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Ep. 1507: We're out of disk space, too: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1507: We're out of disk space, too

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On today's show, Google already runs out of disk space for Google +, and we're running low on disk space ourselves. The first Google eBooks integrated e-reader is landing soon, Apple takes another run at HTC, and we're discovering the most evil cities on the Internetz. --Molly

Today is Monday July 11 2011. Mining Steven -- of I am -- -- All that I am Hollywood -- in a buzz out loud is cnet's podcast mental link and is episode 15100. And seven. Where the clouds have returned December and -- -- sadly yes it was a beautiful day I'm -- and -- Mason's and I went to the single the renegade craft fair. A lot of little -- independent artists and you know. It it's not crafting -- -- it's everything -- -- there's still stuff. Because some well I got -- what about my friends know what wanted to go to the craft fair with me now okay I like gender and no known and I -- I said hey guys does anyone. And you know would they -- -- to craft -- let me yeah sure rampant about parent care. Renegade yeah my home girls Cheryl you -- to the craft fair. I got work. But it's the renegade Palin says that that might work is normally craft fairs they director Rupert -- -- -- or to them -- that he -- -- It's a -- happen because the city twice a year twice a year wondered what's your here's -- Wealthy people can see -- here that -- in the podcast I don't okay you're in need is huge it's in Canada. We're out and revenue where you are usual Monday on the ball. Today -- -- and they knew that keep it up channel alliance hospital -- and -- -- today brutal. This is actually cool because it CES in January I river was showing off their story -- Coming out July 17. Gay guys can take a look at it looks very much -- light. A Kindle with its QWERTY keyboard physical keyboard layout. One -- the advantages that they tout is that the definition it's a higher resolution screen it's an -- GA's -- 768 by 1024 pixel resolution. And it has 63 point 8% more pixels and according to them faster page turns which might make -- compelling. It looks kinda nice fish. Yet HD factor is pretty cool it'll show up and target and target.com which is also probably a good place -- -- and -- -- straight forward and display. The biggest problem I think that it's -- farm. -- -- -- -- You know like that you can't be doing that now when that. 140 bucks over the weekend -- -- -- a new time. I got I but I decided we just at a price by it and I was so compelled. That I've wanted -- -- -- for the beach and the -- it does get beat up that there's no -- to an iPad throughout their self. I got -- -- touch and I love this thing that's it's a great size -- public -- tiny like it simply not touted as its. New engine. But it's in really works well it works all the best thing about -- on Molly but the show is that when you read pages it doesn't flash black after repaid. You get about five or six pages we just scroll and you'll get a flash on the screen -- it's pretty slick and I do think that the I think the dedicated. Google -- e-book store does in general on now and then you zarrella in what their plans will be like. Google -- has -- but -- -- -- just looking through now they've got. Tom client the -- the -- and Chelsea handler that's important they get some magic leis they have like semi corny supernatural -- them. I'm in evidence the crisper text -- a higher resolution display -- brilliant. What they're trying to be turned showed. That. And I reported they were natural and -- -- favorable tundra summer reading hello. You have -- -- -- Fabio covered books don't really get me going well they said. The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News speaking of with their content -- Philadelphia newspaper content -- built it. Now this is really cool so the idea of giving or selling devices away with these newspapers which plenty of them. Have filed for bankruptcy. This is the first of its kind but they really believe. That this is how they're gonna move forward why they didn't describe what kind of tablet as it sounds like from the article they don't specifically. Identify a tablet. It could be I don't think -- be a tablet of their own but maybe it wouldn't be enough. No no color -- whatever the tablet out whatever that tablets -- they don't outright say they do you say. The tablet they're gonna started off kicking off the program with 2000 tablets around the second half of August but -- have the ability for them to sell e-commerce on the tablet to help. You know -- revenue stream for them to support this model but it's not like there handing these tablets over for free they also say the online subscription to the newspapers which can be to Philadelphia Inquirer. And the Philadelphia Daily News would be discounted on the service as well. Yet it's pretty. This is very bold idea I'm gonna have to say I I applaud that and I suspect it'll be. A manufacturer like somebody like I river right it's not -- be a Kindle necessarily but yet have -- bundled content at a steep discount is just really. They are basically saying look we know digital adoption is coming and we wanna be there and be ahead of the curve. And I gotta say it's smart it's really you know it's better than hiding under Iraq in the sort of hoping -- -- go away or overcharging for your digital subscription are saying like are right. Here's the device and we're right on. And this'll be an -- an experiment to see if locally. People adopt this model because that's what they're trying to go for. We already know that the Kindle and a lot of these other. Take foot in a local market via because that's what they're trying to keep the business for more than anything else it could. At the time of experimentation. And -- as if it weren't there aren't -- at a Waller idealistic. Google plus apparently getting big enough that it ran out of disk space -- -- all -- Group that's crazy yeah I had nothing but storage and -- on -- -- they -- they had this little. Problem over the weekend is a glitch in which the storage well ran dry and that the end the problem was that then basically Google plus spam every one with this barrage of error messages about how the disk space with -- And then they have the right and -- the president and -- Google pluses senior vice president of social they can notre. Said please accept our apologies for the spam because this afternoon for about eighty minutes we ran out of the space on the service that keeps track notification. And our system continued to tried to -- and notification and over and over it and I do like the marketing spin they put on this because they said Google and anticipate the service hitting these high threshold -- -- -- and our it is so -- is an exclusive but even Google. -- could not support the bandwidth. From its. 500 people using it right now there's there's a lot more than that there's probably a couple million on -- by now probably but it is pretty -- There -- like and how do you read -- -- dissipates too -- that your first outing -- tech land dot time dot com or is this actually is super secret marketing -- and now with Matt c'mon it's just engineering that's why it's that's -- -- the -- name on their forever there's at least wine. One user who says he thinks that. Google plus may have four point five million years. -- really is estimating that based on US Census Bureau data and surnames that makes me feel good and it comes up with the US centric -- investment. Yeah it's a half million users. -- -- -- These into that's -- it doesn't stop them from there. -- -- also I know that you have all been asking us loudly and in all caps or invitation just -- does sound like now as near as I can tell the little button that says then invite is in fact working again on Google plus and invites are getting much easier to come by. -- down in the bottom right hand corner you guys -- itself. Throughout all all of if you guys send us an email will be let me be like we're not gonna add everybody enabled likes an -- by the lights out. -- you know -- nice and friendly. Know your -- a reprieve for you. It's a -- doesn't pay for it puts it at that it does indeed -- they weren't here -- deafening violence and to -- and it rolled her eyes. I got I got it we -- -- Noted they come and listen to our show and support as we have to show some love back and now if we get 200 emails -- -- least try and buy ten people. To consult. -- down we like your feedback. So I'll -- -- Stephen can take it -- for me -- I. Let me and outline I. Maybe would have a flood heavy file manager no but seriously needs to be gentle guys but sinister double byte -- these guys don't. Automatically relay -- you exactly that's old don't get that we down to that and -- -- on that may mean. Every time every time people like bulk in buy things -- -- shut it out again. We'll tried to elect Barbara exactly that's my and that actually the -- is great because -- patting located thirty thing like I'll invite people that we all invite ten. Dedicated committed and and and covered -- -- town yet will work it out on the. Worked out in the chat and now the -- work that's so nice and means that -- -- needs all that Google -- -- can -- so that's really nice yeah. -- -- I think you invite everybody everybody loves invites you start a whole invite service thing because it's like it's the way it's the thing to do now to make your service team like way more popular yet and more often apparently spotted by. When it lands on US stores and that according to national could be as soon as this week. Will be invite only and you all -- -- -- -- -- but we haven't got it about the. -- Did it's -- so it's. Actually -- -- -- are real if this happens. This could be the Euro real tech you know learning that we could write on. Re so right now they have locked down three of the major labels they still have not confirmed an official deal with Warner Music Group. But -- sources they say that the service. They're meeting with them -- stepping -- marketing plans and it's pretty much a sealed deal that's -- spotlight import. I need to get in this thing. And now I'm dine and now -- -- now. They apparently. It could be coming soon -- -- on -- that'll be a slow roll out of first think it's everybody else -- about it. Netflix is taking a pass on buying Hulu it sounds like all of these -- have been lining up to maybe by Hulu but Netflix and Hulu they say they -- mutually and -- interest. They had an initial attracted but it's it's not going anywhere. And is still see where can now instantly and -- and -- it sounds like I am Netflix hasn't even been actively involved this is more of a confirmation that they're not. In one of the people -- because there there's a -- -- -- -- -- but no one has identified via the actual company. It doesn't really wouldn't make sense I don't think I upper actually that's funny that last week when -- talking about Hulu being protesting briefly thought. Netflix had -- now. Anyway about bath which apparently the same conversation Netflix had their they were retired navy anything that -- previously -- others like maintenance -- -- I love this story that are basically like. Not -- Not based on anything like to so you know no -- -- -- Mac and that that's totally the Internet culture rumor stories now there's been no stories that no stars no story. App where you just think to yourself I know I call and ask them and then read -- -- a news story about a minute now we know. I we're gonna take a quick break everywhere and when we come back Apple just hand not stop. Trying to shut down HTC. Or apparently is doing other -- my analyst ideas oh. Oh. Brutal and that's -- -- and the most evil cities on the -- yes very scary. I didn't give California Aron here let me get a buzz out loud it's like -- -- determined line. -- -- -- -- I think -- -- -- you've got that they're -- nice people sound so pleasant SRI guys Molly Wood in the house. Looking lovely don't worry about inherently alignment it looks fine looks better after it teased that I did I. I look close at Steven how do you do that he teased it okay don't do that and that I'm going to throw open my site. -- That's exactly how I do data and insisting that may be thrown out -- guy has done this -- if the seller my hair that disaster. Back -- stories Apple fires of their second. A legal assault against HTC now the second one has not been specified -- what there's -- cynically targeting. But earlier ACC it was Apple's first target after they had success or with the launch of Android as a mobile operating system. Agency really was one of the pioneering hardware companies that -- that -- and Apple targeted them in regards to some of the interfaces involved an Android that this second line. Again has not been -- -- what it consists of but. You know it it's Apple does Denton dirty -- -- they were already gone after Samsung multiple times and now they're going after each CC a second time. Yet and they to build up their little -- what patent portfolios and has some people manage -- DNA in Maine it's a statement responded and said quote. HCC is dismayed that Apple has resorted to competition in the courts rather than in the marketplace. Rule 80 yeah and -- are. This means. And us. It is not read that ACC continues to vehemently deny all of Apple's past and present claims against him will continue to protect independent own intellectual property as it has already tendency would come at did you. Yet the article this is Roger chain whatever and you writers here at CNET welcome Roger an analog -- yeah idea also meant to tell -- considered one the most vulnerable. Legally of the entry partners because they lacked robust portfolio of patents that act as these shields -- -- -- -- companies build these patents shields. So ridiculous. Although and. I can move in this story apartment in the in the -- -- and that it's pretty relevant. Let let's be -- like these -- go back and forth and everybody's deals from each other all the time because. As Bloomberg reported on Friday. Apple has been ordered to pay eight million damage million dollars in damages over and iPod -- list. Patent lawsuit Apple is accused of violating two patents related to downloadable play -- for iPod that was filed by -- lengthy. There are a personal audio a patent licensing company. -- -- -- -- Apple Sirius XM radio Coby electronics and -- and they all saddled. With pat personal audio -- Apple they were after 84 million dollars initially -- because of all their devices but it settled for eight million in damages yup there's an Apple had little incentive to appeal the decision because -- million is relatively insubstantial. They're hoping that -- -- like 100 trillion for meets Tuesday to. What's crazy though is a case -- a downloadable playlist and it describe it in any way shape or form as a playlist that's downloaded from one source to another yeah that's. It's not -- yeah I think. It's hard in my back then it's hard back then -- Like. Maybe someone patent someone has a patent on building a playlist directly on your device that's that they are married and has a slightly -- public an idea -- again. This idea for the thing and didn't make a product out of it on its physical thing it's an idea for like how something -- -- in the future. We just need to have a higher bar and -- -- users though continue although the market share of IOS has been declining in relation to other. Operating systems other platforms. It's interesting to note that apparently according to -- recent report from Piper Jaffray Apple users are buying 61% more apps. And then this is so they've always bought more apps and they're always been more paid apps available but without -- -- -- apparently paying more than they used to 14% more per app. Yes so the average IOS device owner will download about 83 apps in 2011 vs 51 in 2010. 61% increase there's a chart that breaks down the average price or average selling price of these apps and it. They've been -- projecting in -- this out one dollar 48 cents. Is the average selling price for an app in the year 2001 -- and they projected this to 2012 where people be downloading nine -- -- apps. And in an average of dollars 61 cents I don't know if this is -- I'm assuming this is specific to paid apps. Not enough for not including the free -- Data as they are receiving -- amounts of -- apps yet I think at the amount people will pay for paid apps and which I know it's confusing also though there are still plenty of free apps available 82% of the apps and Apple's store are free. Although people do have a propensity to pay more there and then this kind of in an interesting note the App Store for Apple of more than 400 point 5000 apps. But -- market is up to 200000. Pregnant which is actually closing the gap rather quickly considering headstart and Apple had. Just a little data -- -- as today. In a porn. Speaking of porn and spam and things you don't want in your Google search results especially -- you're -- work -- Google results. Google had all those problems with dirty Google results may -- malware actually not just aren't. But they've had in other -- a bunch of like spam site -- -- managed actually insert links to malware into Google search results and and that's how. The Mac defender -- with -- and he. -- -- -- -- Thirty Google links and exit -- -- nine -- and they now angry now everywhere to suspect they slot means the minute pieces. That I'm not a did like though didn't. Anyway is so Google has -- has decided to take matters into its own hand if you will and has blocked the entire. Code -- the sub domain which apparently was where. Most of these malware results had been hosted. Yes -- TC is classified as a free has its -- by company in Korea. That allows bulk purchasing a domain so these were littered with malware they offer free domains they offer really cheap so -- -- it shows the power of Google right if they really wanted to. We can. Literally -- -- probably the entire record her sister and you no longer show up. Which is scary because it not dissimilar from that sort of the US taking domain name domain names offline thing so. A scam -- Google performed on the domain revealed that an extremely high percentage of their sites were riddled with Mahler. Although one would assume that means not all of them you would think though it's like anybody else is on there who has just they're -- blogger whatever sorry I can't. Yeah that's that's tricky die if it is really let let's say if it was even 80% -- of malware and feel. And honestly -- -- a -- to speak. About. I know it's -- -- is it is a slippery slope and -- that lets. Will lead to say goodbye. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you watch the last episode to series it was the -- that was lost now. The -- removed about eleven million results from the Google search index which they say should dramatically -- -- -- -- mean -- do -- with avenue because they can't. They'll be out of business that they become you know the distributor of malware all of Latin does not work. Interesting story to -- speaking of of data -- about which. Which city is basically are the most -- utilitarian where's all that malware coming from. Turns out -- area. -- Korea the where the CO dot CC domain name eggs. Eric and let are actually hosted of the -- again there's a correlation there's so that recently published study by researchers from the university of twenty and quarantined quarantines and quarantines that. A security company from the Netherlands we've heard -- them and they were analyzing. The origin of malware attacks from the city leveled it at their source. And so then they just came up with the most criminal countries. In the world -- -- up at Seoul Korea is the most criminal that he pity on the Internet followed by Taipei and -- and Beijing. And then when they when they -- the population of the top twenty cities -- into account then Chelyabinsk in Russia topped the list followed Bible and authors and Quad Core. And the US ranks number three in the list of the most criminal countries for the reporting period but no major US that he was found among the most evil and. With that. People attacking the -- -- -- like originating from US though it would -- it hurt so attacks per capita dotted with the -- -- analysts but there's no individual figure that out grateful. In terms -- where. -- -- -- -- -- the title of the study is finding and analyzing evil that the Internet at a. It felt like a second -- only allowable dealers evil dealers. Are there any -- and then they have this whole question are there studies that are relatively more evil than others. Cities might be more evil than others that is they generate more attacks than others in some cases just because the city has more inhabitants. Which leads to more computers -- -- higher probability of starting attack. This sub research question addresses the -- -- is taken into account its number of attackers per inhabitant since. And -- -- still real world of the beautiful report. And. I love it or that -- let's go get some quick hits guys. Who. We have a couple of them created -- Sony is extending their ID theft protection deal to PS -- users. It was plans expire at the end of June but PlayStation network is open it up you'll have until July 31. To sign up for the free I don't need that protection program lets from all clear -- -- -- you -- -- -- up to one million dollars in damage. You for a month and that yeah it's it's free. It's a good thing good -- Battered by the popularity of Smartphones. Says search not Japan times. Nokia is abandoning. The Japanese market Nokia is actually pulling out of Japan -- Yet and they will not be apparently selling it without like mainly what they're not gonna do is sell the high and -- to. Cellphones that -- these like ridiculously drizzle and -- cost as much as twenty million dollar church and they are not gonna be doing that anymore their withdrawing from the Japanese market to better focus on priority businesses. Otherwise known as the beginning -- It's a little unclear from you whether. I think maybe they have dared to sub brand was all that was left in Japan the only they had really been selling about Nokia phones and -- David -- -- -- product line across the world itself. He he. -- I got that it is time to get to your feedback I think we have a couple of voice mails read today. -- -- -- -- Okay the person comes. Up. And but yet they are the next thing we're old group that malfunctioning pray broken it off so -- -- -- -- concerned about multi use of the word awesome. Those concerning. Your your video below this is ready for -- -- -- treatment as -- and make quick point. And -- podcast kitchen floor and teaching of science. Ineptitude therefore -- hearts in the islands up for being so young in -- where awesome like -- on grass. Well -- just like to point out the the reality is our beloved Molly's vocabulary. These girls taking them yesterday ship fifteen. Wow this whole hospital has -- Steve but to get it was awesome list whole long string of awesome. Who is actually one more I screwed up I couldn't go back by -- Five times and in the first fifteen minutes and it's -- analysts. How much hurt when the internet's come back and -- And -- -- and Hewlett that we clicking I don't know -- I that uses an eternally metronome to timing of he -- them. Well tolerated and -- and -- also -- some he definitely. That we ended up here and -- attack ever does say it all the time. That's like your bad word I had no what was I saying essentially -- as you totally cut that out actually I had a pleasant and -- and you never that essentially comment. I'm a creature that adapts to was environments around. -- -- -- -- -- -- And then. Then how could I have. -- higher -- anyway in the magnet again. So this one comes from anonymous guy who says that Google classes lacking. -- -- As well I'll just -- little -- -- -- hours. Not and -- re entry -- certain -- your friends you have. Little classic you know there are quite a few people. It still -- They're here at work at all might -- -- keep inviting. Look which oh shut up what the computer -- That. Out I -- that shot out. So the guys I. He says he hates Google pledged that he says get invited to it -- -- says -- -- with imperial. Yes. -- Meant nothing that's him out like shut up and united. And UK Europe provoked -- that's the way. That's idea. As -- areas. Said that although idea I do tend to slightly agree with that -- analysis that. They Google blog doesn't need to get ready need to get the critical math isn't there yet Mickey. Also today -- oppose something. -- -- to -- closely you know I mean out promote program and against the indie theater owner and you know or whatever I posted on my personal if -- public FaceBook Twitter. And Google plus and now like I officially -- social that he that's -- tricky on the little plus and is interacting with it but I can't host no I'm not posting right now because there's no tool that makes it easy and -- -- -- my first and only public -- and and now now that all the notifications are rolling in response and a -- -- on your email speaking of which are read and write in from Norway and that start using group policies last few days that the atomic and an ambient -- -- While using it. I've suddenly realize the Google really can and does that data mined my life when looking at the -- this morning and suddenly noticed that suggestions on the right side and Google plus suggest for me. -- -- -- -- -- Again not actually angry his just that before the data mining sort of what's happening in the background. With Google plus they'll probably become more apparent which makes it a little bit more -- might not -- the it. Now of course my type of that interest in the world or in. I you know what it again the main thing actually and it almost even greet your at least Google is getting it from your email well like -- as being like. Every when -- every minute in and it these Kevin Bacon connections. Should be printed -- -- -- -- -- artery the next. So that's when it comes to us from Mike melt down and listened to episode fifteen us six on July -- I have to form -- that my ISP did -- -- Did disconnect my service after the third noticed. I had to call them and promised that -- might torrent software and files for the -- connected me. They also said that if I get another noticed it will mean big trouble whatever that means so let people know that they are seriously watching people. Thanks Mike -- Be careful be very careful. At silencing and don't keep pirating -- the third suggestion one and two and three. Did you hear about how they have there's six strikes law and here nine -- I'm involved -- that it. All right this email comes to us from our buddy Jonathan Chicago and a buzz -- Now known host -- honest but given how bad -- Google plus is so far. I foresee that by 2013. Google plus will become what FaceBook is now. -- -- come on MySpace is now MySpace to become a Friendster is down to five people on Friendster will just our text each other instead. -- And it. It is that was his nose or did trying to steal your with another there we'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of pretty bad I was ready to head into Monday at a -- and they like depth knowledge in and Romania. I've done that. And yeah government -- in -- -- this new Mac if this is our new weather pattern both climate change in the Bay Area and go. We believe -- like a real nice run of two weeks of beautiful weather or even I think there are like four weeks. Erect an -- and I'm not -- announced that Seattle summer and -- -- night. -- -- -- -- And -- -- this actually that's their precious Angel itself it'll surety but you know sometimes which readily preserve your bandwidth. One million thank us later for that hopefully there will be more interest in news tomorrow -- You can -- And I'm at least a voluntary that we talked about today at our show notes page in -- blog -- dot cnet.com. Also you can call us at 806162632638. Preferably stoned or not -- Just make it clean concise than we'd like to understand and oh what was that. And a buzz at cnet.com. Is our email that was little Far -- movement racketeer -- CNET. Come with a community element of that fact that it. I like it like where's that coming from but he totally identified that's not contact you about -- movement out where it comes from -- hopefully -- my phone sent it off. -- And that -- that crash after -- we'll see it will be right back here tomorrow. -- -- --
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