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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1545: Netflix isn't seeing Starz anymore

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1545: Netflix isn't seeing Starz anymore

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Just in time to force us all to streaming plans, Netflix announces that its content streaming deal with Starz has fallen apart. Eek. But at least they protected us from the tiered pricing Starz wanted in addition to $300 million per year. AT&T prepares its pro-merger death ray, Dominos announces plans for a pizza delivery joint on the moon (seriously), your responses to our decision to go weekly, and Pastor Luke mans up on Computer Love.

Today it's Friday September 2 2011 my name is Steven -- -- I am grants policy and give me a little bit at the box. That's how we do a speech and I'll allow me zoom out loud yeah that's right I'm Molly -- about gonna beat him out loud -- -- 1545 the one army discovers Stephen -- and hidden talents and where does this is big fan of Apple is in the eighties and -- learn how to beat -- don't like nine it'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Coming and I got -- B Owens has that's also if you're wondering who is this. Person looming behind me like over my social site little Angel much older song this. I it's in the house business from Lawrence Tony Jarrett thinks -- common in men. So our -- -- -- you guys do have an opportunity if you email us and if you're in town sometimes we mobilize and lets you in the aquarium and you can sit in the lava -- chair here in the aquarium very company -- -- only one -- you aren't gonna have a round of applies share. It doesn't matter little CI a -- The little half hearted because He drove all night to get here yes if -- -- -- coming in are sitting -- -- anymore that Jarrett classic. Thank you there you go. And it. -- And then quickly -- tolerate some confusion so I want to recap yesterday's announcement the live chat is asking -- -- -- that real quickly case you missed yesterday's show. Go to be -- that cnet.com for the live blog and all of the details on what's happening with the show. But the short version is we are moving from a daily show to a weekly show starting in three weeks so this is not the last daily show. You know about mr. I'll forget that like them as well I'm in tears with -- -- -- all your fault my entire. Know that we are not as -- -- the most important thing is we are not canceling buzz out -- the show will remain it will be a weekly show on Thursday -- an hour long roundtable show it's gonna be awesome seem hosts. Mean DT Stephen B tem Donald -- become an endless dictionary add channels they met channel we're not leaving you no one's going to any of those other networks that don't last exactly. We are all gonna be here we are all gonna be here but that's the deal and then like a -- over the blogging -- -- -- details about what time when that's whichever happens but our last daily -- actually be September 20. There. Yes so. Don't panic. -- -- Everyone's gonna be here -- -- -- pump out. Great content more shows. And really it's just all about you know raising the bar for little weak we're not gonna skinny we're gonna bring in the level up even higher exact really going to be a great show seriously. And there will be -- Like we just -- more than any other show I've heard so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Men all legal we've been having the debate -- -- what are you gonna do you -- incubating in camp split evenly on streaming snaps are good. And then -- if -- drive home the proverbial nail in the unfortunate Netflix coffin. The stars deal fell apart. Answer yes stars announce that it will not renew its contract with Netflix. To provide streaming content from its star and on core brands Netflix and react to this their shares were down. 7% but this is a huge thing because then we had talked about like hey you -- -- Netflix is losing its shine. We want you see all the content you're done with you really don't have a reason to go back as much stars is really one of the only vehicles. In their streaming library where you felt like you're getting at least more recent movies content like tangled. The Karate Kid not that I -- of it. Rallies it made it feel like you of the current -- Toy Story 3 one -- at -- surgeries a comic oh it was on stars via that's gonna be going away sometime in February of 2002. It'll cease to distribute its content on the Netflix platform two -- 1212 -- I went back in time for the -- daily -- 2012. Now when asked about it Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said. -- like -- had because we've licensed and you know he's trying to -- the -- spin on it because -- -- so much other great content stars content. Is now about down to about 8% of domestic Netflix subscribers viewing. -- as we add more contents in Q4 we expect stars content and naturally drift down. To five or 6% of domestic viewing queue when we're confident we can take the money we'd earmarked for stars renewal next year and spend it with other content providers to maintain or even improved. The Netflix experience and you said a key word there. The money now designs and all about the money so according to sources with in the negotiations. It's Netflix decided so they would be offering the stars and bumping up. The amount of money from their previous contract somewhere around was it 300020300. Million dollars. Stars though wanted to kind of flip the script on Netflix is model and how of them kind of include dare streaming content as a premium line. Where subscribers would pay more -- specifically to get access to stars content you think that's gonna fly. Right and a leg up on earth on its and Netflix has been -- -- we have to have -- anything and more content or changing -- pricing structure. Netflix at least you know they did protect the consumer in this one case according to this report at least they were apparently unwilling. To introduce tiered pricing and it's sort of like how you have to pay more for a -- I'm like the dollar 29 vs 99 cents -- takes Manson pricing. And that. And Netflix was like now we're not we're not have -- And so they said they were willing to. Walk away from I mean walk away from the deal it's really telling now that this is why these deals can't get -- that this is the kind of thing that studios are asking -- not just. 300. Million dollars a year. But also the ability to completely control pricing. At the consumer level and that's just. I mean I gotta say. They have Netflix over a barrel but in some ways I kind of appreciate Netflix -- in line now. -- and when you look at this whole situation. I don't think anyone really wins so stars and their out of a potential 300 million dollar -- year contract where it. There -- going to have to somehow find ways to make that revenue back up Netflix. Although its subscriber base is continue to grow. Some of the more savvy subscribers like the people in this room and listening. Are starting to feel like there's not much content why do -- -- Netflix anymore so they're losing that new -- so it's not really a win for anyone here. Yet it's definitely a problem -- it and -- that it's just an increasing problem for Netflix I think stars and and the others are sort of they're working on the assumption that they've got a lot of digital distribution outlets that -- then came the traditional cable and movie market is still strong they don't feel. Didn't need as acutely to be there. Which I think in the long run is a mistake -- it may be a short term gain are short term preservation of the business model but in the long run consumers are moving online into on demand and you gotta get there. But it hurts Netflix a lot more impact their shares there are down quite a bit and yeah. That's a bummer if they want to make cutting mclarty's difference does it let's get it to me that -- and actually was an interesting pointed out like one. It's kind of interesting that they announcement falling apart of the stars -- the day after everyone had to -- streaming. Because I. Again via guys stars -- -- like about 45 material legally I -- I would say though those stars movies even though they had like more of a collection whenever they cut the. While little is really bad they were a lower polishing pressure yeah -- When you know my nieces nephews -- -- put on tangled okay there you go like we care about tasty stuff more than like you know maybe. The general consumer they -- carriers which a lot of times are sometimes watching that stuff yeah so. I now know -- -- I made a joke the other day about nine and it actually not a -- -- my brother is over and Eli was Amazon is there -- I was talking about. Netflix and I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like it really hurt me and -- goes. That lets kids -- -- ability to cancel Netflix and -- How do you know Bob the Builder is -- whole what -- He -- -- -- He built. Then -- assignment and when it what is it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks to adults thanks about the builder and sponge -- I suspect and -- to keep up the movement -- -- My and my friend has few kids and they watch Netflix on the iPad costs yeah like that's like the it's it's true my Brothers did my sister's kids. It's sad when you say. -- -- -- O'Brien -- very -- air and over here -- look at my face Republican my face with. I AT&T will soon present its plan to the Justice Department to save its merger save our merger. Is that is that the new thing as -- can. The carrier -- to find a way to make it clear to the government why the merger is necessary obviously can expect that they will lean heavily on political hot button such as jobs. It supposedly is going to be kind of a -- a two part solution and get to track plan. To save the merger. The other details of solution they do remain a mystery the -- expected a promise it'll continue to offer T mobile's inexpensive subscription plans and devices. That to mean remains to be seen if they -- reared really honor that. Once they merge everyone together it's never happened in the history of mergers. But maybe this time a little kids as the one just as one -- it also may have -- -- -- 25% -- -- business. Including customers and airwaves to kind of make this work and to make -- merger seem like less of an anti trust concerns. The problem -- according to former antitrust enforcers is that it would be hard for AT&T reached that settlement with the Justice Department because. There would have to be those divestitures on the national and the regional level so there might be a lot of buyers -- those regional -- as we've seen a lot of regional players start in in the game. But the only possible buyers for the national assets the spectrum in the customers and airwaves. Our Verizon and Sprint's. Which doesn't exactly alleviate the national competition problem in fact it just makes them they like Verizon cannot. Residents flat out can't do it -- the whole another round of antitrust scrutiny. Sprint probably can't either because I mean they might be a better position to buy some that's a but it doesn't that that would still leave the Justice Department going -- -- -- -- -- You you've gone from two and a half to two and three quarters. Of carrier you know competition -- does not. -- now I mean. There are still a lot of people on either side of -- people who believe that this is just gonna happen no matter like there's so much money at stake at AT&T is never gonna let it not happen but. I just can't I really it's hard to imagine other -- attack Iran this month. There's also a lot of legal muscle big players that are negotiating on -- half. And AT&T. And -- tell Telecom -- so you have this gentleman Richard Rosen who spearheaded Cingular is 41 billion dollar purchase of AT&T. Back a long time ago as well as Deutsche Telekom. They've hired and what they call an anti trust star who helped FTC fight against the staples merger with Office Depot in 1997 -- these guys know. The ins and outs of how to make this work so they're they're gonna find that middle ground. Hopefully. Hopefully that middle ground is not the merger. Between. Sprint though sprint is spending as much money as they can on the other side. And they have commission they've started its coming right out of the gates -- -- and -- merger they have commissioned a study. -- show. That the AT&T T-Mobile merger merger despite -- his claims that it -- increase jobs here in America. That it would in fact. Cost jobs and could result in the loss of 34000 to 60000 jobs. Now this -- was commissioned by sprint. The health conducted the study six. I mean what I think what we can conclude from the study is basically like both of them I mean. Let's be honest we are common sense tells us that any merger is going to lead to lost jobs it always does they're always redundancy -- they're always layoffs like that's. That seems just obvious AT&T promised to bring back the 5000. Calls underdogs but the study pointed out -- -- the logic behind the job creation. Is based on this one figure they say that they would at eight billion dollars in increased capital expenditures. But that's only if the capital expenditures that T-Mobile needs to keep its network -- are less than eight million dollars -- kind of this like. Basically it is grabbed a number out of nowhere and and we can create 5000 jobs at -- and the study and the other sites and actually not necessarily the case not at all. Not at all. So anyway that's the -- basically the PR battle is. It up and running on the other hand consumers. Forget about the the scientists and the lobbyists and the congress people that's easier whenever consumers when they heard that the DOJ was at least temporarily -- in the merger. -- -- respond by and large -- -- I love you -- to -- always Nigeria has been so amazing. Amazing they generally responded positively I love that served by the way this is from tip from wired -- CNN. Users generally responded positively to the news that they wouldn't be seeing the AT&T death star and there's -- -- many times. Eleven help line can I didn't know. I think that's gonna but if you're a loyal T-Mobile customer and you'd be happy about the structure -- -- idea of it. Potentially not happening absolutely there's still a long road to go buy it. T-Mobile people can still be happy from their fired up for at least one day you know who's up fired up also. Final cut pro users do not final cut pro X users because -- was the disaster which might be lately described as imovie HD. Extreme how well Apple has decided -- quietly. -- final cut studio back. On sale now -- look at studio includes. The entire final cut pro suite before -- their new revision so this is like the motion video final cut pro of course. But they have released it back on selves. For nine -- nine that is the entire 999 dollars -- the entire bundle but it's telling that. They would release it because of the customer dissatisfaction. -- -- -- -- displayed by what Apple decided to put out on the market. With that you know pretty much a feature crippled. Future looking final cut pro that needs to get. Polished -- people who are absolutely -- although an Apple spokeswoman did say that final cut pro. These as studio -- that software bundle is still retired this is basically like a little touch pad. Situation where it's sort of ever so briefly coming back from the dead. The spokeswoman said as we've done with many end of life software products we have a limited quantity quantity of final studios available through Apple -- -- sales. Customers who need them for on -- project -- hot. And hope that becomes an extensive than what this really isn't just a test to see. How many people would rather take down I'm sorry but people would rather -- anagram for an actual pro -- they get is a really good deal on a piece of crap yes. -- that I. -- for the most part most of -- that have final cut pro already have final cut pro they were just really mad about. Waiting for over 22 and half years for what final cut pro X promised. And came up short in -- absolutely back to dry and bored me out on -- keep them. Wealthy and have them connect yeah I Wii and take a quick break and look for the Bob the -- site and YouTube and we can actually I want it outlawed it. When we come back a Blackberry Playbook fire -- kinda. How you'll be able to order pizza from the moon Andy -- video voicemail dogs. Love it. This -- and struggling you're watching. A sound. What O'Brien -- An answer to answer some of Chicago's Chinatown. It's beautiful on the summer sync can sometimes be a little hot but. I don't wanna go over there in the winner I'm sorry I love you guys but I don't wanna be I might blow away. -- -- -- So as possible guys welcome Michelle Molly -- here in the house even -- him -- a Stevie BB boxy item that you -- the donuts below it yesterday his it was Jeffrey manages when -- yes thank you for now doughnut man did so I don't -- please email until the Pentagon that was investigated -- -- also we cannot ignore our special guest. -- I had -- you know command -- They do like -- like that like and the. -- -- and in the lava lamps share. Here in here in the aquarium was so we so love to our -- in the house -- not gonna ignore -- I'm sorry my cannot do that now are right back the stories blackberries playbook tablet. You guys ready for the city had -- -- and already. Gets a 150 dollar price cuts at -- -- hefty discount best buy started offering the 64 -- playbook. At 550 dollars. Off the is -- regional price 700 dollars -- -- 700 dollars for seven inch tablet which I mean a hundred dollars French okay. Is that how you do it is that the math because you need to change that. Either way. That this those. To be honest I still like the products. Don't like the seven adjustment and it awesome Flash Player but you're not selling any tablet at seven -- resentment dollars -- Beatrice well. That's coming is evidence -- I've picked either and He got. I mean I'm sorry that's integrated chat and you have the Lenovo. The seven inch IdeaPad a one we talked about yesterday with Android coming out at 200 dollars for eight gigs and 250 -- sixteen gig and -- to set that right next to playbook. And people are gonna be like. -- there's one of their solid gold in their. Because other I'm not evident. Anyway we'll see we'll see how much cheaper the -- that the minute. It's interesting people are definitely. Taking the cue from the touchpad buyers -- its -- -- Only a physical device -- 550 and sentenced them only the good. About the touch -- though it was HP's most successful launch back are eventually saint. The best -- lines I was in line with the one of those days and I've never it was forty people deep. And what is this an Apple is is an Apple particle whose own notes it's that bad on nine you don't buy herself and also we talked about the tablets yesterday. News breaking -- news out that Samsung says -- to the Galaxy Tab seven point seven and the galaxy notes in the US rises went. But also we -- there's also needs speaking of Samsung and tablet and a touchpad I just found this one on Twitter the Samsung CEO. Says his company will quote. Never buy webos. Weighing. One one. Never in radically denied. The company's interests and that -- it would never pursue such a deal because they have Bada you know what I'm gonna take back everything I set about you not using Twitter during the show. It's so irrelevant it is relevant. I mean time that only -- good but it. Other times they bring -- cut into this -- it's a coin toss a when it works in your favorites amazing so it can't island encourage you to -- that other exam than those notes you. So one of the reasons why some of these Samsung tablets are not -- in the US is their three G feature which would say that. Allow you to make calls with them probably not so hot with the carrier partnerships and they probably also weren't able to strike a deal. And really -- was gonna buy the five point three inch LC note anyways in the US. -- either way they're not coming to the. Its its. Yeah. And now we -- and -- other tablets are exactly killing neither -- they couldn't at least it carriers that it had carries the weight room with a five inch phone. But eyes says the woman with a four point three interconnect I mean I'm that they are now -- still -- still -- -- -- tablet phone at the bit being. It could be a great compact -- That I know I know girls. And I sometimes use their phones as mirrors to check out -- -- seriously yeah everybody here has a real and have everyone in -- -- -- that it lets us. Yeah dinner and that there's little in the -- -- I don't Milliken about ocean color did in a lot of -- -- the incidents are. I I think that the chat -- should go ahead and place bets on who is more likely to participate in Facebook's upcoming live events. But if you think it'd be Molly your Brian -- more excited about a little -- -- in for me a lot -- based on using. -- -- -- -- Though for an inside look at that site is -- Really like really yeah you gotta show the clip of Oprah's giveaway when the crowd goes in it saying. And you can't line. It outlined its pretty hilarious it will be a live webcast of video webcast streaming interview at 4:30 PM eastern on September 8. And Oprah will answer questions here kind -- a photo -- I don't particularly yeah. I don't know I'm watching the Oprah and intro right now -- raw. -- is no stranger -- FaceBook -- national her official page is liked by more than six point two million -- -- one of their meager Twitter account seven point two million dollars a user can. If you if you wonder. Doesn't mean. You guys -- train. If the Internet will explode as well a little trust oh yeah trust me -- -- FaceBook -- over that day with exactly. -- -- over also. Okay this is my favorite story and read it 35 times makes it it was not somehow a joke and I hope it's not TG daily reporting that dominoes. The pizza place has revealed plans to construct a new location. On the moon -- You know those idea there is a widget that's -- is that the rendering of from their press -- from their own internal it. There isn't there but it's going on blueprint for the moon -- that's happened on the plan came out now they should not surprising the plan came out of -- offices into pests. Apparently the price say I noted I'm just -- in my hand for the general public. I'm mistaken for Japanese yes. The -- I -- would add the price tag of around fourteen billion dollars. The company will be looking for some sort of governmental aid but apparently corporate employees have been putting together working on a blueprint. For more than a year. And I'm not I would love it if our job was to -- you -- -- to treat a blueprint of a -- studio on the moon will pay you for how awesome snappy. And then like that we think you know there's two there dominoes did launch -- whole awesome campaign though about how they ask people for feedback of their pizza may. Completely -- did the Christ and against your rebut the -- -- totally do and it. It if it's again its its better -- -- good don't realize that it's it's just an idea and they didn't prove it. And their ad campaign completely were honest I wanna know -- the dominant mood menu is. -- Love it and let the -- season like this aren't. But they got rid of the thirty minutes or less thing they did so again -- you're wondering about the moon thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Molly likes me okay obviously -- suspects in the iPhone -- -- -- prototype cases from last year. -- pleaded not guilty at the agreements yesterday Brian Hogan the man who allegedly found the prototype in the bar. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And go in there and it's their lawyers they're lawyers I -- yeah. Also Etsy and history opened -- Apple responds. Finally two the most phenomenal. Of the fake Apple stores. And -- Now facing the legal travel Apple is extremely angry about the counterfeit retails at up what that they store did though and this is what I love. In some sort of effort to get Apple off their backs or may keep them from -- to mad they went ahead and and -- altered their store dramatically. So that it wouldn't look so much like an Apple Store what they did is. They take them giant glowing Apple logo on the front. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is now the officially the heat -- and more like -- store it's the I know that you guys -- The -- narrative that is yes look. There's audio listeners there is -- that look very carefully before our after that they did they release it -- -- -- like. Apple compete. -- yard has arrested a lol site hacker. Milo -- Kayla I'm sorry we know that they had locked down and track down -- Peary and so this looks like a another. Find in the anonymous -- -- -- It does babies to -- -- 24 and one Meehan and they're go to jail for ever. FaceBook is quietly launched a like button for Google Chrome it's an extension. And then when you right click on any link you'll get a menu option for the FaceBook like button and you can actually -- -- You can just heating issues like this link recommend this link out the differences are. Share this link. It like this image recommend image -- -- an image pretty pretty robust. And then yesterday Google had released their own extensions the -- for the Chrome browser. To -- the plus one. Extension on links as well yeah. So you know if you -- link you can do it all into -- and -- but that apparently that has been available as a Firefox extension and -- grease monkey script for -- while. But it's just most recently that it is this Chrome extension which I answered today -- to -- I can't open. -- -- -- But -- -- though obviously yesterday we had to make -- is we want to devote as much time as possible to your feedback so it's it's a long. It's a lot of feedback -- today but don't worry. There's still computer -- pandemic yeah let's get raped. So. Do you want to start this one key themes and. And yeah and -- muted -- my video voice of the week is that what we're gonna do well. And what does it sound like video voice mail pic of the week. Tests that. Are at -- and I. Like what -- do a lot. A day welcome to the I don't -- Azteca and its decades yet. If you guys can't you guys listening he's behind my children can -- -- -- like He means it can greatly needed -- crashing with that company can read back entity can be as small here at the top -- and that has. Saved this one time you wanna watch the video this is one. Yeah okay so this video came into us from the geek mama in the key daughter -- the horrible. And we're just talking yesterday about how we never have girls send in videos but -- ago -- and. Yeah that's true and I'm. Here and we're really bummed about buzz out loud to me what's next every day. All we have to say about it. -- -- -- -- -- What you -- it. They have -- phone that was missing from the bar. I like everything up to that -- the I will only let you guys we love -- as a lawyer it's a positive loads -- Home. I really fascinating. That. I don't know about you now that. We would we would like to you know makes hurled our young viewers are not drinking with their parents -- -- -- it's -- girl they actually dollars and get the -- -- -- the -- Ultimately -- -- the -- like knock it back like a mom and now. Bang anyways maybe -- Europe ladies -- -- ladies I appreciate that I we have we preach I'm we we outlining -- the show. -- holiday women love and then we have another video voicemail coming up with. Think threat sort of like a throw down the road happens -- -- -- While. I'm listening to buzz out loud with before you had episode numbers. And now you're taking four days of the week away from us. All -- have to say about that is this new content. Better be amazed. If it. -- -- -- -- I get that better in your. And I'm glad -- car wasn't moving I was a little worried on efforts on that video out there like. This it was so irresponsible -- kids drink and indeed recording video and drive in and -- their competitors I'm there I'm nervous. You know let this -- incentive. Making it mean yes get agreements are -- our next caller ID as the same minus one to deal well. Our guys are just hurt -- -- Actual art or. T shirts. -- election note that you just -- -- If you are. Your airport so -- gingerbread -- -- axed. -- -- -- -- -- -- All our links. Gingerbread and there at this one month facility is let me -- yeah we build them right in this little warm spot and activate them left on -- -- that -- it's actually the gingerbread today during an act. That's that really it's all of -- -- -- -- Our friends on the next voice -- comes to us from a Mexican did actually He. Table -- I was wouldn't yesterday -- -- are a couple looking to share which you are doing terrible news about billboard pop. Or. Talk to meet people Baldwin -- -- -- -- all okay have been did you how could it be happy music. They can show what not -- -- -- except yesterday of course. Political. And that's -- and what might actually. Help you will -- to show we hate change. But I'm sure everything's going to between. So keep people who work award from -- or see what new shows and -- you will surely go short. Love the show easy to -- -- Steve is that it yet but it was an ethnically and -- -- that's very okay. Yet that the intent amazing feedback we have a couple more voicemails to play at the end of the show so hang out for after the credits that and -- And then onto your emails -- Renton and says. I thought -- -- in and say I totally understand why deals going weekly well with August being such a slow month and tech news and all residents heard coming up with stuff to talk about. No but seriously have to guess -- much success in your new shows and other endeavors I will -- listening -- at work every -- -- -- -- We appreciate -- away from was -- a Corvallis -- again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A little part of me died yesterday when -- -- opinions. And -- I've been quite lizard every single show since before Veronica I actually look forward to my commute home because. -- pot just keeps me sane while keeping me up to date on tech news and entertaining commentary. On wanna stay on top of the day's tech news I don't have time to read every news story that comes across RS says He prep your podcast provided me. With the most pertinent stories in the perfect and at a time. Things for the years of entertainment news and looking forward to hearing what's next that comes to us for a buddy Bob. In Napa Valley. And then Anders said it's very depressing figures show you -- go off the air if you'd made it possible to pay for the show I would have -- good luck with whatever future endeavors and content you're gonna make. And I just wanted to clarify again for Andrew. I hope we don't think is really just going -- there it's going weekly it's still on the air and now. -- on the airline made everybody hair -- -- on the air. Everybody here. -- that's not gonna be in the next. The next email from Patrick Casey. -- below to let -- -- the new change is a weekly show could be quite some and everybody doing more shows is definitely a great thing I really miss gadgets of his chair at. Almost as much as I -- calling keep making me laugh while keeping me informed it's really not that hard. And it. Don Orlando says fifty -- Iraq to Iraq like a long time -- letting you don't really contributes a lot to the show thank you and says without question. I am saddened that buzz out loud will be transformed to -- weekly show. It's the small things I'll miss. Feedback -- new new new. Donald bell will be there to randomly share his meal Amish advice for the coming techno apocalypse by ticketing got -- -- bunker will go empty when I hear some -- science -- that won't be. Prepared for how. -- -- -- -- -- I'm very happy -- you although it's an all Pepsi and but the I know he'll still be there delivering the news -- real and I just hope you don't lose a bit of the ridiculous -- that makes buzz out loud so why. You won't will never be not ridiculous they're really you think that all -- cinema -- and a student times our normal home. Good -- but. Okay next one coming up to us from all -- -- Google -- this why we're going when we Qaeda I got I'll think up and I think you the last -- move on to computer love -- -- and. And that I have to admit I am a little sad I'm excited to see all the new stuff coming out but I am a little sad actually very sad. -- -- my favorite time of the -- -- work from home. And never miss the live stream and we love you we love you we love -- -- -- the -- -- gorillas -- people -- -- -- every -- -- He says -- well is the only show I watch seriously -- no idea what's on TV but I never missed my ideal. But you guys. There will still be alive show every day. Every day. You won't have any thing we're gonna -- in of the commitment is you'll still have live content to watch every day it's -- -- great we're making all the shows better there will be new shows. And I hope that a. I think with all the feedback we've had overall sentiment is positive. You could have been but that's been I think yeah -- -- pretty cool that generally specific. No guys it -- -- -- -- -- beyond the alchemy the terrorists are gonna come back tomorrow. We'll see here policy here Indians -- little and you'll stuffy but didn't you have atoms -- -- -- about editing and -- our guys we love you but you know let this is Friday and it and it's a special time for you know what's. All are. Again. Alright guys here we go this one comes just our buddies Jimmy. Jimmy in Vegas what's up buzzer as well -- just started on getting out of summer mode by going out with this girl. Who might had a text in a basement relation to for the last two years the thing is that she goes to different school than me and -- my young adventurers age of sixteen. He has moved fast. I don't know if not been able to see her that much is something I can handle not to mention the fact that neither of us. -- at the same schools can we really trust each other. Asking for your guy's opinion. They usually don't get back to college -- -- tell you that you don't think about this -- with the Internet and that the way we communicate. Younger people are treating long distance relationship earlier. Through. And if anything -- -- -- the -- would help you but if you only had a texting and FaceBook relationship for awhile. I noted you know I gotta say it is always hard when Nike -- somebody coming to college and they -- in their relationship for. Hi I'm here already with some you know I mean -- -- happens. May -- your parents -- approve this advice but I do think DNC was up there in the world. Also if you're sixteen I don't I'm not sure about this it sounds like if you just goes to different school it must not be that far. But if you're talking and -- moving forward. If you do if you do really like here and the question you have about his -- -- that's really -- up to both the unit. Do you really trust each other -- is that you know I would if you love something set it free. And it'll say it and then they'll contact we have we we know sometimes like to go -- and then come back together -- all of my ex girlfriend came back. -- not enough of a metallic compliant flight very flat. And you Mac is -- it didn't happen you have to have the flying -- Jimmy -- you know. Got to say -- client without haven't talked first. Stephen might have some advice here. He's young he'll hang out play in -- for the Iliad is have a good time. -- I mean I'm tired I think I really I think -- did you get it. Is at some point if you're not gonna be the same person you're gonna start to grow up and up is in reality where you're gonna have a single hair on your chest develop that one hair if that's -- And you wanna be able to have worked out -- hair -- would twirl it correlate with nonsensical things with that in the short duration He spread his wings and -- Jarrett says climate and it is the got to fly got -- -- volume both me.
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