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The 404: Ep. 1459: Where it was all so simple then

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The 404: Ep. 1459: Where it was all so simple then

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We usually stay clear of celebrity gossip, but hearing about James Franco getting caught inviting a 17-year-old to his hotel room on Instagram is too oily to ignore. We'll also tell you about the genius marketing strategy of Wu-Tang's next album and why it's well worth $5 million; the reason you should steer clear of Harvard's library; and what it looks like to physically enter someone else's social media feed.

It's Thursday, April 3rd, 2014. I'm Ariel Nunez and from our CBS studios in New York City, welcome to The 404. [MUSIC] What's up, guys? Welcome to the program, I'm Jeff Bakalar. And I'm Justin Yu. Thanks for tuning in to The 404 Show. That's what it is. Not to be confused with any other 404 show you might have heard of. Thanks for, for being here with us today. We've got some stories, that we need to talk about. Some, some tales of deceit. Some dos and don'ts of how to work the internet. Some, some up's and down's. What have you. All of that stuff. There is some good gossip on today's show, so if you're into, just Straight up talking ****. You're going to enjoy this episode. We do one TMZ themed episode a month. Yeah. And that's the one we're going [INAUDIBLE] todays one. So it's going to be that. That's why I'm sicked. It's really juicy. So what else is there besides. The gossip story. We're going to talk about a gossip story first. And then after that we're gonna talk about a new Wu-tang album coming out. It's funny cuz using that album word singularly is really appropriate for the story. Well, that's one [INAUDIBLE]. Cuz literally there's one album coming in. And then we're gonna talk about library and why you should have walked into one. And then, the last story on the list of stories today and, is about, installation it's this really cool art installation. They're basically brings you into your social media feed, physically. Cool. Yeah. Cool. But the first story. [LAUGH] Is what we Yeah, buddy. It's so gossipy. You wanna introduce it? Nope. Okay. Cuz, I am not appropriate, I am not the appropriate candidate to introduce the story Okay, alright. Content of which this one has. So, our dude James Franco. Who's a friend of the show. He's a friend, he's been on the show so many times, not on camera, but just as a guest, yeah. He was caught creeping. Y'all. Mm-hm. Do you ever wonder what celebrities do with their fame and how they, you know, sort of use that to take advantage of people and just have fun. And we found out today, that James Franco's messing around with underaged kids. How underaged? Barely underaged. Just barely. Or not at all. 17 year old. Yeah, which [CROSSTALK] today. Not at all. We'll talk about that. [CROSSTALK] Is happening in New York? This is happening in New York. So, today we found out that James Franco, on Tuesday of this week, met a girl named Lucy, a girl from Scotland, a 17 year old girl. Mm-hm James Franco met this girl Lucy Clothe at an autograph signing for his play in New York, Of Mice and Men. Oh! The performance is happening right now but the opening night was on Tuesday. He's in it? He's in it. Who's he playing? I don't know. That's a good question. You've never seen Of Mice and Men? I have, but I'm not sure which character he's playing. Probably not Lenny. Presumably [CROSSTALK] Lenny's the slow one. Yeah, Lenny's like the, yeah. Yeah, James Franco Shady. well, he's also like, he's like Thoda, Thodor. Wow, you're so literary. What's the guy? What's the I don't remember. I'm not [CROSSTALK] No, Hodor, from Game of Thrones. Oh, what? He's kind of like that guy. Yeah, yeah. Kind of like the doofus. Yeah, [INAUDIBLE]. Kind of just like, oh, ate to many marbles when he was in kindergarten. Yeah. That kind of guy. His real life persona also the same. He's made some big mistakes in his life. I think this one, I don't think it's gonna end his career, but it's not good for it. So, anyway, the story is that this 17 year old girl met him at the opening on Tuesday. And, she took a video of him, as well as a couple photos, and in the video that we'll post on our blog, he actually says tag me in your instagram, and so she did. In the video. In the video. That's cool. So she posts this photo up on Instagram. So wait, hold on. So far harmless. Totally harmless. So far so good. So she tags him. And he must have seen it because, he sort of following her on Instagram yesterday. Okay, we're, we're still good. Why a 30 something year old guy, She's 35, Has to be following a 17 year old, kinda weird, 35 is not that old, But, its in Instagram, that's why you could follow whoever you want. So Totally cool, keep going. The weird part, and this is where it starts, is because he began to send her direct messages on Instagram. Alright He sent the first one. we've now entered a little bit of questionable behavior. [LAUGH] Yeah. Still, no laws have been broken, we're still doing okay, Mr. Franco. Yeah, shot fired. No lawyers are involved just yet? Not just yet. But then he proceeds to ask her a bunch of questions about things like what she's doing in New York. She's celebrating her 18th birthday with her mom. Oh, 18. That's the number you wanna hear. Right. How long she'll be here, and yes, that is the most important question of all. He actually asks her, Are you 18 years old? But, come to find out, I learned this morning that question's irrelevant because apparantly the age of consent in New York is 17. Tis! How did you know that. Guess what, Mr. Franco, you've done your homework. Yeah. If this is A-Okay. That's crazy. It's still not, That's crazy, it's legally okay. It's legally okay, ethically is another story. I had no idea because you know, in California the age of consent is definitely 18, I though that was a was a national law. It's not. No. Nope. It is regional. There's like, I bet there's a bunch in the middle, you know the fly over states. Yeah, not even in the teens. That's probably, I, man, I wonder what they [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] That's disgusting What do you think the lowest is and what state do you think it is. Oh man. Let me go with Arkansas and let's say sixteen. I think that's a fair thing. No Way. I'm pretty sure. 16 in Arkansas. I'm pretty sure there's a state where it's, it's under. What, are you looking up the youngest age of consent in the nation? No. Age of consent in Arkansas is 16. Yes! Yes. Okay, but so, I mean look there's some states. It's weird though, and I don't want to get this into creepy territory. Too late. [LAUGH] And too long of a Some, some states are like 16, some have interesting rules where it's like It's like [CROSSTALK] Uhh. Under 15 if both parties are within two years of each other. Oh, okay, yeah. There's a lot of technicalities. Right. But no, even the states you would think it would be way younger, it's, it's 16. 16 seems to be the. 16 seems to be the most common age of consent in the country. Which is pretty young. Yeah. Wow. And our age of consent is 21 here on the 404 Show. Yeah. We just need to throw that out there. To protect our ****. You can't ever be too old for that. Yea, in New Jersey it's 16 as well. Oh yeah? Let it ride then. Let it ride. California You know, they hate sex, so it's 18. Yeah. But in, in the, in the state in which this situation is occurring, it is New York state, the age of consent is 17. Yeah. So, say what you will about the, you know, unethical sort of vibe you'd get from this situation. Yeah. No laws were potentially being broken. You dog. Just saying. James Franko, what a freak. [LAUGH] He's not a freak. Total freaknic. You know, anyway. Anyway so the best part is he asked her if she's 18 and then of course you got to ask that follow up question which is do you have a bf. And he actually wrote that into a DM. He, he did. 35 year old James Franco wrote to Lucy, do you have a bf to which Lucy responded. Well, I'm nearly 18 I'm with my mom, and not if you're around, I don't have a boyfriend. Whoohoo, smiley face, smiley face, smiley face. Yes, so, oh, it's getting now. Then he decides that he's gonna take action on this and asked her where she's staying in New York because of course, he's here as well. And she says, I'm at the Hilton in Times Square with my mom. And of course, the best question to follow up with after that is How old's your mom? [LAUGH] Yeah The best question, I think you could possibly. Send pics of mom. [LAUGH] Like, come on. Yeah I mean, you know. 17 year old daughter, the mom can't be that Yeah Well, anyway [CROSSTALK] No, he asks her The mom's definitely closer in age to James Franco than she is. Probably, probably. Sure. He asks her what room she's staying in at the hotel she's in with her mom. Ooh And at this point he goes, well, maybe I should rent a room, at the hotel. He's like, maybe I should buy the hotel? [LAUGH] Yeah. He's not doing that well. Yeah, I think he is, man. He's doing alright. He's a pretty major celebrity. Yeah. He's like, meet me at the Halel guys, downstairs in 15 minutes. So, she ends up turning him down. Nice. Which is awesome to hear about a 17 year old chick, in Scotland [CROSSTALK] Stay str, Stay strong Scotland. Well done Lucy. So she turns him down, she's like you probably shouldn't so this after all I am underage. And She, she wrote that? She, she wrote I'll follow up with you when I'm 18 years old, so probably in a few days. And the thing, the thing that's really funny to me, and what we're looking at right now is she, the whole time, is really questioning whether or not she's actually to James Franco. Mm. Right? Yeah, his account is verified or whatever on Instagram, but, to prove that it's him, Lucy asks for proper evidence, by what she's, she wants is a picture of him holding up a piece of paper. With her name on it, and hand written. And does James Franco deliver? Well yes James Franco delivers. Classy as hell. Here it is he writes down Lucy on a piece of paper holds it up and then says bye, because she turned him down. And then later on if you go to his Instagram profile right now. His bio got changed in the last day and it now says please don't message me if you're under 18. My dude. Well that's just the disclaimer he should have had all along. Yeah I can't believe that celebrities actually use Instagram to hook up with random people. I always figured that was like an in person, you've gotta sign a contract, like NDA agreement before you do anything. But apparently this is just like what they do. They're just like us, they use Instagram to hook up too. I do not do that. But. Were you single, you deal in that. Well I'm just trying to think back when I used to Like go out with bands and stuff. Yeah. And tour and like, they didn't have a hard time doing that. No. But it would've just been so much easier. Like it was on Myspace back then. Right. And you needed to find, because your phone didn't access Myspace. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So you needed to find. A spot where you could get on a computer. Yeah. And be like bring this to the show. Yeah. It wasn't a two way communication like it is now. I had a bunch of friends in bands as well, and when they went out on tour they would always pick the girls in the audience that they wanted to quote, bring backstage. But what they would do is send a friend or a guy working the merch table. Yeah, I told you this story. No, no, no to like give out. This is my story. No, to give out bandanas. You're telling me my story. Give out bandanas. Yes. To the audience members. Right, and they called them something. And what did they call them [CROSSTALK] And they called them. I can, we can't say that word on the air. Yeah, we can't say that, that's nasty. That's my story that you're telling right back to me. But that's crazy though, I figured like, it would be like a little bit classier than that. I was thinking this was a Julianna Theory story. Did we both do the same one? No. Or did you just straight up tell me this? I did tell you this. Well, it's a true story. I don't, I, you know, I, I don't know, like, what, man. He, he seems like, in all these, like, he's, he's put together well. Like he seems to have a decent head on his shoulders. Yeah, he acts a little kooky every now and then. You know, he gives this, like, I'm so high, I can't sort of think. But, he's admitted he's never done any real drugs before. Mm-hm. I'm kind of I dunno, are we upset with him? No, I mean, he's legally allowed to do whatever he wants. He's a human being, a responsible guy. Yeah. And, look at her instagram profile. You can't really blame her. Wow. yeah, oh God, what's crazy is that she posts, obviously, photos of a lot of her friends. And a lot of her friends have braces. [LAUGH] Yeah, that's upsetting. That's really upsetting. [LAUGH] Like. [LAUGH] Hilarious. He's not a dummy, he's, Stupid. He knows that, the internet is like, forever. Its public, yeah. You know like, he didn't think this was gonna come back and bite him in the ****? He does tell her in the DM's not to say anything. He's like, don't, by the way, by the way, by the way, don't tell anyone about this. Oh my. Alright, that the TMZ section of our show. In May we'll have another TMZ in full force. It's old enough for me man. Okay, now we, now we're going to talk about Ru-tang Clan. This Ru-tang Clan story is so awesome. I'm really pshyched about this. Because we have been waiting so long for a new Ru-tang Clan album, and I'm glad to announce that Ru-tang is coming out with a new one. It's called Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Ariel I'm sure you've heard about this. Yeah I have. You are a big Wu-Tang fan. Hell yeah. Sure. So a lot of things about this album release really make it unique. The first thing is that they're not relying on major labor recording or distribution rights. Right, so they're not going through any major label at all. Nor are they relying on an indie label. Which is weird, but they don't need distribution at all because they're not distributing this album. Kinda strange. So this is sort of the gimmick they're taking. Instead of doing that, they're going to make and sell a single copy of the album. I'm not sure what format that's going to be on, do you know, Ariel? No, I don't. Yeah it may not be vinyl, cause, if you look at, scroll through the photos you have on the website right here. The album itself looks pretty small. I don't think it's gonna be vinyl. But a lot like how painters just, you know, make one canvas. Or you know, sculptors make a single piece. That's sort of the idea that Wu-Tang is bringing to this record, is that they're only gonna make one. And it's like encased in this medieval silver box. Yeah. Yeah. It's going to be, it's in this nickel silver box designed by a British Moroccan artist which is where it will stay until it's sold to one person. Literally it's going to be an auction where one huge Wu-Tang fan is going to be able to hold the single copy of the follow up album. So is, is like the gimmick like I think this is really smart. Yeah, I think it's awesome Cuz this is what you have to do in the age of where music is basically free. Right, right. And creativity isn't valued anymore Absolutely, and it's just really, really smart. And I just have an insane amount of respect for these guys. So what's crazy to me though, is like so, okay, but I wanna know like the, the practicality of the whole thing, like the logistics. Yeah. So if one guy buys this record If one guy's gonna buy it, someone's already offered $5 million for it, the record's not even out yet. That's, great. If someone's already offered 5 million, the way that you'll be able to listen to is it is, Once this guy just puts it on The Pirate Bay. He could do that, that's [CROSSTALK] the crazy part. He could do whatever he wants. Yeah, he could do whatever he wants. If he wants to keep it for himself You can make bootleg and then sell that to people. RIght. [INAUDIBLE] But the deal is after it's sold, the group is gonna take the vinyl or whatever media format it's in on tour. And so they're gonna bring it to random cities throughout the country like museums, galleries. Festivals, exhibits, things like that. Really high brow stuff, so straight up museums, like you can see this coming to maybe like, the Museum of Modern Art. Wow. And he's gonna charge fans to attend, I'm sorry, they're gonna charge fans to attend and listen To this double disk album. It's 128 minutes. Wow. And what you're going to do, is like you have to pay to get in of course. That money will go straight to the artist. Artists. And you're gonna get a pair of headphones to listen to it. But aparently [UNKNOWN] came out and already said there's going to be really heavy security at the door for these Listening parties, yeah. So no one can like record stuff. So no one can sneak in. Exactly. And, and you'll probably have to check in your phone in. Okay, so, so the person who buys this. Um-hm. It's DRM free, right? Yeah. They're gonna do whatever you want with that. I think so. There's [CROSSTALK] no digital format available. So, it's amazing, like you'll we'll always know where it originated from. Yeah, yeah. And is the, the buyer going to be publicized? Like will we know who buys it? I think so, yeah. The crazy part about this story is that they are not just opening up to private investors. It, it could be public. You know, remember how Jay Z sold the first million copies of his records to Samsung? Yeah. It could be like that too, if a company wants to put their bid in, and they offer the most, it could go to Apple, and then they could just put it on iTunes. So it's totally up in the air right now. The bottom line is that Wu Tang is gonna get all of the proceeds from however much it gets sold for. 31 new songs, that's unbelievable. So cool. Huh. Very And they're going to drop another album right after that. Yeah Really? They have another album dropping right after that. Yeah. For their 20th anniversary, they're coming out with an album called The Better Tomorrow. All new stuff. What the hell. So, that will be the public [INAUDIBLE] That's what they've been doing for 10 years, I guess. Yeah When was the last Boo Thang record? I guess 10 years. It's been awhile. Yeah, it's been awhile. In the' 90's, I think. Wow some more. Crazy. That's so awesome. Yeah, super rare stuff. I can't wait to see, who buys this thing. I wonder who like, put this all together, if they were like, if this is you know, something that Like a PR company. Yeah, like I wonder, you know, I'm not taking anything away, I definitely think they're, it, you know, it was, you know what, I'm gonna, I think it was them. Yeah. I think they're, they're the kinda group that would do something like that. Well, I read an article on it and From what I understand, it's, that's all done by one producer, and it was that producer's idea- Huh. Yeah. To do it. And it, and it was a producer that Rizzo really liked because he was able to take the old school Wu-Tang sound, and really like- Sounds like the 90s. Exactly, like, he was able to Says to do that, so yeah. That's also a crazy story too. So that producer's named Cybill Rings. Oh is it? I forget his name. And, he met Wu-Tang in I guess in 98? No, 97, when he was 18 years old. And he climbed up on stage during a Wu-Tang show and that's how he met Rza for the first time. Years later, he tried to get in touch with those guys in New York, and Rza's mom ended up meeting this guy, Cybill Rings in the lobby of their building. And it was Rza's mom who was like this kid, really has something. Mm-hm. And brought him to Rizza and they had a meeting and that was where the idea kind of hatched. Yes. Yep. So awesome! It's just like a grass roots thing. Yeah. Awesome man. That's cool. I love that story. So, that's gonna happen. You can download A Better Tomorrow in July. That's the public album. The commercial one. And then who knows when the rest of this stuff is gonna come out. It's interesting. I wish more band would do creative stuff. It'll all come out. It will all come out. Yeah, we'll all hear it. And it's on bit torn already. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, the third story is gross. When was the last time you're in the library? I try not to go into them, ever since I [INAUDIBLE]. Probably the early nineties. Yeah. You know, and that's including year I was in high school where there was a library in my high school. Yeah. I'm counting that. I, I would always go to the public library, to like the central library in my city. What would you do there? I would just hang out in the cafeteria. [LAUGH] You know, like, I wouldn't even go and like read books. Read magazines [INAUDIBLE]. You, you, you led a pretty sad existence when you were younger. That was a, there's nothing, there's not a lot to do when you're a kid growing up in the suburbs. Okay. But, this story is kinda nasty. It's about Harvard University. Speaking of crazy rare media pieces. A story just broke out of Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass, about three separate books that were discovered, in the bowls of the library. Mm. This was just recently. And all three of the books. Sort of look strange. Look different from others heritage books. And they're all bear these really strange leather covers, but the, the level of smoothness in that leather was more supple than anything I've ever seen before, alright? And after more careful study, came to find out. That the books are actually made from human flesh. Okay. The binding itself is actually made from human flesh. No tech angle here. Yummy. This is like the necronomicron. Yeah. Exactly. Is that a real book. No. It's from the evil dead. You've seen the evil dead. Yes of course. Here's the book. This is what it looks like. [SOUND] Nothing [INAUDIBLE] get out of here. Just like, hey Ken. It's got like a face on it. Yeah. Like hey Ken. I've got a horror story for you. So gross. Yeah, here it is. The Necronomicon. So that's the Necronomicon. It turns out. Books that were bound with human flesh were really popular in the 17th century. It was very chic. Yeah. It was all the thing, and it was like really popular, and it was called anthropodermic bibliopegy. And it was really popular for people that were publishing anatomical text. Here's my, I own one as well, this is, Look this my Necronomiconicon, Yeah. Necronomicon is the way you pronounce it. THere's no pages in there, it opens up to a bunch of drugs and stuff Well no the pages are are, are death. As well it's just [CROSSTALK] Yeah. So creepy. After death. Anyway, so the bottom line is anyone can go to Harvard right now. If you're in the east coast around Massachusetts, you can probably go And take the book out? Take the book out, you can touch it, it's in their rare book room. Which is why, you know, the base of this story is that, the librarians are gonna get annoyed that people are coming in to check out the flesh book. The flesh book. [LAUGH] They don't even say it like the title. Yeah. [LAUGH] They're just like, where's the flesh book? Let me get that flesh book. You do have to wear gloves like in this picture so you know, if you go, make sure your rubber gloves. I like flesh books. Speaking of rubber gloves, cause you know how much we love tangents on this show. You ever notice walking around New York City, there will just be a single rubber glove? Yeah, that's not, that's not surprising. I've noticed like a pattern of that. Not surprising. That wasn't one of the first thing I noticed, while walking around the city of New York. Not even two just a single latex glove in the street. What do you think that comes from? Sign painters or like, construction guys? Yeah, I think it comes from like any, any number of construction people. It could be from, I don't know, someone like being helped. An EMT guy on the street, helping out someone who's, Oh, true, true. Cuz there's like finahh [LAUGH] They're just like snap, and they just, they just toss it, ya know? It hits a stop sign and falls on the street. Yeah. Have you seen that? Have you guys seen this? Of course, I mean, you see everything in there. Man I've seen everything What have you not seen, out of the question. Yeah, that's true. I have never seen a single rubber glove in New York underground before I came to New York. So weird. You're, you're, you're West Coast child, couldn't handle it? Yeah, what is a crazy thing you see on the floor in New York? I don't even know. Like, you know, a, a full suit. What? Shut up. Yeah. You didn't see that. You know, like a full suit and tie. [LAUGH] Like, someone just combusted. Yeah. And left behind Then a rat crawled out of the collar and you screamed. [LAUGH] I know, and then the whole suit sort of like walked away, Yeah. [LAUGH] Crawled away. That's That's what I thought. I'm trying to think. No, I, it's so funny you brought that up, about like weird New York things, and I saw something else today. I had to get blood taken today. Yeah. Like, I was at NYU Hospital on 1st Avenue and I was, like, I just noticed, like, there are so many people wearing OR scrubs. Like this so A round percent? Just everywhere, do you see these people, they're all you know, people you know what that is, the whole one color sort of outfit. And I've noticed that man, there sure are a lot of nurses that smoke cigarettes. Is that weird? Yeah. Yeah that is weird. That is weird to you? I think that's really common. Doctors too. Is it as weird to you as it is to me? Mm. It, it's weird but it makes sense because they're in a really stressful environment. Especially ER doctors. But you get the irony there, right? Oh, totally! Okay. I wanted to make sure it wasn't going over your head. That's really **** up. The whole, the whole tinfoil in the microwave went over your head. I wanted to make sure. [CROSSTALK] No. The we're, we're. This is like the. Kettle. It's not lost on you. Pot calling the kettle black. Yeah, it's not lost on you no. Isn't that truly bizarre. It's disturbing, yeah. Yeah, I don't get that. Why should we take advice from these people. [LAUGH] I just like, your like yeah, I'm here to like you know, provide health care, hold on I have to go smoke a cigarette. I'll be right back, I need to smoke this. At leas wash your hands first before coming back in. And then they come back and they smell like cigarettes. Yeah. [SOUND] Raspberry noise. I've seen a lot of syringes on the ground. No you haven't. [CROSSTALK] In New York. Yeah. Hell yeah. Definitely. [CROSSTALK] Where? Just? I saw those in San Francisco, too. That's be really common. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] Definitely more in San Francisco. Yeah, Yeah. Right? There's a lot of methadone. I saw it a lot in San Francisco. Yeah, see, see, I can't recall the last syringe I've seen in the street. Really? Yeah. Oh, man. Yoi've seen a lot? I've seen a decent amount. I, I've seen a lot of like, like, little shoes, and I would just Yeah. Imagine that's just like. Of course. You know, the kid kicking the, the thing out of the stroller. [LAUGH] Something like that. What about you Ariel, anything sat in your mind, anything crazy? I've seen used condoms on the street. How do you know they're used? [LAUGH] That's a good point. I didn't look hard enough. [LAUGH] But, they were out of the packet. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] What the hell is going in? I think of anything else, but that, that's the one thing that sticks like, out to me. Yeah. And a lot of dog crap. Yes. All over New York. This conversation is why you don't wear sandals in New York City. Well, I think that's why you don't go anywhere barefoot. Yeah. Yeah. Sandals. Yeah. It's gonna be tough to tell people not to wear sandals once once July rolls around. Yeah. I don't do that. Neither do I. Okay, I can't do that. Sandals. Who, who are you people wearing sandals to work. Yeah. Makes no sense. Who are you people? I don't wear sandals cause I'm always worried that there's going to be an emergency where I have to run. And then I'm going to be cursing myself for putting sandals on that morning. You know what I mean. You know what I mean? Like what if... I don't know. I'm like always dressed for the worst case scenario, but- That's very responsible of you. Yeah, if you have to run, have you ever tried to run with flip flops on? You, you, you, it's impossible. It's terrible. It's simply impossible. alright, so last story of the day. This is really cool. Bring up this video while we're talking about it, because you really have to watch this in order to grasp The the scope of it. So if you've ever, ever wondered what it's sorta like to walk into your own social media profile, well there's now an opportunity for you to do that. At this years TED conference in Vancouver, there's this marketing agency called MKG. And they're doing exactly that. They're giving people the opportunity to experience this physical version of their social media Twitter stream. So when you walk into this room, it's this giant installation. And the first thing you see a huge panel. Basically a wall of 360 degree monitors. They're on the ceiling they're on mirrors, reflecting those TV screens that project that image onto the wall and on the ground. So, they were basically watching it here, on the screen. And at the same time all the things that you do on your social media profile, including retweeting, all the functions and commands, Woah Those are all of those are spoken back at you because there are speakers built in to the back of the room. So it's sorta reading your life back to you. In the 360 degree perspective. So, I don't think, I mean. So, okay, why, why are we, why do this? Just for art, man. Right. That, that's okay. I thought it was, Cuz, as long as it's not trying to like make a State mad about how much information we. Well I'm sure that's definitely apart of it, there's probably a tiny plackard that explains exactly that. And I guess there's somethign to be said for that, but I just think it looks really cool. Yeah. It really is amazing how much we digest everyday. Yeah, definitely. And, and I'm kind of starting to think that. Because we're digesting so much stuff. Mm-hm. I'm remembering less and less. Yeah, that's true. I agree. My short term memory [CROSSTALK] It's shot. Is not as good as it was before. Right. Well, we also deal with a lot more stuff than the average internet user too cuz they were constant in looking up stories and things. If, if I asked you to name me as many stories as you could that we've talked about just from this week, from the past Three days. I probably could get half of them. Could you get half of them? I get half of them. What about last week? Now, you, that drops down to about 15%. Yeah. Yeah, same here. I don't even know if I'll even do that well. You mean, 3 weeks ago? Yeah, I have no idea. What's the videos that you watched, the most popular. What do you think dude? What do you think happen after how many times we've been like, we talked about this before, weird things. Yeah. [LAUGH] It's a good one. Every, every week we have is a dream of a podcast we used to host. Right. That is And that's all it is. terrifying It is. It's systematic too. That's, that's, I'm a wordsmith sometimes. [LAUGH] Is what I am. So, that's cool. So, if you're up in, what is this? Vancouver Yeah, Vancouver. Go and check that out. A lovely city. Flash [INAUDIBLE] Speaking of wordsmiths. We have a collection of emails from our fine listeners who've been participating in the show. They're the good ones, unlike you guys who don't email us., Michael writes in, hey, guess what, there is a, quote unquote, a home safe app. But there's not something called exactly home safe. Mm-hm. So the show still owns that copyright. there's, is a an app called life 360, Michael writes in and says I subscribe to that app for my family. It doesn't have to stop there, you can have a circle for your immediate family, one for your friends, etc. You set up places, and set up parameters for the places and then you alerts, to when and where you wanna know about it so you can basically. Basically set up a GPS alert. Right. Is, is what I'm taking away from this. The app is very robust in the area, you were thanking him for the quote unquote Homesafe App. Yeah. Just thought I'd let you know, no, millions of dollars for you. [LAUGH] I like the idea of it, using your GPS to let someone else know you made it home safe. Yeah. As opposed to sending SMS messages you have to respond to. Right. That's, too much work. I mean, if I could just get something that just says, Jeff made it home tonight. Yeah. That's all I need. Yeah. Colin from Weehawken, my Jersey neighbor to the north, Oh, yeah. Writes in and says he wants to talk about the whole sort of generational divide that we've been dealing with over the last couple of weeks. Is our generation In better shape technologically. Savviness speaking then the people coming up right now. Colin writes and says, the email you received on episode 1455. Talking about how we chose to be tech savvy. No I would. I appreciate the point but I mainly disagree with it. Because of one factor that we can all acknowledge. And this is, he makes a good point here. The things today that we're talking about are made with microchips, with silicon chips. Mm-hm. Kay? Our generation Y, the late 20s, the late 30s, we grew up with cassette tapes and vinyl. But in our adolescence, we moved to digital. So before that change, if a device had a problem We can literally see it. Right. On a tape, or scratch on vinyl, or something broken, or unplugged, or the phone line is, down, or a car problem. Whatever the analogue device, odds are it can be fixed. Right. Because it was analogue, and there was just moving parts. Now, everything is digital, it's a silicone device, there's a, if there's a, it's embedded in code, or in a chip somewhere, and that's something that we simply can't fix with our bare hands, the way we can analogues. Stuff. Yeah, he makes a good point, I think it's a lot of what we're dealing with now with the iTunes feed. There's really no physical thing to take apart. Right. There's just streams. It's just broken. I feel like we're dealing with something like that now. Someone calling him or herself the safe drawer. Says, there is a way to look up typefaces using an image. Mm-hm. Go to And this is a image lookup. Uh-huh. And you see right here. This is what it looks like. You upload an image of text and it will do its best to find the font. Oh, that's cool. And of course, when I say font I mean typeface. Even they got it wrong. Bill from Oregon writes in. Talking about microwave fun. I just listened to your discussion about microwaving metal, aluminum foil and chip bags and it reminded me of the microwaving experiments I did when I was in college. My two favorites were microwaving ivory soap and grapes. The grapes take some careful setup to get the desired effect. I know, I think I know what he's talking about. What happens [CROSSTALK]. I think with the grapes, like the skin burns in a weird way. What? Yeah. Like the skins burn, burns off, then you only You've just got these like, fruit balls. Like wet, yeah, ooh. I don't know. Microwaving grapes. What a weirdo. Oh no, it's the plasma thing. Yeah, so it's the plasma thing. I'll try and bring this up real quick for people who are watching the program. Huh There's something strange that happens. With microwave, I think with the skin. I think it's a skin where the grape I think it's like poke a certain hole in it. Okay Yeah What's the end result? Oh it goes up in flames. Yeah [CROSSTALK] Yeah So you have to prepare the grape appropriately, and we're watching a half-assed video here. But watch what happen once it's in, the actual microwave. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, it turns into, like, a weird sort of. [CROSSTALK] Fireball Fireworks display.It's Aurora Borealis. In your microwave. Mm-hm. Kick **** cool. Crazy. That's just good, clean fun right there. Good housekeeping. Is what that is. Oh man. Yep. And that's it dude. Oh, okay. We should get a microwave on the stage here. And just start - Just start experimenting, yeah. Will it microwave? Someone also wrote in and said microwaves wont explode. Explode with metal in them. Yeah, they just start sparking. Yeah. They just, they just have a really high probability of fire. If you put 'em on for 20 minutes, I'm sure it would probably explode. You know what you should try putting in a microwave? What? Hair spray. [LAUGH] Yeah, that's a good idea. Any kind of aerosol. Well that's how Cat Woman blows up that sports store. Right, and she looks fine. And she was, well yeah. She was also supernatural. Right. Yeah. Let's not forget that. Okay. That's it for our show today. Send us an email You can get in touch with the show through Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and everything awesome like that. We're back here tomorrow finishing up. This fantastic week of shows so until then I'm Jeff Bagular I'm Justin Yue I'm Ariel Nunez Thanks for tuning into the 404 high tech low brow we'll see you tomorrow on Friday bye, bye

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