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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1480: WHO: cell phones as cancer-causing as coffee

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1480: WHO: cell phones as cancer-causing as coffee

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The World Health Organization semi-confirms what we've all suspected for years: it's probably not a good thing that mobile phones cause the cells in your brain to wiggle and change. Also, Lodsys continues its patent trolling unfettered by matters of conscience or threatening letters from Apple, and the PBS hackers turn their attention to Sony, as if Sony didn't have enough problems, already. --Molly

Today is Wednesday June 1 2011 my name Steven -- of I am Bryan song. And I am Hollywood loves the buzz out loud in his podcast and terminal -- episode. 14801480. -- but I'm just desperately need and -- and -- no concern out there forty Canadians 1480 Google thinks sometimes and then put that little thinking are right over -- tab and finally there's gonna see that happening when you're done. Hate to act -- sounded -- like -- episode -- I know of that link up with at this show the show where I forgot my umbrella again. I don't -- -- my clean room grow again I might again -- before we saw the show a side note -- -- -- Japan -- -- do it appears it's the greatest revelation ever multi account was introduced a -- -- early yesterday all of me and she is now seen the light and purchased. A clearer -- on Amazon the reason why we're Tony Blair -- and -- so -- -- -- -- Starting a little -- because I had to go purchase an umbrella and Amazon prime. But I didn't see the light because the umbrella is clear it's like a bubble dome and you can put it over your -- and you can filthy but you're not getting. Is so smart. At and you'll say that's really cool and you can -- and now also the Tara with pointed out that it is episode -- which means only twenty episodes to 15100 blu. I think we should have some kind of party just because of their ridiculous -- -- amber. Yeah I remember we had your 1000 but that celebration now. That building -- and -- you know you'll think -- only a year ago it was more like ten years. While a lot a lot has happened a lot has happened so much has happened that we ignorant enough time has passed but after all of the various companies -- -- study -- The -- Studios. The World Health Organization has issued a formal report. Saying that cell phone radiation. Is in their opinion a carcinogenic. Hazard. -- or reported the reports issued by the International Agency for Research on cancer their farm. Of the WHO. And until that -- they had there is never really been. Anyone who's our rights -- there's conclusive evidence that directly links. Cell phone usage to cancer but until today. They're now saying that it at least might be -- or there are risks involved exact that's an outright said directly yet. But -- taken it that intermediate step to say okay. This is potentially cancer -- Yet even who is not going to -- -- the issue definitive. Recommendation because they're citing previous studies they have not conducted their own new study it. But they're saying that it that they basically said look at this point there is enough research. You know every time one of these because these studies come out -- say yes it changes the way your brain behaves in that area next to the phone and and we think that this humor can be related every time that happens there is another study that comes -- -- -- did not know doesn't usually those studies tend to be funded by the -- and industry. Nevertheless there's it's -- enough back and forth that people of pollen. On the inconclusive side and who is saying look at this point there's enough smoke. There -- thing and they've promised empire here more study is needed. But we are now going to classify these. As potentially risky devices yes it confirms -- of one of those things -- earning -- I -- -- all really kind of feel like. It there is some risk using these inherently yeah I think the iPhone manual like some of these phone -- actually say. Well the -- -- man -- adding that. Headline. Makes it sound a lot scarier than it is because every once seen. Cell phones can cause cancer and that's what most of our reading until when you hear that ran up the time but they're they're categorizing and in the same. With other items like is led gasoline engine -- chloroform wish that you hear those things are -- like lol okay. I know those are dangerous and potentially people. -- you know -- the chemicals or materials but also you know the CT IA the wireless and -- in if you -- to cities and wanted to make a point. That they did not directly linked to cancer because it's in their interest like you said with these back -- -- studies have to say okay okay fine there might be some evidence but it's not a direct link. Still. Exactly they gave -- QB classification and Yahoo! which is sort of a classification indicates that it's like. Like you said gasoline so you know when you locking your parking garage the overseen those signs that say chemical -- this in this. Building a man known to cause cancer birth defects and others you know. That that's kind of where they're putting these devices so they're saying look there's a reason for and the Nevis is a very common sense thing yet. Every we know. That every electronic device emits some sort of radiation. We know that. Cell phones when they're put next to your brain caused a reaction. In the brain cells that are near where the -- play it straight and we know that -- had a higher radiation emission number. The -- which the -- actually publishes and has published for years. Then other devices. And so it makes sense if you're concerned about it or you use it all the time as with most of these things especially if they have this to be classification it's kind of like. If -- the assumption is -- you're exposed to lab rat levels of whatever it is whether it's gasoline -- and or coffee or self fundraising gala and -- right you know. You'll eventually you'll eventually develop a -- Jeff -- and exactly -- It's an Apple opponent of via a yeah that's right yeah that world agreed to back did little you know potion of it -- -- packages right. -- basically just. Another recommendation is to be careful -- user on all the time use Bluetooth headset instead yes it's still emit radiation. But it -- and many thousand -- the smaller mountain then a phone. Also just the you know the debate still cannery design because some of the studies that they referred to has still shown to be inconclusive they do -- that. You know with the studies where they diagnose brain tumors some of the patients. Might have showed possible bias by -- Who developed some of these -- the nine tumors in their in the near their brain area and might have said. Once they were posed with the question yet at the -- I hold my cell -- -- -- the side of my head that I hold myself -- exactly so that the clouds of but at the end of the day it's there's still no clear definitive answer but there is at least a step towards. Likely said well we all kind of button -- -- The whole time -- -- -- like you advocates family ran a little bit. And finally we walk we walked through the X ray devices that in airports right everyone was super paranoid about that but the levels of radiation -- those give up. Our about the same as some of the devices that -- around every day. Who does really probably only concern for those ports if -- people with an exit every -- and aren't allowed to wear badges that that's highly ironic very little radiation and I. CNET actually is. Any kind of a timely development team and has been working on. Special Report about this exact -- so we publish the first part today which kind of takes a look at the confusing state of scientific evidence. Later this week we'll have a second. Iteration and talks about how regulators came up with the safety standards and how they. Test devices. And then it will be publishing a story and what you can do to protect yourself and then talk about -- some communities are doing actually that sort of makes sense of it. So go to CNET news.com for that ongoing Special Report. And just one thing about the two B classification. The article does mention insulin when this on the chat -- that for example picked vegetables and coffee. Also fall under this TB capacities and so -- just to give -- idea -- serious you know. If your -- copy drinker. And every -- cell phone user and you -- picked vegetables. You secret all the time I mean ultimately come I yet but -- out in today's world no matter what I notice -- group. For crying out loud he getting grilled burger anymore and other like on I've -- the black Crowe mark that's carcinogenic. -- moon and it detects all the time and. But by and we're used -- is a headphone out and I'll don't I had or our speaker phone -- and only -- An instrument department I mean the kid the kid thing I think the legitimate warning they talk about other skulls are thinner. You know I mean I feel like -- there is potential risk there it's mainly -- -- the on the content. I think that at WW EC Apple could announce a new feature. Less cancer causing bones with their new voice to text feature that Android has been using from the start voice attacks yet less all about -- -- -- Voice the -- totally. Out there -- Arab want to know if my clear umbrella is gonna protect me and skin cancer and that I didn't. I cannot look at. There's -- young -- if there the UB elite they're should be an Alitalia UV coated umbrella and then. Actually what makes you can just walk around with that just casually -- -- cool there's prime more than like. There's only one that costs fifty dollars infinitely -- the UV coating. But it recently -- that on a sunny day -- and -- -- -- a fashion statement on a sunny day a -- umbrella. That's something -- I would do you know it would be a little touch that's -- that's -- god Allah. I needed WW GD. Like bracelet well agog at you sees a -- -- -- -- Last -- last maybe that we -- our -- about two weeks the area we reported that Apple is standing up and defending its developers against load -- which is the patent holding firm that is threatening to sue. App developers and has in fact -- App Store developers individually because it says that they. Owned the rights to in app purchasing. So Apple had written a letter that now are a rarity -- this go away. And have -- and you know people caught up that was the end of it because Apple is the big 800 pound -- turns out now now. -- went ahead. And filed suit against them apps or developers and said. We believe that we are in the right impact we believe that so much that will pay any developer thousand dollars that we figured if we turn out to be wrong. Yet they they've disputed Apple's assertion by saying that they had to. -- sorry conversations with Apple before hand behind closed doors explicitly saying that. -- not cut your developers are not covered the you know by our patents. Buy you -- buy Apple -- mean he writes it does not cover the entire ecosystem yet so. In a -- -- -- it's it's again and all these great legal battles -- the he said she said what's what's really happening but. At the same time for loads is to say you know it. Sorry developers who we are pre nup find them. If we're wrong will throw -- a -- -- for a thousand dollars that. Doesn't make you look any better after by the way we probably put you out of business with the legal fees they'll cost you to defend yourself against these plastic that doesn't loads is you don't not you do not look better by doing that Ella now and they don't care they like better like they -- they are. Purely. A parasitic -- they did not invent this technology. They didn't develop it in house they purchased the patents and they are using them in fact there's a great write up. But it that BC Fred Wilson he -- this New York based venture capitalists. And he wrote enough is enough I believe that software patents should not exist they are attacks on innovation. And he says the -- an -- has -- to be a wake up call that everyone involved in the patent business whether it's government bureaucrats. Legislators lawyers investors entrepreneurs at -- that the system is totally broken. And we cannot continue to go on like that out any talks about how they didn't invent this idea LME's that they purchase that they acquired something like four -- patents recently -- and now they're targeting. The in the developers for the in -- patents and there are now using it like a cluster bomb hit that on the entire mobile app developer community which is exactly true enough I think Apple and Google -- tribal very concerned. And honestly I mean we now know that Google has. -- huge lobbying effort going on in Washington DC and as far as I'm continues tech companies it will behoove them and I know that they benefit from -- because they go around acting like the final battles they have their own battles yeah I mean it's not like Apple doesn't have a stable of software patents that are you know arguably just as invalid and -- -- animation as anything loads that is doing that at least they developed them themselves. These guys need to start lobbying for rational. -- rational patent system and software patent mean it just this has been going on and on and on and it's getting worse. And it also taxes our listeners -- to hear about these two stories I have every day. Everyday hey guys -- another title story although I don't all like what would we do -- -- you you. Practice have -- ticketing -- And -- also all things. So Eric Schmidt. Google's executive chairman showed up and he had -- a lengthy interview where you know he revealed a few interesting things from his conversations won a bomb. The one that stuck out in my mind was that he admitted in copped to the fact that they dropped the ball with social. Because they were too busy -- -- If you think that like. While the it was with a question that was asked -- him -- what you wish you hadn't done as CEO let Google or something close to it and Schmidt said. He had suggested FaceBook wasn't -- social success but an identity success. A way for this ambiguity identity on the Internet. And he wished that Google had done that for years ago he says I wrote memos on identity and did not been -- -- -- how to do something and I failed to do it. He owned and it says I think I was busy CEO should take responsibility I screwed up. Yeah -- oppose the -- the big admission. And it potentially a billion dollar admission you know -- that's remarkable what I found so interesting is that that's how many fingers Google has its it's. Honey pot as Google has fingers and but there's so busy that -- and of the American client acts not touching -- pie is Google. That that's how busy they are and how distracted they -- with a fifty million project. You could also argue though that even though they were thinking about it. The based on what he said FaceBook already existed and we still seem that Google has hasn't even really been able to excuse social. In any way shape or form so just the fact that they might have treated some sort of social platform then there. What they've created up to this point or try to push out Google Buzz. And other and other things hasn't. It was never on the level of FaceBook and I would even say it's because if the parties listed. The features in the morning even compel so who's to say that they would have even been successful on the social -- anyways. Yeah exactly but it's a good admission it is to get in mission and it makes a lot of sense. One of the they used any any flat out that it's the worst thing he did it as CEO because he lost a lot you know if they were six has led there's a lot of money to be -- -- -- What 500 million dollars and. Valuation of it and think about them that thing and he tests anyway one of the other things so the search engine land dot com has a good wrap up the top ten. Things that he revealed that I had read that via that -- headlines for -- -- that. His worst failure ever and also that he says essentially. That being is beating Google right now when it comes to direct answers to search queries and -- Google's results. Our polluted enough. That being sometimes. -- veterans day is pose the question directly from are. I guess our friends are here while must bring about her call in about sane. I get better direct answers to Bing and he pretty much confidence said you're right there were thirteen there working on -- recently -- that algorithm. To get you know eliminates some of that those would the homeless -- not army site content ars staff and and to remove those content farm sites. You know -- continually work to fix the algorithm but one thing. That I honestly didn't know that came to light was that being. -- human interaction on how they filtered through some of those search results whereas Google is strictly algorithm based. And so with that human touch you do get -- an advantage of what what are you actually looking for -- just pure algorithm and I wonder. Because he's made this admission if Google potentially in the future will transition to at least have what you said a human touch to. Filter out some of those results and some queries at a baton -- particularly interesting thing -- Google prides itself on being. All machine learning all the time and right now you know based on the search market Google's probably not too worried about -- -- you know they still dominate it. It extremely dominate that category -- -- you know even we've seen the shift of it what is it like. Half percent every month -- them being gaining a little marketshare those are those are plenty of dollars half percent encircled does is. Is actually makes a difference -- and I'm sure there weren't about it getting -- -- its chip in a way slowly. Also in the news today the hackers who took down the PBS website earlier this week. Now are apparently turning their attention to Sony because no one can get enough of -- that -- went down for rentals act and yet the folks over at little -- have men have started promising Sony attacked there -- they were promising them since this past weekend. After posting I'm totally calling them -- betterment it -- name after hosting that Twitter account that it was engaged in operation it calls. So an -- shorthand for a Sony O image. -- you lol -- -- today you look like that let -- of data at the time -- was working on hatching a plan that would be the beginning of the end for Sony and then yesterday put something up on Twitter saying. If Sony you know making up off with a bunch of your internal -- -- and you haven't even -- straight. Slow and steady guys. So the lol -- at least appears to be -- Whereas anonymous kind of sometimes there'd be spokespeople for anonymous and people are correct doesn't say they're not a group -- -- definitely Kingston. Be taking at least more of a group -- they like. You mean the title track I don't know if you wanna say a more organized approach but the same time trying -- -- -- it touted as your own worth and be more visible. He added it's gonna make it -- it makes sense to bring more attention gee. I don't know -- And into the matter you know I'd like millions of them. Or hundreds of thousands or who -- what I think is yet meatloaf liked it definitely acting thank you critters be for it it feels like -- seconds like organized crime. Then you know an anonymous does more disorganized it kind of this disbursed group and -- and -- A message board basically -- lol thank really seems to be setting itself apparently. We're -- organization we have specific goals we're gonna be ignorant -- this way in that way. And man it's just. I don't really know what you do about it at this point but it's. Way way way way way out at all way way out of control I -- the idea that this that you know. That PBS for example would publish something that was critical of WikiLeaks. On Frontline and that's why they would I mean it's just like do you guys believe in free speech. It's it's beyond anarchy right if it's just it's dictatorial repressive it's just. It's illogical. Anyway but apparently they want to do so -- -- right into the ground the beat goes on the B a month. I we're gonna take a quick break when we come back gamers are. -- -- Activision wants them to keep paying for call of duty even though some members the ability to do it Mac OS -- detecting and deleting Mac defender may be. And the Internet just. Getting bigger every single. Welcome back to buzz on everybody -- lady in the house even beat him running the show up with that nice big. Glowing screen behind him anyway basically told that many have to switch himself a lot more heavily infinity Q I'm just -- -- combining our producer. There is that the -- also the back of his neck is like completely sunburn. We're probably giving you cancer. As seriously radiation emitting television right there -- -- you'd better look out at the lab rat amount of radiation. Alright back the stories that we talked about call of -- one of the most recognized and probable franchises of all time in video games. News is leaked out of a premium service for call of duty. That of course has plenty -- -- -- often -- -- gamer -- game maker Activision should not be charging a potential monthly fee for online content so this is like. -- that track teen social network for the online shooter another layer they're learning from their. Almost like it almost feels like they're learning a little bit from the in app world were like -- rerelease something and now if you want to. Yet this bonus content you can pay for it -- the differences though that's that track team -- And -- -- treating these networks -- through web sites or whatnot have not. Is nothing new per say but you've been able to do it in previous games and call of duty fans which range in the millions aren't too happy about this because they. There's clearly what as Activision -- a -- skim a little more money. Exactly and after. I think -- mean. It's capitalism -- work. To some extent right they have they have identified obviously and I highly passionate audience for -- game that's willing to pay for. Xbox Live subscriptions and for game pack updates and -- sixty dollars for the game itself. And they've said okay -- we're -- she's the service that. And he can see why. The gamers are mad because they are already paying kind of money and the other reason I think that -- really mad about it is that. They point out that it -- the service that -- -- -- tracking it's -- looks almost exactly like -- three service for halo. Because pay you can get all of that you can get the weapons used -- can get all of that stuff for halo or free. And -- it is so gamers are putting out like you're just trying to use trying to milk this cow dry. -- now one angle that I thought was an -- is that on one of the writers a gay gamers hoping that service like this because they have a social network aspect to it. Would allow them to commune with like minded gamers because we know. There's a lot of dirty talk that happens in these casual games they're -- so if they committed. As you know play with people that aren't going to be throwing all these -- -- -- cell slurs and you know anti you know. Anti homosexual like you know. Where words and why not I think they would rather. Potentially do this -- is the only thing about is like why not. These exotic paying for -- decent idea when we have got paid to enjoy a guillotine me without being passed out -- offended -- like online. Yet know why I -- a new brave new world we have here. I mean it definitely like I gotta ultimately although I understand Activision is just they live in a capitalist society and it's and it's -- it's -- in demand. Than supply and demand kind of decision. I do think that you -- more loyalty in the long run if you do this stuff for your community I -- not believe me. -- know lunch have to pay to have a harassment free environment and multiplayer gaming like as a as a female who I -- -- -- to play halo on Xbox Live. All the time and tell frankly ads could not take it anymore because it -- tarnishing my soul. They crap that people and -- and and weather with Jimmy or and just each other or you know I mean just horrible. And you know once have to pay for that and I and if they give the stuff to the community for free in the long run I think it would help and works that would help them more. Of course there -- one of the most profitable the unions of all time you don't need to charge people there were billions. Yeah I've not the yep I think it may be is -- the most successful entertainment franchise in history I believe so actually -- we had better story a few months -- and c'mon get online activism you know Twitter has introduced the follow button -- I -- we need another Twitter button you know we need more -- is pretty united on every website to be at least 13 button and men and some content buried around Matt. Especially those pop up on the take over the whole thing grey out the continent like -- And then 35 button going to add Seattle posted anywhere that can regenerate interest -- new parliament but avenue follow that -- actually think could be kinda cool. I guess that it will just go on site and as soon as if there are Twitter accounts associated with those sites click. Followed so this is not to follow the site this is the follow the actual personalities. Twitter account. Yes it's not us as more than fifty sites that have out of the bald -- today you know you have people like. GQ -- CBS sports but what it is is the celebrity is the athletes the reporters. That are either writing or at the core of the story we'll have the ability to be followed directly through the story and -- Checks. -- like a -- like that ever useful book I often want that and I have to go find like sometimes it'll just say oh here's the author. Or whatever and I can be potentially cool yeah that I hate search -- For some and I want to follow when used their name is a good enough. I know because that Twitter search is so bad that you can't just search for the name of a human and get back -- Twitter account linked to order -- -- seriously. This is actually. I would prefer if they -- their search but if they're not going to -- -- parliament can apparently had just learned from literally scrolling down on the story that. CBS interactive and CBS news and PBS dot com and all of our sites. Our -- included we're gonna have them. We'll see and I -- not know that good that we're partners we'll see we'll see that'll be -- -- Google also apparently is going to start rolling out plus one button. -- web sites today we haven't actually seen any show up yet but I think they were doing Apple announcement. At. Button fever I in a big Al key out -- out -- Earlier meeting last week or so hedge fund manager David Einhorn said he can't -- right so that Steve Ballmer should step down yet so. According to business insider they did a little survey of Microsoft employees and only 249%. Of them. Approve. Of Steve Ballmer. At the corner glass doors latest war quarterly survey they do this thing where they -- employees of a company of how happy they are with their CEOs performance. Steve Jobs 97%. Intel's Paul Otellini 94%. -- -- Approval rating 29% during the quarter. Boom boom. That is not. Like this draft that they. I am no later wow man this is very different from. -- is who have been calling for him to leave from you know the occasional Wall Street fund manager will kind of indicate that -- -- can be -- better. If all the employees are starting to lose -- it's not and just feel like it's a matter of time yeah I feel like it Steve Ballmer and a lot what's happening in fact I'm gonna be -- As -- 83 on -- does have a little card that like the bomber that's what I thought. And then you know they can take -- -- time for every sort of non announcement that they -- will it be you wanna make a fun little prediction right now how long he'll still -- -- Microsoft -- of the year. Would be gone by 2012 -- of advertising. Pressure. Let us out it is the equipment -- making it worth the nor -- you know we have a story once Bill Gates even talked about. The holes. Them acquiring Skype in how it can be used and it -- sounded like well that's how a real leader talks about -- has at least some visions and ideas of how to move things forward now we're like. -- People like they probably really do is the -- a lot launcher like a lot yeah he had ideas -- idea got ideas is the thing. Let's see what -- -- on -- Apple released as promised the update for snow leopard that detects and deletes the Mac defender. Trojan scanner where malware or whatever prominent these days unfortunately. Women about eight hours. It sounds like a new variation of Mac defender is already in the wild -- has specifically been formulated -- Go around and past the blocking and this is the whole can game -- so we see an antivirus programs all the time and now Apple's siren the field this. In their new software update there's this file quarantine feature now when it detected someone potentially downloading Mac defender it would have a pop -- don't ask you to. It's -- that file to the side and then you can delete it later but here they have pretty much -- renamed it. And the installed. Package it's been formulated to skate around their malware blocking -- what I find interesting about this is that. The hackers are so committed. -- perfect for two perpetuating this you know it's beyond a proof of concept about -- -- now they're really for committed to sort of continuing through UI app platform on. -- and I think those researchers troops and it's just the beginning are probably right. And that they were in -- that -- -- for tomorrow Jessica's story about will announce -- -- we -- -- gotta keep -- come in her back to -- than receiving a little bit but let's move on to the cricket. It. -- I got me Nokia is -- a profit warning and. We granted to the data we get -- like a good idea I -- know -- last week and yesterday NASA because I took it. First when typically when someone says -- -- they take an hour an -- to lock our chemistry is -- -- Anyway and -- camera currently -- -- -- Nokia warned that it may make no profit. On phone sales in the quarter to the end of the June in an overall until will be substantially below its earlier forecasts. It is a low point for Nokia which -- nominal -- in the handset division for more than a decade while. Microsoft and Nokia partners. Things not looking at for either -- that are area well. Deny -- all. Well the also another quake hits the conflict between sprint AT&T. Sprint had it. You know complained verbally ask the government to block the transaction now that filed a formal petition with FCC protesting the deal because yeah. It's not a good one. You know they're going on the record with a formal petition. 377 page document -- out complex reason why AT&T is just dropping the ball in using their own. Megahertz their own unused spectrum and why this makes no sense at all anatomy and read it OpenId -- them later you'll read all 300 some reason they. -- they have launched an ambitious new title that they're saying at their most social game yet it's called empires and allies civilization. It's called civilization. -- While it is civilization but it's called -- entirely valid. You bill that stop me and it sounds familiar with an intense combat strategy game you build your own empires -- army soldiers and head out to embark. On various adventures it is social because you're encouraged to tap into your template to build up your virtual army. Kinda like zombies. And in just fine it's civilization guns social their ego -- they civilization that you're really like that so it's probably an immediate respect. Also the Angry Birds gravy train. Keeps on -- -- Rovio and roku. Our friends of the our most popular streaming box. Are partnering to bring Angry Birds to your TV set. They just announce the partnership you'll probably use -- a little -- you set up the sling. You know you'll use your finger -- -- some amazing TV technology. And clear that any really know how yet well maybe with your Smartphone. Abbott I think it's pretty easy to the but -- and you in in the other thing about this and Ebert it's gonna -- -- they're gonna put on that platform it's gonna come to all this TVs that are Internet connected with their own app stores now it's Samsung's Panasonic's -- And out into -- clear in his and clear when that can happen yet they have not enough they have not yet know with no specific and knows the knows that the pricing they just talk partnership yet. But -- the create their own channel with videos and all the multiple flavors of Angry Birds and. Judging from the tired of that -- -- coming your ATM and -- maker. Of and below Hulu has unveiled a content deal with -- that will bring hundreds of the studios home. Like Good Will Hunting The English Patient and pulp fiction and but I the members -- -- at the you though Hulu plus subscription services -- also rotate some films through whose precise. But this is also will -- a Netflix did Miramax is doing and agreements now -- they're doing rotating basis. That I don't like. Well -- -- B rotating basis on the -- -- but I don't know if it'll be irritation and hoopla thing. I'm not a big advertising in general but in it says is to start. The film though -- admit that the dating for the for the site that reside at least pattern of this -- -- -- -- Hulu plus. The films will include periodic -- -- No no oh now -- I will pay for -- no movies are not designed to have bad break in them. Lets you watch it on T and T they don't have and Buddha who want to do that anymore now I -- so much other veteran them in and haven't fabric and I'm sorry but that's now that the deal killer for me. -- -- -- You bad parent of violence and -- I like no longer one better and -- but the like little talk about the show while producer and what we do next on the show I know. This scary scary. Scary -- story about DARPA and the master controller. Yeah for -- hunting. This is this is really -- state coming to life so the Pentagon's. DARPA the leading and bleeding edge research shop that actually I think they're behind the noise assassin technology in the -- -- the same as it was started with -- with DARPA. Another very cool -- they announce this week like the Internet via cable -- to -- it. A fourteen million dollar contract the defense contractor SE IC to build inside its gonna be a system of systems after. To mash ups knew -- sensors that'll find human prey on the battlefield the great thing about this is they're so much data across all government agencies. You know that track. High value targets terrorists people high interest to -- hoping that this system will be able to meld all of this intelligence. Connect the dots. And be able to treat. You know a presentation of where these people are going what do they -- -- using social networking. Email phone records visual records spire records everything you can think of three kind of a a matrix of what they're doing. I mean I think they're really looking for an algorithm that can take on this disparate information and distill it down to. You know -- profile. An individual and identity a pattern. -- -- -- -- -- Let's be honest we probably can't close off that and but. So it just gets scarier and scarier but yet here's some of those things -- demanding ground moving target indicator collecting all this to -- 88. Complete as those found to be clear this information their already Colette yeah yeah yeah yeah so you go ahead with -- ground moving target indicators infrared video multi spectral imagery human testers audio intercepts. Even text -- and social media. All -- one that they're hoping that they and they wouldn't want to -- configure program that would do a fixed set of input thing to be one thing you today. Okay we have all of this information from these inputs go. They want to be flexible enough to plug and play with different sensors. What they want is to create a giant human brain because only the human brain so far. It's capable of the sophisticated pattern recognition make it that they're talking about -- now that is one of the things that distinguishes the human brain from any machine in any other animal is -- our capability. For pattern recognition. And they want to basically build that into a a huge master controller and of of course there are only gonna use it units of followed terrorists -- -- And share them. -- -- I think Justin Bieber fans would love to get access to -- to -- it whereas take rest state. Meanwhile in technology that it's hopelessly old and outdated compared to things that urban during the three that's doing it all -- in a space shuttle endeavor. -- back underground. And you'd done it her work is done it's over it's over. She'd ended a space shuttle endeavor has ended nine years as an orbiter with a -- 19 am sorry thank you. Nineteen years as an -- with a flawless predawn landing. This morning and there's gonna be a spot where there -- -- the nose wheels stopped. An -- marking it with the commemorative plaque on the side of the shuttle runway that's pretty cool that's pretty -- and I think there should -- Yet this -- the -- -- at the space at the -- the California science center in Los Angeles for display. Portland Portland and and urban land where it's. At -- very little little electronic and could you imagine seem that. I'm assuming they're going -- be. But. I'm significantly this mean -- -- listing on a -- flatbed truck could imagine driving. On interstate. I always -- and then there's the -- space. Men that is by the -- the penultimate shuttle take off the second to last. Shuttle mission in NASA's shuttle project and there's one man Atlantis now is on the launch pad it scheduled to launch on July -- I think. -- July 8. You know can be -- and to -- to that but. Your ticket now -- -- -- added media -- Milan you're happy ending. The -- happy ending in a long time actually. Just yesterday I started seeing notes on FaceBook and Twitter about how this port in. Oakland where I live in you it. At his MacBook stolen from his apartment on March 20 for it to her 21 2011 reported the crime to deplete an even told them where the laptop was located. Which he knew because he was needing to -- an app. Installed on his machine to. Take pictures of the guy who had happened -- have. In some -- -- very upsetting product. We we I don't wanna know. What was going on there and nobody offered now nobody wants to know about that guy with -- -- the but there are many photos of the so he he put up -- Tumblr blog. This I have my MacBook dot Tumblr dot -- and started posting pictures. Of the guy who had a Mac but in an attempt to get the -- please let me -- -- the person who had her home broken into. Within the past year and a half or so like all of -- -- and it took a day and I have to get the police to arrive and then maybe if they -- -- I'll report online -- And there's no hope that -- are ever gonna and I can add they're not gonna pursue it very however apparently somebody AT and actually Becky Worley posted this on paper incidentally that withstood GMA -- are doing a story about this for Good Morning America. And when her producers call the Oakland Police Department. That's the -- -- and -- any thing of the mace or -- into action -- -- such a you know that's but that's so that's a sad. They only you know actually we see a lot of tech companies all mainstream media has got a hold this week or do something about isn't it ludicrous that I mean this is bit don't get me on not just openly Oakland Police Department has certainly over stressed that this is just like. This is the consequence of living in the fields they that is California I'm sorry it's. But Oakland is especially embarrassing like hey guys can you hop on down to The -- and -- flea market and recover may be some of my crap that I know is there -- I have got that would just go there -- -- I'll take ninety -- -- -- We all know where they go. Anyway I -- -- Britain are acutely that. Apple areas and I really thought about going down there and -- and -- And estimates he meaning out -- -- they -- -- Anyway the guy has now been arrested. -- -- of their latest update on this as my Mac -- that Tumblr dot com I got tired men and pretty it's pretty technology is amazing and a quiet at this point thieves should really stop stealing laptops to them like the fifth or sixth case that we just read about. -- I was looking up and -- in -- like an app that you can sign up or you can also buy plans that cover multiple multiple machines and but it was like fifteen dollars per year -- protector but. Which is as little as the photos on the photos are other than a data Nash Hernandez of the Mac market knuckle on -- -- Area up that photos -- whole area. There's only there's my -- is legal to back in the and the -- to -- had no idea he still use like I have been a scotsman and now Alexis. I base that is that I do that through happy ending. -- gonna get to your voice between 2000 -- that. -- -- just they know there's a baby outside the window of our studio or an out of their own most of the office and all of us and a complete state of distracted. -- me. -- me. -- -- -- -- -- When -- -- -- Olympic do you think the age is our. -- Artwork or what are. We got our act. Are all -- my contract. Right art -- credentials but there are -- -- to -- that. -- there and looks like they are not act -- outlook -- -- At the answer authentic their -- to check out that -- Interest mean what's most interesting about that is that he -- -- aren't saying well that it was nice fit idea hacked but that -- Department the government department -- -- or change their algorithm but Lockheed. Did not that is just flat out security negligence after and then athletic and a and what's his name and that's. Another but they and -- -- unlike a lot of trouble or not. No thanks for the -- recently -- actually -- let's move directly into the emails Morton from Norway -- -- the removal of various simulators of old game systems. From the Android market which -- -- yesterday was actually not to do with ownership of the roms turns out these emulator is were based on open source emulator project. That are licensed under the GPL to taking the open source emulator and selling them for a profit on -- market is clearly against the GP on -- when government. Excellent also. Jeremy Robbins rates and in response to our and FC payments at the doorman -- use the square thing on his phone to receive this tip. For a hotel doorman or other service provider like car parking have an area you tap your phone the -- your guy totally. There anonymity like he wants a little cube -- and -- this phone in and out and you gotta admit all that up of taxable. Then what they really want under the table -- into the do at least in the runner deserves at all I'm sure. Because of cat because -- taxes cash will never go ahead and -- actually -- policies on tech rhetoric in and says I don't -- group on but I have to disagree with the comments he made to you when your -- made on Monday and Tuesday shows. If there's any advantage to having their users spend more time looking at the announcements of -- -- feel they offer than having paid people. Who focus on copy -- will help a company. As an example of this will. Look no further than what dot com the successful deal -- -- website is clever copy writers have guarantee that I return each state to read the latest wacky commentary on whatever they found to read about. While I'm there laughing out loud and admiring -- their skills and imagination also pause to consider purchasing today's deal group on might be onto something in emulating -- However I did find myself scratching my head over the two examples that Molly found in red -- -- Group -- definitely need to work on being quirky and interesting instead of just being quirky. Policies on tech writer the access is the -- that -- could copy and I love all I totally. I'm gonna say you might be one of the few people that. Totally love -- in the copy in a deal website and that there's anything wrong about that I'm -- And I -- and one Margaret email. She lacked on the okay there you go so the song comes from the little. So I was -- an episode 1479 when you mention that airlines were considering moving all flight manuals over ipads I was aghast. I mean how do the airlines is not knowing that having these electronic devices. On during take off and landing could potentially lead to the engines breaking free from the wings crashing into a nearby elementary school while the rest of plain. Full of passengers goes spinning off into a nuclear power plant exposing their mangled bodies to -- of radiation to re animate them. As a zombie horde -- bent on the destruction of all things good. -- At least that's what the mean lady tells -- whenever I try to turn on -- The work that our flight manuals if you can't use them at the only times when the course of action is not keep it straight and in the air -- love the show. -- -- -- That's leading academic Kindle on the lowest powered device in the entire it has a screen Molly -- you cannot continue to tell me that can have a -- Kindle has a screen the black and why the -- -- Kindle. If you're gonna use iPad in the cockpit. This a pocket. The and the -- I -- crap that -- exactly like oh. I don't know if I'm diabetic and -- a hot right now we're taking it. From. -- about their separate today everyone. We are here. We are addicts if you have thoughts on things that we talked about eighty like department categories wanna click every link and read in depths or in the in depth stories about that we talked about. -- -- -- You'll find our show notes to reveal held -- cnet.com also like we said call us 806162638. CNET and email us at buzz at cnet.com we. We think -- lot of good feedback stuff yeah -- really adamant that have sides feel like you guys are doing your part. I guess we're doing our part we thought -- you know that everything here -- -- we appreciate the united. -- -- --
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