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Ep. 1453: The poke lobby: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1453: The poke lobby

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On today's show, prep is minimal, but the news is pretty interesting: Amazon's cloud service went down overnight, taking lots of sites with it -- including the Cydia jailbreak app delivery store. Apple blew it out with earnings, and so did Verizon -- and HTC Thunderbolt sales. We continue to debunk the iPhone tracking "discovery," but that doesn't mean we're not worried about the data. And Amazon's increasingly imminent tablet, too. --Molly

Today is Thursday April 21 2011 my name is Steven -- I -- Ryan's. And Donald bell and I am Hollywood marketing buzz out loud to that podcast of indeterminate link that episode 1458. The loony it. -- -- -- alive we -- -- Black Eyed -- -- music elaborate whenever I think it has -- it's. -- -- -- -- You know how we're not on the -- volatile on the show anyway and today we're nowhere near the rail and we absolutely crazy company meeting Canon see the -- happened during our showtime and there were starting to easily -- and we have read these stories all mean honored. -- a -- people that -- listening might know more about us by the time near this spot. Yet for today -- throughout the disclaimer so you don't completely -- were being honest with you but yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There is audience noise is gonna make him feel like the more polls show. -- that in my eyeball. With -- were dead -- -- we are we are we are crashing but the good -- -- and until then -- know now yeah it can be ordered art I know -- do that but it didn't happen but we are crashing the last night Amazon's cloud -- -- -- the vessel is supposed know it. Exactly and -- With that I was like a. Only we can move on now it's all right so if -- if any view work did not realize what -- Amazon they host. A lot of they have a lot of servers that host the information that -- runs through it for a variety of web sites will their web service. Shut down for a lot of these companies things like foursquare. -- Crude -- just a few services and web sites -- -- -- is the URL sugar they were affected by this by Amazon down and at least at this moment there are fears that the server system is still down. Yeah Amazon says it is making progress the good the only good news about this is that Amazon has been incredibly communicative theirs they say they're totally investigating what's going on. But it seems to be have gotten worse -- night. And it's really. Not only is it affecting lot of companies numbers is very notable because EC -- Amazon hosting services this service that. All almost all of the like new startups in the valley are using -- -- a lot of companies small companies that kind of can't really afford these these outages. Are using Amazon and it's been. Ongoing overnight and still is Amazon's of that they are making significant progress in stabilizing the affected UBS control planes earth. EB for example easy to reject calls and do not involving PSE BS resources in the affected availability zone are announcing significantly -- failures and latency in our continuing to -- Molly I'm not like junior talk your way out of it. I'm glad to hack you're actually -- going to regret we are making progress that restoring access and ideally these perfect -- RDF hinted that. Excellence okay well people how does that affect you -- RTS and think they're going to recover. I understood. All of that now there's a variety of other web sites scavenger which is delicate -- mean that it elect public audit team hunting things -- an -- music out one company that probably is really happy about this down its. Apple and I'll tell you why the -- -- store. The city is stored -- -- App Store is hosted. On Amazon's servers are also -- pretty happy because Amazon's cloud music service is down to write an idol I I got edited -- I would assume it is but stated the things they did mention the clouds are down I would have to have their own. Prioritized. Servers aren't that I thought I heard about that now that I mean we had prior to that service for things like her web streams. And then Agnelli -- Cutler added we have right -- -- And I do wonder actually more than anything how much this is related to that and -- impending to judgment. Yeah wanted to -- I don't -- thumbnail not to share and you know today's judgment will yesterday we even had a weird thing where the show started. Steven -- -- did not even press a key. And the show started playing remember that -- -- I forgot to mention -- -- that was a sign of him with an Intel does is -- he was like well at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's gonna play anything on county hasn't yet -- to turn over to the -- Amish. Like me. But you can't put a cap on yet you'd be fine. That you need to go now you really call now with -- -- -- can Powell it -- all yet. If you want to live come with me the other -- it publicly if you want to live. And then. Hear me. -- -- It's not a dog but -- -- the it's to. Get rid of that wanna -- icon -- -- in and out of network. Aren't connected to tablet. It's not a dog that did that yeah the -- Not -- -- -- And -- value and less demanding more any hard and we got our -- it's almost it's almost saddle and unlike more the voice of reason Sunday night it's only one story -- depressingly dark side are ever gonna get the next quarter. Apple. Blows -- again they reported their earnings yesterday. Of beating expectations illicit which they typically have some of the numbers that are insisting that did come out of this I could say how. They had a reported earnings per share of six dollars and forty cents revenues of 24 point 67 billion dollars and now their Macs. And there are iphones were some of the big winners three point 76 million Macs 20% increase and 118 point 65 million iphones -- is up. 113%. Increase more than. Last year but one thing that threw people off. Was that ipads. Expected to sell somewhere around six to seven million they reported to date. Only sold four point 69 million units now they attributed some of that to the -- disaster Japan but. I'm a little skeptical about that because they had the supply ramp that they're still lines people are -- get him they are still trickling in inventory outsourced. I I really feel that it is incidentally since sold out in it will what was of some over estimation I know it well yet and over estimation by the analysts and but may be I have talked about yesterday. Although a lot tablets are very popular site and look -- -- Vatican saying no no I'm just saying that people there's gonna be this. Period of time are people gonna figure out that while mean I don't actually really -- It's now absolutely not a bubbles not gonna pop yet not doesn't just popped yet it -- and -- -- delusional but there is a public there might mean. And leave it right and -- it out. Its name on it you say it ain't no I think I think it was probably companies -- wild over estimation and anticipation for iPad. And then I mean we -- only and you mean anticipation. But they sold less than they expected to -- iPad but -- Now notice that this is iPad this is iPad iPad include ipads overall it was -- -- overall. It certainly could be apart from your I mean the active right no line. And -- and I don't know and -- that app and excellence and they're they're going to start realizing this at some point in time yeah. That's all and that's that's -- Now I I know so it's obvious. I've -- bringing iPad I'm gonna bring prize -- back -- -- -- I made that prediction in the iPad first came out Ali Ali that we would eventually come full circle and an atom would realize eventually that within anyone with a laptop had an out the battery life so little and culture so why did you go. Though there was a lawful and they'll give you think about -- quarter it when it -- I think it actually makes a lot of that there was a lull in sales because people were waiting for iPad amounts they -- -- -- -- one and. And and nobody can get hands on iPad went for an excellent -- I don't -- -- white one in Dallas with speed them up to colors amendment got -- I. But it -- built an item allowed -- crumbling -- -- by the white line. But in -- way it. Ellis that was -- also a Mac but this'll two point eight million Mac books. But the trend continues Apple still kills it -- in earnings report and -- yet to shown any sign that the train is slowing. And -- out that the net app they didn't have any supplier cost impact from the Japan quake in QQ and they don't and -- been in Q for cost impact or a loss of supply and cost. I mean yes -- As a result an outstanding teamwork. And a. -- -- -- -- -- Good job Apple Verizon also had its first quarter results today delivered better than expected first quarter results and -- -- -- tally of iPhone activation and -- that they had activated 2.2 million iphones in the first quarter. And 500004. G devices including -- that this -- -- -- number 268000. HTC thunderbolt. That's pretty that's pretty killer that blew my -- considering the newness of orgy and -- you know -- kind of dead. The cost of that phone abroad mean that with -- -- -- that really shows that -- yet tech crowd -- -- around the Apple per share. That's why your mama's phone I think at NASA's budget item or an iPad is editor telling them not my mom -- -- -- Redmond tech -- Catholic mentioning that they didn't. Pattern -- this to me shows that it has a much wider appeal and I would've expected. Not like 2.2 million that appeal let you know. But still a quarter million activation done just that one Android phone and that's huge. So that recorded 3.2 six billion dollars a revenue 51 cents a share. I'll -- over you know being the estimates of fifty cent a share revenue yet. There you go -- by a penny. They said they also add an additional 906000 post paid subscribers and a retail churn of just 1%. Mail accounts Smartphones and tablets and with it. As as a whole battle for number -- some other -- -- that's related to. Verizon and AT&T and all these iPhone things that big news is reporting after they got the numbers and these are always rough numbers when you get these earnings reports. And also from other sources but -- They pretty much calculated that the sales of iPhone four's. Four AT&T. And Verizon. Are aligned with -- other -- proxy around 40000 units per day. For the quarter. -- -- that's so yesterday we talked about AT&T'S earnings add them not losing as many people as. Everyone had estimated. Due to the iPhone -- migrating over to Verizon and these numbers show that. The fact that it's in parity is -- is probably good thing for AT&T as well it's not it's not tilted really dramatically from one way -- run side to the other. Yet no pressing and interesting they said that it's not the -- is not precise because of the number of units in inventory. And also the number of phones sold here in there and taken overseas for refills that they never activated that actually affect AT&T more than -- or AT&T may be. Losing active selling more iphones but losing the activation -- yet undertaken -- Mac. Yeah I heard as sorry. And -- That's conclave here man that thing on her on the web right now -- woman any animal that when implement users I think every Catholic mean. I -- a lot that noises from women. -- -- The study known as dishonest not. I'm just alienated myself right now I don't even know that sexy would -- unless it was mostly there really isn't really very sad thing about not okay. It -- you know it's not locate a whole iPhone tracking stories and happiness it appears to be we talked about the tracking service. And some some issues have come to light we did make it a point -- -- is to mention how Apple is not collecting this data whatsoever. But just a few other things about the spread -- -- was -- -- the file itself that was discovered and -- all this publicity. Is neither new or really a secret because it had been found previously and it warned about. -- I think maybe because these guys use the platform -- where 2.0 to bring this to light the whole. It I think it's I don't wanna make a cool map out an -- -- -- well it goes and -- that we -- areas sound out opinion capital budget deceit visualize where UN if you have website. There's -- really interesting by both an Anchorage artery and Alex Clements and outward press dot com and he is inserted. Discovery is the main one being. That. I mean I think we talked about this on our show and we talked about how Apple was letting you opt out of third party location tracking but not Apple's location tracking. So it's very clear then that they -- they were absolutely following you everywhere you and I think the only thing that was surprising. Was not that they were tracking you but that it was such an extensive -- anything that was still. And it's an extensive log. That is stored on your devices in plain text. And -- that is still have a big security risks like unquestionably a big security risks and I just think maybe people didn't really realize. That it what it's like it's one thing to know that it's tracking you it's another thing to know that it's generating a very complete. Plain text non expiring log of all of your behavior and movements and when you went there that can become easily. Obtained by anybody who got hold of your phone or computer. Or the robot -- in a takeover they want to mimic your -- you -- the ones that need to know about that. Q -- you could run the data visualization app I forgot to and not I don't think my old tiny phone supports it. That's brand identity now they have -- the jitterbug is on that. And I think that -- under president theater the jitters about the Motorola RAZR is on my leg as a way to attack your grandparents nations -- have been wandered into a field some. But that today is like debugging game for that product -- that big reveal for mr. it is remarkable that it does. Presented -- -- -- 2.0. It's remarkable for one thing to think that Apple is collecting the data when and their own presentation clearly. Said -- now Apple -- that data is being collected by your phone but it only lives and your local devices. Though Apple's not collecting it in at all -- M and the location. Awareness that location tracking is not new. And then into how the headlines -- headline helped it to take off. It was the iPad and that iPhone three GR tracking everywhere you go it was something like that the island so -- that Apple's. Playing Big Brother in in this particular accident site -- pad that their product is. And that's -- can be used her -- ray and we we actually don't know whether Apple is. Well the thing that we don't know is whether Apple is in fact harvesting stated we have no idea -- every time you sync iTunes you're -- to the mother ship. We know the phones and back a lot of information Apple. I mean I think what you know it's. You've got -- like. Really comprehensive log information is stored mainly in the back at the -- plan it out but. We don't know. Whether it's going back to Apple and I think it's it's right. It's a bit -- to be freaked out about it again but I have very conference -- volume movement that when they happen. That is available and encrypted to anybody who gets your machine -- -- Then the idea that we have no idea whether Apple is being is able to obtain that information. -- but it's also evolved -- that way where it's -- people don't really know it's happening but I don't know if there until someone brought it up to my -- -- Or until coming out and has all my information and make the map of everywhere got an instructor comes into via blog that many -- -- -- services that let you create your own map for the straight and he's been in -- -- foursquare something out that if you're volunteering to do it is yet that it's another -- -- we'll have yet cemetery -- that Q why is Apple not responding. While Apple has come out that you -- com online news. -- we told you -- tracking that the not a big -- to insert Iraq the new member guardian elder on the iPhone death grip issue it took them a month the daily okay what will -- will bring Steve Jobs -- the title out this decrease insulting way for five minutes and we -- we're -- the reason why they are responding is because they're going to hold. Another another little mini announcement. And then they're gonna create videos of other phones at the idea is same exact thing and that we all know that every phone does exactly what Apple does and there the bad guys -- Catholic all the Google phones at -- like. Well I know you think -- On your Blackberry 8830. And -- -- you know -- -- a break up all the ones from before before the iPhone existed the Motorola RAZR was also track your GPS occasion maybe you didn't know maybe -- remember. Any that's particularly in -- stupid thing but I have to say that as much of the Blogosphere at helping them out in terms of putting the fears to rest a little while and that's opening your threats compared -- -- -- researchers pretty -- pretty handily. Apple -- Really just put the fire out if they put out a couple simple statements have. We're gonna take a quick break when we come back the reason that President Obama was absolutely -- the San Francisco commute. The -- impending inevitability of an Amazon tablet. And what -- happened to the Droid by -- -- Welcome back above the allowed everybody this. This show that hang in my address it. That's more exciting -- -- are easily and we cannot read the stories every day it's kind of I. -- Able to connect and -- and at how many of you watched the am FaceBook live stream of the President Obama having a town -- with Mark Zuckerberg then yesterday with -- due to the Zuckerberg acting like the moderator the question than if you with -- nervous that he actually say -- -- yesterday's announcement and he did he -- something like that and. Made chat and crichton and yet he -- in -- funny -- a little late and using them as finishing up an ambulance. If that's. -- And yet guys -- -- -- is if you're wondering what this likes. Cryptically I get this cryptic rages because normally knowledge not err raging in a cryptic fashion that she did this awesome interview with the ability. That is Google book was -- into the book in the in the -- and it was going to be seen though we had the technical issue that prevented it from being streamed at all. And three died right when it came on. I did I actually went to -- in the middle of it and I saw about. Five minutes and froze and my god damn tight we're gonna go we're gonna publish it later now but I wanted to let you people that arose in -- like why is she still can. Mad about. -- And -- and -- -- -- you know -- Facebook's treatment works fine now it was it crashed into grade I got angry though watching the whole thing just unfold as the live comments that work like bubbling up underground on both sides. Be violent and -- -- and it's late at. There's a lot of -- -- everybody are like higher that they and now it's -- the -- -- -- just before we get is the story called isn't either like. This is the new platform for politicians to reach out. To the masses and the right unless you read the comment boards while -- happening in interest that can be a little talks -- don't wanna do that. He did value -- absolutely agreed to acquire the FaceBook audience and he was talking talked a lot about. How the US needs to be retaining immigrants so that we can be more technologically and innovative -- you using it using their smarts and brains and the benefit over the benefit over. Country because we have a lot of imports them coming -- with these great ideas and if we make it hard -- -- to -- in our country to help -- Then that hurts us in addition. He also -- the fact that we do need to invest in math in science and technology and engineering. In the US to develop the minds here -- country's well. Because lets you know there it goes pupil to be like yeah let's support immigrants in the let's not fund programs here. Well. Ray and he was and he'd definitely take people into and that you're gonna hear stories about how we can find engineers and that is why -- -- emphasizing math and and and he's adamant that this is kind of my favorite -- -- that we want to make that we start making science cool. I want people to feel about the next big energy breakthrough and the next big Internet break through the same way they felt about the -- And it is -- a good it was a good point about I mean like Wii -- in this room and we talk about how. Oh my god like scientists successfully teleport it -- it. From 100 dimension to another it out. And we're losing our minds over that and like why is not in and you know that we received quantum teleport agent -- whole article is how. And they aren't that he was he was like we -- -- fire element I'm not a well run that. A little surprise them on the day they can do is -- we know marijuana legalization. On the income of all the standing on 420 -- of like the question. Not even a joke not even a pot joke. Arriving California Portland and cricket. And it. But apparently -- -- this morning line with that in traffic timing it to work of the president and totally ruined and amp amp that there were a lot of pro marijuana legalization protesters outside regions where -- -- wherever the president goes you gonna get plenty of protest. And her epic happy happy protest -- And fifty that -- was not violent -- competency of the night. Being -- brand X brand name peaceful protest and you don't get as many as you might expect that a lot like damning I think that. And manually get -- -- -- and pretty far. Existing entity blanket statement yesterday because -- but isn't really working hard to -- -- its ties with. That DC area and with the government. Not only do they -- that town hall but they've been apparently steadily ramping up lobbying efforts and -- And they have to disclose that. So if we found out that it's been over 350000. Dollars on lobbying efforts last year and that they are now renting out at parties spent. 230000. Dollars on lobbying in this quarter her. -- 400%. Like what the -- lobby what one thing though that. -- you know that's. Up. Within those if you compare them -- big companies -- B machines like Google I think at Ritz camera Google has contribute somewhere around five point two million. In -- in lobbying money NASA freely available and is that companies that are pretty much -- the spying and -- all of your data on every one who is. You know living breathing and on the Internet these days -- exactly -- got -- got friends that government RA and he did try to get the government and the government is like something you'd do what. I think this. Damon you know what about me you know way more about our population and even -- -- six days. A US census -- like I can't do this -- need FaceBook. You reveal all of our photos to. Anyway that the -- lest you think that if it is all about the politics and planet like the town hall here here definitely. News coming out of Microsoft they Nokia and not have -- to their definitive agreement is in their partnership contract. Ahead of schedule and and our right -- -- and they better get on that how I met Nokia of them. You have a sense of urgency around their business. The new -- though it has people speculating that we might actually -- disease than those windows phone. Nokia phones. -- point up yet -- get on it. Nice Ireland -- man named in it and I am. One thing that Amazon is getting on. Is the Amazon tablet. Is becoming well according to prognosticators. Is yes so. GD GT -- whatever you want a column. They Peter Rojas wanted one of the -- founders of their company has this -- has been saying that pretty much the tablet that Amazon has been working. There's something of an open secret and -- 99% certain. Samsung is the one that's building for them and we talked about Amazon. We talked about Microsoft and Sony has some of the few companies that have a content ecosystem -- can compete with Apple. If they had it all working in coming together to date could be a player in -- -- they had the price they are to have the content they are to have that cloud music service they -- have streaming video on demand. -- party been shown that they can. Cut prices -- until you -- -- -- they had I supported Kindle model right for their tablet are cheaper if they at they have. And Apple they just it's only the only thing they don't have an income. I mean -- well AR you know this this article speculates analyst they're working -- closely with Google which seems unlikely right considering how many competing product they have. That they probably don't have. The an income -- Code and that could mean that the tablet as always we'll the other thing that -- that. There is working against them it's frightening investments that Google is that they have down App Store to that kind of as the workarounds for Google's apps that and I would be I would assume -- -- the one that they would want to promote. Over Google's so it would probably be in and grade two point. X device and not honeycomb ones because the code -- out -- they can do they want it not to worry about that which is say that might be okay if they implement it right and they have all the content. And it's cheap and that's that's exactly I was not a because you look at something like the -- tolerate 250 made a lot of strides for that middle range lower end tablet. And Amazon with their ecosystem and price can do that even if it is it they're not really trying to attract the over tech person. Do they really need honeycomb on Amazon's outlook for to be successful if I'm probably not -- Amazon and I'm really working on a tablet right now it comes I just get -- thing happened or enemy can ST again because really. It doesn't honeycomb now is -- -- make that that's hardly -- differentiator for people as long as it works. You know it will work well I would actually love to see them life and something like webos mean you know like -- interesting to see what they can do with an operating system that isn't. The pandered to clinics -- is a little bit equities -- little bit of a pack for tablet. But that's something that is super simple right to prevented the use. I doubt they build their own and now I don't think that's one of their -- and and wouldn't be the replacement for the Kindle. Frightening but it is this latest -- next and -- is gonna be entering its product like the -- in color. With an Android UI that it would be mad at they would continue to sell the Kindle and that it would make more -- -- With -- and now I'm a probe that thing -- Kindle thing that I think that they would keep it around for people. I will keep our eyes peeled that -- that would not just not a time when you think but why you see here's the thing I don't wanna -- on put on the -- I feel these I feel these hopefully these things pulling from the universe I could pretty you know and I don't feel like Ukraine and in an adult don't put the pressure from towns like totally and know the answer -- -- -- -- -- In that it not to look at other titles the company pressure on the -- and it's not -- -- -- at. I'll highlight -- the -- lobby yet that's the way better. And -- back there -- no. And not make that there are. I will not the United States Postal Service is that given a helping hand to gain -- -- helping him -- they've been giving Netflix now -- like ten years. -- is also -- disposal story I game fly. Said they were losing 730000. Dollars per month in high postal fees. They haven't given the same benefit that Netflix has and so they argued. Claims of discrimination. Wrote reliant on section 39 USC 403 of the postal code and so they were able to. Change their minds and it looks like they'll be getting the same nice. Disk. Cheap discounted price -- -- Where it's kind of like yet. I'm surprise it was surprised a couple of you know this sets it perfectly now now that they're mailing and is in line with Netflix Netflix can now. Its attack at the ads aren't gonna go there is another way they got the -- -- now we can totally by. Are you profitable now that 730000 dollars not the -- out your iris. And imply apparently repeatedly told the post -- part of the reason. That Netflix got those -- was because of the volume. Yes but also because they use that bright color the the red envelope which made it easier to sort them by hand including being introduced that as a specific Postal Service efficiency. And game -- doesn't use bright -- -- because they wanna reduce -- And then they also -- add -- cardboard sleeve for the discs going -- sorting machines that they couldn't be hand sorted. Then game -- -- just -- backed proposals -- and then look we would. Forgo all of these considerations. If we were given the same pricing as Netflix and they've apparently said that many many times. To the Postal Service they were able -- -- and -- they violated and then finally the postal commission is like. But now it's gonna be -- orange equal. Yes we have now and it will -- -- 730000. Dollars a month he'll be more green to via. Everybody wins everybody away -- Good job game finds that the Postal Service like if -- -- and plenty wildly on that but yet. If you -- them if they. That's like that might be that -- most underperforming service in -- in parallel in the Oakland postal facility Oakland Postal Service donated personal. Yeah and Oakland. On a 3-D -- value pretty much cemented that for ever -- the and it -- put up Molly I don't get the feeling they're like -- -- on the Internet girls they might be better at. To be a big podcasting on me as an insane. -- than if you're listening helped -- -- out and how many times. I want and I think I think in -- to where I'm -- in their defense. They're working hard if there's anyone from the postal office in Molly's local -- that like to come on marsh islands. And explain some of the intricacies of the organization and religious as a department -- be more than Walid -- dealership as they Anemia and an address on -- That's not but I have neither my name -- my address. But then I'm -- Google has apparently started to roll out its offers combined service. And -- along everybody -- wins -- man. I love that you love that there's like a little mini bubble going on in comply deals -- -- -- -- right. How much better for -- -- that possibly be. Goo goo goo good who -- -- gotten. -- Google -- coupon is really hard that they the other their new service offers is starting out in Portland Oregon and. The gene that polluted city and Portland I needed that -- electric don't want to help heartland influence then. And then you'll be able to cut deals in areas -- New York City Oakland and amp -- the -- you know. I was like whatever deals deals deals whatever now in -- using it. Then I'm using foursquare because it deals. -- people know where I am but I'm using foursquare because it deals that actually have good deals if it's relevant to that is as you shop -- like metro park for clothing. -- 120% off did you just reveal your teacher. Not my teacher is one of the local -- he -- -- yourself some free clothes from at and -- -- a vital leg as -- just locked in a new sponsorship and half an hour I anyways. Discounts awesome now I think it's good news for all of us. That bit further read that big long news thing now thank god we get to the easy part and. People still listening. Dear lord help up the playbook came out just yesterday apparently Hulu did not love the idea though of allowing playbook users to stream media from it. And they've already blocked -- lane. Dead in the eyes that that silly doing their thing I I feel like why. I don't know about you guys it is Hulu becoming a little less relevant because of the way they've been operating you can still use it as much looks totally interesting because people keep talking about how much money they're about to make it but I don't ever go there because they never have anything -- one in the -- thing. Is I'm sorry. But like you can't have a minute of -- On the Indonesian. I'm -- -- -- -- amazonian are you at power users are still using Hulu as much as they have -- I don't think people are using as -- -- -- I've been anything like Netflix streaming now we have every right atrium the buzz is gone room. Adding it's been replaced by Netflix -- -- people and I got a thing blocking Hulu on tablets. Considering. The uptick and the public consumption on I mean that is my kid goes right to the little red -- and and now blue's -- is that like Beckett if he'd like somehow thought out -- Toy Story 3. On Netflix -- and streaming content from Netflix instant streaming Toy Story 3 are you serious about certain -- and yet that's any got -- totally scarred. Only data validate that game lead and then there are very and also isn't very nice anyway and Hulu. And that's not smart and be on tablet. The on -- that would make it now it's it's -- -- Where -- -- and it also retail giant eBay acquires aware for 135. Million dollars where based around like a lot of location services and they're gonna be in -- -- this with their PayPal product. As well as the location he -- -- it's all about -- local. Bad flash is good news for mean. The Motorola Droid by ironic that -- looking -- them. Apparently will not land at Verizon Wireless until the third quarter of this year that the Wall Street Journal. Reports that moto is delaying the -- panic until at least this summer. And -- they can make an even better consumer experience. -- is that -- to do with the Android OS potentially I don't know -- yeah right. And they're looking -- maybe September a sort of the hot phones we and you specifically put it we're waiting for oh yes. I love I love model to an update but actually that's -- good for me because I really do love my during -- And they didn't want to feel that the pressure of light as well I -- if there's something new I want it keynote. Keynote also on this earlier gamers -- there playstations network actually. Was afflicted but I suffered from last night in some places -- network could be down the next day or two less -- as -- of my buddies. Also and we couldn't play -- -- like what's going on in this morning we woke up this report saying they had an -- they don't know the actual cause of it. They're investigating it may be a full day or two this is what Sony said before -- able to get the service completely back up and running. Thank you for their patients what -- anonymous is still playing games -- them. Still hot and anonymous I wonder -- hot and anonymous did -- not an honest -- -- Sony did settle when I was gonna remember Ian added that all but. You -- and actually anonymous halted the attacks and and that they were sorry for negatively impacting users. When the target was actually Sony I think Sony is messing with the petition networking and they're gonna blame -- Booth. Molly young yes. Now mod mulch for Tom Molly spears is third on the -- -- in almost beer is on the -- Beers and you're at an event and MOL. Spirits or they're using the Amazon -- and Howard they actually do say though that -- -- it could be at their queue before they fully resolve the problem. It's -- that's sucks line or I'll be planned economy Xbox is that now bone on bone. Initiated its future. And that's -- that it -- button. Neo and is reporting that Google might -- telling Chrome netbook has a monthly subscription. This summer that you'd be able to pay ten or twenty dollars a month for one of these Google how many how many years are -- -- you have this thing. I -- we just but this is a subscription. None on in -- Come on I mean there's gadget but no. -- Ghetto -- it doesn't -- is -- again there's like rent an iPhone. Well -- It's -- I think another approach that this could be slower life of rage is -- so often lately. -- house rules -- it's -- like maybe groups that don't have the right to with the wanna make a long term Investment Technology. And that that's absolutely perfect for schools and includes three repairs and free updates and -- it is actually remark and you know what I'll be. I'm sure schools will want to use Chrome OS. They haven't figured out what they're gonna do with it something that's really forward thinking now. I -- Sony is a web browser. I'm not agree that's perfect for. The web browser email and and yet I think it's happening and has time and I'm not an hour. With competing Google search -- bullet might be worth -- them their size mainly for businesses and schools they're not actually it's unclear whether they're -- offered okay fine nothing if it's that -- -- -- -- -- I I read the headline I stand for a little correct is I'm gonna -- a lead a little -- it sounds -- this is what happens when you don't. Read all the stories that hey guys -- pit you get mad at you wanna -- it is somebody. And then you like. That's in his life spare satellites in an increasing degree doesn't like you guys are here on the -- and I'm not out of -- -- and we're like. President. And that -- It's guards its its geared specifically for businesses and schools. -- -- -- -- A gadget you guys get that -- -- -- and -- of course it will ultimately cost more for then -- All. What's cracked is that. It that it. It lets people -- on on. Like people who don't -- very -- cap -- budgets or something. That's -- Elena -- bring it -- audience at baseline and Nevada and -- -- -- -- -- budget. It's had accompanied them companies don't have really good -- it. So they'd be of the leg we don't read them leave them leave hardware if it's a way to crow about and a and. In the Chrome like netbook technology is -- they have they they require that he had built in V capabilities -- -- They'll have to exactly in an interesting advantage as part of the subscription -- Japan and with it if you like a very security conscious company because -- those come no but the mean everything if you're not logged into Google. And it -- -- garden like there is no data storage whatsoever that's a really cheap and easy way to roll out a very secure computer flee to accompany them. The -- until then okay I only -- -- like it and I am analyzing and applied magnetic I don't know and O'Donnell gave me the eyes. Well. Donald Donald was like the looks -- like. Are bound to come you like that when you have an -- -- and you're happy. I think. That's not how I sound Donald bell I really take shipments -- that. And it -- a nascent but this is -- -- -- that -- excited -- -- -- defamation of character Donald bell that is defamation of there. -- -- is the next next next next what we -- next that we and a little. Was just the -- -- -- yet since Steve how we spoke to follow Obama's -- that -- -- it has -- about. I hear it's gonna cut copy and Michelle Molly Donald is -- right Donald's right I -- -- always -- the first story. -- I hate this. Teach you how can you not get the little -- the little units nude lady on letting him play -- my time as one of the unhappy. Period. Okay at the university of technology in Sydney recently unveiled a new type of graph being nano paper. It is very -- -- it's ten times stronger. Than a sheet of steel. And at any time instead of like paper and they later -- -- lay our hands and it. -- God -- It seems. O'Donnell needed your documentation yelling classes that does it feel like a permit shape products projects with something that's ten times the strength of steel it's definitely not meant to be paper -- I'll just any clear. There see -- now I am I didn't see that grafting material. An excellent thermal electrical and mechanical properties and that they are super flexible -- they they they say the advantages over steel net translate into basically next and material -- can be used in cars and planes product. Twice as hard as six times lighter ten times higher we're gonna be -- our space fleet out of nine yes definitely on raptors are indeed -- that it. Nano crafting sheet this is to it does as the raptor material and are sure I am I am disappointed you will not be able to -- on traffic and -- to say though. If nothing right Shea dream -- kind of disappointed I spray paint just regular paper machine with a metallic paint -- -- -- to be pretty happy or pretty close on the right mean you know. Sometimes these things come out into the marketplace and there is no telling what the incident in -- of. Consumer welcome -- and -- about their favorite player and -- the city delight and my initial quality cellphones cellphones. And play -- -- we've waited cheap now. -- -- -- Sorry but I'm not -- didn't really mean to me marketing -- Internet era mommy you know -- now we're all hungry I think it's important that you learn about paddling. Nobody nobody like that that'll. Suck it up. -- -- -- -- -- In other and a pre opening our eyes it -- If you it's just an alien eyes are tired -- seriously how -- it helps. They're not -- other voicemail likely analogous we have like voicemail. I thought up Puerto thunder some insanely long -- we have it we can play it later -- -- and another. When it. Florida as an umbrella where Steve -- whatever -- templates and my remain my future it may someday could look fat -- at a diesel and economies like nine minute emails or her boys -- which is like a little drunk. If you bet that he called and left that the duties though I am I wanted to get -- and it'll it'll you know -- little Frye Frye is the best. Well -- outlet on Friday the robot -- let now that we have clear voice mail. We've get we get some great ones like this one from David. Or those treaties and from there are currently in what looks chick sisters and touched it other -- -- Treaty portable he wanted to see just to see it can be strictly -- Register -- report she will appreciate -- broke out guitars sales records. On call. Now she won't -- -- That's. Yeah sometimes the magic of not doing the voice ability for the show I do not know what I was gonna get out of that. They had -- utility indictment -- -- -- -- gonna make a hundred members they make a porno version of avatar yeah I I was achieving that. Clean up close allies on this very Donald so maybe they heard Donald was that what we're excited to define -- at -- I'm not. -- and -- I asked -- saying -- I don't know the -- where was the avatar three -- I'm pretty sure about it guys my mission were comparing the right numbers I. -- -- I will upgrade to -- except that -- that -- -- and over again and I'm not going to look. I our next caller makes -- almost certainly accurate observation that -- phone may be having more than in the. -- -- you'll see -- Diego I downloaded the app that looks a prologue. From the iPhone. -- charge of -- Purposes using my iPhone. Thinks it was in Vegas. In June of last year now I -- So either it's having a really good time. Or I'm having more fun and. And I. Also -- well lit up you ever do is Hillary I have a question for you. Did you steal -- tiger. -- -- -- -- -- -- Any weird photos and Mike Tyson and on the T and expect a -- do you have a new wolf pack had bedeviled -- -- That's candidates Connecticut even though this thing. The problem with that -- an encrypted packed series that you can imagine -- my wife about it nothing -- is like -- money look at this visualization of what I've been in the past year. -- -- -- -- -- named the new unit I don't hurt the dots are a lot larger for places you've been in a lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they are right onto the emails my friends I yesterday we asked you guys what you would do if you know to save yourself from judgment day we had a few recommendations but we also had the story from. From Justin in Oklahoma he writes a -- to just over one hour ago today Bryan put the fear of death -- -- Getting online -- wanna check out CNET TV like it every morning and -- to watch the opening. CNET TV video. Brent sort of mention that today was judgment day as in the terminator and mentioned that sometime today the machines -- rise up and take over just as he finished that sentence. My power went out at my house I'm merely sat up and took a few steps back from my PC instead -- But -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With no power. This entire time my heart was racing everything seemed to be -- like costly -- outside for a smoke and watch the skies for nukes are flights once a day. I even gave my 97 POS -- thought that dirty look -- while I was outside the power came back on it took me and Howard feel comfortable to get back online and send this email. This seriously freaked me out so -- say to you. -- branch out a profit or is this just incidents and done. And oh -- with the music -- the perfect. I. Law still all right I said its threat on manatee no -- heard the music on GG GQ do I admit I -- -- -- -- all of that happened yesterday. -- today today it happened today. Does today as when I can't -- network -- judgment and now I. Although it would make more than the that it happened. Lately. But to their day. We'll -- that there and wait to just -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Implored the audience -- he -- the -- are -- happy now. As and younger residents the other guys like Earth Day on Earth Day. The -- and the real birthday by the way I we do know that they give -- than Democrats and -- Ha Bolden will give it -- property like today is a free. Notices -- -- -- in what is completely and make it back to work tomorrow and they are Don Strickland attack and its subtlety and so often now hunter of the threat. Wireless and then we we have created a hold -- the very rare scenario or sometimes an integrated it's actually open. Okay -- -- it invests in regard to -- -- judgment day. I have through no fault of my own a large supply of windows me and AOL time -- this. If that doesn't -- -- it to a screeching halt. I'm not be on -- at a dot -- -- and it Dolly installing double bass. Boom it's like Independence Day as a skilled and independent I did installed -- days. Thought to make me install doubles events. In those DNA of I -- That -- you trust you -- -- sinister and I'm plot -- -- alas we know that I do not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Donald you have an exe okay its instruments these things as good as the thing that Wednesday's podcast on -- think of was how to survive a robot uprising by Daniel H Wilson knew they'd have exactly what to do. To improve your chances about surviving the robot -- -- If you haven't read it I have recommended short easy need boom do it now sorry got the latest email of -- -- I hello hello emailed it to -- -- if -- -- -- analysts hope that Abby I have to take away from now and get that book and fear and -- Aren't doing some push -- the -- and -- in training. Are right -- now back to some of our regularly scheduled emails this one comes format this is actually to help you -- -- remember we talked about that. You said I hate basement because we can't do an email -- -- and videos on a FaceBook app. -- -- -- -- -- To tell us how to do it. -- -- -- -- Now -- -- just rewind variant of the show -- okay on I'll show you later. But this one comes from Matt I've -- a great -- yesterday regarding the email address to use to update your FaceBook says detected and it worked out by that I thought ma when they check email address from where the data sent from. So I -- to -- and register Gmail account and lo and behold. It updated FaceBook so do not let this email address -- get into the public domain or have lots of their friends based accesses. If you managed to get them to let you know what it is. Not sure -- it'd be too difficult basement to close this by checking -- -- email sent from. -- so and FaceBook settings you can -- your mobile settings and they give you a specific email and where you can upload. Videos pictures and status updates so it's like and -- you do that email attachment that puts the right and you'll. Staying in any -- that you can view. -- packets out and if it gets out as someone but it's a really obscure like. Alphanumeric. -- -- him. Do that. -- -- -- -- It is -- and Hewlett that was actually Molly being serious and in fact that's just life. He's not a sampling error and I got a slightly better face -- a -- look better based anomaly while she's actually saying that are Leo that I really I've been. Out of an authentic. -- indeed that -- -- if the amendment. To. And there can remotely real. I'll find out I ask people about xenon and every time yesterday asked. Able to write in about the overdrive service Joseph ache in Linux there in the chat room -- -- -- I'm a little surprised that you guys -- know more about Overture overdrive before you ran a story about the Kindle library but yesterday this is kind of a big deal. Library stuff. How overdrive works is the library licenses a certain number of books to be used to lend out one person at a time can download these books and use them on their. And someone how else can download them clean and simple. Up until now overdrive has only is the proprietary Sony. AZW and Mobi format. Overdrive also licenses audio books in a similar way -- that I can as a librarian I I can assure you. That the local library's portion of the story is very important given the libraries won't let these but that the people who don't pay them taxes. This is why libraries will continue to be relevant and useful going forward and lets you want to have to pay Netflix -- feed to your books reference materials dvds and so -- Thank you. But because of I didn't I don't losing your -- had to rely on Sony Reader I didn't about the overdrive thing in and frankly went to town on libraries and you know. If you're able only. Oh yeah you know how he goal Korea. Brian -- does not represent the official number as regards to -- -- -- -- -- a variety of things although -- and -- But no one -- no business there -- don't know. Just say no. We don't want excellent equipment that I -- -- We'll ask him are I tell us your opinion your -- opinion on library that are blog -- -- at cnet.com also computer luck tomorrow. If you turn love please leave your computer questions -- at cnet.com I know we have not answered -- -- Know guys did someone Friday last week -- delegate democratic. And Eton College that 1806160. NET -- street and ask them. -- and also remember to call us as well -- articles house. -- -- -- --
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