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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1381: It's raining tablets

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1381: It's raining tablets

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BOL is coming to you live from the CES 2011 stage, and it's raining tablets. So, you probably want to duck, because those things are heavy. Har har. Asus, Lenovo, Vizio, and MSI have already bowed theirs, although LG is saving its announcement for a separate press conference. (Motorola is yet to come.) Plus, OnLive makes even more smart moves, and you can get a text from your oven.

Hello every line that. And welcome to buzz out loud it. It is the -- today January 5 2000 -- Yes -- not start yet you are not -- -- quietly but I'm Molly Wood. -- and welcome to -- -- and podcast of indeterminate it is patents that it thirteen eighty line. We -- -- and with rocky but it didn't live without any -- -- the date we were accurate. It really had no idea that he now has been tasked with working time for -- all of the live streams up -- from press conferences that are happening here. Yes it is Wednesday press day. Basically. You have -- -- with a -- -- that we are yours. Everybody else getting instantly. So we have. This whole crazy thing happening at the live streaming all day everyday report days because when -- pressed it will be out press conferences. Mostly with a -- -- the -- recap with -- mysteriously goes down pat Dwyer issues that are currently matter. Matter but will be preview but not out every -- at I -- Pacific that you're -- due wannabes cnet.com -- I've. Where we're obviously -- -- news and whatever other news and happenings that. And then also throughout the show all of our live content will also be streaming live from the floor we always have our first look at some of the hottest -- the -- can check -- but. They'll also be sending me out I think every hour on the hour will be reporting from a different location on the CS forty give your real sense of field. What's happening out there and if you guys wanna see anything specific you can let us know and we will kind of a tense your needs. It's got in its grip and immediately got it on. I -- a -- -- they get out under the great hat and be like. Kinda like my hair of noodles and I put together I think it is an accurate that -- I think that old noodles from last night in new O'Hare and awesome. So what happened so far today it had a brutal because you're reacting. Our -- show that is literally breaking bite that's. As ours that it -- shut down the tech means but it. And calling. Like this is permanent -- -- this thing after this -- after the after buzz out loud at and -- we're gonna go hopefully -- Intel press conference. And then 11 am we'll be back here at our lives it's talking to the CEO of -- -- the Consumer Electronics Association that's Gary Shapiro. Let others live product and everything. That meant what's happened so far the LG press conference has just wrapped up I personally am -- -- To discover that I can apparently out download -- -- recipe to my Wi-Fi equipped out of it. And then click it and have avid text me that they say that exactly. Well another example -- there. -- So LG obviously more than just TVs they have a lot of consumer appliances electronics so we'll talk about washing machines. Washer dryers refrigerators. Ovens having all that Wi-Fi. Enabled and having the connected home more than anything else that's pretty cool. It's pretty awesome so -- smart they'd definitely debuted about -- smart appliances that obviously was not there because news of an analyst at. They also they did finally confirmed that dual core phone the LG. Optima to accidentally -- which is gonna be ready that dual -- tegra two processor that we talked about -- they're making more moves into passive 3-D TVs. And a lot of other many -- of like figure that out as well that. We don't want those expensive glasses with the batteries in them that they -- basically figured out the technology where you can use those passive glasses like the ones used in a movie theater right. -- -- -- Amazing also another thing that we heard from them is. They're smart TV I -- -- call their platform. Which is now bringing applications to your TV set because every TV movie board will now have an ethernet -- it basically. You're out of the game if you want a -- from a tech perspective to be able to stream content from video services might like Netflix -- more so. LG announced they're smart TV interface. They also announced a smart TV up greater and this is a boxes looks very -- like an Apple TV box. -- you can now connect your existing TV PRD currently -- -- And that would enable you to get access to all of those you know apps and widgets and content to go directly to your TV sets so. Everyone is addressing this and this is another minute -- did it really be part of the connected TV whether you how one already or not. Absolutely some of the other does little wrap up things LG makes so many things -- they also they talked a little bit about. Just as a reference the idea looking into glasses free 3-D to use -- they showed off my glasses free 3-D. TV like a portable TV that's. -- mobile digital televisions and a lot more about that later but will see a lot of that glass -- the media at least prototypes this year at the yes. Fingers cross talk a little bit about more about that actually later in the show but. In other tech news and this is pretty -- he's got a future recording reporting today that -- I am. The little cloud gaming service that making a big splash is apparently has reached agreement with video to integrate directly into their TVs and Blu-ray player. This is often out this deal is known you know as one of our editors' choice TVs weather sets. They've also been known for bringing like the best thing for about what to so many features packed -- like sub -- television set. The fact that now you -- a lot of these things we don't. Even though we like more connectivity features to our TVs we don't like a lot of set top boxes hanging around. Even those on light box that -- is out -- for 99 dollars it's about the size of the deck of cards now to how this hardware integrated into your TV set. I mean that's just a huge value add. -- so now -- -- -- you have Netflix you have the ability to stream games -- I think also. If I read correctly I may be. I think I believe that there's a web browser that's gonna be available as well on that. That's just ridiculous yet it's insane that it's exactly -- what we were saying. That. On live could do if they were really gonna make the biggest possible last which has become the embedded system the way that Netflix has and I just -- I honestly. I can't. Get over the moves that this company is making -- getting -- streaming TV they're getting into streaming movies they're taking the gaming into the actual TVs in the resistance because let's be honest. Even when I look at that LG. Connected TV box -- -- Why don't have white -- that what everybody's trying to throw -- and analyze and you know bottom line is there so many. Xbox and he has these are already do those things the fact that you can now integrate ID mean aspect in fewer TV set is something different but -- hasn't been done before -- -- and that's what -- we come here I. I see -- a lot but when I come to CS and you see things like that happening it's exciting that anything like it makes you love this. It yet now it's really there's actually -- have to say. This cut it cool news that -- -- the ability to be the first year in a really long time where we aren't going it evolutionary and revolutionary Apple. -- -- -- and -- are happening is used pretty much kicked off the show with the most expected trend. Of the ES 2011 which is all tablets all the time -- the it is. Ravi tablet -- -- -- announced or yup and they're all gonna be running Android account which we haven't seen very much so that this definitely means. Yet even in -- even in the tablets that are that are prototypes that we've seen and have been able to get our hands on from different manufacturers up to this point before the show started. There they're not ready honey they'll no there there waiting for honey come to put other tablets -- Army they I think they said at least you know somewhere I'm not gonna name names with summer around the -- time we would see it come out rain but come. We'll see how that happens because a lot of these manufacturers have the hardware. But they're like lol we can't really showed off its full capabilities without knowing what honeycomb has so you're still getting a little bit of a fragmented message or a product where -- currently show its full potential yet. -- out at an accident -- modern that is right kind of a -- because the hardware looks really cool to clarify. It's the I hate those links where you actually hover over and -- pop out and everyone stopped doing that on the Internet I'd appreciate that -- are indulging me in this brief digression. Now back at the show -- I have Snyder. Yet the -- thirtieth but -- the tablets will be running become the fourth is actually gonna be a Windows 7 tablet. They. They -- tablets -- -- the slider has a slide out QWERTY keyboard not that surprising. -- integrity ship date transport are actually has a removable keyboard. And then the -- is very I'd have like except that it's a seven inch tablet. Yeah for those -- -- is no more yards up the -- in the links that are chauvinistic Tennessee. Well these products -- because we don't enforce we have the Billy right now to show you what they look like hey we can talk about them -- -- But you'll have to take our word for the sliders kind of like -- -- -- but it tilts up and anti -- yet if it's you know because the tablet form factor in this whole new keep -- they are kind of being designed like bigger phones. They really are and it's clever to take a look at it waits because there are always gonna be as a department people who -- keyboards so yeah -- for them to take a look at away. It may be integrate that keyboard in a way that's not super intrusive. Again giving you that got when you can just take an -- yup -- -- -- it's also in its rating tablets and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lenovo showed -- expert tablet which we have also speculated about them that -- pad at that -- oh lead but actually it's been -- a lot of them via the Lenovo. Unhappy that that is gonna be at ten inch screen reading -- 2.2 -- -- -- point two -- Qualcomm snap dragon processor. But the most interest with news. The government about it the biggest and coolest looking paper where from Blassie's DS was by far. The Lenovo IdeaPad U 100 that was this crazy. To duplicate that but -- -- -- screen and it would be running Windows 7 but when you detach the actual screen it became the tablet is revealed no less a variant of Linux -- It never released. However there is that apparently it's still exists. And it is going to come out. -- thirteen hundred dollars that that's not gonna add the ability in I want an actual laptop for thirteen hundred I can buy in that book and -- and it. And probably still slightly and other tablet that's it. -- we see so many cool things but and then there's always that point in time -- once it's too late you it's just too late you have that window of time to really make it happen. We we kind of actually -- of the Palm Pre a couple of years ago everyone was stoked about it without window that they treat of that -- before. Other technology surpassed -- you kinda gotta get it out there want to show like that yet. -- definitely do and that's actually what I've been saying about tablets all year -- but apparently now there actually coming. Including Windows 7 tablet -- equipment at an Al also MS I just another quick rapper. Of tablet news is showing off some of the first laptops and mother boards that have the sandy bridge the Intel integrated architecture. On board which is basically their next gen mobile chip architecture. So you're really in in 2011 you're gonna be able to take you -- and tablet. And apparently you're going to be able to watch the live streaming podcast TV on them. That's slightly. Ridiculously wouldn't let this one just we just -- -- all the details on to this literally broke just before and he's right now. But. Comcast CEO says that they -- offer in home streaming of live TV. As well as anywhere access to on demand content on the iPad and Android powered tablet. Anywhere access via so there seem like from I'm -- a copy shop and activated outright say that. Because recently presumably -- -- Yet it's pretty cool they say they'll have this -- now function. That'll be available on the iPad already in the coming weeks to let you watch that on demand programming and then presumably if you're using your tablet in your home. That -- -- watch live news TV and movies. So is that they do say home people Unix and eighties TV iPad app indeed you know -- 3000 hours of on demand content either in their home or on the go including any place -- -- wireless connection via cell. -- this is good stuff that is very cool. RX. Let's see what else going on TV there are reports that ahead of CES that Microsoft it is having its keynotes. Today rain later today. Is planning to launch Microsoft TV basically its answer to Google TV Apple -- -- -- martini box. All of that stuff they're saying that the new windows TV boxes of course there'll be another box. -- are rumored to cost 200 dollars. And it will be -- -- and there are also apparently working -- a pared down. -- a -- that would -- set top box that Blu-ray players but. That segment of the market still has a long ways to figure itself out especially now you feel like an -- getting -- Microsoft getting into it. It's gonna be a little cloudy -- allies think. Yet and it's going to be adding that -- the other thing it's gonna be rating it got. There is that pop up and up. Like it'd definitely raining tablets and that's not boxes again and it. But that top ot that to me feel like the most tenuous -- it's gonna be very hard for people that have to consolidate them and it's hard to make a choice. The night -- -- -- -- like what what -- bringing me. That's gonna be a little bit extra. Now we also on the that we been talking out the door about tablets but another trend that -- made it CS exciting is a fact that glass Lewis. 3-D TV or glasses free 3-D TV is doubling -- -- taking center stage here and a Toshiba announced a few products out. They had an event last night they aren't in any press boxes here but. They had an event last night where om I got a chance to check out on the -- one of their products with I believe it was it was a 42 inch TV. Glass Lewis 3-D TV is that possible thing. Last lists class three last the last three classes free glasses free 3-D but -- and it. This stuff is exciting because you've seen it you know we I've been able to see that Nintendo 3-D S which was glass with treaty and -- use this surface collect -- pair apparel lacks barrier. That enables you to -- the -- the thing about his you have to get the perfect angle so. Some of us who saw this. They had tape on the ground. And you had to stand beyond a certain distance. In in this range and when -- in the money spot and its its amazing there are showing up like -- Final Fantasy demo and this is the first time you seem like 3-D content -- 120 -- with. Detail in treaty without glasses so of course we were all like. Only got this is amazing and it is amazing but the technology solves a week ago -- you moved to the side you still -- like those steam. So you really have to be Nazis but another thing that -- -- -- also was a prototype for a laptop. That not only was showed off -- content. But if you're watching movies it could either you could convert it or if you had pretty content you can watch -- content your laptop -- -- unique though. It's -- software. In the laptop tracked her eyes. Really -- wherever -- -- standing and again you still had a kind of been a sweet spot but at least you could move around the laptop. It can only do one individual but they should they -- the suffered -- where. It maps -- your eyes and once you did that you could see the three change on the fly to customize where you -- that I was kind of you know when you see stuff like that at least. In the works you know were actually probably -- a year away from it have been really there of -- and our predictions so what. -- that they did you say next yeah it. Slightly less than a year because I I just said to download what are they guys down sized bed at that all of that manufacturers. Are looking into real glasses free TV -- -- may be rolling out -- and -- here -- so if there's anyone that -- -- you can Hewitt to -- in April and out of hospital now -- So long -- I'm I'm sorry this that is the only way that this will have mass adoption it's good that they're moving through the path that -- Booting is apparently -- -- it -- -- you know -- and treaty and the other big complaint about is that there isn't that much contact. Boot to witch's hat was the pioneer in high Def streaming has now also announced that the minister offering 3-D movies for streaming. Out of them -- that that's that is suite and office that's -- the Mac. They didn't say how many three movies that'll launch its service with. But you know currently it has let something or 4002 the HD movies re using their HDX format so we'll see how else. They are they say the first provider to stream -- -- to directly unconnected HDTVs Blu-ray players. And entertainment system. -- -- I got -- speaking are -- are gonna take a -- a very short break and when we come back to the tiny bit -- We are back everybody -- -- allowed here at CS 2011. It's Wednesday the day before the actual dimensions starts but you know. We're bring unity and of course curriculum -- -- -- you all live streaming alt all times. The FI perky little but it's gonna be part of its spot -- -- -- I'm not gonna it's going great -- pretty much at this. Death all day for the next -- -- sort of as the -- in place anchor. -- that it literally the queen B anchor of all of that. But Bryant it's gonna be the lucky one roaming the floor with live -- backpack strapped to a Catholic -- that lady got up AT and. I got here I don't. Alternately holding the -- aboriginal -- those but okay. We'll do our best. Laramie dressed -- not they go Romney. And of course our but -- it can happen every day at 9 AM Pacific time. It's all streaming everywhere at cnet.com slash live tech -- okay back to the news real quick. -- not. Sort of but not the -- story agony remarkable Amazon Android app store. Now -- didn't -- Eleanor that Amazon Android apps is now open to developers the idea. Yes so developers have access to you know and hardware manufactures but Google's. Android apps or with all of Google's flavors and touches on it. But it also enables developers to create their own a variety of it so Amazon is going to have their own app for that the -- -- about as though. They're gonna kind of control it more like the Apple Store. Now they want you know people can submit apps you'll have to fall under the of their conditions to get some of -- your app in Amazon's. Android app store and then this also though gives hardware manufactures another option instead of just putting it. Google's Android apps or it if it sounds confusing it's because it it makes it more fragmented. And more confusing and then how are people gonna get Amazon's app store over Android app store now. -- -- Not sure I love it. Although I do like the idea of security I mean it's kind of an answer to that is the problem of the Android marketplace which is it's not very carried it it's hard to get recommendations and it's hard to find the good stuff. So this is you'll get out of all of the goodness of Amazon's ability accurate -- recommendations but you also do get a slightly more fragmented expert. That that's that's probably the best thing that they can -- to different itself just using Amazon's algorithms tying in the -- it benefits them of their product recommendations or apps that might be complementary to products you buy -- -- on the back and kind of work hand in hand. At least for you as a user experience also Amazon mentions how. The developers that they were partner with will still get 70% in of the revenue share but at times Amazon -- -- -- to discount. Apps to make them more lucrative on the -- marking the -- that that's also kind of different for a developer if they wanna get more publicly without -- have to -- -- legwork. Yes that is gonna be really interesting to see what kind of discount we have yet -- -- to see how this'll be adopted if its gonna be really -- -- now. But Google lets people do that though and this is what they're getting it it'll it'll only work if the developers get it out in the real that's it's open now -- here if you're in Canada developing or not -- -- Other quick CES quick hits if you will sprint has officially announced. The HTC evo shift -- he -- barely. Even two announcement stated that it -- slow -- everywhere we've seen pictures of the dollars back but. Now it's legit if it does offer mobile hot -- capability 84999. With a two year contract. It's Sprint's third four G phone and it has a slide out QWERTY keyboard. With Android two point -- in a five megapixel camera. All right ultimate you know it -- -- it also another quake hits the iPad phew case shows up at CES with a mock I had -- it it. -- this is a me because you know attainment had they get their hands and everything really -- They care they don't like that's exactly -- -- -- an audience though detailed at least from this case a slimmer design. A bigger speaker port in the back for open -- -- that the large speaker lay down you can get your iPad to -- yes. For the iPad. I hope that there have been several I've had few cases the one notable of course though it we will have an action ads from engadget is the one that actually -- the little -- Out of Apple -- it straight come at -- CES in news that in the future. The near future as in this spring Netflix will actually be. -- have a button. On remote controls that will let people directed that could lead to you. Netflix though a big red button that says Netflix will start appearing on multiple remote controls for Blu-ray players TDs. And set top boxes they announcements just -- -- the it started. Back. -- -- Another every they -- and three U way they really are. Also OnStar service on you might -- similar with the GM drivers are gonna be offering its a non GM cars that come out one blood safety and information service that GM offers. They gonna be -- -- -- that into of their cars. Pretty cool. I think the Apple. I love the fact that they're gonna detect -- -- have to admit. Much like -- think it at a one of those reasons they think they'll maybe do what impact they counted down but I want OnStar. As though what's funny is that for the -- shows now we're talking. And it has -- we will we do we do -- you like it. If it will be compatible at 99%. Of the top sellers selling non GM cars over the last year -- it's gonna cost 299 dollars plus installation and then you'll want to subscribe to OnStar service. Which is about twenty bucks -- month. But then you'll have all that. In other news not the -- related apparently okay. I like -- are people think -- bill. -- really think anybody who are you doing it places bill every watt. Apparently become not just the biggest game and social networking platform. Is that but it's the biggest game -- her her. Earth like that I haven't even unity like update them -- the idea hit them all preemptively as well. Austin city traders are pissed they really are holding had to do was just released the sound basement but they -- now city bill Dillon -- -- it. It's insane that it has apparently it's averaging over 84 million monthly users. They're passing farm bill which peaked at 83 point 76 million years I don't know if these people are doing in March 2000 I'm not here defense that he bill users but -- Crazy I mean I -- apparently it is but I just had no idea yet. Also -- -- wrap things up Apple's. Mac app store will be opening on Thursday you know Apple like to try to take the thunder out of -- this may not be. As much thunder is before but if you guys are curious about what Apple's doing in the Mac platform they have their own apps -- where you can download apps developers can. Submit but they'll still be under Apple's control so that's coming out tomorrow Thursday. The and seeing interesting news from Apple that we were hoping also to have a little demo product demo today on buzz out loud but we did not so. We will tell you that -- has announcement that video right in your -- that tablet yet it is you tablet and it is -- -- -- billions upon. And then that is that's pretty much it for our. CES for our buttons are CES buzz out loud today there's obviously news literally. I have -- out all around we'll be bombarded with it we're bombarded with it and so we're gonna be here we will remain here all day and we will be asked as the week goes on taking your feedback in you know don't call us. Because we cannot get your voice -- here. But. You can email us buzz at cnet.com you can find all of the links to the stories we talked about today the -- dot cnet.com that's our show you know. Lots of live programming we have a signal from the Intel press conference and we're gonna roll a little tape here. That we will be right back live with that -- Intel -- to stick around.

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