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Ep. 1454: The show where you're not invited: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 1454: The show where you're not invited

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Oh you thought weddings were expensive? You probably didn't hire a "social media concierge" for $3000. Yes, it's a thing. That story plus the world's first cybernetics-assisted Olympic games called the Cybathlon, an app that sends someone to the post office for you, and checking in with the Million Dollar Homepage 9 years after the fact.

[MUSIC] Hey, what's up everybody? It is Thursday, March 27th, 2014. Checking out the 404 show on CNet. Thanks for listening, or watching. I'm Justin Yu. I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Ariel Nunez. Alright. Good job, Justin. Alright, alright, alright. That doesn't happen very often. But it's going to more often cuz that just felt right. What? what? I like that. Who said that you could introduce the show every morning? Me. I can say the date. It's a very easy thing to do. Can I just get a word in here edgewise? > I"m just gonna go ahead and take command of this whole show. Think you did a great job. thanks. But, you'll never do that. No, I'm gonna do it again. Alright. There was, I think there was a show with Steve Guttenberg when he referred to me as your Andy Rictor and that really upset me so after that I decided that I'm gonna. Start doing that. No, this is your show so let's [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] I'm numb just not have fun. Sure, aware I'm just living in it. [LAUGH] Yeah, I like that, just kind of showing it a little bit. Yeah man. These guys, these guys. Justin Yu show. Yeah, I like it. You should introduce this show a couple of times too. Oh yeah, wear many hats on this show. All kidding aside. Why the hell not. I'm not kidding about you not doing it again, but kidding aside, like, I always thought, Ariel, should just introduce the whole show. You can do it. Come down. Come down. [INAUDIBLE] You can do it. Like and Ed McMann, sort of, like, come on down. Oh, [CROSSTALK] Right. That'd be cool. From our [CROSSTALK] studios in New York. Studio in New York, yeah. That'd be cool. Yeah, that's a good idea. Can we, maybe we'll do that tomorrow. Okay, let's try it. I'm glad we're doing all these experimentation when no one's getting the show. That's why. Cuz if it doesn't work, we'll just turn the lights back on and it'll be no difference. I don't even have like a, a, like an explanation, No we can explain it. I don't, I'm saying like, I don't even know. What we can say to people that the site is just broken. The site is in flux right now. There were unforeseen. Don't sugar coat it, man. There were unforeseen circumstances that the engineers sort of overlooked, and I think in a lot of ways we overlooked them too, cuz we weren't aware that it was gonna be affected. [INAUDIBLE] Sorta happened without warning. We're talking about the RSS feed Feeds that we publish every day to iTunes so that your subscription gets updated. And that's kind of a pretty convoluted process. Isn't it, don't you think? It's kinda clumsy and we also weren't the ones to figure it out. I'm pretty sure that one was Wilson or Randall. I don't know, man, I'm not. Not to absolve [SOUND] ourselves even, even less blame. Yeah, I'm not, yeah. But. I'm sorry. I, I'll give my apologies. It just gives me like, heartburn talking about it so I want to. You can do it manually though. Yeah. I mean remember, there was a time when you had to everything manually? That's gonna have to come back for a little bit. I guess so. Just go to Twitter. Even if you don't have a Twitter, you can still see our page. Absolutely. Twitter.com/The404. You can get direct links for the downloads on both audio and video, right? Who was the guy [CROSSTALK] that did that for us? There was one guy that kinda started off the whole process on twitter, and I wanted to [CROSSTALK] Oh, someone had He hosted it himself. Someone, he didn't host the shows. No he just put up the download links. Yeah. Yeah. Some, someone's taking care of that. I don't know, either way just head on over to our twitter page. Mm-hm. Twiter.com/the404 and you can you know, check out the feed. And we have, like Justin said, we have direct links to just what the hell's going on here. Yeah. It's not fun and I'm trying. And everyone who's writing in. Oh, David. I'm sending back as well. I'm sending the links back as well. Yeah yeah yeah. We just have like a link stack to send out. It is. l I don't know. [SOUND] I'm, am I pissed? Yeah, I'm freaking pissed. I'm pissed. I'm pissed this all happened and we weren't able to like warn people. At least we could have warned everyone. And without notice isn't cool at all. Do you know what is kind of nice about this thing, that's like the one silver lining, is that we're starting to hear from listeners that I thought stopped listening to the show. [LAUGH] Right. But now that the feeds are broken. Yeah. We are hearing back from people like Corey for example [CROSSTALK], who have been here with us from the beginning. Five year listeners. Yeah. And now she is like. What happened to my [UNKNOWN]? And it's like wow, good to know that you are still interested [LAUGH]. Well, that's the, and that's my whole frustration with this entire issue. Is that, how many thousands of people ew, don't ever do that [SOUND]? How many thousands of people. Just get the show every day like clockwork through their Itunes. Mm-hm. There's a lot of passive listeners. Yeah. And that's fine. A lot of people, like a lot of people don't want to interact, they don't want to do anything. They just want to get their show and, and survive the work week. Yeah. And that's the service we provide. And to just have that pulled out from under them. Mm-hm. It effing sucks. Well it's not a water faucet you know, like these things sometimes need a little bit of maintenance so Don't wear a utility man. Hopefully at the end, by the end of this week will have it figured out. No guarantee on that. Wishful F'in thinking that is. In the meantime we still have a great episode for you today, we're gonna talk about A million dollar home page, this is actually an update on a story that came out prior to us broadcasting, so that's kind of interesting. And then, we're going to talk about the first Cybathalon, take your guesses on what that means. Okay. Next [LAUGH], we'll talk about a new app that you can download to your phone. That will hopefully enable you to never step foot into another post office again. Oh that would be great. And that would be something we've all been waiting for for a really long time. Wow. Okay. Sign me up for that. Yup. Definitely. And then, this last story is not something that you two, Ariel and Jeff, are going to have to worry about, but for anybody's who single right now and is planning on getting married. Well now you can hire a social media concierge. In addition to all the other services you have to hire to organize your wedding. Okay. And there's that. Riveting. Yeah. [LAUGH] Alright, what's this million dollar homepage thing? I can like, I can sense that sarcasm in your voice. Well, I think I was laying it on pretty thick [LAUGH] you know, so yeah. But you. You love weddings right? No, they are terrible but I like money and million dollar homepage Yeah. Has peaked my interest. Yeah, so this is kind of crazy I mean, I wanted to look for a story that's sort of the opposite of all the Kickstarter articles we been talking about. Sure. With Oculus Rift extra. And sort of makes you wonder how the people raise money organically prior to kickstarter coming out on the Internet right? Right. Well you had to be really creative, and the story is about a guy who back in 2005, which isn't a long time, in our timeline, but in technology it's decades, right? It's light years. And, back in 2005, he came up with a concept to make money because he needed to basically fund his college education. Gotcha. So, this is what Alex Two did. He came up with an idea that he called the million dollar home page, and it's what we're looking at on the screen right now. So, if you go to milliondollarhomepage.com, this is what you'll see. It's basically a site that Alex set up where he decided to sell every pixel on the page. To anyone who is willing to plunk down $100 for a ten pixel by ten pixel block. So for anyone who is sort of unfamiliar with how webpages work, images are set up as pixels and so you can break it down, ten pixels is approximately, I don't know how much say that is? In terms of measurement? In terms of actual measurement. I mean it varies on your resolution right, so. Less than an inch though. It's very small, ten by ten. Little square is very small. Right. So he was selling each ten pixel by ten pixel cube for a 100$ and the idea was that once purchasers bought the block to put images in them, URLs whatever they want. You know, the goal was to sell all the pixels on the screen, which is a 1000 pixel by 1000 pixel grid. This is really cool. Thereby if he was, you know, if he was successful in his goal, he would net a million dollars. Net or he would gross a million dollars? Gross a million dollars. Right. I mean not including the, the overhead costs [CROSSTALK] Right. Of getting the paint and whatnot. So, it was crazy right? You would think that, you know, back in 2005, it would be kind of difficult for you to sell a page to a random company. But, it only took four months. He finished selling the last thousand pixels, which he actually sold on Ebay, and it brought in his total gross income to one million dollars and, actually a little bit over a million. It was 1,037,100 dollars that he made total. Wow, you know what's crazy is like, so, even of the, of the li, the tiniest square you can get is a hundred bucks. Right. So, what I'm curious about is like what about the dudes who, like there's one, you know I'm circling one right here Yeah yeah That's giant. Right. That's like, Thousands of dollars. Right, yeah yeah yeah and so that one's for what a casino? that you just highlighted? Redpixelads.com Oh okay, yeah. So the, the company's sort of range and I guess that's how they can afford to get it out. A lot of them are sort of get rich quick scheme or things like that. Or like spam. Software, yeah. And so, remember that documentary Walmart the high cost of low price? Yeah, the filmmakers rented space for this. Yeah, they did. I mean from an advertiser's point of view there's no way that this busines model would work now. No. Because there's no visibility. You just want to be part of the gimmick. Right. You just want to be part of that. Yeah, it's like that Spotify story we talked about the other day. Mm-hm. Where they just put out an album of silence. There's no way that idea could ever be produced again. Right, right. It is totally gimmicky. It's so weird. Some of these are just like, a pot leaf. Yeah. Some of them are just like, a skull. Yeah, if you hover over them long enough, the URL will come up, which will then allow you to click on it to see if the home page is still in existence. And that's sort of the bigger story here, is that eight years later we're sort of coming back and looking at it to see which ones have survived. The test of time and it turns out- Are you sure we didn't cover this before? No, I mean 2005. Right. We weren't around for that. Right but- That was 4 years before the show even started. I understand dude but its 2014 and we're talking about it. I'm saying there, there, I have a feeling we've done this. What do you mean? I'm serious I feel live we've talked about this page before. It's entirely possible I can't even remember what we talked about yesterday. If that's true, I'm going to cry tonight. [LAUGH] We've done that a lot before. Where we've had like glitches in the matrix of the show. Like, where we'll think of a show title. And like, we'll consider it so clever. And then we'll google it. I'm going to bet a hundred dollars we did this already. I mean, we could. I'm not going to take you up on that bet. Because we can look it up. Right. Right now. Without having that information, I'm going to bet you that we've done this story before. Okay. And you're going to take that bet? Cause I can search. You wanna take that bet? Take it now. [COUGH]. Take it now or it's gone. No, I'm not gonna take that bet. We talked about it in March 2014. No. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Come on. You did. No. And not to take away from this story, because it is a cool story and I like it. Yeah. No, we haven't talked about it. No we haven't. I just looked it up. We haven't talked about it. Google's broken [SOUND]. OK, So the story is that only 22% of the million dollar homepage's pixels actually fail to load. So if you factor that into the cost, the million dollars that's roughly about $221,000 worth of real estate that are now flushed down the toilet. Sure But that's fine because a lot of the reasons why the links are dead is because they were originally pointing to places like cheapflights.com or Rhapsody for example who I don't even know if is a company anymore. Yeah, I don't, I think they are. Yeah, I think they are. [UNKNOWN] is very crazy. It's like, it's almost like art. Yeah. In a weird way. It's like digital graffiti. Yeah. And I kind of dig it. It's kind of cool. So, do you remember when we had Jason Scott on the show from Internet Archive? Of course, of course. This is right up his alley. Yeah, because he set up a page of gif. The under construction gif. Right. I forget what the URL was, but if was basically just a whole page full of those guys like tinkering on signs and things like that. Sure. I guess it was really cool. I'm into it, but yeah, things like that I really like seeing. It could never happen again. Nope. Once that ideas done you're burnt. Yeah. That's it. All right. Well, moving along. What do you thing that cybathlon thing I was teasing in the beginning of the show is? Oh, cybathlon, is that how you pronounce it? Cybathlon, it's spelled C-Y-B-A-T-H-L-O-N. The first thing that comes to mind is just something, you know, like a disabled person, I don't know why. Right. I don't know why I think of like. Why, why do you say that? I think of like a cyborg, someone has like a fake limb. Yeah, so cyborg is like, you know part man, part machine. [CROSSTALK] is a definition. Yeah, am I right? And then athlon is a sporting event. Sure. Self-explanatory. That means sporting event, so the first cybathalon is basically the Olympics for bionic athletes. Whoa. Yeah. Really crazy! I mean this sounds like something from the movies. So are they all gonna do way better than humans? Because - Yeah! They are? Yes. So, this idea sort of came about - Not that they're not human. [LAUGH] That sounded super insensitive. They're not robots. They're not, [LAUGH], they're not cyborgs. No. So, the idea was sort of spurred by Oscar Pistorius. You remember him not just from the controversy but because he was the blade runner. So wait, that dude was allowed to participate in the regular Olympics? He was allowed to participate in the regular Olympics. How is that fair? Well the rules are kinda hazy on it because it's obviously just happening recently, but they say that you can only use technology that helps you. Achieves skills as good, but not better than a non disabled athlete. When you don't have real feet, you don't get real injuries. Yeah. So to me you are at an advantage. Right. And that dude was moving. He's super fast. He's super fast, because he doesn't have real feet. Yeah, that's the controversy. I, I mean. The fact that you could adjust the tension on the feet that he was using the blades to make you accelerate Disqualified Faster per stride, that... I'm not trying to take anything. I, I wouldn't necessarily call it cheating. But it is not human. But. They're not human feet. Right, I agree with you. You do, right? And the fact that we have sporting events that are segmented for things like uhyou know disabled. Right like Paralympics Paralympics, or we even break it down by gender like male and female sporting events. He should do it by that philosophy. He will be if he wasn't in jail. [LAUGH] Poor guy's going to jail. He will watch it, most certainly. He will have to force him at that rate. Yeah. Man Coming from the chow room I am assuming. So but that's so crazy, so Yeah I, I really don't think he ever should've been allowed to be in the Olympics. Well the, I don't know if they realized how crazy those those blades were until he got up on there. Right And tink tinked his way through the did you [LAUGH], did you know that Kevin Hart who did the bit about Oscar Pistorius. And it called it tink, tink for the sound you made. Not funny. Not funny but Kevin [INAUDIBLE] is a funny guy. Yeah. So the story here is that next Fall [SOUND], in October 2016, the National Center of Confident and Research Robotic, they're gonna host Cybernatic Assisted Olympic and that's where the word [INAUDIBLE] came from. Terrible name for it though. Yeah, doesn't roll of the tongue. No [SOUND], and it's gonna happen in Switzerland. They're gonna host the first one next Fall. It's really cool, it's gonna, they're gonna invite companies from all over the world. So, that's how they're gonna break down the teams. It's not gonna be regional, like we do in the regular Olympics. It's going to be by companies. So, you'll have like, you know, 3M or whatever, like GE for example. They could enter this. And, they're going to be invited to participate in six events modeled after the Olympics. The bike race, the leg race, wheelchair race, exoskeleton race, which I think sounds insane. Arm prosthetics race, and then the brain computer interface race, that's for competitors with full paralysis. Wow. And so those will be folks that are completely assisted by computers to move their bodies. It's, man it's kind of like one of those sci-fi movies. Yeah totally. [CROSSTALK] What was that boxing, movie that Hugh Jackman was in? [CROSSTALK] Yeah, Real Steel. Yeah. Why do I know that? [LAUGH] Yeah. No, but this is really kinda cool. Although. It's kinda like this weird Pacific Rim thing, too. No, totally. And, and the trailer that we're watching right now totally makes it seem like that, too. There's animated characters and they show sort of previews of the technology and things like that. Does this make people in these situations feel bad? No. Or do you think they embrace this? I think they totally embrace it. Yeah. And just because now it's not, like you said, it's not regionalized by your country. Right. It's sort of just, like, you know, these futuristic, like, companies like Zyborg-Tech. Right. And, like, who will win that? I don't know. It's cool. I think it's really cool because it adds a whole other technological element to the sporting events. You know, like, normally You're relying on decades of training or you know, things like that to help you. Sure. And it's all an athletic prowess. Sure. But now, it's going to be, who can create. It's going to be a whole team. Alright, like the, the robotics team that are inventing the technology to keep this person active. It's, it's kinda cool. It's really cool. [CROSSTALK] It's sort of like. Like battle bots but with humans. Yeah, yeah exactly. That's screwed up, no one's gonna die. I never thought we would see the world exoskeleton seriously. And mean it in, in relationship to a human being skeleton. Yeah. It's cool man. So they're gonna award prizes, not only to the athete who participates, but also to the company that was hosting. Just a bunch of like oil. Yeah. [LAUGH] And WD-40. You're gonna need this. That's a stupid joke Jeff. It's going to look insane though. I can't. I can't imagine what this is going to be like. Yeah. It'll be great. And I'll definitely watch that. You're gonna want to watch that over the regular Olympics. [LAUGH] Yeah. Yeah, I do. It's more interesting to me. If you had the option to watch this over the regular Olympics. Or even like an Olympic games where non-disabled humans could like, you know, they could juice as much as they want. Right, right, right. Like all the steroids you could handle, just no rules whatsoever. I would watch that over the Olympics too. Pretty much major league baseball. Yea, because then you're talking about science instead of just technology. You know like over athletics. Mm-hm. Like what, how, what can I like, [CROSSTALK] That's a very hot button issue. I would watch the hell out of that. No you wouldn't. These huge dudes, can you imagine hockey if they could be. [INAUDIBLE] guys. Yeah, there were no sanctions against things like steroids or performance enhancing drugs? No. Would you do lots of that? No I, I, I don't think I would cuz it would be so stupid. You'd like, they would like break sticks, They would break There would be pucks going through helmets [LAUGH] and face masks and things No, no, no. It'd be. It's not like mutant league hockey. Could you imagine how those Fights would be? You're so stupid. Those fights would be insane. You think, you think. The roid rage alone, there'd be deaths sometimes. Do you think we're on the precipice of like, people becoming like Bane? Yeah. No. It's like, it's like a regressive thing. Oh my God. To go back to like the gladiator period. Oh my God. Cuz we're all just like screaming for murder. No. I would watch that. You're,' cuz you're a sadist. Could you imagine? Dude. It would not look much different then what it is now. Yeah. And don't foret like, people you know There are disadvantages to doping as well. Like what. Like you might get injured more easily. No, don't care about that. There's a drug for that. And I'm just saying like it's not like these people would take this venom and them become Bane and just like grow like a bat out of their you [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Oh man, that's what I wanna see. It's not how it would work. Aw, it would be so awesome. Like, I would boo regular humans. [LAUGH] Trying to compete in those Olympics. Get outta here, you weak piece of crap. What are you doing? Yeah. You inferior being. Take that meat bag outta here. [LAUGH] Oh, God. You just have seen way too many science fiction movies. Yeah, I'm ready. Like this you hit the ball a mile. Yeah It doesn't work like that. Throw a tiger into the arena for no reason. Put a tiger on it. Throw a bear in there. Throw a bear in there. I like where your head's at. I really do think we need to do Hunger Games We're on our way to doing it. I think we can do it with people like I don't know. Watch certain shows. Yeah. There's honestly like, no, there is no limit to what you can do here. There's basically no rules. No rules, man. [INAUDIBLE] rules. [INAUDIBLE] rules. You know, imagine cybernetic eyes. Like, that's gonna be a thing. Right, imagine how, like, a javelin thrower could be assisted by a cybernetic eye and an arm. I, I can't even imagine. That's gonna be so cool. After a while, it'll get lame. No, I don't think it will. Like, oh, he threw the ball 17 miles. Yeah. That's awesome. [LAUGH]. Gonna take a while for him to get it. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Stupid. Just stupid. Love it, so many jokes to be made. Yeah, it's stupid. You might as well just play competitive video games. Yeah, everyone's an athlete. [CROSSTALK] same sort of thing. The crazy thing is you're gonna see You know, humans who aren't disabled, maybe like cutting off their legs to be, you know to have prosthesis. That's a [UNKNOWN] movie. Oh really? Yeah. Forget which movie [CROSSTALK]. Dude is like faced with mortality. Right. And it's like, well if I have a fake heart, I'm gonna live for 700 years. Yeah. It's like that episode of Futurama where the devil offers him those hands to play the piano. Exactly, it's exactly like that. [LAUGH] Alright, moving on before we get too excited, feel my heart bear. Tell me why the post office, well I know why the post office sucks, tell me why I never have to visit that miserable place ever again. Well the reason why I looked up advances in post office technology because the other day I needed stamps. What? And I actually had no idea where to get stamps in the city outside of waiting in line to go to the post office. So I Googled where do I get stamps in New York City. Where do you get stamps outside of a post office? If you're not in a metropolitan area, you can get them from any grocery store. Oh. Some banks also have, have them as well. Weird places to sell stamps. But others don't. Some banks do, some don't. Hot, hot dog vendor should sell stamps. But the best banks do. Yeah! Totally. They should, they'd make some money off that. Yeah. Like a Raffiki's. Ab absolutely. You know, we've got like gyros, falaffles and a book of stamps. Yeah. That's actually not a bad idea That's why I said it. So yeah, mailing stuff is hard, not just because you have to find out a place to buy stamps but also because you need to weight it and I'm really bad at just picking something up and deciding how much it weighs. Then you need... And you have to deal with, and I'm not casting a wide net here, but sometimes the people that work at these places are not the most friendly. Right. Very [INAUDIBLE] Not the most cooperative. They're not the [UNKNOWN] working either. Nope. They really have no place to be either, in no rush. Yeah, they're never in a rush. Nope. [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] so I feel bad for them, I'm not, I'm not you know, getting angry at that. No, no, no. But, then you have to fill out the right label, and nine times out of ten it's the green label, not the white label. And they always get upset that you don't know that and you haven't memorized that. Right, right. So it's obviously really frustrating. Sure. But today, there's a new App that you can download. It's really cool. I actually really wanna try it. It's called Shyp. We're just so deep in that trend of changing vowels to the y, aren't we. That's what we're doing. Yes we are. Yeah, S-H-Y-P. It's like Lyft. Oh that's right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. L-Y-F-T. Is that like the. It's an uber for the West Coast. Oh! That, actually I saw that when I was in California in San Francisco. Yeah. They do the mustaches. Right? What? Do you know what I'm talking about? [CROSSTALK] Oh yeah they do the mustaches. The other. [LAUGH] So in California in San Francisco everyone so lift is a service where you can basically use your car to pick up random people around the city like a taxi driver. Right. It takes like 15 minutes to spare you can pick somebody up. With your own car, and deliver them wherever they want. Thats nice, yeah. You set the price. Right. But the way that people know that you're a lift car is they give you a giant mustache to put on the front of your vehicle. [LAUGH] Yeah. Am I crazy? You know what I'm talking about? Yeah, I know, it looks so dumb. I don't believe you, man. I would almost pay more to ride in a car that doesn't have a mustache on it. Yeah. [LAUGH] It takes two so that you can see it visibly. Oh my ****. And because there's no lift car, you use your own vehicle. Yeah, here's the And this is what it looks like. [Laugh] it's just a giant pink mustache. [LAUGH] Oh man. [CROSSTALK] What the hell is that? [LAUGH] It's really bad. And they are like. Yeah, I'll [INAUDIBLE] put that in the front of my car. The funniest thing must be getting this in the mail and figuring out how to attach it to your bumper. Not only is it a pink effing mustache on the front grille of your car. It's like, made with some weird ostrich feather thing. [LAUGH] Yeah. It's like a feather boa for, for your car. Yeah, that's exactly what it is. Oh, that's bad. It's just like, hey, hop in my car. Yeah, I'm getting in your car, dude. Yeah. Alright, but we digress, that's lift with a why. We do, yeah. This is ship with a why, and this is how it works. So you have something you wanna ship, right? All you gotta do is open the app. Access the camera function, through the app, take a picture of what you want to ship and that's it. oh, and all, you also have to send the address of where the destination's going. So, then what happens is, Shyp sends a person out to your office or your home, and they'll take it back to the warehouse. They'll package it themselves, they'll fill out all the paperwork, even if it's international shipping. They'll fill everything out. Whatever you want, insurance delivery confirmation, tracking number. They'll set all of that up for you. And then they'll send it off to the appropriate carrier, UPS FedEx whatever. So that's it. And then you can, they'll provide you with all the information. You pay for the service. I'm not sure how much it's gonna cost but it'll be negligible probably based on how much the shipping cost is. So. And that's it. So wait, let me get this straight cuz I don't, I don't understand anything you just said. Okay. Okay so let me back up a little bit I'm a little drunk today. Okay. Why am I spending money, like the whole point of going to the post office. Uh-huh. At least for me, is that it's cheaper than FedEx and UPS. Right. Okay? Right. So, why, like why am I paying a premium. So To use the post office? Right. When I would just use UPS if I'm gonna have to pay a premium. Right. Okay, that's number one. I don't know the answer to that question. Right. Cuz it's a valid question. I think that the idea is, is that this is basically a Task Rabbit, but, for [CROSSTALK] [INAUDIBLE] very specific. Yeah. And another thing is like mail is all about timeliness. Yeah. This seems to add a significant chunk of time to the whole shipping process. yeah, I don't know, I'm assuming they're going to set it up within the same day. This is essentially. It wouldn't be like a week to just have it burning in their office. This is essentially the app version of, we'll sell your stuff on ebay store. Yeah, basically. Which is crazy. It's basically we'll do whatever you want, it's like e-slavery basically. Yeah, I guess. What, but that's what TaskRabbit is. Right. You can like hire and indentured servant to do your work for you. But that's anything. Yeah, and you could pay someone to pick up your laundry Sure And take it to the laundromat in New York too. Kevin Gibbon, the CEO of Ship. He was an E-Bay power seller Yeah. So his mentality is like man it sucked shipping all that stuff out. Right I'm gonna do it for everyone now. Right. Really this should've been like an E-Bay connected service cuz no one else that's not sending [CROSSTALK] I, I wish them, I don't know, I don't know if this is gonna work. We, you know, the post office also makes it really easy for you to print labels at home, too. So, as long as you have a box and packing tape, you just fill out everything else yourself. Right. And, if you have the money to do something like ship, you'll probably just hire an intern. That's what I'm saying. And, yeah, I guess. I mean, does your, you would have to be, I imagine, close to someone. Who can come get you. Yeah, you have to be close to a shipping warehouse. So, if you're like in a rural area. Yeah. You're not making use of ship. Right. Which, which who the service would probably be the best for. Yeah. So, look I know. You just, you just completely unraveled their business model. I completely. I just. There was a little string hanging out of that sweater. And I tugged away Okay. Alright, look. I wish them luck. The Post Office is in a lot of trouble. If this kick starts the post office a little bit, what am I talking about, I hate the post office. The post office should have been the one to do this. Yeah. The post office should a ship. You know we all think of progress and innovation when we think of the post office. [LAUGH] So unfortunately the missed the ball on this one, it is surprising. Yeah, we'll tell them at CES next year. Right, right, exactly. It's so funny when they show up to CES. Yeah, and they're like where we still matter. Yeah. And I'm just like okay. Yup. So funny. The phone book still matters more than you do. [LAUGH] Okay. Last story of the day, this is really funny and it's something that I may have to deal with some day. You guys won't, because you're already married, you're hitched up, so just listen. You know, you can provide some advice on this, though because I'd imagine weddings to be very, very complicated. Too planned [CROSSTALK] They're becoming, they're more complicated than they need to be. In my opinion, Ariel, will echo that sentiment? Oh yeah. Definitely. Yeah. They're a lot of work. Why am I asking you idiots? You have no idea what, what goes into the planning process. Obviously the, nine times out of ten the male. His perspective is one of more simple, simplicity. Quieter voices. Was I very involved in my wedding? No not at all. You knew what was going on though? I knew where I had to be and what day it was. Everything else is just details. Everything I had to take of for my wedding. And I'm, and you know i'm, forever indebted to my wife for giving me no responsibility at my wedding. I had to get a tuxedo. Tuxedo. Yeah. And that wasn't even like a thing I was all involved in. I, I, like, someone, like, drove me there. Mm-hm. Well, because you needed your groomsmen to all wear the same thing. Right. So, yeah. It was very, it was shockingly easy. What about you Areo? I did a little more planning, I did like, I did my suit and all my groomsman and then, I had to take care of like, sound and food. [CROSSTALK] But I mean, I've done that so many times in the past, it was no big deal It was the man [UNKNOWN], it was just going through the motions. Yeah, I like that though, it's like the You know, you have like a line work you do, split up the work to make it easier for everyone. Yeah. I guess, I guess I did take care of [UNKNOWN] You just made Jeff look really [CROSSTALK]. [LAUGH] No, no cuz I'm not thinking of the wedding, I'm thinking of like the registry, like I did make a little website for our registry. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. And I had like little links to where we were registered and crap like that. Which took maybe I don't know 16 17 minutes. Yeah that's easy. Half days work maybe. No yeah full day. That's funny because I'm going to a wedding in April from the 12th to the 26th in Korea. That's a long wedding. Which is why I'm not going to be there. Like destination wedding right and I was talking to the groom my friend yesterday. And he was saying that he felt like he's a ride on a train that's already moving. Yeah, yeah Which is really funny [CROSSTALK], isn't that how you guys? Yeah, a great analogy. That's perfect, that's perfect man Like it's all being planned and he's just like but I Well I'm going to clap for that analogy [SOUND]. Yeah. He is a brilliant man. That's pretty good. And a wordsmith. Yeah yeah yeah. And he's not in charge of anything, pretty much. He's like doing work to organize his friends to get there and stuff. But I'm imagining it's the bride. But you know, I imagine you have to hire all kinds of people, right? Yeah. A caterer, and Flower people. Flower people is a thing. Flower people. Isn't there a wedding planner that does that. I don't think they had a wedding planner. I didn't have a wedding planner. , Yeah, we had a flower person, no wedding planner. Yep. I feel like now, we probably know enough people, personally, to take care of a lot of those jobs, right? Like everybody knows a photographer now. Like, you probably know a videographers, too. Yeah. I definitely pulled all my resources for my wedding. Right, right. Well, according to the internet, now you have to hire a social media concierge as well. No, that's not true. Which, here me out, because it's actually not the worst. Idea in the world, until you hear the price. The W Hotel, which actually has four locations in New York City. They're opening up a service you can hire, called a social media concierge. And before I tell you the price, let me explain to you what they do and you guess how much it should cost. Whatever the price is It's, it's too much. I don't know what it is. It's that much, too much. But it's too much. The services and, and this is actually coming from a screenshot that maybe you can put up here while we talk about it [SOUND]. The services include a live tweeting of your ceremony, as well as the reception. Right. So for people that can't attend your wedding, they can live it vicariously through your tweets. Feel like you did this for my wedding. I did do that. Like you were my social media wedding concierge. [CROSSTALK] it's true. I will send you a bill. E, this person will also organize your Instagram photos. Oh, my God. Your Instagram videos as well as Vine videos. Oh, my God. So, they'll capture and publish that for you. In addition to creating a unique wedding hashtag for you. Oh, my God. So, Ariel, I know you had Ariel and E, Isip, Esip. Yeah. Hm-hm. What did you have? For your hashtag. There was no twitter when I was, got married. Shut up really? There wasn't Instagram. No way. There was not Instagram. There was. If there's no hashtags, how did you know you got married? There was twitter and there was facebook. Right, so people didn't do like hastag jeff and stacy. There wasn't hashtags back then, right? No hastags. I grew up with Instagram. So old. Hashtag, no hashtags were the twitter thing first. Yeah. But it didn't really blow up until Instagram. And Right and I see yeah. So I don't know. I got hired at caveman You've got to get married again. Yeah I guess so but you know its funny now like whenever I go on a vacation or a trip Stacy and her friends will be like where's the what's the hash tag for [CROSSTALK] the trip going to be and after I you know throw up for four minutes You have to. I eventually give in. Yeah. Yeah. It's really bad. You know what you could do is. This is what we're doing for the wedding. It's kind of smart. We downloaded an app called Photo Circle. Okay. [LAUGH] So, it's an app for Android and iPhone, that basically does exactly that. You. But, not publicly. You sound like everything you hate, right now. Just, hear me out. Do, do you know that? Cuz, I wanna, I wanna eventually see those photos. It's like. You know, Yeah, no no no. Maybe not for my marriage, but since all of my friends are going to this wedding I want to see them. And basically the app just lets you create this custom photo album that everybody that downloads the app has access to right? And then you just upload photos, whatever you want through that album. Theres an app called wedding party that we used N. When I was at Jamies wedding they used it too. Oh, yeah. They said, everyone uploads their pictures onto that app. Yeah. Brilliant. And just use. Really? Yeah. Easy works. Man, we got married in freakin' the dark ages. What were you doing? We, we were right in the cusp of all of this. I think I got a paper invitation to your wedding somewhere. Yeah. [LAUGH] No, I think that that's a little weird. Yeah. It's the only analog of weddings that will survive the virtual holocaust. Right, right. Well, I think it's kind of cool. Like, I don't really want it to be super broadcasted. For me, it's more of a thing like the people are there are the people most important to me. Exactly. That's who it's for, you know? And the people that aren't at the wedding don't care either. But, but I'm I'm on board. With the meta sort of broadcasting of it. Yeah. Where it's like just this internal thing where everyone at the wedding. Yeah. Can share internally the photos. That's cool to me. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But you're 100% right. You weren't invited. And if you didn't go, that's your problem. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] You weren't invited! Special digital privilege to check out what happened at the wedding. How about this you weren't invited. Yeah, nobody likes you [LAUGH]. You weren't there because we didn't want you there. [LAUGH] ,Larry. I'm glad, I was at your wedding. So this, this concierge in addition to creating that special hashtag for your wedding, they'll also set up and maintain your wedding blog. Before and after the big day, don't look at me like that. [LAUGH] I'm not the one that setting this up. It's crazy, because I just saw the price. Hold on, hold on. This is why we can't have nice things [LAUGH]. The last two things that they'll do is they'll curate a registry wedding a wish list, so that 17 minutes is gone from your life, you don't have to do that. Oh, that's worth it. And then, they'll also create, this is what I think is kind of cool, a dream honeymoon Pinterest board to both inspire the couple and encourage the guests to buy you gifts. To donate towards that. Right. Okay, okay. I think that's kind of cool. Like this is, instead of just like a gift registry where you just buy something. This is what they're into and you could still be creative with what you buy them. Right. I think that's cool. Finally they'll publish a wedding social media recap for the couple, which will include a shutterfly book that they will print for you with the social media highlights that include all the best photos with the Instagram, the tweets, etc, centered in the wedding. It's just another person. Just another person jumping around with their freaking iPhone. Yeah. Whatever, I hope they take real photos and not just like iPhone photos. Yeah, no it's probably just phone photos, they don't have time for that. I hope they do like that move. This could just be like the sister of the bride. It is the sister of the bride. That does this. Ariel, How much do you think a service like this would cost? I saw the price. Aw okay. [LAUGH] You saw the price too. I wouldn't pay more than 500 bucks for it. Yeah. Right right right, because this is probably, you're gonna hire somebody who's on their phone all the time anyways. Right, because somebody in high school could do this. That's That's why. Instead, W Hotel charging three grand. 3,000 bucks. $3,000 for somebody to send out Tweets, Instagrams and set up a hashtag. Well I mean coming up with that hashtag is. [Laugh] Takes six weeks to do that. You know, the preproduction for that sort of endeavor is just Yeah. Insanely tedious. So crazy. Are you kidding me? Give me a **** break. Weddings cost so much money now I can't afford to get married. Now I've got to shell out 3K for some freaking Tweeter? Yeah. [Laugh] That is insane. No thanks. What's crazy to me is that you have to have so many formats of media in addition to, like digital. You have to have, at your wedding, a photographer, right? Mm-hm. A videographer. And then you also have to have the photo booth for them to take their own pictures now too. Yeah. LIke, you have to have the photo booth. Yeah. It's a must now. Did you have one? Yeah we had one. Of course. Cause you had a nice wedding. It was fun yeah. You photo booths weren't invented when you were married. We were just getting out of photos. [LAUGH] You had like the guy with the light bulb when you took a photo. Yeah and he had to like reload the camera with gun powder. [LAUGH] That's what, that's how it happens. Yeah, old tiny. Before we say goodbye for the day I want everyone to go to GameSpot.com/ps4giveaway. Go do that right now. Today is the last day you can enter, GameSpot PS4/inFamous Giveaway. Alright. Make sure you do that. You can win obviously a Playstation four copy of Infamous Second Son and 12 month membership to Playstation Plus. That's a lot of cash value. Yeah. We're all about cash value on this program. So go do that and that's gonna do it for us today. Send us an email, the404@cnet.com. So great bunch of stories today. I really app, I really enjoyed that. I'm glad. I had fun today. Thanks, thanks You're never introducing again. [LAUGH] And that's it, Reddit, Instagram, twitter, all that junk. We're back here tomorrow finishing up the week of horror [SOUND] we've had to endure. It's not that bad, they've been good shows, shows worth finding [CROSSTALK]. They've been great shows, I just feel so bad for people expected to get this show everyday, we are sorry. We're working as hard as we can [SOUND]. Check out update. I'm doing update again today. And that's about it. We'll see you guys tomorrow. I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin Yu. I'm Ariel Nuñez. This has been the 404 show. High tech, low brow. Have an awesome Thursday. Back here tomorrow. Peace. [MUSIC]

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