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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1431: iMac on a boat

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1431: iMac on a boat

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On today's show, Brian Tong has an exclusive about the next crop of iMacs: they're on a boat! Also, Kent German calls in from CTIA to talk AT&T-T-Mobile fallout on the show floor, plus a sneak peek at Sprint's new phone announcements. We rant about Microsoft's new strategy of demanding licenses for things like status bars on mobile phones, and Apple takes on Amazon in a war for the App Store (the name). Plus, new research leads the way to Cylons that can feel pain. --Molly

By -- allowed for Tuesday march 22 my name. Even the jump on bread so long time Hollywood wasn't about -- -- cnet's podcast of indeterminate length it is episode 1431. Where we are once again here by -- -- and guide. And Molly returns as well. -- -- Back here at a bad thing that it to be back yes ceiling that that I -- -- the big news. But -- get a -- in its ban on Sundays that I would and then obviously. The reverberations. From that are continuing. I and they continue to spell out so. Some obvious you -- also know CT IA 2011 is happening right now we have a bunch of our editors over in Orlando Florida. Enjoy and I'm sure I'm hoping the sunny weather out there so with us right now we have -- German. On the scene via phone Ken how you Dylan. Did did so we just kind of wanted to talk T off the top. -- what is the -- it out there with you know the fallout after the whole AT&T T-Mobile potential acquisition. I EMI you mentioned Sunday and that's insanity of the big town she announced that it didn't -- -- anything LG you know that was haven't yet -- -- -- polite and it just that Okaloosa that's all everybody could talk about -- Oliver but -- talking. Here yeah I mean we literally were like -- looking back and I think so much for Sunday. And then I was so delicately and better. On the flight here at the airport in the taxi line and I heard that -- -- and everyone want to talk about it of course but. -- we're not gonna hear anything from AT&T. Or the FCC that we would we went to keynote this morning and -- -- indeed -- I was there. -- CC chairman Hispanic vote. -- mentioned it briefly but they said -- we're not gonna -- anything about it. -- right now ranks and. That T-Mobile C I was supposed to be -- that keynote as well he dropped out. -- -- -- that sense among the message. -- that there being some -- already into the deaths are a little hint. What I -- what are people saying. You know it's obviously the industry but are people feeling like it's a good thing it's a bad thing there's you know regulatory hurdles what's the what's the general feeling -- -- just holy crap. I don't think I'll -- actually good bacteria. Description of what people are thinking because. We -- -- -- everything achievable with some would go somewhere at some point it's the smallest carrier that they've made a pretty good name themselves evident loyal following that happen. A lot of good phones but something with outlook they'd -- up the spectrum they needed to really get an orgy and at one got to be spread but AT&T'S look Canon decided that China makes more sense because they use the same technology that. People concerned because that would leave only one GSM carriers if you wanted to on -- -- overseas threes are on the sim card you're stuck can't really go anywhere else. It -- -- mean what do you think about that I I have -- really uncomfortable feeling that this can lead to a lot less choice and a lot more handset exclusivity. Because certain. -- because. Making it wasn't pretty good through the light's coming out with phones that were innovative widgets having these unique about how the site tickets start Apple thing you know that's going -- now. Was first on Android with the G1 it has a couple really a hundred counts it's out there. And we have such a -- carriers especially one GSM care package that that puts them in a big negotiating panel manufacturers they can double digits in carrier it widgets simple yet to build our way and I think that that's a big concern for Google as well -- what. As she offers a lot more treatment the temperate zones you can -- third party apps that -- Put that much bloat ware on it AT&T does those things I -- to -- -- diluted an -- get booted because of that. AEC you really that whole pure Android experience on the T-Mobile phones now -- can't over over there we -- just looking at some images of part of the show floor. A there's also other news coming out there with some other device -- well well well what else are you hearing because it constantly there's new things being announced every you know almost every hour and some pretty awesome gadgets like those super skinny Samsung tablets -- -- seen no. I haven't seen as Bonnie -- atmosphere and actually cheating to get to see real person government -- non. But outlook CM -- and shortly later baby -- there's -- to be eight point six millimeters thinner and -- that you know that's the sinister Apple they say and I. I really hate those having that well that and it because it's just. It's -- -- Alex is gonna along the boats that are. Ill it has been -- this week -- very very near oblivion thing you and then so I understand your your right outside that the kind of sprint event that's happening right now -- have been following. On -- -- tweets about it sounds like they had everybody M put on 3-D glasses. Right off the top. -- -- That that that's going on right individually ability to adapt our press conference and we -- our final two hours but it felt like. They're gonna a couple of -- crisis -- hand looks like it's just about. 2 PM here. And in Orlando itself what they are is they wanted to HTC evo 3-D and -- to the -- very similar to the LT optimist treaty that we saw in. A mobile congress. Ever found that shoots and records at 3-D video -- And and and what was your take -- the -- media on the phone and now. And is one of those things where I think it's innovative it's -- about how much am I gonna use that I don't now. It's solid period movie like that things are popping right in your face it they do so let's just about the screens at two -- -- -- you'd probably see it -- I I would wanna watch a long idiotic -- -- But -- -- person personally but I I think that it is a really cool feature I just don't know how much deeper beneath that. Now and then it sounds like the other thing they're bringing out as an HTC evo tablet. -- -- -- -- Also something similar release on mobile congress that is a -- agency fired actually is the key players to. Sprint person on it that tablet was pretty interest -- because that was the one that had that -- describe technology. We could take attendance were on the album. Which was pretty cool and -- each elected as well you -- pleased so. -- you like something -- it's probably good thing. You give it to drop the tablet it has at all the things you'd expect from a tablet is gingerbread right now by experts at the -- when -- -- -- -- summit out. The later part of Android it wouldn't make it relatively accurate and in Panama that would be good side is an etching device and go to those who come this summer. I ain't cool excellent what is and then what is real quickly before they go what do you think that you know -- giving sprint I'm sure they're not going to address. The merger discussion but what does that mean for sprint because if if this goes through AT&T buying T-Mobile sprint is all of -- sudden like. Tiny and all alone. It's been a concern have a couple things going for it has it it it it doesn't it's not WiMax it was the first -- forgy it. Probably will need to LC at some point but it -- about spectrum to keep going right now and but the devices -- public that it could take on. Cryptic uncertain at plucky smaller carrier you know we're not that -- unit which T-Mobile -- for a long time. And if you at least two Q2 what AT&T Verizon and it sort of battle it out with each other things it could maybe -- -- that's about -- and you'll find itself. -- -- it is what I wish to protect the algae algae to exit the dual core and wrote that he can get bought but -- mobile brand of political -- But that was announced today -- well. That will be on T-Mobile at least for the next potentially year before the actual merger is approved very. Yeah that's that's the T-Mobile announcement and right it's kind of like almost a third expiration date on the way to do well Tivo customers well optimism to. AT&T'S -- service exactly but after quirky. Even though you're thinking of upgrade price when they're forced to move over may really know anything bad to lending at a really cool -- now on a really cool phone and -- he. Yeah and I think you -- amounts so the public that don't help without upgrade pricing they're not gonna make it too expensive they did say to them -- -- charges in the other work they believe what they use this very. It is right legal and could get them up a lot thing EL com. Dell will make it easy and risk Connecticut don't add up to produce market a bit about -- I'm confident that a good thing. Yeah known now I -- -- -- get it we're gonna talk to you again tomorrow because the needs is coming fast and furious from CTA. But we'll let you back get back to -- -- I got phones to blog about. Yep you gotta go the -- sent -- check -- I get some photos so. -- excellent thank you can banks. By. All right that stuff over there and now I can only imagine Blakey said the plane right out to Orlando Leno and everyone has an ice and -- -- producer on Sunday who is saying I am on the plaintiff ETA tomorrow -- -- -- -- really boring show and now well. It's -- it's plus the content whether -- found that sprint CEO was a little bit jerky when he was on stage in that session that that and mentioned. Yes so basically they had all the CEOs onstage in gonna talk about it but just the kind of they have the -- -- rarely do you get the opportunity all. Three now only three CEOs on the stage at the same time so it's Britons and has. It was kind of point out that he had some of the best barbs during the panel because that one point on the Ralph de La Vega the CEO of AT&T. He talked about how the proposed merger would have the potential to bring. In AT&T'S Ford GL TE service to so many Americans and then Dan has quit back like volume and -- already had four G than and that is a Digg because they've been promoting. They're four G network. Which is really a test PA plus which is not officially technically. Four G -- -- marketing -- -- accordion. In all the people who know cholera like. I burn a day -- were again. And other like little wrap -- notes coming out of the -- about this -- -- -- Verizon Wireless CEO. Said it that he has no interest in buying -- and even though the company is obviously about to become the number two in the marketplace -- AT&T does manage to get and just continued to say if is to be clear you have you can not officially and mainly I am gonna say it in hopes that someone in the universe will come to their -- senses and realized that I mean I get it that in a Comcast NBC world almost anything is possible. But this would seem to especially because -- the manufacturing. The manufacture negotiation element ME the only GSM carrier would it would appear to be. Like a textbook. Monopoly -- there are attempting to grade years though anyway. What's cares about that is -- one point AT&T was so -- they had to break it up. In the past and -- now they're talking about becoming. The biggest GSM carrier in and solely and only in early primary GSM carrier nationally. Exactly but. It that the negotiating power that they would have with pants that's the potential impact on net neutrality like all of these things that -- and this is such -- Nathan. Thing in the first place and to take away competition on that level is like you know -- I get it under federal regulators are not doing their jobs at all but if they let this go through them they're basically sending a clear signal to the American people that the consumer -- -- And -- at the end of the day. Even if this does go -- we talked about yesterday as well. The concessions. They're gonna get a whole you know -- and give -- some -- -- you will open up some years sold some of your. Spectrum into smaller markets that really will have no effect on the overall large scale picture of how you will change how you know how innovation is happening in the mobile space totally accurately any -- any spectrum -- would be like -- they'll -- a little local I hear over and help out our sound like you know -- from -- in -- that creating national. Competition -- not yet it -- Also on the antennas on the fallout of what's happening with the whole hippie you might explode right pellet that I know -- -- -- like -- starting. -- -- so AT&T. Did stay -- -- peek at their conference or recently announced that. T-Mobile three G phones as this transition potentially -- -- because they really are talking about as if it's going to happen by T-Mobile three G phones will need to be. Replaced them to keep their wireless broadband service working so they do say there will be plenty of time to do that but at the in the day we talked about this they're on different bands. They are compatible with each other towers and so they will have to -- roll out whether it's some sort of an upgrade process whether it's here's your free phone for now on but. Essentially all those you have about a year to -- that three -- -- sure some people like wolf phones with such a quick break but I would argue that a lot of people on T-Mobile are the type of users that don't upgrade their phone every year. When you look at all the carriers like Verizon -- -- obviously AT&T David had a condition to the iPhone right. 20 new phone every year -- power -- powerhouse Smartphones Verizon you've probably -- -- new phone every year with T-Mobile tends to be the care that's not. I don't think that behaviors like that -- much of the others. They don't have a hero phone they don't have the ones that but but the fun they do tablet when they get here -- -- people to stick -- -- -- -- -- -- and upon -- and I think they have on public. A sidekick or -- -- that's where people are really loyal to that particular experience and they don't want to necessarily be forced into an iPhone over an hour. -- I mean. Let's be crystal clear here like. You're right this is probably gonna character and any concessions that are no government manages to -- force. Will in no way improve competition or make it any less palatable to consumers. Everybody will get screwed and the people will be screwed though worse. Are the folks on T-Mobile and right -- you're right they're gonna go up. You're cool plans are not gonna be grandfathered over you're gonna have less choice and even you probably had before with and whatever on elaborate -- -- -- to get. Think it could be really I can't think of poetic works -- ultimately that. That did you know what if you're not under contract -- get out now. Up one high tech. I mean really headed for the -- there is an interesting story -- formerly. Friedman story over at all things. What AT&T would OT mobile on the extremely unlikely chance that the government -- the -- doesn't approve the if regulators halted AT&T would have to pay T-Mobile three billion dollars. Plus give them some spectrum. And agree to a roaming arrangement. Which is kind of an interesting. That it and -- look at what's at stake -- This is thinking about that would also be if if let's just say that -- -- -- probably look for someone else -- yeah because they're pretty much done with it you know. They're they're done with T-Mobile yet. It's not like they're gonna like okay let's reinvigorate the brand and you know run it ourselves says Telecom doesn't wanna do that they want to drop it and now I don't know what would happen then maybe maybe then you -- -- the sprint T-Mobile. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In May you know they might as the -- all the -- because of at the sprint T-Mobile merger when we had first talked about how -- it be the first GSM CD indicator that the fact of matter is. I don't know of any filters that wants to marry two completely different technologies and try to make that work is just not gonna work -- I mean. -- -- -- -- be that they would only have to live like that for a little while and mandate LTE would kind of make it moot because at least that the unifying standard but. Neither T-Mobile or sprint. Have a really strong LT build out like sprint has doubled down on WiMax they're starting to get in -- -- most of their -- delivered -- WiMax. And T-Mobile -- -- -- plus they I mean. That marriage and make a lot. But it would probably be the only -- you -- we'll have left it with altered and so basically all the more reason the reason -- -- that now. It's totally gonna happen incentive for getting me a really bad for a life. -- really just let -- -- for a lot. -- seeking -- -- listening to break -- when we come back Mike has not gone all in same patent infringement and -- Apple going all in same trademark infringement because they are not dances after business. Not on him. But about the buzz out loud everybody brands on how this Hollywood hands -- and -- competitive -- and you are right back the news. Microsoft in what appears to be one of their new business models. Is suing Barnes & Noble. Android devices so what they've done is they're suing Barnes Noble's wells on the makers like the -- of Foxconn. -- who else is it also involves -- Foxconn international holdings and Symantec corporation for patent infringement. By their Android based tutors and this is not like hardware that they are suing about they're talking about the even small. I would almost a nondescript features in the software that they say are essential user experience things like -- -- tax. Things like turning pages things like a progress bar. On the Nook Color tablet that is why they're so we now to get a little history of how Microsoft has been kind of doing these things and operating. You know HTC they had filed -- with them ATC settle with Microsoft. So that they quintessentially license you know date they are -- Microsoft a little bit there shaving off a little top given it to Microsoft so they're they're subtle. But then they're coming after all these other devices. Just to make a little actress sent over these. Hit -- like. In significant features well. Insignificant and arguably. Should not be patent millennia matter how many times -- gonna have an argument were really. I don't think that you can patent that status bar in windows CE which is like essentially what they seem to be arguing that they are what they're totally doing is they're trying to it like just like you -- -- an ongoing revenues -- It's not like they're trying to get. Cash settlement -- -- trying to do is make sure that every one licenses these patents from Microsoft no matter how invalid they may appear. Or at least ridiculous and innovation killing -- -- I mean really. Barnes & -- Yeah import data in a margin of -- -- and they make any reader. That the thing about as they're not trying to kill these devices right it's it would be a different story -- that. This hardware in this part is infringing on things that we do know dared to like we will let the device live as long as we get a little bit -- -- -- -- -- intent are now it's amazing. Now it's insane that there's a pretty funny like normally I'm not a fan of the what you were hysterical writing style over at tech contents but met MG Siegler has a pretty -- -- -- that they -- -- -- -- gun licensing fees and patent. Microsoft has become a joke. And he goes through some of the bullet point about the scope and scale all that you know because because Microsoft General Counsel Horacio Gutierrez put up opposed. About the lawsuit thing licensing is the solution. And he says Microsoft is not a company that pursued litigation lightly in fact it is only -- seventh pro active patent infringement suit in our 36 year history. Now -- -- ignoring a lot -- but whatever but we simply cannot ignore he says infringement. Of this scope and scale. For example permitting users to easily select text in -- document and it just after election. Allowing apps to superimpose downloads -- on top of the downloading contents. You got through that justice. -- I mean -- this is what's sad about is this is what it's coming to them. And you know -- instead of the innovation that we all expect or want from tech companies and -- it's always said it many times we want. We what we want windows -- -- -- you know she changed the game and -- competition and be something innovative we would like to see that from Microsoft rant but this is what they're doing. And it's what they've introduced him but the fact is they are hardly the only ones like everyone we talked about how it's becoming a zero sum game a patent war of patent and trademark -- -- -- back and forth back and forth you pay via pay you pay me and then nobody ends up making nobody and -- innovating. Because you -- you to worry about literally whether Microsoft. Which haven't made anything new and exciting and how many years that the Xbox arguably. It's gonna comes green. Earth like don't you even tried out that bar on your mobile phone all all on your -- -- -- -- But then. Like I said they're not the only ones doing -- Apple has indeed -- -- -- may be its first lawsuit. In order to attempt to protect it I can't believe they got this one either app. Store trademark. -- App Store. Apps store. They say Amazon and Apple spokesperson -- think Amazon has begun improperly using Apple's App Store mark. In connection with Amazon's mobile software developer program they didn't really -- off to college because -- an online store and you know what it felt. -- You know it's really tricky I think the consumer. Is really confused between the Apple App Store. And the Amazon App Store like. The word Apple and Amazon are so similar they are that you they both start with a they have Hazen and -- ease and. It sort eighties act that the App Store part that's what makes it confusing to the consumers I do I do know that no one was using the term ads specifically like he'll play -- -- -- chat room. Before Apple that they were calling it the App -- but. App Store is a -- -- short collection of descriptive now. It's not like a word that people made up like I just don't think you should be able to trademark something that. Bride and that bad that many still many uses anyway -- -- I read this -- comment please. -- you get a spokesperson for Apple -- asked Amazon not to copy the apps running because it will confuse and mislead its customers. We're that dumb guys we got that down we can -- Will be I don't even know what to do delisting is a lawyer argued that the agreed that Apple and -- -- say. You can agree I think Apple has the legal right to do with their -- that I would argue that the Patent and Trademark Office made a mistake and it to give them to give them to give them that are brought trademark however anyway we will see whether Amazon that'll orchids like they do in fact on the trademark that they can do all they want. So far though Amazon -- Not back down to -- stopping them -- and lasting way. Yet today Amazon launched the App Store with -- -- out their own Amazon App Store with 3800. Apps for Android. And you know what makes this. App Store very compelling and different is yes we talk about how might or ads fragmentation just to the App Store model because this is. And Android App -- that you would download on your phone but they're doing a lot of different things to make it more compelling and potentially. Even a more effective App Store now right now they don't have all the developers on board but they've done. They made a huge effort to get as many people on -- -- Keno game loft. On the other other apps like and developers like and marking -- mobile but there's a few things that make this unique so first of all. We know that Amazon is a promotion beast. -- Somalia day they're going to be able to prone apps give a free went out and that's when you go to them on Android marketplace the promotion it. It's not as front and center is the way that Amazon can do it in addition to that. Amazon's also -- it'd definitely be using their algorithms where they're gonna be able to figure out what you buy offer suggestions because. You know -- use an Android phone extensively and I feel like. There's a better -- suggest new apps I just feel like atomic go to the marketplace is showing the top ten what people -- -- but nothing that caters to like my behavior and then what's really cool about this. If you can also preview article there Amazon's -- -- test drive you're basically be able to test. Out an app. Through your browser. For thirty minutes. Before you buy that off in the browser. I know we're all -- million dollars simultaneously like that. It and also one you know in Italy -- one click purchasing because -- in the Amazon world you don't have did I know you it's just punch in your Google there's the Google purchase rate. But so is Xena it is in well an Amazon like we talked about when they first mentioned luncheon by the latest -- App Store followed word that its wholly different -- Clearly. Amazon is a monster at negotiating exclusives and so I'm sure that they will continue to lure people. With those exclusive things they can't get anywhere in addition they're doing lower pricing on certain apps -- and offering it -- apps like what the Angry Birds Rio version which is based on the movie I believe it's only on the Amazon App Store now. And you know. And card I don't think they should have gotten that trademark but I can kind of see the confusion argument like App Store is that we're that you only -- talk about Apple. Or it is worth it is -- I mean. Are they just use an acronym and -- the application portable. Program. Amazon's application for eight PPI -- think anytime you have thirty to be able to college damn App Store because that's what it is like it shouldn't be a -- troubled term because that. It's now means in the Sharon has got it. Amazon. It happened up there ego bingo app of. Denial and other legal news that's totally legal Tuesday a court has ordered Steve Jobs to answer questions. In an ongoing iTunes antitrust case the and I trust -- with -- in 2005. Arguing that -- had a monopoly on the digital music downloading market which I think that. But the the latest report is that Steve Jobs and so we'll have to be deposed. With respective. -- -- it was in relationship Q how Apple was using their FairPlay technology and preventing other companies like for example RealNetworks. Who is distributing music without the FairPlay you know DM CA stuff and are sorry that copyright protection on it and they. Pretty much blocked real networks' music from being played on their iPod devices yeah and so they weren't compatible iTunes then. RealNetworks did actually. Figure out how to make them compatible. And then Apple did update that -- broke that we may tenth they reversed and they're basically saying you know it you're not the regular use your music -- -- devices yet no matter who you know that no matter what. Lovely -- about them. Some kind of an interesting story I found on -- tell -- -- -- apparently a very ice layer has a New York Times best selling author of various thriller novel. Has just turned down a 500000. Dollar book contract. In order to self published. His next work he says basically that he thinks it is ultimately. It that financial considerations were a big part of it and that the publishing model as it stands now -- benefit authors as much as it should. And basically just then. You know yes a lot of it was financial but also I'm just -- and I want I wanna do my own work. And that the publishing industry is in helping me -- pretty fascinating. That's amazing because you know eat only it takes is a few of these authors that have an established audience and reputation to. Go over the new model via an of their making more money -- -- -- -- the same quality. Keep other other writers gonna just follow suit -- and the bush and the book industry. Is scared. And they should be. And what he's saying I mean this is -- -- and we've been urging artists of all stripes to do this you know anything look. The way that the world works now now that there's an App Store. TM on every corner is that getting half a million bucks and fourteen point 9% royalties for ever. Assuming you can sell enough books even get to the royalties date is not as lucrative. As no money up front and 70%. Reviews router on whatever product degree whether it's an app or a song or. The whole album or book. We even have that girl that was on at that point year old -- -- for year old girl who is doing her own. Thing on the side and it was basically estimate that she could pool and approximately while a million dollars in a year right purely based on her book selling for 299 quarterly. Plus the benefit parents -- out then you own the rights to your work forever there's none of that like you on the -- -- your name and creative freedom human. You really do -- yeah there's no publisher gimmick. And. I -- will publish and -- but years of and oh. Amazon though does not they don't want to help and authors with the lending service that's pressure or authors or publishers or anybody apparently. They have revoked the API access to use a service called Lendl. Which was basically facilitating I think e-book lending knows -- and -- people would go to the site very social community based say. Here's the books I have would you like to borrow them and then it would facilitate that relations for you -- when your -- other people you -- -- they were yeah and Johnson now. And -- and I don't know not that we don't think that well because. They're treading Hebert carefully with Eva went into the publishers don't really wanna do it -- impact I have not I've never seen a book that are like -- -- the books are marked. As charitable if they are if the publishers agreed -- land them I have yet to run a problem and so it's very rare that you've seen via a and I think Amazon doesn't wanna like make. Because publishers don't like it they're not comfortable with that -- people. They don't make it easy for you to do this -- needs to do with your dead tree book all the time it does give them to your friend. Hey good news eight ought to pay for the New York Times -- pay the outrage at the content you want to pay. 1535 dollars and they're -- well has been up in your operates its Ehrlich a few days. Yes I think Canada it was a -- -- -- so Bloomberg has reported that its costing vineyard times. Company of forty to fifty million dollars to designing construct. And hackers have already. Punched a giant hole in it with -- -- the -- Amazing. Long long so they'll probably try to fix this by the time it's rolled out of the US. But at the end of the day like you were talking about -- just to stop them from -- like -- referral link that doesn't you know that. The shows that if you think rightly if it's not -- -- that it would be super trivial for any -- -- even an outbreak in iPad app or something to do. That the refer your Allen and sentinel articles until -- time tempered after. Whenever they would do it right -- figured. The thing the biggest problem that you'll you'll as the price for one thing -- have three different prices that's ridiculous yet another thing who. Blatantly that -- CBS radio it is an agent can pay 35 dollars a month or any single source digital -- that's -- out read. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think they're granted that every single story today we need like -- positive news. I like that publishers start out that -- -- a public that was a positive story and a. And positive you apparently Google is number one on the list of places where people want to work according to a survey by universe them. -- -- Well they had they do focus a lot I mean I met a guy who is part of their employee any plea wellness program. And just basically programs for how to keep employees happy yeah they were it was that old -- are building their own grocery store. On campus. In Google's headquarters I issue not wow -- that's what I'm talking about. It's interesting I think the analog sources say that but yeah one repairs whatever the Bluetooth -- -- like a little bit with Google people are definitely feeling a little more defense and and they were part in the analyzer is not -- but -- Google lately some of their big spot bonuses have. Made morale basket but you know I think that's all kind of like they went from you work -- A tropical resort and massages all day every day Q you're gonna tropical hours or and -- -- the impact that they. I -- if -- if they like. Yet the pulpit to get aggressive I guess you get decapitated the -- food and the Wi-Fi busses you open up the ranger like -- -- out free Odwalla that are like 350 for us they have fancy. The total wash toilets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It means they wash and dry your loved people if they could let us build us a little doubt that's the might feel -- and I don't know -- I mean I've never experienced that personally and know they have them you know like the -- here -- -- like Japan but I don't know them cool and I don't know about. -- on this believe that that's still TBD army clarity also insults and. Apple by the way is that a distant second they're number two. But they have like about half the interest and then comes Walt Disney and get the US Department of State. Really -- is ahead of Amazon the FB Microsoft if the IA. NASA and Teach for America well you know what that doesn't surprise me that doesn't surprise me there had an Amazon because my friends that work it is Amazon Amazon runs really -- And I'm tied up across all operates in the panel when you book your hotel you're -- insulin itself. I can understand why they may not be up in the top three and -- as a great business for consumers -- -- -- -- -- Local Intel as you may be where is having a little bit of trouble breaking in the Smartphone market to apply -- also excellent editor -- yes. The people and that's the way it's looking. And on bit -- under us sector has about time you read a hard name I've always had to do it and unlike adult never that you're so W kept announcing words are EH I -- -- for the first time and send a Specter. Who had have been the senior vice president and general manager of Intel's ultra mobility group. Announced that he will be leaving Intel to pursue work at a company where they actually have figured out mobile he didn't think that's editorial. But anyway not yet another sign that there haven't gotten a lot of problems. Definitely mean arm processors have basically swooped up that market yet you know you have Nvidia's tegra two processors will also. They they've really trail that neither in that area in and out through things going right now that. But sandy bridge products as that any improper inebriated not in general and a bridge promenade MBP Seattle's accordions -- this is having growing. And this has been -- heating up the form words of some owners of potentially the fifteen inch and seventeen inch 2011. MacBook pros those ones that we're just released. They've been noticing problems of lock ups when the computers under heavy workload some -- potentially screens going black. People not so have -- -- so Apple at least that the moment has. Potentially responded with a release of a version of OS-X point 67. Specifically for the MacBook pros that can help improve the graphics -- ability. An external display compatibility -- see if this is actually. Fix this means it's not an issue where we're gonna policy and -- recall but it is happening. And it's more widespread than just like five guys wrote on a forum. And that's the thing is a lot of times we ignore these stories are -- could accidentally coming out with having problems with some new -- but it's big enough that Apple made. The cheats and and and special version of a -- -- -- -- and if you're if that happens with -- MacBook Pro with you know what to do about it it gets better make it better be on. They're actually move on to. They crushing load of gadget -- we'll help -- Dahlia. RI -- -- we kind of alluded to it. All the juicy goodness from C today first of all Samsung's Galaxy Tab eight point nine inch and ten point one inch. Eight point six millimeters to -- point two millimeters thinner than yet. Did he did pictures of that -- -- ridiculous and thinner than most. That's scary if you -- -- -- you know what's awesome about that. It's Samsung come into play it is you -- -- -- mean they see what else is out there they're like screw this we need to compete with what's out there from a design standpoint yeah like. That's what I like city. And Samsung this is where their strength lies like I'm not a big fan -- you there and they're put in touch with the you know I don't -- attachment which is a worst name ever. And B it's just not that Islam values. But they Samsung brings the pretty -- they are now they're doing some of the best design in the industry right now that is further proof that. Also pricing now on the T-Mobile G slate it's gonna cost 52999. With contract. -- Contract. Remember -- -- sell out contracts. -- -- though it. Dared 529. With contract I don't know -- element that -- You know they day that it comes with a couple features not found that tablets like four G support and HP's the -- -- PA plus network -- I would argue that where geoghan case spill. Big number. It can record and play 3-D video back with glasses and -- -- the camera on the back. And then it's an eight point nine cents. Profit her -- -- a screen but it does have the tegra two dual core processors. -- You know I'm not I'm not a fan of the whole three -- on mobile devices but I think it would be fun it's -- no one's gonna buy a phone or tablet because of that but it's gonna be -- is platelet. Yeah anatomy I wanna play that I wanna play with -- -- in math credits and like a you know are feeling than mine tablets under contract under way. And -- be -- -- on a diet a contact -- get a contract with this beard and are they are right onto the network that's not to -- AT&T will be she is showing off their -- three capable. LG -- four G phone. In that's a lot LG thrilled G. LG thrill Ford G -- thought had yet. It's like it gets it doesn't get better over time -- cellphone -- floppy that TV names are bad cell phones again right there and in pretty bad at this. I'll tell you thrill -- -- treaty but if you're -- -- -- the -- -- am not in Edwards review on public and Schenectady and I'm not feeling it but I think it'd be what you get you play that you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The T-Mobile sidekick -- also -- pricing coming out of Orlando and 9999. With a two year contract with unlimited data. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can also get it for -- 150 baht with a two year service agreement and a lower data plan it and I'm excited about this phone but now that it's on T-Mobile and night. For T-Mobile phones but I'm seriously if I can't I want to get a hundred bucks. Just -- just to pay homage to my site -- Like love. I might do that. And about that contract and then the ongoing hope that if the merger is approved god help -- all. That at minimum they will let people out of there contract because usually I would think that a big change -- like that would let people out yet I don't think yet to be that afraid. -- They've finally do that but I'm really consumer friendly enough -- -- -- -- a little sad note coming out of -- GIA is that in the Booth space where NTT Kokomo would have been which is Japan's. Being -- their primary operator number one carrier there is a banner. Saying we support. Kamal and the people of Japan during this time -- hardship and then there might have a base cemetery. Now. I mean if you're -- -- line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And other non gadget news here's just a little -- this is an exclusive. To be well -- I've talked to. Two very reliable sources I'm supremely confident and essentially new IMAX. Are in route. From -- being shipped to via ocean. To the US and will be available. By either the end of April or the first week of may. Now there's probably not gonna be any cosmetic changes will cease -- degree dependable but for all you that have been waiting. You know for the next iMac refresh we were expected to be sometime around march but this is I have very. Specific Intel. That they are on a boat right now which also indicates that the not trying to -- them via plane. And it's like yes that's not a huge launch and because of that that's probably will cease -- -- guys are waiting. You couldn't you just wait it out for another month. Don't get an iMac right now that eighth out of them that an Apple blog yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- the guys often adds depth and artists in our and then finally and gadget news rim has revealed -- -- pricing. Blackberry Playbook versions and pricing it is starting. App for 99. That are before 99599. And -- 99. From sixteen to 64 gigs of storage and then outlets in the US will include AT&T best buy Office Depot RadioShack sprint and -- -- and now we know and now. United okay let's -- onto. What science news yeah. -- Yes years suggestion in that thing there's -- let's move on okay let's start with -- -- Including -- -- story that even found about. Research that is going on -- -- it if they research into the -- like nerve networks work. And trying to study -- -- that the structure of nerve endings you know for help with diseases and stuff like that. But it is also potentially laying the ground work. For a nerve electronic hybrid. In the future. Think skyline that peel paint. Think like nerve cell ten -- rental from -- threading their way through tiny semiconductor tubes. Ravi they -- that the system may bring researchers closer to brain computer interfaces that seamlessly integrate artificial -- Or or other prosthetic devices and of course. Although this -- in -- specifically if they get -- with -- they feel pain. I view I do you think the person who had to make via Tennessee -- graphics that this was an haven't found I think that if a site -- -- -- -- -- Is let's let's let's have fun at -- -- ten journals it's really it's interesting because they seem to speeds they seem to have found that the nerve felt like if they'd put the tiny -- -- the nerve cells that can grow into them like idea and a fine dinner -- on -- talents or whatever -- and so that's why did they think it actually makes it a little bit potentially easier. The couple living cells with technology because the cells seem to show propensity for growing into the world and crazy. Often. Let's get the happy without it happy that now we're happy stuff via. Good news -- -- Put down your Mountain View of everyone but not. A -- the Hobbits. Movie is finally shooting. -- and taken. For -- for now it feels like a lot of time I. Think we went a little when was the Lord of the Rings trilogy over and those like the year break in the mr. -- and up on it. Yeah it's been awhile a lot of the time I know I'm toilet while another in. -- there are -- very. Sad actually it has been in the works. For fourteen years according to the Hollywood reporter fourteen years. But the good news is the practice and integrate with and more -- like that that director dropped out and then the studio and -- -- -- crazy. I think Guillermo Guillermo del Toro which is -- reduce hoping I think is. He dropped out but Peter Jackson is packet and so he's gonna be -- -- -- most of The Lord of the Rings cast is returning including implanted in account and allegedly and Andy Serkis who with them. You know -- via the movies will be shot in digital 3-D of course. They already have a patent titled earth and apparently there's that to be worth more than one billion dollars to New Zealand economy. About the title. That's the with the title on it public enemy they're -- -- -- up -- problem -- they are gonna make it like its own series via the lava. -- -- right yeah they're gonna -- -- there and back again and then the hot it and or the unexpected journey. The first of the -- the -- for December 28 and the fact expected. Though okay. Finally. When I was -- comic -- -- at the top of the con. All that's amazing on -- -- -- I'd love I -- the -- And before we get here by now all I got violent or haven't and who cares suffer if your feedback -- -- finally got now if you're listening library -- anytime soon. Today is the last day ended on that signed -- south by southwest iPad Q. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- time Freddy Rodriguez Brett Ratner -- today. Tim Blake Nelson you know everybody was on the senate again everybody and all of the the funds all the proceeds are going to use the Red Cross the benefit Japan relief. And currently because geeks are amazing that you are amazingly generous wonderful people. The bidding is at 2500 dollars. 2550. Dollars an uneasy. That opt them it was worth waiting in line for men -- five minute wait in line as we walked there and we want the way and we want to back and you. -- Enough of the minute you don't wanna do that but you do have all -- you want to get rid of around how important this. We are also there's -- CNET gazelle drive CNET dot gazelle dot com. Development site where you can even take your electronic duplicate you have to give you that they basically just tell you like with the -- as much and -- -- -- -- shipping label couldn't be easier. And you can donate all of that money to Japan and it goes directly by going through that site goes directly -- -- exactly. That's pretty all right shall we hey -- -- -- -- pack. Without a doubt this is the show of indeterminate links. But it's -- serene lake at least partly retarded. Okay so first habitable it smells -- from Vermont is gonna is colonists as the talk about. Privacy with rare video rentals and where it started. Uncle -- I'm a little active you mentioned it up in a -- storing data. And be unable to -- idea now. -- looking -- video. Rental. A little -- And we called customers and you -- trafficking -- We'll that we do it because it help the clinic called indie acts a lot because it wants you to go to -- -- Has tried to view rentals happen one cylinder was not -- -- it wouldn't -- -- -- call -- -- Package change your house. Will probable -- -- then press announced -- paying -- now anything opened videos. -- -- -- -- -- in the can and customer. At slipped out beacon journal online -- Unpacked. As I did not know that that's pretty get outside is still in effect in the use it for it was it recently came -- because there was some other lost it when they return to use that it. Stop whatever. It will tell us really at the fifth it's -- You know the thing that we talked about yes there I am there there's one thing in an arrogant try to do this name and they were like no because of that thing. Alex in Melbourne Australia write in and -- having heard. To explain. Anything not under heavier than -- about the impending takeover of TW if they buy anything he my mind started worrying. About some of the possible outcomes of the mergers -- 1090. Mocha. As you're -- -- team of the ET mobile USA uses the router rather exotic. AWF band for its three G coverage while AT&T uses -- nearly as exotic 919100. Megahertz band for its three G coverage. European carriers like -- -- cousins across the pond used a 2100 megahertz band. And there are plans for using the 1810000. Megahertz -- for LTE in Europe Asia and Australia. -- crazy theory. That's -- with me. AT&T uses its newly and large spectrum holdings plus a bit of political muscle to tweak the edges and -- propose replacing. -- than 19100 -- at an AWS spans. With the European 2100 megahertz band while offering up the 18100 megahertz band as a right for LTE. That he didn't follow any of that basically at least then all the GSM phones in the world would be on the same -- if they were 2100 maggert. And then they could -- 18100 maggert -- and they would standardized globally. AT&T that argues according to Alex that prices would decrease as a result of being able to offer devices that don't have to be built. Especially for the US market. Of course the reality that savings would simply become added -- you AT&T shareholders. Who doesn't like profit -- three you know those numbers -- -- it. And hurt. Our -- here is like -- exercises now. This on coast from our buddy Jose C Gomez a group -- -- as we appreciate it often holy crap -- the Amazon App Store take the -- The ability tried -- straight in your browser before you buy here's what it says about that feature. Clicking the test drive and now want is a copy of this app on Amazon's elastic compute cloud. An Amazon web servers available developers so you've read the rest -- he just -- -- coming here. At the end he writes I -- Molly doesn't like having multiple apps or an exclusivity and such and as that app developer -- -- you live but they did an amazing job love the -- It is Amazon link there are pretty pro shop it would be crazy if -- pains and of the of the gains enough momentum. I mean their store has more features and is more alluring than Google's Android in total they totally Google -- -- I'm not gonna highlight app -- -- part without the added that richer -- and -- -- your group and what events -- what actually how much or Amazon you take it. And the thing obviously Google hazards built on every phone but if -- against gains enough steam via. And I didn't happen -- -- that. I finally at long last that are separate today the -- that the net not comment or blog if you wanna register complaints about -- -- that today that it. What -- think -- 6638. Its. -- yes. All right we'll see guys tomorrow.
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