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Ep. 1411: Don't Hate the Zynga, Hate the Game!: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1411: Don't Hate the Zynga, Hate the Game!

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Zynga could be worth $10 Billion dollars, which means more CityVille spin-offs. Apple's new subscription policies are getting the attention of U.S. antitrust enforcers, all we want to do is dance, dance, dance and mice might be the key for Brian to keep his hair well past his 60s. Plus, Computer Love! Awwwww Yeah.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm scared guessing I'm Brian's song was a bug allows you just podcasts -- in the -- Thurmond -- Molly Wood still out in Vancouver. Doing some things for CBS Darren (%expletive) in. Hak5 Darren in the house thanks for coming -- we have yet while so I'm I'm I'm glad -- jacket -- -- what does so I'll just a few notes for you guys. First off the -- Monday we will not be having to show that presence states I -- dollar -- like a barbecue or just sit around watching -- -- -- festivities over the weekend or. Packing things up but -- what you -- Monday. In things that happy endings. Only -- season nine were premiering a whole new look like Kraft -- and today. Excellent solely looking part of that also -- to some notes about south by southwest which is happening on in mid march if you guys wanna come out if you happen to be in the the Austin area we -- -- -- A buzz out loud bass a live show -- -- bar. Few keywords that are open bar you do not have to be -- south by southwest -- to go our part it's gonna get cedar street. Six to 9 PM we'll get -- Not I can actually can entry already -- tired its anti social oh and Estonia through its crappy -- on the and also quick note on if you guys are listing live stream right now at a cnet.com slash -- -- -- -- -- -- chat. After -- show at twelve new and reporters' roundtable curriculum is gonna be covering. The robo brain -- -- many old out IBM Watson people behind the scenes and the gentleman who wrote the book about how that all came to be in what was happening so. We will have that on our lives schedules also. Darren on our SA is going down to just a few blocks from less -- -- note -- your impressions you know something that -- some other way it's not bad. It's not your typical hacker conference you know is now what I'm used to good militants -- content -- -- content stuffed and this is like you know CES -- you know computer security. Really big stuff coming out of of course you know -- Really high level stuff like Bruce and -- are talking about how companies. -- to not only like secure their infrastructure to the value of the company but think of it in in you know the whole of the system so -- if I'm an electric company and like. Our money to do my computer security what's the you -- value of my company and what can I put into the security of my system. But then there's like all of these other subsystems that that you know become part of and it's like yeah nobody wants -- to weekly -- It's like with new Ford. Are there any are there any trends or things that people -- talking about the most out there. On that that stuck out -- for sailors -- more you know kind of like you like that and more on the high level corporate suit. Get really high level stuff I just just that you know. A cloud it's just more more cloud application security stuff. Being a team I was able to hit the exhibition floor yesterday and he's a neat gadgets so we'll have some of -- on Hak5 specifically like. Some in just some -- drive stuff from. From the Kingston. With some really neat encryption and built and was there any talk about how anonymous -- diet and the group anonymous has become a bigger threat to these companies yes and I don't have -- I can't set that story for you and what is wrong for that but. The other otherwise you're the only other meets up with thoughts on enigma machine is CIA -- there. Really bad CA had -- there and I might want him like with the CIA demo today. What products are you -- below an enigma. Cool. Running on windows ninety cent. -- that America. It's all right excellence -- parents here in the house that they so much for coming out and we obviously -- have you have you down the road almost get to -- the news we've been talking about the Apple. You know apps or changes in their terms and conditions especially specifically. Geared towards how they have announced their subscription policy but also there and asking for a 30% cut. On all these descriptions so it is now we didn't -- and maybe an antitrust case of becoming against them. Nothing is happening yet but and US antitrust enforcers have been starting to look closely at the terms that Apple has set. -- you know whether it's unfair and how realistic this could possibly you know BB happening now to make a case against Apple. The main thing is that. An extra support -- an -- to show that Apple has. Market power and abusing it but it depends on really how. You define the market because it's although Apple has their app ecosystem is still only make -- about 60% share of the Smartphone sales. Right and then it Google's coming out with their own ecosystems as -- as we've heard with you know their music store and -- offerings -- not so. Why you know it's it's their company that can aid and part of me thinks al-Qaeda exists is saying is it's one of those things you think where it's like colleges. We want 25% to last for thirty and then when we -- -- you know when we get -- -- much -- pushed back and and we like bring it back down all of a sudden it's like not as bad. Somehow the but that legislation that's like we're gonna filter the Internet kill babies what kill babies are just filter the Internet. Elements -- that bad. Yet there's that they're state -- -- -- us officials in the US and abroad may be hard pressed a pretty much find out or conclude if the 30%. Commission is really that excessive because -- really haven't been any benchmarks -- standards set in place for. In -- determining how much is too much for commission on the sufficient -- is now we feel. Here in this room we talk about 30% was pretty high now yet even though just because Google put out a 10%. On you know distribution -- -- you know going through them in the new dimension now there's a -- percent -- the a lot of times right that's include that thirty heels to high. -- absolutely imminent totally precious and business models as we've seen like rhapsody publicly thing like that we we can't do that's -- that the biggest thing here which. Is if the media companies took a stand against Apple decided to leave the platform because they felt that really. Android had a chance that still elevate their product and had more room to grow then you'd see you know Apple probably claim -- they did this remember when. Agility prevented Adobe kind of in their terms of service from using like a flash wrapper -- programs from last that would be -- said no but then. As they were getting more pressure. Then they'd be like -- that conditions I wonder if if they get more press from the media Apple take another step back. Like -- -- the reinventing the computer it's like they get it. Basically a Mulligan on the entire computer industry with this lake -- stuff and you're just because it's a new embedded operating system supposedly a whole new you know mindset where they're like -- you know. Get as restrictive as you can maybe get what you can as you know years down the road Unisys Sunday I can't feel like. Apple's just doing this. To me and they're starting at 30% and then the big guys like you at Amazon and ethics of the world they're gonna get like they -- get -- push back and can get rolled back. All these independent developers all the people who make a small app and select a million copies -- -- gonna get hooked by the news and -- -- -- Our civil Seattle plays out obviously nothing is -- happening yet but you know Justice Department -- -- commission. Officials are looking into it now we're gonna transition over to we talked a lot about Apple and all the different potential concepts of -- of the coming out for the next. Gen iPhone the New York Times is reporting that Apple has been explored in a way to make the phone cheaper but not necessarily smaller so. Will be no report for a while that Apple's going to make one potentially that streams your content. The New York Times says based on their sources people who are in direct contact with Apple said they would not make -- smaller phone iPhone at this time obviously they are working on some of the it. They have so many concepts -- prototypes out there but they said in part because smaller device would not necessarily actually be cheaper to manufacture and would be more difficult to operate. Right I mean -- still in good form -- of course could he be reduced things like screen size you know. Then application developers to rewrite their Apple -- the big thing right the they would it would not be compatible with -- -- it would -- -- right we've already had a problem with Android you know like you do when you actually -- -- application -- -- -- -- -- for like hours fit this size screen put this button here -- that. And you know as we saw with like transition from. From I was just being on the I found the iPad and the onscreen -- hoops to get through that again. But don't they already have an inexpensive iPhone means you can get like 3GS for late fifties -- yeah I think 4049 months of -- area you know that that's true that's true digital video and still get phone. Almost always get what you see them might just take in the 3-D F and how we're just gonna put it in the four -- body copy and sell for fifty bucks you know like how we got extra bodies land around we get all these 3-D F and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's the -- be slow so you Dole's the united you know it the steam is so hot because disease we have like four different. Potential prototype iphones everyone's already talk about it so for. Again that's all right -- also other phone news timeout Nokia and Microsoft and -- you know a number ten you know their partnership. A Nokia in an effort to push developers towards. -- kind of jumping on board with their move towards windows phone seven. They have signed -- developers with that they're Nokia launch pad program in which they're promising a free Nokia. And then later on together they'll also be offering -- one free -- -- -- windows phone seven device and it becomes available. Really I mean we all know about the hardware -- get the developers on board. Yeah make it easy at least in their hands -- let -- -- -- they wanted to know for a flu is to take any problem you know he can have developers and that the patent hardware news in the hardware is not for now. And some they're doing that. And they really need to to get things -- on the parent. Also. In kind of others don't use Skype. We talked about their partnership with quick that happened over during CES -- It can happen in the background because of it was time out all the devices. -- that were coming out. -- already Skype's -- video codecs on is improving McCauley of the you know the quick the isn't the main thing that this article is talking about is that how Skype is -- Sheen. Towards potentially bringing video calling services to AT&T. Now Skype already has -- -- partnership with Verizon -- has carrier deals with that T-Mobile and sprint which -- AT&T is the only one out. Right but you know it'd they were also quick to point out that we have nothing to discuss -- regarding future developments or not. In -- with carriers -- US and that we deliberately. Because we're not to avoid any live looking forward statements there. -- -- their plan would like -- is -- planet how -- is. I mean everybody's got to have solution units compete with facetime. And it just kind of -- like Skype is is obvious solution I mean there's other ones like freeing and stuff but nothing about the install basic Skype. Instead it's also really excited because they're working on a full scale like you know video solution for once for like LT phones that are coming on Verizon -- and that's where you're gonna finally see. A competitor that doesn't that isn't Wi-Fi reliant that's -- look on the level they think that's the thing all these three G phones -- have video calling. We've seen only views on it's just not as -- and we know facetime is over Wi-Fi but it's just not as clean. Yeah I've done the the Skype over the three G yeah not -- them yeah I've done tango. And praying rules. I've Doug's guy I've tried a mall for -- -- at that. Of tribal and yet we'll see how it goes now also on -- story that is there's actually progress here with modified -- a spot by has signed on EMI. For their US launch that would make them -- make them have that little now put. EMI and Sony in their back pocket with two of the four major music labels. -- showing that we are slowly. And surely crawl lean -- scene -- by in the. The US have achieving its even gonna be the similar service you know once everybody gets on board and all the agreements are done -- mean it's not gonna be like the service that it is in Europe in May and may not necessarily be exactly. That you know. They have I doubt we'll see the ad free supported model here NA not probably not. But at least from subscription music standpoint yes definitely a wonder of it comes to the US's from the changed the UK. Or to the the European version Annie you know it's probably still continue to use here you know. Hacker ways to -- that European server that through. It's really depends on you know like we always know behind the scenes what type of agreements the labels actually agree to via a home with the content but a spot a five. Coming closer -- I -- -- also -- had a reporter graphs that show the yesterday that showed. An of them use the evolution of music sales. And even digital music now is completely dropping off the map I mean we know that people are always -- all their digital music but right even those people that are. It's completely fallen off the wayside. The heyday of music distribution is is it's over self -- models early -- revolving and noble we'll see -- spot five -- Get there. -- because there comes and three -- that just you know how you compete with that you can't compete with -- never can now that never again. All right -- will be taking a break but we come back we'll be talking about that a little dinner. That President Obama had with Steve Jobs in many other tech luminaries as well as -- Spring in in the cash. Welcome back the buzz -- everybody. Darren Kitchen -- Darren in the house -- as they on this Friday videos with things -- alright guys back the stories here. Present Obama came out -- Cisco yesterday. And in the -- big over here but he came instantly to kind of mingle and pick the brains of the tech luminaries here and so on balance of the first picture. This of -- -- from the from the White House's website. Shows all of the minds. That met together on. John Doerr partner partner Kleiner Perkins Carol Bartz CEO of Yahoo! sitting right next -- Eric Schmidt on that Canada and the table closest to us on the left hand side you'll also see Steve Jobs directly next Obama. And Zuckerberg do on their I mean sell -- antenna right hand man and seventy -- to -- -- Most powerful mines -- recognition -- giving in the state. -- -- -- -- Some also other people their Larry Ellison co founders Oracle Reed Hastings from Netflix. And -- are elements in -- a Genentech and a few others but obviously you know. They were here they pretty much to talk about the business community how we can you know strengthen the economy through the technology sector which is really -- -- So much of the economy did it right I mean. -- that were -- and everything else. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But a good -- You -- another thing there were we didn't report -- because it was just scanning wildly speculative of how Steve Jobs is going to us Stamford. Cancer treatment center -- -- like that Leo -- you know. This is according like off the paper's gossip outlets that are now following -- -- in his movements. You're pretty much the same their and that picture -- and it's a good sign that he's actually out -- Leo it's not like he's locked in at home he's out about zone. You know one of Apple's stocks went up after that picture one out. Stuff like that happens it's a missed opportunity to have kind of -- last supper asked a little odd thing. And think through. With the -- several of our -- there are. All right also on the Zynga. Neary in a valuation I closed the ten billion dollars -- -- know we know them birds such popular original game. As a city Ville -- what city -- like. SimCity -- on hotline also spin -- like farm bill front here bill. Barriers I think have fished built dutifully like that did they added to the written they're really good at changing bit maps and and telling -- in game hey -- yeah yeah yeah it's amazing so anyways they're in talks with mutual fund giant T. Rowe Price. And Fidelity Investments for a round of financing your 500 million dollars which potentially could lead them to file for public. IPO if they get 500 million dollars of the valued at ten billion doesn't that mean that that -- with enough they can hire enough monkeys with type freighter to come out of the game and -- saying I just. The data using -- comes out with an original -- an original game. -- light. You about it but put -- tinian all the time I Harold black. The dating and -- and her -- -- early January birthday I. The -- -- I'm saying is I just don't see that but you know it good for -- they are making money off of what other people done. But just putting their brand on it it's and it's also the social gaming phenomenon more than anything else I've read that -- that is that was an Elliott not so bad that is that is a pentium processor. It. It. Game you can -- -- donating it because that's about it. Donate the player -- -- -- that but the title right there are right in other evening game is. And PD group's always releases can of their the reports for the videogame industry in the best selling games for January. 20110 this is just January but. Four of the top ten games -- a revolution people its all about dance. Just dance two -- Michael Jackson the experience to join the party and dance central dance central -- fitness -- I sat -- and -- you guys. That you don't use on the list yeah. I mean all duty black console number one obviously -- -- a little lighter today but. This is to. -- Well think about it right the what's the next big console to three yes it's about come out right so then cancel now believes it with the latest console at the connect. With the obvious connect game -- now when you can only -- -- is blocking pixels of a person's. Wave your arms around -- which -- -- you play dance central yet now you know likely to somebody's. Okay benefit plans come upon plane at home is awesome it was epic at easily as actors like you know -- hue within the -- that they give you with the lights and to volunteer living -- bodies everywhere -- -- -- my living room yeah. And and it and move on to other gaming news you can acquire them you could easily lately and -- will do more than just be -- on it's Craigslist. I'm the same people sell video game sales unfortunately down despite all the also music games. -- this is according amino more -- PD group a for the tenth straight month -- the second straight month and tenth in the last year. Toll revenues came in at one point 16 billion down 5% from one point. Two billion in -- 2010 also armed to even from a software perspective they were down 5% from the year earlier hardware sales down 8%. Except for Microsoft of course he said and actually in -- were up fourteen point 4%. You know I am in the last year driven by the connect the industry and the progress tale that's more like saturation point oh yeah priority at the midlife of -- The cycles everybody already have what did they were gonna continue to see this trend as were in the -- audible also have all of this portable ones like you know the gamble I thought -- union at the new 3GS those any pretty high price and what it is the next thing that's gonna sparked the numbers -- -- Either flat out -- come back up -- lower price. Like they'll drop the price cut fifty bucks off this so do the same thing Apple's -- at -- -- -- and I have put in a cheaper box and then -- more customers at these numbers the video game sales down does that count lack. Mobile the account no distance as a business was like my console -- -- -- to console games there like a lot of that is -- moving toward mobile space yeah yeah absolutely itself. There you go numbers from there -- right armed you want to take this one Google Chrome beta. -- Google Chrome if you are Chrome -- can be -- note that the have just. Google has released the Chrome ten beta and with it comes a whole lot -- sexiness. For example the settings is no longer dialogue of things -- -- -- is a it's very similar to what you'd find on -- on branded CR 48 notebook. And value added it's pretty -- because he can do things like search within feel like if you just looking for like language or something. You just you -- dual controller type and language and then boom if you -- where you wanna go. -- speedier they've been making huge improvements on their V8 JavaScript engine. Yet -- some of the beta release sports a whopping 66%. Improvement. On the V8 benchmark suite and also includes some preliminary implementation of GP accelerated video to take that tax -- -- -- CPU and decrease the power reason they're so they said -- usage may decrease by as much as 80%. -- -- -- the security conscious and even as the ability to disable outdated plugin is so if you haven't updated that and that's a vector you know about tea. Definitely -- attack vector that people need to keep mine you know like those my -- my last entity. It -- is very -- casing and hook it up very well he's just go to web page and on the mainland sent Hak5 for that but the. Also Google unveils their delicious bookmark importer on the -- promote delicious -- is the bookmark in service offered through Yahoo! which is basically letting it go away. With an Atlanta what they started the whole link -- to -- looking like one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Google docs replaced it for us now. You know -- -- -- you know everyone is like kind of implement some sort of bookmarking you know. Feature that you know -- -- -- well I don't although there -- like -- marks and they went under -- I'm sad I don't think Google bookmarks is gonna go under though. Opera while the enemy and I don't know I mean I'm I'll be the first thing I don't really use Google bookmarks. It's like built into -- definitely -- -- Chrome on your browsers this saves and salinity and another browser hasn't there right at the -- it is. A -- Google bookmarks I'm never heard someone call bookmark. -- -- -- Depends on what you bookmarking. That -- right quick gets. It's okay. Look out. Alright here we go all Motorola eight -- news for only a -- freaks and fans is the a Motorola forgy based on that docs into Kennedy laptop shell. The eight fixed. Will apparently. Be moving to launch -- device. Ahead by one week as originally slated for a march 6 release but is now been sent to AT&T customers are threats that says the H -- be actually launch team. On their -- the twenties. Mike you must is -- really got me maybe I mean I still debating on whether a month -- AT&T would do what you honestly what phone are you really waiting for excited -- despise it when it's going to -- yeah I mean almost type I antibiotic acrobatic. It looks really strong. And I was also waiting for -- -- nice strong Windows 7 found that there is in line. Yeah the idea the W prozac secrecy but is that on is on AT&T. I think it is I think it's you know I could be wrong guys I mean I'm -- -- this out. Trust me in my mind is like much but you got you guys might even know better so someone take -- to -- the Caroline just confirm where the venue pro is off of -- all right so we got that. -- also. CES -- that ten point one inch screen Android two point you. You know device with a one point two gigahertz Qualcomm snap dragon the thing looks sexy and -- it was supposedly just gonna be going for three -- 9449. In China but now it looks like it's gonna be shipping worldwide. In -- rolled. A wide line up in June and also what kind of some cool -- the basement is doing for FaceBook users they are now adding that. LG BT that's lesbian gay -- gender transsexual friendly released its status options. So FaceBook has included the ability to choose for your early -- us in a domestic partnership or in a civil union. Along with the usual roster of the least of options on the society that people been asking for for a long time so. It was just a simple just. Plugin and then they go and hey it's just a matter time before the ad tech and sexual. I -- working on it. We're keen on all -- really like that and droids. It celibate is eligible to be someone who makes I mean because they -- such tools been you know more like them it just like the guy was an attack with. Ry -- -- -- Wikipedia or. Or urban. Urban dictionary dictionary gave conflicting you know -- really -- he looked at -- if you really feel. I'm just -- -- all right on to the gadgets. It is beautifully -- -- -- where does -- pick -- point five inch wingspan and weighing just two thirds of announced. The hummingbird. The new kind of UAV -- actually made by aerial. But aero environment a the builder of small -- they -- make. A product -- -- the -- the puma the new one hummingbird that's my heart it. Literally flies just like a hummingbird can move forward side to side back and forth and it's got video camera on it. It only fly like the candidates this is awesome it. It's not enough it's funded by the defense's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA if -- -- -- -- them. You know the you know like in that it would just close that does not look real hosts I would shoot that down -- -- Do you imagine we could fly that I mean you know -- -- you get the problem in tentative and fairly it would get daily buzz the tower this thing it's like. You know. In the shopping -- just drive that around -- get a bunch of them and -- lasers on them and then played some kind of aerial dogfight. Lithia -- are -- is well it's going to -- a building right now yeah they'll get there villains get a realize there's a mechanic. -- or -- if it has in the availability sounds like that array can mammoths found so little -- I'm just thinking something like from -- -- to. -- this is also the right it's a total prototype I mean it's going to get better yet now it's a wow wow wow. But that there goes their lands that's -- that's on a -- -- -- signed me up. Yup DARPA are right and that -- let's take it out we're gonna go over to -- science. Credit hair close our eyes news. We talked about solar flares and though is that content to the largest one in like the past. I believe it looks like a four years or so while the sun has been like calming down for the last couple years just a little indigestion to the -- the this is so this is the more details on this are we talked about a couple days ago solar flares we -- -- they could disrupt. The energy -- telecommunications now -- -- it appears to have at least slightly done that the past few days sun -- it's been out these massive. Solar -- that have been responsible for knocking out from the short wave radio communications. In southern China. According to China's official. -- -- news agency that he thought players have occurred back to back the last couple days and they're on track to hit earth. Thursday and Friday which would also today -- results could be. Minimal with an increase in Aurora Borealis on its performance but in the worst case scenario. -- players can knock out entire parts of the energy grid and telecommunications. Network. And natural warning that a huge storms and what's the one that occurred back in 1859 if you remember which burned -- telegraph lines that the US and Europe it. Could possibly occur by 2013 -- all by. Now we're -- that it. If they -- this. Eight L possibly by when he thirteen 802012. Yup you heard it many December 21. I think that the Danish. It's now my word -- also come in in science. Researching stress sciences may have accidentally found a baldness care this is a real -- founded. Every guy listening should pay attention to the door even trying to to create a baldness -- they've got like all these mice that there. They're there you inducing stress on and -- -- trying at this -- -- medicine. And -- -- like only weigh in and distrust out -- lose their hair. So then they're looking for the stressed out mice after the given this medicine like where it where's the stress in my -- think that the look at the ID tags on them because they blended in with the rest of because they regroup there. Yet researchers at the salt institute need to -- the peptide called stress and B which blocks the action. Of CR -- which stands for. Court to -- -- -- releasing factor so this is. And of what sparked the you know the -- in the mice they want to test whether it had any impact on their gastrointestinal tracts first injection it did basically not -- so. He gave them an additional connection over five days. And panels on their hater started growing back three months later yeah and -- an amazing -- -- human skin so there's possibility that. -- -- -- on marketing right now I mean this I'm probably gonna have a ball street and by the time even when you're when you're done only at him in and gonna needs to be like black here black the his bald in -- there might be the -- -- and you I don't know I don't know I've seen it I'm comment I'm gonna work comment from me. It -- ruled out there won't -- -- that's the thing I was thought you know. By the time I get really old I think this union of advancements and I mean what of the -- Rogaine yet. There's was that out of the vehicle late in plant like fiberoptic no leasing the fiber optic Christmas trees on public fiber -- care if they don't run into -- out of LEDs and it juror number on the -- who appeals GLH formula -- -- -- -- -- now. Either Amazon strictly to -- that one out. But on the -- it was literally straight up. Spray paint -- -- -- -- -- little a little particles. Cling onto your hair that you really like the invisible layers. -- and I remember those ads I mean. I love the food -- -- but -- -- The -- -- -- gray hair -- great and I did I get this imagine that this is like anti stress medicine. If like you'd have to the -- humans -- all the hair grew back but it. They could -- that it literally to so like. -- Know -- you know guys using -- -- when he is sweating black. And so there you go are high let's go hit up our feedback. All right keep your voice mails coming in -- CNET are to -- sell -- first many. On this kind of going back in it hasn't he has -- own thoughts on the whole Nokia Microsoft partnership. A -- groups -- many from New York it's called about all Nokia Microsoft thing. I actually think it's a great day it is the reason being because well. For Nokia to do injury they'd actually have to developers in forward and tested at the carriers and have to figure out the instructions it falls in line with Android. Which as we don't know is fragmented already gonna go with Microsoft and do windows phone seven things -- a great opportunity both companies especially since Nokia brings -- -- to the table. In a way below the show he has have a great what. Absolutely. -- got what -- was that movie stuff I mean why not go with. You know the new stuff. And not the fragment is that maybe they could actually pioneer. Windows phone seven and make it rocketing -- you understand that you're looking when a sudden I haven't seen a strong contender -- and -- I -- -- -- a windows -- -- -- entitled to their day you know Nelson Doherty said they were kind of pulling their. -- development resources to you know Nokia would offer -- it in through the windows phone seven on experience and implement some of that stuff. And if anything though because I think you with Paul on -- Intel's CEO he recently just an article we have put in the rundown basis of that. If he was Nokia he would a partner with Android. Is trying to throw it out there button and you'll see -- Woolsey I just -- it. -- Seattle shakes out all right -- -- the emails this one's from John from north thank you Greg that's true. As a response to -- the podcaster an Ottawa the city library of north Vancouver has eighteen. Cobo. Is whether wild -- Rome. So -- that is -- that is that stuff. As we get it -- email here from Gilroy from Canada or -- of like California. -- I know right Canada -- -- world's most owners -- -- -- outside all of its meal. From Gilroy can California. -- why -- Hilemon minded because of the northern gamecube results anyway he writes in to say that the Watson's success of -- human more goals at jeopardy was truly great to watch. And and is non techie way for enthralled watching it is that of by the first time that they've been equally isn't brought about something -- However you want to point out that Watson was -- the questions in text or ask you form. At the same time the questions being asked nuts but -- compared to the humans which have to incorporate. You know what is being sad and what is being seen on the screen wants to see it with the microphones -- can hear and interpret questions that she's on the monitor. And that this would probably use somewhat manageable compared to the majority of -- the -- been accomplished. Ability and could lead some quite hilarious things if it doesn't quite understand how to back well here's the thing though the humans get to read the clue before the they hear that Libby riddles I am an OCR ridiculous vacancy at the -- as important McFarlane and come -- on -- Note that comes up on -- screen accident that beaten on yet but I mean easier on the screen behind Alex right yeah well yeah but how they cut out -- out L com you know. OCR technology is so good -- to zoom right in on that uses cyber -- No -- designated item because if he -- the trip to Disneyland but one thing you need it was the server -- through Disney and he needs. And I think you'd it was a huge room it was Nina are all right -- it didn't take the room -- it would it would be impossible to transport like seriously. -- -- -- -- -- -- So we get from the key here. -- but to I was listening to podcasts 1410. Or you're talking about the new harsher policies pertaining to hackers on the PlayStation. We get a PS3 and pay a lot of call of duty Modern Warfare two and -- be cheating seems to be getting out of control. Particularly -- -- one Hackwear not. Only to be cheaper themselves and make the victim and it became not fun. But on three separate occasions we have given to victims of an unlock code which unlocks everything from for everyone in particular get a little. Now we have very little now now now we have every title. Badge and achievement in the game because we are victims of this and really annoying because now there's nothing to do. I have everything. I'm so I don't think a lifetime -- over the top at all not -- -- can not only getting the game with a cheap but essentially chief foreign. Banks of the show. Showed that they're not getting rid of all the hackers I'm just a very good idea that. You know what I like about that email the most. It was written from -- a girl can -- less -- than it -- NI KKR. As -- I don't know is that guy out there is sending her Gamertag there is there -- guy didn't need any kid and I think I assuming nothing. I I want a few months ago that's hot. You've played call of duty in -- known homeland all. Okay I notice you already knew it all the achievements and the same path literacy has all right -- speaking of you know what time it is. Options are. On the media. -- computer love bringing you a few emails a day from our lovely viewers listeners and readers. -- -- -- listening since the days of -- and loved the addition of computer love. I have a success story as well -- question. My boyfriend I -- men online and fell for each other after the first date we've been together six months they're practically living together. Now for the question. There's all kinds of pictures of his acts on his computer screen saver a -- I'm not really a fan of fallen asleep to pictures of the two of them cycling through on the monitor across the room. House every it up I've mentions -- interacts how nice a couple of times but. He hasn't gotten advance. -- -- -- -- But that's collide. -- brand and there's there's got things like first of all those play call -- that was my trip to -- span and there's a couple of shops where it's me and my girlfriend. On the tandem -- -- you really wanna remember that awesome trip. Maybe just remove them -- to put in to boulder something her state. I understand you wanna keep that digital archive for the -- -- -- party life right. But -- -- keep in mind. A -- he had just. Communicate you don't like that. And if you do not you'll smash his computer yeah and I'm sure he will remove those pictures as they're thinking that -- whatever they're -- -- is significant need to step it up you need to remove those pictures. Does it not a lot of times -- theaters on during certain activities and I don't. Back room and fitness. Sorry that -- right this -- this is awesome love story from Sean. This might cleric from. It's well. And their -- to this Friday February 11 is our this was from primary. -- eleventh Madrid is mice in this or that the eleventh was -- I was the happy belated okay. Well its mind it was my sixth wedding anniversary I met my wife back in 2001 while -- The dark age of Camelot a medieval themed and -- and a more permanent and more -- and we'll know more power via a massive online role playing game. We both -- it has clerics and their part of the same -- Although initially met through an -- monster -- I didn't make my first move on her until weeks later added a -- of her while -- Castle savage. Button and I asked -- she wanted to wholesomeness of -- so why. And -- she wanted to kill some bells with me that's right the pick up line I use distort my wife was hey. You wanna go kills themselves how's that for romantic them. RP VP session was essentially effort at any moment now and we had a blast we met in person humans later. IRL and the rest is history. We've been married for six years have two wonderful soon to be gaining kids and I couldn't be happier he truly -- -- healing spell on my hard. If you read this on -- crystal. And wings and get them doing that's so. Often -- gotta love love so does the follow up that remember to continue to senator -- -- continues that is the computer loves questions. As well as your best or worst break ups -- -- -- how how many. There's a couple of breaks there is development opportunities that this. A good idea I just like to do it Bryant if you read the aria might Knight is right it's really. Satellite and it only a hundred and good but there is the three X. The pressing payment all right remember you guys can take it -- shut out to be all that cnet.com. Give us the call with your thoughts your questions your opinion that 8061626. To -- or you can you militant buzz at cnet.com. That's gonna do it for this week I remember Monday there'll be no show Tuesday we were return Molly bill would will return. Daryn thanks for coming out hang out that's a very good I'm here Wednesday where we're gonna conclude the Compaq both of -- -- -- Wednesday when we will announce the winner and give the final mix state yes. Okay that's how we do it got buzz go out into whether we can guys and thanks for coming out we'll see you guys next time. But.
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