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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1495: Lytro: the "magic camera" that's blown our minds

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1495: Lytro: the "magic camera" that's blown our minds

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On today's show, we fall in love with Lytro, the game-changing photo technology that we can't wait to get our hands on. Get in line, geeks. Also, will Yahoo buy Hulu? And can we call it Ya-Hulu if they do-do? Plus, Apple scores the broadest patent ever, which makes us wonder if the patent office is even trying anymore, and Shazam is coming to your TV.

Today is Wednesday June 22 2011 mining Steven -- of my name is Bryan's all my name as Hollywood no really about my name and it's not a mean depth and -- -- it's not. I just learned something new. -- officially your real -- is my real name yeah it's not short for anything with them now. Anyways 15 July 2 2011 that's another 1495. Other sunny beautiful day another down day here and number that there which means he can expect that lately -- -- were weirdly -- on primetime yet it's not too hot -- -- either which is so it. I it was pretty blaze is emblazoned. -- And -- gonna -- -- in Oakland again actually why don't you think youth we get to enjoy Billick moderate temperatures here attempt they've done an umbrella back to -- -- and -- He did they -- slow hot tech news coming after you guys today video site Hulu is considering a sale. According stories that circulating on the Internet the song comes on Wall Street Journal and web video website Hulu is the Wayne -- whether they're -- whether they're going to solar cells. After potential buyer for the company approached it with an offer. According to sources. That you know. There were the LA times. Was reporting that Yahoo! was the one who -- -- about a possible acquisition but also reported that -- -- board of directors has not met. To consider any offers that with -- conflicting reports some suggestions. That Yahoo! may have been the mystery buyer still kind of unclear. What happened if anything and then there's yeah exactly if anything did you and it could there was speculation that maybe -- -- -- -- -- just loading. Like maybe Yahoo! floated it as what would Hulu -- -- or Hulu floated along with. So as to try and up their value eight you know opt device and see if people still care about them because if this is indeed true that there's a potential buyer out there -- Hulu. Who -- kids who should sell their head. I think you know the fact is that Hulu is becoming a service that we're using less the last. There on who is is it is -- -- Keeler gap. The the one of the guys who runs I don't know what -- official position is there I'm sorry that the yeah he's one of the spokespeople are like when -- top ready over the CEO website. That CEO Priscilla but he edit recently criticized. How the content providers the networks. Provided the content through so he's kind of already making that -- content is related. It Hulu depends on those on those -- providers like the networks to get their content on their. And I see the moment the that the momentum from -- we've talked about it it's it's not there anymore well. Yeah I mean eventually -- that -- -- it isn't people are saying I mean more and more and more people are consuming the service -- -- all these reports on top of their advertising revenue with can skyrocket. That the viewership was -- director but they have blanket that had problems making the deal -- making the -- stick. Mean even Netflix as having -- problems so if someone like Yahoo! did come in and buy them Yahoo! has talked. Very recently in the press about a theory of investment. In content and original content so they bought something like Hulu and had a pretty killer TV streaming service. And then also kicked down for original content ala Netflix. That actually could be an interest in property could although it and it pretty unlikely. Yet if it all if all the you know the -- -- around they all fall. In their favor it could be -- the united and one of the -- and who also has -- it there's so many people that are moving steadily towards Netflix is because Hulu is dealing with. Studios and content providers that are coming out -- new shows. They're very picky about where that. New content. But just aired on the network shows up and that's why we see a lot more problems with the deals where sometimes on Hulu plus sometimes it's not sometimes shows there for one week sometimes not -- -- Netflix even though they have similar problems. It's not as an inconsistent and all over the place -- what -- has been dealing with. Yeah parents say am the fascinating it would be really really interesting and Yahoo! but Hulu plus we can call Yahoo! knew that I really. Fit yelled at -- -- -- Yahoo! into Yahoo!. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do they allow me. But -- hourly every yet and balances -- of this. Unless Yahoo! does try -- make a lot of acquisitions -- -- to you know to redefine their brand to do new things. We'll see -- we'll see we'll see will be watching Mallon will also be watching. The entire tech world responded some way or another. -- the rumor from did you or the report from daily tech. That Apple is going to enter. The TV display business late this year yet -- daily tech this is from a former Apple executive who they say is. You know obviously stay -- anonymous they told them that the company's biggest upcoming product launch hasn't even been made official yet and it's their plans and -- TV business this rumors been. Kind of bounced around for at least media you like two years now. Yes I'm -- that's one of those heated up recently -- -- Tonga and others laying their tech reputation on the -- and it was gonna happen well we predicted that last year I remember earlier -- -- like well should we say it's announced by the news you might find whatever. So now this deal but who cares about the notion tong stuff some of the well I -- there are records regularly I'd save my -- I jammed and you you know you not to talk -- it that means that. And that means that Ares I I think but it was you know they're trying to come up with the better Apple TV has done -- I -- zero like clockwork man. Play client work sick was I know for those -- unless I call the speed of six reluctantly and I had zero everytime I think they -- -- zero. -- -- Writely adds it Bryant unique in its six. I'm here -- and -- and actually talk about this story which people that are listening rather more impart -- Maury notes more -- According to the source Apple's planning but -- born at teaming up with a major supplier of one of the gases they have a really tight relationship with. You know -- -- I -- -- although they have a major beef over their mobile products still would potentially make sense for them to do you to do a partnership with them that -- -- at the same time the article does state that. Apple -- never really done well with how -- mean another OEM manufacture. Build the hardware or. Pretty much control part of the experience Apple is all about from top to bottom control and -- for the Harvard but. They're expertise really is -- in the TV world it is and they have flat panels but not. -- he needs daily tech addresses the question about why an OEM like Samsung would allow Apple -- and their bottom line but the source -- -- out. That the alien would be winning even if Apple cut into their branded sales because of yet to be competing with somebody. Humans will compete with yourself. Let me I. I still think you -- like I'd just. I don't I don't have a good feeling about -- -- can I it seems like a huge departure for Apple to make a television but and the source sounds like. Part of it honestly part of what triggers my -- here is the source found wade -- freaking excited about. Let it doesn't sound like they're delivering -- information at public and with people collier and her dislike this does -- The source says you'll be able to walk into an Apple retail store and be able to walk out with the TV it's perfect. It was they did say -- -- former executive. Ron Johnson announced it. I'm just -- -- it's probably not but you know I mean look pretty LA LA people -- people are definitely debating this back and forth whether they would go the strap on the one hand. You know it it's another device on which -- -- I alas -- and other devices sort of close. The -- -- ecosystems circle then especially as they get more and more into the media delivery game yet but I feel like it would just be like a left turn from them. You know it it seems out there but then again I mean when the -- If we re wind back in history whom and when we heard Apple is actually going to release a phone people -- I was little crazy -- like it made. And -- sense but when they enter the Smartphone market a market they really had no experience in and and all the -- they come out this killer product that change they clearly has changed the game and had other competitors raise their level. This disc. Kind of aligns with that have been like what they really do a TV and if they did and they may disintegrate experience it would again yet it might -- industry a little bit and have. Those are the manufacturers try to try to match or you know compete and just change that game again I mean their game changer it's. Yeah -- -- you and you know that I part of -- part of their reluctance here that I'm just opposed to those closed ecosystem and I can't stand is continuing trend toward you know specific apps specific ecosystem specific service like you have to get it all from one person. And it only enter operates if you get it -- from that not one person but one company it only inter operate properly if at all coming from that company is all based on their specific deals on their device specific. Apps like I just don't. I'm not comfortable like I want to mix and match as a consumer and I don't want -- one company to control the entire vertical like that but I totally understand. That's what they all want to do -- -- is it a better position to close -- -- -- an Apple. Which is that which is actually -- let you know sometimes you also -- things to work for example earlier in our. Free show C let's let's -- history of -- gadgets right now -- Molly ray now owns a Mac but there. Molly -- also owns. An iPad now in -- -- -- show meeting she looked me dead in the guy and said Brian. I almost bought an iPhone four yesterday. Closed because is now almost -- all -- Okay so that her her love this -- the -- You don't use get to the statement yet completely legit but we talked -- -- we've had this we've had this conversation behind closed doors -- have. Sometimes when our lives are so busy we just want our ish -- -- and it. You know it whether that means I don't wanna do -- supper at the that screws over my Android phone which. You experience into red did not go down and if someone says that just richer iPhone when. Mum of Molly of busy lady everywhere doing things. Doesn't have time for that sometimes and sometimes it's located just admit like I just want my stuff to work and that's one using this platform and that's totally into that whole human -- -- -- like you know what I'm tired of buggy crap. And I'm tired of it. I get tired every coming -- a software update something -- -- little bit buggy and I'm tired of like having a crappy -- camera on the Motorola phones -- and a tired of the fact that when I do with software update like that and -- on to candidate in my -- from the keyboard like the panel with Clinton in a model and I can't link. My credentials aren't -- it's not taking my Google credentials -- the DBS isn't working there's no one to call. That is -- Apple telling it not only does the stuff work and it does. -- -- Love the products. Hate the company may -- -- -- yet I don't upload the -- we live by the way that Apple treats the media and their customers I think it's totally abusive I think it's complete crap and -- I doubt I will never look a megalomania. But I am a super busy person and a technology and an -- have to work and when it doesn't work. I don't wanna get 75 twitters that are like all you have to do I. -- -- have to do a thing easily -- that all you have to do is rooted in self antigen -- get a custom rom and revert back to for audio. And really. I want to go to the beach. And we're not single platforms are bad right both the -- People like all your family -- family that we love both platforms or different reasons and just -- you might. -- Molly obviously -- Andrew but if she loves Apple just because it works. And that's the reason. And -- -- fully legit reason although I will tell you. I didn't do it. He did not do it because Android still has them beat in the feature department because I cannot live without turn by turn directions baked into the operating system and I will never -- -- -- -- -- and also because -- -- -- coming -- about two -- three months -- -- wanna -- that right now. Let's be honest and -- solely on fitness latency. I couldn't be or Beckel -- the chat -- -- chat -- on fire and now. Colleen actually Colleen of the best commented -- -- get the -- and that's the. I'm seeing a lot -- -- it's now don't they know you throw do you have seen a lot of whatever tong. -- people. Want to work there's there's there's some technically involved they really -- to -- accidents and are best for and that's exactly what it. Tech tech TV I'm just tired of all you have to do it at a but. If you have to do what it -- start -- -- was what does that -- those -- from Apple TV star fiato. Let's get back -- via a -- back to accessing these stories that lets just -- -- -- but CNET -- down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey we gotta keep -- -- here. Are I had a back to the stories. In the television world. Really exciting stuff Suzanne raises 32 million dollars to push into television. Now makes this really this sexy to -- Suzanne known for its song identification -- That's on a -- mobile platforms you hold it up it listens to the song and identifies it. They're now working with -- a new kind of television endeavor to. Work with networks like and TV in the site by a recipient of pain what you wanna call -- -- advertisers. And on ads in the quarter it'll say she is AM to shop the looks and by holding up your -- am -- Through your mobile device -- -- you know the actual advertisement to the show. -- -- -- be are able to deliver you bonus content and discounts that you can then use directly. At those retail outlets whether it's online may be physical as well. But the whole idea is to get people more engaged with your mobile devices and also what we many of us at least here in this room already do. These are laptops while watching TV but does it get people even more connected on an excellent leveraging this is amp technology that's that's genius then -- -- that's awesome. And is there in the perfect position to do it because -- of social watching as more and more common every study NASA's that the majority of people are sitting there watching TV. With either Smartphone or a laptop or Alter and Mike is the mark on a laptop and a pan ethnic you know Larry -- -- there's strongholds around again and I bought -- Atlanta or -- And I want that -- camera. I don't -- -- speech -- -- and turn by turn. Particular -- killers killers -- iPhone four. Press -- -- is this deal -- him. 32 million dollars pushing into the television world and it's really smart I. If I don't know where else am I decided I would never but where else catches him go like you -- it just think it would be stuck in that. It's all in -- -- song tagging model but you know they have a lot of traffic going through -- there's what one point two million song tags per week. The company sells at least 300000 songs per data through their service is that all the time on that I've actually silent scuba runway so cool to have your phone and your right now yes yeah okay -- what we can while -- a mixer analyses -- the -- you -- -- He won't let him do that a -- open your phone to the app will cover more stories but. Among during the quake hit just get a set up during the could get three and read off Stephen -- well first five tags -- -- you. -- you realize candidacy -- And that in the next story reports say Taiwanese component makers are suggesting that Amazon is getting ready to launch a tablet PC in August or September. But they're poised to step in that marketed in the market with targeted global sales of four million units -- -- a pretty modest. Targeted targeted Feldman not bad also I thought the report but suggested that that would cause an almost instant price -- -- which -- brought Richard Amazon has the clout to put out a fairly cheap tablet. Also named in all when -- touch -- like -- just have to get a look at that thing. I mean I think they're gonna bunch of -- rate articles lately about Android tablet and -- and things that impact of -- headlines that are like. Consumers don't want. Tablets they want the iPad. Which I think is not an unfair state I think you know -- consumers it's an accurate statement yet but they're just like this is the one we know -- years there's not a need for a tablet for almost anybody. But this one is like -- -- when it's super simple to operate that I know. That ain't -- it's my friend and and there are FEM there are few enterprising people who want Android tablets to -- and their cool in -- geeky and they can do more and all of that is true but there's not a huge burgeoning market for that. Though to me it's gonna it's gonna come down to who can popular is a true alternative. And that could turn out to be somebody like HP or Amazon even if they -- Android. They just they have the -- Amazon definitely resonates at least with that general consumer so they they might be able to do it we'll -- They'll think I'm right and interest -- -- we're gonna take a quick break while Brian Tong -- -- through. She is that -- personal. It -- Garcia and they can get out as well. That's highlighted yet I don't erase that will be back -- -- what are you worried back dating somebody and they look at your musical it's not like 10%. And Somalia could herald but the camera with tagging but I haven't been there and tell you things were about life -- Yeah yeah well that's a horrible it's you've really got at a rate that's coming out after the break all well -- elegantly huge patent award that went that could put a Smartphone makers. At least that running for cover and. Zombie defense -- official. One of active no matter and have Hollywood Brian Tong -- through floors be beat and New Orleans and as we need to snow Leo it again while -- while Ireland have. Silently judge over there. The US Patent and Trademark Office has given Apple a key patent for touch screen functionality and portable devices like the iPhone and iPad -- Apple applied for the patent in 2007. And but it -- this is how broad the patents it's -- that's a scary. When a person uses their fingers you interact with the touch screen the software reacts to that gesture. The that you don't think about it is what really hasn't accompany it was the company finger works that they acquired home. Long time ago that had some these multi touch gestures. As part of the technology they developed and yes. Now today these are so -- generic bride. Mechanisms that we see. But that's scary thing about is that okay at that time when they looked at it now side Dick they're gonna use this in their patent battles against other companies like Samsung -- -- -- And drive anybody you make the touch screen device out of business and you can and they apply -- in -- -- I had seven went yeah I know totally when touch screen. Existing. I mean there was no just because they were mainly stylus based does not mean that there were not finger interaction you -- -- an ATM could. Have constituted a finger interactive I it is absolutely. I'm so like -- knowing get in trouble for this every time and pleased nice man from the patent office. Who accidentally called the -- that one time please email me back and let me know how the -- this -- that's the outer shell. I have on our show likely somebody from the patent office -- -- ownership by a bundle of bananas or the monkey to come on and explain to me why this is not. Like an. Object lesson in the absolute requirement for patent reform starting yesterday. I mean my god like this is just that's a tax on anybody. Who is making any device for the next ten to twenty years -- it has become clear that pretty crazy is the input method. Of the future and to grant one single company a patent that covers like. Putting your finger on a thing and having it respond as. Ridiculous. -- and nine. Apple we don't know how Apple's touch screen -- that word just recently approved will -- of their current litigation like we said there. In play any of infringement cases let Nokia they just settled with but -- for something different Samsung -- going back and forth -- as I don't know therm. In heat with them literally the but everyone's going at each other so we'll see this is very far reaching and it'll. Using it it's one thing it's one thing for like god Villa and mocked her to go out -- -- for Apple and Samsung -- Apple and Nokia or whatever him. -- and that's -- had a big war this. There are small businesses out there there are small companies were trying to develop new products. That may or may not incorporate touch screens and if they want to be competitive in -- in the world they kinda have to -- him their dead in the water. Like I just don't understand how they're not dead in the water because they're gonna have to license. Every single piece of that technology from one of these companies whether it's got Villa or -- or other -- everybody before they even get out today and can't tell me. That this is not. To wrangling animation. It'll be it'll be curious I wonder if they're gonna use it more as a defensive tactic or they're gonna go offensive against everyone we don't know so. I'm not gonna assume that they gonna pick on the poor little guy that's like creating something amazing in his garage I hope not. I don't -- and. I'm just baffled by -- -- really don't understand how this is defensible and why we keep talking about patent reform and it never happen now. That's is unbelievable okay -- dominated because we're timeout iphones and devices -- of all one thing I immediately notice that I'm baffled by. It's gonna be to does not have a passcode lock on his phone via okay so that's -- that's another month minus one right there now how do you ask for your -- songs here dominant. Gonna on the top or you might recognize some of these artists shouldn't matter recognize Obama and the first one in the jump into the fire by Herring doesn't fantastic sound and by who inherit nothing to the idea -- -- okay -- This one kind of makes me look at you differently -- -- -- lover by John Mellencamp. Yet he's awesome I never saw it on my wife is like this clinic tactic. A little higher it's the life every time right there are number 30 never has a photo and -- is -- -- like they're ready for number three her again. Britney Spears the woman -- And in a woman as a womanizer. Well above and -- -- are. In July. -- got a lot. All you well there's not -- and I don't rule and a I don't know this on kiss me I'm at -- the drop kick Murphy is I don't know. Analyst Erica and by the way I -- points on the chat room that you have wonder on your. Yes I have nieces. I have a reason you have it on your phone I also in your purchased an episode it now about panda is donate on hand is okay. To help that the battle -- yes. -- the last Salina Whitney Houston's exhale iMac I have proven that the that the weight now but on the battle between that's a baby -- song and I don't know well what I don't -- -- -- on. I'll come on there but this one left that Britney Spears thing with a -- -- with a -- That that reliably map -- but not enough code in. But -- now I know already million people accountable -- let's keep -- relevant. This is it was -- -- fire. -- that the fact that they're renting it we're about the institute for public performance and. So -- just like. Hollywood studios sued -- the dive that's the dvd rental service. That lets you we talked about it a few months ago and -- ons that lets you stream. Newly released movies that are available on dvd. To your web browser and the way that they do it. As they let you they say you're literally renting a dvd. And then they put a dvd in a dvd player back at their headquarters Anthony's dream -- that output from that dvd player and they said this is really clever really cluttered with very government that -- I think anything that -- got -- like a month and a -- So now they have filed their legal response. To the movie studios lost it because -- them them motion picture studios are claiming that what they're doing of the public performance by streaming that output of this dvd. The -- is saying. Bull hockey basically it's not illegal they say to rent movies to others without the copyright holder's permission. Blockbuster's -- at the same movie to many different customers in -- stores Netflix is free to mail dvds to its rental customers. They must buy the dvd from the studios but once they do this tedious of the campaign and they have no right to demand a share of the rental fee. They say only if a company goes beyond renting the disk they purchased and actually broadcast its one lawful copy to go public at large by showing -- on television. That the copyright owner have the -- to be paid a second time. They're saying we're no different from Netflix and it's just the delivery mechanism of the dvd. -- -- is different. It's fascinating argument and actually like. Sounds perfectly rational as it doesn't sound like they're trying to fudge with it I mean it's hardly a public performance -- stream. Like one video stream to one person. And I'm I don't I haven't set up the service and assuming great you're charging your renting it for 189 -- -- you -- -- watch this thing. Over and over and over your -- for that single stream -- You I mean you really are you are paying to watch the dvd one time. And they're saying there's no you know that we they don't believe there's any legal way that you can say that that -- public performance. Although we know that there -- -- -- not most of our legal system is now in the pocket of -- -- entertainment industry. So I'd be surprised if they -- although it is the -- but I do you think it's actually perfectly logical argument yet. I agree and and -- someone has been using the service made it pretty up the -- yeah I actually haven't but I kind of want him. Now let this come in this next story something that we are genuinely excited about and we're actually locking down an interview. With one of the creators of part of this new venture but this is we're gonna introduce to you today a light trail. And kids if you haven't heard of this -- you need to pay attention because like shows this new technology. That is pretty much gonna revelation revolutionize photography how HD changed the game for TV so what they're doing here. -- this technology -- -- using a sensor now we we have a typical like image sensor on a digital camera right now. But what they're using is a new -- called a light field sensor. Now what this does is -- captures the color intensity in the vector direction of the you know each way that the light hits an object in -- picture now typically this information. Is lost in a traditional image censor because. Think of it just flattens it out. Adds it all up and presents us one image and it's up for us -- you know focus on either the file on the front or the person the back. What this new light field sensor does is it retains all of that information in a single shot. And allows you. Two through software. And through what they've built in the in the files click on the specific. Parts of the picture that are blurred out whether it's the foreground. -- background even multiple levels but the final image. To -- manipulated and you can choose the focal point even shot these pictures you know in 3-D because of the way that it sees it. They can potentially could latency switch back and forth between TD and 3-D but mr. -- because awesome every piece of the image is captured with this light field it's defined as a beam of light in every direction at every point in space -- and they've been doing this research -- -- field capturing light field tech in general. For years but. A more picture yeah this is Rickey while talking yet but he's gonna -- the inventor a young entrepreneur named -- being. Has figured out how to fit into your pocket. And turn it into a camera that that captures when it captures an image is likely that -- captures the entire light field for the image is like infinitely manipulate a -- By the end user. And the file. Contains all of this information it could fundamentally to -- this is like. As much a game changer as the development -- digital photography yes this will could fundamentally change everything about the -- lenses are designed everything about the camera sensors are designed. I don't know how big these files are going to be like -- times -- but it. It is -- -- Yeah a look at this we know we -- just like a glass pane window how we typically shot things through glass. And maybe the pattern on the glass is focus but you can click on the background of the street. Like go to light show dot com right now whoever's listing and -- tiara dot com have a picture gallery -- the stuff. It blows -- mightily we have -- -- I've never seen anything like this you're just like this is the next thing. It really is less brand sensitive to scare early close to the blade runner scene about capturing image information that -- -- immediately visible and that's exactly enemy married there. Phenomenal. Ramifications -- to do what you know whatever you captures got. Limo so many layers as as many layers as you can actually discern and maybe more because -- can bring these parts of a photo and a focus that you never would've looked up a pardon. It's so. Interesting they also say that it will be like instant then the cameras will be instant on it will take the photos instantly because the focus happens later. But you're not sitting there -- waiting for the camera lens auto focus you're just taking a picture of what ever -- and then you make it -- you don't get an actor. So you know not that we encourage you but -- like to dot com. You can put your email address to reserve a camera -- and I already did it before you sell -- I asked where we want I don't -- your life I would discuss that but who cares this is this is -- -- -- stuff so. And just to be clear investors are fired up -- they've already raised fifty million dollars for a pre launch round because they haven't even launch these cameras that we have no idea what the cost is going to be. But Ben Horowitz -- -- from -- and recent huge VC firm in Silicon Valley. Wrote blog post about how it's just a magic camera and when I mean I think we're all having the same response -- is like it's rare. That some new technology comes along and literally blows our -- like this is a canal literally. But this is just unlike anything yet seen -- -- like this is total game changer in just. Finally we we had talked -- we've been begging on the show innovate the digital camera death rate we've been begging for you know. Please call or -- Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi GPS -- -- I mean who knows but the -- alone really sweet we are like I said we're working on getting someone from light show. Here on our show to talk about this either tomorrow or Friday so. For those -- their instant on hearing directly from the horse's mouth this amazing stuff in working on that -- and in the meantime go to electorate back on the blog they have like that dissertation. The scientific dissertation on how molecular technology worked from the CEO from -- And -- and it's just it is. Weirdly fascinating. Its attention meeting so we got teased about that hopefully some -- -- at -- rubbed off on you guys we are gonna go now. Bank duties quick hits our -- Alright guys. Jumping into the cloud certain music service -- best buy. Is giving you the ability to put your music in the cloud as well. It's offering the service for free we know Google Amazon and Apple to doing it I set this up myself but through best -- think it's I had to -- like best buy music cloud. And it takes you directly to their site -- I couldn't find it. On their best buy dot com site but -- you can set -- it does -- -- specifically. To your iTunes and iTunes playlist it did not give me the option to. Point to a folder it looks like it's locking in your iTunes collection at the moment but they are offering -- -- -- -- now with okay okay. -- Yesterday we talked about how Apple -- final cut pro X was available in the App Store today we're talking about how it is getting. Gifts to -- -- -- by App Store reviewers who are complaining that it has been wildly toned down that he used to be. You know obviously a professional caliber full fledged video editing suite. That now that they've lowered the price dramatically to make an option for amateurs. They reviewers are saying that it sacrificed a ton of professional functionality that little more than imovie -- I mean this. From what people are telling us and I hit up -- -- -- -- after we started seeing this they're compared it's like an imovie pro people are mad about the oversimplification. Of the menus and interface also. People -- wanted multi cam use which was in the previous versions are seen it doesn't -- that people are having problems opening their older. Final cut pro three studio projects. In the new final cut pro -- that is the case that's that's Eugene OC was due to time -- the price -- like tuning and that's really cheap but maybe there's a reason why cheap. I hope I really hope. As we dig in a little more that it's more than just an imovie pro and a huge setback but all indications at this moment point point the fact that final cut pro is not the same final cut pro you once you. Yet those user -- -- those are people I mean the people who would download -- -- knows that there hardcore like they know what they're talking about that they're excited about all the hardware background -- now it's like -- features uneven -- and that black -- -- that parents buying -- that they omitted printed tape which -- to be able view widget but broadcaster I mean we don't honestly I can't just do this. Everyday -- everything that is so -- All the industry -- stand on avid I guess. The Nintendo Wii you had shown up at EB games Australia they've listed the and coming console now we know it's not gonna. Ship until whatever 20012 sometime after April or something but they have listed an estimate at 598. Australian dollars which is about 634. American dollars that would before that then the next generation console and a little tablet control -- -- And that. I feel like that's the total place holder for them reality it's -- -- -- also Samsung. Won't be getting a peek at the un released iPhone and -- US judge rejected since of the quest for a -- At their future iPhone and iPad. Course we have these -- patent litigation going between is coming back and forth and if that picture that you see was done with electoral camera I would be able to focus on and a. No -- -- home I'm just saying it. Judge had already ordered Samsung to produce similar materials or Apple and and -- and panic filed a counterclaim Apple called that harassment and the judge said. Common sense suggests that allegations of copying are necessarily directed at Apple's existing products to a Samsung has had access and it potentially -- mimic. Not -- and released an accessible next generation products. So smackdown. And Yang notes okay now when it the FBI has mysteriously because there -- -- -- and -- and analysts going to be like and the FBI has mysteriously to use web hosting servers doesn't it sound like from a data facility. Causing a number of flights to go down or transfer operations other facilities and -- include digital line dot com or real estate blog called curbed an arrest from one called eater. But they apparently were after one. Client in particular -- -- data center. And instead came in and just like. Number -- racks and servers and screwed up client yet to be identified but this is the power the scary power of the minute and ridiculous. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's only quick hits home with is the size discs gadgets science news of the this -- it again you want to go -- -- Okay get this built appliance. -- Patrick. And -- we don't we don't stream quite enough for the wall oh. Sorry it. Besides you've been a different world and -- -- apparently getting Erica. Apple wouldn't and and you need to assign it hasn't gotten the Oakland. Scientists say that -- humans. Might be able to -- -- detect Earth's magnetic field thanks to a compound that found in her eyes but we might not realize it. And that interestingly if they could figure out a way to sort of like activate the compound or make us more conscious of the fact that were able to detect. The Earth's magnetic field that we might not need GPS -- we would have -- in -- navigation abilities like birthday. Like I have -- with myself my way around don't know what it or not. After doing what -- actually I wonder did I wondered about the enforces stronger -- some people. That's wrong and there are very slowly and -- a Lake Erie this Brandon Steve and I got up. I think. -- you don't have them do it -- there. There it is an opera nova really okay if some day when I win the lottery -- manslaughter. I'm going to start a foundation that funds research into things I suspect to -- -- So -- can. I I it seems totally plausible that they say that this protein could express itself in the retina. The help detect DO magnetism I wonder if that protein expressed that felt more strongly in some people enough with some people have -- -- sense -- direction and other people like myself do not. -- it to -- -- If you and I don't know ballot again and focus we can view video over their thinking about something and -- that I didn't even know all with the thing we just do the happy ending now I am totally different. -- -- Only really bored in a professional way police you know and you his -- A day. I wish this didn't have to be true because I haven't. Huge phobia about balmy yeah yeah you'd expect -- -- today you with -- and -- like -- -- rallied them a monster. -- -- -- just not funny because -- felt like a little plummeted from the beginning of dawn of the dead and I'm freaking out -- actually forget how little they can you stop that you know. -- Anyway -- now. When and if the zombies do come. There is apparently. A division with in the US army called the army zombie combat command. Little they -- they according and this article according to wire the danger room. They put the other nifty manual on how to identify. By and kill the murderous mobs of -- -- dead soldiers can now -- The FM 9993 counters on the operations at the fire team level to their arsenal. -- -- -- they they talk about how if there's a zombie. Infection an outbreak in as precise instructions for identifying -- -- at any stage of their existence statewide infection. If you keep them -- shivering vomiting and whose pupils don't respond to -- RFI. Kill them immediately if you don't see anyone he's peoples don't respond to light or darkness they're probably dead. Read exactly recently re animated things that are trickier in -- state -- movements to note are staggered locking arms extended flight -- This is ridiculous this is not true and that they cannot believe ace hardware at this suppose -- manual is FM 9993 counters on the operations at -- fire team level. I can't believe this outlets but then if it's true early 2010. For some reason I thought we admits -- -- click it now but does it need to they point out that -- decapitated heads can still bite you. -- this I'm not believing this at all I believe in the beautiful deleting old dot com story more than -- believing this one. While the army does we do you think of every single they did a third possible thing I'm glad we're cutting back on education. Like you know in our public schools but the zombie manual lives. Please -- you ask your brother do you like while. I mean I'm glad they're prepared I am glad they're prepared he -- rovers the -- experts though an oral history of them he envisions is looking amazing. That's why you're so scared about this matter you know landfills can manage and am scared I could even want -- dead. -- -- -- -- We'll find out fine I have asserted electric cars that instead of -- -- -- -- -- -- watching -- in -- reflection in the microwave and then deterrent rather than an attending north -- -- -- after an afternoon after an afternoon after an -- -- you know you want your feedback loop you have a -- yeah. -- Eric our friend from -- and they -- real -- -- Okay -- not real voice Milford voicemails you guys -- because we love you you love us it's just like everyone's got -- -- thing. -- from Delaware talks about the naming conventions of our you know new technology. You guys hurt the -- -- calling and in order to summarize yesterday's episode number 1494. I just wanted to post a quick conundrum. -- that you press the plus one like button button on the Windows Phone phone without sounding like a total well -- but. Nicely done there it is their did threatened her with you guys who. EO -- -- any go it called without -- the good news is often we love it well into management's and -- actually our next caller on. With similar topic the question about them. On a bus through the -- -- political and reference to William -- I just wanna ask. This didn't eighteen yet un. And this -- short. I. Just don't grandma -- lives and. There is -- you get. Contaminated with them here. And while -- -- possibly -- -- at the very important question Benedict. The making nickel that I don't know Iowa does it -- sort out in the rain. It would probably -- England -- a lot of might be harder but he didn't actually and really figure out how -- -- -- -- order went in and edited from. Actually if we if we have made as a -- -- show I'm totally down for that is -- and that corner Logan had finally -- accidents or we can put on the south back there. -- -- -- All right -- we go to -- -- -- -- -- we go this one this is our email. Segment now come into us from Matt in upstate New York hello gang -- -- in that thing where FaceBook is gonna help you out automatically tagged photos I see it failing in my circle friends. I'm not sure if this is common -- my family members use the tagging feature to show people pictures not. To say no -- not know say. -- -- -- Not to say who's in case it was my family members in the tagging feature to show people pictures and not -- -- who is in them. Thank you there's a type -- I remember it's not like I think for example -- my wife takes a very cute picture of my niece she will tag it as her mother. That way the picture appears in her mother speed -- -- them how overhaul and this is. But they just don't hear it when I get an email from -- but that says you've been tagged in a photo usually means it's photos someone wants me to see and not one that -- in so. Now FaceBook is going to get it all wrong when someone posts a picture of either my son's FaceBook will think they are both mean I'm -- is my family crazy but it whether Facebook's users tag this way and things that yeah Natalie. Now that's a huge that's in my circle of friends that's huge because were all parents or I've you know I'm I'm -- companies but from public all the parents -- -- high school or whatever. And so people are constantly tagging -- there's no way to take children in -- probably shouldn't be. But we're constantly tagging each other in photos that involve our kids. And then sometimes you just wanna like it like it cute Little -- greatly I think in this picture to the where yeah they retired satellite tagged the random tree while mile is a trillion out of photos plus a -- But so. What it really indicates is that FaceBook needs a -- feature. Pixelated STC a person on a photo as opposed to tagging them because it's -- and matter opt in method the face recognition that it is. It is the usage thing I think -- but we -- in real life. Very important nick writes in and says dude episode 15100 is around the corner as -- -- in that corner to corner. Well your Iowa fan of trying to figure out how to listen I'll be in Florida a world the way I know is there an app I can listen to on my Blackberry -- on my girlfriend and greater the broadcast on the radio. Thanks much enjoy the liquor and -- love the show yes. CNET -- -- is -- my iPhone boom. You can watch this live view the video alive everything through local -- -- I think they can see us live over three G with that -- yeah Wi-Fi and three and it works with your. Sucking off like Starbucks has like my dad had a banner at black eye pressures that we have a Blackberry app. That the CNET Asia and is available for Blackberry Iowa and -- -- them -- about the. Luckily I believe Android and IOS per share. Well now we just not -- -- area -- the Blackberry its word like those that shows. Live streaming and then use that girlfriend amber at. -- Or -- we can help you exactly if I did that study also points out that we're live on the zombie -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're -- in with us that you did I really appreciate -- I was -- -- finally tell the story that we talked about our blog below about cnet.com. Also you -- he -- 80616263. Spells out CNET 3045 seconds you guys are doing great. Yeah motivated them they're gonna keep up the panel to back you motivate them -- and you think you only what they call me out. -- -- -- -- -- -- Internet heat conditions. Let -- -- the tomorrow --
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