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The 404: Ep. 1435: Where we reach the big reveal with ScreenRant's Kofi Outlaw

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The 404: Ep. 1435: Where we reach the big reveal with ScreenRant's Kofi Outlaw

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Kofi Outlaw from Screen Rant joins The 404 crew today to debate Oscar predictions, 2014's riskiest movie debuts, Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel," and the upcoming Ninja Turtles reboot.

What's going on everyone it's Friday February 28 2014 -- the 404 show on Jeff back and I'm Justin new. Welcome to the program. -- Nunez is never. Never gonna have a Mike ever again and it does motion. We -- -- like a kick start -- for -- microphone. We'll get to that much later right now please help us welcome. The editor in chief of screen -- dot com mr. Kofi outline how are you sir I'm fine on this fine Friday it is a fine Friday and I just wanna -- a second and tell you on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Focus when I first you know we -- from I first got the email I was like. Hoskins Holmes of outlaw pianists that feeling this guy had a that is you know yeah yeah I couldn't -- -- of outlaw. I like -- I tell I have to it's kind of like trademark most of -- FaceBook page if you can't -- pages -- -- this is my real -- break some sort of -- yeah I'm not assuming you're attendant and I think I'd say it's you Mikey and I don't think -- you know I don't know I didn't make that up -- an industry that's my content. And -- yet people people always -- mean this is the way go this is the disclaimer that comes out right let me introduce yourself as a mean there are people out there who are lake. Mr. awesome yeah -- -- this points out server error while I gag get a feel like I'm not getting mad about it now right out. Of the web -- -- screen red dot com it's the number one independent movie in TV news website. What I like about screen rent and I think you'll find. A similar thing with us who we -- that no BS we just -- -- get rights to the point honest opinions that sort of thing. And you know. That viable sort of continue through what we're gonna talk about today we've we've got Oscars on Sunday is a big deal I think 2013 -- -- Honestly -- and -- hot you know I act I with the film schools so I I kind of went through like a whole sort of you know. High and low and I became disenchanted with the film image because I thought a lot of it was crap but then 2013 -- sounds like man there's like a lot of good films made into any thirteen. You know this this true. I'm I'm wondering how many people still think about it in India and she still thing about it there's so much coming up period -- still -- about it but. I was also kind of a similar story I was in film studies and then something happened right they messed up -- class mine and it Communist film business class -- and and I lasted about ninety minutes -- class knows it never again uranium anatomy yelling about how come I can't do is those are gonna do writing the greatest. But yet there were -- meet so many good films last year. So much -- that is odd that we only have nine best picture nominees instead of ten. You know what I don't understand that nice I mean I can't call it anymore I -- I really can't let me. You're covering moving you can covering this industry for very long time yeah what more of the what's the rhyme or reason what's the message to the madness I don't know that there is any problem when new link -- deeper you get into these things and you kind of figure out what the voting processes like. I mean it literally has like. Who has actually seen some of the films in question -- who still remembers them depending on what these you know when they saw them. And how are -- feeling on any given week lake if you really begin to -- the stuff you'll -- the patterns tabulate. This movie was good early on but now it's kind of fallen out of the conversation and that's literally kind of how it works it's like. A roulette table and -- -- Oscars comes around is like -- of the ball stop and it's like -- -- still talking about this movie and a good and you know and that's really sometimes how it goes. It's way less official than you -- -- -- it feels to me like. It's almost like a sports team going into the playoffs and that they have good momentum. They can carry that through together and maybe win a championship -- -- coach like Harvey Weinstein who will go about the people up to nature -- everything re issue so it you you bring up a good point it's not necessarily. I mean what is the best picture it's a totally subjective. Title but. You know how do you you know it's -- -- to -- see how things are. You know declared. Committed -- or how it works and you know Oscar. Awards are pretty much the same sort of thing the app. Yeah pretty much and I think even somewhere on the site. We have if you look up in our Oscar section of the site you'll find an article where you can find you know films that we now like love. There were like never nominated for an Oscar right I won't spoil some surprises in there but there are some surprises that you think about nine -- really we -- tell us -- won't tell us more and I can't Diego are getting a look at this idea you're gonna look at up all right. -- -- Dallas buyer's club twelve years -- slave gravity her. And the wolf of Wall Street. -- so again leading into the conversation like the best one need might not win until about momentum that sort of thing in buzz. For you you've obviously seen all -- For you for Kofi I mean. Did this year I have seen on the math that's another good to out I'll tell you that he really nice and everybody who -- votes on these in circles and that is. In their in this industry has seen this -- you I can't believe that you can send them straight to their door and -- I want to defend its its all I mean it's all pilot elective politics and industry -- -- who are you how many people know use some people from some studios -- know you send you everything and other studios might not like you're you know you and not send you -- -- And it can be hard but this year I can say I have seen all nine all -- proudly say yes so. For you would what do you feel is the best. -- here for me and I have to since I put this on -- realistic of stand behind it was it was wolf of Wall Street. Com but I am kind of -- -- about that because of course gravity is something that was kind of a big cinematic. Achievement and and just did -- for cinema that doesn't happen very often. To be nice to see one of the big picture's gonna boards but for me. Wolf of Wall Street because it was I think -- Oscar says he's. Best film since goodfellas and actually says something you know while kind of funny and disturbing it has all this hype for the controversy and cursing. But underneath all that I think it's it's a movie that. Use this kind of -- and -- -- really say something very timely and important. And summing that tries to say it -- does succeed -- -- something timely are important to me is kind of always going to. Beat the top of the right extra points for that -- arm. That -- -- that said do you think that will carry through in the actual awards is in our do you have like. A co -- pick and what you think the academy lines yes and this case I have to -- because I think really the Big Three that we're going to be talking about on the actual night our American hostile gravity into obviously Luka. So com I think maybe maybe DiCaprio and there is some rumors floating out there that it's already been exposed but. Maybe DiCaprio get that best acting award but I think. Like -- said the Big Three. Would be American hustle gravity and twelve years slate gravity twelve -- slave being in the final key -- for the win. Have this thing with gravity. I just don't know if it's. Up there. I just don't know I'm not I'm not without -- no order -- there yet I don't. I just I don't know I enjoyed the film I thought it was really good I love Alfonzo -- I think. I mean children a men's room I think your phone's a little time. But there's something about gravity that I just was not. I was I -- unimpressed but I didn't I think for -- like -- this is gonna be headlining nominations. Guys SE one background question most certainly have a MI -- I'm no. No no I did you see it when did you see do you see it when before people were talking about it sought after after all right -- I mean that can usually. -- the difference -- like I went into it and I was one of the people who went into it like. I didn't watch a lot of promise is a solid may be one of the trailers and in my job we have to deal with so many of these and actually I only -- some of them. I was like man and I have the same question everybody muscles like manhunt -- -- Sandra -- on -- screen for ninety minutes movie yet it's always can work in right so I went into it is kind of like. With my nose turned up and I sat down in this is like -- for screenings and I saw an office like whoa yeah. Like that was actually pretty good -- -- -- I think we talked about and our podcast -- other editors and for us it was just there are rare moments since we see so many movies that you actually. Sit back and you're watching looney and you have that how do you do them right now we're so currently trained to. Break apart everything and look at every simulate a high note this is already are enough to do that yet and when that camera starts spinning and she's -- off and avoid an example sequence -- coming in through her helmet check out -- -- and yet and then just flaky. Starts moving away from her -- she's floating back into that long and it shy yet. Make out just like man it's. You know okay I was like you got me that's movie magic and for sure and I mean. I felt that brush I felt the shades of 2001 for sure. I I don't know there's something about it though that maybe I was on -- I wasn't overwhelmed with her performance. There I said it I don't know where how do you feel just what I want -- standard dual not standard refuge and non yes -- imagine that it -- how -- noise and that's. But that being said I still really into -- -- I think that speaks a lot about how it's not just share nominated for visual effects it really is a great picture yes. I -- area I mean it is a great film but again I -- for me no I mean I mean even though I gave it like a perfect review. When I mean I did. I'd kind of it was boosted to that because of just the overall experience I mean I said this. Underneath all -- splendor and the wonder of the visuals is your kind of bare bones almost B movie kind of thriller written you know survival thriller where it's just like -- -- no I gonna get to point B -- -- point -- C chair. Com but a lot of people of kind of message -- and I need sat down with a thousand cute on an assignment had this brunch and we're talking them. And there is like some kind of story under their but I don't know the story that necessarily like reaches everybody since it's about lake. She among its loss in. The coming back from that -- -- kind of a new life and rebirth and there's all this birth. Earth being kind of visual metaphor alcohol you can -- local and always they have Michael are very subtle no matter -- -- -- -- started talking and they have like a whole story beat underneath all the yeah just like. I get it but it didn't hit me that part or hit me either and. For me that's the biggest you know sort of you know a -- and you can give movies that. I feel like that storyline was kind of peppered in there and it felt kind of forced for me like you didn't even know about. And obviously -- kind spoiling things -- that you didn't know about her personal loss until halfway through yet. And I for me that felt a little shallow but nevertheless I don't spend too much -- grab because I know. There's plenty of other films option I mean just moves your favorite film -- these -- that room. Can't hear com I think you can insert on Dallas buyer's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for me actually watched it yesterday right arm and I never really -- wanted to watch the trailer for anything but just because I'm watching our chief detective -- really the ethnic and on and -- is this just a fact that he can -- AD he's done right -- -- if you -- fool's gold yes these are thinking about that every rom com -- 571. Yeah I don't think anybody so they know that the -- -- gas kind of a DOS -- knockoff -- -- -- -- -- yes. I mean if all you're I think he was the goof ball in all the wrong comes -- now he's like yeah of them and most respected actors every time means I saw that -- That movie and yet him intently though I didn't even notice Jared Adams and editor of 45 minutes announcing coo business guys and acted as a minor edits to a lesser printers are -- -- otherwise family and -- I've been UK I'm happy this is happening I've been on the McConaughey a trained. Since really way back can make I think -- was -- how to lose a guy in ten days now since 20112012. When -- do this -- killer show. I'll look at -- I did I think the French connection okay is there any -- -- -- that movie if it is bizarre. Lake if you ever see it it is. Bizarre he's always like a cowboy hit man. They gets caught up with the Stanley who want -- we knocked off for insurance money bread and has like a -- Hershey might -- guard -- and man it is bizarre -- art and aggression. As you view you don't change the way you are you looking -- -- on many -- purity -- -- -- in a -- something. And you'll never eat fried chicken again after this movie -- comes out that's bizarre claim that yes you know you'll -- see it but when I saw that I was like man he's back in and I saw magic Mike which I personally really like and I saw him in elderly man he's really back and everything's like on those two movies were kind of skipped over people -- magic Mike was it -- and you would just like I mean it was just good to see him back and take any indie roles and really not now some happy for him like detective. And I would like to see him when I mean it would be a dark horse Linford Dallas -- because. The moment like the momentum is carried basically on his back and -- Leo when in -- Golden Globe and everything -- because before that nobody was really kind of checking for them to be okay but now. He's gonna carry it so more power to them if it happens I'm not gonna be mad about that yet -- -- -- -- via a conversation in. Of best actor Christian -- Brewster and -- -- -- -- for American hustle which have room and but that was spectacular. Really is that the right I think I think he's my pick for actor and Cate Blanchett -- -- in some -- I'm with you on the Cate Blanchett -- -- -- thinkers and -- signed lake I was like who is that guy I am not an American households supporter and I say that I mean it's ironic for me to say that because. Again like 23 years ago I was seeing these for screenings of the fighter which ID five -- people -- crazy you know like. All the Mark Wahlberg and rocky movie I think that's five certainly no no no it's because David -- Russell who I've loved. Since as far back as Tom was the movie with him in Ben Stiller. -- -- trying to think I flirting with disaster okay -- flirting with disaster. Which is one of the great old Ben Stiller economies and it's -- -- and I -- -- and you know -- he was it was John. -- disagree coming in -- -- -- then disappear he did three kings and I our company's articles of those weird idea and they came back into the fighter and I think. Oh my god that's amazing yeah Disney's head -- silver linings very early gave it like -- near perfect review and people relate what the Bradley Cooper the hunger -- Romantic comedy you know the -- you can negotiate is DR Russell yeah and then there is you know minimally on my -- -- -- winning no awards in such. But this when I was just kind of I was disappointed by a -- -- I was -- wasn't. I wasn't. To group you know swept up -- I think that. Take away Christian Bale -- Amy Adams you know and it's just kind of -- okay film it had that kind of ocean's twelve effect on me. Okay I'm not gonna be sure there -- -- because it might have been guilty pleasure look at all the versions I don't -- arrow right there and if if ideally there overlay code opposite ends here but I'm just gonna -- it because it is like a lot of stars who have director that there comfortable working with this at all jerking her yet you're -- around it kind of -- -- you know in this -- them jerking around acting to -- really well that. It. If this wasn't a year where wolf of Wall Street was almost kind of doing the same thing -- trying to tell the same kind of thematic message shirt. American greed and all the stuff. I might -- a little more but. Yeah I'm not calling for bail in that category because I think there's I mean. Between. I mean if he wins. I never -- Christian right actor but you're -- about going over Chinatown. Right. Leo. And McConaughey hey that's this -- yeah and that's a big job that is your right I'm with you on the American. -- the skepticism. Around with you on the -- I was underwhelmed with that overall. You -- think that Emma Thompson meeting got a little bit shafted former -- yeah out -- -- -- you know we're coming up PO Travers and Hana. What's called. -- it was a movie. From saving mr. -- yes in Linux I really like that but -- -- -- -- -- -- as media sensationalize. No street I see that was an odd duck for me because -- again that was one. When awards season happens you know you -- belong to different critical circles you have to beat all of this old -- people to sort of like flooding you with things right. So it's like one you know I haven't given we -- like four days going to these different screenings or watch getting these things in the mail in. So I -- to guess he's saying mister banks which they tried to meet -- -- six times. And I had never seen like any of the -- -- anything so it is -- saw this movie and it's a very interesting and I'm a guy who like grew up. And I would rather -- watch seven or horror -- the -- marry popularized Syria which horrifies my life but anyway. So it doesn't yet know the fact that I've never seen -- -- do -- for -- she's looking you've never seen Mary yeah -- -- if that's like a requirement. The Palestinians -- -- -- -- -- in this aren't always watching and com. Yes so I saw this -- it was like this deep drama and I was like well lake now I wanna -- CE Mary Poppins and this is very interest feature. So I came animal acquire more people -- -- got Emma Thompson has had Tom Hanks -- -- Disney. And then I saw the commercials and Owens -- a low in the trailers I think. That's why because Disney kind of it was marketed as this like happy -- -- -- -- This the you know I talk to says feel trapped her in you know it's all about Mary -- -- many in Selig did mandate cameo in the dictionary people who like oh yeah okay and then it's like not that -- and no more. To see what the -- can't sort of you know positioning that yeah exactly and that was the ironic thing is like a happy Disney movie and no music and because -- I -- legacy that immediate financing that trailer at me like I wanna sit through lake. Too -- hours of Tom Hanks walking around his name's ray Disney World. And then if they had actually just kind of invested in the drama they had no I think they would've done really well because everybody in -- really good. Colin Farrell's really get an augmentation portions that are yet Jason Schwartzman BJ Novak they're really good and -- what's his name from the west wing can forget his name for the actor but. Yet they're all really good -- it's -- great ensemble and like we're just talking about it the other day and -- Oscars podcasts and it's like. The music from that its nominee for best -- -- commitments Astoria original score and that music is still some the only music from this year that's like in my head in the scenes from that. So it was actually really good and I think they just. Shafted out by mass marketing it and I think when people finally figure out. -- them we actually is you know in my game Smart claimed it only -- -- that make them less than the -- missed opportunities after shared columns on president Tom and -- -- nomination and all this you're I think a lot of people ask about not getting one for. Either of those movies -- I mean it yet that is the actor -- has been surprising. I -- and they do have to condense things from the Golden Globes -- spread out into lake you know. Musical -- comedy and then drama. These out because you were just talking to -- bias and then you know saying I. So all nine of these films but the truth is like I just saw -- 91 I didn't see. The last one was captain Phillips. Came out theaters and another guy have reviewed it on the -- cells they go around them money to go right in the middle seeing -- his -- -- So I finally got it on demand and watched it just you know kind of casually and only about two weeks ago in -- like manned mission have been in discussion a lot. For any end of that movie like Tom Hanks is probably some of Tom Hanks is best work in like years -- there you might the last ten minutes of this movie. That you talked about on the trailers are being. You know. I don't know a little bit -- turning but. I -- -- -- same thing for captain Phillips I thought it was gonna be a lot more of those shifting overturned in him taking it back. And it being a lot of -- felt like Air Force One to me. But on a boat and get on and I really like Tom Hanks but in this -- it seem like he was. It is sort of an underhand -- for end users like me Tom Hanks in this movie and yeah I just wanted to see -- sort of you mode -- bass it was a really that. Now I mean it is and a mean. In movies than usual because they do make it look like like you said it -- it's like. Take over things you know you got -- special trailer uses like three smiling and yet unannounced -- and -- like -- my -- it -- -- is gonna -- but it -- Like a much more kind of humane. Doc -- drama about both sides to show you like who this captain has -- these guys are the pirates and then. You like invested in all of it. It is basically a thriller where they're creating a situation where it's like no matter who catches the -- in this you're gonna be -- music and the archive -- -- -- nominated for supporting -- finances and I mean he's like I mean that's -- his character -- -- -- -- -- kind of intelligent -- he's not like a bad guy necessarily he's just a guy from -- -- -- and then they get really get to you and so that -- all -- you like all I want everybody living room for a it's not gonna happen you know you know thousands got a ticket yeah. -- so. Getting to the actress. We have Amy Adams Judi Dench mill street -- can keep -- that. I think we think -- -- -- whom I'll just -- Hoosier -- think you know leading role yet. Hi I want to show you actually haven't seen American console or filming and so okay and speak to those but a -- go Sandra Bullock. You grin as she didn't really have a lot of online it and I don't -- I I don't if that happens if she wins -- bricks through. The TV it is just simply not gonna allow that to happen here and we're out here you're in the near -- -- I mean this is not I would what do you think of. I think it should be -- I mean. I have said this before and I'll say it again if it's not Cate Blanchett. You'll ironically see the best actress performance. That very night blink flinch at since there -- smiles and doesn't write Terrell and her out in the middle or terror office on the others. And then -- is the reason I'm jasmine Z in the end machines definitely deserves it she has been putting in like -- -- for a long time -- like yes so she deserves it. And beyond that's. I'm -- now mean Judi Dench is really good in Philip Mina surprising haven't seen film me. I saw really quickly you know my in laws were watching it ends I just kind of caught it with them and it's not bad it's very cute communicative -- TV movie or something -- -- Steve -- yes Steve Coogan in -- -- -- -- role bring this server guy. No I yet but it is it's very. Kind of -- -- movie but it's really. Gets too hard -- on this scandal with the church in you know all this stuff for the -- and Judi -- really kind of anchors I don't thing but. Now I think this -- -- all the way com and I wouldn't be -- Amy Adams you know who doesn't. Loving you know some people don't which is -- -- -- other than that. You know and I wouldn't be -- she got it but I think Cate Blanchett you'll see that if she if she doesn't -- who have the best acting performance at her just in her solaris like California class. Is that now if you'll see her -- -- -- friends like is pulling her hand yes I think that you like reaches for like a nice person and -- -- we'll get through supporting real quick and then move on to looking forward a supporting roles we -- a barking up the Jonah Hill -- little -- Cooper and Michael fast spender I mean. For me I will always be scarred by Michael fast -- in twelve years slaves from the very first moment he appears in that film -- As they can I mean manifest renders just amazing it being -- -- you yes you don't know I think I might do right. Whether he's like -- neo or a slave -- service. I think it's another case where this is easy to call for me in this Jared Leo all the way and you should just take it he is like amazing is something Myers. Yeah there's something about you know I don't know I think people like the way he looks. In in sort of that role this -- mean I think people are like -- and he's. -- it you're just in love with that character I think yeah and a very cool. Use -- do you have a first supported him -- Do I really like Jay Leno -- buyers club but I also need to toss it up to Jonah Hill don't know I kind of just like I want to -- don't know. But he is so great and he's another success story like unknown -- I'm not a Jonah Hill hater -- -- -- yeah using. Can show only great transition as an actor decided he had -- nominated for money at all but this time around I had a feeling -- give -- book did feel sort of like -- I think you -- was surprised and -- it was a surprise for everybody I mean I was -- surprised. I was -- to the money ball game but he was -- -- happen now. I think this one he definitely earn their scenes and wolf of Wall Street and just the way I don't think that movie would have been. Access so snappy as your shirt with a dancer I think it took I mean time I. No that he was kind of influence on that. Onset convenient to do that -- with -- kind of background and comedic timing stuff and yet he was great network. And it's just the I think -- -- a testament to the -- says the -- catalyst that's. It really is amazing how he can just. Make anyone a fantastic actor. And for supporting. Sally Hawkins and -- jasmine she please keep lunch its sister Nina in the film Julie Roberts. June squid Jennifer Lawrence and -- I'm -- young though eon ago pivotal years the sleeve -- -- I didn't touch and as we were talking and -- but you never can count Meryl Streep because it's just. -- -- gimmick now -- -- Hamas has a chuckle everytime they just give her status is always this there's always like a space for her audience or whatever you want to playing -- that's. What shall we know exactly so I mean I would pull my hair out that happens again yet and in the same category. -- offer this in the same kind of -- for this I think I'll we have -- if Jennifer Lawrence gets an agreement that and I'm not a means you're an actress was kind of -- down to earth I was like I feel like you're not gonna be in like any tabloid scandals are good you're kind of you got it figured out here you misty level and is doing indie stuff -- you really good. But I don't think she deserves it for this for basically playing a smaller version of her silver linings -- agreement and also. Which she's not even -- that much when you sit down and I can't I -- -- I'd be shocked at her screen time is more than fifteen minutes and I mean which is not bad I would give Matthew McConaughey nomination for both of Wall Street he's only regularly and that person crazy southern great yeah integrates seamlessly Alan Ball and -- -- -- Ron I notice you have some column you have but. I think I think the Olympia and young -- I mean really deserves this one and I'll be -- SP and other grown you'll hear across the Internet if she doesn't win. I'm sure. Because yet twelve years -- I mean she was just. Apart chest -- probably in some ways crazier than the -- it you know -- hotel last place -- she has to go through. Very did. All right there Sunday the Oscars and. Now we can everyone can check out the coverage on screen -- dot com for predictions and there's also podcast does is kind of under underground podcasting check out the Oscar episode. Let's move forward and -- to 2014. Are you guys just put a piece up about the riskiest movies. I want to talk real quick we in the pre show we were talking about the new Wes Anderson film. The grand Budapest hotel. -- -- thought we were talking about Wes Anderson's career as a whole. And it's you know you had some suggesting opinions that we -- holding back. So he revealed big reveal and then Johnson was talking we've mentioned this our earlier of this month that you had recently re watch the real time down. It and sort of like -- -- -- loved it yeah yeah well I mean maybe it's because -- you know this person seeing it. Living in New York. And it's kind of -- -- a Leo a lot of things they've seen around the city but I really enjoy it I mean to the level of detail he puts in every movie and then -- the soundtracks to. Yes anytime you have the kings of The Rolling Stones -- -- -- -- -- be offensive it's gonna work out for but I do I mean a much I don't think anything -- from. The register back to Google -- But. You know they're not all perfect church or I wasn't really big fan of the -- dealing limited -- com and like -- yeah but you know. After broken involves a delicate dropped off limits for -- kingdom right but a different vehicle to vehicle who do you think. Okay so here's my Wes Anderson is the probably revealed the big reveal mom know I didn't like his earlier work I do not like bottle -- and everything out even for -- guy with like a million bucks -- movie now I was working -- -- film's story. Theater of the living arts video I think they have one around the city somewhere but there's one. -- a group -- out right outside Philadelphia and somebody like he was like I mean huge snowstorm some names like you gotta see this engine and my hands and watch those things that's all right -- and -- working out and I saw that and -- you know. The whole you know thing about -- OR scrubs -- oh are they are easily cracking up causing that's all right what's the big head straight conversion of the commercial -- Luke Wilson -- like the big thing and I agree with view. Aren't gonna -- I want -- and a long story short like. The turning point for me was and here's where all the true west and if anything needs was then turned on me but fantastic mr. fox was the turning point for me. Before that point I liked it I knew he was doing it but I kind of felt I was like these films to -- little pretentious they're kind of like. Very need issue counseling are right I get it you know like to see you with an -- got around your neck connecting to -- -- it. And then fantastic mr. fox what happen is. I think it's only is he started kind of reaching back and not so much from like you know that angst of growing up but more towards like. Childhood. In -- childhood kind of blender and stuff. And when that happened for me summing -- kind of soften the stuff I didn't like about him. And I got to kind of enjoy what you're doing more. And I thought fantastic mr. Fox's weird it was kind of funny you know just like okay. And then moon rise kingdom came out and I like love that -- -- which I gave like a very high score when Harry unit. And I loved it because it started touching on things that were kind of more open in universally. -- -- thing about fallen in love. Never been a weird to you fell in love with course you have anything nearly more accessible and when he kind of opened up and kind of -- less of the cerebral more of the kind of heartfelt and stuff I was kind of brought in -- so I'm in the -- now. And I wasn't so much before but I -- -- -- grand Budapest -- this is kind of even more of a little bit of an expansion mean now he's doing like kind of coming in the same vein any -- -- to but. Awesome -- backdrop of like history and things that are like much more serious on the outside and kind of using that anecdotes links tear away self. I'm I'm very curious about this when and how it's gonna turn now. He's he's maniacal he's obsessive -- with everything he does and I think. This film is the culmination because now you know he obviously he's in a tour with a very distinct style and -- -- -- and he really. A -- -- that I think with Rushmore really because bottle rocket didn't necessarily have like the the wide -- thing that he's obsessed with. I agree I think bottle rocket doesn't really hold up the -- like the last -- -- the -- I think that's very funny up until that point it's sort of a movie about nothing. And I I get that that's like an indie thing that's been going on for twenty years short films about nothing and they -- you know like. You know and I get that but I think now. You know now he's doing stuff where. It's I don't know if he's run out of like aesthetic things to do where he's changing aspect ratios in the middle of -- film yeah you you know he goes like. And a more productive for my -- and it's like this weird sort of thing -- name. You know Steven Soderbergh did stuff like that in traffic but -- with the colors and and I'm just very interested to see where this goes and if it works -- everything I've seen the trailers. I'm sold I think this really has the potential to be one of his best films you agreement. But -- there with -- man I am. I think he's also a guy he's a guy who's like Spike Jones yeah -- Charlie Kaufman and I think some times when he. Is partnered with certain other people. Like if the things you better like I was kind of audience through mass kingdom in you know he he wrote that but he -- with Roman Coppola -- And I think that's kind of need the difference. To why I think that movie in some ways to me it's like. The dialogue -- just the -- -- hits and stuff is very good it kind of fits his style. In a signature. I'm not sure of the top of my head who wrote grand Budapest think it was just him just him non analysts say. And I'm not sure if he's. Done that. By himself I think he's done I know. -- ten announces him in Owen Wilson. And a lot of his -- -- with Owen Wilson yeah yeah. Com he wrote it with this one with Hugo Guinness who he worked with on royal -- models -- also fantastic mr. fox owners Xena could go either way -- really did like fantastic mystified as I thought that was really really did. Everything about that is is -- mask thing is still so funny funny I mean -- just. I don't know maybe I just got to poignant -- was different I mean I just hit that point -- I was doing critical so I don't know but that line like connects would mean. Whereas the so -- in -- -- now so maybe when they'll have to go back through and just do like a whole retrospective and just make sure I still. I still feel this way and these things -- what he's done with Bill Murray Alia I mean life aquatic and -- I mean I I'm sure -- -- -- would have been fine just being Bill Murray put. Bill Murray with Wes Anderson is like an unstoppable sort of -- and it's just become this cultural phenomenon into face only when you know. You still have the influence to get Bill -- out -- Out of his like cave or just down the street doing karaoke -- and seems to be these days he isn't he isn't he is bigger than life in our story there are fictional stories. Passed on as true. About this net yeah yeah put it out and that is something -- the needs of parents are that he loves -- -- since opening I was pretty great. A story that you know he doesn't. Actually have a phone number were directors -- I wonder if that's true. In the story is that he supposedly has like this voice mailbox and yes if you're -- -- ready when the pitch and a movie you have to call up. And so to summarize the plot of your movie in -- -- -- -- and that if you like it calling back if not you'll never hear from zip. Yeah I mean RT editor Andy 'cause he has a big huge ghostbusters fan in his assessment Bill Murray and I think. According to him that story is true like that's how he doesn't like you know you can't find -- -- That is why not here. Alt okay let's go with the -- a couple minutes we have left I wanna look forward more to 2014 we talked about the grand Budapest hotel actually comes out next week yeah. We cover story earlier this week about Seth -- -- and Evan Goldberg getting together in pre production on a film. About the 1990s. Console -- yeah are you know that this there's a book coming out about it. It's not even out yet it's about to come out in the next couple weeks -- months I believe and it's about console wars in it's about Sega. And Nintendo in the 1980s. I believe and there are. Kind of it pulls. All these different kind of interviews and things together to kind of give you an overall picture but what these console wars are. That being said that's the book I am not nobody really knows yet what they're going to do this. Aren't there any number of ways you can take this show concept I mean. I mean after -- world Maurizio last year which was a kind of another -- from a book that was a bunch of interviews -- -- an idea that brat kid browser right route right so you go anywhere but. Kind of interest in what they're going to do is -- going to be really really gonna follow -- -- a period piece. Is -- gonna be take that whole kind of back story and make it into something thematic about a day and Mike Hsu guys trying to launch or counselor -- to going to be right. It's like do you go like to thank you for not smoking you sort of thing or do you do it in a more. You know -- public up like a you know and it and adapted documentary if that makes any sense where it's like. You know you have the facts and and you sort of we've this. You know fantasy about it I don't know I think this will really proved to me you know obviously these guys are funny deeds that no one's disputing. But are they filmmaker's -- are they can they tell amazing stories and -- that story that happened in the ninety's. You don't -- that console war gets credit for you know exploding video games on it up so I think. You know is it in the right people's hands maybe you -- -- you're gonna hear a lot about it as it goes through production yet in every step -- -- -- is going to be one -- -- movies at every step of the -- people are going to feel some -- -- -- about it right because the challenge for this film making -- -- -- is. Can you really -- mean this is such a huge part of nostalgia for like all of us if we're like. I mean difference between like 25 and forty like that is a -- -- -- kind of part of your childhood. And that's a huge missed out -- -- kind of grab onto Marion and do it the right way -- per share. Okay let's talk about what you were excited for in 2014 you guys put up a piece. Color highlighting the riskiest box office that's -- 2014. It. You know I'm sure a lot of those overlap what you're looking forward to what's risky -- stands out some of them are com. Some of the overlaps our movies like guardians of the galaxy -- guardians of the galaxy which just finally had a big promotional splash -- like the last few weeks. And -- X-Men days of future past which is the biggest superhero movie of ever lake 200 plus million -- don't unconscious does that's considered -- risk. It is because X-Men movies contrary to popular belief. Lake they make money but they don't me like the level of money of these new comic book movies where you know you're talking about a billion dollars is -- is that. Goal line and everybody's looking at right place that you and Alex 300 million not like 500 million Mike a bit it's not just an -- their money -- yeah it's you have to Dublin it -- out of it. I mean everything's -- I mean it -- gotten kind of expansive into -- franchise universe is now so it's not. -- and especially kick off film like this extra money and has been a lot of X-Men films this is the one that's going it. Expand this entire universe for a spin off films may be X force may be dead pool you know all this other stuff and if this doesn't do it if they throw all this money all the star power all the effects that time travel Bryan Singer and it doesn't work out well now you still have like a franchise it's limping along -- you have all these massive plans for -- -- And -- back I can have Bryan Singer I just. I I I I love this man will mostly for the usual suspect yeah I I think the first two X-Men films -- one line in the first one with storm Maryland -- -- talked about with the -- I just sit out on a -- -- just of a couple of weeks suggests that what happens almost destroys the -- -- you know -- that line there I was so sorcerer evil -- -- -- million you know I was told you know this is just what I was told us so -- just Sweden contributed that line I want want every time about. I haven't and you drag it when he went -- gets hit by lightning to see anything that -- anything out. Rumors have we have -- -- -- computer talk show Ivan Ivan and double -- -- -- but I think that yeah -- didn't know if that's the case I mean his stock just plummeted pretty funny yeah I mean it was -- back then you know I think that's something that's an excellent thing like. Do you make now the -- -- much different here. Yeah for sure I think I -- into treatment -- look it up I think. For me you know obviously that the third one was -- -- was it a travesty it was a disaster. I and then how many have there been since number three there was origin origins anniversary class origins I thought was bad to -- first -- it was okay yeah. So we're kind of like this is it it's our difference and this is an idea uphill -- but it's definitely the deciding film yet and hence why we say it's -- because. -- -- treating this as effects man is on a brand level with like from marvel movies and and bat man yeah DC movies but it's not -- All right what else that I outside of the super -- -- I -- we're real excited are most anticipated -- like god still it was our top end like that judges cannot this -- like yeah and. So far I mean I sat down the director of that movie when he did this first little indie film monsters. With -- to make nanny and this and he was like -- -- -- -- just -- scifi for like a good fifteen minutes and a he just he was the right kind of guy and you UV OK he was talking about big monster movie -- -- -- -- at the time that was God's Dylan's. But he -- talking about -- and how you have to make scifi that's actually just. Address stopped you know the very relevant kind of philosophical thing about the world around you in how empty stuff of just a shifts in monsters and aliens -- laser cluster. That's not his thing he likes to tell really deep cut short story so it's like I feel. But whatever you're -- can be safe in your hands -- so. When it was announced that this was happening -- -- -- Well -- you know it's like I think it's going to be safe yeah so far. So good to the point where I think he's even the -- there even marketing this film better than anybody else because they and barely shown you anything yet and that's the radius that's the way to do -- is obviously the stars -- you have to be careful who you do it. Com I think -- doing a good job with it obviously the knee jerk reaction is oh cool and other gods of the movie like we need one of those yet but you're right this to an agreement jokes now yeah I mean they have for sure -- -- -- big shoes to fill that Matthew Broderick version yeah yeah I mean that's all it's really got a little and show up you know and -- what what -- you if you really neat I'm really excited. For. Captain America too is coming out and amazing Spider-Man two we're kind of you know we love superheroes have our sights on excited for those. Again you know Spider-Man two is gonna blow up in this whole thing -- -- -- of these things like that. But I think. Aside from that are real excited for stuff on -- side by side insists I'm kind of excited for what this Dark Knight trilogy team of Chris Nolan and his cinematographer Wally I can never -- his -- pissed -- this third yeah. -- the guy who worked with him -- three Batman movies they each have these big scifi movies coming out. While it -- this -- has transcendence -- Johnny Depp coming out about Johnny Depp coming reincarnated basically. The original kind of like Stephen King shirt on my arm and guy -- -- kind of incarnate in. As -- -- and now he's been into mess with the entire world right he incirlik shuts everything down and become sky -- it right yeah. It -- interest and you know what's really interesting and of course. And that in a stellar we McConaughey a problem maybe coming off an Oscar winning -- coming off these Batman films and it's gonna be big huge scifi film. About worm holes and finding suitable land across and other -- incident climates going down so. I know that'll be a big talking point movie even -- between the subject matter in which Chris Nolan -- Trailer for interstellar remind you the -- for Superman yeah right and that it is either that or like a Bank of America commercial as you're talking about you know Americana and shown large wheat fields -- like that. And it you know that you use it is giant thing go into the -- and chords at the spaceship that -- Superman yeah because it could -- either right. All is there anything else outside of like the the -- find the superhero stuff that you -- I'm IE I'm totally. You know that's my. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. It's scary because the last controls we're getting to watch because they're going I wanted to you know -- -- -- though they animate it out yet now I wanna watch -- that and now this -- -- and it looks like it's gonna -- a little more on -- -- comic book series -- Eastman -- series -- -- about. But when the twist came -- a lot of fans myself included were really upset because you know -- -- come now with like cheese on and stuff and then jewelry isn't what. Is this you have an anti moon as a Michelle necklace like yet -- -- has I mean who -- -- notes they're going to be what you saw some other we have. Pictures and saying if you go to an internal section where they have the obsolete kind of leaked. Working models of him using on the center and -- look very detailed and good but they look like humanoid turtles and you look like big bulky dudes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Many -- mail -- chest Rafael has like bandages wrapped around images out like the bad -- my Michelangelo's kind of the New York street can read -- he has that lake you know shell necklace in sunglasses. And you know and all that stuff completely wrapped around a really aren't probably the same cloth yeah yeah they're just really expand kinda just put a bunch of over codes on the -- -- -- it's like you know first I apologize and I know its new one of the -- set photos with megabytes walking down with one of the actors like remote -- that he knows -- to be in the no one knows isn't it -- think about it you know it's -- when that first film came out in 1999. I mean what they spend on that 15. And yes -- like deck and an easy to. 200 million yeah I mean they're all excited to. I remember reading the two hours in mine again to get a ticket and I remember that first scene where you see eternal walking through the suitably dark and -- I'm sorry -- that first one is -- holds up Gallagher -- is hell -- as a -- and pretty much. Like black running on the back there's no light in that film at all they probably they'll die and like any screen in -- -- can really slowing and this is -- yes. Crazy. What are some weird musher -- -- -- great isn't that great film I'm very curious to see the view -- yeah I mean is going to be in this brings up the other. Eighties nostalgia thing come out transformers -- -- mean it's all gonna be in the vein of that. -- As much as I want to relive that stuff means going to be for a new generation of kids in there. Michelangelo is gonna be into hip hop slang in and all that stuff and transformers for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Basically this is kind of reboot by -- we mean -- needed new characters to sell -- to experience the films were doing well but if after three movies nobody was buying cyanide anymore because nobody -- the first place right so they relate well that's a problem and so now you're gonna get like a whole new line you're gonna get -- trying -- -- -- lock. All the stuff they're gonna really if you're nostalgia again and I was at media 2000 predatory fourteen -- -- -- weeks ago. And a solid kind of designs from this and it's means -- -- -- -- Michael Bay's transformers if you see this Super Bowl. Trailer -- sure all the big hill -- writings reflect the terror and the source so. That's happening so you get that to -- so can any one of them Amy -- the ninja turtles work out maybe the transformers were -- as that term because I just simply don't understand transformers I never enjoyed using a -- the films I liked the first one now they go back to select the first one 'cause it's like a boy it's like your first car is narrow and make that's good. And then when you have John tutorial for some reason and there -- -- -- -- -- went down thumb. Where are forced to -- on this thing great men love having you here except -- analysts -- the regular thing for sure I'll go check out -- Kofi. His website screen red dot com editor in chief human energy yes all right and then do yourself a favor follows -- -- on Twitter that's that's screen rant. And then you can follow -- as well that's at PP NK OF and then check out the screen rent underground podcasts absolutely do that -- been a pleasure meant thanks thank you I thank you for having me you got it that's gonna do it for us. We're back here Monday. Hopefully it's snowing again -- Hubble will make it -- -- of us are here you guys are we here exactly and make an error make it priority. Make sure it happens. I was got a lot of cool stuff coming in next week. To look forward -- we'll tell you all about that on next week. And now hungry reassurance here alright that's gonna do for us email us the 44 at cnet.com follow us on FaceBook Twitter is to -- read it. And all that junk. We're back here on Monday have a fantastic weekend and I'm Jeff Bakalar and I'm Justin -- this has been the 404 show. Big thanks again to Kofi outlaw. From screen -- dot com. See you guys next week.

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