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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1403: Dell's papier-mache tablet

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1403: Dell's papier-mache tablet

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We recap Dell's announcements and Rafe gets banned, even if this is first show back. Sprint's "industry first" is a dual-screen phone, and also the first mobile device with screen-on-screen action. The Verizon iPhone is already jailbroken. Plus, we'll pay you in Smurfberries!

It's Tuesday February. And he doesn't sell high rates -- that pollen that's -- sweet sweet sound. I'm -- -- welcome about that allowed guys cnet's podcast of indeterminate length episode fourteen. 03 rate that's great he had meant that -- that long it has indeed it's and then I've missed you guys I've missed you have been busy that I missed again before it certainly in the violence and everything. On the -- the rate settlement in the house he'll also be here on Thursday join us with. Extensive. Knowledge and -- commentary as we saw north -- and dollars and a lot of smart today. We had Dell's re adults briefly keynote geared towards their business and -- users. Yang it was exciting. Okay not exciting gable you know -- -- -- -- consumer but we might have not been accused let you know we have to remember that. -- -- gangbusters when it comes to the business you know business fine. His computer relented but they put on -- the show -- they put horrible but at that look terrible let's get to some of what they announce they announce new latitude models. -- laptop line. Sporting a -- metal casing. With the you know they're trying to make these -- right and that's what the terminator though is tri metal acts of built in -- you dropping them for a minute can now get more. Liquid liquid -- with a different formations so that they're making an X you know extra durable model that. Has like military grade -- expert temperature and whether environmental conditions -- -- sensors on just ultimately. -- -- fear it didn't look that. Dick or intrusive but you know kind of like a -- product to look like -- the laptop -- and also they did Dara. You know there off to flex line which is on the they're all in one and a desktop computers and the -- line thank you. Yet these are the machines where the -- got a monitor that has a special bracket on the back needlessly amount that's slim computer in the put -- on the back there. And those are the ones where you're getting you insurance office or some think that you always want to reach over -- -- something it's like okay just gonna -- one now or desktop. But before we know after all those business products we did get a new product announcement and we did actually -- A new product it will be Dell's ten inch windows seven's had -- -- later this year we do you know they have the Dell streak. -- -- it that'll be Android based -- were we able to see you this what we saw. Was I believe a piece of styrofoam with her page. A a magazine image of a windows desktop paste on top of it I eight -- That it was the latest advances in the I don't care what -- you know you do not bring out. Key. Thing with a moderate a unit that's literally printed on paper now you can meet B getaway with that if you're showing some incredible new forms that we are working B or you say you're developing a new operating system that -- Even I but that you can't do when you've got a windows notebook. Which is what that build the business. The L ten inch tablet it's a windows tablet which personal. In my opinion is a mega fail because Windows 7 on a tablet just -- -- -- -- So -- this to happen to say -- -- out with a windows tablet and not actually have a windows tablet that date I mean two years ago maybe but today that's it's sad. That was a product that literally had missile. -- but had no no no brain no heart no legs. We are going for itself in -- really just try to beat up and ramp of their -- business product line but -- -- unfortunately you know we've come to -- -- but -- -- you know. Wasn't -- -- -- also in other announcement news. If you didn't know what might have been a little more exciting FaceBook. On did an announcement of their new campus -- be -- mean. Into they did at Menlo park's city mountain and essentially they'll be moving over to Sun Microsystems old headquarters. It's an eleven building -- the seven Acre one million square foot property. The outlook. -- the FaceBook has 2000 employees may need room to the need breathing room -- to say back in Germany. And so if it I guess they're trying to be bought by Oracle so the move into the -- buildings I don't know. I know that's an innate sense in the utility can accommodate 3600 people. On that also looks like they'll be developing in a 22 acres and potentially twenty acres near. By down as well they want you so ultimately these but we didn't cover that because -- -- A tech avenue building because they act amendments that -- big press announcement it was it looked like it would be exciting look like maybe you as we FaceBook location services but. You know one calls all -- to say oh yeah we're moving into new building and they did it in Menlo Park. City Hall I guess one of the site's users to make Menlo happy because how to be paying more property -- yes it is incremental absolutely so which could that in -- -- that is an impoverished community. I whether richest places on the planet fog run out of -- -- -- Bahrain into account premium rate over there it's it. Okay also this is that is still the week of announcement. -- really hyped up an industry first. And we -- -- yesterday sprint unveiled the Kyocera echo. This is a dual. Touch screen phone and. Yes yes that too it's got two screens on it this is actually. Kinda cool I mean I I don't know what it's gonna -- the size weight after ability. It's got out you know it's super trick hinge so you can take these two screens. And fold them so they're it's like one giant screen. We can run two apps one any screen with. New app support and which is that many yet but at the guy -- a multi monitor user of the idea of being able to actually multitask and portable school. And I haven't seen the video of this but apparently this this hinges so tricked the you can take these screens and slide one under the other. Or have them side by side that's some pretty awesome its. Engineering gets pretty slick it's a media available later this spring one in a nine with a two year contract with also kind of interest in about this is that bad -- hinge allows you to use it in different ways he could basically use it as like a phone interface or even like a mini tablet interface -- -- switches. In between them. I mean that -- -- key note I don't. Honestly when I see this image I don't like how the design -- -- symmetrical like the Q actual screens look totally different from a design standpoint yeah it's kind of a little. Visually it's kind of like -- like you can see -- I think the Basil and opened but yet the screens are anything but but the Basil I mean. It still looks like two things well smashed together plan your tough -- are -- I'm I'm just saying look. Okay I am a tough -- I think the functionality is awesome but. Let's be honest here a lot of tech heads they daylight kind of a uniform -- back and when I saw that I was like -- the -- is global wide as -- not why it doesn't it didn't have to look that -- Well I don't know I mean who knows how hard it is to build it into that does that I just I gotta say. I'd love the idea of being able to be browsing in. On my mobile device -- browsing in one screen. And seeing my email come in my Twitter feed him in on the other I would -- when it having to switch back and forth. -- all the time which you have to -- all in mobile devices because they're too small to actually have windows. I mean I guess to -- -- hacking into Android probably already has. But. This is I mean if you're using this as a work machine so -- live blogging an event Monday watching your I am extremely are actually doing work. This is -- which is pretty sweet so the mini is as the phone can again I don't think is that -- our excellent -- are you still haven't upgraded your get a thinkpad then you could 400 mile. I mean next week is that -- coming on these new phones coming out and -- and -- -- -- -- know there's always new phones coming out. -- but the -- -- technology where you've been at the the next iteration of phones aren't gonna be this big leap the last generation now and -- from -- -- dual core. We're going from one camera to -- you wait more than -- -- polar region and go to Quad Core and then you'll be in the same cycle again make the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- have a dual -- -- -- -- I haven't felt -- -- needed to upgrade -- -- -- -- It you dual core that's really cute. -- Okay yes. The ram -- -- you guys I get out practice speaking -- Nokia Nokia there's you know we talked about how they might be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The potentially heading out to Silicon Valley there's an internal memo called the -- -- on a burning platform. The basis that Microsoft at every one which everyone loves museum's Steven. CEO of Nokia. He on the kind of described Nokia's position and if you kind of parse through it and refuted they were described in kind of 33 different choices -- Nokia basically either to build. -- -- -- And building that the company would be a reference to their -- -- -- meal plan -- satellites would be innovating something like windows phone seven into their hardware or join mean. Which I doubt we see but maybe you never know would mean bringing Android. On on that I'm in favor of that why would -- I would that's what they need yet you know because. Nokia's -- Nokia makes released used to make the best when he discussed on Friday that integrate hardware and -- credible. Actual phone interface not not user interfaces but interfaces to mobile network at that is when Nokia does really well -- that they had they have phones that -- for a week and on a charge. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So. And moving so moving a division the Silicon Valley and -- -- Android and taking their hardware know how and their phone interface know how. And actually adopting an operating system that developers. Are excited about. That would be awesome thing it would mean giving up the whole Nokia concept and the only platform and all the stuff that they're doing may be. -- maybe they could actually contribute to the Android ecosystem -- the awesome. Potential is great engineers yeah I mean ultimately they're going to do whatever it takes to survive because they're not in an enviable position have so much competition and from all levels not even just high end phones but. Low end phones thinks the Android unit and for its success of the unit will see how they shake it up I'll be very cute -- -- but -- in relation. Two of them are potentially making a move over here over to Silicon Valley it's not a move where they're going to be in -- relocating our headquarters -- one not. And down the article talked about how -- beeped at you like the virtual office and their town would be here so will they would happen now. To be to be actually. Very -- about this Nokia. And I believe our partner because actually not -- knock you know Nokia actually worked at Nokia for a few months yes the one -- briefly let them. And they do have offices here they have outposts everywhere -- question of how much presence that. Okay excellent. If you guys -- -- Nokia may be looking to be the dominant force once again we'll see how that shakes out. Apple's iTunes still remains the dominant. Force in US online movies despite competitors on that are coming up strong. So what happened is in 2009 the Canon did a breakdown this is from -- -- -- I believe. And basically Apple was. Owned about Sony -- point 4% of market in 2010 it's dropped a little but there's still almost close to their of the market 64 point 5%. It -- beat major gains by Microsoft from eleven point six. Seventeen point nine that commute should be obviously did there a Microsoft Xbox platform which is pretty much one of the main profit revenue drivers for -- company. At the moment. On Sony is made in -- with their ecosystem and and also -- Wal-Mart. And the Amazon store coming on this discounts for not only electronic sell through -- to be physical. Purchases of movie but also Internet video on demand -- -- time out rentals and streams are. Picture I'm surprised there's no mention -- Netflix in this article. And you know what's -- -- me -- the story is not that Apple is on top from where they started because they were. You know really pushing things back and ethnic government if people who watch on video but how fast -- -- dropping and how how much the market is heating up. Wal mart's -- service you know is killer -- Netflix is becoming a go to source for cable -- the roku box is better. Then the Apple TV -- I don't think Apple can maintain this position there's too much money in media and Apple as powerful as it is. Is. Not doesn't have a hold on the video industry the way it it blocked in the hole on the music industry at least that's their first selling. This is this is for fizzled at one of the reasons why you won't see Netflix is because these are -- easily. Knowledge of subscriptions I understand the terabytes replying -- -- amount of money spent on video entertainment weather and me. The real tell tale is not how much money people spend on. Buying -- renting -- the current over -- and -- how much money do you spend on video. And accessed via yet and that's the number I wanna see this in breaking down this way to make Apple one way or the other it's kind of silly as this look at. How much -- people -- spending on online video verses you know cable. Will look when you make about wal mart's video service which -- recently acquired voodoo had been doing their own set top boxes but now they've integrated. Into other devices you can get -- -- business TV or Blu-ray player can even get Google on a PlayStation 3 and the right way to the killer interface they had mentioned in the article I'll wal mart's aggressive drive with it has actually. These results and the starts in an uptake and consumption through the -- in the fourth quarter but since -- -- at look at the entire year it generally make it and let down they say that. -- wal -- of these services actually potentially could make the biggest round in the next coming year because of its integration you know like it TVs so. On Diego video on demand Apple definitely I mean. It's there's no way they can holds a tutors marketers and -- -- And it did -- the content providers and -- made sure that they when it. You know what they don't they don't wanna get iTunes iTunes -- -- exactly how right they don't wanna get iTunes will. ITunes will -- hands -- and only -- -- psychiatry to take a break but we come back we'll talk about some new cool things coming in the lakers. Beat -- But the nice buzz on everybody brain getting that just that you. It's everything that -- changed the agendas and yet he was like looking at me like. The and -- them and welcome back rate it's a good idea and I got I got everything changes written. I'm not future proved that -- not yet are right. Trying to help you know with with being -- -- of the Kindle has is showing off an early preview of the free software update. Now unfortunately this is only going to be available at the time for current. Kindle and Kindle three G users of your from the original Kindle. The second gen Kindle on and even potentially the DX line you might be out of out of luck but this is some cool -- because they have. Public notes is gonna let users choose to make their book notes and highlights available for other users to CC can share them with your friends you -- When you turn on essentially the public notes feature. You can -- you follow tractor rejected these and see what other people are. That's kinda -- and I thought it makes reading more social be great -- groups that you can have groups mean -- it's just you or the whole world that. A little much but it could be like the group my buddies and -- now. This -- the story or this this blog post on the -- blog he talks about this on the Kindle device and only in the new Kindle devices. I fully expect that all this stuff we'll get into the other features in second with the really cool. Will be coming to the Kindle readers on Android. IPad and the web I sure hope so inaccurate because these features and really -- going to get an obsolete -- -- Nokia on -- -- -- well that that the other the one that I that I am excited about is real page numbers now. Because I hate I think I'm on an iPod section 171512. -- I'd like to know I mean. What is the official source -- page numbers -- at some point they're gonna have to say okay this hardback edition. This page starts here and now you're on page 209 instead of section whatever so when somebody asking people this actually happens when you reading -- book on Kindle. -- I'm reading the road how far you. I know I'm on about section 5000 what -- -- that -- and even my page a hundred yet I would like bookmark. The page is -- one I like. I don't always and then I have to like scroll through -- -- where where I'm like yeah right so. Real page numbers will be coming to on this software update -- you actually even referenced back then a hundred other of the top 100 bestselling books. Our going to be capable with a real page numbers -- rolling this out to all of their other books as well. And they you know expect to hopefully see this in the other Kindle based apps that are outside of physical hardware and it it'll be a little weird. -- R&R no -- -- it's okay it'll -- Florida it'll be little weird because. The page numbers will bear no. Connection to the actual -- is when you flip on -- We'll be like -- -- -- -- -- that age forty might be like page 40484. In the middle or become evident on the text on the value to the font size but Toyota's I was collecting about that applicable there's going to be pages that just aren't formatted the same but they'll probably have -- -- -- forty ABC also a before you go to kind of add a little. Experience about review generating concern messages about the looks of right before you -- and edit it leadership message I -- with social network you know rated. Personalized recommendations from you know -- see more -- in the same author cell obviously. Luring you into buying more books which is never a bad thing perfect sense. You know your -- finishing a novel thank you want more from this author click yes I do that's obvious yet -- and then also unused and there's a new newspaper magazine layout. -- -- -- and in newspapers and magazines. I mean I've used -- I am I'm not a religious delete that -- -- -- enough by -- I hope this is a welcome you know addition if people aren't happy with -- the newspapers laid out right now yeah I don't think the Kindle -- is making it as the periodical reader he thought it might but -- -- -- -- the pricing doesn't -- you've got Xenia -- press reader and things like the daily which are you know interface is designed. From the ground up for the periodical experience that very different here they could but. Don't see it yet -- All right so -- -- -- users on my believe you can actually. There's a link on the blog. For Kindle users I wanna try that early preview to actually download it now -- so if you go to Kindle post dot com and that's their blog you guys to check that out. Now on in other news kind of some rumblings were gonna transitional a little bit to some Apple -- to -- the show without an Apple news. But that's really Apple is looking to potentially eliminating the retail box software inventory in their physical retail stores. Now this story is highly speculative -- that however I can't imagine it is possibly not accurate it's just a question of when and I would say sooner than later. Apple will be telling people let will be and it just taken all just cleaned shelves out of all the box software. And what the story says here on a Mac rumors is that win they're new rules for Apple Store salespeople -- when you buy a product -- -- computer. They walk you through setting up the computer email accounts and getting apps in the App Store. Now. Apple makes 30% of all purchases through the App Store and they probably make the same or more a purchase is sold in retail but when you take. Retail out of the equation personal prices go down and the physical inventory handling its eliminated -- -- -- buckets of money there. And that people sell more stuff -- you complain when your home -- you don't have to be. This is easier yet -- I predicted this would -- that it that it that OS-X would become more like -- OS in every conceivable way. It's true again this day and this is. This is another thing happens soon dolphins and also even working from the retail side you know. Apple makes. Ridiculous margins on accessories like headphones and all those speakers and all those cases -- -- -- they're so it would make sense also it is from a margin standpoint for them to load their shelves with more accessory that give them higher profit margin anyways. -- I just say here. Never buy accessories at the Apple Store especially headsets and cases why spend twenty bucks -- case seemed at the same thing for a buck 99 any day -- -- things. -- you have a point you have a point. My right arm moving and moving on -- and you get the -- story. Also on the only tell -- about islets and when not in app purchases on the iPad there's an article in the Washington Post that has talked about how iPod kids games. Kind of touching off a little. Negatives parent firestorm I believe is the correct term here and I think I made you put the story and because it is -- -- I feel this. And I give my kid. My iPad to play a game and it gives them -- promo thing hey -- this level. And he goes well what's this button has like. Noted that because I'm already logged on he could easily turn own a zen garden this happens people parents find that their kids are I mean they -- the path through to them to the device and I can count on me. And the racking up thousands of dollars of purchases may be country. Here -- hear -- here in this article they mentioned how an eight year old. Who is -- their iphones -- village. Essentially purchased 1400. Dollar bills a 400400. Dollar -- -- top 1400. Dollars of the smirk varies. For upgrades because you know with an instant hit oh yeah it's an experience real money out of -- -- -- and link to the count and -- home. We got I I have to spend more time and everybody who has kids and Apple product -- spend more time with parental controls on -- like ours are about more importantly. -- -- really needs user especially iPad needs user accounts I mean there's no device that is better for passing around among family members and friends. So you I should be able to log out of my personal account and give it to my -- so he can play games and not read my email and we talked about the really needs that we. I user accounts would be somewhere down the line in an analyst's upgrade there are already at IOS four point three in you know I use the beta sensibly and there still is nothing like that. You know no user feature Apple's softly I you know like if they want -- and that's because they want everyone your family have their own iPad and I've seen it happen. Okay I'm not buying an iPod -- -- or your old I'm not saying you are but there are people that are clearly doing that yes you know -- -- -- -- NRA on in other iPhone news or Apple news. I -- the Verizon iPhone there's a -- down done by I fix your high and low. Be careful -- teeth -- UIZ carefully to you you mess with -- I think you. What they found -- -- even -- Verizon iPhone is the Qualcomm and -- -- 6600. Chip. The interesting thing about this this is the dual mode GSM TDMA compatible chip that we -- probably talked about months ago that -- was rumored to be. Being placed in the phones though Verizon doesn't have some -- but it does have this chip which. Leads us to believe or points the fact that the next you're an iPhone. IPhone five will have this chip on it they won't have the you know have different progress -- one of total of one version tomato have a sim slot even on the Verizon version will have with -- thought or maybe. Apple you know do downloadable -- Although get rid of The Sims entirely -- so omelet that's and really linked article mentions there's no reason why this won't be in the iPad two as well being talked about it being compatible on VG fourteen ports and using the same chip. That it's in the iPhone which is smaller in the iPad probably makes sense -- the -- that mean the easiest thing for Apple despite whatever when -- don't have to have separate product lines. That's on the costs absolutely so also so in a fall in of that when you talk about the Verizon iPhone. Verses from other iphones -- potential chips there's a report. A house an app developer like tell that -- -- GPS -- Has released a separate version. Or the Verizon. So apparent. Leave the some of the GPS -- the geo location APIs. Don't that -- that you create for GSM world a global iPhone which is everything but the Verizon iPhone. Don't work on the Verizon phone because the GPS system is different because the GPS. Technology is related to the -- and or or cellular interface this is a failure of the abstraction layer on the iPhone itself. And I I guarantee you this is a temporary problem until Apple engineers. Realize how to apps or do better government extracting the geo location stuff so that one -- -- work for -- for all platforms. So we're not at the -- -- not seen. A ton of fragmentation and all these apps aren't working but you know there's an example that. In might you know -- had a little bit right now but as time goes on and we probably really -- well especially as they move to this new chip that is you know multi -- exactly what I -- -- -- and their phones it'll be it'll be it Adam Mitchell might limit to the chip and that story from. See we actually -- -- go together. -- -- -- -- Amazing and also on the in some -- -- news I guess you could say if you're looking to buy iPods and iphones on eBay or a case like -- wants. You might want to be careful because -- lost in this port police seized more than ten million dollars in counterfeit and stolen goods. The fake iPods they iphones they iPod nanos all that its. Own -- that does -- make sure you buy from an authorized Apple reseller. You're you're right because you know. Lord forbid you should have a case that is not up immunity granted you don't want the -- I'm never going to advocate for breaking intellectual property right yes but. You know if you're looking had a dollar and 99 for case for just 24 dollar for case and they look the same and do the same. And maybe the dollar and and I case is the number eight by two you still say. Twenty bucks -- to be honest the manufacture -- the -- in the case accessory company -- of cases like you know less than a dollar I know so. It makes sense that the on eBay for two dollars right to make it double the margins -- you know the -- -- there okay. On the also if you geysers wondering about your Verizon iPhone quick little hit -- -- now jailbreak double. Just like that its site that you can get the things well some people some people got their pre orders are okay. So -- chronic dev team of rolled out the green poison RT five the boy. If the jailbreak makes it possible for me to talk on the phone and -- little browser at the same time then I will switch to Verizon that who believe it or not that's I will not switch -- actually talk and and use the web at the same time. People that don't have that that have never -- like what we we've talked about orbit when we asked what the right tonight but was -- in out here like you would. Would you want mobile hot spot more or voice data. As it went -- in my other friends. And but it if it -- but then I also want to scream like a look at -- -- -- it. But you know it it is it's honestly it's only useful if okay also in a sad news in the end it's not only does that and a pay homage to some one of the pioneers in the computer industry -- -- co-founder of the -- technology company. Has passed the way he was 84 now obviously I wasn't. You know as Internet savvy or in the know when he was alive first -- -- -- well first to admit that can also. And found a deck conduct made mini computers mini computers where this you know evolutionary anomaly between mainframes and and -- PCs. And I mean I learned a lot of programming on digital equipment PP elevens and and stuff and stuff like that and that's in interest in passing -- it reminds us that we are not. We are no longer in a futuristic industry in many ways we are in a major industry just like. Furniture -- housing automobiles. And the founders are. Gone and I mean this industry is now has a rich history including a lot of obituaries and -- so are repeat. Yes but also animal was part of the -- which computing dance from huge expense of room sized mainframes we. People like me only seen pictures of what those were like and then of the mini computers were about refrigerator sized cabinet yet. -- -- and I just hollow ventures nation back then. Yet while they were still Leo that this -- not the two -- I mean a delicate too crazy I mean these were still transistor based computers and there's still a hard disks and disc packs and and stuff like that and they were multi user systems because nobody could afford their own standalone processors are all these are all multi terminal machines. Except to Europe for in the morning when the system meaning you could get -- there and he's teaching myself. The end we have on a college and that's -- program connected to. The vector based Tektronix terminals which -- the same ones that -- on the original Battlestar Galactica so that it. Think you -- thank you -- So anyways recipes -- and just wanted you know give credit some props where they are more than absolutely due all right on to other quick -- Yeah that are heavier to you guys I heard it -- you heard of a you have an experience and not in -- -- saying now. Priority inbox for Gmail is now going to be available on mobile platforms good which is a very welcome addition also. On in a relationship to that a web survey from -- says you don't got mail web email usage so -- they have priority mail -- but. How useful -- going to be web email usage is declined. 59%. Among T yeah there'll texting and FaceBook -- they're just looking yep now we'll see what haven't we get real jobs and their bosses like I -- you do this and company email the ftp email accounts actually work with. Yet -- also LG is looking to try to stop the attempt attempting to stop the sale of the PS3 in the United States. Other -- complain that. LG has two patents that leaves Sony's -- in the PlayStation 3 related to the way a Blu-ray player reproduces data from and it's. You mean it's like multi streaming so having multiple -- the same -- it's -- the -- dvd law and patent lawsuit and I mean -- even if even if this has -- -- that is gonna settle it but not ridiculous pop -- -- -- -- they're even trying to stop Sony from repairing PS3'S that are in the shop right now for that a -- You have met part of a lawsuit now that -- good luck -- that. And another quick -- we talked about group ponds on interest -- semi controversial and in my opinion tasteless who lives. -- -- Is going to -- basically -- at least the -- -- Tibetan. Contentment -- -- while I was on to answer the Tibetan on the add office TV after people are pretty much in -- opera not very happy about it so that history doesn't take. -- that anymore me. -- so it doesn't. Man that with the tasteless that I -- although not the not. The only -- with bitten through -- -- -- -- low -- in your opinion the note faceless people like there are two there were to cram -- in the boot come on that's a sophomore. And the flying baby on that hotel home away one where the Beatty smashes into the window that mean that -- -- like -- a little that's you have a disposal and that the or if -- I don't know anyway for taking a a page out of the Kenneth Cole advertising absolutely. I'm inclined to thank and -- people just you know have a little things that it the world yet. Yet with just a little bit. Our right arms to those duplicates we're gonna move -- to a few hot -- It reflects the -- are right here -- but this is not a -- gadget but this is a more of -- IPhone app gadget grip on this is yet this -- and government. -- -- iPhone right has been an iPhone app is aimed at helping Catholics through confession and encouraging. Lapsed followers basically back into the -- and this app has been. Approved and sanctioned by the Catholic Church in -- You know it's freaky is I just saw the episode of the last night which he visits the the medium. -- as the Vatican Vatican yet and tries to get via Catholic Church to bless the -- this is now which I hear. -- -- Yes they developed it not only that but it's two dollars -- the dollar 1990 got a paper that's all I ask for -- well that's -- I -- -- -- -- originally -- namely one church that doesn't take about a year they added your. You know 10% do anything right but as tired as I understand choice in not -- -- -- -- not -- -- Joyce Littel you can't ask you wanna save money don't thin. -- Apple gets 66 cents from this transaction -- happy or whatever sixty cents from the transit dollars and 66 cents. While that's a little scary so the app is not designed to replace -- -- -- but help Catholic through the -- but -- -- that thing where. Basically of the Catholic Church was saying that -- with the evil. Oh yeah there -- there was that there is a little time and then. And then they said okay you know it it's. As though they're embracing technology. In their rating based adaptive and the rates in -- it is. The religion is the ultimate social network. I'm not designer totally serious about that at no -- you're absolutely right. Also in other gadget use on videos of the LG optimist. The reedy has been leaked the video itself isn't treaty but this is the algae don't know -- it's but it's immoral. -- -- Mobile world congress with a three ED screen and and looks like a three B camera to get it took program that lets -- have a thing oh yes -- -- rate. If an intermediate announcement phone not -- -- -- -- thing you take the dual screen image -- -- the Kyocera. -- -- That that is Kyoto you know what's the industry first about -- but it's the first screen on screen action. Okay. -- happy anything. Well sometimes and it's myself and you're still it. Okay the picture here. Cricket text what I was gonna say far right so on the Google it's Jules -- is birthday he he wrote. Between heavily -- -- the -- an investment that the monitor the -- and -- -- in honor of his birthday Google has put up a little. -- Google logo the cool thing about his if you're on and -- device and you tilt the device. The view of the -- moving view of -- see through the Google. -- -- -- It -- with your device so I try it takes about an hour and half the load by the way -- Barcelona -- I was I was trying to use it on my iPhone and I didn't get the -- actions I went to the browser and use the controls you know the little steering control it much more fun with the -- thing it is but it didn't it it and don't mind but it worked for me and then -- -- to -- -- screen rotated. Yeah I gags and adult -- fish -- just off on the floor -- cool is if you on the look carefully select features that were in their. If you went to the very very bottom analyst and corner there's the giant octopus is also in our roles in the middle somewhere now our -- off. The magical fiction is of -- -- -- meant that there are you'll outlet. Yes -- -- but there are two there are two armed men in the if you go up to about to see the time machine. You can. You should. -- mixing art RE YU line to -- It's fun the alright I like guys they don't have any -- smells of please continue to send us. Your voice mails you know you can call that 180616263. That's the any key or email us. -- at cnet.com also at the selection of the -- we are gonna have a special computer love episode. On Monday. That -- may or may not be. No no I just have to jump in here before they -- not in any Internet ready for the Internet destroys me -- HG wells' time machine not Jules -- sorry. -- move on. It thank you very much I have united textiles like batteries and about great business pocket right now there are right -- the emails home -- would you like to take its first. From dock yet. Doc -- -- -- here at the bottom of my screen. One thing you might be overlooking about the lack of public of the public succession planning to -- argument -- -- having such a plan would make it hard for them to do one of those reality shows long lines -- replace the -- fired lead singer for eight from -- eighty's hair band. Yes good point you can't do the reality show of how people -- fighting it out for Steve Jobs is job. How would be one of the effects of Seattle. Yet that that would be awkward if you've -- okay annexed into -- Helena. The film comes some very -- guys probably get a ton of responses but in this case you'd. On this but in case you didn't at the evidence of why that's the best buy -- -- you need a data plan to unlock the Wi-Fi feature of the -- -- -- you with an Android device will were called -- do you when you get a new device. It just sign into Google account or -- -- this can only be done with a data connection you can't get the settings menu the phone can -- -- -- thing until you pass. The setup screen so he said he BC ran in this problem when his son bought a click. But there is a -- essentially around it according to him on while he can't. Confirm this will work on honeycomb but -- previous version of Android you can bypass the set -- wizard. By tapping each of the four corners of the screen in a clockwise direction starting at the upper left corner. The sounds very -- I don't know -- -- -- -- as -- -- a -- to make you do silly thing this will put you at the home screen where you can set up Wi-Fi and then go back and that if you Google counted though. This is exactly how it's set up my son's phone without buying a data plan and maybe one of your great listeners who buys and can confirm -- -- -- and save the rest of us. Forty bucks cool so I don't know that today has anyone heard -- don't open. I'm just sounds very instinct markets are -- -- -- but that's that's awesome that you know and also that's gonna do for this show Rafe. You. You have fun oh yeah you have the time the question -- in here -- come back -- and Thursday -- scheduled. Honestly now absolutely even if even if the stimulus bill I would bring you back off now addresses Albany don't want you back Natalia. Will be -- -- -- do a lot of -- of christianity you know -- underground cable yet you guys like each other so we -- -- anything else. Just don't miss -- to the rescue on Wednesday. And I won't be here tomorrow and that in there and -- -- with -- -- Kessler Mac fix it we're going to be answering Mac questions and into rescue at cnet.com excellent. -- -- -- to join us guys remember take up show notes and details for a podcast of the U well that cnet.com. Call us call us please 180616263. Scenic as we love your voicemails to -- thirty seconds people -- -- it's entirely gets like literally like over miracles made it. Trust us I mean if you think -- hearing -- as long. That's about what -- -- right yeah I think it's not -- because we want calls. Alright guys that's gonna deal for today we'll see you guys some -- -- right now and.
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