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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1376: WTF, CIA WTF?

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1376: WTF, CIA WTF?

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We're pretty sure that both Lukin (in Computer Love) and the CIA are displaying a sense of humor this week, but frankly, it's kind of hard to tell. WTF? Also, did the FCC really try to tell us that they don't need wireless Net neutrality regulations because, um, Android is open? Wow. And NPR hands it to Ping in a big way, calling it one of the worst ideas in music in 2010. Ouch. And ... yes. And a special Computer Love on a Wednesday because it's the last live show of the year! See you all in 2011, everyone! --Molly

It's Wednesday December 20 -- and test. And the need to Gonzales Brian stuff I am Molly would welcome a buzz out loud cnet's podcast of indeterminate length it's episode thirteen 170 thick and it is. Our last live show of the year up all and I -- I don't mean to spoil it for you guys but that the episode that you're gonna get later. We pre recorded -- Installation now well just election null we did so -- out -- the bit where we're we're having a little. We're gonna last of the year extravaganza. And I have with senior. It's not -- well worry about the with valuable again I know all. So we celebrate last night Billiton nice steak dinner began to we have a blind -- -- -- -- them. A man and it can open until there's a lot of things that team -- the veto could have come meteor could have meant I could have you thought it was just ice heating -- low you don't wanna do the triple -- toe loop thing trying to land instead he missed out on -- state board he -- because it turns -- we had a whole big planet to the -- CNET TV team ice skating and then it turns out that everyone in San Francisco and most of America. Also had that plan. And -- and then we had to go for it and if we and you've -- had few -- CNET TV he honestly more people if they realize what. Really could've happened and it it would all showed up -- over -- we would adding at a McDonald's. That's -- movement is accurate. -- if anyone is in the building by the -- into the show and you wanna bring a suburban zone map at announcer for the low -- really -- the -- showed the air for crying out loud through. Nine we need to get through it somehow. I let's start -- with the news that when you think. City guys get to your days on this just in the property about an hour ago from the time -- where -- recording and now Skype. Is down. There's in about eight million lost connections happen the last hour you can -- Skype itself but there should not everybody should just will be blocked the having Skype even -- load initially but at the moments -- is down. Dun dun -- and what will we do actually is I really funny to -- tweet about that the top tweet on that topic. Was someone sent a -- as a true digital diva I think that everybody who uses this free service should demand a refund. -- I let my fellow at the site for all the podcasts since his death on Skype and now this -- and who know all that -- about the backroom and then everybody in now is the time -- certainly wouldn't restart into contact loved ones and -- -- -- overseas. So hopefully they hopefully they can epic treatment. But just looking at not having problems Skype is down at night you and -- the -- Twitter account so far I'm clicking through does okay that says he may have problems signing in to Skype the Twitter -- Our engineers and flight operations team are working nonstop to get things back to normal thank you for your continued -- -- -- timing of the show later. Their music yet the -- so there's some net neutrality fallout obviously -- go on and on about it but you know that the analysis is rolling in. So -- that we would be hit some of the highlights. As people dissect the order and had yet. Pointed out that the FCC is saying is that part don't impart maybe one of the reasons that they didn't. -- implement the same kinds of regulation on wireless network is because. Wireless has open operating systems like Android. Yet the of the draft statement from that -- -- Is that in in the kind of the rules they laid out they said further we recognize that there have been meaningful recent moves toward openness including. The introduction of open operating systems -- Android. In addition -- into space even seen the effects of on the market of the openness conditions we impose a mobile -- that operate. On upper 700 megahertz C block spectrum. Okay well maybe this spectrum thing because -- do you actually have openness requirements but -- I think know that domain I gotta think that Android doesn't influence the carriers are the providers of how they behave or act of their meter reader price the -- And it doesn't have anything it is it is led to the exact situation that they described yesterday where they make they still make deals hardware and manufactured deal to put certain apps on their and then blocked access to other -- Which is not the what. Like that just doesn't it makes so little sense that it it frankly to me undermine. The entire year my my faith in the entire process of like. Wait what the thing about it is -- they didn't even have to use that as. An example. Like they could've just said okay we're going to leave while the wireless spectrum open for now -- -- obviously lot of people aren't happy about that. But the fact that they point to Android. As one of the key points for why did it they. They would have better have been better off does not even addressing it. Outweigh the -- LA kids don't marina it's like saying we don't we decided not to implement speeding laws because cars have seeped out. They really are even less than it's actually even less related and that you know we decided not to implement them. In implementing -- -- cart parts have Bluetooth built in now. -- -- Well -- so and and -- and gadget. Kind of wisely and to police sums it up and -- -- it actually pretty huge stretch to think and it's open at. Has anything to do with the network access itself and it doesn't matter how open your OS is when you're stuck with they filtered or throttled connections. -- -- So -- technique has a breakdown of the paid a priority is -- aspect be unreasonable discrimination. Aspect that is that they so they instituted among the regulation to ban on unreasonable discrimination for wired ISPs. And they basically just have a breakdown that that looks at the order and says. Indeed as we suspected. This would seem to specifically forbid. Paid prior it is actually you can't say to Google you have to pay extra to make sure that YouTube traffic gets there. -- and reason -- people are very worried that suddenly no at all with -- broad. But Valentin Cuba that would definitely seem to be covered the animal got paid prior position imagine what that would do for -- end user license agreement this. -- -- -- disaster. Though I mean -- see -- like obviously there will be. All of these ads are technique -- point out all of these assertions will soon be contested because. What I mean because the idea that start that sparked the entire net neutrality debate was paid prior to -- the idea of you know with -- -- than CEO of the and eighteen he. Saying you know basically -- -- -- have more water through my -- them both can handle. And they they'd have to pay me more for certain types of traffic even though they already pay for the delivery and part. And he should be investing in a larger knows he should. Well yeah -- -- I'm seriously it's like by bigger house studio and give him. -- people -- they've needed deliver more water. Will stop using the combination of big and chosen we will tell them it's not -- hosing -- what you think that it innocent -- Also -- I think it has never really an interesting read up -- titled why everyone hates the new net neutrality rules even net neutrality supporters. And it's kind of -- now I got -- the writing. In this. Particular article is outstanding. Like how they described commissioner Robert McDowell as unleashing a biblical Jeremiah effective -- in order. Where the sub head -- Monica or moronic. Has had you guys are good dozen -- -- that. I think they're taken actually maybe a little more negative than it it is an and it seems the public if you come up -- the compromise that the extremists on both sides hate. That's usually in the long run really -- -- -- Now I create the thing about it is -- everyone's still upset about the whole -- the wireless open thing. The letter but now we've talked about he had to -- that you know I agree that that that is -- But at the same time the people that are you -- I guess the -- is that still wanted the Internet to be entirely open. I can't see how they can still stated that although that fundamentally they want -- open. It's still gonna leave the carriers to play and do whatever they want to boom like that light touch of how they deal with the wired broadband I felt was a nice compromise now in in that area. And then obviously have are the people who voted against. You know open Internet just going buck while in -- off -- you know fellow Republican commissioners that that's -- Anyone think -- technical says is that they -- genachowski failed in some way because he -- that they say he failed to. Come up with a good compromise partly because he got no Republican -- for the compromise package but you know what it is just not the political climate right now for anybody compliments like. If you are proposing something that has become a cornerstone issue for Democrats Ewing in -- -- -- analyst on -- my grammar today and again and again. It does Wii console and one of them for the -- but seriously that's just like. That's just how -- -- of how the climate is right -- no one is -- party lines at least for the most part was that once a party basically gravitate towards an issue right now. It doesn't it's not about the issue it's about the party it's about the party rank and that's disappear example that yeah I mean I. I I think that I have come down on the side of like you know what I think -- try I think they tried as hard as they could. To strike a balance that was a light touch but clear -- tried to establish them. Authority. And regulation that is necessary and that hopefully is gonna turn out to be really important prevent them for all the people -- saying it was a broken like. A not true and B there's every reason it could become broken in a very very near future -- And -- thank you don't wanna like -- that -- that's -- no we don't need any regulation or any rules at all. They're they're just little -- -- because they believe that the open Internet is still the same as -- used to be read a long time ago and it's not. Rick and that there they and they think there's enough competition -- they think that you know these companies are not giant global multinational corporations that are. Getting into the same space that the Internet is an -- U competition crossover when a real competition costs every an anti competitive behavior. So I I think the entity is trying to lock. That very very thin line right down the middle I think again and ethnic and. I think also kind of a misnomer to say the Internet as open or closed so to speak because like. You know like I guess he's right now that's pretty much closed like you can't see what they're doing don't know what they're doing tiered data -- that so that was pretty much -- a closed system you think about. Ray and that's actually one of the regulations -- he is too and that it. Is to create that transparency -- -- at what kind of management is being put into place so that you know we can determine if in fact. The water is flowing freely through the -- Aren't in need for a larger of. And on it yet another -- metaphor let's click it or not Hagman and -- that part for the rest here are. -- when we come back though Microsoft may be unveiling windows for arm chips -- command WTF but that's the -- yes. -- out welcome welcome my friends all right. Latest in the news Microsoft has said -- Aileen. A version of windows specifically for arm chips. At CES 2011 the world's largest soft maker will now -- and it would be for the first time running on the arm platform. Insisting that the speculation is that we won't necessarily be seen. Devices right away because apparently it's Microsoft thing to just -- things that we we haven't ever ever ever -- Leo we might. C devices. And I hope so. -- -- -- -- -- about this is really we've talked about here before they really need it created a less or some sort of software platform. Specifically for tablet portable devices exactly the tablet the tablet -- because they tribal a Windows 7 can be touch. But that hasn't that they just can't it's not the same it can't hang so there's an opportunity to I'm curious to see what they really to -- And companies -- -- wanna see what they're gonna bring the table. But from a strategic standpoint this is the right thing for them to do and it's good to at least show them. Yeah I mean any -- you don't know of apparently someone in that -- and. Sort of -- went kamikaze -- out. It's gonna get us to tell them what -- -- are big hint that they are the process there's that are created specifically for. Small hand held devices like tablets like Smartphones I -- this could actually be huge for the tablet market if they really do create a windows version of Iowa -- -- that's kind of what we're talking about who is the windows -- last. And if they really do that and they get it out the door quickly and these are but nothing -- than elves and you have some real competition -- all that -- all they really need is really good multi touch support. On windows and that's it that's yeah and -- a little later in India. The may have been the main thing -- is because we've seen just how quickly. These OS hazard of evolving with mobile platform. They really have to bring something at I feel at CES because of their delays that is either equal or better than what we've seen on pilots and now they really they really have to now these days. You have got you cannot even with windows phone seven which we like here we all like. It's still much from the gap and indeed there are having the time out strong and I hope I hope for their companies' -- that they do. -- are meant by the way Intel so it -- is -- by what advanced micro and he -- arm chips and Intel's so far has not been able to come up with we're gonna see a lot of -- sandy bridge technology. -- CES and that is the chip technology that they hope will square off against army -- just a more power efficient. You know portable tailored and a processor are right about Nvidia Nvidia from making. Powerful chip -- Yet every Integra for Smartphones Afghan definitely and then in -- guy -- his -- platform which is kind of that seems to be the one for tablet. Anyway. One at least one analyst says a full featured version of windows firm took that the best -- from -- make a dent in the iPad. Okay let's talk about again to -- -- All right Verizon is looking to sell their first four -- -- isn't one made by Motorola. According chief operating officer John Stratton Mountain redundancies. First time the carrier has identified -- handset maker or their launch. -- for an actual phone on knelt on their -- people are sorry there forgy now. Where yeah they -- -- LT Smartphones are on the horizon and that yes Merrill bigger than that Motorola is a huge Verizon partner announcement is -- -- -- They said the timing name -- price of the new phone couldn't be learned. I'll change and I suspect we'll start seeing more and more leaks like this though as we get closer to the F because Verizon has put one of the huge -- -- Yet he keynotes over there death so we're gonna hear all about LT all the time. We're also as we know going to be hearing all about tablets all the times of speculation about tablets is that an all time high eight. All time high that we might have seen diagrams that we've seen before -- used for other -- Authorities. And so we first got the story about an exclusive. IPad competitor coming in from Obama reported by. Our friends at Fox News and you know they should be diagrams of leaks accident. Basically looks very similar to HP slate and so are America hogs like wool is this palm -- that they're -- Actually a recycled HP slate because. We showed the same diagrams. Earlier this year. -- third. So it appears to be the same -- be introduced in. Used to introduce the -- 500 in October it does not necessarily mean I mean -- -- Obviously HP is going to come with the web -- -- tablet yet. -- they acquired -- because they acquired it in everybody's been waiting for it to happen but at Abbott yeah I don't know that this. Well I think the story actually -- woman wants her without heat but they that the spec sheet is the reason and and appears in -- -- -- -- with the eight Beasley. Brand -- palm had branded as -- pump had. Although let's equipment and enough happening that's -- happen so we don't know the answer little clarification about arm I think that it was actually it was AMD. He's DDT and in chat rooms arm is -- actually -- the arm holdings ink and they lengthened the chip. -- thanks for -- Canada he knew he'd move in. And grab read in the carrier you know our top secret -- that according to my friend who works on web last. This is in fact the old HP tablet. And -- have. So there we go of the chat room rob red in you guys are often they're usually speak -- ahead -- -- -- -- -- -- -- time before they acquired com. I -- why would be different hardware. I mean -- -- -- why would be different heart related -- it makes it hardware -- -- -- the bottom line operating system monitoring popping up in degree below. And I'm adamant about but also in the news this week at the pedestrian safety enhancement act. In the making -- he apparently through congress. And it would in fact require electric cars and hybrids to make -- It would also fund the Department of Transportation to create a set of rules for auto makers -- ambulance some leeway in how they carry out the -- that. -- You will only -- as we like it's about time. You wear what you mean you're a gimme a break you don't have you heard -- -- these things or I mean again okay I mean I and that's your for the visually impaired. It is important that they make them even from just like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some of these cars are so quiet I -- even realize that -- back in it is a good thing right it's a good thing it just sounds so nanny state in some ways though it. Not to be lottery guys but they really do it I'll select let's I'm gonna make it that -- make -- -- -- -- Pallet I hope you can -- you can put it in. A little -- SD card. And use the engine sound -- I -- people like this can hack that in -- music out I'd. Cool Prius that the last thing -- in mean I don't know I don't know you're not enough for this well the data that they -- right so there's data they've they've. They have this study that they say prove that that -- is there that it hybrids are more likely -- in another cars. But that than other divorcing that the data is not necessarily the early -- -- a problem maybe those studies were flawed but it seems like a very. -- Erie expensive. Solution to something that we don't actually know is a problem and please believe me I'm not trying to be insensitive to -- to the visually impaired because all over my family right now. Big time but. There are a lot of of safety mechanisms in place at stoplights and things that they can correct for this in the -- don't -- -- to require cars to be louder does things like. Well that I mean to me that's a -- factory level that really doesn't hurt the mammoth. How much are they gonna cost them time to build that I mean they're gonna have to retool V. -- production process. It is I I don't I think probably non trivial to figure out how to -- some some new noise into these cars that you are have a factory assembly plant it could just be like a wire that's essentially like connected towards the fact that when it's you the charge in the engine it's like it's gonna emit some sort of -- on means held. It's kind of like -- A little -- speaker. It won't have to be like completely integrated is is that like rev up when you -- up and have them when -- I don't know if Cali how they were also gonna require the backup cameras in the cars and it's just like you I don't think that these things need to be like legislative mandate. When they cost a ton of money and -- incidences are either unproven or extremely small. Seconds I can see that but I I honestly think these -- way to buy. -- -- I think it's so weird I I haven't I don't know I've. Have you been as a legacy amid a situation like a car backed out and you had no idea was backing out in like a shopping parking lot. And you would have if you had heard it like you really would have if you would hurt -- engine. And is that that split moment. Is like you know like -- is by Carla. And we're coming from that's happened to me it doesn't happen very often but it's happened but as hybrid cars become more and more prevalent and electric my -- -- they think is really be a problem -- looking for them. I of the actively collects Sesame Street and learn how to look both ways. I and I tell and again we totally know that not everyone can look both ways I -- -- -- that you know but that. They they incidences of these occurrences don't seem to be statistically high enough that it it have to become like a law. Via a billion dollar cost law you know that okay and now yeah I mean I'm not changing your mind reliability and -- -- amendment because you can't in my mind a little attention demands but I wouldn't. An advantage in Google has nine. -- is I wouldn't even want. -- surprising is that of -- that that's the well yeah. -- flowers I have than expected. Cell I don't wanna give away one of my prediction spurred 2011 but that's true you're the but -- people. There's a really upsetting hysteria over the BBC about how web attacks retirement targeting human rights sites human rights groups and campaigners are being hit hard by huge web attacks. Launched by those opposed to their view according to recent research by the Berkman center for Internet and society at Harvard. It said that they weren't they were basically trying to find. Get a sense of how often these groups and independent media organizations are hit by DD OS attacks. And they said that in the twelve month between August 2009 in September 2010 there was evidence of a 140 attack against more than two -- -- eighty different sites. And that those were likely to be the most high profile attacks many more had probably gone and reported because. At and maybe it was innovative as -- Chinese Government taken outside -- unclear but it also like. There are these third at least -- niche groups like anonymous. Of so called activists who believe that if they don't like what you're saying -- -- that it speculate I'm not changing your mind right -- If they don't like what you're saying you shouldn't exist. -- -- -- but you're not allowed to say it anywhere instead of like this is what happens when. Arnold just like a bunch of kids who do for the lol have access to -- You. It's really it was just very disturbing. As some -- that like you said we're gonna see a lot -- -- and a and it gets an -- all the time you know there's now there's just like practically one click dvi figure out that there's like a bit -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's -- URL shorten her -- DOZ years and they definitely shortens your link but it also feels the processor -- really -- about deep stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A -- -- bomber to donate to some donated from human rights organization and help them buy more servers with here so they can buy out is that. And on that CDs and cricket. -- Amazon.com. Kindle sales -- subjects and said today and exceeding -- the -- According to an Amazon or analysts excuse me. -- likely sell more than eight analysts say you have and evolves like whistle more than eight million Kindle electronic books at least 60% more than analysts predicted. Actually -- it eventually -- -- two sources who are aware of the company's sales projections saying that they're gonna sell eight million and that's -- more than analysts' mean. They Amazon never give any numbers don't take it all with grain of salt but. If that thing definitely has been of the number one. Of -- best seller list oh yeah forever. Speed of the best seller call of duty black ops has surpassed the one billion dollar worldwide sales mark after. Her -- Sixth week ridiculous availability that's ridiculous fix. The surprise the thing is that doesn't rising unstoppable unstoppable also potentially unstoppable and video games Microsoft's looking to improve. The connect performance the same with software updates that it increased the resolution limit currently limited -- -- -- forty when it scans objects around the room. But the rumored update would increase the 640 by 480 and -- as the utility is the -- identified individual fingered gestures to control. On the device though there's a lot more that can be done with that device and you know maybe they'll let it. Be open so developers can hack that the I mean that's as they just up that firmware. If it's if it's good to see that there's in the improvements in that. That's an awesome sign that they can prevent the yeah yeah given that that reduces the first and hardware dream data mapping he. Not Carolina alumni -- -- people have been waiting for windows phone seven devices to show up on on Verizon and it looks like Verizon compatible. Windows phone seven applications are starting to show up in the windows phone marketplace. So there have been rumors that -- -- on -- coming sometime after the new year to Verizon but these seem to indicate that it could be actually. Very soon after -- entered earth though it needs to be between permanent bank's move them. On -- -- -- gadget news you -- deaths. Mr. blurry -- strikes again I don't know who came up with mr. -- -- -- -- but -- -- -- everything ever with the there are over -- phone arena dot com pondering is claiming an exclusive but with real photos of the HTC -- shift -- G. Which is sort of Blake they -- -- slightly watered down version of the first WiMax phone for sprint. The evo four G in this one it looks like would have a slide out keyboard. -- like -- epic almost except from. Yeah a lot slimmer yet there you -- I think. -- seen these those who think they almost all look the same these they really do I know like. I don't get excited about phone designs in color mood that I'm really there's not them it's -- that got that gets me excited about my new dual core processors right in the went eager to -- this one actually say they would think would be clocked at 800 megahertz and the navigator. And also an up front facing camera lot off to another look how are we have evolved in technology. -- -- -- it's not all about what's on the outside. -- on the inside that counts as well. And I'm despite -- -- to -- point meet you. For example -- point -- have Microsoft windows media -- built into your TV. I think data that is a sign the this is a little older link -- -- someone wanted to one of our readers submitted this as Acer showing off their own windows media center embedded box so this is essentially like -- set top box with. Windows media. This interface pumped right into it controller -- guys this is it is older -- come from the camera thing again yes so. It is through them more Latvia yes solar -- samples -- a lot of you know windows platforms at least ignoring not having a plug in a PC. And get this interface and just petition on set top rate -- We'll think I met Allen is -- -- but let's move I'm. As we got -- we -- -- happy ending. And PR is working on a theory is -- about the worst ideas of 2010 and has been listening to us personal I think they definitely are. All week they say are we talking about the best and worst ideas in music this year one of them being. -- was that on the best of the worst -- aren't the idea that money and paying them. They they let the the -- Steve Jobs made the announcement of paying tech writers began -- the death knell for MySpace -- not family did not know. But they said here's what -- is floundering -- be summed up and -- Apple doesn't like sharing thus it is difficult for them to build a social network. Done. And I mean it's I feel like. 2010 was a lot of the year -- the half -- the -- There's so many things now that that companies are trying to get out there just to say that they did effort even if the kind of half -- And then the fact is that they don't get adopted as quickly as they haven't figured out what their strengths are how to do it right and then people does lose interest. And neglect and so I hope 2011 as the year of fully baked. Because origin probably just get more than -- the c'mon cured. -- you I mean seriously. We are we're obviously not committed to making anything even remotely usable to -- for months to just includes playlist sharing at the bottom line is I can't write a random statement about who I like when -- listen -- music via that's is that. Nine is so good Tom Allen PR other words they B isn't going to any music -- like we are the -- when he five -- and the end of appointment listening. And then of course. -- they've done three so -- -- also in it. -- -- -- -- I seriously I Google does like five times looking for reporting period because like there's no way but there's no way that this is not a joke in fact. I'm still convinced that we're gonna have email by the time the show with over telling -- -- joke but it appears. That the CIA has launched a task force. To assess the impact of the big Wiki -- cable dumped. And the name is that would delete task force with nearly task force or W -- or -- WT OW. Official channel has -- at -- that's -- but at CIA headquarters it's mainly known inside. These -- -- but a great villa at the Washington Post. They say they do say the air reverence like the -- and they know right that they -- of the retail -- is also -- They -- the Iraq where it reverence is perhaps understandable for an agency has been relatively unscathed by -- -- But until now via the WTF task force. Knife that sound -- it good -- guys. And also on just -- -- -- the holiday season right our favorite friend. Antuan Dodson. -- of the Christmas spirit with his little simian shooters on that he did on George Lopez's tonight show a -- Watson during the pre show but we have the link in the show notes. It's thoroughly enjoyable it. Pretty it's surprisingly enjoyable like even lower on minutes' running out of the fifteen minutes of them. Really pretty overlap -- the whole time he was in case you didn't -- a special and of the year's top five -- -- -- -- the top. Five Internet means Internet -- means of 2010 and number one. He's for real old well deserve and I -- watch -- but when -- instant here and. Because we are headed straight into the feedback. RI this email comes in from done talking about that CC relieved. Am -- the only person worried that the FCC's live webcast. Kept cutting out lots of bandwidth and when they were talking in the voices were badly click been. In -- in an analog audio levels. These people are in charge of both and yet their own text can't do it Ariane five -- -- I mean it's. Yeah that's not gonna do it does is it'll hit my -- it was kind of funny because they'll be like them to like it. Restaurants and -- Manatee -- also for the reading today to try to correct the language that you guys use on your podcast when referring FCC regulations -- Democrats and net neutrality they are regulating. The Internet they're regulating the service providers and it's a significant distinction I think needs to be made so that people on the anti net neutrality -- the argument can't point fingers. And say your trying to regulate the Internet he said we're just trying to regulate the providers to ensure they provide fair and -- access to everyone and -- to be in favor of this it should be conservative. The idea is being proposed by IPs -- be a dramatic change how the Internet currently works. I just don't understand who would be in favor of those other than those who stand to make massive profits in the short term by completely changing the dynamics of Internet access in America. It's 100% anti consumer. And it is quite frankly a danger to the future of the US economy to a lot Internet service providers to behave in the manner they have made abundantly clear -- wish that they wish to be hip and boom short term a handful of people make big profits on this. Long term it will have devastating impact impacts on the US economy which is moving more and more to Internet based every single day. An old rats it's done right at grant and I'll figure it will be more -- and -- on the eyes yes. Now we also have a channels. But it's you know it's Wednesday -- -- a possibility here how can we leave without giving you a little bit of that. -- -- -- -- -- of the year. Following the associates and their love lives in right then and says -- group. I really need your -- -- one's I'm and happily married for almost ten years. I have a beautiful wife and two great kids but there's something missing. I like the awesome -- -- -- nominal token awesome monthly take home stays home and take care advocates for which I am eternally grateful. But here's the thing. He does doesn't get -- She knows that I am a geek and she embraces it but only from this -- I really feel this -- that gaping hole in my life. I need someone that not only hate Apple but knows things like the difference between Android 2.2 in 2.3 I need someone that lives and better yet -- in technology. So how do I get Molly to be -- sister -- Love the show. -- did -- hope you're kidding me now. Because if you aren't. I really don't have one answer for you and -- double -- like cancer -- in -- I mean. You've got you've got other is it like one piece of the word beautiful to break -- you're joking -- here please tell me you're joking today that the threatening if -- vehemently. Each year it's okay if you have your own hobby and she has her own hobby. I mean that's a good thing I doubt they have not like -- everything else is often images like -- move dot Everett. Not a robot like leave. Like get over it data. The -- he our show you can see Molly all you want every day I know week maybe you meet azimuth -- complement endeared like. As pathetic as them upsetting -- -- and no it was a little I'd -- like that all pilot shall we shift gears yes. Omnia. If we go into your computer love I -- affiliate agreement -- I -- you do it right now it is not odd chance they are not joking like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right there we go. This is from our friend Eric your computer love. I received a message via FaceBook from a person who. I thought was cute. They want to become -- friends we chatted online and I found out they only live thirty minutes away for me. We decided to meet in real life -- -- the coffee shop in a well populated area smart. We met and talked for what seemed like hours we had many things a comma which is great. Then we met again a few times before I finally asked that person on a date things went well or so I thought it was going well. Then two months in the real -- we just both decided he wasn't working now. Then a few weeks ago I received a phone call from a high school friend what happened hook up with the night before they shipped out to Afghanistan for an entire year. We met for dinner drinks never bringing up the topic of what happened that night we had an absolute blast -- -- on that night I dropped that this friend off at their place. Before -- of the car this person leaned over and gave me a kiss and told me. I hope we can do this again -- -- Then a few days later I get a phone call from the FaceBook friend wanted to give the relationship another try. If things -- to get any more complicated. Last night I got a text from my high school friend. Asking if they can come over and hang out. Wells I know there's there's the symmetric look trying to right here and now -- -- on my question to you is you are in demand person that person so my question to you is. Should -- forget about my FaceBook friend. And pursue my high school friends or vice. Versa. Are right so this is my advice -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Molly's answered every day -- in a very good solution can access westerly -- is not connected -- -- I don't think you know better right let's take your bags onto our brand -- ran. So my thing is I go oh my god in night. I'm sure that you're feeling in one of these people more than the other slightly there might be different reasons why you like person a may -- the availability of them. Person B is not -- available -- you like person -- -- but maybe you get along with person a better at the end of the day. I just go for the person who like. I have the strong it can actually. And you'll know you'll know you'll note that though you know when you're doing so you'll know you see maybe ones like -- -- and you like the knotty right now. They I want Glavine is eight per person and must have called an opt and that's why aren't -- -- -- like -- are pregnant you know it. Here's the thing in general. If you're a party broken out. They give you broken up want to be decided after two months is now working out now even if that other person decided I know -- -- deprived yeah and another person -- -- and regret that and that makes you feel good. The fact is it didn't work -- once and for the odds are it's not gonna work out again. Odds odds are other odds are but I'm not saying that's a hard and fast rule -- saying. Odds are that's not gonna work out a person does what happened -- is regretting it in the holidays or whatever but. It doesn't mean that it's a good bet where is this this high school friendly had a connection for a long time -- and that that's gonna last few a lot of time I just feel like. When -- in this situation. I I'm not you're either ahead or heart person whoever wrote this is either ahead or -- they're using their head right now and and they may go with the -- mini get burned. Mean I'm art yet that this is that it's not as if that thing right now. You -- that you -- Lego -- preview we talked about that -- when they are coming up. Let it go by Yahoo! and will go with them -- long term real thing you're saying don't go -- high school -- pressure yeah. I mean I -- odds are that'll last longer I think so it didn't work out the -- like. -- -- -- -- -- okay okay good luck well. But you get -- for your own computer eleven -- -- her blog Leo well that cnet.com. We're we're gone though the feedback loop is -- closed for an Alec. Given that the couple email manic they're to just -- like -- we're going to be out of office for about two weeks headed CES. We do in shows live from CES. But where organ in many other lands -- next first live show and see her reflection on -- think -- on another part -- travel day. Well it is for me oh no I OK then they might have a show on the -- of the Brian Tong and someone accidentally. I'm gonna I think the first show back from the break -- -- January 5 live from the lot from lot for him. But we don't yet know wanted to say thank you to everyone. That -- our podcast in the years thank you to everyone that's in the chat room that you guys at me like. So incredible things were welcome mean meet with open arms yet and for those that -- -- that we're sick annual tea -- dollars in anyway that's the see ya. Reality -- now like. I know that it is -- hear about them loud and it felt like there are lot of change and you know things are really shifting and changing a lot and you guys really stuck with -- And I could not appreciate -- more isn't where we -- so blessed. To have the audience that we have to get to do this show every day you know probably get her thoughts I had like nine times show. We'll find out of the Pentagon papers thank your mind Melanie thank you guys we've pieces -- -- better -- -- and -- got. And yes -- I write my dad.
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