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Ep. 1454: Don't make more kids smart ... just make more smart kids: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1454: Don't make more kids smart ... just make more smart kids

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On today's show, a brilliant solution to the problem of science education, and which tech companies have the best and worst green records (it is Earth Day, after all -- for real this time)! Also, Google and Apple are sending your location data back to the Mother Ship, Amazon is making everyone nervous about the cloud, and AT&T thinks wireless competition is "extraordinary." Uh huh. All that and the best Computer Love success story ever. --Molly

Today is April 22 2011 is happy birthday my name is Steven -- I'm Brian -- as. CE. I am and I'm gonna and if I get an indeterminate length it is episode 14150. Or. I was really weird. I had a really weird dream that it was judgment day and and we were all like replaced my robot that we -- -- We like that show opened just a robot. -- -- the geeky thing I've ever done an improbable doctor upstart. There's also lucky guy is the -- that guy that like acted like me who looked more like Puff Daddy and mason their media. A little -- no problems. That that might have been an issue in Canada. It's Friday. Is the eight the united survived -- related to any minute -- -- -- that I've poked my head into the -- in your present here. You're -- -- amber and I got like. -- It. And I don't know you're talking what we're talking about -- -- -- that has a web exclusive over at CNET TV cnet.com slash live. And if you want it be if he -- Norton at all definitely come Sunday to the live stream. You gotta hang out with us in Iraq to the chat room at sometime between 1030 and 11 AM Pacific we're starting at 1050 today -- national and I didn't back. Oh my goodness -- -- let you know on top -- we said its dream it's Earth Day. Everyone is going green the web is going greens that you visit some your favorite web sites right now they've done some cool green themes I love Google's doodle. My view is really actually very so it has this nice -- -- -- that scenic. Nude tone cartoon and you can -- you can roll your mouse over different areas. I'm there is a little dark part to it if you roll your mouse over the -- -- -- -- here Stephen if you're able to I don't know maintenance screen but you can move their -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. There -- -- -- -- -- handy there's alliance of penguins of England to the koala. It's super Q -- you also have other sites like Ask.com they have a little. Question of the day that's regarded to -- trivia being as using some beautiful earth photography an old instantly so. At least the web is getting into you know. -- -- -- Announced they definitely aren't all over the place and Greenpeace always gets into the earth -- around this time we Air Canada Canada bah humbug -- a little bit. Greenpeace doesn't like their most favored this time of the year -- when they can be like. Apple Twitter and FaceBook all have unbelievably dirty. And benefit. You guys are just nonstop polluters I was surprised though and am at Twitter which got -- across the board. Because of its most in its newest data center and -- on July 2010 -- that it was moving technical operations to this new data center in Salt Lake City and they said. That it was going to be designed specifically around their unique power and cooling means. But Greenpeace said that it it has an electric utility makes that 97%. Fossil fuel based 81% coal. Compared with 27% renewable they -- with a huge step backwards. And whether they also talked about how Apple is -- means over a lot of operations or a building that massive North Carolina -- facility. Which looks like it'll be supporting their cloud service but they called. North Carolina's area the state that has. And electrical grid among the dirty as in the country -- Apple's decision for them to build this one billion dollar data center. Indicates a lack of corporate commitment to clean energy supply -- cloud operations they also said that. Apple's move in doing this -- increase. -- power consumption as somewhere that it's -- either with what they currently have summer like a 100% more with just that data center alone. -- in the tavern just then another run by the Twitter data center in the the alleged pollution is actually -- -- teeth can move a chick. RA -- that need to get but Apple got the worst scores across the board actually they got date came out on the bottom and a surprising although Apple's a favorite target of Greenpeace. But they came out on the bottom of the comprehensive green league table of technology because of its heavy reliance on those -- -- -- yell what -- make dirty data sent one thing that Greenpeace is trying to bring the forefront is there. In the study they said now we think consumers want to know. When they upload a video or -- -- based access that they're not contrary to toxic coal ash global warming -- feature -- -- I am going to say that that's a -- but there's I don't think people. Consciously think about. -- what data server that the service that I'm -- -- on is going to affect the overall. You know green equality of the -- people just don't keep its good to point this -- for them to say that's what consumers care about -- -- I'm gonna say they don't. Yeah I mean. Did they really totally cool that I don't -- strong as -- the earliest. As you're not sitting there thinking on Japanese Twitter because that doesn't mean you shouldn't bring -- the forefront -- dominance is playing out like a red ribbon campaign or something and you might as well it's just the name and shame technique and it's been in use for ever. And nobody really wants to get I mean. -- the -- has a point which is people don't necessarily take Greenpeace all that seriously. But it. It is worth I think pointing out and certainly companies are worried about a Google is one. That has made as we know a commitment to kind of just revamping the energy. And energy usage in the world because they've got like high -- ideas about everything. But there combining Earth Day activities with a hundred million dollar investment. In wind energy third kind of it's named and -- -- peer pressure you know and then I think there's the hope that eventually. Consumers will start to does demand more. -- -- We already see like the green trend now really crossing over attack you have a lot of companies when they're building their laptops their time -- energy consumption materials shipping materials Apple's always. Kind of -- that is part of their story when they want some of their new products ray but then. It's just not each you know their transportation and -- methods of moving their products might be green and even. Treating them but it doesn't mean that their data centers that -- supporting other activities -- -- just as green. Yeah exactly -- I mean I I am in favor of awareness campaigns like -- I think -- I wasn't yeah I've never let us into Iran -- users are going like I'm gonna buy a MacBook -- because dirty Davis -- -- -- a little fire and the connections aren't yet. Definitely agree. Speaking of Apple and Google ball though. Off the opt green energy -- completely and on -- casual invasion of your primes the all day everyday and so all day every day all day every day the Wall Street Journal -- the story. Saying that they have done their own in house analysis and determine that in fact Google and Apple both. The Android phones and the iphones are gathering location information about you that they regular lead transmit. Back to Apple and Google regular Wii regularly and out of -- Just that they're storing it in an -- encrypted database on your local machine but they aren't acting in fact reporting back to the -- Yet they had or security analysts Sammy -- car he uses ACC Android phone. And it said that bat -- the severely collected its location every few seconds and transmitted. To the data to Google at least several times and -- As -- unique phone identifier. Element this story was gain some steam a couple days ago we talked about we're pretty sure that Android phones are probably doing something very sorry -- and and they are it's is that they're doing it so frequently now Google and Apple have also said. Initially when they're sending this data. They were using it to help them track and locate or kind of -- A database of Wi-Fi hotspots the reason why this. They might use that as part of their argument. Is that previously sky hook. Was a wireless service that use triangulation and Wi-Fi hotspots locally to find out where people are located. But Google and Apple have decided instead of working with sky hook and -- -- -- their information they're going to get it themselves. Part of collecting this data helps them without. But the value in that. Is down the road is by having all that information now they're able to create their own map they're not -- sky hook or they're not paints -- at for the date of where people are most active and how they're using it and now these two companies own the data from the -- and they can do a lot of things with that targeted advertising. I mean even Google says you know they can use hyper accurate traffic maps for how fast traffic is moving along a stretch of highway -- -- -- can be things that are useful to you even more useful -- targeted advertising. But there's no question -- diamonds and to an -- at the blog -- about it. Data is the currency of web three point oh right of the next generation of the web and connected devices it is all about collecting your data. And then it raises the sort of increasing privacy concerns there's no question that benefits -- -- by the way I got email. About they use of data as a singular and I would just like to assert here and now because it's gonna come -- several more times in this conversation like that now. That I believe and will continue to believe that data -- medically has evolved into a singular word. I'm not gonna -- data -- and does not that an -- I won't do it. -- But thank you for -- -- but this day. That even though there may be benefits the fact is consumers -- -- they -- they need to. And you know it's like a whole other awareness campaign with only a little judgment neighbor and -- -- the -- But just -- -- -- the currency and where the product with you know -- Kind entrance rate pretty good way to. That -- now also follow this up. In the legal world congressman's. Steve and -- are asking Steve Jobs to explain by may twelfth. What Apple is dealing with this data to congressman Ed Markey Democrat of Massachusetts he sent an letter directly to -- jobs and we'll see how Apple responds but they have to respond in some way shape or form. Rank and actually I explained -- -- -- that. Apple has already had a conversation with Ed Markey in particular because -- -- always the guy who is asking for this but I am. In this case I am interested -- in what the responses as to -- Why are you creating this can this huge log of location data if especially if it's not being transmitted back to Apple you know satellite. Well if it isn't and -- with the burtless. Which MM that leads to the logical question like -- enhancing that it must wear it you know must be about to be transmitted. Anyway so. Hopefully they say respond within fifteen business days are no -- later than may twelfth the will be watching. Will be we will be cannot respond. Also -- Reuters is reporting an exclusive thing that Apple has completed work. On an online music storage service and is set to launch it ahead of Google. They're gonna beat them to the online music storage punch. Because Amazon already beat them and -- had a small services that beat them before Amazon -- when it's an Apple -- is the big names. The interesting -- -- in this article is that. The report says Apple has yet to sign any new licenses. Have for the service and major music labels are open a studio so. Find they probably have the infrastructure in place but if you can't sign the labels. That -- mean that's everything we see what happens modify and they're completely stalled so to say that -- they're going to beat Apple I mean they're going to be Google out of the gates. And it's a little premature. It sounds a little premature in -- -- -- this story is just more. Trying to smoke and fire in a weird way I I don't doubt that they have completed the technology for cloud storage mainly because they -- lot of luck didn't. They haven't -- an online music storage system had -- real -- years they've had that for over a year Atlanta -- area if not going -- to now. But yet they don't have the deals with the labels just what keeps happening anybody who doesn't have the deals with the labels. Other than Amazon which is one L street -- on and isn't isn't necessarily going anywhere but in I -- we'll keep an and that. The more -- On how to I don't know I we're gonna take a quick break -- we did it we were like we gotta breezed through that top tech stories we've. And ended up we got through it when we come back Amazon's ongoing cloud problems a lawsuit that -- force everyone to have to pay for Linux. And that computer look. Welcome back to buzz out loud it's a Friday Friday -- Rasmussen. Tiny -- brand -- now -- I today citing ominous we're sorry. I think that Fergie and I did you that it -- it -- you know people people are not party in the past it is because Amazon's web services we talked about a where. Down the -- to come back online but they're still problems. And people are learning what is actually happened the destruction issues are now in their second date. They said they wrapped up most of it surely yes the last night but not -- availability zones have been restored. -- and factory there's one tweet from early this morning Scott Johnson and who is he'd probably know from the podcasting world -- streets and servers still down Amazon still the problem if you need me -- -- curling up in the fetal position and searching for my happy place. Which is I think accurately sums up the sentiment of almost everyone who is trying to run a business among these servers you mean this is just getting kind of worse and -- And now of course -- led to the inevitable analysis stories about how -- actually Amazon's communication that's the problem and blah blah blah. The thing is really it we had mentioned it like a little while ago that as things -- -- -- to cloud we're gonna start seeing things like this happen more often and it's gonna. Bring us the pose the question is how reliable -- these cloud services be. -- -- -- -- Because there always will be outages won the fact that there on day two is pretty remarkable they're saying that up for Amazon regardless of -- reputation as the top player in the cloud -- The -- will be hard for current customers to brush -- and could hurt attracting future customers -- thing you know give other cloud vendors. Especially higher end ones a talking point that will not go away for years because it's just. Terrible press. Ramadan. Night and if you are running windows -- -- we're already good luck. -- something inspiring yet seriously. -- AT&T official -- I killed at the reasons. With the FTC that they would like to purchase T-Mobile. And it made for some interesting and in some cases hilarious reading into several hundred page justification. Of the deal we're just gonna grab some of that the funnier will -- that. -- more like that I mean. We've been waiting for this this is basically kicked off the official process. Asking for approval but may -- They. Trashed -- They -- team will look like they were incompetent and a weak carrier without any technology that they could bring the table wounds of some of the -- -- from this mentioned that this is AT&T in their document filing. They said T-Mobile USA in contest to others does not have a differentiated network position. T-Mobile USA has admitted that it's separate from it's a late transition to three G network. This is remember this is AT&T sameness yet who's the latest in the three you know we're trend are the forgy transition and -- -- From Suffolk legislature's did you know it and unlike sprint which first promoted a forging -- T-Mobile USA HSP plus -- -- -- have been lost. Among other carriers -- messaging. -- that AT&T also. Just. Described competition in the wireless space as extra ordinary. They talked they really did they literally said that the sector competition is quote. Extraordinary and that eliminating a key player will not reduce any competition and they said that sprint has made huge strides. That they've achieved substantial success in the marketplace with attractive pricing plan. That MetroPCS. And leap have enjoyed -- great success focusing on value oriented services and all the began moving up market. Sprint on the other hand not surprisingly. Not what I would not buy and -- there were -- and even a little. If that we're certainly flattered that they recognize we're starting to have some success in the marketplace and sprint senior vice president government payers. What we're concerned about is that this transaction -- improved -- that innovation and competition that consumers are currently enjoying wealthy. -- -- -- Typically happens when you take about take -- one of the cheapest you know. -- service offerings. With innovative phones typically happens AT&T though of course tried to argue that it was in the public's best interest because that would free up spectrum capacity. That it would create synergies and I think they also came out I -- -- -- between yesterday. And -- that that impact consumers would not necessarily have to get new devices that previously have been reported they were gonna have to get new -- Knew what -- frequencies bands yet and then there was a story yesterday that that they would not necessarily have to do new pricing need to buy -- -- -- -- -- -- AT&T as their final benefits the consumers where the transaction will benefit. By reducing the number of dropped -- -- calls increasing data speeds -- and in building coverage and dramatically expanding deployment of next generation mobile technology. So we'll have. We'll see how this is it's going to happen when I just like it get a have to it's heartbreaking but it's definitely gonna happen Gigi Sohn. Who is -- president and co-founder of public knowledge that all of AT&T is forthcoming effort you'll start seeing ads and in -- you point out they're gonna spend millions of dollars on ads and to ways to convince people and all of that effort and all that money she said cannot disguise the simple fundamental fact that AT&T in this one transaction. Will fundamentally reshape the wireless industry -- that will hurt consumers. Raising prices restricting innovation and limiting -- and with campaign fundraising coming up around the corner. Legitimate part of that as well -- -- -- lobbying the big G -- this out of Washington don't know that the title. Fascinating to you because no one think there's a good idea but like you fed them. Awful also potentially awful at least for anybody who wants to use Linux on the cheap. A Texas jury has ruled against Google in patent infringement lawsuit over its use of open source Linux code. They ordered Google to pay five million dollars in the -- and people are saying that. The finding. Potentially has very far reaching consequences for the IT industry in general and Linux in particular mainly because everybody might have disturbing licenses. -- -- -- Yet they also named Yahoo! MySpace Amazon PayPal -- dot -- and -- As defendants in this suit and and the patent that they say Google is -- others are violating with methods and apparatus for information storage and retrieval. Easy -- hashing technique with external chaining and on the fire move -- of expired data. Now I don't really know what that exactly means I'm not gonna pretend to but the fact is that there's if this is involving the Linux kernel. And it's embedded and all these systems and you can tell Google that they already violated its going to trickle down and affect all these other companies. -- -- -- It it and -- it is appealed and hopefully -- it let one other thing that pinching and they say that up to another potentially contested -- involves the Android mobile operating system because of Linux based. But. Google did not attempt to declare the patent invalid and they actually they defended it without saying that the patent was not valid but Red Hat. Did apparently they joined the defendant intended to -- that it was bound. And Google went on to say we will continue to defend against attacks like this one on open source community. The recent explosion in patent litigation is turning the world's information highway into a toll road. Forcing companies to spend millions and millions of dollars depending old questionable patent claims and wasting resource -- that would be much better spent investing in new technologies reasoning creating dot thank you. Thank you Google yet if you can just go ahead and do something about that. We'll be alright -- like Google like that person networks and your company may go to with every problem out you know way to let I don't know -- the -- -- you -- The other like. No problem five million dollars that's like buying lunch for some great and then we're -- -- earth though and entities or patent system and then. We're we're investing in wind energy there you -- maybe they'll take on the patent that the next thing that -- probably. I left -- all you play hey it's time for -- thank you. You little wake up -- -- just a -- to the whole Apple Samsung story Sampson has countersued Apple over the iPhone. And iPad some of the -- countersuit that. Terms of what they're doing in their counter suit is balding ten alleged infringements of patents mainly -- power reduction. -- data transmission three G technology for reducing errors during the data transmission and wireless data communication technology. Speaking impound lot thinner and take other -- time and money for a really long time this is it's is. I know I mean we're gonna have to keep on -- these stories but it become. More and more often now I once or twice a week now. Now it's ridiculous and answered -- -- her. Either ridiculous or maybe not the new York times company released its first figures on -- and -- started charging purple access to New York Times dot com. They said they had signed up more than a 100000. Paid subscribers. In three weeks that's pretty does a pretty by big numbers -- me like okay -- a significant and a. I mean. Flash -- as whether a 100000 behind amber are alone when I guess depends on the New York Times business planet they've lost and have they lost advertising revenue. Isn't that enough revenue to make up for any other potential losses. And doesn't include I wonder includes. Some of those like. Dealing like -- yellow and Italian island and on. Yeah I'm now I'm just I'm thinking now a 100000 users in three weeks. If that growth continues really okay ready to -- Yamasaki assume that's the 100000 people that are gonna do it and -- not enough to Cuban newspaper afloat. That's what -- that he went -- of the pan around ten to fifteen dollars to get access to its most baffling thing -- it's like they're -- and -- is three tears after I think they start at fifteen dollars a month. Revenue though they said of the times net profit plunged 557 point 6% to five point four million dollars. On continued print advertising weakness they fed and revenue overall fell three point 6%. So they are definitely continuing to hemorrhage money and moderately -- the hundreds of -- probably not gonna. Yuma afloat and -- those numbers continued. Also candles. Amazon is under wrapping and their Android. App now optimize for honeycomb tablets. So probably honeycomb lovers that have the -- You can go go have -- there's a bunch Marin county and may we just didn't three I think an eleven days in Estonia. -- -- you've had like the transformer thing. And one more anyway we have there's three had become tablets -- slate -- -- easily easily yes or protect as out of it you got other reviews that now -- I come out there you go there you go. Okay okay. Like not a part of -- -- become. A little and a tablet than typical I -- there's something about. Although other names that they're having a hard time capturing the imagination and employees I think what it is is for us -- beat down by the fact that these tablets are flowing in so many numbers that now. It's hard to kind of -- a champion of -- its -- like a there's another tab and there's another tablet. He just get it just gets money yeah it just gets money I think that's left -- are as well then -- movement and can't. Sony on Wednesday confirmed rumors that it ending production of the PSP go but more importantly. Kotaku is reporting the industry sources say -- -- and Sony are targeting 2014. For a new console. Which would be potentially good breather for Nintendo because all signs indicate that they're gonna launch their next -- -- HD enabled machines by the 120 -- Yeah we have some IGN has an insider's scoop on some of some pretty actually in depth details of the price seen in some hardware inside according to their sources the retail price of Nintendo's. New console will be somewhere between 354315400. Dollars. I'll also it'll be using a revamped version of Andy's our 700 GPU architecture. -- controllers it'll be. -- for -- for the processor inside and also they will be using a touch screen controllers. With -- the new Nintendo platform. Interesting they say it'll be a custom built. Triple core IBM power PC chipset but with faster clocking speed than the Xbox that's the similar chip architecture to the Xbox but after clocking speed and they also say that -- as uninteresting. That it would support 1080. Whether that will be a staple feature and a Nintendo had a are -- said earlier that they don't. They weren't really looking at -- in the council's idea but it it has the potential and -- was -- flip that -- and also Nintendo's considering naming the console's. Nintendo stream with the least truly is stream that's definitely -- -- few names you wanna have together I mean I'm not everything we inmate on the Wii and Internet to me like an okay name after of the damned thing if you put stream after we -- -- -- to get an idea. Hey I want to -- as the Japanese emulated that sometimes it's not like the funniest thing hammered -- -- little things you like that sometimes understand. And that -- Even if you -- -- Tried out a new name and love that would let -- beginning ever. Eaten. It's nude. Life and today we did the documentary -- Will actually be premiering in theaters on National Geographic entertainment will bring the released US theaters on July 24 and this is like. Created by YouTube users but produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin MacDonald a toy I remember -- we had talked about this yeah along time maybe you don't even know it pretty interesting -- YouTube's first experiment any user generated feature. User submitted 80000 films are shot -- our. And then -- these guys basically you know put it all together and -- this ninety minute movie premiered Sunday. I feel sorry for that editor. I feel sorry for that photo editor 980000. Films are right. There are probably some good ones but we know what YouTube brings -- I'm -- -- worth and we and then you had they can I mean you had to go to -- that I mean -- -- I'm sure it's gonna be pretty -- steam but. I feel -- and editor IE -- guy needs a hug next really need to go to. And their -- and becoming more and more relevant to -- and this -- -- -- reason alien in my opinion. -- -- is looking for the angle to get out that's let's just -- or not let's just -- -- -- just glad I am. I right -- we're gonna go ahead -- -- because we have plenty. To hear from you. -- There. -- -- -- -- Our idea of that feedback just keeps on coming in. About the overdrive -- them which apparently is still all the result of of differently. -- libraries don't associate with me with -- Rangel -- let's be clear about that. Get a lot of -- thing to -- out there. Yeah like -- -- often he's just crazy so -- -- we're happy to know that bit of that library and specifically in overdrive but check out of them have their defenders in the -- one of them. -- -- -- -- -- And on your library. You'll -- and we. Check out there I've read -- had been. Earned fourteen date. All that money let -- for a -- -- -- -- -- -- Awesome I know and actually in 11 thing that people have pointed out to us with overdrive system because in -- analysts are really too familiar have used it. Is that the library does have a limited amount of books that they make available in the overdrive and programs -- That's it has its lead that is sweet not to really wanna show love to it because everyone's like dude overdrive is killer for me. Now I'm probably not actually -- -- and it now now we know. Let the onto the email buzz at cnet.com or email address Jack W a teenager who still cares about time to break -- to -- Molly I think -- worries over our lack of science education are a bit exaggerated as my mom pointed out this morning -- don't blame me we don't need to train and went to kids to be really good at science. Instead we should take one -- two intelligent children -- -- -- -- came up with them theory of relativity and have him develop human being. Then he and his team of -- can work on teleport -- and long distance travel after all why make more kids smart when you can just make. More -- smart kid. That is awesome and spends her. Because you don't why are we pushing science and people that don't care or -- -- -- dumps why. Let the geniuses be geniuses. Don't make markets smart. Just make more smart kids. That's -- -- the title author added objectivity and author of the title of a probably not related to -- and by the way no. Absolutely not that is how they kill us all. They -- it at all. I realized I like her when they are dead now it's like I -- you don't have a plan to your. You do you useless -- -- tests actually we would everybody it has no plans and has become like a pub reader. Let's let's -- put in -- breeder arms laden like the beginning with and Mallory. -- about and -- right on the next email Anthony writes in a bus -- it's terminator two judgment day and I'm in Sioux Falls, South Dakota have met out. Soon to be robot met our soon to be robot overlord and -- -- my mom of the hospital here and as -- we need a look quite elevators and see not one. But to. They're used by the -- delivered things all parts of the hospital is happening where's John Connor to deliver. Things then from -- And and and are you waited all we welcome. And weak and or you now know it's time that I'll show depending on your preferences undoubtedly -- this -- and the but we like it though you're is. -- -- supposedly -- -- kind of subtly sometimes it's already -- we really got that kind of thing they're being generating aren't asking disease. Note to self dep has no -- itself. -- so are gonna start with his voice and offers yes definitely we finally got things like -- computer -- -- -- -- -- it will play it out with -- via. Yeah I'm just at the musical bring him back -- There's no front panel -- well. I wanted to call out my co partner. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I don't like girl aren't. Yet sure and a hot and -- -- go out. Victory it have no. Problem than ever it but he got involved. He you can have a -- and -- ultimately. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And corporate it like Abbott and nobody -- Clinton. Like. Girls -- Anyway I want English and -- Brian. Price and -- on other. -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- -- The RI all right let the conversation already happened yet it already happening. So even the command presence Goliath I don't know if your time -- your friends and -- -- -- -- -- my brand. And let you know and I'm gonna. In its San Diego Atlanta and -- without them via an emblem part of being a good -- -- is taking your body out with you -- -- -- Here's my suggestion I think you guys to try and do what it does meet ups on it and see both the -- go together. And listening -- he was there. The current economic growth actual cling on for him ninety to -- by the way okay could -- to -- -- website Molly is clearly seen the incident I. -- -- -- and then had no idea and I can't the Francisco -- -- -- idea could be a good homey and take your buddy out weak U. To -- definitely take out your body out with you that's an and then invite some people over like if you know some girls that might that might scare them the of the -- computer set up. I'm just saying I mean and does -- man. -- roll out together and just. -- just do it you're gonna have to be the -- that -- -- the girls and pass it in Hampton man yes that the girls around him and then you can after the -- you know what it is just not ready and again and I'm I'm also sane if he's doing the whole -- the -- not even all the youth I don't think he really cares right now via. Accurately and think maybe it is when you're on the -- you're used in this match eHarmony plenty of fish -- -- -- Exercise your options. -- -- but thanks for the tip on 88 although the -- telling me different and I wrote that Aaron MacKey in a week ago. And in thickness. I threw him -- -- -- got an email and -- -- Christmas systems engineer from Chesapeake Virginia resonance that I. Of a computer love success story -- of the -- and ten years ago. I received a random chat from McGraw and I think -- I didn't know her and she didn't know mis -- -- want to talk to someone via clear it up pretty well we added each other's friends and I think -- continue to check daily for a couple months. We decided to -- on that date online but -- -- -- states away. Still she really got me like no one else did -- you know how that feels we dated for allow -- only started to drift apart due to increasingly busy lives in the distance between us so he broke it off. -- -- -- -- Flash forward three years I got out of a bad relationship and needed a friend. I thought of my ICQ rendition. But my act with insanely jealous and had made me delete all the email addresses and phone numbers of every girl I -- no way to get -- -- other. I had a vague recollection every email address that blindly send an email -- Hotmail hoping I have the address right. But I sent an email to the runs -- -- well it's never gonna work out now but wait. That's already again. A few months later and -- working directly and I am on team from -- screen name I had never seen before with one word in it Chris question. And -- like ending to answer with is. Him question. About me I was mutilated. If you haven't picked right up their prints of where we had left it up after humans she took the drive convenient -- later -- in the drive to go see her own. At this point we started dating and decided to move in together the two of us are now getting ready to start her third year of marriage oh my goodness -- it weren't for computers. We were never -- fallen in love. And gotten married -- -- -- -- Amazing story I know I don't have time -- -- -- to -- in the bar sometimes this is not the dark evil there's a job in the dark while. Beautiful story. Diet. This -- -- as you Joseph K and it just -- been Laurence Downey. A blisters and it -- since my last and first serious relationship. After a couple years and are really having nervous seeking out of -- in a filing joint OK -- my problem. Is that if I were to set up -- date I'm worried about the night's activities. I was never very good at playing dates and utterly nowhere to start under the dinner and a movie is to -- -- up and then it. I think the Internet movie is actually not a good -- state and now -- -- about birthday because I don't hockey coming out you despite sit next to -- -- -- -- get nervous yeah you're like what is keeping you would in my opinion and even enjoy the movie now we're I would use -- the more like active and social with each other you know and -- Don't get so crazy on -- romantic innards is some casual place like I -- Applebee's. But. I'm just games -- -- about of them don't. And -- -- it is terrible and -- thing. I think at first it should be at low pressure in casual -- Happy hour copies started happy hour that's a great birthday because benefits not working out it's like watt hours of organ north -- but it is. -- he can move on to dinner yeah and you already know you're just talking dinner in -- that you know. -- are you a -- date like a hike and ice cream. I'd love -- makes high screen at any rate lately gone a little maybe -- for breakfast or something and then on a -- and -- -- yet lies in an -- -- -- data is if it's going well you know hey if you -- and hygiene Tennessee what are body looks like that's -- to. -- Stephen what about you from your it is. I don't know maybe like it would be something in forty the ride bikes for a -- -- -- Montana. And it not that retarded -- you know -- cancer went. I just I think I like the idea that you start with a small chunk of time that can build. Yet it may be a need for brunch. And -- can go for a lot later in -- -- seed plant the seed. Take care -- -- little -- on their and a you know. -- -- They go. Idealistic -- you idealist if you -- trees -- there that I. Up and it was a beautiful beautiful tree obviously -- -- -- not. So much of a computer -- problem but it's near -- year to -- BT's hired a writer and here. This -- from Michael Chavez -- -- name -- Michael on the twice and you'll designer musician DJ photographer filmmaker value dual hot words into in the action sports music industry. But promised to do with the fact that. I look extremely young for my age until I was 45 almost every person I met -- think I was nineteen -- -- -- in the last years -- started to look a little older. But I still average around 23 years old my problem comes when wanted to meet or approach women my age or older I live in -- LA OC area so you can imagine how -- people can be around here. Approaches -- and that's clearly -- -- -- well it's older than yourself can be extremely intimidating. Now isn't a dating younger girls. Because they think I'm their age of a young girls around here never want anything serious. -- a bad idea that I'm just. -- -- -- -- -- I've always seen as the nice guy you know -- the saying goes I -- though I have a string of bad circumstances against me so I just call it quits until I'm 35 plus. Maybe then all have that maybe then I'll have better luck who knows what -- your thoughts -- all this. Molly and and he and and yours for five plus years now -- left is so contagious. And I enjoy watching the video version of the podcast justice use. Not -- mention. Employed at the -- dot com. Who I love a grown to turn green -- -- -- ethnically. And will you -- that -- Michael I'll tell you I was that guy hanging out. The young guy. The nice guy the friend guy I know what nastiness eighties because they thought I had a date for CDs. You know because I was a nice guy. Anyways I'll pay the highest the world that the -- -- I never doesn't know when it was done to be like watching -- -- like to know and ask and ask you didn't ask me. Whenever anyways looming policy and as you know like you eliminate you're probably you're gonna be -- late bloomer numerous error it. Term there's there's like -- weird points hammer when you get a little older. For some reason like doors open and you can walk through them I hate to say. I mean I'm sorry you'll you'll find a girl -- -- he definitely will but the fact -- them -- Tom -- right way hotter later -- bracket way hotter at the Donald really gets them their thumb pad that has looked to -- and when they -- they. -- -- that are yet. They don't don't give public dole don't make it a complex because you know like making -- government there might be girls that are checking you out in. You need to be open and receptive to -- don't close dork you are yet it's -- It's okay there are girls out there like it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ITunes. And I was at top volume dividends -- hang in there. Are there and I you developed with opera. Was that the only -- them. I heard shoes so the whole. I knew them -- I -- -- -- guy at -- kind of. I and then net you know we -- -- of the computer -- voicemails sometimes we get a tiny bit more. -- we bargained for I don't know utterly dismal and is directed atom and is in Pittsburgh BT but I'm not but we we had anonymous caller who -- who. The methods for. -- -- -- -- -- Oh. It ends. Lol there. We do you know I don't wanna encourage that these little built -- could. But. This. I got from the Apollo gonna come out in just a bad person onstage I would have been completely in agreement and how we don't know who that is. But now I'm we appreciate your feelings for the -- -- it's nice to see computer love expressed in a different way we love you too. We don't you -- YouTube and and why you don't -- what helped keep them come and it's an 800 I can't think they assert any driven ensemble renditions keep them under thirty seconds and I'm serious you might have a chance for them to get played on Stabenow is -- Wii is doing it and -- -- -- actually even have to worry about my copyright violations it to that was clearly parity. Clearly thought anything the music they created -- -- number by that cnet.com. Is our email address and you'll note that over and over and over. You by the latest episode now the one before it -- -- -- -- -- -- they grow greatly and we'll see you guys.
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