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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1569: Find love on Skout and fall in love with Gene Simmons (all over again)

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1569: Find love on Skout and fall in love with Gene Simmons (all over again)

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On today's Most Epic Buzz Out Loud Episode Ever, we interview the founders of Skout.com and find out there's an easier way to find love and friendship all around you than the way you have to do it in Sweden. Also, how Verizon is trying to murder the Galaxy Nexus and Google is letting it. Plus, David Lucatch (don't get his name wrong, take it from me) and Gene Simmons (yes, THAT Gene Simmons) join us to talk about the magic wand that is Ortsbo. We'd believe it even if Gene didn't say so.

Today is Thursday December 8 2011 mining Stephen -- I have Brian's song and I am Molly Wood and welcome to buzz out loud cnet's podcast of indeterminate length. Weekly it is episode 1569. The most epic episode. In the annals get a -- out -- -- I think this is is unrelated to our show. Could be that we are not we are not messing around. -- that's -- a at all aren't so here's what's gonna happen today first up right off the top of the show we have. So like a computer loved -- special in the house with us we have the Christian -- and and and Nicklas Lidstrom of scouts. The CEO and CTO respectively of scout dot com which is a to meet seems like sort of a social -- of net. Social flirting -- pressure on Apple devices. And down you guys. Am when I first saw the sub the first thing I thought about as a game three trying to solve -- problem for people are for yourself. -- how does not announcement you know sometimes -- -- are advantageous to the developers lot of -- -- for the inspiration comes from men. Doubt is where you're Italy they found love through your business -- yes well you know a bunch of engineers too much beer -- -- in -- -- night. We need canceled -- Object have to be an app for that talking about -- I guess you know that the -- came about laws. We started not that's that. Tool for meeting new people -- the tool for connecting -- difference so it's also you know before Google Latitude -- and when you can check in on Facebook's it was really about. Where -- my friends with the longitude and latitude missiles -- to them. And we could see people moving on a map in real time and we it's like yes this is very very cool but normal that's -- it and then it that's where we. And we didn't feel that vacation. Dead if we -- location to social network that the need enough of the differentiated from FaceBook numbers and dead that's what we looked at different markets like okay. Wouldn't be cool if we could actually help people connect -- other. So instead of visible streaking or social -- that's how people -- -- social -- and that's where aerial scout came to be a social metric from meeting new people and number that more than ten million downloads so far around. Let's say yeah it's the app while you've been around since 2007. Yesterday and then and what is at apps at the sort of the new partner and. And we always animal is and yeah I have an Apple is known. Then so how does -- work I signed up I actually -- a earlier through a easement is but the sign up which by the way I appreciated degrees. I'm -- a little mini tantrum about signing -- -- everything so Yucca and so what I -- immediately was. A collection of photos that can find -- nearby as that the same as the mobile experience. And that I think somebody lets -- and using it can just click the. It's remains to be an iPhone Android or cancer patient yes but if all the -- -- in the people like half mile radius around you're. It's like FaceBook is for you and your friends then the skeletons for you and people that are around you -- And it's a mobile experience you should have it don't you go he should use and on the bus you should check with people today. Think to use so it it's not a big registration form. It's -- 400 questions -- -- -- forum last call more and kind of its audit people discovered services that's more overstating. -- For people that want to check if the. Now have an -- on your phone I got I've -- also imagine that. When you guys -- in 2007 the behavior of consumers and with technology. Like he said before people don't really want. Others to see where they're located right but now you have a lot of uses that a lot more comfortable doing that. A lot more people that are like you know what I don't mind showing people where I am because of how location services exploded. Does that kind of change in our behavior helped out and help out your app and increase the growth at that point -- -- the cooling them and. I would say we thought there was no iPhone since that's you know -- also is a very tough yes at -- time to. To get any distribution whatsoever then -- it -- wasn't any. App platforms app -- so -- so that I think that's really without without the iPhone this will never happen. I -- -- as a result off on iPhone and I think that's really exciting stuff the part of that explosion of technology. And I think for us and if it comes down to providing -- and a safe experience where you couldn't figure out exactly or someone is. So you know we don't declare exactly where someone -- little dude don't half a mind if you would in 200 people -- -- have no Christian has been anathema. So we it would build -- in the way where anyone can use it and be comfortable using it and avoid the disasters you know -- -- you can do -- Pinpoint Solomon a map you know -- -- less than that and you can go. Then knock knock on the shoulders like AS volume on service I recently actress and. Out that scenario is exactly what I was imagining analysts feel a little nervous about -- -- was a picture and then they saw you over and you know like. Yeah so it's not as it's not as local as the bar -- your necessary now. You're talking -- right while you couldn't figure out where someone is exactly. Pad but don't -- we have units basically who is around in the area at and and -- to demand you know and yet grant to let you tap the model. And then and then you can have you can tap the people. You don't have to reading and personal information if you don't want to see you can -- it on screen name. Uploaded pictures he wants and then it says. And the communication tool would be -- this more like Mike estimates it can do it in real time we can do a synchronous and it works really well for mobile users so all. Then if you know we have our. Guidelines -- Where and how should unique -- a friend. Meet in public places and aviation and go to death or parking -- to -- in the morning. Get up that doesn't -- -- are now. All. Items -- announcing deals month on facts that allow. Sixty year old man posing an eighteen year old girls do you have any identity verification built in people's -- apparatus kind of opened her. We don't have an identity verification but we do have a very robust dead and community moderation. You know procedures but also tools -- for instance we have the and -- -- -- -- called the -- -- there. That. Yeah it. The user. That day you know these super Smart stuff for kids build process says it's it's a never network that it learned -- fingerprint bad people and when when it discovers a bad person it surfaces to it. Tor has support staff -- review all of these reports but I'm also every user can report people so there's someone who you don't -- compliment -- someone is lying about their age or whatever it might be. You can report them and and report gets reviewed by. At least one person and if you're a bad guy or -- -- spam or whatever it might be we will. -- Q and you can never use your iPhone or Android device again so. In and we. Probably not where -- 40000 people every month so we -- yeah we. Wow that's a lot of -- -- haters can look at and it can you can think it will -- Creek -- -- that is off. It wants out of a permanent audio -- -- that -- -- you -- talk about anything creepy and. So where does that -- -- Coordinator. Set -- at I think there's something fundamental in -- network where your -- to meet new people. You don't have a social graph to sort of key missing control seats as some people feel like well my -- -- -- -- I can actually be more more of a daredevil and and also to people we have to weed out some -- it very different. At a community moderation problem that -- say FaceBook -- FaceBook events we'll keep you -- -- control and temples all we have stuff so. I think that's been almost the hard problems we've solved which we put a lot of energy into how can we provide a safe and clean experience for users. I think that's that it's very important. Now another thing I notice in the app is that. You guys are also kind of have this credit system. And that's -- kind of a way to monetize your I guess users' activities can you talk about how you implemented that into that because some people. I -- I'm not sure you know I'm assuming some people think like a competing -- -- might be something like grinder and they kind of changed they're different. But you guys that this kind of monetization. In -- apps that -- yes -- about that a little bit behind what the motivations are behind the. You -- -- -- we don't believe it monthly subscription -- at hand afforded dollars a month to chat with people should hold -- free. So it be building them -- system it -- -- features like finding people chatting with people getting push notifications everything it's free. If you want at all -- or. Self promote yourself that a bit suggestion by premium placement. Can be seeing you -- -- senior can -- the goats and drink -- He doesn't yet due to be indicative of an online -- To be noticed and that the author of how -- it right did I hit it off line. I gotta say I logged in and then on these -- or give me gas well that doesn't happen and I was showing up grumbling how within. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- our way there does this it was an Oracle does know about our. I haven't noticed -- I -- -- -- I'm a meandering around. I don't know who thinks I'm hot. Tips in the column to predict how to put up the good picture of how to create your profile throughout -- and you get all the times. There are tips like if you don't have labs use a char repeated -- and I'm not. On the other other things like. So if we wanted to get on specifically because we have this segment called computer love the review on the show every once a month and hunt this Saturday is telling her role. I wish that we have some actual computer -- questions and -- throw your way -- will keep the office but -- but in general how do you think that. Kind of dating in the modern media age has changed this is a huge part of it but it is it harder or easier to meet people -- -- I think it's. That. So some I think there's something. And the grab mission for us is to really field. This global network where you can need to keep an anonymous crack that now and that's what's very exciting mobile video. And the approach we took also -- the approach to it because and a half before -- all households in the US or. Managed by a single person and -- -- It says paint on from all the people but there's also other bed dimensions to the service -- nothing funny but it percent of people on -- Justin looking for friends. And we just now launched actually yes that it -- -- iPhone version we can you can say that you are in the relationship -- -- -- -- looking for friends or. Party or -- -- something -- something bigger where you know. FaceBook clearly -- -- the social graph. That's what their own interest graph Skype phones communication online but no one owns the global access to the global platform from meeting new people and that's -- -- wanna do. And wanted to today half -- traffic its international saw -- we are huge in places like Seoul Korea Singapore Hong Kong London. Were not so big in the Bay Area. For some reason it's more than just yet -- more to mainstream markets where we have been able to go to. Like LA it's really be New York cities and -- largest metro and. -- discussed is kind of anti social. And in pupil sum in a weird -- -- only. The I think some people are in a -- way wrapped up with their technology -- sometimes and this happens -- is that just too busy to and a organist sometimes you probably sending your guys are offices are out here I mean. You ever walk -- -- -- -- you guys are not it and you know you guys -- well put together gentleman but do ever do people lever like. It's you know I don't get half smiles as much here that I do maybe in other cities new law by people. It found that I have read that pulls the law this that'd be someone who move here and in -- piper lost the cold San Francisco. But you -- coming from Sweden where you have to be -- to talk to people actually quite social here and oh yeah. In the -- in Europe you don't talk to strangers if you're not says you know -- basically it's all. -- I think. I think you know San Francisco people are very friendly and but by Jerry says people amenities of their devices and -- in another -- days and all your from -- information out like you at all. -- that I got that chemically. Public -- -- are -- -- original -- here marina or the listeners look -- -- in the suburbs and it's even our insulin like. Piano teacher yeah -- -- now yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You guys work on the team -- have have you guys actually use this -- in May -- cities you haven't been too. Actually meet people because I always like to know are you guys actually using brick like how often -- use their app or you know is -- more like you've built a tool for the people use. It's okay to be honest here. -- maybe just learning how blood from -- have to use. You have to see that it works and that's actually the bigfoot in part to give the product you use himself you see that you can actually meet other people in an element vehicles. -- okay I saw it. I'm curious. It's a question has got to be pretty positive. Do you have any success stories there was anybody ever emailed you and then -- went. -- -- -- -- -- -- So no we haven't looked every you -- But science and today we'll have at least. On average one connection with someone they haven't tested it before and a connection we define -- -- six messages back and forth. And we've seen statistically when you sent six messages back and forth that you stop commenting on each other's pictures and sending virtual gifts the -- it needs to dead and more. Deep engagement. That's just it's very cool and it seems like less weight less of a commitment and an actual dating site like for -- and -- comfortable with sort of saying. I'm on I'm available or -- an online it's much more -- -- or drive by. Yeah and him we we built it to be Apple's sort of similar Caceres in the bar you know making going to a bar when your friends and hang out you can -- based on the TV. Maybe yes if -- to work or not. And -- this part of every human I think explorer. In a where -- we want to meet new people and seeing new places and that's all we. What we -- cater to. That you know there's all these cool people on this network and I'm never alone -- -- -- chat with someone -- always someone out -- -- I can connect to it and now all of the connections and that this happened locally but also -- -- global connections you know it might have a guy in San Francisco -- Says it again early in Japan and there's still this magical connection after someone on the other line engaging and talking to me right now six. And I think it's very cool that no we have to people who would never need them -- -- able Donald discount them boom. They met and you might have a new best friend -- you know it might be and you go from boyfriend and yet week we have manages some. I'm sure we have they should be Skelton -- in the world as well and Apple lie yeah I -- the success stories yeah baby yeah -- nominates. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You gathered that -- like that need a bunch more I don't. So what when you first started this venture what what would you define kind of how this -- would be successful for you. In a world bullet of what did you measure of success you guys because we can -- idea. 2007. There hasn't gotten there to the point is it more about -- people -- each -- it you know X amount of users what what's the successfully if you guys. I think for -- also has been important to its build something that estimate that was a little bit better and can help people -- it to some extent. As salts -- build an affinity app that yes for spending my time because I'm bored of us and something wanted to do -- -- to really impact and change people's lives to do better. And and that's not that's what I think we do every day for a -- all the people that. -- -- and and we clearly see this funding will be back and people some people are I mean this says this is worse than that going to jail for. It Alia ads on the jail facility Google decides it says I'm not looking -- routes that put him -- -- -- -- it says it. And also access for -- this recession. And we him. -- ten X the business in twelve months and I would for the people in the company now and we haven't faced an institutional money so it -- -- -- says. In this crappy way -- -- -- -- to build this on our own would win this support dating and investors Canada and you know we wanna do not a ten excellent text defendants have months fresh -- and out of the not attend next and it's that I think services like -- are inevitable because it says the -- a few billion Smartphones and a few years and humming of them wants to meet new people and if you. Pause fast forward five years from now and you look back and -- satin. Meeting people using your cell phone. Of course the greatest yeah so I think it says it's inevitable and having had a really good -- owning the school's base. Well good -- as thank you so much for company coming by the Terry Jones and it is -- -- lead. And I think it's only fair to tell you that's an area that's anybody else out nicknames so different and changed username to that did they give me with -- -- -- -- -- So that the site is Scott dot com the app is called out on IOS and Mandarin as yet KO UT KO UT gonna check -- out and we also have a game rental. Boy oh boy are all -- -- -- I'm name. And -- it's the number -- yet. What's with the number one number is right and render that's really is really that this cowboys and the grinder is going and -- -- and I girls. -- grader has a great Chernobyl alien version offered the ladies. We don't opinion that's coming soon and -- and early next imperil a girl her her little girl up and. It will play out for a little early girl -- the end. Hopefully I can say -- to bill me later. Belatedly get their apps -- -- we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we have a passel. A whole collection of galaxy nexus news none -- -- good unknown man an Xbox update or to the touch pads are coming back and we'll have Gene Simmons from kiss on Skype talking about his start up. Or to bow ports a -- because it is just. Yeah no epic -- I'll -- things in a minute or -- C does. You are watching those -- seen as podcasts. In determines that doing this. The drugs now on the sauce lover and now all my goodness how appropriate fish. Welcome back about fell out every line up we just raptor interview with the wonderful leads from plant -- from scout dot com. We have a little bit and needs to get to burst -- want to let you know that there is a new. IPad app out they probably wanna check out -- has -- new iPad app and its super. Super useful for accessing all of the CNET stuff all of our stories articles and video content and it actually and it works guys. I've I've tried it out for the past few days so it's working. And actually works -- those that we're like it's -- -- alert it works and has an adorable photograph of Donald bell spells like a general guide shows like apparel and and now -- anything -- -- of -- album art for the whole thing Bertelsmann. -- let's get some news real quick because we have a Gene Simmons from kiss here to talk about ports mode outcome that's coming up at eleven burst. Verizon delays the launch of the galaxy nexus this was the headline I want -- -- that I -- on Twitter in the middle of a staff meeting yesterday and -- me to be like. -- -- Out cnet's Molly I think that this is completely okay because they've never promised us a date. So there and it did you know it because they have a proms is world campus they had -- they they have not officially promised that any thing. Although the phone has been out in Europe for a month while -- three weeks or something it's. You guys it's just bad. Worse -- there is still no official even potentially everyone was leaning on Friday the ninth which was going to be this Friday. That's not gonna happen -- And I have it in maybe there's more to be done and also in -- -- of related -- some of the features. That have been confirmed that will not be supported on -- on the galaxy nexus. From Verizon Verizon -- will not be supporting that Google wallet feature now this is one of those kind of when we heard about the galaxy Nexus One of those killer features then that would help push us an usher us -- in -- you know the mobile payment. Generation which plenty of countries that Japan has been using for years but it was one of those things were like hey this is new technology -- school that will not be support on the galaxy nexus it's. It's actually even worse than not being supported in fact apparently Verizon asked Google. Not to include Google wallet functionality in the galaxy nexus which is equipped with an NFC chip that would make at. Totally possible Google wallet of course the platform the Google has been heavily behind. Verizon has attempted in statements to. -- -- -- Google wallet as something or an NFC mobile payment technology is something insecure and they're just a little bit unsure about it like that kind of -- but they say we're not blocking it were just not sure about the hardware security implementation of an ST tipster just delete the word just we asked -- not to include that for now. Also I don't know if he was. -- on the side here -- we happen to be working on our you know our own NFC payment system literally at our other carriers that. That doesn't isn't compatible globally wanna do it on her own certainly it's not like politics elusive consortium of other carriers other three majors minus sprint -- T-Mobile AT&T and Verizon that happened to be part of cases consortium that is. Pushing a Google a competitor. But that's got nothing to do and -- -- -- you know -- also gonna put a couple of Verizon based apps on your nexus because they look so good there too. Love that can't wait it can't wait to crap up your pure Android experience -- out connected as far as I'm concerned I mean this is like. So all this is so old school Verizon so back in the day when they crippled Bluetooth because they have their own file transfer technology and when the -- but. The fact that they are building a competitive app they've also delayed this for I don't know how long for whatever reason it it just feels like a hit job on this phone. And also. What is Google doing. -- what if if Verizon comes to you and says I mean this is -- is exactly why there were all those reports that. You know Steve Jobs was trying to build its own network for the iPhone because nobody wants into -- with carriers. Since they tend to be this evil pretty often. But why is Google allowed in this at their whole deal was get behind Android for -- will Google hasn't really put a statement out about what's happening -- they're really letting. Verizon dictate the terms of this agreement with this phone. And -- -- they're not standing up for their platform. They're not making it easier for us to be supporting -- -- it's. Verizon is controlling this relationship and also built in. But I do feel like Google needs to -- -- because what they are letting Verizon do it's just absolutely kill. Any -- any moment and -- on might have had it mean for it to be coming out on December ninth was bad enough. Going into the holiday season went one for -- has been on the shelves for all this time already. For it to now becoming out at some later date we don't know when now -- now there's talk to maintenance make -- part -- -- and will be completely being blocked and no it won't. Like they're killing this thing better than a cockroach it just got a shot at rain. That congress just can't -- -- I think that -- that was an interesting analogy I would blame also from the carrier side though. You've got to imagine that C right now the people that have been anticipated -- for this phone because it was the ice cream sandwich phone. Still not out yet they're they're the ones -- be the most -- but the carrier themselves. If in a sick way if there -- other phones including the four S and whatever other phones -- role -- with right now are doing okay they may not really care. That this phone isn't launching -- if their numbers. Are okay what there is looking at the bottom line rate. -- they're not necessarily looking that we need to get. This amazing new Android phone they're looking at how our sales during a keynote -- week. Which is kind of mosey on around with the nexus I -- -- until we really need to put up there like that's. They're not being hurt by not releasing this -- them. More and more and more people are really coming around you -- -- -- to realizing that if you want a decent Android experience at this -- -- -- ecosystem you have to get -- and nexus phone. The -- and an experience I feel like unfortunately. They have this one great option for people who are fed up with all of the crap -- that's been a part of Android phones but that out with -- with a custom U lies the things that maybe people don't want. Then they. EU sort of gets the point where where I -- where I felt like nexus was the only option for handwritten and now it's -- taxes mean. It's gonna be in flaky like there like a sign in just -- casting co -- Android -- and he said like look at item press I'm at the point where I'm ready to give up on its ecosystem. And I'm he's more than willing to route and go through all of the -- and months of of at life with Android. If he's ready to give up like this is -- -- -- all the people that there are sorry to give -- that's that's the biggest issue right there now. I -- losing customers Antuan governments -- that this is like -- make or break situation with him if he's he's done. Now. Unless you're willing to buy it unlocked and import it. IPhone new show I'll -- a new show on our network will be now called Apple analysts -- It into the hits just kept uncommon for Andrew this week actually there's a -- -- -- -- recent Google engineering intern and undermine -- put up a big post on Google+ explaining a detailed explanation. Of basically the code based reason -- we have speculated over and over talked about the fact that. Android anecdotally at least it's just like leg he it's more -- -- sluggish it's not very responsive especially compared to IOS and Windows Phone 7. And this guy got that Google+ -- and we're in for humans as an intern and here's why here's the code reason. In fact it's real. And it's true and the basic reason is that Android. Prioritizes. Tasks on the phone more an -- in a method that is more similar to windows they're killing it in the background -- queuing in in the background they're prioritizing. Graphics. As a normal priority. Where IOS has graphics rendering cute as a real time priorities and users can self managed which priorities are rendered in the -- -- -- sort of like deciding for you. And then the result is when -- trying to do a bunch of things that -- me. He gets a little -- quicksand. So that's a bomber also they say that in some cases -- is running on an optimal hardware but it is in fact like it coding decision they made it leads to slow down on the phone. I mean even when you look at some of these phones technically they really are superior from A from a raw processing power standpoint. The manure doesn't -- a New Orleans right and but they're still they still have those moments where you feel like it's a little like -- like when I was when we were doing these price fight between these phones. I'd be like that's a little snooty to complain that you can feel the lag in some places but it's just a fact rate. It's not all the time but you can definitely feel anyone who knows knows. But really it comes down to how it right now it's been -- -- be built behind the scenes than it is really the hardware for these newer phones. By the way Google has had no official response I'm neither the -- nexus thing or in this Lander and will never be as fluid as I western -- -- -- -- sentiment so far so far. RS handwritten. Happy new -- happy news in the Android world and in the tablet IOS world. On live we know about that service where you stream your video games. Through this like this little mini box like it either go to your TV set or your PC without having actually have any -- hardware. Online gaming is now con -- to Android and IOS devices so if you have an Android tablet right now. You can check this out it's rolling out for -- pretty soon but this allows you to play games console games like. Are -- -- Assassin's creed directly on your tablet. It's been streamed to your system. And then you have whether it's a Bluetooth controller that you can use -- even adapted these games that have to believe in just for controllers. Into physical touch screen controls on the touts as well this is this is crazy hot because a hot -- One of the complaints about mobile gaming is always been you're not getting. Console level graphics and you know we have a video route review preview of the data in action and not only is this gonna work on tablets but also. Hopefully phones that hopefully come out by Verizon like. The galaxy -- -- -- really big screens that would be awesome for mobile gaming itself like that oxy nexus. Is one of the phones that is suppose -- -- -- with the service of it all it all comes together people. IOS. Version is not -- in the App Store is likely moving through the Apple approval process hopefully. Meanwhile another gaming news -- tablets the my Xbox Live that while the Xbox big dashboard update did finally -- -- roll out there were some starters but now it's. It's coming out. -- technique -- has it a breakdown how on how unfortunately. It includes a very Sony like provision. That says that you cannot sue Microsoft if something goes wrong today I learned about one. Wits end and since Sony got so much heat for that we have dimension and then now I want it now Microsoft has that is well you have to agree to binding arbitration and not. The court of -- Remedy or a class action lawsuit if for example they get hacked and seventy million users Information Minister feel like. To be a problem so that's. -- however apparently my Xbox Live -- super cool. Only abdicate this is a machinery and why this thing is cool it's IOS -- this is the -- separate but they could see that that's -- -- and Xbox avatar with my dog that you normally see under console they haven't rigged -- -- and -- avatars -- around the optical. Being in its swisher Harris street -- they know no Cisco and I had been able to incorporate my here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fired up about it but I have to say -- the Xbox Live update that I've heard some negative stories about that read up about one is that -- they apparently repeat the got rid of Netflix party viewing what's. Eight -- -- when the Internet anyway we can out about that that's. -- use and -- girl and now I mean only wild really -- meet the other -- we watched series all the time I see I just updated it yesterday but we haven't. Tried to do Netflix they got rid of Netflix sharing Netflix party ends it is -- -- -- sixty dashboard update hopefully we I don't know. -- the first having the Mike. The -- you've heard of it. There's -- little things. No you know people are freaking out about this this is how we are -- this doesn't know where little LD right now long distance and now and hopefully it is. Like a bug or so I'm gonna shoot somebody. But -- fortunately Microsoft issued a statement saying the new Apple app from an Xbox does not support the video party must feature at this time. So -- not be available in any existing app partners that have updated their apps like Netflix or any of the new Xbox app features are partners. I don't know why they would do that. I really don't I'm seriously depressed right -- Aren't immune to relate to it like every week. I mean the -- we do Netflix yesterday if it. So far for anything. All right you can blame MP is an iPad -- like this story definitely do not blame. Microsoft and I just go ahead and director -- right where it belongs that the MPAA. And I guarantee that this is that they consider it like an unauthorized -- I guarantee this I don't know it was. It was allowed before. I gotta imagine that they wanted to rolled this thing out AS AP -- and that's like one of those things that they didn't care about I gotta imagine that the campaign it was like you do what now. I -- with -- -- like two years. A year and a half. I and I no longer live -- via cable -- along because I'm a free consent pandering -- sad -- and didn't mean curricular elements at all anyway is in May be. Sad but almost scary but kind of hilarious but better news is -- I did lot -- that I did there's a mix of emotions. You guys might have heard about the Mythbusters. Episode shooting that went. Horribly wrong where they pretty much launched a cannonball into a residential area that went through homes while people -- in those homes. Jumped across sidewalks a landed they cannonball it was -- -- -- esthetic hairs and -- penetrated houses. Went through a household to people are sleeping. Jumped a street. Went over to another house and then landed in a minivan after the father had just -- it he said minutes before it. Landed in the car that crazy stuff. It was insane and apparently. Adam savage and Jamie -- have personally been stopping by tube partly they've been making house calls to apologize. To residents of Dublin California which is where it happened it that they were on -- firing range the cannonball parents and -- They valves regulate weird metal bouncing is and they it jumped to the water barrels -- -- to show slow it down jumped this Canon. Urgent that's a barricade and then went into -- residential area. And so they they are going around during house calls of you live in Dublin you know that's exciting I did a good thing is no one actually was hurt they could -- -- -- -- It could've been horrible -- known -- actor -- so and then it's kind of mean -- news.com has holes. -- whole story up on. Some of incidents that have happened in a pastors goner on -- A lot of it actually is is like how many times the people on the show get kicked in the net. Ship which apparently as. Often. -- Often. And in pictures where Mythbusters I don't blame them now because I -- apparently -- -- This is fascinating but don't expect win here now all they go to -- -- ago. Hop doc or on on -- -- on -- treadmill extra. It's not there's another and Smart about what the idea that it's just off from treadmills probably not a good thing but I don't look -- said that he had the firing range apparently has been their for a really really long time in the city of Dublin let them build houses way to closer. Chin in just a longer launching range. That's -- and you don't there's house's new -- they know that. They had a bunch of barriers that -- -- ball -- Menino. Mr. cannon ball -- status mid resembles thin light and -- home to jump sidewalks and land in minivans like -- was some scary stuff. -- it up real quick before we get to Gene Simmons HP is offering the 99 dollar touchpad and line last -- -- Funding each day they'll be selling the sixteen gig and 32 gig for 99 and 149 for one -- only. They're expected to be refurbished models not brand new but it will be on December 11 animals to -- to tell you that because I'm I don't know if. All if you want to video player for for your airplane ride and -- -- but otherwise. I'm an uneven motivated -- these things happen in about anymore looked webos -- kind of over so I was -- -- for a while. You know that I want -- -- -- -- for it I'm sorry NORAD is going to be tracking Santa clauses progress on Christmas -- one thing today in mid day that actual tracking -- at 3 PM December 24 GMT. Plus eighteen. And then you can watch the entire flight path while you're waiting theirs they they have the 20101 as a video I am. I'll tell you -- is going to be on Christmas Eve he's gonna be in my house -- milk and cookies he always has come every year and -- -- for him to show the week. That's -- reasonably. -- We Madonna NORAD that the -- -- legally do to don't do reverently with a credit card don't know it's announcing and do not due process and when. If you got a HP test center southeast suffered an if you got a 99 dollar toy for -- -- -- -- you've got it you can contracts. Anyone else in time for -- Are -- -- -- I -- -- myself islets is real -- don't let it affect. Okay real -- this is hot. -- games gone mad two stories here fruit ninja bring in the apply she's. A -- saying plessy. And ain't chopped -- watermelon. That watermelon guys not even in the freaking game of because they're no watermelon eyeballs and -- -- I -- they will do anything at this point like when I first I got this press release in the mail like fruit ninja plus sees what on earth can that possibly be. Like the -- -- waste of time is the fruit juice and -- form. I -- droplets I do like a watermelon guy even though he doesn't -- it's adorable now and then normal and then Angry Birds -- -- known that they have just lost their minds but. Gotta give them props for this I don't know -- -- I'm saying I think it's horrible but it's horribly -- Its commitment -- dull life of one of the executives from Rovio they were -- -- presidential Independence Day reception in Finland. She showed up in -- -- that not even. Is both -- the Angry Birds SE -- down. With a rented. Out Finland -- that the -- Presidential Palace I said that. I know he did -- -- -- -- president was there -- reiterating like the precedent. Or maybe the king I don't even know if they actually have president. The thing about it is if you have my ignorance weeds are here admit that -- -- standing about as if you didn't know it looks abstract enough where you wouldn't know listening -- it looks like it could just be a generic pattern. With a big though -- no problem is I've I've. That is one big black and yes it -- I bet I'm so embarrassed for her and -- she does look users but sees angry. You -- -- and rant. Isn't angry. And the red. -- -- -- -- And if you're gonna be -- got to me you can't write a blue one that breaks open the theory that doesn't war and editor in -- -- ball I don't know what is the more sort of blatant cynical attempt at money grabbing -- -- to wearing an Angry Birds. Ball down or fruit ninja pledge is listed as its I want outlook watermelon now there's -- -- and of the -- he wants to -- math and om nom nom nom so cute. We're gonna take a break for about six or seven minutes -- while we get the folks from -- smell on the line. And then we will be right back with that interview it's David -- attack CEO of ortho alongside Gene Simmons on Skype. We'll be talking to them in just minutes -- you don't go anywhere and if you guys like our show today zealously Sharon does I think I'm pretty good itself I'm I'm gonna that's. And browsing as -- Welcome back to buzz out loud everyone has promised we have on Skype with us -- that detect the CEO of or its -- and Gene Simmons who is spokesman -- a spokesman for -- -- Well first let's correct area Myst no I actually votes were -- -- you -- Dave -- touch. I totally mean David Katz Dave I totally said your name earlier you could help to girl out on Allen loudly and I guy halo yes thank you for Kristina Dudley now or it's -- David -- and tell us about the product but also -- tells the story of how you guys. Came together and really. Your passing behind this product itself. -- product isn't. Is really the right word as far as I'm concerned that some magic -- when we were all growing well we've heard about the the biblical -- week. Tower of Babel and how mankind was arrogant and we want to go to -- and challenge god and all this social what -- it was created all the different languages. And of course and and suing. As the process is created chaos the differences between humanity Begin and end with language that sells not for the first time. If you -- -- is. Team of wizards that literally created. The ability you have to be able to communicate with anybody -- hurts almost in any language. Instantaneously in real time with our needs for me it is your purchase is going to be going -- on 100 city worldwide tour. This summer. To show all the little boys -- the big boys do it because your growth -- lines -- -- And how do you know about me personally like that you gotta wonder. Innocent as you started talking I didn't do which. To be -- our -- And if you -- he has met -- I'm an advocate it amounted to more important -- cash flow or slow dot com for those are not organism -- Or you can go on the dot go to awards will dot com I'll take what this means. Let's say you know somebody in a wrong one tunnels -- -- -- you don't speak. RC. What you know their phone number okay so what you do is go to ports -- dot com. You log on to your FaceBook account -- normally do it pick your language which in this case -- -- that arrest. And then you start -- hey might have reportedly guy's name is what's up. It comes out and pharmacy now that magic of this is that Mohamed in Iran. Gets it and pharmacy doesn't have to be on -- -- he just answers -- -- who's this I don't know who that it comes back it goes out RC comes back due in English. In real time so you can get an -- personal but now I mean it's literally change in the world. Paul Stanley nine adopted. -- world checked. Which is now -- verify metrics firm by the Guinness book of records is the world's biggest -- In history. We had over a hundred countries -- ninety languages I don't know how many. But to us instance Steven -- -- -- worldwide Shah and Steve Nash this is becoming. Beyond the PR. Yes a pardon me so it looks like. I hate technological language I -- I -- platforms on my shoes. You don't want to operate as what I mean and English see this. -- a kiss brand itself on me again it did how did I know you're gonna do that in both because there are powerful and attractive match. -- not you can take this thing -- your magic want. And you go on forceful or use the -- -- -- and it's your Gateway to speak any language. Instantaneously. With any book and I don't know how else to describe and potentially -- the end our audience totally understand technological language that so I. But I just can't aside from the commerce of good stuff -- most people can use it free. Which you -- text somebody and Iran -- Africa and Swahili you can do. No charge to you -- so this is actually good for humanity. Imagine the Arab Spring in what happened there and instead of depending on CNN which is liberally license ops which is perhaps not so whatever anybody else's prices -- you couldn't find out so -- China. Political business whatever -- next year. By using -- or expose. Them doorway that opens up the possibilities of who knows what. -- uncle David wants China. David stated that there. I -- to the guy who brings -- the technology but yes gene -- genes a 100% right in and just about your earlier question. When we should -- this the first time we were able to connect him through FaceBook whenever staff members. And he talked to her chat with her in Hungarian. She have receded in Chinese she -- to back in French and he received a back into English almost instantaneously. That's amazing on that believe know -- one and this is kind of also strikes. A personal -- David talked to us earlier this mentioned how when -- in his country you didn't speak English and this year a multi lingual. I -- -- -- yeah machine now I'm currently linguists. Wrote that -- your. I think I -- I -- if I understand that we -- -- -- -- our technology language lexicon. I don't. -- I do speak a few languages but I did at the old fashioned way. I have to learn. What what this what ports -- enables people to do is to connect and communicate. Instantaneously without having to go through the agony of learning a new language. It's made my life so much easier. And Americans really are -- we believe that either English is or should be the world language. But it's no longer the case. Yes our movies are seen around the world -- rock and roll is still the language arts English and so on English shall which are brought pro. But let me tell us the specifics. Just in terms of the statistics. Are hollow languages are growing or sentinels. How well this is doing how well rendered in Portuguese to -- I -- in the last ten years English is on 281%. Which is a -- growth -- Portuguese has grown 990%. A Chinese Spanish over 12100%. It's -- -- that recent stats show that Russian. Has grown over 18100%. In -- -- years. So if you're not able to communicate in these emerging opportunities. Opportunistic countries. And and if you're looking to do business in these countries you're gonna be left by the wayside what we're seeing which is very interesting and G has been part of this. Is that a lot of American companies are coming to us say and saint west. You know we wanna go outside our borders -- want to do business around the world who are expand. Our company's economy and to do that we need to communicate with our friends around the world. And we're helping companies like. Disney DreamWorks today MTV I don't know if you -- and and TVs having -- -- best new bands. -- were best -- -- the world and or -- powering the worldwide chat and the translation. Of the MTV. Here's a question do you think is there possibility that -- as technology like this spreads because it is so. It's it is so amazing and facilitates that immediate conversation -- -- obviate the need to learn other languages do you think that in the future we will just. While communicating our native languages. That's running who speaks a few languages. Are can actually speak Hungarian -- greeted -- Which is to say that the easiest way to learn a language is six years. Well the only way to make it imprint it is to see. To see the language being written to let -- -- Roll those words and connect it received usual or it's not so when I did. The Orr spoke traps. And Gary and freshen breath you -- -- console -- it came in an English but I actually sort of the original language as well. Yes I can connect it went in terms -- -- first easy communication. And and an immense learning tool. If not I can add to that we've recently signed an agreement with a company called China Green. And part of it is to develop. Early learning programs. For Chinese television news sports spoke so we we also believe that a lot of people as its -- as stated. Is that the the learn visually -- by hearing and and so a lot of people might speak I'd like to cult TV English but they don't -- -- -- -- and if you ask any specially teenager today. They're -- less time on the phone and more time chatting on tax. So we bridge a larger -- gaps we've also recently announced that we've made an investment in the company in Israel to do full voice translation. And we believe that'll help medical emergency rooms are governments. Were also looking at things like our customer service online. So you've got a call senator India location let's face and the Philippines. Or in India well it's quite a premium. If you can even find someone to speak Vietnamese. And now we can enable those call centers to communicate with people around the world regardless of the language -- they speak. It -- so I saw an interview you did about -- though is that. You guys built this application -- six weeks and it seems like a serious like serious undertaking to put all these languages and how did you guys pull that off at six weeks. Well we've built initial. -- from its six weeks has taken -- seventeen months to continue to grow it. We haven't rebuilt and we realized how popular it would be initially and so we had a we had a traditional infrastructure and you know basically you know not -- to to get technical but in general server -- and racks all the kind of stuff and within nine months. We found very quickly that we outpaced. -- took FaceBook three years to achieve twelve million unique visitors a month. And we had a major decision and a major decision was. I had a two million dollar purchase order on the table for one of the major vendors to buy computers -- nine news at the moment I bought those computers. They would be with at least if -- at most 50% and we are we're very fortunate had a wonderful relationship ongoing with Microsoft for years. And we're very close to Microsoft in in what they were doing on the measure cloud platform. And we made a decision we didn't wanna have happened would happen with Twitter were twit was Browning out in the UK -- it just could not install. It's just servers fast enough -- -- -- -- the Microsoft cloud and in fact the first time we use a cloud was at the kiss event in May at the Beverly Hills Hotel. And done we were able to accommodate hundreds of thousands of users. Almost instantly scale up almost instantly and by the time you finish that ninety minute chat. We still had 5000. Questions from in the queue for Paul and gene that about a one of the questions that our retirement -- actually in the house scalable -- -- It's it's. -- -- -- When uncle David starts talking in -- article also. I get all excited answers routes and amber waves of state now I want to organize this for second time. -- -- -- -- -- Now the young lady who actually -- Skype and -- the process of technology got to press this passwords just give me a sharp objects like until muscle. So company humanize listens to -- how this affects a person this is -- prepared. Statement. -- this is one thorough wonderful PR people -- nutritional. Adds now I want to what you wanna sit in my seat -- -- restoring good mutual re. About your boyfriend and rational. And what language you speak to ordinary cancel lease sit down -- Clients and actually I am. From my boyfriend's family is -- only -- -- any address Andy are progression based on the aggression. And I was not and I want to send them a fun -- Message and tell them in each instance used -- -- editors Edward in the united and I. I'm since -- and -- now and then also over on the -- -- and in and access. And it is our youth and it really yeah well I. -- Well that's who they can make love happen anywhere they Gina I have a question com or spill has a variety of languages. That it supports. Doesn't support the language of love something that you know a lot about a want to ask why doesn't dolls -- yes -- story is yet let's hear it let's Eric as a very different story outstanding ID -- many stories I wanna hear that you can learn something chromium and well. As the male of the species just learn to crawl rule does it -- The answer to it to -- -- pride and self respect behind the answer is she's always right. If it's not if that -- walking in the woods by themselves as he still wrong ladies. Absolutely absolutely. I looked up in -- you -- -- -- -- the story that you told me. So so what Beijing calls instead and in Intel's in this wonderful story that. That all the sudden he is receiving several months ago. He's receiving all the sweet nothings are on here is our cellphone but for all of -- -- and and it's it's from Shannon. And he -- to Shannon he says Shannon when did you learn to speak Hungarian. And where jeweler to speak and -- she says I didn't -- issues Orr spoke so it is the language of love. -- they you know -- -- it is a little nerdy questions or -- the second and the nerd in Germany can help it. Are you -- has did you build -- ask if you build your own algorithm are you licensing some translation and I. We out we have our own algorithms that it is currently under patent protection and and and -- so we don't talk too much better -- We do we do focus on the experiential part of the of of communication. So where needed we do have partners but are. Primary focuses -- -- -- in fact so much so that what we're doing now is we're bringing in. One of the universities to help us with machine learning because we believe there's better ways to deal with the algorithm. And what's really cool as were bringing in our crowd sourcing -- -- so you'll be able to help fine -- certain. Learning tremors of the language system silverlight is -- knock on what will we -- -- old that we use at the what does it mean and how does translate. So those kind of things were bringing in so the crowd. Typical crowd sourcing the crowd can assist us in making the -- that that's -- admin again passionate Powell handle spam and parents are not spam -- and we'll be able to learn. And it just. Or I'm on the platform is -- -- while longer platforms. Are actually exact nobody likes that that's is a recipe for a broken -- right their they -- keynote let technology do you actually use yourself we saw you rack your iPhone with your rom. Test case the lawyer does is it just really your phone -- use primarily. Those aren't you lose all the technology YouTube but I don't want -- -- the intricacies of it I drive a truck and oughta get one place to another. But I don't want the engineered -- -- you know the mechanic would ever open -- pollutants are talking about Carter's -- marketers I just wanna press to grow. And then press to stop that's it and so that's why local courts -- it is an astonishing tool. For communication for business for social -- -- anything you want. But it's easy I don't have to know what you guys and all you don't have to be key to use or -- every. It straight it really is remarkable thank you guys so much for coming on we can't wait to give -- the trendy to gets more international -- yet they should let all the clinical under the support Danish I have a bunch of new DeLia and does yeah. -- -- -- And on yourself -- always -- to have. -- my dog. All you. Little -- and a gene are we gonna -- -- unions oral what's up with that I is that NASA before we end because I wanted to -- And it actually doesn't matter because a kiss now has that the kiss golf course but just opened last there -- -- problem. You should get out some kind of play. I have an action figure of you have my house that says it's kind of weird -- bid in my bedroom for years. If I -- -- I I edit. The -- nights. -- -- speak the same language meant they Jean C era master merchandising and all your years of all the awesome products that you put together what is mean your favorite and most profitable. Well -- -- -- -- so -- the most recent and most recent one is the kiss hello kitty. Joint venture around the world which debuted in ninety countries -- -- -- Other kiss -- joint. Brian just hit the -- progress you'll be seeing -- -- where are summit are our faces and songs. But my two favorite items after -- the -- condoms and the kiss caskets. -- -- up well because we'll get you coming and we'll get -- go. We do not selling it and it does. Around these updates you name as name and Xena -- and thank you so much for your -- -- awesome how to migrate today happy holiday it's. On those guys -- -- -- -- in a lot agreements are right buzzed down there you have it. -- show guy is an epic epic buzz out loud at in the candles will be back next week we actually will be back. Early next week on Tuesday for a special live episode. Talking about cnet's. Favorite products of the -- some of the crazy as the most most impact almost ridiculous most forgotten. Does -- -- and then announced Simon -- -- invalid I. Unless I was actually let somebody I was visiting your canopy out we can get -- -- to come into an upset of computer with the. Valued at three yeah and actually have a great weekend. Good morning mr. Simmons -- Stephen -- producer of the show welcomes. Europe are attractive thank you very much I have -- recorded that.
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