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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1487: What, you don't Beluga?

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1487: What, you don't Beluga?

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Carriers are freaking out because they might not be able to keep charging you exorbitant rates to send tiny little data bits over the same network all the other data goes over--i.e., texting is dead. Hurry up and die, testing. Also, how Windows Phone 7 might catch up to iPhone by 2015 (we're skeptical) and why not to tag yourself in 250 pictures of you and your ex girlfriend. We'd have thought the answer was obvious.

Today it's Friday June. Tenth 2011 my name is he would -- -- I'm -- solved. I am Hollywood's other buzz out loud CNET podcasts and it's -- -- that there's 1487 and and that -- massive back -- line. I was here yesterday but let's be quite honest. -- Good to be back and this that's the honor of France meeting I need is -- said Friday got into my head that -- the most. Dangerous virus that has ever attacked the -- -- -- -- -- dirty. I did go to -- we can go that plea that as the song that they walked out -- but -- silica a ska punk remixed that sounded really good. The -- element that's on -- remake is there really a good look -- All the remixes are great. It's generally Katy Perry that when agreed did that teenage streams. Really really -- -- A game room and I know okay -- a bit of what happened than the seventh the back and we David -- is that put us up and then there's a lot of people that actually wanna hear the news and like a great -- back. -- -- -- Just acknowledge this thing and then they were just getting used to me being gone -- -- days and -- great. Great there's a limited and any right now it's all right here's a little bit -- news little -- insiders are suggesting that Google may have been. Working on and or already developed an Android rival to Blackberry messenger and -- -- Yet -- to be their own internal system you know how Blackberry messenger was -- what -- the only a few things that kept people on the Blackberry platform I feel. Yeah -- -- -- hey I think he was. All my friends say but there's no obedient and -- now Apple's establishing their own and the main thing of these messaging services developed by these companies is the fact. That you do not. Have to pay text messaging fees but these are systems that are integrated and built into they're using the data from either your three G you're edged. Or your Wi-Fi connection and it makes perfect sense iGoogle. Yet we know they have their hands and everything that they would be working on this at the same time I think they were the carriers were surprised. That Apple released I message on their own them I think that's a and -- had I think when I first I wasn't known on the team wrappers around -- I message what's the some -- and I am a Mac person and amendments are they gonna -- -- thing and then that's Motorola's. No and it is really it's awesome and it's definitely useful and it's not just. It's not just better replaces texting and the cost detecting but -- easier it's more like real time messaging like I am. And then there's a story in a Wall Street Journal today -- Titled carrier slated texting will not effective because apparently growth in the volume of text messaging is slowing sharply. Just as all of these different services are coming out it's not just be BM and I'm messaging which -- -- even out yet or -- messages or whatever it's called it that people are using. All of these like group texting. Gases we have you know beluga is huge with my friends. You have like group mean a lot of writing different text -- kick messenger sir I know everyone's gonna be like what about this split there in the okay there's plenty messaging platforms that are out there but. At the end of the day you don't you're avoiding -- -- -- I lowered my text messaging plans specifically because I started getting on -- these I got my other friends on board with them. And they're saving money but there is still. Some sort of reliability issues once while with the connection yet and of these other third party apps. In them I think in the short term texting is probably still more reliable but as far as I'm concerned like the carriers can -- all they want to -- I don't know how long they thought they were gonna keep getting to rip us off. -- an astonishing degree to send text messages mean there been many many reports about how it's basically just data. -- it could be rolled into your data plan but it's been -- it's that it's like their golden goose and the fact that they can charge fifteen or twenty bucks a month. For unlimited texting twenty cents per text when their dislike. By less than a kilo byte data packet being sent over the same network that all the other data goes over it like you know what Crimea river -- No one of the figures that is scary in the US cellphone industry also is the fact that there were more than one trillion tax in the second half of 2010. Now according to -- today. That was just an eight point seven increase from the prior six months the -- -- to gain. Since texting exploded last decade -- -- -- CNET acceleration drop off significantly. That's surprising to me there's that the CEO of the Dutch telecommunications companies cited in this Wall Street Journal article on here that it's not cool any more -- at the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know that we'll talk and the followed but I did notice at them over -- like over all right it's funny because. Without my friends sounds like I'll texting like. Well don't you beluga -- about what you are doing when you start replacing that -- -- with a brand or a word. It's it's getting there yeah they definitely are eligible to implement and don't. Yeah exactly I think sprint actually -- -- results weren't the only carrier right now I think that's growing at all into -- like unlimited data bucket. And includes texting on the I was you know using I was using the -- ever messes things like pilots I've on this bad boy a minute. It's done I just I do like when you're texting and I never had -- When you see little blinking dots on the person's typing you and you have -- sent confirmations delivery confirmations when -- received percent. -- and -- texting does feel like 1990s tech there's no. There's no sense of whether they got the methods like it then which frankly I happened on. Legal and -- -- -- -- really my iPhone friends like I'm getting their text. Hours later you know and have an Avant constantly at the that I had to clear the conversation in my life overtaxed because -- relatively. Only every third tech that she was sending me with -- entered just ridiculous even now and then like you said there's no feedback loop for -- they can't be. You also get the like sometimes when your phones -- who can you get like. Triple sends or triple receives it like -- do that and I'm paying like five cents a pop. If you don't have unlimited which already are. I mean long lived about protecting them against spam and I hope Google world out of service and we often. IDC predicting that kind of interesting that Windows Phone 7 that will overtake the Iowa operating system by 2015. And IBC is like a pretty big they're pretty big global market intelligence company and it's not the first prediction. That Windows Phone 7 with Kenneth at some point. Have a really big job. -- the figures that they predict say they iPhone marketshare would decrease. With Android taking the lead at 43 point 8% and then they would slide in. Windows Phone 7 as that second as that second platform. I'm wondering if OK fine Windows Phone 7 there working with Nokia. They may or may not public they are gonna be the -- which which replaced Symbian. But I always felt like Nokia although they had some great Smartphones the reason why the market was -- -- is because -- was on those smaller cheaper phones now are widespread. And Windows Phone 7 at least at the moment has -- build any kind of flavor. That is specifics of that part of the market at the same time what if a phone Theres gonna support are they in a support windows phones -- and an Android side by side wouldn't. The one -- -- leaning towards Android right now anyways. It's interesting because there's a story up I'm back through last minute into the lineup by a bunch of other fine but the army today I guess you -- you to take probably a car bomb hit it out up -- you're -- professional. I don't. About the deal and confusing -- and a mystery shopper around several carrier stores in Manhattan to try to buy a Windows Phone and have then they subsequently publish a story that that has suggested that windows phones are getting buried. -- carrier stores in fact they said the AT&T store they went in Manhattan had one Windows Phone on display with a damaged screen. The -- that there's a sprint store and Verizon kiosks tried to tell her an Android phone instead and the Verizon -- admitted that most earth. Don't even -- windows. We'll -- about this is someone who's worked in retail and people that are listening im sure we have when he. There's a certain point where your brain. Is only point to sell so many different things break okay let your best buy you have mean. The you have problems they have the you know pretty well versed on -- -- have the iPhone you have Android. Then you have you know. Webos and windows -- -- and are you really going to walk -- -- the customer. I'm the same as human behavior nature when someone asked for a phone -- nasty things and in your mind you're going to be like these two might work but. Not let me show you all for different platforms we have that might cater to you. Good -- -- how -- they employ hundreds create -- retail plywood that. I mean if anything this is evidence that Microsoft needs to ramp -- its doors in -- because -- that's if that is the retail experience that everybody's already kind of decided from the retail perspective. Part of that comes from demand rightly there like I can never find long genes in the store because there aren't that many girls -- policy. And hours so I can't find small circuits of any threatening -- or as I go to because. There's a lot of guys in these or is it like tight -- I'm just say it and it can highlight page that tell you that -- UN instead of like there aren't -- -- as little -- me to think about it and it. I don't really live well. -- know where we live anyway sorry. -- if the -- it's just say it to -- -- -- that the climate hardly anybody is ever coming into the store that in for windows and they're not an answer which of them just in case. And -- there's them you know big payoff for Microsoft. And -- Microsoft is definitely gonna have to figure out how they can ramp up that retail present or their own stores. And then I gotta say I'm with you like I think that Nokia's brand. Even though they have a really strong global brand its waning. And I just don't. I find it hard to believe that it's gonna make that much of a difference but that Nokia's grant -- that bad deal takes three years to implement. I can't imagine that Nokia's -- still be that's -- even globally. In in that amount time I think -- move faster -- already figure out how successful Windows Phone 7 is really going to be within the next year. Yeah we're we're going to know by then it will take when he fifteen for them to. You know something has got to happen for them to even be in the conversation. Of calling some on them part of the Big Three of carriers. We have to -- there's a less of we have to we have right now. Yeah and can I do think that that -- I do think they can change to some extent I just don't act like. Windows Phone and Nokia that if they're gonna do this maybe get on state. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And make a big big. Splash yet at that the only way that is anything numbers and even when windows votes haven't -- -- we had people go out to AT&T retail -- and some -- -- -- even have like you know the proper windows signage and everything for them the update that they were launched. Now what Microsoft on that. Pushing hard garlic and you can make it make deals with retail congress did tell us how you do it to by the kiosk or get the fancy thing like Google might -- I displaying their have a dedicated wrap. You're in you guys doing what you do win do -- -- a day. There are a bunch of stories today about Apple. Apparently rejecting a -- iPhone app to let him wirelessly sync -- with iTunes library. And then put them -- in their room. Yet this is -- Wi-Fi sync was an app that was then because he was denied. This is based on a great use UK based developer is Apple as the night he threw it on the city -- stored the jailbreak community. And who wouldn't love Wi-Fi sync -- -- gas but here's the thing right not only did Apple. Take that functionality and we know plenty of large companies that's part of the whole developer community right you can kind of see something like -- there's a lot of -- -- maybe we should do -- our own. And because they don't have any patents or that they can going to -- attack that but the worst thing about this is the logo. Okay the guys slow -- so agreed to guys logo is ace Apple's logo is a souped up version. Of the guys logo in the story that ended his logos on the right Apple's logo right army -- logo yeah there's little -- -- logos on the left. Apple's -- hope is under way on the right -- annually. Yet did I hear Leo that's horrible as Bergen as we saw that is -- -- at least make a -- -- logo I know Noah. Now that is is actually -- -- obviously the student that I was very shocked. Fairly -- that I've been telling my -- with that name and icon for at least a year. Apple knew that as I had submitted it to them so surprising to -- that than it did essentially is the thing. Then there's no way they didn't know that and all was well there's no -- they -- know that and also would just with the jail breaking community I can remember the gentleman's name but they hired. One -- someone who had a jail breaking -- or -- concept for notifications. That was pretty much rolled into the new pilots by you know they're they're keeping their eyes on what the jailbreak are doing your area another cycle and an insult. Mr. -- is this is not. This is not fair it's not cool I mean -- said this yesterday that that the of -- because we talked about in terms of service changes to invest in up to stay in half subscription thing and we said so essentially what -- during -- let me see if I understand this correctly essentially what they're doing is making it difficult if not impossible for you to leave the -- to find content. In services that compete with services that Apple already offers you like let's. Make no mistake Apple is running a vertical monopoly. With the Apple -- App Store and the iPhone and all of the IOS platforms and any time that you compete with them you are in danger. Of being unceremoniously booted and -- ripped -- Because the condition is okay fine well lets you know and will let you sell it for the same price you just can't have any links or buttons that lead you out of the app sort of get that content that's what the kind of -- -- cool -- from them yet. Because of rights which I think it's like hey we -- weren't good you don't. The consultancy priced -- gonna make it impossible. You can sell a moment to get it from the outsourced somewhere else to get it yet -- it if I. It's a love hate thing with developers I'm sure that I frankly I would not want to be in -- game with a double elders alone among the ones that are making the money that anger birth. All like eleven of them that are making time and money. Although Apple has filed a motion to intervene in the -- this proceeding. That I -- -- obviously the company that filing patent infringement lawsuits against some developers over in app purchases. Now Apple have written a letter and he stated that the letter would make everything go away that they don't don't know where -- -- -- that and then that this is -- now. Sorry yeah I went ahead with -- -- -- now Apple has filed an official motion the court to intervene in the proceeding. If the court granted Apple's motion to participate as an interview her. Then they can kind of go ahead with a counterclaim Apple states in their a motion that. The developers that developers or individuals or small entities with far fewer resources than Apple and elect a technical information a billion incentive to adequately protect. Apple's rights under license agreement so. -- they're doing the Big Brother with armor on and -- Yet and then let's let's cut this the developers are under an India so they can't speak out about their current relationship but that they got off patent -- with blog -- about it. Assuming. That. Apple is covering the defendant's costs and potential rift -- -- even note in their motion. Apple says that it people who are the developers have been -- individuals or small entities with far fewer resources. Then Apple and lack the technical information ability and incentive to adequately protect Apple's right under its license agreement until -- dabbling try to protect -- cash -- Yeah in the form of the developers. Also -- just following up on some little announcements from Apple's I cloud. They announced that it will not launch in the UK. Until sometime in two when he twelve that's according this is actually -- a record label's executives in music analysts because we know the publishing rights in the company's. Are different over and other companies and Apple lock that down so. Armed -- -- you have so at the moment it doesn't look like the UK will see it until 2012. And -- the Hulu problem. It's I think that actually might be the case with Amazon dot service now and Google that those are only available -- -- it -- But I want at the same time though they didn't have any deals with the licensing. The music labels or the publishers -- So but even though I mean they did they didn't have the -- to operate the cloud service but they -- deals to distribute music so loud that music it means available and -- -- and -- Will -- -- they didn't sign any of the labels but it. Atlantic again they did it they could even sell I think those are still not available any and all others yet there's still bound by some -- -- licensing restriction that -- wouldn't be the music business and Adam. Now I'm pretty sure those are US army as well but still hard at -- -- When we come back development in the PlayStation cyber attacks perhaps with some people being arrested and a whole bunch of -- Against accused by herders go down in fully. -- -- -- Welcome back to buzz allowed on this beautiful bride game. Molly Wood here in the house Cingular -- -- -- needs about that this show. -- right back the stories just follow the PlayStation cyber attacks -- Spanish -- said Friday they apprehended the agreement suspected. Of computer hacking in connection with the recent cyber attack on Sony's PlayStation network as well as other corporate and government web sites around the world -- -- The national police that and by the three. As the local leadership in Spain a mission -- international network of computer actors known as anonymous which has claimed responsibility for allied. -- -- Wide range of attacks. Although interestingly not the Sony attacks. Yet they -- low back. Having -- second the only one who specifically claimed. Responsibility for the Sony attacks will lol sex -- attacking them -- The first attack though was alluded to being anonymous but no I validate that they had they set all -- and it was not. And it could have and later they eventually said it may be could have been someone that was like a loosely affiliated because we're not a group -- Yeah this. This period. Doesn't -- -- -- a little and not. My BS meter go and I guess that the story -- it -- a little convenient and then also maybe it's is the New York Times reporting. Is it that I didn't think that anonymous was wealthy there in the story from April or. They claimed the first hit I -- that's true and General Electric -- -- enhancements Kenya and a. Anonymous first -- -- -- a splinter group of anonymous was the first hit. And a -- -- decided to jump on the bandwagon. That's our -- means some of their other sites later so. At least in this story with the three people that have been arrested one of the three activist was a 31 year old Spaniard they had found a computer server in his apartment. From with a group attacked the web sites of the Sony PlayStation online gaming store. Say computer also employed to a corny attacks against T Spanish banks BB the end by Nokia and the -- energy company. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now now they do say also that the it's not immediately clear how much of -- their alleged to have played in the recent attacks for Sony but it probably feels. Like they'll get a better connection they compile that on. Absolutely. It you don't have been so embroiled in like have been talking with one source that interview and then -- been embroiled in areas that you and the -- -- doubling anything. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm really I think it I'll live -- Cool story over -- -- -- -- you know about the it 23342. Subpoenas that were issued against alleged file shares. Involving the film the expendable than downloads and that. Apparently though a judge -- a federal judge. Found. Basically just -- all those subpoenas because he said. In citing. Inexcusable. Lawyering. On the part of the let's see they've -- look -- grub and Weaver a law firm -- connecting that's. They basically said look you asked for 23003. And 222 subpoenaed. And -- even bother to serve any of them down like basically he accused them of just. Asking for the subpoenas to that they can extort a settlement quick -- -- settlement out of the people who were accusing. -- first you know they launched the country's largest file sharing lawsuit. Against those 20000. Anonymous defendants then they ask for an expedited discovery this was to geek acquire those subpoenas. But once they acquire those subpoenas. They didn't even serve them we know -- that's when you hand over the documents they come here and appear -- courted defend yourself for what. And then. Because -- that they were just hope being that the people that they accused would settle and pay and pay off whatever penalty or they were asking for. Instead of coming to court they're like world if we scare them with a subpoena and -- Problem -- -- to the settlement rate is extremely high mean most of these lawsuits are a double -- model which is -- -- Every -- -- like a -- lawsuit. This buckshot style lawsuits and almost all of the people subtle. And so they were essentially doing the same thing and -- and thank goodness got called out -- the judge said the court finds it inappropriate. And a waste of scarce. Or relating to defendants that cannot be prosecuted in a lawsuit the other thing -- did. They asked for all of these tens of thousands of subpoenas. And most of the people that they were competing didn't even live in the DC area. So wouldn't necessarily fall under that jurisdiction and -- and for the dad was like okay. You asked for the expedited discovery you filed all of these subpoenas most of the people under subpoena don't even live here and you just you tried -- -- use my court for this extortion scheme. -- -- -- -- -- added via boom in at a fair job -- judge Wilkins. And the other thing that they talk about is a cable -- the subpoenas even served as they didn't even have the intention to bring them in a court. Well the story also adds that approximately if you're talking about movies that are no standard movie fare like -- animals -- family friendly. If you talk about movies. Or settlement is compatible with pride and area and -- -- -- I thought that compare it. It is to have children have to be. Any do it -- longer it is family friendly all right. Get over it that's. So let the other flip side -- this is that the settlement for porn films the rate of that is about 80%. Compared -- legitimate films which is around more like if you present and really it comes on the fact that people don't want to be. Outage or embarrassed by the fact you know that it could become public that okay they had a settlement because they were downloading porn porous media and that is -- They don't wanna be embarrassed -- that that makes sense and it's actually very interesting can be it sounds like this law firm in particular. Is now just concentrating on porn film extortion I mean -- -- Like they're not like if they you can go and look at the public docket and -- that all of this law -- other cases be thought besides the porn films are totally dead. When they're just don't like that that is about and this -- and this is we talked about this. The expendable model was -- originally. Figured out by the porn industry now -- -- -- find. I mean I'm happy that the judge -- at the being is but I eleven if he also find them. Somehow we're wasting his time your wasting your time and wasting it reaches our thirst that the court on what is is that thinly veiled extortion scheme. And how to transition out of that sort of this one at -- -- -- lake Villa avenue and India as it could. -- can't -- -- all -- we have news about the week at a million dollars -- -- -- -- executives to get Romeo -- the creator of you know Mario Zelda and all these classic games. After the fall whether we use system announcement. He said that the Wii you controller that that's six point two inch touch -- thing that I would still trying to figure out how it's gonna work -- -- you need. We really aren't me every time -- guy cop car. It was the single touch screen controller would you only need at the moment or it would only support one per console button. And ever was one readable -- how the -- of these cool interactive experiences but it looks like from what they've said. And what figure has said that it will only be used with. That thing do you think they're gonna sell it separately as I mean you know the console itself on never came with two controllers Union of Myanmar in the Cadillac and you know I mean at its -- isn't possible -- -- Additional ones for 200 -- again met in the video demos they showed people still using -- -- But that this new -- you controller. Was an additional remotely -- ammonia -- -- golf club and they had a we note in their hand than they have to cool screen look like a ball in the sand down and so it. I was. I was -- like okay if you have a controller like this that's come in the future you're actually making gaming more complex. For that casual audience person how was your Wii customers though and if this is an add on to -- handset. Okay that means -- -- -- in the -- with a record to suggest up to developers the play with -- and see what happens I feel like they're throwing this out there. And -- Nintendo's always been an innovative company rightly trying new things and it is cool the tech demos we saw there were very cool but. There's gonna Tennessee does it take off or not. And you can only tell -- that one appear really positioning and as an all as the controller and think -- week. Know the wealthy and in the whole thing kind of -- -- -- to me anyway there's hardly any deep Elden Campbell. -- what happened wheels he in the meantime let's do this and we will -- Owners aren't actually that we you have no friend. Like why you have nothing. The. Yesterday we played a beautiful beautiful music that was made by Stephen beat him and Donald bell on the left -- did you guys really you don't you guys and make your own gaming digital songs yet is a publicly adults was way better and you still have your audio clip or not -- if it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Managed I didn't think -- eligible and making music as well -- -- -- you -- use the key -- -- Donald I like I was doing our strategy though in the blood of -- is front most like okay I have records down but I can't move my -- that's enough to hit the cord -- a laptop like a laptop -- that and how well everyone is gonna get a chance to try again because the Google deal was so popular. But they're gonna leave it up for another day. I think that -- -- more strings on there. When I looked -- -- I could be wrong. Today announced. It's still uplifting and exciting on the right -- they added a few new things to -- you can check it out like talking about this Clinton because -- those we going to be adequate unit Duke Nukem forever is outlet only. Outside at that. US well. -- a producer operations you can -- gonna take care of everything and they iceberg interrupting that its importance to our -- Iraq out. You did and didn't Revver is out outside the US its community us on the fourteenth -- -- -- moment in the center. -- early reviews coming in from across the pond are positive that we'll pay -- length and particularly formally of CNET. Jerry Grady Cain now wired is -- on the losing his mind on Twitter -- -- -- within a sense that it does games at the Australian ratings board. Allow began to re released without any change they're like really hardcore or about the rating system. The guy who good -- and approval process like. The waiting for this game for over ten years. I'm putting their link to her relatives -- -- disciplines -- we can't have like Tivo itself but we're definitely. Topless chicks in this game habits are met with thing that the actual the official review is about to Newcomb. -- getting pretty bad -- Data I'm not buying it I PV six day world IPV six they happened yesterday and it sounds like for the most part and maybe is good news. That it was kind of -- -- event. And -- are falling and -- success. Depending on how you want -- lot. Of people had very few problems but mainly means that the -- dual stack thing. The technology where you can be fought back I PV -- if you need to. That worked and that's good news is that's -- we're -- have that system in place for several years excellent also pandora upping the price of their IPO because c'mon who isn't doing that these -- little. Originally the valuation of one point nine billion dollars. They where they originally pricing their stock at seven and nine dollars per share. They have decided to update to attend the two dollar per share -- for a few billion dollar valuation I see this is you know into another -- -- pandora jump somewhere they've been like -- -- you know doing their thing. Quietly but. Very effectively. Another like. This. Now days that is on a first time at first. I've -- again and then that Bob -- Yet there's been basically in new IPOs story every single day and everyone in the one billion dollar range remarkably -- the -- when -- actually heard -- are like two billion dollars. So little thing also yes thank you -- PV six it was Wednesday night. I'm okay now we -- it. Let you know if it did in effect this that I had -- they had just -- I was done riding my brain playing video games I was an effective good news for every line. Who has a ton of money to promote a movie TV show and or at and -- that video game may be on Twitter. Promoted trends on Twitter now costs. Only 120000. Dollars a day. While a 120000. Dollars that day. Dude. Maybe a little too big for -- bridges and I think their -- that important that you can like charged. I'd heard all the good Super Bowl ad and it. The thing as a trend could last. Less than a date. I -- really. I don't know if people are looking at it that much and it's rising atop their there must be some sort of. You know whatever return on investments that these numbers like you know what this actually works and -- like you know we actually -- -- jacket up against out of it that's up from 25000 to 30000 dollars at launch. In April 2010. So like yeah exactly just over a year later. It -- like a fourfold increase. The company also recently began requiring advertisers spend a minimum of 151000 dollars over three months on -- based promoted -- account and promoted trends offering. Well I'll tell you right now that the super eight movie the is that the Spielberg JJ abrams' film it's currently promoted trending topic. 120000. Patents -- can't -- -- to -- in the math -- 5000 dollars and -- Not bad actually it like it can I can't I can't get over it what about that thing. But they also the Chrome -- Google's Chrome books now available to me from Google said yes they are available now and you guys can pre -- them. And -- ready regional locations best buy or Amazon. Haven't been able to actually play with one of these things still. But I'm very here's we have we have review on a CNET right. We do he had just drag debt just Feldman a little skeptical and his video of it because it is they like it's hard to live without any kind of media storage and you have to be. Somewhere online all the time and not that's a little difficult -- -- you know I'm mad I think that there isn't a place for the evidence is absolutely work for people. -- what I think about my own usage of I worked for me except for. On the go the occasional -- -- photo storage and you know. Anyway there on sale -- in I think they'll find a small but loyal following pressure. Let's quickly move on to some science news. -- hit that. I heart breaker from the -- from the world of science. The quest. Or at -- higgs both on seemed over. In April that is the elusive god particle when an unexpected result from an atom smasher steam to herald the discovery of the famous particle but. In fact the last time that scientist at it have a Tron particle accelerator in Chicago. Tried to replicate the experiments. -- -- -- -- -- Thought they did find it right but it was a in the equations in the mathematical. Analysis of this -- for got to carry over -- zero like it actually says that in the article. Like everyone was really excited that they might have found -- god particle you had some. You know it's got to say no if we knew that if we found -- we would know we wouldn't have to do this math. Well you know let it did exist and the more I hear about this story eat what you call here once you called the god particle. You're not gonna find it okay something's are meant to be left for eternity I'm gonna be like -- let me go landed the method the zero plus. The only this thing and this added. The -- as they always change the Mac might -- -- -- god also -- Calvin ball I'm just saying good enough. Andreas so far it does appear that we know we're at the start over trying to find the higgs both and yes. But in happier news home and a half -- that we love. If there's one thing that we can think. Anthony Weiner for. I don't think -- is very often imitated and yet. -- -- -- if they do that story all week again time that the talk about the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- -- we know about if you have -- Watching the news we know about. Represented Anthony Weiner of New York he actually posted his picture of his -- in the trunk. -- not actually he then later said -- okay fine it was me what. Over two and I'm choking on the leader. -- -- -- -- -- -- response to this and I am really apologize I should not come back from this show for at least humans. There is now ho you -- educate -- A chart that shows the detainees. In suites by Republicans and Democrats. While area -- -- -- -- it's. Of that -- -- on I think I'm glad I live. Each and relays ultimately look at this beautiful chart. Republicans treated 27% less after -- gates started and Democrats to -- 29%. They were scared they're probably all scared because you like then I got hacked I got hacker. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This fascinating overall they're -- -- -- that would make you wonder what they're trying to hide or if they're just like you know -- the product looked up hoses to date. Better in what many want to play and -- -- anymore. Interesting W been following. Any enterprise that the pump I think if they don't have followers delicately you could not. Yes I -- it would garrison I didn't care about -- people all your local congressman. Say yeah exactly it terribly -- 28%. Or 29% of their tweets were considered a -- I'm definitely does not do that. I let's get on Q your emails. And of course you pal and the crew. Yeah. It does is for you although I do you own a Mac guy -- -- into the launch certainly won't defend the school district for spying on students and taking their pictures and other acknowledges. Knowledge there's a very simple course of action that students receiving laptops should take to protect themselves. Post it note. Even on my personal laptop he says unless I'm actively using my webcam I always -- recovered but the tiny post it notes where -- keen. That it cannot take my picture unless I wanna use sometimes the best acts -- the simple yet. Gotta keep it simple -- like that -- -- conference area from Ohio dear buzz to I have a PlayStation 3 -- -- try to get my free games the other day. And MS -- in the tried downloading them only to get a massage he really -- message that shouldn't that's a really good service that said content not available. I -- the servers were busy so I tried it again the next day when I went back to select begins again it would no longer let me download the games. It was bad enough what happened but to screw me out of my free games is the last straw. I will never buy another Sony product again. And I will only keep the PS3 -- a play uncharted LittleBigPlanet. I'm going. And that's all you are laid double love -- and you are over this because you went in Phoenix when it started blurry and LittleBigPlanet three come out. You're gonna play list is -- on. I'm going out afterwards or pick up a new Xbox-360. Bloom. -- actually got a lot of emails -- that -- yet -- -- -- about the Amazon and now we're working and then also. Apparently and I am assuming the if like the one who actually created -- -- -- in the chat -- we got off an email from -- Spain. I'm looking -- that -- you can -- them on -- bit corn. Well looks like Molly -- Marty Meehan worked on the project may actually have a web site at bit -- dot org and look for Betancourt in the -- that data farm bill and Molly makes street takes a bit with it to the bunker. Along with the ticketing got an imminent need that actually how many -- -- -- that is -- hilarious I love it a bit more about our party this. -- is totally enter at the top. And then that will call that victory. I love it I love you guy it's attacks -- indeed it -- the I at a time at the time I like sped through the email -- -- like three of idea has yet to this moment yeah and in. -- All are well you can't say -- in a terminal myself alone again Friday listeners that know what we do this is what we do. Still we're gonna it's gonna start things off -- little -- low voicemail yet -- get back into the -- so don't go out have been following the saga for a long time as the guy with the new roommate who need to girlfriend who turned out of dating online well we haven't. This is like the Star Wars trilogy. But -- that the crypto has -- -- Collins Paramount lot and let. I'm dial -- or partner with online dating -- -- to our -- update on. 800. PEU. A and that it around. And will -- currently on. Audio blog that -- yeah. And. -- I love hey wait I -- way I love -- Cisco Francisco. I really know everybody knows you do in this case abbey -- isn't kidding regularly shut that down like Garnet drive and an airport. I. -- of this. And she's made all of it now I am completely embroiled in a saga that MM alligator you've -- -- -- now it's 333. Responses in your whereabouts of -- -- -- keep broadly that even -- -- okay. -- -- from two leading here and I've got a computer -- question for you itself. I just broke my girlfriend let's call her back -- over the weekend now early on in that relationship. She made me and tag myself and every eighth with photo I had with my previous ex girlfriend let's call her steamy. Trophies aren't really -- name of -- I -- that would seem like a red flag but in Becky is -- -- about 250 of my 308 with photos -- of Meehan Amy in various -- over. Various overly cute hoses and out but now at the back you know half -- -- having its arena with readiness be tagging myself in those photos of me and Amy. Any idea what the protocols on that don't get me wrong. I have no interest in getting back together with Amy but I remember the relationship with Amy was four years of my life but I remember very fondly. -- skies let me know what to think. Later and this is so complicated. Alex. YA would you read tagged. -- 150 of 300 -- because you know let. You still another girl you still have feelings for electoral as a man and a guide it to use -- don't have feelings ever knowing no guide does that. That dozens -- No matter how cute you looked in those -- Paris. You know he says -- they were overly cute yeah baby is a little -- himself that's fine you still don't do that. Ian yeah that's it we're. Gonna take a lot of at the effort and that's I don't do it. And let the ball and even if you don't have feelings for Amy you go insert tagging -- and I keep photos -- like flooding her voter news -- whenever. Via her current biology -- one is gonna think like oh crap and then also if you going to be like. -- -- -- -- -- -- And her -- -- will beat you up. Yeah I did that commitment because so fifth apprentice go download the photos that you want. Download them -- them for yourself but dump it like tag and tag RFI alone should dissuade you from doing that. The funny thing about -- I didn't. I know it sounds dumb but -- always look at pictures and -- in the corner yeah it's -- like you know you can download those pictures on my. Yes he did he didn't think that'll go up and down in the left hand corner there's a little link that says -- federal climate pictures that you line. And download them and if you really -- wanna get back together with -- which seems to be the consensus in the bathroom maybe not get back together but he still has not -- for her new right. Yeah yeah but I -- commitment tag in the first place. Totally. Any 250 nutrient present equipment -- was light due for a rainy -- -- -- you remember these are non specific names. Right and -- Amy. Becky is probably Rebecca Anemia -- homilies. I know I know you go friends are now we -- -- and we found a -- facial recognition and that's. I we got some great love advice from like the grammar geek -- -- -- ten years ago with freshly divorced. Am looking for love them based on my experience this is my guide. To finding geek love we've got many of these questions and excited the segment one. Get real. At a couple of Internet date that while my wife and I. Met in real life we did most of our -- via email. The problem is that I did get a very plausible on -- impression of someone with his life in here or give rather but in real life -- -- much more messed up. Also my conversational styles been compared unfavorably to drinking from a fire -- We really have to meet me in person to realize how annoying that can be hidden but -- about the when it kind of like that. Real it is when he tried on outfit that's when you know if it's -- -- -- numbered series that hope for failure. If you're listening to the show in your geek and a percentage of the general population who intentionally data -- is probably the low teens. Add your own criteria wait right here -- -- in the words not hours. Add your own criteria weight -- hair color Star Trek or Star Wars -- the job aids and your -- start -- this is not a bug it's a feature. A bad dates or rejected pick up is not a disaster is another iteration in your own personal sorting algorithms. That. Whatever game. I like it. Over three defined success I knew I would love because my happiness had become contingent on her. And when I was with their -- was a better version of myself and when I wasn't. Of course I'm kind of an idiot so it took me a long time after -- let even realize that it had happened. I almost -- charts but even I recognize that that would be a little bit much in that a proposed. Ineptly but she said yes and -- way and we've been married five years and have performance though he just outgrew his first Star Wars one -- And a three year old who -- most diverse sentences with well actually. Not been popular there. Early okay. Now Mike acting back did you get the three bullet points from a Tony Robbins lecture because let's see one get realty -- Baylor three define success. You sound very motivational I look. It is -- -- -- motivational speaker might. Go right now I think it's amazing -- that is like really plus I've I have to say. A lot like day today iteration in your own personal -- algorithm with the gloriously geeky than I -- that. The -- -- he all he holds tutor whose name he was immense and growing it -- -- name any entrepreneur or anybody like that we'll tell you like you have to fill in order to learn. Idea. Sony thank you might as good advice -- have -- helpful for those of you those -- you geek through in the be strong and -- And also you should probably -- like the little mister. -- -- to figure back. And then just a heads up for the that you don't know we recently started a new show a new show version of our show how best of buzz out loud it's like a weekly digest. A buzz out -- so if you have not if you're not able to keep up every day with her rambling 45 minute launch -- Who hasn't had time. It begin get all the good parts like existing news and the funny stuff. In his weekly digest and it's got its own feed in iTunes now so or feedburner whatever reasons concerts for -- and -- and of course. You can find links to add our blog below that in -- -- you post the episode every week and I don't post it but I'm not gonna you -- More. That we can still without it we're gonna make its own -- but on the link on the page will -- ten we have or do we currently have links to that -- Yes. And that podcast at cnet.com will update it with links that PT auto -- -- guys keep on calling us 8061626. -- CNET and you can email us you guys I I feel like. Our feedback that are in her voice channels just -- solid they've been so great in great aggregate. Leo and adding that this does at cnet.com. It's all about you the shows for you and the weekend coming up have a wonder if we wrong about that acts and also real quick -- put together survey that you guys can give us some feedback on the show let -- though. What what parts you like about it apart you don't like -- sound bad well. That and that I'll I'll take I can take you guys -- Seriously. -- look like an agent's guns can't take it hypothetical -- -- gets it gets published into the blog in my. And our new exam accurately and their but I haven't published in the blog so copy and paste -- into your email and then. Answer all the questions email -- to -- that by the cnet.com and rule. We will take your. Definitely to the end -- always driven this show I mean we you know Arnold is Catholic how -- should -- how shirts and be out and what you know. The idea anyway is. See where we're here you do your bidding VW that show. We'll -- about the arrogant vehement. -- she said. -- -- -- this place you'll come back it is over. What I mean that's their -- seen in years.
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