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Ep. 1470: Amazon is bringing a quad-core tablet?...We hope.: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1470: Amazon is bringing a quad-core tablet?...We hope.

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Brian Cooley invades the studio! Bing uses your Facebook social graph to help you make better...Decisions. T-Mobile lets you make Wi-Fi calls for free, but that will probably go away if the merger with AT&T happens. Another reason not to like it. Plus, the Power Point versus Keynote debate rages on!

It is Tuesday may seventeenth 2011 my name is Steven -- of I'm Brian Cooley and after prison graph. I'm -- it's all look at the buzz allows cnet's podcast of indeterminate -- it is episode. 1470. And Molly out today -- -- a little the TV of tomorrow panel and meetings in Brazil -- additional guarantee you so we're doing it. -- bill that everyone's make imprisoned white there's a lot of -- guys on the she -- -- there's an amber that market if you've been to prison. Send email to be -- -- at cnet.com tell us what you're stretch was for and what you may well you're there while the whole show until you've got pictures embassy the last -- it was here he's hand crafted a necklace out of tape yeah and algae can appreciate that they'll also Molly's. -- it was whose disappearance that I can use them when I don't know what others makes them and -- -- fast. It was impressive amid some thing -- president I'm not gonna I'm not gonna like -- program that's PC -- Amazing dexterity with this thing prison and it frankly the house opens -- today Stephen B camera and end of the show. You can say hi Steve though right -- we -- -- voice early hopefully more often are let's get the news guys. Following kind of our theme of the everything that's nothing is safe not -- a secret in the world of data and technology. There's a new Android vulnerability that's been recently expose -- expose to show that our users' data users' data. Can be stolen using an Android device on an unsecure Wi-Fi network can potentially expose your calendar contacts and other data to people that are sniffing around so the set up. As -- someone sets up a Wi-Fi network that you jump on -- what happens is when your Android device. -- the server to sync up with your calendar. Contacts and other Google services that it's called -- client login authentication protocol. It's not it's an un encrypted. Insecure connection and an -- dropper can potentially grab it and use it for a fourteen day period. -- get axis of that information as well as manipulated. On your side so that you know they can take advantage not only be -- email idea change email addresses the the thing about authorization token during client login and during that routine -- -- if someone sniffing the Wi-Fi network. Then -- even if it's a secured network. -- -- A network it would -- -- the -- -- saying -- up to your network network for example like let's say we go to an AT&T T. You know you go to Starbucks -- -- -- -- they wanted to get a real -- him let's say a guy. Drawing and a song let's -- I don't -- by now we're gonna AT&T like by. You happen to jump on it and you start using your Android device then you're susceptible to that occasionally have to be the network add me and we think yet -- no that's okay through -- has been another user on the same. Access point but this happens all the time where we are phones automatically look for barrio where it all we know we don't know we don't care we we -- to watch our free Wi-Fi all the time it never works -- -- on the bad news about this is that. It affects Smartphones with Android running 2.3 three or earlier includes accounts for 99 point seven per cent of -- right -- all of -- Allow them a lot of now you -- -- available updated 2.3. Four. On -- and they did say. Even with that there's -- sort of authentication going on with syncing up your Picasso photos that can make you susceptible globally wanted to make you guys aware of it. There's no doubt that Google's probably addressing this as Expedia and 2.3 -- those are not available for all Android phones I wouldn't even know if it's available from my Droid two for example 11 way -- you guys -- protect ourselves is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Her for a lot of people out makes sense don't jump on like a note that you don't trust and -- -- I can't tell you how many times I really want -- -- -- for -- -- it's -- -- -- don't -- Get this guy's network yet he -- in a way that that what it commercialism of recent commercial that some dude sit up and -- what is -- forever for Capital One and guided his is that some hacker -- sitting up and up balcony across the -- from a cafe and some businessman -- -- -- pan over to the the hacker DC's participants need to look good design -- blog -- under what. Yeah it's one of those. -- -- -- -- just be aware that guy's -- that's kind of where military and enterprise -- -- your Smartphone to be fun yeah FaceBook is. Visitors to story. FaceBook is fighting a push here in California to tighten up privacy policies -- really it's what we've been. Hammering for the longest time -- on the show is the nature of opting in and opt out when he set up a new account. That's the thing after -- trouble to begin with you sent a FaceBook account -- -- in primarily. To a whole bunch of information share you don't even know what privacy settings you have control when you first sign in you wanna search and -- LD -- no anyway they're so -- many things on FaceBook and -- opted into a whole bunch of sharing which I get it is the way that FaceBook works. This California law the social networking privacy act would require. That when you first in a Buchanan you've got a great big control panel -- to start with the freaking use the need to go through and say okay I wanna do this this in this share this this of this and not to -- into a bunch of stuff. But you can may -- figure how to opt out of later yes Apple doesn't like it. In the stability being proposed obviously -- but doesn't like -- because -- their hooks to get data and information on -- and all the things that you share and interact with with your friends. They wouldn't have access that information at the same time I wonder how simplified that they're asking for a prompt. When you first -- -- this is for new users via when they create account they're asking for a prompt. -- allow you sent some of your initial privacy settings during that registration process part of -- and after you've become a user yet. FaceBook is so complicated how could you make a simple and long industry. You may login screen really showed all the settings that are in there the relevance for users in early this heavenly settings you'd get a lot of these -- -- -- well I don't -- even set this up that's exactly what happens as of their freedom and if you made a really simple -- screen settings. You would be basically. Cutting off mostly important -- -- would be worth doing so yeah I see why they're upset because this will make them look complicated and risky. One of the other copy caveats there looking to -- -- say the legislation also. Enable parents of a child under eighteen to have social network remove their child's personally identifying information from the site we talked about earlier about. Why it's out of all the kind of walled gardens like FaceBook. Compared to some of these other things is if you -- supervisor -- may outlook isn't. That dangerous I'm not gonna say it's not dangerous. Yeah but that having your FaceBook -- itself doesn't know it's the interactions you have through it. -- the other thing about this is. I didn't know that parents right now couldn't. Requested a site remove their I hadn't thought about it. So I guess that's the right you don't have as a -- to contact FaceBook that's my child. There are minor I want -- to remove their personal information or even clobber their account I guess you don't have that right at this point which is the big surprise to me I didn't know. -- I think it's a lot of things -- FaceBook -- -- cellulose based but has been trying to work work with you know the California lawmakers. They obviously don't wanna. The lot of pass in its current form no because it completely restrict how. How they do business but. At the end of the day it dates did a FaceBook spokesman said that if they decide -- -- out all the stops to kill this bill it's called it's SB 242. The company probably has a good chance of at least watering it down some. They gonna delete a photo of money five find some somewhere in the middle. Rona money under a -- and I don't provided -- -- California legislature now one reason why this may not be good for basement of the fact that you have. Being just recently announced some of their new hooks with FaceBook. To enhance their sold to intense their searched. And a -- being is doing is doing this a similar thing with trusted friends where you do a Bing search. And you type in a topic your friends that have liked it on your social graph when -- no obvious but. They're icons will show that they happen to like this story. Interest and they also doing things where. You have this collective IQ where you can -- can of the entire FaceBook social graph not just your friends that like it one kind of instinct. I think that they're doing with Bing search also to implement -- basement and if you don't know Microsoft. Does have does have part ownership of -- yes -- all with substantial investment in FaceBook yeah and so what they've also done. Is through Bing search engine if you're typing in something like cameras. And they show a variety of cameras that show up and you check to see when you like like one -- have a life connects to -- -- but Seaman yeah boats also -- another thing that they've done is. You can then shoot those. Let's say three cameras that you are thinking about -- The road on a FaceBook and then part of it is having your friends say I'll go with this one go without one as a direct but that she sat on your wall and in your friends chime in center. Saying yeah it's an interesting way to. -- search at the front end and social recommendation of the back instruction for people who otherwise you're into that you end up have a do -- -- Put up in under wall -- Hanley an opinion about this model number this model number this I don't know that the model number I'm thinking of gimme a link would be good it's clunky it's messy. This is an elegant thing technically. But. I don't really want the opinion of most of my. Are you would seem a -- adults don't -- argued a case on the things -- on bill on the my -- -- -- -- that might believe that might actually be distinction of the type of her story because there are people yet that lean on their friend spurred by -- -- -- people Brian -- is a lone -- Well not my FaceBook friends know because I've -- we're I got via FaceBook. Friends is a funny term on FaceBook. It could mean acquaintance that you mean business colleague it can mean someone who isn't met once a communal lot of things. So do I want -- -- does that group have a -- -- hierarchy of people I trust across the band of any search that I do that I care what they like. And that's who scattershot. You mean I -- -- certain ones that another summit and look good taste in movies I'd be interested in their likes about a movie. That's five -- -- live -- that they -- I think it likely that you wanna do it again as I say I -- again I -- exactly what the thing is I don't wanna see everybody's opinion and everything if it's gonna jump up the interface at all or what I was worried about it here is if it changes the search -- -- not seeing that here. -- that the results are affected by the other personal information -- has about me but it's not taking things out because my friends don't like them. That's okay but you -- -- it's gone it's -- their next the next single day they'll start to winnow down your search results based on your social graphs adoption of a given. -- -- -- Definitely I definitely don't want that but I don't mind seen little icon of you know cool down thing and I'll. You wouldn't you wouldn't ignore or use that was there's you -- run the other way this could there's there -- lots and I'm not gonna buy yeah I'm not by Mozilla moving in -- a tape never that's Fisher. But I IDs sees there's definitely people on your social -- that a little more -- there but you even if you saw their face a a actually it -- -- you when you really care about what you don't give -- threw it away not to get just as much as what to do but I mean I really like the social look it's good to see more disintegration resulting. Thanks your you uncheck all those pricey -- it's the right way to go with the matter -- implement. The public -- when your friends. -- -- -- And I -- it could affect everyone likes to do that on that are now also in new bill. -- proposals -- legislation two months ago we had talked about how the US intellectual property enforcement. Represented of its collective group that was created had produced this wish lists and how they like to see you know. Intellectual property and forced some of them covered stream -- -- some of the issues covered -- in radio. In a new. Update -- proposal. To the text of section 978. There are now pushing that. They're trying to upgrade that unauthorized Internet streaming is now. Going to be a -- Not so the idea of illegal peer to peer was already. Already felony correct now they're gonna add streaming to -- so you're not actually giving someone a file obviously you're just doing a performance. Let's -- on as opposed to nuclear fusion like that. Yes and you're streaming some copyrighted work don't have rights to that gets bumped up to a felony I'm not -- it was -- and from Leo -- minor crime if even in codified as a crime before that so this is a significant -- Yeah I think of how many you know I mean this is includes a lot of media. A lot of media that the average person is doing they're working in. And they're not doing it to make money in many cases they're doing it -- to make a production of -- use some commercial music a clip from a moving. You know and media -- of getting stream and then they are now suddenly a felon the medical concern here is. Is -- the streamer. Who gets busted for yes or this or the person who created the product that is than being streamed or is -- well to those could be to technically -- those to be two different people yep com. As of -- has made a video I never intended to be streamed and then you -- and stuck it on YouTube. And I used to -- about that a bunch of it is that there's a traditional to my friends they've -- you know music don't have rights due to be quite honest if I -- to fiber to people that's it but if you go stick it on YouTube. Are you me or both of us now felonious streamer. I would definitely say the person who streams it is at you know -- and I don't know what I don't about the creator now. The distinction is that streaming is a public performance rather than distribution -- and holding a public performance without a license was not only this -- -- public performance to the -- loves it. Up to a felony yen you have to show ten or more public performance and support muses Tenner more people request to comment on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So yeah they say ten -- more public performances by electronic means. In any 180. Day period is one of that one of the conditions for -- to face a fine. The total retail value of those performances. Hops 2500 dollars or the cost of -- -- -- performs is greater than 5000 dollars yeah via. -- -- -- Although the jail in the and the question is on what charges and what craft do we do Lauren and believe it or not and PA loves this. -- polarized -- big surprise there. Yeah eventually were all felons people were all found so distilled into webs and you must -- -- jail -- -- yet opened. On Netflix largest single source of Internet traffic largest single source of Internet traffic period period in North America. Now -- he had -- -- isn't the actual Surrey because it's. -- of its protected but this -- vice -- -- you know did this is during the peak hours of what takes up. Most of the traffic so you see here at least as of march 2000 -- During peak hours streaming -- stream almost half of all Internet -- is 49 point 2% now the video streaming service Netflix though. Accounts for 249 point 7%. A peek down street downstream traffic doesn't and that's an option but to downstream brought traffic up from 21% alas all put -- Netflix above. It so there there there are between 5% he said -- so -- -- percent of the traffic peak march 2011 was Netflix all other streaming services combined. Brought the total to 49%. So Netflix has more streaming traffic than all other streaming combined if I read this article that's yeah that is definitely part -- because the other categories are. VP in gaining. Social network real time communications Skype and stuff -- but. Com so that's amazing that Netflix has half. Of half the active Internet traffic -- It -- Netflix above HTTP web site streaming content BitTorrent which is an 11%. And YouTube at 10% there as a source of downstream traffic during peak times in North America Netflix outranks all web traffic by Apple healthy margins at the -- -- of -- -- its heavy its its heavy data that's the reason. But it's also heavy usage and you guys are all using and that's -- all the label -- and production companies are jumping on board and realizing yeah on this train now yeah it's huge. It's huge. Okay. Get out of that train we're gonna take a break. A moderate shoot them out of -- job from the station ready to go drink. -- university has an amendment will be along to -- Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages welcome back the buzz out loud Brian Cooley. In -- and even beat him. Control the boards how to had a hell -- -- back the stories Amazon the long rumored tablet equitably g.s report and was on his threat mean. A dual core tablet called coyote and a Quad Core tablet code named Hollywood Hollywood due sometime in 2000 and -- -- That's a -- -- has to be based on a tegra two chip which we've seen a number parts come out based on that so that's gonna be given this new ones based on a chip I'd Idaho wasn't limited the Nvidia T thirty. Key account I'll Superman I don't know of god -- man's name of course Quad Core I did because there is of course right 500% I guess about me on my FaceBook friends -- -- that. 500% performance over a dual core tegra 2500%. -- no word on the three big doses. Obviously this is a pretty pretty -- -- Amazon is also. Com or insane something's coming to share yes -- remembered. The key to me watching this is how to be played against Kindle -- -- they make their bets because they've been staunchly. Kindle Kindle Kindle -- all those you know they will never tell us how many they sold in ever happen it's the best selling in all these different categories that they invents. It's like okay I mean I don't invent but it's like you know the best selling product in Amazon. Is history that they said today that they can't be right top selling product to dads as well yeah recently they've sold more Kindle than the copies of windows that's the -- no less so now say they slightly slice it and spin it. But you know the good they're gonna have to eventually unify their approach I can't see them putting equal mass behind their tablets. And Kindle I don't buy it they could. But I don't buy and I think they're making a tablet slider to be on yet the tablet slightly better go -- -- -- All -- don't go away from the to a tablet that is optimize for reading in ways that you know dvd. The incident to the in thing about this is there is no mention of what -- what operating system it'll be running on normally out a detail like that it's pretty easy to get an out but that's a big great thing so that's -- question. Not a trust me guys they will be ready I'll -- -- article so don't worry about that. But also if -- -- -- -- away from. LCDs. There's no real OS on the Kindle that we know it's a proprietary deal Leo rights act -- -- no one's ever hacked or broken into one of those and -- -- and uninteresting OS of that. Wouldn't be -- got to believe Android right what else they do. We've also seen the nearest -- displays the -- -- Microsoft doing to deal with -- -- -- wins seven win eight. Deal who knows I mean we've seen the we've seen -- -- -- displays which are color. CES but they still have yet to taken off and really. -- that full real full range of color. That full daylight read ability I don't know that it's still equals. Gray scale. But mostly it's about web and video -- -- email that kind of stuff but the bigger slice of people's time. And more people's time. Then pure play book reading that's why I think -- gonna go where the where the media's -- from a price. Bridges from a consumer price -- so they're gonna keep the Kindle -- Oh yeah there's a reason to kill yet but I think you're gonna see the lines -- -- cross and they're gonna get more in the tablet business and ago vaguely segue over the gonna transition the reader to a tablet. That's mostly we'll see I could be you could be horribly wrong. Samsung is going to do nothing. They were supposed to launch something a week from today and other going to do -- that's still I thought we'd rather put seven event on May 24 -- new York at the only real right. He added no one knows no one really confirmed what it was or they did leak Irish giveaway those Samsung tablets those ten point one inch -- -- I beautiful. Google I go out and but they've never made a formal announcement on -- yet we don't know if that might have been the skeleton they'll release but. Done they'll be back bays and one will be in touch let's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm going to wash my hair I'm gonna. Everyone everyone actually are believed that it must -- -- that I believe that's all I don't wanna -- I'd say yeah I'll help you now and what does that though -- and wealth of ultimately don't have been really good friends. -- they sampling is not doing anything -- that so we can. Also look at a -- on some of the iPhone rumors we can have I guess you'd say honestly didn't stay in a tiny bit away from because sometimes we get beat down but it is important stuff. Some the latest information in the next -- phone. Is rumored to not have an NFC mobile payment chip -- this is according. More than anything I love this picture of jobs if you're watching our show. That's taking a good -- knows that there he looks he looks to -- -- -- he looks like the Dali Lama -- whose products are look how easy it's it's almost like magic experience saying this effort and work dammit where is that setting I know it's in here they still be before we -- the rehearsal. -- settlements -- about I love that. This this would kill love my plan or one of my predictions that NFC would. The would roll up by the end of this year like would be on I've and not even on iPhone I -- -- it that the you know. Nexus S phones and other phones coming up in the future that I would actually start seen. And FC take hold there are like agent phones in the world that evidence -- right now it's not -- -- -- honestly. Back in order Nokia's and over overseas in Japan and Asia where we -- that we don't get we have it all they all have an antsy right they have the system's built in. Getting as good all the latest news -- and yet we don't even have out of place saw. So -- SC not gonna happen. Right potentially if bird you know according to burns iPhone five not gonna happen is the other remember that it's actually gonna be a more moderate update to a four -- Which kinda makes sense because we haven't seen anything. In the rumor tree that justifies a new generation number I don't think. -- nothing dramatic right. -- it did and there -- didn't know even leaks of them attend everyone pretty much is. I would say has been set on the fact that we won't see a -- chip in the next right next. IPhone that would be a big breakthrough so -- NFC if we ruled those two outs that you basically have her bigger faster better battery life. Or -- it's all just relative stuff we're not seeing any break. Reload and anything to break news going to be the violence assault writes -- look at that June 6. Right that -- processor edge to edge glass and an -- yet veteran blow everything out blotter and a cloud service compliments it. Bright cloud but that's that'll be a developer conference and if we can see a better chip -- 85 in the in the new phone and like you say to a wall to wall glass. Then that's gonna -- -- law. That's the biggest -- go right in but -- casino four -- I'm feeling pretty good about saying that those are not gonna be in here from all the all the -- -- will be key breeding ground and again these are all rumors and speculation totally and so it. IPhone when I don't worry a little bit of -- normal -- announce tomorrow we love being wrong about Apple -- that makes the event that much more interest. Also in other nuggets -- -- If Apple is preparing -- potentially a sprint phone maybe even before near the launch of the rumored iPhone fiber or ask. The reason why this pop that is because everyone when your company like Apple -- are reading into the job postings. And one of the job postings listed a carrier and is near based. In Kansas City, Missouri a less than forty miles -- from Sprint's headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas. So I don't believe -- T and Verizon that anything in Casey now. And color wise and no. I mean it and it works there were a major office Apple would be hiring into it but if there's a data center there I don't think that will be part of this kind of job opening. -- this is about interfacing with the carriers and help them track down customer satisfaction issues with the usage on the network -- and issues reported by the carrier. It dated -- interactions of -- -- carriers it says okay maybe Apple setting up a new Kansas City. Network interface officer just by sheer chance happens to be a spit and a -- from sprint yeah that's it seems weird. After the I've been -- started yesterday later in the day Apple apparently changed. The job description back to its headquarters in Cupertino California -- really like -- like crap people -- -- -- Say hello. Interest thing here down to whether it was a typo or it's a really bad -- and technically the iPhone or that's TDMA based phone on Verizon right now button that technology is -- -- are -- based over based on cell. The main thing about -- -- Jim intrigues me is Apple needs to be on all carriers that's why they're getting -- is a big part -- hammered by Android I mean Apple still the best selling Smartphone. But the best -- best on Smartphones are in these investment -- I'd love this -- the Droid but to think. It's got a little that the -- gasoline it's -- and you said arm but Apple. Is starting to run into a wall on adoption as big as their adoption is you can't beat for carriers and 70000 handsets you're never gonna win that battle. So they are ever gonna become the next Mac with a -- OS products really big. Really glamorous. Arguably the best of the world but limited -- marketshare. Or they're going to go in a new direction with all carriers and the unthinkable. Released that -- -- popular exit because there is no way that it's no there's no. That's happening dot com has built a lot of -- IOS the my Droid. Let's just get an iPhone cooling -- they won't look at that the keyboard. That's what I tried ahead -- for awakened to the silliest look at. The video game is not a phone about iPad that is now on the keyboard I know what it's -- bigger transport and I don't expect -- to be yeah -- for data input. You're gonna you have an eleven has the I use the iPad is loyal to -- I use the iPad so little. It's like between phone and MacBook Air it's like me now you guys gonna -- yourself out of -- -- -- -- area interest in I have to decide deep concerns about the tablet market -- Also buy another cellphone and Smartphone industry news T-Mobile is making Wi-Fi calls for free. This is also may be another reason to be worried about the AT&T merger so what they've done is with you let Maine. Enabled phones. And you may phones it's technology which allows you to switch over if you have a -- capable phone you can seamlessly switch back and forth between like mobile phones and -- local wireless Wi-Fi network. But what's cool about this is T-Mobile has some Android phones so if you didn't fix. -- actually in -- -- on to any possible Wi-Fi hotspots and 99% -- when I'm present percent of you were beginning your data stolen from story number one today. This is correct this is greatest -- the -- -- to relevant technologies circle. On the optimistic side and also enable us to drill holes in areas without a carrier signal I realized that the Wi-Fi and -- you know this is likens it like a Skype -- this is through directly. Do they -- -- of them to -- global. So what we did and if there's a link in the show notes for any B they're curious and on this kind of are tracked down I pulled up a list of UN may. Equipped T-Mobile phones and I think you guys can take a look at as a reference just in case you need to have a blackberries are on there you have Nokia's. What happens and it. Isn't that blackberries but she got to flip phones dumb phones the stupid phone camera phone with the topsy or anything else a species can no matter what appeals are still mean colluded be it a shadow 2009 or so says that's great you're welcome -- a list I'm just so I don't I'm delighted that we regularly -- little holes there that -- -- to -- That's how commitment both and have you have it. -- the most Smartphones don't seem to so let me get this right notices any hot spot -- the T-Mobile -- -- -- as long as you find Wi-Fi this this is really helps people in rural areas will help business users that are. Go a lot of places and don't have necessarily -- you can use -- -- -- it. To calling you care senators Kindle knots late and if T-Mobile saying it is -- -- upright public -- private labeled as not so I don't get is constantly third. Then those cells in your house if you've got bad coverage like AT&T here and he's -- will give give you wanted to complain loud enough but it does basically switches you to Wi-Fi when you get home. And now you're cellphones -- over your Wi-Fi network in this photo -- it's the same idea of using public Wi-Fi bottom intrigued by here is that. They're moving -- -- of using mid. It's not good for business socket for business and in that respect but at the same time it's if T-Mobile still exists and like -- units in the this is kind of a move or your still acting like an independent -- -- this is a compelling reason right to go someone to go to T. Exactly there's still acting like big AT&T deal isn't even the -- -- read the headlines you know or their -- You gotta wonder if -- inside there's a and a cup all of T-Mobile people there fighting -- merger and saying keep going keep going hopefully it won't happen because they're acting that way. This is the thing about T-Mobile we've always said they were one of the more innovative companies they brought on phones that -- been brought on by the larger acres the public plans. That are more that are more consumer friendly and then they do something like this -- of the stuff that you're going to lose. When you get AT&T merger going down yeah you gotta sell did not that's why this merger is bad. Right here you're you're not gonna I. I would highly doubt. I'm not a Communist -- -- -- not eBay. I'm not but or help you at first services that offers during the service and yes it is you may not see them as often that's -- -- -- about also yes he -- rocks in the chat room once -- let -- -- That the myTouch four G. Also has you know me as well. But no legitimate phone okay okay -- don't from the year 2009 and beyond athletes and made you know a phone for the future iPhone rate during Obama's presidency. That's always refreshing. Lovely. -- right else gonna follow up we've been on the PS -- network the PlayStation or outage. Sony announced their details of how they're going to can of their customer appreciation program. For sticking with this these are the final details what they're going to do is the package that allows registered users of the PlayStation -- and curiosity. Gonna get some freebies -- -- -- like we're sorry yeah we still love you so if your PPS three owner you have the option of pick from. Two -- -- five games detonation in -- awesome game LittleBigPlanet. Awesome game super stardust HD in wipeout HD you have the ability to download them once the PlayStation store is restored. For PSP owners you also have a pick of two -- -- four games as well. There are going to Dan for a limited time. Over weekend make a selection of rental movie titles available for free on Sony. While there are one weekend any particular weekend or any weakening of the genome goes to add those -- those titles dates they have not announced when the weakened will be available Heath. Yeah -- back to what crap movies those -- Why it's there it's the latter man and created -- -- Spider-Man yeah beyond that lives are like before fast and furious Tokyo drift and read that right. -- I don't even talk. Smack -- just like when I Altman everything -- -- -- second Hulu is that it featuring -- Molly you know. Yeah you're you're a little on this one Tokyo drift and now is amazing and I got to five minutes of -- It was great because they don't -- the girl that's apparently enough or a car there's a lot American Muslim. And not forget however that -- -- -- -- also a third idea is pretty of PlayStation plus can please and -- with the good stuff in this free offer the but the war movies. History you have a father of three okay we can agree on that -- -- I -- -- these guys in the chat room and listen to podcasts of -- and breaker and I'd like it is -- -- your worst. Sony picture right channel yeah you think will be available yes for the PS and our excel you have a couple days that. Email us and tells them what movies you think you'll see on that -- on Sony's. On a -- yet it I'd love to see that's -- from my but the motion pictures all the stuff from Sony Pictures entertainment we got straight to look at the air ants. -- sell off for movies just to go through a few more bullet points and before we get -- this existing PlayStation plus subscribers will get an additional sixty days people that Arnold that serves all get thirty days for free. Existing music and limited premium trials -- -- they're just not only making it complicated again. Apple is okay okay so I like audible Leo what would Apple do if they had the same problem they would say iTunes is free in every way for everything and now they -- Are -- day per week they wanted they would not make it like this Apple a couple of they had an issue at this and chose to address this -- -- make it simple and clear on what they say here -- a hundred dollars credit on iTunes store dot. Okay maybe fifty dollars and it was okay but they wouldn't do this nonsense you can choose for games on the PSP -- either ends up a console you can get thirty days of crap movies and you can get this and you get that at an additional thirty days plus I've lost for existing members -- musical reformist or basic service with premium basic members existing want the. Like you also -- -- like an insurance policy -- coolest thing in this -- also lives in an -- not an opt in but you get access to this com. I identity fraud protection service for a year that -- that -- -- that it -- you. Music -- they should do that they have to do that but -- and that's the planet wanna get away from its fastest possible as long as you -- that benefit you keep reminding folks you don't want -- cool if you are a -- not a good let's let's try to think outside the box and then puts you in the -- in the -- -- a sixteen year -- 23 year old a thirty year -- -- -- freely -- -- great free stuff -- -- I'd -- even better if it was free -- -- was simple everyone -- that an Apple would -- simple -- Apple would never do something when it's not always simple every company -- -- isn't that Apple. Yeah but I'm not a fan -- but -- is that Apple they're brilliant at making things simple and clear and that's what Sony is so bad at doing. -- for things like sonic stage came from an eight track codec Kenya and all that crap they do they say -- take the Internet and put another layer on top of it. -- mix it with your MP -- transcoding to. -- on the list Beverly Hills -- I. And it says he's coming coming guys you know there's a lot of hatred here. OKI guys are gonna go let's take out some Berkeley -- Amazon's ad supported Kindle. About -- going against what might seem against prevailing logic that the ad supported at some people -- -- sport I like I love the idea of it. It does need to be a little cheaper it's down a 114. For an ad supported Kindle but it's one of their top sellers got to go to carry -- website needs to go to free 9999. Will. They're just built of their -- -- on the market as they should and I'd -- there's no way that -- reader shouldn't be free within. A year old yet we hear -- But to be free with the at least link to Amazon prime yelling at them exactly you say the ads are only on service screens -- constantly on the when you load up and and on the store on a legal avenues such sounds pretty non intrusive to make. -- a good deal -- -- there's a Samsung has finally upgrading of its Android phones after a pretty darn long time they're going to -- got three gingerbread. Rolling it out for customers in the UK. In the next week or two by the end of this month. And then moving across to US users after that it'll be -- most of the galaxy S phones available. The two -- upgraded gingerbread as well as on the seven inch Galaxy Tab we don't know about I assume that. I gingerbread comes on all the larger galaxy tablet and of the box right. None of those guys are shipping with productive. Yelled holding -- larger Galaxy Tab is the one that it's they announce it or they gave out a Google -- yet that was -- larger Brenda Martin likes the project. Also HP decided to pick USB three point oh over Intel's -- for desktops they considered using the venerable interconnect which is a partnership between Intel. An Apple to treat that new Ohio but -- They have announced they're sticking with three point oh because of wider support -- the child is compatible is getting that connectivity on hard drives third party products. Yeah -- -- what they say here their dues a policy in charge of ribbon blows some aspect you worldwide marketing manager for desktop some suited HP said. Look on the PC side everybody seems to be content with the expansion of USB three point -- wanting to go into more fancy solutions not convinced yet. Do agree with that yet. -- -- -- Is a great technology but it's had a weird little thing was supposed to be optical and a hundred -- it's earned run off to get -- they stepped that down the copper still super -- that way they could. Work it -- with power as well -- -- the display port I think it also works on mini display port but I think all the variables and there. -- the future copper now to differ reports neither of our -- ones and HP likes to use -- and mini display is not an Apple thing. This it's just messy and USB three is a really fast technology when -- wanted when -- gets it you have to educate consumers about a new term. They know USB is they have no idea what vulnerable to. One of the big challenges -- also is that for them for -- to talk. Between devices they both have to be equipped with -- neo and that's the -- I get that port on multiple devices although it's in Italy Israelis in a lot of wonderful I believe that cable. Does the cable actually has intelligent -- -- and does some kind of coding. To shoot out to shoot out to like each in my gas I am a little unclear on that so I don't know that there aren't cables the -- Connected thunderbolt to USB three of some of wanted to make one button and ultimate that would cost. But it's an interesting it's a smart cable technology which I didn't know -- reading up on today I was surprised by -- but yet USB three is a lot of headroom on. TV provide bigger TVs than ever which is interesting and we're also buying no TVs as is the two big trends in television writer. But you're other person is not gonna buy TV going forward to your TVs an iPad a laptop and netbook it's that thing you watch television on which is different than a television. Or you're buying a bigger television -- ever because they're getting cheaper LBC. I'm -- -- lets you be you're not gonna buy a unit -- be happy to you can put down a mattress -- -- on the I'm gonna wanna swim on that thing you want a full size bedside television. So he enters more than those who the -- -- of people who -- -- TV fifty inch and larger is now up to 22 point 7% by -- percentage in history. Sold one fit. The only other time where fifty insular -- to -- the one that sales mark. While more than 20% of the year ago yeah and it dipped down an 1819%. Snouts up to a very strong 22 point 7%. The biggest blow though are the forty to 49 it obviously at the forty -- forty six's. They live in -- and those a year of those -- sweet spot. It -- in the fifty larger is is guess having the a resurgence is did you think it's more because also -- it's just chief Jason v.s are cheaper way to people money to -- acreage for their money that's I think the main thing driving -- More than anything else and video look at her rights right. They just make them better and cheaper -- They in the other -- -- the -- -- there. The -- fifty at a bigger house -- they are American way we're gonna take -- society -- guys. The stimulants like about this and -- Brian there's -- law should area to get up at -- -- up to. Hamilton and our blogs -- an email about these robots called lingo droids and what they -- robots that can communicate spoken word to each other. Which is very interesting to that like a speaker and microphone on them and really what they do is they. They try to find where they are like -- they find where they are like like here I am sitting at the stats like Marco Polo yet. But think they come up with -- and I have to come up like a word for like so one of almost say oh I'm here -- -- And that he'll communicate to another robot they -- -- was -- -- that robot associates that place with that word that the robot has created reasoning. And then they're able to communicate. Different areas like -- let's go over to jar -- something -- -- they'll go over to another area and then they're learning how to like map areas in and find their way around. So subtle language in looks like they almost established areas by donating one guy treaty in a name for it is -- -- -- -- -- -- the robot goes over to choose new then one of the robot -- announces I'm a -- out. About one that was still entries -- then moves over to John John needs are like mapping out this whole area. An entirely new language. And -- you don't understand. They invented it this is -- presented -- -- accident -- humanity is really bad. That's the key you can never let them get a language over use then your screwed this is the lesson of history people. You can't allow this we have to keep them from talking their own language. Take out the batteries dial it down is not right to settle down -- itself and an unfamiliar area it'll make up a word to describe it. This is what the explorers did they made a name for the new world and look -- -- Concord stuff and they will conquer us. I don't care after only five pounds and run on little yellow wheels they will grow they will grow because they'll build new of them it'll it'll make names for the parts that they need. To make bigger ones of them that -- searching words like must kill humans got an -- understand. And -- think that that region or area of their map until they just license and who else. Not long now folks -- along now enjoy it while it lasts -- all right well you know we're gonna go a little happier happier -- may depend on you -- Happy ending -- We heard of amazing baby names like Apple does -- and cultural and the lead singer of local -- -- there -- -- doesn't Apple know what -- -- of Apple but they decided to name their son Apple. Or some -- -- but now -- in the one ups that. A baby has been named after Facebook's. Like parents leave your name the kids parents -- -- inverted color apply their new -- -- newborn daughter like. -- Facebook's like button this is according to under Israeli news outlet. Was the best part is they I believe that they. I don't -- their English speakers they just highlight the word like the sounding like the sound of the word like. It was not publicity gimmick so it's basically by accident that they ended up naming their son like because they don't know the -- is an English word for this FaceBook phenomenon. Is that they're looking for unique name for their baby girl and they like the sound of the word like the name was not intended to be a gimmick or an ad for FaceBook according to the peace -- -- -- -- this is what happens when your parents names are -- York and Marty while they don't have -- -- -- next Star Wars -- And a guy is subdued and Egypt had a child named FaceBook I -- that I remember that really. -- -- -- -- FaceBook you know Larry amenities like an arranged marriage -- Internet couple he had a son right yes. FaceBook and like this could be cool. It's gotta happen this could be horrible horrible for that little box but it's really cool down. It's a little -- you know that a new a new life in this world. I like. Like the like. What you say I like like it when youth when you lie you know you tell if -- like like you hate him an adjustment -- -- today but -- public. And I just don't edit what you like like like how -- don't know like what I like. You know -- a lot. What do you mean like you like like a lot of -- -- -- and I believe me -- -- I love likely -- works. Like this is gonna be a dozen witnesses and who's on first and move gets that last while. Our guys another hit us Jabber lets you -- you guys have seen her feedback -- Comic design and I love lamp. Or C -- you know we're not gonna I love -- -- -- Are probably -- -- in one of our callers and listeners calls in the same need to -- artists to step up and take some action against the hard -- double lay. But screw this and learning New York calling I was just thinking artists aren't getting any money from the RIA. -- of Lime Wire but perhaps the artists should -- -- What could number they could do for ought to know maybe five trillion dollars but -- make sense I think someone -- that was the number that musicals where they can't. Yes that's and reference -- -- double A -- Lime Wire for Sony five trillion won't be getting settled for 105 million. And then pocketing all the money for the disease and death including artists lessons lawyers in America because -- that is that -- left. Right -- the emails we asked for you guys to you know. It was to be back to what you like keynote -- PowerPoint so our friend via cold deals. Says hey let's do its results back on -- that them. But our record -- -- admire mr. Columbia because it. The -- -- the same thing I didn't realize and it does it. -- rent or really its kinda like maybe your kid like everybody's friend is -- Columbia. That the you know what I mean a piece of if I know it got Google live audiences -- your friend you're in trouble. -- -- this is at voters and edit -- what -- -- -- -- Chris. Publicly Atlantic -- little secret about the exact same thing when I read its. I thought this data management -- -- looked deep flight one. Chris you you pulled hard on earth are beautiful yea he -- power radio lets drill we're gonna get this is great US wrestlers on -- if we prefer toppling over keynote sort of just typing my reasons here. I put together a slide show. And made it into movies so -- -- was the YouTube link we're gonna play it for you guys. And these are the compelling reasons yeah you're -- of the version you can see now. He's showing off some. A game breaking out there -- and -- in some tax he's got -- Ghastly eighties rock planets Currie aka Chris nice transition there was a water dissolve Chris under the cellular zoom in his opinion text reveal beat Brian Taylor wants and that's what through next slide -- -- coming up. -- -- -- I hate guys sweet man while you know what that's that's a nice transition but the -- I and I feel like -- this is not an. We love you Chris but we are not a compelling reason to tell -- that PowerPoint has been linking -- mental the Molly's Kindle designated when he minutes was better looking -- -- one this is a bunch of -- fonts and text effects. Dude Chris does make Leahy and one of his -- he does show us that you can edit pictures. Within PowerPoint -- that it but. You guys some great video embedded editing now realize that delight case yeah delighted by a PowerPoint point I mean the -- PowerPoint keynote it's simple children use keynote adults used power while. Knows what they know all -- pull -- No just -- You don't bring your you don't bring me and I -- basically you're hungry and not tell the truth may put that he's so what is -- you want from me I use keynote and I consider myself a grown man that's -- average -- and iPad do. I did not touch limited angers -- opera it's curious I use both I'm sorry I know them about -- no comparison PowerPoint the power tool and keynote is it -- has Apple says for the rest of -- Sorry -- right crystal white jackets when I do for a living half my working hours and hours of this calendar PowerPoint rockaholic. PowerPoint is look -- colorful -- the power thing and I'll tell you it's still a nasty ugly interface status and tricky and keynote it's so much more intuitive absolutely but I just which -- a lot more tools for doing a lot of -- stuff that I know only 2% of users care about though and on the -- -- -- A game now I know I know it's you know it can only get you for your honor when in Canadian Arctic PowerPoint you are downloading -- -- -- 11111. PowerPoint -- -- -- -- -- against the video editing included. Chris we're not gonna rip on you know we love you tell -- -- actress -- bring your agency and Yasir Arafat's of the right aren't going to -- Alright also a Terry along writes in I firmly believe -- keynote is much better than PowerPoint because a keynote as much easy -- -- PowerPoint troop. Team -- keynote has all the same abilities as PowerPoint. And -- -- sort of some model C keynote has better and more visuals in these these are easily controlled managed. For example building -- basic types and it does have the tasty Apple look what it. It yeah -- DT -- is much cheaper than our way up that's true. Now if that's all you know. PowerPoint integrates better with the office suite via thus none of which -- site you're on at most you probably say office suite are probably a little more power to exploit some to surprise them to surprise and let -- -- -- -- crowd is that in a PowerPoint or keen to. All they're -- internationally Canada we kind of got them into it by default by doing the keynote presentation -- Where they're not -- either they're not geeky -- nerdy there's a difference and this is one of the arguments that shows just in those two terms. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jeremy good points we appreciate the emails this one comes from Trevor from Australia -- all. Brian for someone who hosts -- show all about Apple you seem to be confused about the feature set of mobile me. Find my device. Only works on iPhone iPod Touch and iPad not Mac. How old. Are your diet and -- -- I got a little carried away -- you don't understand how -- -- a live show folks though little little errors may also don't realize like doing a show like this every day there's reason -- frankly doesn't do the show every day until I really don't away your brain -- to -- -- stuff going yeah and. Al it's -- -- this show is corrosive to the hosts conferences today and you wonder why you gotta like you know pain meeting coming here it's like an -- lose brain cells doing -- -- -- just -- -- -- -- -- -- it was this article index RI. Finally we have the right in from doctor -- doctor Paul longtime listener regularly -- -- doctor Carl Cohn DOS. Attack. It doesn't -- Dot com writes in a given the options what -- -- -- this is about music streaming services 36 dollars a year for pandora. Ten dollars a month for slacker and 99 cents per song on iTunes or Amazon. Ten dollars per good old hard copy CD new 120 dollars a year for satellite radio free -- the settlement. Or 8000 dollars -- proximate. -- -- move to the UK to use modify. And as there are still rhapsody Zune. Praying for the cloud service to get more sophisticated quickly because that's the big missing link. But -- -- an Amazon back Steve. Amazon and iTunes last that ultimately sorry -- CBS that left it but that's certainly don't -- I'm -- a huge Amazon junkie I have only via iTunes if there's some exclusive track from my -- artist. Which is -- -- -- -- the on the album that I have to -- but. On Amazon's MP3 format works on every device possible -- no copy protection also a great interface. Ease of -- and it dumps right -- iTunes like why not write it says it's not just goes into manipulating use it with any application. What I do find interest that you always. I'm rediscovering my CD's the more -- read Steve Goldberg's blog post the audio -- -- on CNET it's like. He's re awaiting a lot of folks the fact that even high bit rate MP threes don't sound great. In -- they sound really good but they don't. There's a social -- an audio file but I just know that CDs sound really nice and kind of bringing them back I might be plug in my CD player and home again good outside just installed one. In my office at home it's like I'm back to some CDs yeah and the vinyl never goes away -- -- -- player still. You come -- repeater will pop you pop out the sixty shared goes to -- low. Let go hello hello look -- -- hysterical but Ariel you know twelve inch vinyl was hot until May be five years ago delegates and nine -- piece technology at Palo. -- Use wood -- speakers -- dios. Hey you I'm right you said you did the same thing don't you -- and I didn't say it. -- code studios are friends of clinical of the that's great we need to get -- there are guys that they strain on the show today Saturday -- They got the show notes and everything we -- idea below that cnet.com. It also calls at 80616068. We actually I think lately really getting good -- voicemails. I appreciate that thirty point five seconds -- -- -- the guys in evils directly its buzz at cnet.com. We'll be here tomorrow Molly back Brian -- hear them out. Tokyo drift Tokyo and I don't have uploaded and watched in Tokyo drift all the way through -- -- -- -- miss them we do on your Sony. Motion picture of movies that will be available -- -- Little thank you overload overload it. But than that we'll see guys and I have a great day -- bonuses. --
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