The 404: Ep. 1453: Where Facebook is future
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The 404: Ep. 1453: Where Facebook is future

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Facebook gets their hands on the Oculus Rift VR headset for 2.3 billion, a lot of people messed up their text donations during last week's #nomakeupselfie campaign, HTC just announced the HTC One M8, and your tattoo artist may some day get replaced with a Makerbot 3D printer.

[MUSIC] Hey everyone it's Wednesday, March 26th 2014. It's the 404 show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin Yu. I'm [INAUDIBLE] [UNKNOWN]. Hey what's up everybody? I hope we're talking to somebody. To be totally honest. I hope that someone can freaking hear us. There's been a lot of complaints, so much that it's actually gone to our personal lives. Like i'm, I'm sure that you're brother. Terrible. My girlfriends complained about it. There's no way to watch the actual show, but you can go to our Twitter page and check us out. Unfortunately the feeds, the RSS feeds aren't updating in iTunes right now. Everything's broken. But you can go directly to the links that we post on our twitter page every day, and you can listen to it there, so check us out at the 404 on twitter. Right? That's the best way to get the show now. And it'll hopefully be fixed by the end of this week, if not today. We'll see. Yeah. We'll keep you updated. It's like who are we even telling this to. I don't know. Right. I don't even understand. It's like we cut out the live listeners now we've cut out the recorded listeners. Ariel's just gonna leave the room [INAUDIBLE] Just promise us, you'll not hate us after it's all said and done. Cuz I hate us right now. Let's scoot through this show first and then we'll talk about. All right so, there's a lot to talk about today. Yesterday was a crazy day that I actually like kind of care about. Usually it's something stupid that I think we can all live without. One of the stories is something stupid we can all live without. Oh for sure, but yesterday was like kind of a very big deal for a lot of reasons. Okay, where do you wanna start. I wanna start with Facebook. Okay and yea it's funny that you and J man were on the show yesterday. We were basically ****, yeah. Literally spending 15 minutes talking about virtual reality and the future of gaming. Right. And then it comes out right after the show was done recording that Facebook just bought Oculus Rift. For $2 billion. 2 billion, $2.3 billion. Right, man. So first off, if you're, if you're Instagram, do you just, like, hate your life? No, because, because oh, because the money. Because everything is worth more than you. Right well that. Even the stupid freaking headset that never been released. Is worth more than you, is worth twice you. Right, right. Yeah that was one billion dollars for Instagram. It's like bargain of the century. Yeah. Well technically it's 400 million in cash and then the rest of it's in stock shares. But that's still crazy amount of money. And probably more then 2.3 billion at any rate. Right. So, okay, so first things first. What is Oculus? Well, so Oculus is a company that makes something called the Oculus Rift. And I guess they don't really make it because there are none for sale. They just spent a lot of time researching and developing virtual reality headsets. Right. Okay? So. Everything they make is a prototype, everything they do is proof of concept. They have no sort of product, they have no revenue, they have nothing. They're an 18 month old company that has done nothing really. Yeah. In terms of prove, prove to be profitable. And that's fine because Facebook is investing in the research and at the end of the day it's probably okay and cool that Oculus is now gonna have all this access to research funding and all this other stuff. As opposed to you know, having to hit up venture capitalists and whatever, to improve their hardware, to improve their technology. But let's back it up a little bit. Number one, have you read the book, Ready Player one? No, I've read a lot about it, but I've never sat down and read the actual thing. Okay. So we tweeted this out right away yesterday, and then I saw like, every other you know, person and their mother tweeting about it. The second that happened, that's the first thing I thought was Ready Player One. And it basically takes place in the future where everyone wears these sort of, I forget what the hell they call them. They're like these full body suits and and treadmills and stuff and everyone exists in this you know, other world called the Oasis. And obviously like, the first connection you make when you hear that the biggest social network on the planet is investing in virtual reality is that oh, okay, we're gonna have a future where we're all sort of interacting in a, in a, in a virtual space. Mm-hm. Which, I mean, I'm not clamoring for something like that. But it is kinda cool to think that oh, maybe in our lifetimes we'll, we'll sorta see that happen. Mm. And I guess, maybe, perhaps, we saw the first baby step of that, you know, inevitability. Mm-hm. Occur yesterday. Yeah, I think that's what people are most curious about right now is what you said is true. Oculus haven't released anything. They just only have that, you know, two versions out for developers only. By the way, it is also noting this was a kick starter back account, so I have no idea how that is going to work with the kick starter community. Man, you should get a slice of that pie. You should get a slice of the revenues and like maybe a piece of the stock that they, you know, when they eventually get bought out. But that's just [CROSSTALK] Of course they're not going to, right. [CROSSTALK] Right. And when you do a Kickstarter you're not investing. You're, you're emotionally investing but you're not monetarily investing. It's interesting cuz it's such a divisive thing on the internet. If you go to the original kick starter Oculus page, there are people that are seriously complaining about it. And others that are like, trying to put that, put out the fires. And they're saying, well, you know, Facebook is a huge company. At the same time according to Zuckerberg, they are going to let Oculus remain antonymous. We've seen this before with Instagram. So far, knock on wood, Instagram hasn't changed. You don't see Facebook branding in that at all. So its possible Oculus. Could, it could only good could come out of this. Well. And I think that's something that a lot of. gamer's aren't ready to embrace right now. Cause they see Facebook sort of as big brother. Right, right, right. But at the end of the day. This could only really could be good for Oculus. Of course and all so the thing with that is that. And we talked about this with Jane yesterday. Yeah. The best applications for Oculus are probably not gaming. Right. They're probably other things. And it's, you're right. Like, very strange coincidence. We really got deep into talking about how Oculus is probably better suited as like a virtual real estate application. Right. Or a virtual, you know, tourism. Like we said, Mount Everest, Grand Canyon, that's what I want to freaking do. Right. You know, with Oculus. Yeah. I mean, you've got to wonder about what Facebook is going to do with their first hardware buyout. Are you thinking that, you know, eventually, you're going to be able to hang out, maybe have video chats in the 3D environment, or maybe go and actually enter the places where people you know, say that they are right now. Again. You can put yourself in a different environment. We definitely are so biased. The people who are super excited about this are the ones that love sci-fi. And they are just obsessed with what they see in the movies and have a tough time, detaching themselves from reality. This will not happen anytime soon. You are not gonna be sharing a virtual you know, lounge, with all your best friends. It's just not gonna happen anytime soon. now. It's gonna happen sooner than you think. I don't know man. Because Zuckerberg, yeah so. They're not gonna be a hardware company. No, but in the phone call that he made with the press this morning he was talking about the timeline and that yes Oculus is gonna be about five to ten years out, but that's not that long. That's pretty. [CROSSTALK] Seeing applications happening in five years. All right. Which is pretty cool. I was thinking that virtual reality, at least in this form would be maybe decades out. But five years from now we're gonna start seeing it probably go on sale. Which is kind of great because who knows how long it would have taken Oculus to come out with itself. I guess. It seems, I mean they, I mean they're at a point where it was like, alright, let's see a product. Not that they don't know what they're doing over there. Clearly they know what they're doing. I'm not saying they're not, they don't know. Just because the company is run by a 21 year old doesn't mean they don't know what they're doing which just pisses me right off. Why does it piss you off? It's cuz it's so young and I'm so old. There's like three of these people on the planet. I know. You know. But you know, we're not talking about their incompetence at all. It's just a small company, and now they'll have a lot more resources. Right. So that's a good thing. And, and that's the thing. And basically they will remain you know, unchanged. Yeah. Besides the fact that they have a lot of access to a lot of capital. Yeah. And everything they do is owned by Mark Zuckerburg. Yeah, and now you'll have to have a Facebook account to log in before you play Oculus. Fine. Is that gonna happen? Or, Who Cares? Are you gonna, Who cares? have to be logged on to the internet to play? Like, I think those are the question that real gamers are asking. I just think it's just very funny like, yesterday was super telling about the kind of like knee jerk like little kid reaction that Facebook sorta has, whereas MySpace they it kinda happened overnight where they fell [COUGH] excuse me, into irrelevancy. With Facebook, I feel like they kind of see that writing on the wall. It's not here yet, maybe it's a few years down the road, and they're literally doing everything they can to prevent that from actually happening. Mm. Like, they're buying Whatsup, they're buying, now, now they're, they're just turning into this like, you know, massive conglomerate that's just swallowing up You know, products. Right. And, and, corporations. So, you know, for a second, think about what it's like to have all of those things being acquired by Facebook. Whether or not it's good or not. But let's look at like the negative side of it. Okay? The guy who created Minecraft, Marcus Persson. Right. He tweeted out yesterday. We're in talks about maybe bring a version of mind craft to Oculus I just cancelled that deal. Facebook creeps me out. It creeps him out yeah. Now that's the first causality of this entire thing. You have to really for a second realize that this is not a great thing in the sense of like, nourishing innovation, right? Why? Because you don't want every little last innovative thing that we do, like these little start-ups, like these Oculus, like these Pebbles, like these things, to just get swallowed up by the big guys. I mean, yeah, I, I, sort of agree with you. I would also add that, that, I think that's the reason why people put their, products on kick starter in the first place, is because they don't wanna have to worry about venture capitalists. And they don't have to worry about eventually trying to get bought-out by a bigger company. It's kinda funny cuz now it's like this aura boris-type thing, right? Like, you go and get funded by consumers that want your product. But then you get sold-out to a company and then you make more money. At the end of the day it seems like every bodies kinda winning though. I mean you get to invest in a product early and get your hands on something sooner than someone else. And then Facebook on the other end they get to buy up a company and increase their shares. So who's really complaining. People are winning in, in, in a monetary sorta sense. And don't, and don't think for a second that Oculus's main goal even before they were bought out by Facebook was to make money. Of course you want make money. Like it's all a business it's just the food chain's gotten a little longer. There's not a business, there was no business. Yea they were still selling death kits for three hundred dollars. Fine. But that's I mean let's be honest. And eventually every business' goal is to make money. Of course. It's funny because the 21 year old. What is his name, Palmer Lucky I think. The 21 year old founder of Oculus. Right after the announcement was made, he went onto to Reddit and did an ask. AMA. Yeah. Ask me anything. And it's funny cuz people were asking all kinds of questions. And he was basically just creating 200 different ways to say I'm rich now. [LAUGH] Like there's no reason for him to say anything else, besides look, we want to make money. Is it any surprise that we're just a business and when somebody offers us $2 billion. Sure. We're gonna take it. Oh and no, I mean, and not for a second is anyone criticizing them and I'm not mad at them for anything. But I feel that you can't argue with the fact that as a whole this sorta stuff is probably not great for progress and innovation in technology be, because, and i'm not saying look. Facebook buys a lot of stuff. Yeah. And they don't necessarily you know, look, they've left Instagram alone. I don't know what they're gonna do with What'sup, the whole future of Oculus remains unclear, but do you wanna live in a world where, you know, these giant corporations are. We already. Just sort of like, well listen. We already live in a world like that. It's only just now coming to technology. I mean think about how many companies General Electric owns or AOL even. Right. But I'm not talking about like brand new awesome I, they don't own all the brand new awesome sort of ideas that are starting to come up. It's like. It's basically like one record company just like signing every single independent artist. Right. And you know having a lock on it. But me, I don't think it's a great thing. Just the way it's not a great thing for one company to control all pieces of the media. Mm-hm. In the same way that, every little, tiny, creative enterprise so it's getting swallowed up by, you know, Google and Facebook. I think. And Amazon. Its just gonna take a little bit more convincing and we need to see what's going to happen with it. Because until we see how much Facebook's hand is gonna be inside eventual product. You have no idea if it's really gonna make a difference. Sure. Who knows, maybe eventually you won't even be able to tell that Facebook owns Oculus. Hopefully. I under, well, yeah. I mean that's, that's not my point but, you know, I, I, yeah, I don't know. I don't know. Okay. I'm just saying, like, I just. What is it? Your point is that it's not good to have like several cooks, several cooks in the kitchen. Literally three companies, no my point is that it's not good to have literally three companies buying all the cool **** that we're doing. Mm-hm. Like Every now and then, it's okay for someone to, you know, stay the course and not just give in. Yeah. You're still going to make but-loads of money. You know? Cuz at that point, it's like, your going to make, you know, people would uber, or whatever it is, well that was, like, a little idea and those guys seem to be rocking and rolling on their own. Just saying, it's okay not to be like oh, Facebook will buy it. Right. You're still going to make a lot of money. Probably. These Oculus guys wouldn't have made $2 billion right away, but they would have made a lot. They would have made a lot of money. I can see where they're coming from with talking to Zuckerberg about it. Sure. I feel like every start up company, since the beginning of start ups, the goal was get to get bought by a major. By Google, the goal was just to get bought by Google but now Amazon and Facebook are doing. Right. The same thing. Mm-hm. So I don't know, let's us know what you think email us and give us your thoughts. I, I just, you know, I don't know, it. I'm okay with it like, you know, my first knee jerk reaction was oh, I don't care. Yeah. You know, but it's, it's kind of a big deal. I want to see that spreadsheet of companies. I want to see that tree of brand names. Yeah. That, at the top, it's probably just gonna be three companies [CROSSTALK] Facebook, Amazon and Google. that own every subsidiary, yeah. And, well, like across all products. Oh, well then it's GE and it's, you know. Yeah. And that's really all it is. But, man. Facebook has a lot of money, huh? Yeah, they seem to just throw it away. They are like in the checkout aisle. And it is like 15 items or less. Right. And they are just like, oh wait for a second, hold on. We just got to buy Nebraska. Hold on. Let's just scoop all that in. They have so much money. Yeah. It's crazy how much money they have. We should start taking bets on what start-up is gonna get bought by Facebook or Google next. I bet we'd be pretty spot on. The, the odds are not that tough. Yeah, yeah. I think we could do it. All right, what else we got? alright, let's talk a little bit more about Facebook cuz it's definitely not all good. Let's talk about this. So last week you probably notice a bunch of women on your Facebook feed posting photos of themselves without makeup on. Did you guys see that? No. no. nope. You didn't, oh. That's because you have cool friends. Well no I just, I'm never really on facebook That's why. Also a smart decision. [LAUGH] What the hell is this. So women were posting photos of themselves without any makeup. So plain face. How dare they. With the hashtag. No makeup selfie. Right. And this was one of those campaigns that was launched out of nowhere. No one can actually trace this back to the origin. But the point. People were just doing it? Yeah. No on, no one knew where it started or who began it. But, the whole portrait was designed to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Oh, okay, that's a good cause. Yeah, it's one of those things where people, well it's good and bad, because you've seen this before. Campaigns where people just post photos of themselves on Facebook, but that doesn't make a difference unless you're donating money. Yeah, like, how does that translate into actual charitable contributions? Right. And, well luckily this program actually reached over thirteen million dollars. Okay. About eight million pounds despite no one knowing where it started, which is a good thing. Right? Thirteen million dollars to charity is great, all the time. In one year, how does that happen? Well people were posting that if you want to donate you can text the word BEAT to 70099. You know how people do that for the Red Cross, and things like that. Sure, sure. Well, unfortunately the cancer research of the UK, didn't actually see a big chunk of that money. A lot of it got rerouted to UNICEF. And here's why. [UNKNOWN] Because somewhere along the line of this campaign, people were actually texting the word Donate instead of Beat for that same phone number. And 70099 is basically a short code when combined with the word Donate. That always goes to UNICEF. You should never have anyone text anything besides the word donate. Yes. Like don't make them do beat. Right. Don't make them do doughnut. Right. Just do donate. Well the problem is that UNICEF basically holds they, they hold that. No else can donate using donate. Yes they can. Well they can but it'll all get routed to them. But 70099 is the only number that you can use, to set up donations to charity. What. So really if you, if you set one up the word that people text is the only unique thing. Right? Does that make sense? No. It doesn't make sense, but you understand what I'm saying. I understand what you're saying and you're sure that's accurate? Yeah. Yeah, it's really. You sure it's not just a UK thing. No, no, no. Cuz we do that for the Red Cross too. Right, but I feel like there's other. [INAUDIBLE] when Katrina happened, people were texting. But I feel like there's other numbers. There's probably other numbers but in the UK this is what they use. Okay. So what's even funnier to me is that another mix up happened right. So don't worry, to follow up that story, the cancer research in the UK is going to get all the money, you're taking it away from the mouths of little kids at UNICEF but they are still getting the money. Jesus what do you do, you like give it to the little kid or do you give it to the cancer people? It's all good at the end of the day. I guess it's all good. Your intentions. You are literally ripping the money out of a little kids hand. Yeah, yeah. Just going to walk up to him and snap that twenty out of his hand. Yeah. He is so worried about that. What's even funnier is that it turns out even when people did correctly text the word BEAT 70099. Mm-hm. The auto correct on a lot of their phones changed BEAT to bear. Which actually notified the world wild life fund that you were interested in adopting a polar bear. But beat is a word so why the hell was it auto correcting. I hate that I hear that all the time. I meant to write this and it did that. What the hell's wrong with auto correct. Soon after people sent that text message and they got a reply. Ply from the World Wildlife Fund. My gosh. I was saying, hey, I heard you were interested in adopting polar bear. How much did you want to save? Where do you want us to ship the polar bear? Yeah. [LAUGH] It's ridiculous. He is pretty cute, though. Listen now, you're, you're taking food out of the mouths of polar bears. [INAUDIBLE] Why do they use the, the one photo of the polar bear where he's just, like, giving us, like, a crotch behold? Yeah, yeah. Sorta thing? We're just, like. Presenting his balls to us, like that. Spread, spread bear. Yeah, hey, what's up? That's, that's bear of the month for March 2014. Yeah. Mm. That's, that's Kevin, that's Kevin over there. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] So crazy, though. So just be careful what you text message, and then also, there's like the whole separate conversation of whether or not posting makeup photos of yourself on Facebook does anything. I mean. What do you think about that? I mean, I mean. If they're donating money, it's great. But there were a lot of people that were just posting photos and I think what's frustrating about that to me is, you know, this isn't like Kony 2012. You know what I mean? Like, people know what cancer is. Sure. You don't need to raise cancer awareness. Sure, sure, sure. It's like how Pepsi doesn't need to have commercials, everybody knows what that is already. I mean, I will get **** for saying this, but it's the same reason like you don't need to wear pink cleats in football to get everyone to know what breast cancer is. Right, right, exactly. I mean, everyone knows, what it is. Right. And how awful. Instead of the funds that you can actually donate. Right, that doesn't put like. That, that will do stuff. Right, like clicking a like button doesn't help cure cancer. Right. So, you have to. It feels really vain when people do that too, because then it's like, wow, look how. Well they think they Look how **** I look. It And it also sort of gives. [LAUGH] Don't say that. Well no, cuz that's exactly what they'e doing. Like I don't do this very often. I'm sacrificing. Yeah that's what it feels like. A sacrifice. And that's a slap in the face to women that don't wear makeup. A lot of people, a lot of women don't. And they look great. Of course. They don't have to wear makeup. Sure. No one has to wear makeup. Correct. But. Ourselves included. But listen. But it frustrates me because then it makes women who don't wear makeup feel bad. And a lot of cancer survivors were being outspoken against this saying that, wow it sort of feels like you're saying, look how crappy I look without make. It's almost like how crappy people look with cancer. Oh my God, I hope no one is actually drawing a comparison between those two things. But. Again, I have a big problem with these freaking people who. Yeah. They do this to feel better about themselves. Well they, the way they feel better is because then they inevitability read comments from people that are saying. You still look good sweety. Or like you are so selfless or stuff like that. It's so [CROSSTALK] Donate with your fricking wallet. That's the only thing, you know, money, money, money, money. Right. Okay? Right. There you have it. You don't have to announce every donation you make, either. I mean, money talks. I guess if you want other people to, then sure. Like [UNKNOWN] Money talks. Great promotion, but. Look, I don't, you know what? If you donate $50, brag about it on Facebook. Yeah. I will gladly, deal with your insufferable self congratulatory nonsense. In your face. As long as you donate money. In your stupid face. In your stupid face. Makeup or no makeup. Yeah. There you have it. So that's, that's no makeup selfie. Just be careful cuz you can still donate to it. Right. But make sure you type in BEAT. BEAT with a t. And that. Turn off auto correct. Yeah. You dummy. All right, I guess we should spend a little bit of time talking about the HTC One M8. Can we? Can we please? Because, guess what? Remember I was like, man, you know, nothing impresses me. [CROSSTALK] Does it impress you? Dude, the phone doesn't impress me, cuz it's just a new phone. I think that dot case is awesome. [LAUGH] Yeah, that is. The dot case is the coolest thing I've seen. Okay. I mean. That's the most exciting part of the story. I don't disagree with you. Can you bring it up, cuz this thing kicks all kind of ****. Well, okay, before we talk about that, that's a good preview and segue into this. But let's first talk about the HTC One handset itself. So yesterday all major carriers announced support of a new phone from HTC called the HTC One M8. And we've had it forever and we reviewed it. Could be neat. Yeah it's going to be $699 from the Google Play Store. How much? Or unlock direct from HTC for $649. Oh, that's fair. Yeah. $649 In the UK it's going to cost over a $1000. Wow. It looks a lot like the previous version except that this one is four oz less. Lighter. Lighter, lighter, sorry. Right. It's four ounces lighter. It's got an all aluminum body, which is kinda cool, a curved back. Man we. It's got that curved back. These photos we have of this thing, it might as well be playing porno music behind it. And the way it's written too it's, it's. Like how R A L did that time with the Google glass. It's basically like hot glass on glass action. Yea, yea. I can imagine Brian Bennette is at home, lighting a bunch of candles and writing this. Just in a robe with no underwear. Yeah. You know, it's open. Right, and just a couple of candles. And Barry White in the background. Loving it. So, that's the phone. It's pretty cool. The photos aren't as great as other handsets but it's a beautiful phone none the less. It's a slick piece of tech, it's a slick phone. It's a phone. [LAUGH] It's a phone. That's the, that's all the review should've said. Oh, it's a phone. It's a, hey, it's a phone. [LAUGH] it's, it's cool. And, and I would get it, for sure. Like I would definitely be interested in getting it. If you were in the market for a phone. If I was in the market for a phone, but that only happens like once every two years or so for me. Sure. The less. All right. Televised story is this case. Oh my God. The case. And you can buy the case separately. Of course it's not included cuz why the hell would they do that? No. Fifty bucks for this case gets you, something that looks like this. And it's basically called the dot view case. And it's like the old light bright toys where The case is a dot matrix style thing with holes in the front of it that lets light from the screen shine through. Are you sure? I thought that was the back of the phone? No. the, that's, yeah that's the back of the phone. So then how does that work? I think the back of the case lights up and then that comes through. There's nothing electronic in the actual case. Are you sure? I'm going to go ahead and stick with my story that it's magic. Yeah, okay. Because I can't understand how the front of the screen is doing that. Yeah, it is kind of funny. Anyway, it's so awesome! But it displays all of your important information, like the time, the weather. You can, Control volume. I think you can control volume. Answer a call. Right. And it is touch sensitive too. Right? Yeah. It is so awesome. Scroll through these photos man. It's like this weird sort of old school LED, you know, display. Right. And you don't need. A lot of this stuff you don't even need the phone on for. No. Like you said. And the dot views. I, I'm sorry. Am I the only one that thinks this is so cool? Pretty cool. Mike, Arial, no? No, I like it. You like it? Arial's like, no, you're [UNKNOWN] No, it's nice. It's cool, right? Yeah, it's cool. It'll save you some time. Don't you wanna play with one? And I bet it doesn't use any battery. No, yeah, I think that's the appeal if you want to turn on your phone. I mean super low, you know, low power, I would imagine. Yeah. I'm excited. So that's a phone - Do we have that in the office [CROSSTALK] I don't know. No, I've seen the phone around in Brian's hands, but. I'm going to have to beat up Brian and steal that case. Yeah, we should take a look at that. We should get that on the show. Yeah, we should do that. Have Brian come in here. I would like that. In his robe. Once we're a real show again, we'll have him back on. Yeah. I think that's cool. All right. Is that it? No, we've got one more story left. Ooh. And I wanna talk about it, because the three of us all have tattoos. Yeah. Some more visible than others. [LAUGH] Yeah. Well, the three of us definitely do, and this is something that I wanted to talk about. So, last week, the French Ministry of Culture, they challenged a bunch of students to hack an electronic device, and they had eight hours to do it. All right. So one of the groups of students, led by this kid named Pierre M, he came up with an idea for [LAUGH] a tattoo. Why are you yawning? I'm not yawning. [CROSSTALK] That's incredibly rude for you to yawn while I'm. You realize [CROSSTALK]. Describing this story? God you're. I know you' realize, you think that nobody's watching this right now but people just saw you yawn right into the microphone. No they didn't. Yeah. They did. That's the beaut of switching cameras. I yawn when I know I'm not on camera. Well I can see you doing that out of the corner of my eye. And no one can hear me yawn either. God you suck, why don't you tell them about all the magic happening? So, so inconsiderate for me to be, for you to be doing that while I'm describing. God. Why would you blow up my spot like that? Arial saw me yawning. He's like, I'm not gonna cut the [UNKNOWN] I'll call you out on that every time you do it. All right. I'm gonna Yeah okay. [SOUND] Allright. How dare you. Wait to you here this story. So one of the kids had an idea to attach a tattoo gun to a Maker-bot 3D printer. To basically create an automatic computer aided tattooing machine. So if you thought that all of our jobs were getting taken over by robots. Well tattoo artist should probably look at as well. And I say that facetiously cuz obviously that's never gonna happen. Right I mean. [LAUGH] But the craziest part is that after these students came up with the idea, they did it. They had a Maker Bot 3D printer on hand. They rigged a tattoo gun to it, probably just using big pens and ink like some kind of [CROSSTALK] prison tat machine, yeah. And a few volunteers that were at this event actually came forward as volunteers to, to just do it. Stupid. So we don't have a photo of what the what the tattoo actually looked like at the end of the day. But the machine, It makes sense. It's not like I want to know the design that the inputted into it. And was it all, like, pixelated. [LAUGH] Yeah, it's [INAUDIBLE]. For whatever reason, I feel like that's how the game ends. I'm imagining, you know those those stickers you can get at the kiosks in the mall of like Calvin peeing on whatever you want? Yeah. And they're all like simple line drawings of like the GM logo. Right, right. Like, I'm imagining that's what these tattoos look like. Like kind of rip-off thing. Yeah, totally. I mean, do, I kinda do think one day tattoos will be way easier to do. Yeah? I feel like they'll just be like a one shot sorta thing. And just completely take the art element out of it. No, I don't, I just think that it will be easier to get them. From a human, or from a robot? From a robot. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Not, but not like a robot taking it [CROSSTALK] Oh, oh so you're saying an artist would input a design into some kind of CAD machine. And you'd have to like perfectly position your body part into this thing. Yeah. But then it might just like slam it on in one shot. Oh, so you wouldn't have to sit for like 50 hours and get your back done. It would be just like a big print? Yeah, like a stamp. Would you be into that? Even if you could select your own artist and maybe, okay, this is sort of playing on that. Image one day everyone has a 3D printer in their home. Put the tattoo gun attachment onto the extruder. And then you could buy designs from any tattoo artist around the world. Get that sent to your machine. Could you do that? I mean, it's way less personal and intimate of a situation, but I dunno. If you're like living in like Bumsville, Iowa. Yeah, yeah I know a lot of people that travel, you know, around the country, around the world to get tattoos by their favorite artists. And you wanna get you know, work done by like a celebrity artist or whatever the hell it is. Yeah. It's not totally crazy. Tattoo artists could probably make a ton of money off it if they kept [CROSSTALK] charging the same amount. And then you're gonna have like pirated tattoos. Oh, right, right. Cool. Oh, this is a bummer already. I've got a new idea for a cyberpunk novel. Yeah. [LAUGH] There we go. I wouldn't do this though, personally. No. I think like the experience is really, really important. It's really fun sitting there and talking forever. Yeah, and having the worst pain in your life and just trying to grit through it and just trying to talk normal. That's the funniest. Yeah [LAUGH]. Right, right. And not go oh every ten seconds. So, that's tattoo machines. I don't think that's gonna happen any time soon. We'll see. Also didn't think they're be ready player one on Facebook land, but that's happening tomorrow. You need to read that book. Do you have that? I do. No, just download it. How do you not read that book. I feel like you would appreciate it just because it's nothing but, well you would get all of the 80s references, but it's all 80s and all video game references. Like 80s movies, they talk about War games a lot. Yeah. All right. So, if you seen War games, you're like a third of the book, you'll understand. I'm imagining if someone didn't like the movie Wreck It Ralph, they probably wouldn't like... You'd it might Wreck it Ralph? I didn't get a lot of the references in Wreck it Ralph. Have you no soul? I like the, like, animation and humor in it. You know I did an unscientific survey of about 1400 Asian people, it took a while, I didn't tell you about this. I went up to them and was just like," Do you play games?" And an overwhelming majority of these people confirmed that they did. What does that have to do with me being Asian? I'm saying like you are an anomaly. You need to be researched. Alright. I mean I know a ton of Asian people who don't play video games. You are lying. They weren't part of my study. I don't know. You just made it weird. I really, it's like, it's like one of these things like, I wish You know, you have this...I have like a brothery relationship with you... Thanks man. And it's very upsetting that we can't share this thing. I'm my own person, man. Stop trying to push your interests onto the family. I'm not...(laughing) onto the family. I'm not saying you're an inferior person. No, not at all. I don't feel that way. Of course not, as you shouldn't. You're just, I just wish we could connect on that level. I"m just too far gone now. Like you. You are. It's like not being into sports. You can't all of a sudden as a 30 year old be like I'm really into sports now. Oh sure you can. I guess Cheryl did it with hockey. And with sports are like easy 'cuz you don't have to do anything you just have to watch. That's true video games require skill that. Like what you guys were saying yesterday I was laughing at, Your Z access, your z access conversation was funny. It left a lot of people behind. Completely me. Yeah, I remember when strafing became a thing and I was like, oh no, I can't strafe. And that was the end of the road for me. But there's a lot of games now that embrace the 2D roots. Yeah, like the Final Fights. So you would probably still, yeah. Of the world. And Final Fight was kinda 3D. Yeah, you know what, what really disappointed me is that there's no more really good light games, light gun games, coming out. Those were my ****. Really? Yes. I was really into Time Crisis, Virtua Cop. You were the [UNKNOWN] I know it. You really Area 51. Holding up that gun on the screen? Not even freaking like backing up a little bit. Oh, like [CROSSTALK] into the display? No, I was the guy holding the gun with one hand and then using my, my pointer finger on the trigger alone. You know what I mean? That you could click faster? [CROSSTALK] No, I've never, have you ever seen that strategy? Because some people would hold the gun like a regular gun, with one hand. [CROSSTALK] Right, And you wouldn't do that? I wouldn't do that, because it's really hard to pull a trigger like that. But if you can just go like this, you diddle the, you could just diddle the trigger [CROSSTALK] [SOUND] Can you make that, can you continue to Then it's a faster application. You just, you just flick that beam over and over. It's call a trigger, we have a name for it. Wow. Alright. Anyways, there not making lycan games anymore. They kinda are, I feel like they are. There all like, we, we did a lot of that. Yea. And same with PlayStation move. If they came out with a really good console with guns that were made to look real. [LAUGH] Why do they have to look real? Why does anyone play a video game and want realism in it? Wha, are you talking about the gun? Yeah, the gun itself, yeah. Like if it was like an Airsoft style gun. Where you can hold it up and shoot it at your screen, I would really, really enjoy that. Like a hunting game with some kind of like Who are you? Yeah like a zombie shooting game, that would be great. Remember. House of the dead? House of the dead. They should make that for Walking Dead. Oh my God I'm going to start this Kickstarter account now. Help me understand who the hell it is sitting across the table- What? From me. What's so crazy about, I don't understand what's so crazy about what I'm saying. It's not, I just lo, I love you because you're so unique., that's our email address. Again, We're trying a damn this to, to fix this whole situation. And again, it's probably not effecting you. Because A, you can hear us. Or B, you're not noticing the situation. Nevertheless, hit us up on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter. I'm Jeff Bakalar. That's @matusbrutas. And over there is @ R-E-L. Who has the best Twitter handle out there [CROSSTALK] Alright, so make sure you do that. And then Instagram, and then our Subreddit is is alive and kickin. So make sure you visit that at least six or 17 times a day. Yeah. That'll do it for us. We'll be back tomorrow with a brand new show. Until then, I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin Yu. I'm Ariel Nunez. This has been the 404 Show, High Tech, Lowbrow. We'll see you guys tomorrow. Bye bye. [MUSIC]

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