- I was I'm old rugby like they expect a high schools -- for -- -- stress five again. Say -- modeled how old. -- it is there's that you can -- -- right -- quick round Robin question what what gamer totally. None of you know because of a must buy for an eSATA -- millimeter of the combo combo could be -- -- -- uncharted and god of war but yet again I would of that and you know I would remind. Or or human or them are a lot of money on it at any Markham Markham asylum are considered a bad man or got a war and you -- like -- on there Julie. Yet within our -- twenty or -- which only -- exactly a bad news well. All right -- -- and I guess I'll I'll throw this out there for the first person shooter is the rub the Modern Warfare volume resistance -- -- that's coming up pretty and you don't think you need to re release sons of liberty on. That was a good number of years I don't want them to be released that I want new stuff here we're just take to -- existing franchise to be a new game don't re release leaves that he -- adult but. Out -- me if if if you're gonna sacrifice my game plan quality story line. I'd rather be released and then -- them half ass man had African Georgetown this morning I think that only like Clancy game I bought and downloaded on the PSP was a crisis from -- god go I think like ten -- and -- and it. And that it wasn't as good as I remembered it from like the nineties certain and I came out but I you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- got movies on here instantly downloaded. Like field is like from -- -- monitor gimme gimme some airplay actually on the beautifully I don't give a little harder profile here. You know -- -- about super thin. A reminds me a little bit with a five inch screen that Samsung galaxy -- that are -- Brian -- is playing around with right now that we saw at CES and we -- -- video of a couple weeks ago programs -- First person to -- and I mean get a copy -- -- what are -- gonna put all my bad we're not live sorry that I. I -- I -- laugh ha. When arrogant and -- effects has no I miss you go the business by eco vision here Andrea missile you're gonna I receive a man what -- Happy headaches are now governor governor -- you know give a shout outs of the guys are missing and his democratic rivals of the be happy to hear that when they watch the replay leader of the things and you know Michael SP two on FaceBook -- you know it -- -- I've got another hot piece of hardware for you maybe not as -- of the PSP I'm not gonna lie I kinda like it truly just test of the -- you see this guy right here is -- Had a better -- ago. This is the -- it's not it's not -- HP envy it's the HP DM four. Beats audio edition. Which is kind of like the Andy sort of but if it's it's that the -- DM lied to it's it's it's it's it confuses me it confuses me -- YA. It's the same aesthetics as it is kind of the -- -- so why he -- -- -- though it's got the beats audio built in. And I promise of civilian I guess it's not all metal visit to the middle overly in the back of the lid but inside but. -- threat -- -- In the book to -- nothing much it's -- live mail on the back of it but inside it's plastic while the actual envy laptops are all metal. So it's not as nicely constructed but I love that matte black look and I really love and you could barely see -- -- the keyboard. Is backlit but it's -- -- red against matte black and I don't know why I just love that it is so cool it looks like it should be in the 1968 -- mobile hot pad you have to get it hasn't totally affect color -- -- in the Beers for Batman but a lot of the a lot of backlit keyboards are really bright and turn a dark room -- watching TV -- something and and -- open edit while it's it's too bright and the fact that that's like a muted red backlight on the keyboard. I actually I found really. Practically useful it is and is looking cool and it's awesome as -- you're viewing occurs mostly when when the keyboard so bright it reflects off the screen my hands Clarkson has come back later to look to a too bright -- some of them you can -- them. Not yet -- at all but I would still read based out of an instance of -- room into a red light like a dark room photo studio -- you'll -- but it's not like knocking out there. -- -- -- -- -- My problem with this was. Its 899. -- which actually is is is. -- for the for the really cool artery get core I five -- -- about -- is Iran. I've just nice construction beats audio. Up but the actual and B version of -- -- a fourteen inch the envy fourteen and even the new envy fifteen. I think they start at like 1099 through with like two -- two bucks more. I think the HP envy fourteen starts at 1049 to 250 dollars more then -- of fairly small price to pay for fairly big upgrade in terms of the construction of the hardware and busses and these have discrete graphics cards also may I -- that a -- all metal body and you still get the backlit keyboard that beats audio all that other stuff you get on he might as I just got the and so for 899. It is a -- Leo yeah but at the same time if you scandal that point get a lot more and I really like with a lot that's a patent. Well when the price -- on the reviews from human death if -- 799 obviously would be killer academia core -- three for like fixed if the agreement with 75799. On there or for the dollar mail in rebate and yeah. That's not because I'm pleased. And a write once they gonna make an app for that isn't a legitimate app and data they're downloading -- you -- at the -- anything in the value and a picture of the receipt in anger bar code who has managed to shoot it in the boom. Let's make that you know it's -- that it is I don't. -- that's a really good idea because it. You know there's always one piece of Paper they didn't get it also in your picture of everything I got -- -- alone if they eat the Eee PC symbolize anger. It certainly hope so far is that -- the county that has a -- idea revision. -- -- -- -- -- Downtime that is direct intake and -- governments -- more of the obviously you're you're you're both I don't -- can't -- between you buy tea I I have some -- and on Valentine's Day things to show it actually just hit up this morning I was wondering. When we get like Valentine's -- tech gifts. -- we bogus and -- and -- here to -- I think that two things both from video games. Here's the first one -- the red box and it's for a game that's coming out I think leader in the -- from Capcom. Called dragon's dogma and it's kind of like sky ram or an open in -- -- which Leo usually DO. Up -- -- like -- confident that Japanese style. And I guess in the game I have really check it out too much there's a big dragging your chasing it being the game. Flights -- alert the -- feature heart patients requesting get a pet dragon -- red boxes little wrapped up things I unwrapped line. And the Internet it's a little chocolate heart but -- really anatomically -- have -- -- and that -- and it. It shows -- that was a gift from the Capcom people for dragon's -- with the upcoming. You know very traditional load dungeons and dragons looking role playing game I agree that there are -- hearts are not RI I I -- An artist's finger and hopefully this is continuity and open it from a with only -- -- cards for the second -- food. And it's a all right and is my second Valentine's Day gift. Right here this is from another upcoming game called lollipop chainsaw which again is a wacky Japanese game -- speak here. A cheerleader fighting zombies that is my understanding it -- call exactly and about with the -- that much. I give you my art site that here's -- -- -- you're gonna be -- -- -- due to its -- logo. Lollipop chainsaw the inside -- box a little legs while potatoes pink tissue Paper there. One of -- and Paper hearts and that big city and these are rare -- ago. My thought I'd -- I'll pop lollipops so here's what China says Jordan at my -- And here's another one for you to me ain't been this Jordan will -- -- -- one here for his mom will kill me. -- disaster when he -- but he's not here though he doesn't yet. And a whole lot of foam -- heart. The is that -- the new penalties however heart -- is a good for you know I'm not -- I'm expecting his second at at February and it. Nutritional facts that leads -- diminished in question. 01 why didn't more technology companies an equal -- -- -- staff for all of the country's -- as the volatile than -- developer and I do it. In in in the world canto in the world of women -- -- does your dad now yeah. I. Until -- can -- it just like -- good -- dissidents and that's what it's how people view -- went over well. And what -- -- -- -- do you -- Give your special somebody -- technology and -- gadget gifts for Valentine's Day is that dangerous territory or is that a OK does the thrill of a friend or or lower your special somebody -- it for like -- -- -- Robin -- it is -- problem however some and other than them possibly a problem in this. By the and it is -- with them. It without assuming its land in a listen if I -- you wanna get them from when I was in dissident architect product like Alexa I don't think Buchanan and the problem again and go to the left -- does that count I mean what a -- while -- imagine -- spent. -- like a lot about -- You know -- is also a bit on Valentine's pick pocket rocket. And welcome to ask me every ST. -- particulates than Valentine's Day gift ideas for tech stuff and -- had a hard time and an Italian I thought of like they'd like to Jawbone -- bought the little kinda rubbery multi colored Bluetooth. Speaker that's okay I felt -- -- -- Xbox controller and iPad for a long time that's an acute if you grow as a gamer and non look at Kendall I think -- Kindle fire nook. -- -- kind of literary -- artistic pretensions I feel like that's all right. Yeah I need to look at cooling Jonathan have a case for your phone your Kindle or some or or or I mean an iPhone. Or just the iPhone owners are well that's good for birthday is nowadays whatever but we're having -- Early on that romantic and -- a gig you give -- community -- gonna give them and I won't wrangle with being a top up wrangle with. Rigorous signal has wrangled not you have on there is -- -- -- -- -- annual all of the more popular with its its single -- might -- he -- most romantic and a app. This. -- So a little like a finger -- go right you can get single fares for your special someone and -- was laying on what do you see that this but I give Earthlink and I just. The -- -- is doing. If you guys can -- when you -- unit at the what do you do. Now you can you can go to use one hand take yours. And you wrong. Off the back. -- and all -- you with you today. How many fingers the eighties and once -- -- needs. -- -- -- -- -- -- If you look it's always felt you two are not compatible for Jody -- friends and that's that then obviously we we receive no revenue treatment -- -- -- in the middle. You're -- to -- gonna move. -- the music that's very -- Valentine's -- friendly music there. And if they have a special downloadable -- they joke they -- I give you round of applause. Do I have been -- -- -- an accident I don't know much about this thing it is now paid out there. Are triggered by the extent that. High yet keeping them the -- -- I have -- -- FF IR. Very exciting and I think you've found the perfect technology Valentine's. And a product you've -- out you don't and all my suggested. Though they go good harbor every -- HD IR DM -- beats edition Sony PlayStation vita. And our favorite to have our favorite Valentine's -- tech gifts and in cool video game on -- you can never go wrong with the -- -- The reason daily around the size is so simple -- and -- -- or I'm not asking for a distance of its -- Just learned items and -- -- of that size and then you know what that gets. And -- is the key guys if you are gonna give your women Valentine's -- down. If -- some more oil in your hand rub hands together -- join us and I'm not just for the old oil on the back because it -- kill and loot exactly she used to -- -- -- and I can squeeze the ketchup bottle and alive and well now -- -- global oil or you warming hands are at the touch of Atlanta as I have edited. Maybe -- maybe some soothing music and -- And then the -- some some legal music streams of -- that their government aero aero or. Equivalent a lot this week. Thank you -- benefit cutting -- hearing your -- and all things Sony related to. You can force. All the shell. Access cnet.com slash Lance guest on FaceBook and basement dot com slash in Atlanta guest on Twitter at give you guessed it at CNET labs can ST got that right and -- on that Dan Ackerman on. Twitter and some day you -- via Twitter as well I'll miss you and them and remotely. I'm not gonna go upload the show right now that people could see a thank you everyone I planned to attend the perfect out -- finger idea -- -- Anglia. Who and then we'll do happy president -- shows welcome quo and are going to be year level paint it. On us or -- Scott died about an -- part of the digital city is better standard of the reason I got it I accidentally -- and down load the viewers' votes.

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