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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1370: The Hamburglar stole your data

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1370: The Hamburglar stole your data

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On today's show, McDonald's has a data breach, although it's not as bad as the one from the Mesa County, CO, sheriff's office, which apparently keeps its lists of victims, suspects, and informants in a nice, big, unprotected plain-text database. So, that's a few informants running for safe houses, then. Also, the Comcast Death Star turns its rays on Roku, Apple TV, and the like; and the Nook Color goes from awesome to officially awesome. --Molly

It is Tuesday December 14 when the time. -- -- Gonzales I'm Brian's song I am Hollywood love and a buzz out loud is cnet's podcast of indeterminate length episode thirteen 170 we're making fact he had we can -- the pre show -- ever pick up one sure fire. -- -- -- Lot of indeterminate length pick -- line. That's on Linux it's a really good time to tell you that if you don't already know you content buzz out loud pre show and post show. Web exclusives. Glance over at CNET TV dot com -- accomplishment I'm not saying this is definitely gonna be won today's. So I'm just saying again you might wanna know that that's out there because sometimes -- -- good -- happened before and actions. Or you can join us before the show actually starts. I think you shall when the -- supposed to start -- -- thirty exact and then watched the piece of Lagos the 10451 -- the story doing. Or even tempted you -- today with a whole lot and we had a lot of pick up -- via the app over and it -- -- -- the attack comes less able to promote the U. But if you're only here for technology news. I guess we can give you some of that -- we want to do that a vote most people listen to -- -- the the New York Times than others reporting that Microsoft is set to announce a new slate of late. -- -- But to me. A bunch of -- -- slate tablets. That are aimed at taking -- the iPad those long awaited Windows 7 tablet that we we're gonna come last year and it's anathema to them year. Apparently they're gonna maybe show them off again today so it's gonna gonna be like deja Vu -- a lot this year during her and it's gonna be CES 2000 tendency -- -- 1011 because they did tablet announcement last year. They did that according to people familiar Mac stuff planned Steve Ballmer is expected to announce and number of these new devices -- that -- fully functional computers. Include the intuitive aspects. Of pencil and editor. Which -- Would indicate that Microsoft just cannot stop -- -- -- -- -- -- and ended the day acting. If they really wanted there they're smart enough to at least recognize that they happen. They've I think they've elected almost lost the battle of the consumer tablet. Because from the start their personal that they released as dependent you know -- Enterprise one that she -- basically -- Pen and paper which alludes to a more styles based enterprise tablet it's as if they're like you know we're gonna go from -- -- different market and we don't feel like -- European consumer market. I just don't. Honestly I think they could have if they had tried to compete when there are they competing to be done when there was -- out that window of time to get a product out there and make it up via. The window the short short window and that New York -- blog is. Houses like. Deliciously. -- name because they have a picture of -- -- software architect him and stuff. At -- not showing up a prototype of the first tablet PC during bill Gates's speech at cotton that. In 2000. And if there I was actually I am that old. I was very core that that was like my first ever big techie mention amber review -- look at the public in the -- in the stylus they look practically the same. And it's taken them that long to get -- -- that I mean you know they've had tablets over the years but they're still like. They're still banging -- -- Yeah and also another thing now we might potentially see another personal knowledge of Mike that's plants and -- might damage to the tablet and other companion devices running the next operating system. Windows eight and they've said kind of in the back -- that windows eight was the civilly going to have more. Touch interfaces built into it an eight guys that make it more of a tablet. Or have the ability switch over to a tablet interface much more easily than Windows 7 -- we know that Windows 7 does support -- but it's really not. A true separate tablet experience today it's a touch experience on windows -- It's a multi touch thing right from the -- that's -- they turned to look at Brian white is geared towards the idea. They're -- they are it it does feel like they're painfully behind the curve and apparently Goldman Sachs agrees technology analyst Sarah -- -- Challenging times ahead for Mac sucked -- -- eleven according to a new research note. She wrote that it will be a tough year for Microsoft. Especially because they're trying to address the threat from the iPad and mobile operating system like -- Gather and even in their recent. Earnings report it was Microsoft Office and the Xbox that drove their revenue from and so moving -- with this year. It's not like they're gonna be coming out another Xbox Microsoft Office. Is pretty much gonna say the same they're not gonna release a new windows OS so the really. Relying on windows phone seven -- and the tablet market for growth but those the two areas that they're behind in in the -- from the competitive landscape. Jeff Pryor is saying -- early read on windows phone seven -- has not changed their view that Microsoft share in mobile us does will remain at only the single digit level. And that a tablet response is still not forthcoming. That means the biggest west. If I actually think that windows phone seven has some potential absolutely it looks very collecting -- -- -- once those phones really start to panic creeping -- I think there is the possibility. Of them doing fairly well especially in the long term but the fact that they haven't gotten any damn tablets of the doors just shameful. Also it -- -- seven reflect those of the key features that are missing the top -- multitasking those things don't exist yet the reality for that update. February or so there's got to be coming out so. Until leading get a slew of phones and army of phones and this and preventative yeah updates that that'll start to gain some traction -- but again it's still might be too late. -- Microsoft does have -- connect them an idea of a lack -- -- of -- a surprise candidate of the season aiming to connect is like. -- connect is revitalizing the Xbox and presumably I would imagine Xbox sales yeah but it's not the Xbox can't be the only thing they've got. Yet another gaming division is really the most innovative division of the company -- when they hired at date when they contacted their new group that was part of the whole Microsoft Xbox gaming platform. At their headquarters and I've been able to go over there it's completely different than like the Microsoft there -- isolated it's almost like about a young people -- -- out you know. Doing cool things play with toys their Xbox division and their Zune division is completely separate from the culture that -- The big Microsoft machines like the problem Microsoft has -- is that they're totally silent partners impacting their divisions that don't separate though lump. But -- -- are turning things around but other companies that are also. Looking to have a little bit of problems Nokia is that. The -- from for the -- to cut about 800 jobs. In Finland this is reported by Reuters the key is the world's biggest cell phone maker by volume. This comes after an announcement of 18100 job cuts worldwide in October Nokia's been put on a very brave face -- -- you know we're sticking with Indiana where we're comfortable we think we got -- good. -- -- -- But now they're announcing job cut and apparently that's just broke -- is often delayed. The release of the which easily yet and I mean his income and productive and it's not looking and also. Not looking good. In real bad and absolutely astonishing. Database leak in Colorado mesa county Colorado has looked -- the personal information. -- 200000 people in jeopardy -- 200000 people unfortunately. Are. Suspects victims and informants. Informants. Working with the sheriff's department in mesa county Colorado -- out other criminal. Added to salute. When those things where and this -- humid -- their databases -- hacked during -- would happen as a county employee. Easily she had legal -- -- to the database copied over. All this information onto another server he was in a plain text file. I'll as an encrypted -- -- and not only that this plain text file guys contain names phone numbers. Addresses. And Social Security numbers of the individuals associate with these criminal investigation -- these -- suspects victims and informants and out all across the board. And an included information about county employees and unspecified information from the US DEA. Of the Drug Enforcement Administration. -- so now. Victims' names are out -- the at this of this that the information was apparently out out there for what 25 days. Yeah it's happened in November and now -- that story -- under the surface. And it's getting a lot of pick up. Because of how massive this is and this. The violation of all the all -- private information that the kind of crazy thing about is. It wasn't it was never hacked would happen is once this file went on to the public server it was Google's web crawler that index index the data. -- just at the plain text. I of the tax out it's pretty I like I'm kind of I hate that they have an in -- with active in the tavern was like an April -- that companies -- in the business. Is not funny but all live but it is a lay area's -- stupid like it's just still. -- -- Now really. Like you're going to get beaten with baseball bat that their information is written is revealed and you just put -- in a big old -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- security experts have warned that employees tend to be the greatest threat to -- security but this is way beyond like letting somebody in. You know getting socially engineered to let them into the USB drive or whatever it relieved us from governor and a giant -- I'll yeah that's. An astonishing so we'll see how the result is how and how they at least trying to protect edges of -- informants. Yeah I mean I'm sorry for the county needs to come up with some money stat to get these people in hiding that is not okay you candidly leave them hanging out there anymore than you -- in already out. -- -- -- -- -- I -- a quick break and come back where it is not about how Comcast's. And the death star it's kind of put roku and Apple TV out of isn't -- -- -- they can try. Molly -- and practically inviting you to join us for the 2010 edition of cnet's holiday help desk that happens every Monday at 1 PM Pacific 4 PM eastern starting November 22. It's where we make you look like a brilliant tech gift giver as we take your live calls and we feel your emails hacked my. Send us an email right now to holiday help desk at cnet.com and along with the rest of cnet's editors will point you to the right product at the right price. Holiday help desk Mondays at 1 PM Pacific time starting November 22 at cnet.com slash life. We'll go back to buzz -- -- everybody Comcast. Is has seen a combination Internet. Cable devices going in the -- -- -- testing a new service that knits together television and the Internet. As they're trying to go after rivals that threaten -- -- starting undermine its business that's been tested in Augusta Georgia right now and it's combining some like the web video content that you can get. And view it directly in the box in addition to their standard DVR and cable combinations services known as -- -- from. It's -- those Excalibur. But this is. It's even if the -- be missed. And we Venus from so many times and it's so it's laughable that we talked about it. How the cable box companies have had a box a set top box and every house. And have failed to innovate or responded what's happening outside now you have the threats from roku. And Apple TV and the like -- maybe we should look at this late. They could have done something like this two or three years ago they could have opened up the API to developers to build apps to get people use their -- and -- longer look at these other solutions. And now they feel like it's appropriate time. And other people are starting to look very seriously I get -- Tivo at RO TT OT a revolution. It'd keep on an -- and -- are roku and an -- antenna or an Apple TV and an HD antenna and not paying these unbelievable prices yeah I mean it's like. Comcast is that was weird it. Collection of services where they were offering TV over here and Internet over here. But never the Twain shall meet so now I mean it's art dumped -- I mean it's easy for us to sort of make fun of them it's frustrating when it comes so late. But. They -- basically saying okay we hear the drumbeat right. And the wave is building in their right now people aren't coming recorded significant numbers and -- NRA I if you really want web content. Built in to your set top box that is also a DVR. And that's where that's actually the killer feature read that's the part of it -- tests are dangerous because. They're testing it in DVR right now roku Apple TV -- -- can't do it so unless you're in less you're going Tivo. Which has all of the DVR capabilities plus the web content. You don't have it all in one box -- them. Yeah -- I mean -- I think I think I think. It's good that they're trying to -- just. I know I I can never say it's too little too late because that's that market has still yet to really define itself and really come out with -- -- killer app or it. Via and the biggest problem is that honestly they're -- use. There they're just gonna charge more -- -- to be like Dell we have this new box with web content about the negative so you have to pay like a ten dollar -- plan for web content. Now that's not -- it into your IP bundle. This is ten more dollars -- to serve up you know to be a search engine. And I am not ours though and I'm looking forward to the media -- The content more if that's gonna happen this Knoll and I just yeah it's. It's nasty already emulated Hulu -- and one of the things are saying is that Comcast has a better and this is what's so frustrating rise Comcast here there. Like what is there's some interesting stories today on the web that are just about that like the future of web video. In a post Comcast and -- world. You know and and -- is any good position to negotiate some better deal. For video on demand. But not all and -- I mean. I feel like we are hurtling toward an inevitable future in which we definitely subscribe to content packages via our. Set top boxes or even our Internet connection and it's just. Antithetical to the way that the web with. -- -- -- While Comcast is trying out their whole Internet with a cable box the Internet is now as popular as TV -- to survey recent research by. Forrester. And it says that right now the two activities the most fuel -- TV and Internet they're -- about thirteen hours per week. Doing that eat each. Equal amounts of time on the -- activities again. -- -- -- and that's your optimal value out for an -- -- of the -- The -- they -- spending you know whatever thirteen hours a week on TV in like six hours on the Internet but now the fact that -- equal is. While that tells you like Comcast -- -- not a box you know -- has -- I mean I do a lot of watch TV surfed the Internet the same time to write you have but you have other things going on the our eyes and all in all they online yet -- fascinating. Internet usage has grown a 121%. In the past five years according to the survey people are listening to the radio. And -- -- that -- that they're doing less of are listening the radio reading things like newspapers and magazines -- online. And then digits at the Wall Street Journal. Speculate that they may also be doing less -- other things such as going well outside. But is absolutely true. Yeah also. We also they said tools in the tech world that we're always raving about things like micro blogging services Twitter streaming radio like pandora they haven't really caught on amongst the masses. They said it's only done by about 18% of people -- surveyed. Yahoo! Mozilla people are doing online -- shopping actually only 35% or visiting social networking sites like FaceBook regularly although that is up from 15%. In 2007. -- the main thing they're doing is just like email and email shopping. Interest -- it. In other interesting is super -- -- -- Phishing news all of a sudden. Without all those windows fleets. The Nook Color the little Android tablet to -- is gonna get Android 2.2. And -- the Android market. In January. This is this is awesome. Since 249 -- we've talked about how we loved it before I was kind of fitting at that middle space that now. Barnes & Noble is. Is kind of realizing what they have in their hands and they're getting behind it before the can only get certain access to certain content you did have access to the entire Android market. On their -- collar. They're going to get fro yo on it I mean this is a full fledged now tablet that happens to be there will be a full fledged tablet that just happens to be an. -- -- -- -- think all the sudden it'll work like a real Android tablet and I have to say. Kudos to Barnes & Noble offers the potential of this thing alien like you know -- let's roll out -- Pawlenty just as we've been saying that everybody in thing like this is the baby -- tablet. Got Mac and -- when it. And efforts rely on and they said oh you could route that look like well it makes a really compelling price no you won't have to -- and a -- it. I mean this is the -- as I killer to -- and it's already even before this authority at CNET editors' choice. And it's 250 bucks for a full fledged Android tablet. The are -- -- like eBay that iPad just one really good marketing push -- -- -- ago -- and go crazy it is the. Yeah I can definitely -- -- nuclear they -- -- and and start telling people. An -- Bachmann and and still remembered -- -- -- on the corner for trinkets. And now I'm just saying -- that's the killer feature it up boom that. -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- is. Potentially from Nikkei and Japanese business news outlet reporting that Apple is going to invest in a Toshiba plans. That builds healthy -- so it didn't stake -- potentially building their own displays which would somewhere the Apple at an area that Apple had some trouble. He had the you know that they've relied on these other suppliers. -- I think exclusively who was it does it sharp and Sanyo have been supplying. LCDs and when there's like a bottle -- they really don't have control over it they have they're sitting on billions of dollars of cash. And so for them to now invests in manufacturing their own part to -- able to control that supply -- a lot more because they can. Brinkley. May makes a lot more efficient and the show's -- global how they're now developing their own components -- acquired you know semiconductor companies. To develop the processes for the mobile devices. I mean. There there there are evolving as just. Manufacturing company it is our increasingly in and it makes some sense I get to they have the cash and and they have that sort of overarching commitment to equality and honestly legendary fulfillment problem and they might just be -- -- and we're gonna back -- we're tired of like not having enough screens to put out our retina display. Or whatever. Other Apple related news -- infinity -- Aid to the game that allows us call -- infinity blade it's called. In fifty blade. -- that. Have been any blade of the coolest. Looking iPhone game ever has in fact not surprisingly. Become the fastest ever growth -- title on the app store according to Apple's game center. In just four days it generate approximately over one point six million dollars now the app was 599 so everyone can do I -- it consulate but. The value. They game it doesn't matter it made. One point six million dollars -- is the -- Ridiculous because the graphics are insane and actually -- six dollar. Like I mean this is unreal tournament level graphics pretty much alike -- except on the. I mean. The that I -- the economics of game development are being turned on their head extremely. Rapidly with yet -- model like the fix. But it's a lot for an iPhone app but for a videogame. -- ten personally your payment -- payloads are you know me crazy town. And I remember how you and -- reacted when I showed you of the game in action and beautifully guys were all in on the ground repeat it over -- They entertain in my game and I've been on the -- themselves and I am pretty tired and are right and let's fired up with some quick -- Google is -- -- An FC communications. -- -- adding to their stable of developing this technology. With -- -- they recently acquired a company that has patents or using their near field communication they had this company itself. Is not really even some well known it's really small what it is -- -- an article on here -- now. I don't I know I know about the story but. Don't -- -- it where apparently in the pre revenue stage it sounds like their date of the reason that Google bought them is because they have a patents and a corresponding trademark. Four mobile banking advertising identity management credit card in mobile coupon transaction processing. So pretty much all of the things that you would need to build out your an -- based. Mobile -- They trademarked the name -- let's so sounds like the next name -- -- -- for using your phone as an -- iGoogle like. Not Google wallet the one won't go well -- so while a built in testing through this again and we're so -- -- that lets in the mobile wallet and absolutely. The personal data of McDonald's. Customer has apparently thousands of McDonald's customers. Has been stolen including their email addresses and phone numbers it was obtained by an unauthorized third party. Said the team to its most loyal burger fans. That I -- -- Molly upon reading that headline McDonald's have customer information. Rarely does -- an unauthorized third party was able to quote defeat the security measures put in placed by the email database management firm to protect the information. You provided to -- Now that so -- they are warning people to be careful. If they they should be cautious of any person claimed to be from McDonald's asking for personal or financial information. Who gives McDonnell that he -- it and -- -- Only setup on the website for like deal is not that as a brilliant I guess I don't -- I would give them all my idea bird like the free maker -- and sign comfort. On their way I've never thought of -- kind of thing. They do not to say I'm sure that the password was in fact you Madonna -- on a random candidate has to do with McDonald's and web sites they -- the website I am Asian dot com. Can you guess what four. It was a promotional -- all this like it's just like cater to like Asian American audiences -- like McDonald's. You know. Marketing them blob blob on data but it was weird is like why would McDonald's and I am Asian dot com did -- Sharon has its reminded me that the reason that -- -- on their website giving them their email address with because the monopoly -- gotten off. Hulu. The food and -- movie. And -- -- -- brown I can't believe we didn't think of this the Hamburg cooler is probably responsible. That's our show will be here all the week. -- don't -- -- could also go. Another quake hits Apple's Wylie removed the jailbreak detection API and -- OS four point two and so essentially on paying to see a certain. -- applications. Had been compromised. But in -- -- four point 21 this is completely gone now. It was really explicitly use more from like enterprise environment this year. In other concerns that -- -- the device right could spread malware you know grant permissions to unauthorized apps with in the though with from the phone. But it's it's kind of a sign that the eight. Have lost about the jail breaking community they don't wanna keep up with it nimby realistically like there is like you said that law that said basically you can't. Jailbreak jailbreak your phone is legal. Yeah that's -- -- like but they can't buy it it is explicitly illegal and may be -- does contain no we're not gonna be the cat and mouse game anymore we're not gonna tightly tracked it down. But we are going few. We get there still saying that it voids your warranty yet a that the -- and today in -- the accident they civil and you should have restored -- -- -- -- Parents think -- -- and Amazon MP3 the Amazon MP3 store. The new -- For Blackberry users clearly is it an -- -- -- is the 2007 -- the Tibetan it doesn't need. Now you can now hold high music on your Blackberry Smartphone this is -- through Amazon's indeed external if. Tray assembly they've got them out it out there finally and I know we're making fun of them I mean it's. It's kind of like you jump on the band by a -- not double -- -- get the lag and going. Yeah don't realize it -- -- -- not done yet yet again just get the we started digging that doctor if you hit the Internet you lag and everything has a home Allard really does but implement these -- might remain alive. Welcome to the party Blackberry -- time they get good deals. They're promoting acts in it and created immediately at them until -- 399 album -- -- if it. That's awesome and -- and one. Also Google Voice app now supports the iPad and iPod Touch you're probably wondering what can I call for my iPad directly. No you can't but there's a cool feature called click to call on from the app itself that lets the Google Voice app on the iPad and -- she. Connection with your phone that you essentially a signed with Google number and then your phone will then. Be able to use the cost so you can you check your visual voicemail use interface and features C via hilarious. Text translations. I love that that's what they are -- I love that even if the voicemail right in never -- the name of the perfect candidate ever like how would it in Allen's third need -- allegedly. With that and all that's altitude industry Super Mario Brothers is turning 25. -- -- The all stars limited edition bundle of the collection of games for the week for 299 -- While supplies last the PG games including an analyst Super Mario Brothers Super Mario Brothers the lost levels Mara rose two and Margaret -- -- long. Mac. I have to go ahead I want your -- -- -- right -- and loves you writer must -- I am so freaking get a patent and I know all directly with to jump. Here Cuba and clean. I am actually it's one button. But -- but probably rather -- In another cricket for today let's imagine. You want an accident that. I honestly I I -- I would do wanna play and that's for sure and -- it's -- -- -- check it out I mean a little bit of let down 8858 left but whatever let's move on its hot. And best buy has announced the the next -- and then the upshot is really be wanna get in line early. AM the gonna start selling M local time at best buy stores and. And they -- it is first come first serve now and that step reprint and -- back in advance to secure your place against attendant about that the net. All stores will be opening at 8 AM local time which is -- the time they open during the holidays. And them there's a limit of two phones per person yet but you're trying to -- isn't -- Can be a little tricky lets you bring it to your friends no chance that the pinching every store that is selling -- -- lot of live demo unit to play with playmaker decision. And then 199 on contract you probably help me live demo units does best -- normally -- -- merlot. If it was like to -- -- At the quality you know they have settlements only phones like coming -- -- to be able to play with yet know I definitely think of the biggest problem into an -- -- but okay. -- I love the airplane at the demo unit but the same time anyone who's waiting in line for our notebook via they're not going to go with me there way to let some while ago I thought that became his -- pretty out of -- -- dream Monday. I -- -- if we pretty much have the most depressing science news ever today. Yeah. -- his news. Diet with literally. Horrified. At my mouth was hanging open and found sooner -- -- -- a leaked. Document from the Environmental Protection Agency revealed that the Environmental Protection Agency. Allowed the widespread -- they'd be toxic pesticide. Despite warnings from scientists at the Environmental Protection. Agency so in case you've been wondering like what the deal is without the -- dying and stuff but not totally precursor to twentieth -- this is the part where the -- government. Killed them. Now via a beat toxic pesticide that they -- topic and then have in fact been banned. In Germany France Italy and Slovenia because it is toxic and it -- honeybees. Which by the way jeopardizes our entire food supply but we're so hooked on -- here in the United States that -- -- like. Now all it does help the -- It's ridiculous and off they went that -- that's happening with -- that -- partly at least partly the answer to debate what's going on with -- -- -- puzzle. Just your basic normal government corruption. It's sad. I'm -- about -- -- and horrified to link the most horrifying story ever. You know we need to do a documentary about how and bees disappearing. And if only they knew that this might have been one of the factors. It was -- by -- they've been clocked at 8 o'clock PM I didn't plot and -- I've been vanishing of the -- and pre treat corn seeds but the name of the in 2009 -- made -- pesticides compared -- -- -- two million dollars in sales which I assume some of which with -- directly to the EPA. That's horrible. It's horrible incident also got the app -- -- leaked information by the way. So we criminalize that if we continue to criminalize that in the wake elite vein then we won't find out that are government communities and -- thing. Slippers -- people. Maybe we can -- look at that our human makers ultimate determinant mediation. -- Be really pretty it and so that the meteor showers. Visit -- -- neither candidate -- emanated -- button Gemini meteor showers. They started last night actually but they said tonight as well you'll be able to look up in the sky and you'll be -- the meteor shower you'll be able to see a rate. -- something like this at one every minute summer from sixty -- 120 meteors per hour will be raining down. If you have a clear view this guy apparently we can -- in Cambridge Shire. Because -- -- -- community is one -- the best place to put one of the seven application review he meant he figured would contend in Cambridge Shire. And that about. I also wanted to distract myself with some pretty nets over and happy ending. The world that FaceBook relationships that have been visualize. Apparently by a FaceBook intern. And it's posted on national today a price if you're not if you're not watching the video -- wanna go to our show notes and check it out. It is. Beautiful though -- sort of did -- like light up visualization. That shows where all of the connections are happening. And it's at actually like I -- want it at the poster. It is the ad that is really -- now you could see like the needle dug this up residency like the social connections but in countries where like the Internet is pretty much. Blocked them from basement of an analyst scroll over like China -- Africa the middle of Africa the middle of Africa -- no China and there's no Russia we need some infrastructure and Africa. Check out our Orkut lives into. Those days -- -- year or Atlantis totally empty that the -- Yeah it is opinions lit up like a light Philippine lit -- like and I. And -- both -- and uphold kind of eastern half of the United States -- significantly. More active and summit in and then that. The states with well -- not as many people I mean my Hewlett Wyoming Nevada there's a huge sort of swap -- -- -- with their whole life -- -- -- -- is bright. And -- aloha. They do have Sprint's four -- over their cell via but it didn't really interesting thing to look at especially like you said when you point out the areas that are dark like when he's now -- -- China and Russia. Social implications political implications even just user base like -- -- -- it via it's -- -- the holes is very cool. I -- of the poster I hope they put that up for failing at it partnered -- -- like it. Off -- and then finally. -- man not very much good has come out of the gawker leak from yesterday except. For the Wall Street -- breakdown of the top fifty Gawker Media passwords. The most. Com now this is readers -- gives moto Lifehacker. Agenda -- and thirty people right and I would assume. The most common password for logging -- to these sites race or -- -- -- departments. Once you've ever I've fixed the second most common password for logging into the site then. Password and not to be outdone by number three. 123456730. Days ago the all the way I mean if you add those two -- just -- didn't -- because all the way to meet the. If it is a pretty awesome then that like this. Life pack is the port one. With that anchored in Canada and that really username in the site yeah yeah they had to -- Simons island affiliate. QWERTY. In late let's deal with -- like the top ten -- yet went through a perfect password and oddly an eight -- -- QWERTY ABT quality degrees. One on -- on one line. Among lucky that important little what is monkey you know what does that -- what would monkey beef from his or like -- really mean that inspired that so many. And was -- baby -- -- exactly the. Company. And then we got after -- consumer -- 2345. And in -- zero. But don't most I guess this password allowed only dual single character pass -- The zero -- at the patent out of that allowed. I wouldn't look at how many times a string of digits. -- shows up right yeah so throughout the entire list there's like 123 would mean that 1111 there is one might that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 6543. Q why no rule that the latter is go backwards reverses kind of a surprising amount of think think think think think. Jennifer I did that image -- Jennifer realism and alarms though -- most popular girlfriend named -- has out of the top -- with Google their name while you're totally right there's also Michelle. The atmosphere all Michael Jennifer and Michelle college -- regular viewers Michael Michael actually above Jennifer Landers soccer world many soccer -- Although the privately analyst. At U. It's them locally made spirits or India -- that's amazing. I let into the blackmail -- -- -- -- one voicemail. From a guy who. -- little -- I can't believe I didn't know this information before now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm calling about and -- -- shared. Metered. Shared data for electronic arts but that sprint has been doing that for years. Nagin later acknowledged -- -- charter but he. Although they have -- -- three years. -- -- -- -- -- Plates were like really you can we talked -- -- -- -- hundred and his amazing Q we got tons of these. We get emails about -- like crazy we talked about universal data plans of a billion times I wrote a whole entire column about and is the first time that anybody is ever like. All of a sudden everybody wrote in so they do shared -- -- I guess yesterday. -- -- -- people last yes -- this show I -- so like I had no idea. Arizona have the best data plans because they know they really hadn't -- -- -- -- -- data plan maybe because I was calling and universal data plan Lincoln didn't all come together I don't know than its bit anyway thank you. That information to turn off we went like that -- -- plans and then there are. Are right on the emails here we go this one's coming from -- of the -- -- Isn't that fact that you -- afraid to have been fortune prove that they are nothing but. I -- getting their jellies terrorizing innocent people it's true is attacking any site that makes a statement that you don't agree with an attack on civil liberties. They -- and you have now shown that the government does need does need to find and throw you in jail low budget creepy does Apple bring it on shelves. I will even give you my servers IP address one -- seven -- of about 01 gonna try and track my system. -- the programmer. -- -- -- but -- -- -- that was from David the programmer and let me reiterate that that was all -- from David can. We just read that we are just the messenger. -- we know that if that doesn't mean we don't poke the bear of bear is the -- if you don't poker are. Clinton may then write in from Clinton New York that there are companies that -- at the airport -- have been thinking a lot about what the heck the purpose of this actually is. But there is a good use or do you think that worked for five -- six years developing technology insertion for classes IE giving kids -- like they don't -- The major problem we -- it had with kids finding ways to get around doing what they were supposed to be doing with the computers. And playing games instead we put a whole lot of effort into figuring out how to lock down a windows computer we still -- very successful. Chrome -- poses an interesting you in this -- network traffic is much easier to filter and monitor -- application usage. This is when you're looking at a huge group of students say an entire school if you put Chrome OS computers McClatchy advocate filter out network traffic and developed Chrome apps -- web pages. They can use more tech in the classrooms. Interest he's a cheap computers with the limited operating system like this comedic great opportunity Perkins is the next. Nicholas -- popular time. It could be like -- heard a -- like -- arrogant totally. Alone but it. A little bit not what -- after -- -- quicker -- button on it for Atlanta also kind of day that means Google can public lucky guy they wanted to. -- dad or watch everything that you're doing in. The with the love all right this Mino comes from -- I'm not a fan of metered Internet I have a Mac and PC and I don't want to know how much. Patch Tuesday in iTunes updates would cost me security updates are going to become the leaky toilet of the metered Internet some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Plans would stop Apple from insisting that every freaking IQ that -- be like -- Andy thinks meg download then I am all for it. But it every time I fire up that program -- out like another eighty to ninety meg download waiting for me. It's it's a beast -- not really -- -- Right that's our show for today if you'd like to eyeball the FaceBook visualization and collect all the links to the story that we talked about today. Look at the picture of the guys in the white -- killing the bees. For example you buy another blog -- -- does cnet.com. Email us information about -- data plans that buzz at cnet.com and get the colony hundreds excellent -- Sixth street it with you. Time.
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