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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 15: Jobs steps down,TouchPad fire sale, and Parry Gripp interview

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 15: Jobs steps down,TouchPad fire sale, and Parry Gripp interview

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Tim Cook becomes CEO of Apple as Steve Jobs steps down; cute-animal-song wunderkind Parry Gripp joins us to talk about his new Baby Monkey iPhone game; and The Internetorati clamor to buy discounted TouchPads, while HP's stock plummets 20 percent to a six-year low.

-- guys welcome to the best -- sell out our weekly -- just of this week's buzz out loud shows. And this is episode Tim could become CEO of Apple -- Steve Jobs that's down and will Apple ever be the same. We also have cute animal song -- ten Perry -- He joins us to talk about his new. Baby monkey iPhone game. And the techno files clamor to buy discounted touch -- well HP's stock plummets 20% to a six year low to sit back and enjoy the best a buzz out loud. In case you have -- been under a rock -- Steve Jobs announced his resignation. From Apple this is the -- like tablet and that at the doctor actually can think of -- okay hey. There are reports that like many are. -- back Steve Jobs text and that's really polite Delano -- anyway it was and He resigned from Apple -- sent a letter to the board of directors saying. It saying flat out I can no longer fulfill my duties -- an expectation that CEO of Apple. His his main kind of core paragraph and there's I've always said if -- -- day they came -- no longer meet my duties and expectations Apple CL I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately. That day has come. So stepping in for him will be CE OI. As of yesterday formerly the CO. Tim Cook and will be stepping in directly into the CEO role Steve Jobs move up to. And obviously advise Apple from a distance but it comes down to the fact that. Although his health was not alluded to in any of the PR releases or Steve Jobs actual statement. Now is clearly one of the main motivating factors for his body does not really been able to keep up with the -- day operations and -- in every place and every time as a CEO. I personally I was surprised actually that the letter was that straightforward like I can't do it anymore. Just what we're here what are your thoughts obviously you've been on this -- now for her just long enough to be right in the middle of it yeah that's. Well yeah -- Are obviously is -- you know you never know and expect these things button He has been gone from the -- -- since January and they don't really announce when He comes back the last time He did. There was no announcement made. He just came back and this time there was announced -- these -- coming back so. That's were left with. And we at at that. Kind of the result yesterday was just the avalanche of like what are we thinking it was sort of a -- it was half surprised -- not surprised everyone knows that he's been on leave. That we talked at the time actually about -- there was no time frame for return and and it didn't. I mean nobody felt super optimistic that He was going to come back to that part not a surprise. Any of it that is a surprise. I -- it's. I don't know about you guys this is a surprise actually finally see or hear it right is hosting the EC -- what you actually realize. It's here now I mean that's what surprises people the most. Then you have. Wall Street reacting to it hastily and after market trading yesterday the stock was around five or 6% it's kind of creeped up a little bit. But I think for myself that was the -- prize like while he's actually no longer going to be the CEO. Yet the end of an era in -- -- and as He meant to selflessly my first reaction yesterday was like. -- and He couldn't just wait until it that I've (%expletive) minute I've unreleased. And I go and this is health probably naturally bad about things that the dot. We are pulling back home but that it would be interesting to see if any of maybe it's just -- now. In realizing like to the natural role of being CEO which -- a lot of of anyone. That you know He might still be healthy enough to still be. Premium a mouthpiece for Apple. For a little while longer and he's -- still remain on the board of directors and yet. Any kind of know that -- Long as He is physically able is gonna be as involved as He possibly can be because is what you know does what He loves at his obsession. The stock after -- training has opened today is down just about 4% which actually. Considering the fluctuations of the market recently -- really -- text socks on the whole were up a little bit yesterday today they're down about 1% and it's not. It's not a terrible attrition and frankly like I would see no reason to. Panic -- that much at the -- -- -- Arab but I think Apple isn't very good hands. Well -- you might even see -- will probably see once they as the earnings reports come out over the next year or so. They're gonna be just fine we all know that apples has their plans in place probably for the next maybe three to four years of their product -- what's rolling out. Steve Jobs will still be there you know as the chairman of -- to install least director put his input and on the vision of what product to come and accept what we -- that's what they need the most. At least that visionary in that intuition is always drops the table. -- a bequest is what happens after that and obviously you know no one really knows for sure that timeline of what else is in the -- the product pipeline right you you have -- rumors of television sets. But that's about it right I mean everything else is just their current products in this expectation that. Yes and and the -- will continue to get slimmer and yes the iphones will continue to get cheaper and -- but. -- on that you know what we now. I've had I think that there's something emotional about it to -- I think within the company like that Steve Jobs has been like this strict dad. Of Apple for like the longest time. But is also -- I mean he's been the reason I think there's been so many inspired designs and products coming out of Apple -- is that the sense of him being. The last stop of quality control if it doesn't meet Steve's expectations -- It's gotta go back to the drawing board and we haven't seen someone else in that role yet appealed to deliver that kind of not his vision like inspiration but also that that level quality control and like that that blasts you know. Cannot pass on whether or not something's -- idea that super Apple product and. Dead Tim Cook said we're -- gonna have to see as time goes on. You know Steve Jobs at every level even from -- -- -- was. Early maniacal about the details by saying yes I like that curve and -- an Apple source heat. When that would soar as -- open because He didn't like how all the floor looked and reflect in the floor. They -- -- by cutting out the entire floor -- break these are things that. Does that DNA translate over to Tim Cook where He has that sense of it -- to be perfect or that men maniacal level of detail that He really cares about global -- And it's a slightly deeper bench into mpeg T because -- -- -- have Tim Cook as stepping in -- CEO Jonathan as is still there and Scott forestall those three I think as much as anybody are imbued. With this Steve Jobs absence -- -- as much as they can be forced obviously is the guy in charge of IOS which is like they're huge yet. I mean that is the platform that I think Apple be built on going forward. The real question now is do we start to see departures from Apple do we start to see you know high level. Departures are people saying okay Apple's. There's not another -- dots -- now currently that's the -- and comes along once in a generation but also. I would be surprised if any company including Apple. Is willing to in the future put its hand so completely or put -- eight so completely in the hands of one. Person one leader like Steve Jobs -- that Cingular kind of leader. It is partly able to accomplish that by coming in when the company was virtually dead. And I think probably just saying like look. You let me do whatever I want to and I will return this company to greatness and He didn't but. Shareholders have been nervous for a while even you know behind the scenes and front of the cameras about the fact that that. That Apple's -- is so inextricably tied to seem to. I'd be surprised -- the next leader of Apple is as. Significant presence -- The thing that comes to mind for me alive is and this is kind of funny because we are talking about this man this morning but like the idea of like the Walt Disney -- of Disneyland -- -- when Disney was. Like not just this -- was like one man's creation to make me click this huge thing and He was a visionary and it's so much of Disney was tied up in Walt Disney. And then after that mean -- still like a very important. Part of America and part of like the -- What we talk about. Com and in terms of pop culture but it's it's not that one man. You don't see the man behind Disney anymore but. Still very important. -- company forests. Everybody. Who was on the Internet this weekend. With apparently -- hunting for touch pads yes like they were the rarest. Ivory bill Allison attempted to -- onus on price and it percent of time Yahoo! here got to -- -- they can't. Not me me I heard about all of the and for people standing in line before best buy opens up sort of thing you don't like -- argument -- -- I. I have to it will Saturday I was completely out of commission linked it. -- -- on the couch complement and now whenever I get finished in -- parents. So it was worth it. But then by Sunday everything was just like Amazon was out of stock and but I couldn't it was so fascinating watching the progression and Twitter. Of people being like. You'd only dates between -- and 99 dollars and 449 for the 32 gig do you get when they're gonna get your body it was -- -- lending all of deciding. As HP like completely screwed the -- -- the -- and killed it dead. It becomes the -- must have gadget of the -- If that we haven't happened late in the bizarre irony there that -- of -- -- almost a little too convenient. Personal goal that was HP's plan all along as a spin off webos and and -- -- of on the bandwagon in the -- But right now they love -- -- that's a habit of its new slide did what we have I definitely -- treatments they like it and it. Would it have killed them because XP had the money to absorb. A bit of a loss -- situation like would it have killed them to put this particular product out. For less to build those developer relations to get an install base for webos. And then continue to develop products that -- can sell at a better. -- Not even a premium but a better margins because a day when you establish city of system the M at means that it went -- -- and so when someone who wrote one of our borders -- -- a Smith said. That we think that's what Amazon can end up doing what -- tablet. Is just you know once we -- she was in the door of the tablet we can -- back a loss on apps and music and books atom. And and it seems like that something -- people. Could've done -- mean -- than if if if they were still in the situation right now take advantage of the hundreds of thousands or however many. Tablets canceled this weekend. It'd be really good for them. Yeah absolutely I mean hopefully it will. -- -- enough developer interest that they do you look seriously at. Licensing webos are making -- open source or something like that I mean it's it's pretty clear that. Let's be honest it was pretty clear that the fix was in for the touchpad now looking back on the actions of the past week it was pretty clear that Leo pucker a guy from a sleepy. With was all -- gonna come into HP and and take -- in an enterprise and software direction -- we talked Friday about how. HP seems to follow the whims of it's CEOs as opposed to be a company that has -- direction of its own in the CEO accounts for that after action and down. Obviously. IPod speaker was saying like -- you you -- -- -- low -- last thing that's adorable your little consumer thing you got 48 days to make it a winner in Allen. So we'll see but apparently -- It didn't let the fire sale actually didn't go that well for HP. Because they were selling them for 99 dollars in their own on their own site. An 849 dollars for the 32 gig version and then they had this huge heart problem like a technical problem on their own back end where there's systems and -- -- the liquidation. Problem are at prices and then there e-commerce site. By the time they even expect -- problem -- e-commerce I was serving upon these errors and in the call center with totally overwhelmed and they. The kind of -- that yeah I mean I personally know someone -- sat on the phone for two hours to protect that seriously yet. That's -- and hold. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's amazing that it's that matters it's fascinating. They also is that so. Who who wrote blading and over and Xena had a good write up about this this kind of the backlash or the result of the -- now. One of the things he's speculates on is that retail partners might be wary of HP going forward because of that kind of mess ups with the liquidation pricing -- come. Not all of them went with it and then they had to refund the difference in it was that was kind of -- -- -- I don't think that -- -- worry about that's a much longer because they're not gonna be doing consumers. And then but He also point out that tablet pricing now. Is ruling -- this. Is gonna completely change the game for talent I think yeah -- everyone wants them if that's awesome press yet. And they're staying that at this point. Any Android tablet might be in a situation where it's like -- -- attitude or fifty dollars Max -- the idea that anyone can come out with anything close iPad pricing over. Yeah I mean. -- It's at I think a lot of people. There are communicating with tablet and maybe even hacking it maybe that this -- -- to think in this is gonna be like the next Nook Color. Yeah where it's just but He didn't do very well. And then just on the brink of failure. -- came back is infinitely small. Grassroots sort of thing but I think even if you don't do that if you just I don't care about anything -- -- email and and browse in the -- So the Internet is the Internet growth of what's reportedly looking at it through -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is still really did content threatening it is at this point. Price point -- That the price point is key are you actually think it is gonna bring back that. I mean if they do that they're neck and reveal mean that it would it would seem a little weird and really we're bringing it back. Regional price yeah yeah and -- I can't -- commercials on weekend with with all that celebrities at their haven't for the touch pad they had like the full price and everything else -- -- crystals showings commercials and confusing. -- I -- there whether going on -- for. More than the when the door that's again that's the -- -- -- post buyers now. Now the must have gadget of the season is still going on eBay for like -- for Cuba now a wonder if that's just that says people who are in the new words it's like 200 dollar tablet. But people who aren't in the -- just see everyone's excited about this touchpad thing and I've gotta get one and those are the people are gonna -- gallons. You've been watching the show for any of the previous arrow 200 or so episodes you probably know that my favorite thing in the entire world -- baby monkey read backwards and paying the by Taggart and that previously my favorite thing in the world before that was hints at a piano. You know. You all know because I am giving you -- ear worms like over and over and over and then the best thing happened. Arrogant emailed me yes and you at all -- I have an iPhone game. A baby. And game and that I was like statement. Stopped -- with me and that definitely out today. Erekat. Oh in the form -- another rabbit. Right here. Sitting in my chair Whitley and those. -- I knew it. With a bundle and I -- this explains everything. Perry himself as a cute bunny. That's how you -- perfectly captured and the absolutely unbelievable viral cuteness little critters. You understand. They are idiots in -- think you are coming -- -- candidate Clinton. If they keep having it is really really -- -- so let's start I let's start by talking about the game because baby monkey. I'm I'm personally say I totally -- -- we did it I was like this is the next. Is that it that Turkish -- You know tech -- on this videos the next Turkish. Like the original viral video that -- -- -- like. Of the singing and the like the land of Lincoln looking for a woman in the chat remote now. Davis tends anyway I knew with going to be hugely barrel and it turns out not only -- usually viral but now it's. -- -- -- -- -- It's a game it's a game that was made by a company called -- on games they did a great job. I didn't do was to designing and it -- and suggesting they. Including cancer eating broccoli in the game which they did deal. -- it's playing game people like I'm very excited to be associated with it. And if you like hearing a repetitive songs over and over millions of times it's that -- free man. You guys I solved already -- and download it now. Retired its yelling cameramen and have shown in the game right now on screen -- the music. To me the -- Really yeah a portion of the sales of the game code to -- this Q rabbit here so could -- a it's pretty. It's you don't buy -- he'll star. -- all know and. No big city if -- if you go to YouTube dot com slash -- you'll see it like in case you were not familiar with. Previous year worms like cancer and a piano the boogie boogie hedgehog party which my child and I have -- roughly nine million times. That this is like the source of them all but did. You're you're sure that with this is this here is your full time job. It's sort of turned into a job and I to start doing -- for fun and obviously it seemed. You know sort of far -- the idea that you could. Make a living from cancer on a piano or something like that it's actually. I saw a lot of -- this it's been really get I get some work actually will be doing a series have kids -- songs for a little company called National Geographic. -- -- In a data gay guy got through this weird. Stuff that I do so essentially -- a great I love -- -- -- -- should. -- their pet and -- We'll -- that's my other question is that you know your videos have featured -- tides and -- -- and hamsters. Are these all. I mean I -- assuming that abatement in the Paper and your pets but He had finally got her new work and no right where everything from where did you find that video. It was just some insensitive people city probably just like you they sent -- kinds of videos like oh you should do this about a this octopus can predict the future something and then you know it's all the octopus or something like that it. There's been a there's a -- -- influence. So -- the -- your pet. Or that all that any answer isn't wasn't my iPad knows of videos. I immediately filled cancer. And actually that whole thing turned into like a giant's. Crazy copyright lawsuits. I was wondering actually -- nastier Allah and that happens at -- all it happens sometimes. Some people just don't appreciate art. Clearly a man so that how but how many pets do you have. We have to pets here at the house is cute gravity you're looking -- -- and we have a cat named Safra on. -- -- -- -- And we also get the -- to live in a place where there a lot of skunks and -- tunes and owls and stuff so I their crawler -- And all of them are video fodder at any time my here -- -- here with the Kazakh. And remember I can see again. -- -- -- -- The typical that you gotta see this LAU got it looked at my near the I am dating itself hasn't done yet is adorable cold as hell right now let me -- -- like the original viral video in late 2090. Does not trust me honestly and Perry can you explain to meteor your artistic process of someone's engines beyond just an inspired by the video and write a song about -- apparatuses this'll work. Usually when they do I watch the video I try to get into the minds of the hamster or. This picture below or whatever it is. And might even -- or -- and a piano and -- rounds. And added. It's a long process and I can't reveal to match. Let anybody do sell the songs on iTunes and elsewhere. On iTunes yes you can buy them on iTunes and also Amazon any -- that we'll cellular and and are there plans by any chance for and Mandarin version of -- baby monkey name could you know I. About stats people ask for it in and that sort of up to two key content with an image an Android version I would -- defeated because then. I kids I could buy an Android. Tablet right up my taxes probably. See there you go tell us something great concept generally wins He could Japanese television -- -- and I can't -- show brain. Info insidious actions in a movie. It's elegant -- -- to me this. -- of me funny the Idaho. I also my child also highly recommend funding for the QQ and looking through the video is now distinguish. -- -- -- -- And -- like a young girl talking entered turkeys to yourself or whatever -- -- -- so how many have you done along even during. There have sixty or seventy I lost count on I started in 2000 -- so. I don't know how many years that is -- amassed over three years. Anyway and -- an Internet doing it for about three years it seems like a really lock on time. Released and -- it. And look at no. -- Terry thank you so much -- good luck with the game and everything else and talked attacked them at the Android version I think if you can't stop it you wouldn't mind because you need a tablet is why am just it's for you now. -- that would be great and thanks to Bruno for being so patient little sweetie. You really know what panorama does -- for those of us were totally -- gonna get one at the -- Let me ask my consultant. He's a -- -- and awesome seeing that intensity. Well Bruno you're very sophisticated and stylish. And we appreciate you joining us on the -- today that -- well thank you for having me on it was really fun thinking emails anytime you have anything to talk about. Below I will okay -- Yeah -- -- That bunnies totally take to that seen -- -- Yeah bring it out that -- -- he's mad -- them it's terribly notable being treated fairly -- sag contract. A narrative that has been that has been you're cute critter portion of buzz out loud and suspect -- be our most popular episode ever because. I am is that we're gonna get out of the economic downturn right this is -- -- those of us here ourselves out -- a little bunnies and fluffy chairs. Unchecked data trust me Fuzzy Fuzzy cute cute -- lake you'll transform your day. So that's it for this we show remember to -- -- -- each weekday at 10:30 AM Pacific time as cnet.com slash live I'm Brian Tong and this has been the best -- Allah.

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