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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1528: Is Apple killing its own app business?

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1528: Is Apple killing its own app business?

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Amazon and Vudu both launch full-featured Web apps for Apple's iPad to avoid the "Apple tax" and, in Amazon's case, so that they can actually have a link to their store in their mobile experience. Is Apple accidentally driving people toward a device-agnostic tech future? I hope so! Also, Nokia is out of North America, we're planning our visit to the Star Trek resort, and more Bronies than expected listen to BOL!

Today is Wednesday August 10 2011 my name is Steven -- of I'm -- some. And I'm Molly -- -- in a buzz out -- in -- podcast and ultimately that is episode 15128. Wearily welcomed everyone we welcome alive Jabber we will -- female and -- it through and we love we'll get to that later and we welcome all of -- -- a role in a little bit late to the live stream because we shocked the universe today -- -- where -- starting only four minutes after our usual 1030 start time which is actually usually -- 1045 content if they -- we are getting it together people. Which or trying to get honest Agile it's all coming together. And some must have appointments afterwards ciller's trying to duplicate data center show early thing if you don't have people -- -- totally. Is getting out of North America at least with -- and then their low end -- phone business analysts say goodbye. To Nokia North America. Yet to Symbian specifically they're transition -- obviously over to Windows Phone 7 what was interesting though is that earlier. At one of their kind of announcements and press announces Stephen. 2016. This may be a sign where there are accelerating or removing that support a lot earlier then realizing that we need to get out of this we need to transition. AS AP sure they might support some of those smaller -- and devices in smaller countries where that's their main presence and only presents. But for some of these larger mainstream high population high density. You know money making countries they're gonna be -- out that Symbian support. And -- -- this is a huge change in messaging from what Nokia has been saying -- even last year when I interviewed Tera -- -- era. Four Democrats are named it was indeed. -- narrowly and Tara from Nokia came out today we're very clearly is sort of putting out this message that everything was fine in the North American market that they were concentrating on a global strategy. Now they're saying. We're putting all of our efforts into Windows Phone products. We are it will be all Windows -- all the time in the accessories around that the reality is according to Nokia president Chris -- If we are not successful -- windows on it doesn't matter what we do you elsewhere North America is a priority. And in fact they say it planned -- Nokia plans its biggest ever marketing push focused on reestablishing its presence. In the US. Which like. Hopefully it's not too little too late because the kind of thing that -- I -- Not to be so US centric but it sort of like will. How are you guys ignoring this market all this time or just feeling like -- finders are silent on that feature phones and Italy are gonna look like wait what. So now they are at least I think probably putting out a message that should lead them to success if it's not too. Yet another thing that Nokia is doing and that other articles and popping up this -- on the Internet and one of the smart strategies they're doing. Is that Nokia phones typically in the US have always been unlocked. Without a contract. And not tied to carriers and that price tag that we see here what time -- phones that are ranging from 500 to 700 dollars from cells you know competitive Smartphones. They are planning to work with the carriers. To offer -- contract based phones and that's gonna be another way for them to get better market penetration here in the US because adding that. Although they made great phones that scared everyone off the most here in the US. Absolutely and in fact they said that they have no plans to bring the Nokia and nine which is their new. And only -- based on almost like their references on exactly that we were doing cool stuff over -- -- it right. To -- you know this is what we would've done. If we. We're successful at doing it. -- and that is not gonna come here at public you know that might that might still be available unlocked if you wanted to go that -- and try it out but they're not gonna bring -- the movie more of their sales forces to Sunnyvale. More operations to Sunnyvale. And really they are centralizing -- -- they're getting prime -- on a big way and and I guess you know sometime in the next year or so. Will start to either the re launch basically like the new Nokia. I think they're doing the right thing though if they're they're acting a lot quicker than we expected -- -- yeah there and that they're cutting another cutting out the -- It's good. -- a -- idea that absolutely. That -- its attitude that moves potentially for her -- we talked yesterday in email. Someone sent as email and said I heard that anonymous is going after -- but they're gonna take on -- -- and -- 9 November 5. Remember remember that the that the new vendor. And you haven't -- a. Anyway. It turns out that yes that is true we were like can -- and and the very next day the tech news confirmed. An anonymous confirmed actually think we have a little SoundBite they've put out one of their scary messages is very scary. Selling anything about that -- daring raid -- Attention citizens of the world when you're -- on a miss. We wish to get. Hoping you heed the warnings as follows -- medium of communication you also dearly adore we will be destroyed. If you are willing activist or a guy who just wants to protect the freedom of information -- join the -- -- and kill Facebook's for the sake of your own privacy. -- -- They went on -- -- FaceBook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms. So they can spy on people from all around the world some of these so called white hat info -- firms are working for a parent authoritarian governments such as those of Egypt and Syria. And then they go on to say you know obviously everything everything you -- but -- that -- -- can never deleted it's totally. -- I -- me. But -- that -- I doubt that they know they are there any at all but -- I -- I have signed up for their terms and I didn't read them all but I don't care because I still like the users are mysteriously. Make. You guys every home be with based looking decide to -- Mark Zuckerberg is profiled and -- -- I think -- would be a nice compromise and stand alone when it. -- Yahoo.com says maybe we shouldn't worry that much about losing access to FaceBook Amazon anonymous also -- take on Amazon. Earlier this year and was unable to do so I have today this is the kind of thing that could turn public sentiment pretty profoundly -- an. -- you know 750 million users using a service that they for the most part enjoy and just taking it away from them. I don't think that's gonna work in your finger -- -- installed what they'd let me but no announces that the problem has another idea working to put things like the other hand NN while they're developing new security walls like -- they -- treated -- -- back -- for us to jump into yet. They're probably. -- mean. Probably it permanently get awareness campaign it's and get to know that if that could -- There have been these kind of rumblings for years that is but secretly -- information to -- saying that -- in -- with the CIA and that you know they're they're spreading information all in all kinds of nefarious ways. And so if they couldn't prove that. Or like leaks of information to that effect I think that would probably be more useful than just like that we're gonna keep you from your farm bill and year if you're stuck in your face but -- that the -- -- -- -- That's representative more of the people if that's what you're trying to prove -- and really show. Use your hacking skills to show us what's going on with our data -- what's really going -- -- them like you guys. I actually love you now. Well not -- you but well maybe get to I I I like US Celtic. And I agree like they have to have some kind of proof and that it has been like. But suck c.s and use an on plots will then release the release the leaked files don't take down the service -- idea that don't do it that's it that doesn't make sense who says my less tech savvy friends would despise anonymous that they messed up stuff but. Exactly. The latest all of that we all called stock but now because that is the thing that I think I'd -- -- -- -- -- not view. And I could. -- specifically single people don't miss them if -- an awesome tool does Vegas -- -- K on to the next stories here. And I'm not I'm just let you know when you find people selling their -- people there's yet interesting things He noted that Maryland -- -- more three and they fear for you for your -- -- -- that actual tech news are you guys for. Really care about. We talked about how Apple was and -- -- conditions in their apps source -- no longer linked directly and -- to go outside the store to purchase digital goods. And we also talked about how that this indirectly was pushing forward and moving for the transition for companies -- really be like let's make. True. Html five compatible labs and we're sorry to see that trickle out and happen now -- Amazon. One of the first to release their web based Kindle cloud reader. Which works on a PC but it also works great on mobile devices specifically the iPad at the -- so what they've done is they've built. A purely html -- site that also allows you to access your books much like the Kindle reader it gives you access to go to the store. Within the page and another really sweet thing about this is you don't even need to you'd there's. Because -- in the cloud storage. On a can also save and -- your books -- locally. On your device and 140 you to read so this is really a true example. Of companies replacing the app completely. With an eight -- fibers. And I wonder if. I would assume that this wouldn't have been Apple's flannel right to force people to artist enough -- -- is the one of the interesting things that happens like when you. When you try to. To lock down the river the water finds a way around you know and it's and I have to say if they inadvertently push people toward that better adoption of html five and more robust web apps. -- Some unintended consequences -- to what. -- -- -- This and also what's interesting is that apparently Amazon was very quietly working on as like other companies said that they were gonna start working on them. Amazon was just like -- to -- to -- to today and now it's out and it's good. -- and people have tried it really like it and they say you know it sounds like they're I don't know what Apple would necessarily -- to get around that other than potentially block web apps. NI OS because apparently they give -- -- and reported that if you set safari to private browsing. That He can't see this you can -- access them on the cloud reader went up but if they actually did that. Then it would be like a huge furious backlash and totally anti competitive. And they're just big they're making -- -- look like even bigger -- exactly now this works on PCs Macs or Linux and even Chrome looks. And it's optimize right now for the iPad it does not have they say. It's not supported right now with iPhone version -- it'll direct them to check out there in need of Apple on the iPhone but things are moving in that direction. Things are moving speaking -- -- voodoo is also avoiding the Apple tax with their own iPad mobile site they finally made its streaming video on demand store available on the iPad. With as we said in mobile web experience in part. So that it doesn't have to share revenues with up. Oh yeah this is this is also -- a little voodoo. And one of the first relieve media distribution companies to do this we know -- timeout video. Making an html five compatible up like I got to play with it because my voodoo user or member com. -- voodoo is owned by Wal-Mart so this is another way for them to get their digital delivery method. On other devices really at its really you know affecting wal mart's bottom line yeah but one thing I haven't I wasn't able Trout is I didn't directly download a movie I'm curious. I would hope and assume. That if I always download a movie it saves locally temporarily in my iPad so I can watch everywhere it's not just have to be connected to the Internet to watch -- I don't know this for a fact but this is really. An experience like we want and it really wants replace an app. Hopefully can always download -- locally somewhere in the file structures -- and watch it. It's it's again it's just kind of great to see this happen it's great to see companies say hey. -- technology allows us to bypass the situation in which we have to pay a middleman that's the great thing about technology so it's that's definitely working -- woman in the Sharon has a good point which is that. It's similar to how the -- -- was taken over by the web -- -- need software for everything we wanted to do like apps on phones but then we transitioned to doing everything over the web in the lab. The and that the same evolution is happening Annapolis is either. Deliberately or inadvertently spurring it -- A good job Apple sees Steve Jobs does forward thinking when He does He realized -- now. Oh wait is such jerks that people feel like they have to develop around you and actually lead us to AF that device agnostic -- -- -- -- -- helping our all the time. Better -- -- there getting it getting any hope springs -- -- -- Nobody like the dictator and -- thing. When you try to take too big apparently He did that's and we get all these -- details. Nobody -- that lycra and then. I mean nobody likes that the behavior -- Yet had time the bat and Robin and I can think right now. So we're gonna take a break. Care sheriff of Nottingham. And -- At the -- itself. Where were literally I'm totally out came -- -- Nottingham. Which is true of collecting the unfair taxes. And then Robin Hood and and -- -- -- into the advocate health is that we need a break. Taking a break brain not functioning when we come back charges are filed in the lost iPhone case FaceBook -- out I message I message and potentially killed estimates -- good bit. And where to this day of year attracting. Travel tips protect them. You get jail already gates spoke out about it but -- that He needed deep dark and eating well. Represented the world -- -- representing the girl -- all. We don't allowable with this is where all over the place our guys welcome back the show Molly -- in the house looking quite need him. You know we -- today we do total twinkies. In like this when I get that regularly collect. Diet and -- like -- on my shirt that kind of match -- beaded necklace it's like a whole. It's a very subtle level of coordination but it's -- and it's actually email me so -- -- managed to learn. Other effects -- aren't nice stimulus comes -- -- a table with like the production -- drip out they'll like you know the black where He blends in the background like on this here part of an -- now -- but I giant has -- makes it out to be perfectly into the left. Like you're uniform. And yes that's one of the few instances where someone will say Gagarin of the necklace and my -- economy all the time for -- been. They do but then I get compliment -- on -- by lady subtly to bear it I know I'd like it's like those beads yet. Alright I don't like you say you like that's. Our -- back to -- the crazy like that but yet you like those -- -- -- prosecutors have. Filed charges. In the prototype iPhone case this is the whole. IPhone Fuller scandal -- the whole brouhaha that happened about a year ago now. The -- -- county district's attorneys has offices filed criminal charges against two of the men. Who obtained the prototype iPhone four last here and then sold it to the gadget blog is moto this is according to CNET which we've learned. -- -- -- The district -- said Brian Hogan was the first guy who alleged allegedly found the prototype. And in the bar and then of that was left there by Apple engineer and the the second man. Sage Robert a wall or who allegedly contacted technology sites lesser ten of the middleman into intermediary that was trying to. -- off the prototype. He's also been charged now neither -- moto nor its parent company -- there have been charged with any crime. At the moment nor of any of gawker media's employees so that's one distinction. To make clear but -- there -- You know it's it's actually moving along at the -- -- we were gonna hear about this ever -- really. Funny actually -- that -- He was elected district elected district attorney in -- -- anytime you -- a few months ago that the investigation is to get along because. His colleagues have been doing other important -- In -- that evident that they've been busy on other cases -- cracked me up uses -- -- -- gathers its forget iPhone thing is not top of mind for me. Until -- dubbed him stormy in -- -- -- house anyway so there you go misdemeanor charges have been filed -- criminal charges rather have been filed misdemeanor theft. Against Brian Hogan and and I don't know what the other guy was charged with it. There you go He can't find a -- and environment shopping around -- That's a no no -- goods and now note it. So FaceBook dislodged and they did kind of a strange thing actually they released a standalone. Mobile messaging app. Because they are I guess that well this is what it basically does merge beluga which they bought in February with a new messages product. And they're hoping to basically be -- -- killer and I messages killer Blackberry messenger killer. And then give you frankly. A way easier way to message them there -- ridiculous messaging which is totally where are managing in the actual. I gotta download the application is pretty much it feels like a balloon -- with the FaceBook skin on top in a FaceBook brand on top it whether you -- individual messages. -- messages a lot of us in the tech world have probably been using some sort of messaging service that has saved us. Ten to fifteen dollars a month and instead of text messaging. But the main appeal here is because -- is such a big mainstream name. -- -- right now I -- -- I love beluga but if you have people that are starting to use a messaging service that. That you don't believe this to niche for them to even like yeah -- beluga -- have been I was only there now this is this is going help. That transition and really. You know they say well I I message might be screwed but really -- carriers -- -- phone carriers -- the phone carriers who are right yeah. -- -- They all absolutely they have not there was no need for them to make any money. It was offering a service that we are already paying for moon or the lines -- the data streams that -- -- text messaging. And so here. It's good to see technology help us down. -- that -- -- at the exact same conversation mentally you try to put it does block in the river in the river and the way around like this is technology saying we are going to fix the problem. With -- we're gonna fix this rip off it's like a market correction in -- None yet there's no way carriers are gonna have to step up and deal with this problem -- DC -- because there's no way they can continue to try to do this giant estimates rip off. And then they also point out that one of the reasons that is -- messenger could be successful. Compared to -- methods is that it's cross platform. More at least it's sort of craft that are now that I am now that I am like a third class with -- -- windows and -- That's right you don't you can access and like acutely feeling all of these announcements like is the new -- is available pariah now. Its its part it's part as part of the transition part of the learning prayer and sometimes it'll be a year later until you get an Apple you're gonna have to deal with us crops. Our behalf -- machine -- it doesn't even matter it doesn't even matter what phone -- years. Because soon. Nobody is gonna be using anything we're all gonna be in our little neo Amish bubbles. Mostly done as well because. So yesterday we had -- email about how you know future solar storms could be as bad as the big one in 1995 and brick every single one of our devices isn't. Indicate in a faired a -- And then now scientists say that solar flares like the huge one that erupted yesterday. Are only going to become more common and because our sun is nearing its maximum level of activity which will annual peak in 2013. Yeah aches -- does and. And you know so this is like. The sun has -- eleven year cycle the magnetic activity -- so -- you know. I say don't wanna -- shrinks to a -- of cycles and when people get really mad and on fire every month. Well the sun is at least eleven years which makes it a lot better for all us guys out there. This is related on adelphia and and -- help guys. Blair's legs as -- they will become the norms in because like you said the eleven year cycle of magnetic activity. We are still on the up with the wing with his recent burst of activity so there was a huge that eruption yesterday He. In BT fleck also of tens of -- as well luckily that particular option that the sun was at that time -- away from earth. -- but it as their become more and more but you know what I'm not that wary because 2013 -- after 22 onward movement and that. JJ did put it eloquently it's that time of the decade at that that He flew out. And we're just gonna see more and more and more solar storms and it's going to be rated needs I am anonymously that sun is -- -- one single. Is -- how to get to get them. Okay and then finally an awesome. Tech culture news today. The world's richest tricky. King -- to have Jordan has given the Green light and some cash from one of his namesake funds to build a one point five billion dollars Star Trek -- -- resort. And that -- Kingdom of Jordan. Yeah it's yeah. Is there anything. -- other dual the second of jordin. -- -- known as a hard core trek fanatic -- I -- -- -- He even once appeared in an episode of -- Star Trek Voyager and He he's -- -- -- The funds. One point five billion dollars to build this Star Trek themed resort. The developer rubicon holding -- announced a licensing deal with CBS -- parent company to include a Star -- center in the report in that resort. It'll be one of at least a dozen other -- section so I don't think that it's gonna be. The entire resort will be like a final frontier but -- be free and -- You know it'll be even more awesome they send one of us are both of us to the resort to examine the technology. And I think that's. Yeah we should do this show and there -- -- -- there's clearly some Mino cross promotion cross branding opportunities here. That we -- to take advantage definitely this Star Trek attractions will be based on the 2009 movie. And will be -- creatively developed by Paramount recreation and -- it's supposed to open. And we don't know right now there's that the content -- -- -- -- come mine now all some and break the ground hurry -- earth hour and earliest. -- who knows how Long Will when you're I've billion dollars to -- get things built pretty quickly. And on top of all of that it's -- be powered by alternative energy suite. Okay but lots -- reason to go there and -- di lithium crystal maybe. -- -- in -- -- Steven BLL be up. -- Automatic unheard steady those both good and bad and those who gives one -- -- one of my jokes didn't mention iTunes. And -- -- of youth advocate -- A sprint executives told CNET that Sprint Nextel plans to get into the cloud services business. In the fourth quarter that they're gonna offer small and medium size businesses and large corporations hosted collaboration services such as software security applications and Internet hosting. Some braille lending in the and -- for the small and medium business also. In a related story with ten of the whole Wal-Mart of the connection Wal-Mart. Is playing to close it in case you knew they had won the Wal-Mart is -- close its MP3 store at the end of the month. Years. Of competing with iTunes and. I never purchased a single track from Wal-Mart store and barely knew it was there and they were offering songs for 88 cents. -- remember that they were there are papers on. It just -- catch -- catch on I mean I think Amazon. I did Amazon I tried rhapsody I tried Zune. I did not travel -- -- and I never did. And has barely been -- anyway because they censor other music don't they only released music that they -- really. Yeah that's true that via an Atlanta -- turn off that mountain. And Apple just cannot get enough of copycat lawsuits -- enough there are now suing Motorola also in Europe over the zoom. Tablets design. They've filed the court and they've actually filed the motion for a preliminary injunction in the same court. As the one that led to the EU wide preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Tab ten point one. -- generics stolen I'm sick of them are -- now keep it up Apple seriously keep it up we love stories like these as we are Robin and to ride -- Movement did nothing and broaden its country and -- their -- right in the sun sentinel and and you know that people are more quark quark. Let's do this. But guess what happened yesterday. Is that literally just before the show started. We discovered the existence of brownies we didn't know anything about it was not -- we never even heard of it it was spontaneous and -- cutting carried over into the show -- -- into the show we're just we were sort of doing our research on the fly moment of discovery. I gotta tell you a lot hot interview a lot of out there a lot of brownies to listen to or shell a lot of -- -- as big reaction in the email to the -- situation bigger reaction so we're gonna give at least one -- -- your -- Other model -- -- on. -- Rania the first who opened merit -- -- -- consumer -- occurrence annually and -- hurts. -- -- -- What. I just wanna direct -- you know that we didn't -- every community. The album -- both which took -- -- should you are. Q thank you very -- love and tolerance. I love you and I tolerate you I admit I am I -- I mean. For having just discovered the community at all I'm amazed that the communities of vocal -- yeah I didn't expect to actually hear him. A lot of feedback from the brownies out there and -- -- -- did. And for those of you that we're seeing what we were not calling we I mean there's a look at the -- we never said you guys are -- -- now. We were -- -- no no I know we were we were fast or -- it was more we were fascinated by and I know that. We heard that they were stripper horses but they aren't. There -- there my little pony it's let's clarify that one. I'm hungry on the -- I got it -- cartoon wars is the stripper -- one thing is that's a valid -- theory about them at that we discovered number anything but I didn't I didn't anyway -- that we did not in any if we did inadvertently suggests that we -- -- we didn't mean -- yeah we're just fascinated by that particular subculture and no idea -- we live in San Francisco we see all types of things if you want a more tolerant. -- -- US so I can't even believe. We didn't know about it and assign a naked dude locking on the seat on -- my little pony -- would -- I would even -- -- that it happens every year at -- -- her. That really doesn't yet actually -- -- -- money part. Anyway. Thank you offer your feedback and your love and tolerance and -- year we apologize if you know. Accidentally -- and I don't even we have -- come in -- once a wallet when you brownies wants to sit in on our show. To feel -- -- we really are. I'm invited up front I'm inviting a brownie did a show. But they -- tolerance and love. -- -- -- -- I saw her eyes yup you're not gonna invite a bright night at like on the show to talk in an odd oddly enough talent to sit down -- that little corners they like the other guy told that my little pony -- -- -- action -- Add on to a malware gets a bit more -- at all. Right then and says I am currently listening to Tuesday's episode and I have to represented for my people. Revenue in BT's base has BT one channel thing about the things that the Chinese invented muted Blakey is actually tiny then we we don't. That I'm -- that America. -- American. And -- -- -- that the ads tech invented zero. It -- in the -- Can you imagine a world without zero I didn't think -- you know let zero also stands for nothing I invited pizza. Fireworks. Pizza -- -- -- -- I -- into the lives silk the calculator. What you've got zero. -- brings -- 19 the foundation of math and members of the universe and thing. And does this anyway August of dollar virus named Leo IMAX in and that's even on an easy if you're wondering about -- developed a little confusing -- you said -- chisel a crush on you. While -- of united. Oh man I sit in and I said those and announced the immediate. We'll let old as the rest of Mexican and I'm an American Chinese we were meant to -- I think it's a band gets it thank you -- guy you know displaying. -- -- -- -- -- Email -- -- them dig in real needs and that's the eyelid in the healing West London in the UK which is one of the many towns and one that got trashed by the writing on Monday. Having quite a few reports of -- use using BBM -- social media accordion attacks. However a great thing happened on Tuesday as real people use social media to Courtney -- groups to clean up London. Now hopefully you can see this BBC news video as it shows the broom army that -- towns that were trashed and cleaned up the streets. This is a great shot of a Mexican wave of brooms and acute five year old -- -- house is clean upland and oh so wrong thing on The Beatles and -- but you said you had a gala have a downside -- right now is a positive organization my friends. Stilted as an -- cold across the Internet. -- -- -- -- We've had a lot about how the league says on the -- of -- using technology social media to organize themselves. This is the other side of the point everybody is it because they have met on line. To come down and clean -- that you think the latest technology in the simplest technology brooms. The launch that point again. And I love that I it'll get them either. -- -- -- yeah -- might have been deemed flora like an NBA game but a sudden it's like getting evil and good people. Doing better it is like that I will tell you though -- stop flying rock and be careful. Unless you hit it like a baseball. Should. Unless you have -- -- And -- -- deals have little idea that rival Barry Bonds via -- you're able to track that -- -- and swing right. It's I think now it's social pressure and that illustrate this is -- greatly yet possibly ease. -- -- -- -- Whatever your real name is that the melting. Brian Paisley to sit back and -- -- -- junk about webos but no car. About -- -- I spent the day came out just like my pre minus two years ago when I tell you I am loving it. I appeal is that you -- Molly just to -- -- that early -- would understand that the iPad is nice for games. But if you really wanna get worked on the webos is your best choice and even if this is a first generation product and has -- -- they can confidently say. Here we go it will be at least the number two tablet in the market -- the iPad in a year or two and the -- -- has more tablet apps available than have become -- Also He says Apple endeavour's UHB over the touchpad or webos because palm now its -- as the -- -- -- you heard it right. Though it HP decides to license webos anytime -- and that there will be mass exit this from Andhra to webos disperse safety reasons. Very good points now I do you wanna point out that we actually. Wanted to love well less than we thought it had that -- potentially earlier posters are really how we were fans behind it if -- a -- we were disappointed. We're -- I don't feel like I'm talking trash Alley I wanted it to succeed him I wanted to be better and it's still can be better and there's a chance again it has the best chance. Like you saying of being you're seeing now right -- -- number two I think it has one of the best chances -- We'll see I mean it's can take -- on and -- kind of a beast. 900 -- although I have is an Android on tablets have not been that impressive like I think that where web I mean I stick to the assertion that where webos has the best chance. Is because the interface is the most. Sort of iPad like in terms of usability. If it just. Now it has a negative perception problem to -- -- cheaper touch -- that's great nothing's gonna open more than that so we'll see workers from. We'll see but they is an email we appreciate -- -- and some common yet rolling all. Keep the feedback coming buzz at cnet.com. And our -- -- 106162638. If you wanna call and leave us a voicemail. You can also emails immediately with them. Yelled a year pretty sexy yourself do I really appreciate that -- -- also show notes at BOL dot cnet.com. You know my favorite number is only a zero. -- all that cnet.com and. If sincerely consider that into the village as it's genuinely said that she's she's married to a Filipino man and maybe -- licenses she married. Married and. And and -- and before our ideal world dot cnet.com the show notes. Follow us wherever you want. We're down we're -- -- here -- Who could not believe there all. You on the Internet. We'll see -- as the amount.
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