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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1477: Google is taking over your wallet

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1477: Google is taking over your wallet

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Donald Bell and Antuan Goodwin stop by the studio for a very special episode of Boys Out Loud with your host Brian Tong. We discuss the future of Google Wallet and whether or not we will spend more money for higher quality apps for the Windows Phone. We also discuss Apples Malware evolution as well as the PayPal founders idea to pay high school grads not go to college and instead start their own tech companies. All this and much more on todays episode of BOL.

Today is Thursday may 26 2011. My name -- Steven -- I'm Antuan Goodwin I'm Donald bell and I am brands on the welcome to boys out loud episode one the 477. You guys and realize there have petered out by -- Molly Wood she is. Not here today she will also and be gone tomorrow -- she's out in a special little report. In Las Vegas in area. Called area fifty. In fact if she doesn't come back we won't be surprised she was really excited to go use -- Here's the thing to talk like that it is. I think once you got there if if you when you realize it's just a lot of dirt and concrete building in -- with aliens land here and some like old computers. Ever used to store whatever data they had but this its newest political -- megabytes and yeah -- the identical story about a someone recently wrote a book about -- if you when talking to. Some of the employees and some declassified information from the whole area 51 projects -- That's -- is there. She -- -- back. I don't know -- -- -- -- was will begin deducted. Like I wanna stay here forever with my people who might be dragon an ailing relative parachute but. We have bigger -- bigger fish pride here personal thanks -- coming -- -- Donald and -- one in the house covering for us admirably. To date the big thing is all about the age of Mo -- -- what I mean by that Google call -- the age of mobile local commerce introduced seen. There -- Google -- it and Google offers platforms officially now Google Wald is a partnership with city. MasterCard. First -- and sprint and there's a few things that I you'll need a place to take advantage of it will be launching in summertime. The first two cities that'll be like the test -- -- are our own. San Francisco. And New York now the only phone at the moment and they did not announce any new hardware that would be compatible with the service is the nexus S phone. From sprint. In the four -- which is weird because the -- as regular non orgy. Billy -- should include that in it yeah you know it. It's like I -- NFC chip in at those ahead does that was part of the the announcement that phone with like doing the third of lake and if the third demos. For things like checking -- to Google Latitude is in the nexus -- the one on T-Mobile and the nexus S -- its pro yeah yeah the only bit that will not the only difference -- the major difference in the phone via the antenna. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If the chip in the next fest like why did not enabled -- that one but -- -- mean of course. If Google and its Android for the first thing people are gonna scream when you do something like that fragmentation publication. I know that we're now thinking could. At. Yeah when it whenever and fund has random -- race in fragmentation and talking about and pretty much closed -- Now for those he -- -- curious houses all going to work on and everyone right off the bat so security secure. Six how are ready well you'll have a phone lock screen obviously then you'll have a Google pin number. And then there's also -- -- authorization if you want -- you know get access to the credit card pin number it's going to be supported by and the main thing we always thought about. In app world developer support -- retailer support. On this is using it in a -- -- partners but out of the gates Macy's subways. Mean got to get your sandwich on Walgreens Toys 'R' Us noah's bagels. Foot locker the Container Store Peet's -- Indian American Eagle Outfitters will be the first partners -- -- -- -- sale displays. Using this on -- -- -- it basically when IBC those wall of gift cards. Like all those -- -- they -- retailers are like the NSC people. Now that a couple more room on the web and actually they have some that are -- -- partners but that aren't the Google wall partners and because pay pass is still. Under some credit cards enabled -- the past week and that it missed -- calling the mall phone system or something and that put them all pass -- -- that -- and we did that yeah there's also really pulls up about the actual and of seats yet to do that do that now the actual NFC chip in the phone. The time and okay what about the security levels on the actual NFC -- -- someone tries to tamper with it. It has a self destruct but I not likely is -- possible game yeah also. They joked that they were serious it's on the I guess it's a impervious to laser attacks they said I don't know if someone's like trying saw it with the laser but they said the chip itself. -- it will not be -- laser tax and it's only active. When you're activating or unlocking it to use for payment transactions so it's not always on someone can't sniff. I'm for year and FC chip was -- -- -- and yeah yeah so at a C -- the tenancy will be two problematic. Not -- I think this is this is the feature we all predicted that this would happen -- that -- eventually year your phone replace your wallet. Man it's like it's been in -- in this fantasy world of the future for a long time. I'm excited to see it get there and -- to see what Apple will do in response to this that the crazy thing which is. It sold -- platforms -- which one's gonna be adopted Google rolls out first was city NASA -- a partner. Who knows what other companies you know. And bulky you -- you know Apple bloody party with an especially when rumors or rumblings are that the current. IPhone four S may not even have an NFC chip that can already be. -- you could say a year behind because this this plan. Is rolling out in summer yet Apple's only plan is to partner with square in the Palestinian. Actually about to bring that up where's if sort of like in an -- to solution doesn't even require chip. It's all handled -- -- out and musical product that is not anything approaching the -- -- -- sophistication and integration you know you have to have these large corporation the companies all integrated to each other all signing on the dotted line. To do it but the the get encouraging thing is that when you have. That rolled up partners at least a few of those places for myself are places I actually shop via. It will mean for me like that that MasterCard he path -- -- -- right there opens the door to. We don't even need partnership MasterCard can handle that that's -- the do. MasterCard jobs to m.'s partnership to get those little -- have. -- kiosks. You know at. You know gas stations that -- -- any terribly if you look he's and that would MasterCard does bad the -- can pretty much within it back and I think that the poor people that are set up with the right hardware. And the credit card council also not just MasterCard sorry city Mastercard's you can also set up with the Google prepaid card. So there's people that. Technically going to have -- you how this massacre are to be able to use this they they also showed up when Google prepaid card with in. The app that you can use to put money on their slow but you know I think the crazy thing is that. In 2002 was able to go to Japan and I got experiences it was it was magical like I couldn't believe it I was -- -- phone. To buy things and -- -- PM stored at the by you know credits and -- cater to get and we better and that's just one of those things that. I can't wait for people people -- whatever richer some people are excited some people but when you burst it's when those things when you first run first transaction. -- You know -- classic phone it changes things yeah it changes things though I'm not excited embedded in the -- my hand now fluent in just like biometric. You -- fingerprint. And he again a little ahead of us right. Now that I do think it's dangerous -- just that. In my. But it will mean for like a cache lists feature rate that this is there and that a big step towards that that's -- the big -- counseling ambient thing went like. The next generation like my kid will think of like -- pain with an actual card is being -- equivalent of like reading a check but what do you -- -- Mind you don't have to -- the card anymore earth. That's etc. which I and burn the thing -- scanning and that's fine. They also -- talking about how they're looking to integrate this down the road to not only. Holder credit cards but really be truly the Google wallets so include -- -- and other division I division was your passport. Here your I. That's kind of scary when you think of that all in one place but at the same time it has -- of security with. I mean if you put two levels of passcodes in -- man and if Google isn't really gonna struck. And I password not explosive yet but it's it's gonna be that her for services that. You know kind of expect quite tips like breezes and and accidentally -- cashing strip clubs or something like that you know obviously if he's here -- to tip -- did little little. Then it is for me to tip with cash well I think you know it was when you go to restaurants. And you give them your card -- and they give it back you just -- the tip on there. -- -- you give categorically still think a little bite out of that they do but then like you would when I go to a bar in the strength ten bucks. Ehrlich nine but I give them a ten. They give me a dollar bag now gonna find another dollar in my pocket which means in my -- yours in the butt hit the -- accident -- there's not a two dollar tip there like a Mac now. In -- -- that Italy easier to tip this way it's easier to spend. This week period when you don't have to. On the and I don't have any cash I guess I can't give you like -- -- market economy right making this for -- that Bosnian economy again. Let us so that the Google law -- -- we love to hear what you guys I think about if you're excited the demos I don't know if they're gonna be reclaimed a live stream. But is really -- of another aspect that they talked about here. At their announces that he was -- Google offers and this'll. One of the advantage -- this'll be tied to your location as well as your purchase history but when you combine Google offers. With that Google -- they showed off a few cool things like for example. I find an offer on them. Of a point of sale poster -- I just hold my phone up to it and also and it automatically goes into the glue and cool all out now makes is cool is that. If you have like special coupon. You have -- Google. Wallet credit card in there and then you have maybe like a loyalty rewards program -- like American Eagle. Not that I -- or place like somewhere a -- place all of those coupons and discounts and deals and rewards points are all together in one. So when you do that single one touch scan. Everything's the whole transaction happens man that's. More than -- -- you you. You are going to be what you buy buy your entire identity is gonna be tracked and everything you buy is gonna be -- and everything -- paid for and then the school offers thing is all part of its so great you know. More off more ads more location -- brave new world it is but I. It is its its its -- its pharmacies and it will be exciting to see how this plays out and who hacks at first this area -- back into a cash content. We'll get Bing at least is the major -- the major credit card companies that. I don't I don't wanna say they haven't been act I'm sure they've been David had enough times it's. I feel uplink they're out and about it pretty regularly we just don't know what you're an auditor the end of probably. Pregame at that point -- method to see here that he can't it's not like they're familiar if -- -- -- -- -- better covering up something and yet. Now we switch gears a little bit just to talk about a follow up on the protect IP act that has been floating around the senate floor -- Senate Judiciary Committee this morning. Unanimously approved the protect IP act by a voice vote on that means it'll move forward. The -- -- to be voted for on it through the senate it has not. Mean it really pushed too hard to get that vote yet it's been stopped recently by senator Ron wide in some of the concerns is that this bill which is very solar. To last -- -- -- the legislation would allow government. Powers give government the power to go to -- directly and just get a web site's domain name blocked. From service from the DNS servers credit card companies and advertising networks would also be forbidden to do business with such these with these sites is armed ally you know. International sites web sites violating. The you know DM CA rules all the music studios and content providers. And that and PAR behind this because they feel like these Rogue sites and their operators continue nothing into the US economy the major concern about this is though. Is that if you take down a site whether it really is violating. A copyright -- are not. Senator Ron Wyden argued that will just by giving the government the power and ability do this. Demonstrates a little understand of the internet's value and function because you have a lot of hyper links you take down a site you take down all these links. They're not they're not all bad. Ray also is kind of a guilty by association to -- you're -- to the site if -- like -- -- -- on CNET rating story about you know some kind of and a peer to peer network or whatever it is -- in violation of this particular agreement. Then that has some help with -- in jeopardy after looming -- talking about the story or you know I think. This also feels to me a little bit like let's not ever have a WikiLeaks situation again situation where they -- you know do kill switch on a site like that right off the ballot that it ever. Getting the light of day it is it's kinda scary about. I understand the motivation behind it you know like I would love if the Internet were a little bit cleaner and I didn't have to worry about. Tripping -- site that's going to install malware or some how. You know -- eyebrows raised here cash content or whatever it is but. It's hard to you doing that kind -- and the Internet takes a lot of precision and a lot of but not this doesn't seem like the bill that's -- Again though the way that the Internet as those like how can you really do it cleanly. And effective proper manner I mean all the you know the argument is that so refusing -- explain how linking. Is really different from. From -- speech like you said you write an article you linked to a site all -- send your article. That is talking about a topic and -- and related other than -- -- the linking of it as an example. Gets taken down that voice that perspective is removed because you happen -- -- of this -- Yet a dead that there is a part of free speech I think that it starts giving. Posted that makes me nervous yes though it has it it has not gone on the senate floor for an actual vote yet on so we will see if if they will do that this year and but that's -- little update of what's happening with that also just to follow up. Yesterday on our story about -- and -- but. Partied together spot by on two of -- -- major record labels are still needed for its US launch. Now we know spot by very popular in Europe. We still wanted to come here but at the moment. Will we see it will we even seen in the US we don't know which wanna give an update that -- to the -- still need to lock themselves on the have not been identified yet on so we don't even -- there isn't. Just -- -- is FaceBook does need to stop. -- now not just the stuff that's. That this is this is like the blueprint for exactly how like MySpace became this gigantic. Sprawling mess of different too much well they they really don't have yet it's the animated gifts in data. In an ideal background -- book yet but I know it's gonna get there soon. And -- I just feel like. However and and movie content to like when they -- in -- -- movie rentals instrument that. I'm in -- filling in leave their implementations of things easy to ignore. Mean if you take the time you never have to feed the -- is that people put on their site or. You know click the if you have like a friend -- all he did -- who threaten beaches lake. There's a little bit of life like you never have to click on yeah I think. Sorry I -- outer frame literally you know we -- -- critical -- -- the app and I -- I I for 1 am happy that. The spot I think it's in communities that -- the kind of clutter things happening -- the -- is a that is true because I never think of I don't I really don't spend as much space. Time on things because I used it anymore just like I don't wanna. Get away from all Latin mass per say but I generally think about how it confuses get nastier and nastier because they're adding so many things. While they want us to do everything they're right it was the -- again with MySpace to where they went into -- let's have a legitimate section of MySpace called MySpace music where like. I like mainstream bands would have a place to have streaming content that the -- be separate from the bedrock of what MySpace was before roaches like unsigned independent bands and -- to have this but it was not very clearly communicated. Like that I went to MySpace music I wasn't getting the independent band experience as giving the other thing -- and then back down yet and that it. I'm just so basic and I ran my couldn't -- a podium may have you can move -- just stop -- that are right we're gonna take and have article we come back AT&T to officially launched. Real forgy believe there not also -- news about Apple's now aware. And Panasonic black levels. The state forever now -- forever. Welcome back to -- out guys Donald bell in the house. Antuan Goodwin. You know -- -- seem to be to run in the show managing all all of us that wants. Trying trying to manipulate define our cameras to switch between it and -- like all reversed and everything. Pope mobile home. -- -- -- this to continue the stories AT&T. Announced yesterday they'll be launching officially launch team. Its initial LTE service this is not this is not a test PA plus this is their real four G service in five markets including Atlanta Chicago. Dallas Houston and San Antonio. They made the announcement. At the Barclays Capital global communications conference in addition AT&T -- planet -- -- LT and ten additional markets by the end of the year. -- Thank you -- on any of it if it is confusing consumers. Okay -- that he can happy using -- is Marty but if the real four G -- class. One. And the -- forging the Toledo wired and mobile and kind of the organ and -- -- steal we know what the real -- -- vs the regular the non -- -- that's but then. They're just -- keep on client -- G and eventually. Once everything gets up to -- someone will think that HS -- plus only had. Was actually afford Gphone even though wasn't have ignited as orgy don't think the sport you'll -- feel -- -- There okay him until you like leave to care about it this is they also -- -- branding opportunity called could call this something else ninety Tsquared. -- willing GE EE -- And so AT&T rolling that out of -- does -- live in those areas Chicago. It's a census. On -- the Los Angeles on the it looked like atom and landed on Alia call and download. Also on default on the Apple mall where story there's a new evolution of Apple. Malware. Going out there what it is now is that. There is now led -- malware what's -- called sorry Imus and scrolling through this thing. -- we on the hardware encryption story are different. Noted though I'm trying to figure out the name of this new malware sorry guys thought that maybe you guys can -- when -- -- might have but it's it's a piece of malware. That is allows you to install it without any access to the user password. Underlined so -- start before the previous -- back spender used it it pose as if it was an application that you need to install right this one. Is a -- anti virus software. And -- opera claims to find malware into sassy you know. To register your copy it there is no password included but it it does that he owed to get access to our registration number please put in your credit card number. People do that but -- bottom line is that in order to insult you don't even need to youth -- It accesses parts of the -- -- you know get people to -- lifted the -- effect last week. Indeed -- though so that is actually went home. The and -- antivirus detects and -- but practices via outlook you know as -- -- guard thank you. Mac guard area Mac hard lonely Mallard thank you don't apply ice it was -- I had it on a different article today announced that it away. I just -- be aware that there they're revolving just like windows windows and hours of -- -- For people to think that. Macs are really say it but continues -- that Apple keeps on trying to push they're alert they're taking cues from the windows world and just the -- right on the Mac. Well I -- is that successful like Mac books and doing great story and I am sure that hackers are realizing a lot more people are buying anything from to find a -- -- -- that we get from anybody can. -- -- It's always it's always been a numbers game and they can hit and but they can affect the -- but also in other Apple security news you guys might be happy or unhappy to hear about the Apple. Apple's IOS four hardware encryption has been hacked a Russian company called. L comes off his -- -- of cracked the 286 bit hardware encryption. And it runs a software application you do need to have. The iPhone. Near you or the actual ardery need to have it connected to the computer but it runs a software app in about forty minutes they'll give you access to. Literally every detail and -- file. On an iPhone four that's -- -- more convenient than soldering. -- -- -- So I'll make it does instead of relying on -- hardware -- this this is a which will be encrypted in May be missing some of the import data just as there's there's ways to get like. An image of I -- a snapshot of what's on there and you guys are dealing lesson -- didn't you. Now a little bit yeah I know that upheld a ban on our certainly like I don't like that exactly as we know there's some waiting in the window that size. Anyways -- historical information just like geo location data browsing history call history text messages and emails user names they can all be recovered through this software. So -- -- you know. It's not impervious. Secure capital securities being broken up and I'll throw -- out basically like it means by native likened it this is a good week to. Get your stuff out of your phone but it -- means it if they've really neat here at the same time it you know having your security cracked can't be like a good thing for Apple at least where they're confident -- forty minute. It might not like -- we're gonna just you know. What -- the included swipe your phone for lunch -- -- information in the lucrative back in your drawer you know yeah life like pretty long time ago. New delegates like. -- -- Manson the -- it's not really like attack it's more like a brute a brute forced entry to -- yet the software itself. Okay also on Microsoft over -- -- mobile space and apps we'll know that at the app world is the place where Apple plays Microsoft. Is seen that they worst they want to support higher app prices for windows phone seven. Come from outside developers to encourage better products rather than embracing the free or 99 cent app. Common on. Every other App Store well. Of course they would. Right because this is not like a numbers game where it's like 99 cent apps across a billion phones makes the developers a lot of money it's hopefully -- four dollar -- -- and you know couple thousand -- is gonna make the same effect yet -- that -- Of course raises the question. How much higher -- that would -- without interest in and I felt -- I'm thinking back the most expensive app that I bought was 35 dollar -- that. But that. The navigation app in and it that'd be legally downloading all the local data -- basically licensing the maps follow where usually that like 200. -- there with a value there but. For general -- -- a youth. I think the most expensive at that I use daily of like a three dollar application might mean that worked well for your time dollars is about movement -- -- -- in the pay for. A game. Where Apple I think especially for I mean windows phone seven right now when they're trying to get people attracted to the platform. Saying that we're quit the platform with the most expensive apps is not gonna be glad to do it yet the -- -- the market is kind of dictated already where people are willing to buy apps like all the Al Solis is still like the MP3 legs down me -- down phenomena -- is like as. Tries he might to meet the case that artists should be paid more for music downloads everyone's just like you know ninety ninth and the songs pretty much what -- -- exactly so if this is. The trick about this is okay fine windows phone seven that's a nice message to center developers. We want to work with you. To make a higher price apps -- you can make money they need to deliver more products on the market have you picked them up for developers to even look at them. Whether it's -- 99 cent app or two dollar three dollars. Let me -- also who better way to -- could only be bit higher quality apps. Because you know I'm night in if he -- in new two dollars for -- what an app that a perceived to be net worth ninety ninth and I affiliate Fiat did you know developers that they were closer with the at the Miller estimate yet feel -- more high quality. Then maybe -- we can talk about charging more for the -- and I feel like windows phone seven has the opposite problem in the actually apps that are on there are very well built almost to a -- -- you could spend less time he'd be making this a perfect thing to find -- out as early death like -- aren't even. I feel like they're. A -- -- and would be have I think would be to their advantage if they had. I -- faster like collection of no cheap even crappy apps distant fill out the App Store to get people excited about it. They show that they can do really high quality apps but they've also shown so -- that -- take awhile to actually catch up. -- get out to market his the other thing okay fine have Netflix on iPhone and my Android phone. What is really gonna be that much more high quality on them on a new Microsoft windows phone seven phone that would make me wanna -- A dollar for like they're there's a point where even as long as you have the war chest of the key apps and everyone cares about. That's gonna drive people more to larger -- -- than just oh here's an app that's two or three dollars. June I guess do would you buy an -- on would you like you have to change platforms and pay for a more in it a more expensive app. On a windows phone seven just experience that. Levee -- -- -- out of court assuming that the XP you can -- saint. Or not -- what if experience is a little better if the experience with them. A little of me did okay and about the same print not a little knowledge and we can't elect in increments like yeah -- it's better to times better it if it let's say it was the killer definitive. Netflix -- Would you change a platform. Here's here's what they should do they should they should take the -- philosophy and -- subscription service for apps and academic all the apps you could ever want I got an idea and -- this is something different because regulate. Already you know iPhone and Android -- like Sega Nintendo or whatever. The analogy and N and windows phone seven is like the neo geo out over here like. I was caught on I don't wanna pay below in the fifty dollars of the games do parity years you should be like you that there even excited about the platform you know about your phone ending than taking money from them is -- and keep. Now -- don't -- -- -- -- chat room everyone listening let us know what would be the right per what's the sweet spot. Where an app that you would pay for that you think is okay like more than 99 cents will be worth it to the -- -- I think people like looking at three dollar apps like what am looking worthless friends. And Britain if its free on the Android and we went out after -- -- -- but it. Ability to add did not add -- -- with friends those like is not likely to like -- -- -- I waited tools on sale the buy it like this. That's like saying one thing I -- if it an app that on another platform. You can't get anywhere -- camino and if it's an app that. In though if you're just giving me and revert to better knock off more than -- AA and India IT store at the same time if -- -- that being delivered specific for the windows phone experience. And they -- to say that you know this is a premium -- specific of the windows phone. We we worked with the developer to get it on our device. As a result we're gonna charge you a couple extra bucks or at bubbled which you may perceive. You know then that make sense. But I mean it depends on like how closely they work with that developer and how unique that it being their -- thing that takes a lot of work on the argument if they're willing investment. Many yeah I think they should be the one -- in the -- that right if they are they gonna get ahead aviation -- and update it because of what this is really isn't what is it is -- twisting of the complaint a colleague -- from developers which is like. We're not really extended -- to -- quickly develop apps for you because we don't see where we're making money out of it. And -- -- we want you to more money. Like well the answer isn't to that charge more for its commitment to get people look into buying your phone get the platform out there and and make -- them. Say let us know what you guys think. On move in on a Panasonic -- told CNET represented from Panasonic has told us that. They're designed change in their latest rollout at 2000 eleven's -- plasma TVs it is that. The TV GT and as T series. These are around pretty much the Panasonic BT line has been our number one rated. Television over like the past two years or so but there is -- Last year there are stories about how the black levels would fade over time. If he were to -- really mad about that because. You don't want to black levels the phase and they said they made changes in design to ensure that on the black levels remain in fact based on our test from David Katzmaier. He said that during the initial break in period -- around -- 10200 hours the black levels actually slightly improved -- Which is a good thing as on. Get to know that you -- after about that on in another story. PayPal co-founder. Peter deal. Has said the key to quicker business innovation is to skip college. What he's doing is -- his own foundation he's handing out 100000. Dollars to 24 people. Under twenty years old to drop out of called for two years to start their own company. As the first -- the -- he's encouraging like because he feels like in in an environment. To allow their ideas to -- bluster to you know grow and flourish for her and her own glory leaflets K it's a clustering -- she could be but that this this is what you know it it's also kind of question mean he he himself has question Tenet the value. Of higher education. I can and I can understand where he's coming from because I mean there are so many. You see the phenomena of so many -- fortune 500 you know CEOs and nice you just build innovative people like patent being college dropouts are like well there's gotta be something to that. But I don't think people should necessarily be encouraged to skip college but I do think that they're sending to this that -- handful of people that. May actually benefit from getting out there earlier in giving their ideas out to the world earlier. Would this would be a great thing for but I think that's public of 1%. Of people are hopefully it purchased. Out there and it will hurricanes in the skipping college and -- I. -- agree to anything. Actually education as a tool. But it's not a smart bombs and for a phone people mean you know if the -- Tom -- the -- you're getting colleges and if there had been using real life and filling it up to the in individual to evaluate. What -- -- -- should be. Rather than just going like I'm a regular -- ongoing. You know like an art degree that I'm not using hand. Camp that's when you're in there and and it's it's also dinners you know this type of program. Could be beneficial for that he's about 1% there's certain types -- whose brains now and that their -- skill level. It makes sense for them actually to not go to college. But then there's other people that you know. There they should go to calls for whatever whether it's like the life experience or whatever field there in May not be as if you're an -- -- -- -- You don't have schools like -- -- lake skip around Dayton area -- -- hopeful that this medication league game like don't do that but I mean if your. In -- stranded if you -- Innovative and you feel like that's not happen to like -- one line outside -- -- like you know as much as this might be of benefit to the economy and to making it more. You know. Company is that are innovative and this is kind of a lot of the people that -- take it as an example who are like. And skip college -- turn out to be billionaires may not that happy -- most well rounded people the world leave it at the personal decision. It's -- two years smoke and -- you know. Figuring mileage out in college -- and with that and a jumping into -- being the CEO my -- company I think the funny thing is that. The article one point that they mention is that in all that deal is doing this scholarship program for these kids that you -- build on this in two years. They do point out that. The business released -- team made. Were made during his days at Stanford University where yes sometimes you go to colleges to -- -- tips to help it why do people go to business school. All my friends went to business school they were partying pretty much 90% -- but you know it came out -- that a lot of really want to know how god okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Digging in the books that. Anyone will say that so -- it and it did that which you know. It -- on people I don't know -- -- and you. Are does not think of a quick hits guys. Who. Okay this one coming out just you know talk about our friends in Canada -- One of the broadband providers out there is decided to shake things up a little offering some new broadband plans but opera more data faster speeds and better price seen. This is not an ad but this is just the example for come parable plans that are available -- take this out. In if you compared like starting in June June 7 of this year Shaw's going to offer 100 megabit download by megabit upload with a 500 gig. Monthly did a cap. For 69 dollars per month. -- compare that to Rogers extreme plus plan which is also 69 dollars. You're getting 25 mega -- download speed that's one -- the speed one megabit upload speed 15 the speed. And a 125. Gate cap. And I'm gonna go shop and I had. But you know there's been a lot of the there was that whole usage based billing situation. That was overturned out Canada. But it's kind of nice tax I don't know how big shot is in -- I don't know. What areas they serve but at least they're kind of -- now like well maybe we should -- to give consumers what they want. Because they're gonna get a lot of people who are savvy enough to jump on board. We can -- ex patriot out of Canada. Do this I'm sick of it. On the data -- I'm gonna come back Comcast -- Something -- go to another country mean that some island nation out there Netflix unlimited data. I think about it now it started back to me later in the first rule about living and animation is a little city cannot and I -- -- -- -- likely to come up here but in footballer had committed. Also offer those you that might have had problems logging in the sky yesterday and that's this morning also. Some people thought the service is down but there is of a problem with people connecting it to the user's name there is a quick little fix with -- home. That's XML file. And might have been corrupted or -- the way that it spoke that it was talking to it but all you guys have to do you have the issue is -- the shared dot an excel file. On a computer within you know the -- -- -- the -- folder. And then. Delete it. Quit the app and then reboot it and -- -- As we know sky and people like is it down because what Microsoft now is that they could not do that let down because of migrants out. Not. Also to the follow up our little Lady Gaga and -- -- an outlet to on the servers today they are re offering the deal you have another chance to download the album. And as digital booklet for 99 cents and cripple Amazon server. -- want -- with some dweller that. Supposedly. It'll be alright. Okay -- it's gonna take a happy endings. -- the cat AAR and they have one and the internet's most popular cats of all time. Is turning four years old. Now. Up. Them smarter yeah yeah I you know he adds it's my -- beefed on the earth and Mars you're keeping in mind that -- today at. But so cold like youth it could put a -- and don't use them and I can totally -- via opened its -- an affluent enough. He came down so there's some cute videos if those of you don't recognize it -- -- like. I think over time something like it to -- is or his videos have been viewed nine. Is -- appeared in Japanese like commercials. And pretty much one of the poster boys of cats on the Internet poster -- The speed a -- I think my heart melting a little. One of my -- -- -- diet you guys -- eight malady you are not -- -- and I can't commitment links open though and you can you guys someone introduced. Yes sir -- China. Story coming up about China using prisoners for hard labor but -- the kind of hard labor that you think. You'll hardly virtual hard labor there's actually a Chinese prison. Prison labor camp but that would -- GI excited enough that you -- -- -- -- -- -- Basically one of the prisoners came out and nicely thing that with the the prison -- for doing it that making them gold farm in World of Warcraft. I have like their hard labored -- They've got to have an -- and -- that's like I wouldn't want that. You know as my days as sentence or if that would be like the worst that could think of well -- lake -- and some basement playing world that's like the worst part of the game is like -- through -- I like grinding -- leaked -- sort of thing thumbnail so I would feel kind of like bad complaining about like my mind. -- -- Hurting or something like that from playing World of Warcraft all -- it is backbreaking work 300 prisoners. Forced to play the games and twelve hour shift that prison camp. They would -- earn. When is it about 400 thin indeed T 500 in any rubles for that group -- -- Pound predate. And -- and -- of that money. I would almost as an -- Yeah big big former prisoner guard was jailed for three years. In 20044000. Wasn't like a government sponsored thing though this is -- -- -- to stay together a little paragraph you guys have received prison break c'mon I can our lives. Garcia guards have side deals that the prisoners all the time. Unseemly is the way it is that it's on TV Israel. -- -- this at the dirty game also on TV yesterday. I -- a little slit where I called the opera browser. The Oprah browser -- Many of you wrote in and Sweden -- directly to tell me that I was not the only one. Yesterday opera. Put up on their blog. In honor of over his last show. Some of the customer service or feedback letters they have received from people who accidentally. Typed an opera. Instead of Oprah when they sent in the email. One of -- for example as -- opera. My name is blah I'm seventy years old I want to -- the -- and along -- I've been grooming her for thirteen years and it's about forty happy -- I like to be on your show and give me a hair. -- contact me. Like that nobody's done that optionally giving haircuts on TV -- good -- -- Baghdad but in others wanna look at your hairdo that every. -- Others there's someone who is like -- -- -- government official who died and they're asking -- Oprah's help another one was a nine year old asking have to get sent. For a Hannah Montana show to meet turn Billy -- you know random -- trivia. Oprah's name is and replica of her name with both to be -- -- -- was -- built on Herbert. -- and that so so the misspelling -- -- he added Davis Billy goat I'll leave that they'd be getting a vote for a thank you for the fact that are paying. I love that and or Oprah dot community and I saw that or are they are now are but documentary an antivirus or production elements are -- guys tell us nearly you guys have to say to us in our feedback loop. All right the first sub ten calls this and with his thoughts on kids on. And its crew and I'm calling because -- into New York discussion about Mark Zuckerberg wanting. More kids on FaceBook. And yesterday when -- -- -- in my -- that's reader. That story came up right after one -- -- 47%. Of pages on FaceBook contained profanity. So iPhone projects to -- -- kind of funny that they we wanted than the thirteen billion local or Apple but every page the hall. -- But it -- like well. I like that I'll that's -- -- FaceBook it's 47% profanity it is forty -- in the pages pay taxes have profanity on it somewhere. Is like all -- -- I've never seen a patent and all profanity I think a lot of work. If you -- you're saying I feel it's -- challenge you could say the same thing that they're you're thirteen year old is on the Internet. Running candidate 90% of the Internet is profanity or -- -- when I heard the female event like. If I clearly and within two at thirteen year old -- when he -- that nobody's listening to America. Like you go out in public you overhear the conversation that keep the tablet on the tree in early in the mall and if -- -- Now I don't know -- know where you hang out -- one blow me like cattle on public yeah. They'll see the proper way to spell those words that there's things that it you know. He's an encrypted I don't know there's no problems and early evening acronym also helped that John and our friend John. Calls us from Japan again. With his musings about the U -- -- His crews -- and it's time. Because you. The cuts costs of running after -- purchase and then you into a month how about an option that's just open it because. Charges are very efficient so after charging it -- -- wasting energy to the next morning when you actually implant the device which devices list and it's been thinking is that people should not because. And again. -- -- times thirteen million -- calculator. Executives have been due to show us -- you're going to trust and I will continue this thing has established for I'm not stop missing anything but and and guidance sensor unit and the fact that -- Sally how customer -- cuts you like -- -- a -- John John from Japan first vote did. Because there is barely any difference in the cost of the vice after the after the purchase. That's why we had a surge in a penny -- and but really you can't go -- and we do you need to make correction. I think we said that the -- and -- jet service but. As we looked up and I recalled like somewhere in late April Amazon Kindle has access to the overdrive service is well which is the library lending and books. So com. Everyone is everyone is -- -- and -- on the same Butler. The day de X literacy literacy low literacy amen right now we're gonna -- and emails Donald you wanna take the stream only got it. You guys said that -- you were feeling for -- for Sony because of the hacking troubles why don't approve the hacking I don't feel sorry for Sony one bit and neither should you Sony is a very large corporation and they don't care about you. They have demonstrated has repeatedly by taking direct malicious actions against their customers and the public. The rootkit for the losses the removal of features and -- products. All of these have led Sony to where they are now with -- first started taking these actions against a -- -- a stop buying the products. I did not want my money going to sport policy of corporate of corporate thuggery. To this day I still. Will not buy any of their products and will never buy their products for the rest of my life. I used to love Sony products. But after buying a -- in the music business and taking the any customers fans may have since that purchase. I'll never buy a Sony product out there. And you. My finger -- mini -- -- if I could hear the finger wagging us meeting at the victory yet again now and June thank you for your thoughts I'd like to give -- -- later today. But -- we're glad you vented Yahoo! he's in -- that is total -- love hate thing dislike you know he's the love them but -- now. Those that -- ten days in heat that comes from love love unrequited per minute yeah. I. Bracket of this email or -- we ask you guys about Natalie thought about NFC and we have our own reader. Mr. Brian moon he rates in all of us -- To those of us who are blind and FC is an exciting concept. Replacing the debit card swiping and having used those touch screens will be a liberating experience having to relinquish control of -- and -- others and having others take you might just a custodial approached. Just plain sucks and -- C will allow me to gain back my independence really love the ship dates are right and Brian that's. Have only. An excellent take on an -- for disease -- -- stuff. Due owner and today I can count this -- -- pretty -- about it -- there ago. This only comes from -- from Sacramento any site about NFC. He -- -- drop his two cents on the topic one maps leaks -- and -- payments as an option in the hopefully your feature I must admit I'm also a bit skeptical. -- a console by profession -- huge majority of my time traveling when after first developer Smartphones to allow military a mobile boarding pass I was completely thrilled. However after using it for a few months lasted a while busy in the West Coast I finally ended up ditching it the problem is the simple is the -- ease of adoption. And often by myself running -- so airports that didn't have the hardware to read my phone. And this would make me have to go all the way back to the kiosk to print off and -- past and this entirely defeating the purpose of having it to begin with. Since I'd given up -- -- how many times it's in the security line held up due to someone not knowing how to use their phone with scanning hardware but the hardware just feeling in general. These are the two reasons. I am scared about and it's the use yes I understand technology is inherently different will work much better than mobile board -- technology. But that doesn't change the fact that are significant amount of time. People will be confused and slowing down a mostly process most -- that the page break. Opt out. -- it's an all -- -- our area. Slowing down. Doesn't. For -- -- processes that are already pretty fast credit card -- don't take too long after all -- -- -- the adoption rate. Would not be pretty high. -- even make sure that it's worth going through the trouble getting in if the Fed up on your phone and extend the -- that the adoption process is a if you want to make -- -- you have to break -- makes type situation but I really think that before I am going to be sold there needs to be significantly higher number of retailers and opportunities to use it until then. It's gonna remain -- gimmicky alternative to -- -- and already streamlined process. Thanks again for the -- -- -- -- Josh from Dallas Texas actually. Thank you Josh appreciate it. -- these smaller screens like. Have to adapt and might double click the field now unreadable you know we -- definitely. Google. And have them with you scroll dyslexia -- down exact a film needs of the -- -- -- your screen with Paul the date they have my money can I get on things like this like -- Google bots could revolutionize the payment system but you can't figure out a Google docs and register and don't get me started on my Google dot. -- -- -- account address -- is hoping about yet the I have with a similar issue with the -- If the phone base and -- boarding passes where I mean it was that FF -- -- the technology but sometimes broken. And I -- -- to situation where I got there. And waited in line to get to the land where they told me that it was broken and then they could go back to the terminal -- back to the -- -- the supportive had -- printed. I went back but by the time I'd gone through that whole process that window of opportunity we. Already -- -- closed. So they were just like yeah you can't minute flight -- even less than half an hour at the counter. But coming -- account -- the womb with just like Brian. I believe that like Brian like home alone -- style through the airport. The fly under the guy's legs. Things running in an airport -- reference -- don't -- -- awkward yet like every running in the airport home loan was awesome but in lake. Are so light reading an airport now with -- terrified of them went -- to be tackled exactly and that's what kind of excited obviously I do like come and get there but I don't wanna look to -- -- the saw that I would -- that I -- it right and stop bad. -- It's but it was frustrating at its relative prosperity but. I think via email in the big Google wallet. News -- kind of crossing. Cropping -- years -- -- -- Google lately kind of -- a lot of the the issues that. That are actually in the email. But yet lot of good point the -- there. But actually you know if -- -- going to be like erupt at any time for the comes out. That changes things not necessarily replete with I mean that it does that fortunately the two systems -- Co exist colored paper money check. In -- -- -- these evil -- exit -- will be like Wendy you've got a Columbine iPhone and I still think all people this is gonna capital people when they see the new light. C console there next to be eighteen it's so I don't -- as an adult attachment to the actual -- slider -- you heart is scare people. Think there are recently -- people here -- your -- Slowing down the line at the Mercury also -- are -- -- -- you know this is in reply to -- -- angry sprint data we played his voicemail on yesterday. This is Jonas through Sacramento by phones anywhere besides or besides three need to check the serial number often known as -- -- yes and labeled as the DEC number on sprint phones on the box or the back under the battery to see if it's clean to be activated on another account. Here's a free yes and checker it's eight. It's WWW. Check ES and a free. Dot com so you can check to see that still going to someone's account and -- has been cleared he says sorry for your situation like -- be if someone steals my phone. The probable be able to profit from it that they can still use it for delinquent purposes like MetroPCS phone is higher -- about the -- and so finally know because I have had. Eight phones in the last year and honestly I really just want to not want a new phone. -- the show bones joints and he's he's -- -- greater. He's a CDMA -- greater. You know. Dillon itself right -- in them. Alright guys they strain on coming out help and I'll show you guys are listening can check out all the show notes and the links to stories of the -- -- cnet.com. Call us at 80616638. CNET that's -- the last four digits and buzz at cnet.com as we can email us -- send those along because we keep on -- and they for coming out guys and now we'll see. I'll I'll be here to Donald be here tomorrow and so will. Yet it's gonna be like increased style buzz out loud high eighties and is -- -- place all right we'll see guys are right back by seed.
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