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Ep. 1538: Bunny Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1538: Bunny Out Loud

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On today's show, cute-animal-song wunderkind Parry Gripp joins us to talk about his new Baby Monkey iPhone game, and he's represented by the cutest bunny ever. Seriously. We can barely focus. Seriously. Also, Facebook's major sweeping privacy changes mean you can finally erase your ex from your profile, which is actually kind of awesome. And how "2001: A Space Odyssey" apparently constitutes prior art for tablet design. Oh, yeah.

Today is Wednesday August 24 2011 my name is Steven beach of I'm Donald bell and I am -- Hollywood up in a buzz out loud cnet's podcast of intimately that episode 15138. And if you've been watching the show for any of the previous arrow 200 or so episodes you probably know that my favorite thing in the entire world of baby -- read backwards and -- -- By -- grip and that previously my favorite thing in the world before that was -- at a piano. You know you all know because I am giving you -- ear worms like over and over and over and then that the best thing happened. Arrogant emailed me yes and He was -- a I have an iPhone game. A baby. And game and that -- public statement. Stopped -- with means and that definitely out today. -- Hello in the form -- the rabbit. Right here. Sitting in my chair Whitley and those. I am I know it's with a bundle -- I -- this explains everything. Perry himself as -- cute -- That's how you -- perfectly captured a bit absolutely unbelievable viral -- -- little critters. You understand it's a heart and soul thank you are coming -- -- candidate Clinton wouldn't. If they keep having it is really really funny side so let's start -- let's start by talking about the game because baby monkey. I'm I'm personally say I totally out tonight we did it I was like this is the next. The with the Turkish -- -- -- tech guy on this videos the next Turkish I like the original viral video that target it was like. Of the singing then the -- the land of Lincoln looking for a women in the chat -- now. Davis ten anyway I knew with going to be -- barrel and it turns -- not only with the usually viral but now it's. -- -- -- It's a game it's a game that was made by a company called -- -- games they did a great job. I didn't do was to designing and its presence and suggesting they. Include a hamster eating broccoli of the game which they did deal. Ends it's playing game people like -- I'm very excited to be associated with it. And if you like hearing a repetitive songs over and over millions of times is that came -- man. You guys I sold already I don't download it now. Targets in the cameramen and have shown in the game right now on screen -- the music. -- me they can it is really yeah a portion of the sales of the game code to -- this -- rabbit here so could cut a it through the it's you don't buy -- he'll star. Okay. -- Then no big save you that if you go to YouTube dot com slash -- you'll see it like in case you were not familiar with. Previous ear worms like cancer -- again though the boogie -- hedgehog party which my child and I have -- roughly nine million times. That this is like the source of them all but -- You're you're sure that with this is this your does your full time job. It's sort of turned into a job a -- to start doing -- for fun and obviously it seemed. You know sort of far -- the idea that you could make a living from cancer on a piano or something like that it's actually. I saw a lot of saw this it's been really get I get some work actually will be doing a series -- kids -- songs for a little company called National Geographic. -- -- Indicate that a gay guy got through this weird. Stuff -- -- do so it's actually worked -- great love I recommend everyone should. -- their -- and sinks and. -- that's my other question is that you know your videos have featured -- tides and -- -- and hamsters. Are these all. I mean I'm assuming that abatement in the Paper and your pets but He had finally got her new work and -- right where -- -- from where did you find that video. It was just someone sent -- to people city probably just like you they -- -- tons of videos like -- you should do this about a this octopus can predict the future something and then you know it's all the octopus or something like dot -- via and then there's a hamster aluminum. And balance. So -- the answer your pet. Or that Alter the answer isn't wasn't my pet -- of video and I immediately filled cancer. And actually that whole thing turned into like a giant's. Crazy copyright lawsuits. I was wondering actually it was nastier Allah and that happens at all it happens sometimes. Some people just don't appreciate art clearly and so that now but how many pets do you have. We have to pets here at the house is cute routing your looking -- you know and we have a cat -- -- front. -- -- -- camera -- and and we also we we sort of live in a place for their -- lot of -- and rack dunes and owls and stuff so I think they're all our pants it. And all of them are video fodder at any time my -- has -- -- here with the Kazakh. And remember I can see again. Now I -- you. The typical again and this LAU got it looked at my -- -- I am dating itself hasn't done yet is adorable cold as hell right now let me here was like the original viral video in late 2009 you know you just take a -- me on the -- Terry Kinney explained meteor your artistic process of someone sends you -- -- and -- and inspired by the video and write a song about -- -- this'll work. Usually when they do I watch the video I try to get into the minds of the hamster or. Measurable or whatever is. And might even -- or rely on a piano and oral rounds. And added. It's a long process and I can't reveal to match. But then you that He -- sell the songs on iTunes and elsewhere. On iTunes yes you can buy them on iTunes and also Amazon any place that we'll cellular and and are there plans by any chance for an Android version of their baby monkey name could you know because -- About stats people ask for it in hands on it sort of up to two key time with an image an interim version I would -- if He did because then. I kids that I could buy an Android. Tablet right up my taxes probably. The very something to great content that generally wins -- I -- Japanese television show like a second game show. Ray info -- CBS yeah -- and improve the caveat it's elegant -- -- to me. Elitist of me funny the Idaho. I also my child also highly recommend -- -- cute cute and look into the video listener distinctively. -- -- -- And I like young girl talking third to -- yourself from whatever bits -- so how many have you done along and even during. There and I have like sixty or seventy I lost count on I started in 2000 -- so. I don't know how many years that is -- amassed over three years. Anyway I didn't Internet -- for about three years it seems like a really law on time it. Really -- and -- it. And look at no. Will Terry thank you so much and good luck with the game and everything else and talked attacked them but -- -- -- if you can't stop it you wouldn't mind because you -- tablet is why am just -- for you now. -- it that would be great and thanks to -- for being so patient little sweetie. Q Bruno what panorama does -- up for those of us were totally not gonna get one at the -- Let me ask my consultant. -- -- -- He's a -- -- Some think that and anti. Well -- you're very sophisticated and stylish. And we appreciate you joining us on the -- -- as -- Well thank you for having me on it was really fun thank you email at any -- you have anything to talk -- -- I -- -- Yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't wanna bring it up by a series -- -- them -- terribly will be treated fairly if they don't sag contract. A narrative that has -- that has -- you're cute critter portion of buzz out loud and has -- this will be our most popular episode ever because. Him is that we're gonna get out of the economic downturn that has taught -- those of us here ourselves out of Williams the bunnies and fluffy chairs. -- -- data trust me -- for the cute ute lake it will transform your day. In fact it does that you guys are allowed to -- -- you'll wolf live -- and the show and buried at the mine because. Trust me you can forget about the freaking out -- of our -- came junk mountain -- -- -- -- that it is beautiful Fuzzy things in the world. -- people think of assault of a bit with the RA onto the tech news that program spying. Now we want to if you like I know it's like. It detected that we -- get a buddy mark -- FaceBook has rolled out so weeping. Privacy changes this week including. The ability to be more like Hulu -- And. You can now. You can. Limit who you post things to the time that you post them you can choose. Create little groups of friends and and then issues which of those groups -- would like to post to as He -- and. In case -- public posters regret. You can actually go back go back even go back in and change to the post -- -- -- later but you can't like -- -- -- see it ranked. I don't think yeah I actually think that it is not like memory eraser outfielder right till ten years out. Didn't get that at the FaceBook identity you didn't see those on photos of the -- These are not the. That's also knows that there's again there's -- -- Q. You gather this -- -- -- -- privacy setting here like some tags and a photo. You can approve or deny whether -- is posted -- that's my favorite thing I think that's equally. You can moderately comments on a blog you can actually moderate and who gets a tag you although. They you have to apparently that is turned off by default -- -- to enable that feature first the moderation queue that's not how. There -- ago. And then you can you -- they have expanded. Who can tag -- -- -- doesn't have to be friends with you to tag you and I actually find that potentially may be a little be useful because like I don't wanna be friends with everybody in the world. But sometimes I might be at an event. Where some into the picture Munich attack -- and -- it would be -- what you're also of a stature were people on random people might recognize -- -- able to identify and a photo. But yeah brightness and M and -- and be friends rank and so for me the you not only a feature is great. It could -- kind of youthful. There also are they now just when -- Literally just started using places like a weak -- Is adequate evidence check didn't that is just to make friends and not scary navigating -- places. But. -- cannot trust these people. But they you can share location information for any post. That you make you can add location to any posts that you've previously made and you can tag location even if you're like not there -- talking about it. Or something like that tethered their integrating location more thoroughly but particularly the specific place. Which -- -- -- -- and I'm whenever. This isn't actually. This one I'd just discovered today and found out about -- and the story that we have but. They -- also. In him in they've added the ability to block someone's of ET Europe or you can and -- them and make your axe or whatever it. Now you can block that person and they will never be able to tag you again. And any interactions that you two are tagged in together will disappear from your profile. -- it gets rid of that the photos of the extra break up feature yeah. Like the break up like you've just an artist. As its aluminum as a -- -- -- Ahead expect that at and have it you didn't hear that. Still watch the show -- its ultra I don't -- perfectly timed for -- the best delivery of that joke and then -- have pretty good guess. On -- accidents with all -- Anyway so those changes will probably roll out today. And. Today announced tomorrow like the -- -- the go -- your commitment commitment to go on a photo tagging frenzied yet. They are also now changing the word everyone to the word public so it's obvious. Actually kind of like that particular thing to that are like before it is that everyone in the need be like everyone different. -- but then it actually -- everyone in the world. Now it says public all Google all beings capable of viewing FaceBook exact even adorable but -- makes its. Bruno old program alone -- don't -- been and it wasn't there to throw back up there and actually that those who sign that it's getting how many. FaceBook by the way swears that none of this was in response to Google plus that they were already working on this but -- Google plus and they -- like we wish that we can go so fast digital media rollout at the although. Those that you do not have Internet rain may -- hall. The FaceBook actually have this when it launched -- and they still kind of they've kind of had all along but originally I think they even have the ability to choose and because they were really big on showing -- the limited profile and that the bigger profile again and then you can create little groups and you can put people in them. But they didn't have that that -- hilarity of like every post that you may meal of pulled out and see if this post is going out to year. Like everyone or just like your private group of friends like this it seems like -- -- -- update by update basis. It is yet -- -- -- there was a little bit harder to do that I think but I think it was easier than to say like I only wanna post just limited. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I actually think that categorizing your friends doesn't work. And that I've given up on trying to do that and Hulu plus that I can't remember -- in what circle and I can't remember -- -- the first place and let you know and then I kind of look like well it's on the Internet. -- I'm not gonna put anything in the Internet and Alan on the Internet even if I think it's just my casting its own right and that's that -- just. At you know and how that's gonna get archives if only they could -- and -- feature where all of your -- circles without having to you can profile random amount of like all Molly with the debate Adam. Those words. Fitness and housing and get credit for all the needs and -- -- you've just made up. True invented ideas about the show them -- -- -- that a -- Exactly. They look for those to roll out sometime this week in other reports this week. Sprint may be getting the iPhone five according to the Wall Street -- And. And don't -- -- Which -- -- immediately to the good or bad good or bad yes no yes. -- -- scheme against Molly. And that that. Maybe any good I mean exciting first ray ray it's exciting that it's going to be another carrier analysts say -- -- An additional one point two million iphones. And that whatever court in the -- and comes out -- think we're assuming -- -- -- -- -- and -- It's whatever and -- -- deaths every once in September. McKinley gets excited about its. Who is areas but of course iPods coming out as an ounce and now many. Yesterday how crappy the iPod Touch cameras did we all know that -- and I. -- -- -- made the Schwab app now has the little link you can take a picture of your -- -- -- -- -- like you need not a -- went my iPod Touch and minutes and collier. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's sitting is that a brand new iPod that's no it's like point 69 megapixels is not even -- -- in camera camera -- like a video camera then. And a tablet then the one in the but keep in but then -- -- -- that the -- appetizers will become available for Android so it's okay everyone. I can still -- -- -- -- -- that I know you were worried. Experience and Booth who could. -- mock Molly's checks how did you get a deposit dollar money. How often -- mobile banking who have little in the future -- so fired up about mobile banking. Anyway sprint iPhone by the biggest problem there is that it will probably mean I mean I think we all know that's. The end of the unlimited plan for it yeah that's gonna be hard for them to keep doing the awesome commercial -- also -- Apple teasing and read a little bit too right because -- that sensitive. -- spent having such an investment in Android Smartphones. But also that the idea that set someone who's more cash to a carrier that phone would get whatever their best phone is -- -- network -- they have an iPhone option. Yeah exactly and that's they need to do that yeah definitely so. -- weirdly though I haven't. They still not officially coming to T-Mobile or will that be the next Wall Street Journal report can honestly wouldn't mean -- -- -- -- be using an unlocked -- Interesting I -- maybe they're just. Maybe Apple knows something that we don't know that the eighteen -- -- -- a miniature. They're like I might not that this by the way is an official report that is to sort of according to the Wall Street Journal -- -- -- we'll see I we are going to take a break now when we come back the best prior art filing ever that is not a but -- -- -- joke. The new plays that Samsung galaxy phones cannot be sold and -- but -- building in Erie -- -- Maybe. -- there are Colorado. -- you -- and thought about that now because the computers were. Didn't -- who don't have and don't tell me you weren't they get it you -- The head after that trailer as well they could topple its -- and -- -- I was done Donald at a Dick -- found out during that the trailer because I really wanna see that movie but I'm afraid that I hear that trailer every single day for the next like that how many is it likely to know until September. -- -- -- -- What I really want red sunset using media patent Hampton I was I -- -- like. That that's not an. That's automatically on -- -- totally -- -- winter. -- this is like my favorite thing ever. So the ongoing. Design patent battle between Samsung and Apple obviously is getting more and more intense and practiced today. Dutch court has issued an injunction against Samsung galaxy phones and not just the tablets now you can not -- tempting galaxy phones -- in the Netherlands -- in Holland. However. -- -- -- The new filing in this case and they'd say that there is in fact prior art for all of the tablet designs that are in question and that that prior art can clearly be seen. In the Stanley Kubrick classic. 2001. -- space. -- Do you attached your -- as exhibit is a true and correct copy of a still image taken from Stanley kubrick's 1968 film 2000 -- it the it equipment that -- lasting about one minute. Two astronauts are eating and at the same time using personal tablet computers as with the design claimed by the patent the tablet in -- in the clip. As an overall rectangular shape with a dominant display screen narrow borders predominately flat front surface and back surface. Which is evident because the tablets are lying flat on the table service and and in. Form factor. -- -- -- Card. Can play the -- advocates -- got -- -- -- -- -- they're like sitting there talking in the spaceship eating half iPad. They are huge but that totally at. And they have I could. -- -- -- -- So that I think that's the coolest thing in this yeah there are accurate it it it feels like it's almost destined to fail. But if it's a pretty out of the antenna can invoking outstanding commitment is pretty great -- -- -- Lake that's still outstanding. Even -- patents though which is the really great patent related blog. Says it would be amazing. If the court agreed with Samsung that this constitutes prior art for that particular iPad related design patent. But it's pretty -- -- they say and it will be exciting for many fans of movies and. -- because we had the. Resident alien vs predators and then that's like to unlock -- brick Samuels and -- -- -- put together like the most awesome video. Collection ever of prior art related to slide to unlock and then I promised the -- about that on Mac and -- -- -- map. What I like the flip getting out and that's as the prior I have seen -- -- having -- Flintstones look like -- tablet tablets. Right now the bird chasing away at it. And I'll write it. I'm just saying there's so much prior art anywhere and if it that is the latest in that ongoing. Patent battle it's -- -- some of the more fun news and seeing in a really long time. Microsoft to by the way joining though joining the attack -- -- that collection of unfair attacks against Android. That David Drummond railed about from Google. Actually. Mac but had already filed a patent lawsuit against Android based Smartphones they have now -- to argue their case in the trial that began today before the international trade commission in Washington. Except accuse Motorola mobility of infringing seven of its patents and requested a halt to imports of some -- opponents. -- -- if they weren't just like you know. They look like ours which we believe that they have asked the agency to block imports of Motorola phones including the Droid to the Droid X to click XT. -- black back flip and charm. I don't wanting in the phone game I'm glad I don't review phones. I understand that officially right now daylight that would get Leavitt say that we can actually part of your real excited -- -- review linked up -- Oh yeah yeah. No I would be osment as part of the review process that suddenly to have to -- in some weird feature we should get up around the patents it's related to a CNET round up of like. The world's most wanted to you -- Illegal Yahoo! Music that are getting sent back -- there makers in Italy said of them. Yeah this is I mean if we did that -- with -- but that is that this is. Like Google was doing it up and down it's true but there is no question that they have -- standard has been under attack from pretty much all sides. In his Smartphone related patents and so the only news. They shouldn't call themselves the fluffy bunny operating system and then -- -- would feel good attacking them ninth. -- egging you get -- more adorable name and in -- -- ED's you know build upon people's hearts can see them through. Bruno announced the sun -- the -- latest way to that you need to that we need to mention that the Dutch court man starts October 13 and that Samsung will -- -- gallery app. Before then it has no ban will be needed. So will the Time Warner is if you're -- Time Warner customer your little -- fired up they're going to give away. Sling boxes to its top tier customers -- people who have the top of the line 99 dollar month wide band Internet service. That slingbox costs -- -- -- bucks. But they say it also. It's a nice perk for Time Warner customers but it also if a time where an -- shot at the content company -- Like Viacom who have been in these big legal battles with Time Warner over things like streaming channels to the iPad or other tablets now Time Warner is like. Okay we don't do it the slingbox the outlook we want senior channel to the tablet -- just give -- a slingbox so that they can watch a local broadcast anywhere they are you love that. You love that when they don't watch the local -- like the baseball game instead they last -- from -- that's your favorite thing isn't it. Saturday dirty pool it and and the -- but also kind of ultimate -- and -- -- customer. And then that we have -- kind of skipped the story yesterday but it's an interesting. At Google appears to be bringing Chrome back into the web kit fold. Which would hints at a possibility of Chrome browser for and -- for Android phones and tap. Which I think -- chemical by mean that they are existing browser in the and -- is kind of browser like that they rightly branded anything which is -- -- that's what the software is called now the proud estimates it's called I asked Oliver. Plain plain brown browser. But there they're trying to reunite the browser project with web kit which is -- of -- open source browser. Standard and and then her engine rather and they're hoping that their people are saying that that could mean. We get branded Chrome. -- -- Which I guess that makes sense except for -- the Chrome operating system computer and what a mess -- Chrome has updated for Android. Matthew just not necessary. There's the other story out that cracked me up for reasons they can from -- point which is what Google Chrome for Google and it's -- front door if exactly I think -- get -- it yesterday that is like wild. The that it seem to -- on -- OK. -- let's let's click it. Hulu plus and Hulu plus has landed -- and the video tablet. Against them the united now Donald Dan unit in Eric Franklin -- -- -- view. Is it a positive review is using -- -- it's. -- you can't -- good scores that came Allan ray before the 99 dollar. Spree and -- touch -- a law. Well it can meet at eight inches. It's an eight inch tablet in its 299 dollars -- Pretty cheap most -- and -- you know that but -- quickly whittled it down -- -- but -- But anything -- yet. It is now it has now become one of the first Android powered tablets to support Hulu plus so that could maybe be a little bit of it also has a built in remote control. That's pretty cool -- that's useful for the Hulu plus watching. -- I thought -- That it unconnected could. Running Android two point that. Out which. -- all and the fact. It's just that it's it's not like an endowment -- the other. -- also ran. S&P has backtracked on it's -- it Google it downgraded Google's stock. Last week although now they reversed course and said that the stock prices up so much that -- much more attractive. I can't imagine that you guys had anything to do -- that. How -- how. -- -- -- They issued. The downgrade saying that they were concerned that Motorola's portfolio wouldn't insulate Google from patent related lawsuits and IP issues and that those issues would cost it so much that meant the stock was maybe not -- by. In fact -- down they downgraded it all the way from a buy to sell them which at I was. I mean people -- like -- are you insane why wouldn't it in this market at minimum be a whole this is total -- tactics here it is if it's a. Breaking down -- -- you know build them back up. And -- It's not -- and they like boot camp. It out they'd like it to be -- -- -- is man any man Cynthia Kempton attentive now that the stock tanked. Probably due to the market -- that. -- -- out. Soccer. Or in the form of valley wag is nothing. If not -- -- New York Post sound and lens face but they say is building in -- -- temple but what they really mean is that they're building a really really big and pretty sweet sounding you can comparison. Now that pairing of a photo with that has actually. There. -- the interesting thing about is that will be lit at. A very self sufficient conflicts so in the trend of Google you will never have to leave -- -- -- Do your laundry there there we doctors' offices there'll be an open pit barbecue. Or don't the -- area. A boutique copy stands and then they planned surgery in new in the 100 ethnic. -- -- and solid garage doors throughout the complex to -- echo a Silicon Valley touchstone start -- -- Zuckerberg still like the killing his own food fan that's what the big fire -- force. Through -- -- -- -- -- that again and even that isn't. -- I can't -- all this elk meat could help unlock the you -- can -- -- up. -- though there's no word yet on whether CEO Zuckerberg will personally kill the pigs cows goats chickens lobsters and Googlers and legal if. And have the -- for his minions. It is -- down I mean. Just the that bill lowers the trying to keep people -- absolutely adopt the company as their home via you know I mean that is like more and more and I definitely understand. -- Did not say one appreciate cafeteria and -- on -- is. Like some of the stuff is very smart -- keeping employees happy. You keep them there and and if they don't quit they work more but then if they also can't leave because they can do their laundry in public. -- Al -- -- their children -- to read like the Zuckerberg Bible and might go to school and like then. Your -- used to have like the little emblems on the inside of them and and -- safety is a slippery slope that -- -- that's not in this important. Let me and -- -- there's going to be a FaceBook school on -- you bring your kids in the school. Or -- be actually that's the I wouldn't put that -- them at all. I let's move I'm -- to your thoughts are. Alan Levin. Your calls and letters that first in the voice mail. Brad has some speculation on how Amazon might respond to the touchpad -- I guess it's -- -- in Columbia, South Carolina Molly you're always talking about our blog at all the right moves in public places our popular mighty dark tablet. -- members while Amazon prime. We'll show. Smart. I hope that you secretly worked there in that with a tip but even if -- speculation. I would actually mean there was a lot of speculation Amazon would do subsidized Kindle. And then they kind of did with subsidizing it with ads but. And that. That's automatic anti people keep asking why what is Amazon and what could their towel possibly have that the -- -- -- telling its Apple's. I hope it's just that -- -- -- -- -- -- Apple doesn't have an actual store store where you can -- -- to your home is at least some angle that. Where it's like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kind of a -- in pattern arriving at my house maybe as we speak. I get around that if I can -- that at I have got to. -- that's -- although all the big companies let you get out of the tablet like businessmen realized the only other. Major -- manufacture of tablets that the one that sell shoes. Like you know -- Screw it I don't get this game I'm out of here big dip app. Seriously the -- -- It's Tuesday I'm VIP -- -- -- yet again nice atmosphere. And with that okay back to -- Our next caller has some thoughts on whether HP did in fact affect the tablet market. -- well I'm calling for New York urged wanna say that each each. Did not affect the tablet market -- -- at all if they were going continue to make it such patents up for hours then it would be a big deal but -- -- just bought lots and Stockton a bit more socialist republic companies continue to charge whatever that they want. And it's not like people can say okay coastal agriculture at the country. -- But if I don't understand we talked about this -- -- yesterday to -- -- like there's tests. It's no matter what you can -- to deal with the person who got the 99 dollar touch pad as a no no matter how cool your tablet is and how great deal He got on and is gonna be the guy who think like that to happen and human. -- I just I think the fact that that president has been set that then -- dam has. Then burst if you will news. Means that it's. It's not so much is that consumers are going to expect it but they are but what this proved is that. -- every other tablet that is not an iPad has been like barely. It Chung king along -- bear just a trickle the slowest trickle -- of sales right. And then all of a sudden ET this price and you see people lose their ever loving mind and lineup for a product that is -- And that it -- if your a tablet if -- manufacture and you're not paying attention to that and the fact that pricing matters. That much like I think you've got I just don't see a world in which you sit there with the blinders on Lenovo style and -- -- don't know where -- that He will you just can't you cannot if you wanna sell it. Yeah I mean I if they. HP did not make their money back at all I mean its -- -- From what I've heard like the actual cost of that tablet as much more than 99 dollars to make it totally they just mean that cost of how -- publisher back. -- to them was worth it for them to -- 99 dollar fire sale. So it's it's not like if you want to go out specifically making 99 dollar tablet you'd have to make it with flight. 25 dollars worth of markets and you just can't get that it. I think that in falling partner hand. And now I mean I don't think -- nine I don't think 99 -- dollar -- will. Permeate the market that's obviously like you said that sort of physically impossible ultimate costs of materials that we have now been do you think you'll come out the sixteen -- tablet now. That is more than 249. Oh yeah and I I feel like it's even tough too I -- even going back to the Amazon tablet thing. The fact that the 99 dollar touch pad was less expensive than the cheapest Kindle with offers them. It just it totally upset the balance it went topsy turvy. -- take a weekend and now it's hard to get. Realigned to -- -- what how how reality really. Prices is adding I. I agree that I disagree. With people I mean I -- -- you're -- that -- that tablets -- not gonna get. They're not -- -- -- -- about they just can't agree with you on that but I do things like. That reality is different really you know now we've seen the -- Well it's a possibility -- is gonna fail -- gonna have a fire sale next week is like. Is is im gonna have a fire -- -- -- less silly you know some by the tablet wait until they -- as -- happening right now possible not to get there at. I'll tell him it's like yeah yeah now those notes and add there's there's a lot of companies out there with with these -- out saturn's planet sitting on the shelves and not moving nearly as much as I'm sure they'd like -- grim. -- But in the playbook and -- sponsoring this does it not -- in the region. Make that. Make that playbook dynamic -- and make it 150 -- rate make it 200 dollars like I think now's the time to play with some of that pricing and seat. What is the sweet spot because clearly. You nobody who is -- an iPad competitor -- we've seen all the headlines people want tablets that when iPad. Nobody is making. Making it stick at the same pricing or even close to -- but it's like when they talk about like the the blood in the water that. -- blood filled ocean of people trying to. -- tablets -- -- not selling this is I think exactly and think eight -- this. Cut off that women still serve I have -- at an awful lot of these other companies could and then -- millionaire and a standalone companies probably couldn't but I think. The they gotta find a way of undulating and cheaper somehow and Amazon is in the best this -- to do it because they can subsidize their content. Or polio like really -- probably. Maybe it doesn't she used to easily. And the thing and outside as I put about that down there's Apple's whole -- -- -- the glazed look at her high. -- -- -- -- -- Okay anyway -- Of email on Gmail Richard target predators and other -- -- from Washington DC and says in 2001 east as mobile networks were overloaded. To the point of being non functional after the attacks in new York and DC. Ten years later 10 years later the eastern state -- hit by an earthquake and again the mobile networks were unusable. Now of course -- prompt people reach their phones and -- people they care about but in ten years the mobile carriers were apparently unable to bolster their networks to better handle usage spikes. -- -- -- My land line. I'm not giving up until they forcefully -- the copper wires out of my house. That that totally scares me and I'm gonna get a landline like this week for sure because if you can't com contact anyone when He gonna do messenger pigeon has done. Smoke signals this. In -- agreement -- I plan I'm never I am with Richard actually and excellently. You'll take my landline comical that -- I have one have the old school phone Netflix not you know -- that plugs into power that plugs into the wall for emergency purposes linked. Eating -- and and I also am shocked that in ten years. These guys and I'm NC at the -- course the point where they can withstand lake. An earthquake that didn't hurt anyway man you know. Atlanta and never use and I have yet I I do is I'd use it like a -- -- man rockers like this be able tiny red looking -- looks at the bat on national. Commissioner Gordon. -- -- The second pick up call that man apparently want to infinitely mine land looks like an old school rotary phone kind of like I had -- first style along time ago and then they just kept it as members -- It likely -- a patent and -- it's gonna save our lives for them. Our ability hero she -- thin and says the a few days ago you -- that when after the I'm taking a few days ago the news that the next IOS has early earthquake warning built in the news came which is common -- Tom. And in fact almost all mobile phone's release -- up. And Japanese manufacturers have an embedded however -- says many people here in and around Tokyo turned that feature off. And actually when I bought an Android Smartphone from HTC about -- -- and a -- -- the -- -- from the mobile company asked if it's really okay. That it doesn't have the -- -- curriculars systems have it sounds -- not as widespread. As. We would or at least not as as. Not -- -- much -- Japan can surprising less public batteries. He says that right now some Americans might start thinking that they should also have the alert system and mobile phones. And it might be useful but there are plenty of case studies here in Japan from which you can learn both. It should be like a whole host of features like them from the impending zombie apocalypse. Like. Little ring -- or something could -- you. At least three year. Are you read this and I think of them as she -- found. If China and -- to be phonetic pronunciation of the -- -- bounced up and it's gonna use for it though and she. I don't think so greatest team -- well regarding the mute feature in Google plus. FaceBook had a similar feature that -- it quietly rolled out last year called on subscribe. Available via wall posts -- -- very useful to cut out a lot of the common noise that may not mean anything naming. Then -- -- the -- tip typically tends to do. They quietly took -- the feature and -- and without any explanation. I'm also -- typical of takes an active X which is at its the feature -- -- -- part of this isn't groups who aren't still -- more -- with participating in the comments these days. -- FaceBook. But love the show. I -- I can. They just took it and they hadn't -- away so you can mute groups against -- and not upon the posts. And content. Our -- nine. Lacey the programmer attends an upset that the 1537 imagine you're having issues with your Sony dash -- -- my boyfriend. A Sony dash a little more than a year ago a few months ago we started noticing the screen at separating physically separating from the rest of the innovate. Unique unit. Universe frequent Red Hat -- as much as I'm -- But it I know only connected by the bottom of the screen but it still worked this last weekend I gingerly pressed the screen back into the unit -- immediately stopped working. Completely template. Considering that my Sony XB RTV you start having severe ghosting issues and my -- Sony -- these series laptop track -- stopped working both almost exactly one year after protests. I'm beginning to think that Sony only makes electronics to last through the warranty is to prefer Sony electronics but I see no reason out of Paper a premium for devices that -- going to. Out should they could be part of like gay Green effort to like they're slowly come posting back and then. Nature and me both in -- it's been. I don't yeah you -- They've -- bad but I am excited to use -- then bent nightstand -- yeah I've iPad yet to emit a -- as -- and as you can. Diocese. From rich and lovely Cleveland. Saying hey hey everytime I -- HP said -- -- excited about putting webos on printers. Part of my soul diets. Webos is essentially a Linux kernel Java apps running on top. What was stopping HP from doing this -- for years. Oh so proprietary -- -- -- so proprietary Linux kernel of the new fangled technology of Java. I mean. Compression could. It's not like they get the advantage of the webos ecosystem they just made -- can -- their -- hate them. I can't imagine many -- made for phones and tablets that would have the utility on a trainer anyways. Essentially the only man Jesus having an established as -- SDK so and that ends -- nerd -- -- I love about their -- and actually price that are and that's like it to them in -- advice you can anyone do well via automatic path to re enactment of my reading of it. I learned so oh so proprietary Linux kernel. And that they are separate and -- -- thank you for joining us live late. We appreciate -- sticking with us in -- company meeting today. You can find all the links to the stories we talked about and all those emails that you -- -- -- Ratner voiced at the LL dot cnet.com which is our blog and then keep the feedback coming. Eleven -- getting great voice mail lately thank you when -- and -- -- 6638. Is our phone number that's a CNET it is -- today partners we are a and about that He had an agreement thanks again to -- -- YouTube dot com slash -- -- is very confined on the media's and then there's links on little -- -- -- comes -- as that imperative to act of odds. Lawyer.
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