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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1346: RockMelt our hearts

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1346: RockMelt our hearts

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Happy Monday, everyone! On today's show, we're loving the new RockMelt browser, even though yes, we know, we could do the same thing with extensions. We just don't want to. Also, Apple doesn't care if you make it to work on time, they're not fixing that DST alarm bug. Maybe you're just waking up wring. Also, we go crazy for the Call of Duty: Black Ops ad and I launch the most unfair phone-return plan ever. --Molly

This Monday November 8. Clinton and data Gonzales. Bright sun I have Hollywood welcome -- buzz out loud -- -- podcast indeterminate length it's episode thirteen 46. Did you have a lovely week I have a -- -- Despite that we have the weird that weekend ever because Saturday would like the most beautiful thing in the world and then Sunday what. -- -- -- -- un delete and Iowa evidently. -- the weather system that was sweeping and where from the elements -- -- part of the time contains live near a gate quick. Quick Paul yeah time daylight savings go -- -- Think -- they -- to get rid of that and I and I I I like it when we get an hour back because it makes it makes think. My my -- this morning -- got ever it was like smiling they were like happy really they had to -- none of them have children. -- -- yeah. But they were like you know I've it was in -- -- disposition that sounds like -- -- -- we relied. You know you get the next hour -- I do like. I mean I like the fact that now it's a little bit later on in the morning -- but brighter if we just had time to change that we had -- time it stayed the same and we didn't monkey with it wouldn't we just have that naturally that let. I personally I like that well I like it when the sun goes down right and to review it at 830 in the -- -- the -- -- pester them. I am as we speak I'm changing my Twitter status because apparently the link that -- used. The animated rock mountain work why it's and now a cable talk about that anyway it streaming ad but in the meantime. Let's dump jump right and delved into the millions unplug -- don't bullet. The big news and today windows phone seven pounds. On sale today have to do that of the man who went out and seven phones WP says are now unfilled seven stores not to enhance and there bill the -- now. Gathered drama on AT&T right now a -- -- and T-Mobile -- -- eighteenth he would simply focus the ACC's around and T-Mobile has the HDC. Each. So we're looking for those I think the Dell. Other new -- is coming out before the holiday season start sometime by the end of November yet but these are all again only GSM carrier phones you know there's there's -- -- on the CD -- platform yet. But I'm. This is good stuff I I'm feel in the windows phones of empire from a lot. I think I'd really like this in my wish there were some on Verizon because I'll highlight which phone glad I'm not really and -- -- -- and carriers -- -- that is expensive. -- -- -- behind a little on the Peterson because of their first you're rolling out but I I think give them another year with the OS yeah and we'll have most of the features that people hear about. I think so I think that -- it looks very promising and what I'm really looking for and against them even house -- timeout -- -- -- Also we just talked a little that daylight saving time to turn on a -- guy that Apple all in its infinite wisdom. Failed to fix the daylight saving time bug in the alarm app. And this is the bug that already messed up -- -- for Europe and Australia yet. They knew about -- -- -- of the -- even knew before the -- happened to Europe on Australian vague knowledge that existed but they said oh we're gonna wait till the islets -- point two update that gets rolled -- still is not available public -- -- masters which we have but not. To the public for everyone to download. And just like. Inspected the US is well there's no worry no worry it's -- -- Your alarm clock in so it some real world but -- basically what happened is if you had a re occurring alarm set. It would not work you would not set off -- the right time so. It needs to get even though they really let people know if you don't -- -- an Internet they suggested to delete the reentry -- alarm. I think treat a new alarm that does not reoccur. Because everyone's gonna get this and then you -- alarming work just fine until all -- for. So -- -- you but you pretty much have to do that red Apple has never gonna work to create and you'll have to create an alarm if you want to keep using it as you daily alarm clock and help -- point we'll have the trick is it cannot be a -- -- dollar. So even if you treat the new alarm. It has to be a one shot -- your kidding me via -- created again everything about. After. -- until after November 7 it says we should be able to retreat repeated alarms -- is just the work that day which was. You think that it matters down payment on the other really important name and reenter an atmosphere. An actual alarm clock. And noble idea I use solar blood partly while I get it for some reason I test as you know those clocks better than bounty on -- don't you like just reaching over with your eyes closed yes and just -- -- -- some but in that and -- like let's say your camera yet and I apply and when a -- that they -- hand like dot. Donna that now I wanna wiper tapper -- -- they had to get up and picnic these little. Yes -- orderly growth the Angel and -- -- and but I. -- -- -- -- He does lab that might around platinum -- with. We are -- super excited because we all have a brand new toy and it is called rock out. Have you heard all about that -- the nerd world but that rack mount is the news social browser I know you're thinking flock and I have called -- Milton more than one time and we'll talk about that little bit. It is being backed by mark entries and who is the guy who you know. Develop the net net it rather then Netscape browser third you know the little bit about browsing he is one of the M big investors and -- now and it is just. It's based on the Chrome APIs chromium is -- at the end of the opened Thursday and of the -- rather -- its -- and Catholic ground. And it -- this whole super -- social life we think ueberroth and social integration. So what one of the things that their premise of it was that a lot of the things that we -- socially. -- where it they -- to meld our social interactions and behaviors with a browser without it getting in your face have been really intrusive so. We have here arena you know for those you listen to -- -- to shortly but there's two edges on the side. On the left hand side is your friends from -- now the trick about this browser is you have to give them essentially -- FaceBook life. When you when you log in and set us up if you don't accept. Arm rock not to get access your wall it contacts. Everything you do want -- but it won't even install the app itself. But if you're willing to. Given all that information on you can you know instantly on the left hand -- you -- -- your friends on our line. You can update your status updates directly from here FaceBook or Twitter -- you don't have to go. The dedicated sites do that -- is really sleek. You also have oil we love. The search share now you can isn't because -- -- Sure I could search for CNET here rate that'll give me some like searched some search hits or whatnot if ideally the Google search but what's even hotter. Is over here on the right side top and if I type in CNET. And you like Google search here I can -- -- the hits but it won't. Change it would I think it look at each one individually it's a drop down tab and who owns them and you can get your feeds your -- things like Twitter. You know ESPN any RSS -- based website and it's all here and it's still very clean to these edges are only like about what fifty pixels. Ray. I'm -- it that that -- -- -- download squad dot com take on it which is hey. Eater aid so the good counter to our leverage because for example I find all of these features super useful and yes it's true yet to you have to. Allow it all of you know access to all of your FaceBook information yet -- download that -- is. Thing that that is just insecure because you don't know who these people are -- harvesting all your data that's data -- -- new Chrome six with a bunch of extensions. They say you don't get hardware acceleration -- -- -- versions of the webcam layout engine or the V8 JavaScript engine. And then they say -- -- security concerns because it's working they're working with the deprecating versions of chromium does not as good as common it's not secure. As -- majority has complaint about security. At the same time and -- I say yeah. You -- fun. Tell them I say -- you like the only. The thing as. This is their first release I'm sure they're gonna get to speed on all that you know but then the day it's really if you're willing to give this is like a -- browser to me. Yes I am really -- if the president if you live in that world and wanna be a part of that then this is gonna be -- off. Exactly and the fact is it -- you know they're saying Chrome could dirty -- out third party extensions but I'll tell you I hate extension. I just I find them you know by. I'm gonna try it out I mean. Maybe I will come to regret it when there is a zero day exploit -- you know for today I'm fired up. The thing about it is everyone was like but flock does this. But have you seen the interface of flock and how it becomes this crowded -- -- -- of jambalaya. Like this. Is Colleen and and it's it works the way you like it just doesn't get in the way so I'm I'm Phelan is hard right. Yeah we're gonna give it a try if you -- don't wanna be brave. Yeah and try it I ourselves we have -- -- -- the about only about you makes it sound as they -- -- about four. Really about -- we will never know in my tablet a friend. That's true who want to get land that's -- so between -- anti and I we have four. Rack mount invites to give out if you would like to receive one email us abuzz at cnet.com I run -- that he's gonna donate through so we got six all hot -- a little bit easier road that is so and hey if -- are awesome. So we have six SpinRite to give out email that -- at cnet.com tells place -- get one. And we will use randomly picked users to receive -- yet. Rock -- my heart. -- -- -- I'm I'm -- it and that -- again -- that take. But clearly come back and talk about how Apple screwed up -- told him that haven't and. Hollywood and practically inviting you to join us for the 2010 edition of cnet's holiday helped that happens every Monday at 1 PM Pacific 4 PM eastern starting November 22. It's where we make you look like a brilliant tech gift -- as we take live calls and we feel your emails in fact -- Send us an email right now to holiday helped us at cnet.com and along with the rest of -- editors will point you to the right product at the right right. Holiday help desk Mondays at 1 PM Pacific time starting November 22 at cnet.com slash life. And we're back with mortgage backed up connect and -- back and we're that he learned through our connect story though we wanna talk about Amazon ended into the light. Game so they're gonna be at -- on their own like button. On -- products so you can see. How -- do like -- this is not this is shirts popular emulating Facebook's alike but it's has nothing to do with -- it's not integrated into FaceBook. Yet it's just it does look exactly like the end of the same things I'm sure that that nobody a lot of problem -- a -- spokesman. Yes a little bit weird thing about we -- -- how how is suspected of a lot times with some like -- can obviously. You pay attention -- more because it's what your friends like. But here at Amazon if it's just a public general like. I don't associate halving the benefit is I jump straight to these reviews more than anything else. And out while I guess that's -- may be -- start harvesting. The recommendations. Of people who are lazy too lazy to -- a whole review. Yeah I guess they you know Amazon really wants to be this big recommendation engine and this would be a way for them to say okay well we didn't get a whole review leading to the star thing. But we did get to with one click. That's true though I don't see how -- but doesn't do them right into it -- smoking it. -- -- The light -- kind of the the life blood of their entire thing here to put it all over the Internet in the lineup will think about -- actually -- even looks like. The -- can definitely think I -- think -- -- -- up when I can't -- like say the -- like without feeling like somehow I'm contributing data so the world the lake. -- Okay interesting read up today and cult of Mac from the over the weekend actually barely entertaining. Who says that he was on a flight in June 2008. A flight home from Europe -- temperatures go sitting next due in non -- and the CEO of the prime -- company which basically is the company that developed. The technology inside the connect -- -- that the technology which is really sweetie was developed by a bunch of engineers for the Israeli military. And he was responsible for bringing to the Silicon Valley to showcase it. And by potential investors that he was showcasing all these people -- mean. Apple and at the time Apple recently introduced the iPhone this is back in around 2008 I believe and so they were they were trying to say -- Apple check out what we have here. You you don't have to use any touch if your body -- uses for interfaces for computers. -- -- Apple didn't Apple kinda like the idea that button if he gave. If he gave them a what what site. He that Apple I delighted but there are so obsessed with secrecy. That we know it. That they had asked him to sign a stack of legal agreements that he's had were crippling and then all of these India is -- it was to the nightmare to work with them as you can imagine enemies and people said. If you want an iPad prototyping to -- a bunker for -- And so I basically had let the technology -- -- and Philip anyone in the quote of the entire. Week. Is when -- eighties as well whining you -- -- Apple and he said Apple the pain in the and -- he'll figure it not the first or the last. Person that they and that an Apple that. -- -- -- -- -- Anecdote little to try if you will also -- connect news sort it looks like at least according to one video over at it and UI group community forums. That someone may have already hacked Microsoft connector of the 2000 dollar bounty for someone who could make it work with another system. And -- he appears that they appear to be showing a video of it -- that is the standard piece in. Yeah basically it's just tilting up and down the the contest was upload your code and show how it and have it show out it display RGB values. -- using that control with your PCQ. Then potentially use this connect with other things now people -- Wanna be able to get access. Today guys and control of the connect device because you could use it and a lot of different platforms and robotics mounting the connect camera and taking advantage of all -- sensors for -- uses. Yeah I mean you can imagine -- then various DIY. How that can record -- to control this thing Microsoft obviously -- on you know it's crazy about this camera it shoots all these like little dots. You know to map out your room -- few where night vision goggles. And you have a connect camera running it looks like a bunch of green dot stars. -- touching everything with in the range of the camera. Is it it is sending back data about your furniture that mother ship now -- out of -- -- whatever it seriously in my god if -- her art. Yeah yeah but it's pretty cool dull little lights yep we got the depth of where everything is fascinating and now it's like a little radio -- Not that I don't -- it is not that I've insulin certificate you can go to -- and this is that this -- -- the. We we actually didn't have time to get to this next story last week on Friday that we want him revive it today that kind of still -- all over the tech news. The result of last week collection in case you didn't -- -- -- wear that all 95 and of the candidates who signed on -- show their commitment to net neutrality. Word defeated. In last week's elections. Those themes to the net neutrality on the back burner yeah I mean it but now in my crippled the initiative getting pushed -- yeah. It might just -- all 95 people. Are gone now it basically put that back in the hands of the FTC which doesn't have a whole lot of control. I -- they don't have a lot of T and so it's unclear how much they're going to be able to do it there's essentially no prospect. As some people -- that of a net neutrality bill passing any time soon although there may be some legislation clarifying the FTC's authority if the commission does make a move to reclassify. Broadband services under penalty which I feel like at this point might be the only thing they have Latin. I don't I I don't know that you know obviously I don't think -- candidates were all defeated. Solely because they support for -- -- count on it out into thing you know and kind of giant -- So we'll see how often felt they you know though you feel about -- not you -- probably tear yourself. With close range gunshot in warfare because tonight is the -- -- Tonight's the night -- night the night college any blackout cut until at midnight tonight with with and I gotta say. This thing has been promoted with I think went about personal that I -- ages of its cutesy and a group -- little -- They have it. -- -- is -- either a lot like that little. Feels so good afternoon that you like and I didn't want euphoric. It's got its customers -- on a helicopter was. -- rail gun and a dad Billy got coming. And Georgia -- this movie which can help you get -- -- you're not actually watching. -- you can find it -- you -- It's getting -- -- look at this new. Crowd around and you've -- he'd given that for. Okay yeah. -- -- Schools throws his arms and excellence and drops him -- and -- They know off the movie trailer you Everest there's a soldier and for the land. So apparently. The slogan there's a soldier in all this also applied to some robbers. Recently and decided you'll black ops of their own I -- we're Cadillac mean I guess is that -- it but. Dad they went to a game stop in -- armed with guns. And stole over hundred copies the game with the other and cash in councils now so that location. Is now out of call of duty black ops because they were black opt right. That's on that and -- -- -- I. Anything good -- that -- -- there's -- and and it's just. Kill me and -- cricket Sally was doing and the bad and look out. Yeah. Or woman every time it gets beat up like and I -- all right time -- that I. These days they'll get other serve like I did because it turns out if -- And make it okay group -- apparently thinking venture funding that may value the company at about. Three billion. Dollars now and if you got there is no money in compliance. And it's been -- and exploding he also iPhone fails. With the iPhone. Little auto correct or Molly's the holiday in her own thing you -- incorrect -- is now a website where people can send in screen capture. All of their little errors thinks the iPhone auto incorrect called DMU. Auto correct like want to Ravi one degree days last name. Giant hero during the World Series. -- she's a change to -- every time. Yeah -- can't stop it in time I I was texting my lady friend and she would -- -- dinner with some friends nice that I hope they -- you well and it seems I hope they asked you well yeah I could not only. And and -- and I guess that's the -- I use them dives and it stated that at the -- like Orion. -- -- I have not asked and cool that's that's horrible for those in -- remember it mailbag here at CNET TV I believe. The -- incorrect and that and. -- the new black to make your own passive 3-D glasses we had UT product candidate -- and now Oakley is announcing its first model. A 3-D glasses which are about a 120 dollars way better than that -- 300 dollar. Beauty pair and diesel work only on a movie theater screens all all the active glasses that are assist you with your plasmas or LCD TVs at home. They will work these those -- battery -- plus these. They are is saying that there optically correct that you could use them with the -- AppleTV that they're pitching a universal pair. Oh in -- -- gases and -- you need so it mostly unless you need to. -- -- active shutter. Lenses anything that will it -- -- three -- Capable TV we'll do passive. -- some of the new ones that will be coming out in -- coming out our are working on the -- supporting passive passive losses right. So they're they're hoping that these will be of the universal populate that actually that would -- key to at all -- another way -- no. Also Amazon tub by a -- for this. Diapers. Dot com for 540 million dollars every dot com is really known for how efficient they are with storage and warehousing so assure you might think oh. And the policy in the -- business it's really more for -- algorithms. And the brains behind their system. With storage -- really patient in the -- business as people. -- -- -- -- -- and so dot com I think is under the same. That we -- the Q -- idea. SI and yet -- company -- like about -- like -- yet. Google is returning to its holiday giving -- is they've announced the pre holiday Wi-Fi is back. In flight Wi-Fi -- anywhere they can get go go in flight Wi-Fi they've teamed up with AirTran or delta and virgin America. -- offer free go go Wi-Fi and every domestic flight from government plane to January thing. And -- you'll be happy to hear about this the Motorola dried pro. Those on -- -- November night. And at the what I need to do now -- take my -- but still -- them think that's made to the presents are piracy communiques as -- pre sale date count against a thirty day return and -- gonna have to look ahead a little bit yeah. Do little. Fancy blink yet. -- -- -- -- Own and I really understand how to where they bought the phone but then once every today and I got the -- -- that wasn't able to get rid of the blockbuster crap where it -- to -- them how hard wired into the system by I don't know if they'll come to me. You've gotta find out how to get a dirt -- that. You gotta find an courteous guy though because he'll be like totally turned on by that lingo -- -- be like I'll do whatever you want minutes and that's that's a -- will -- They weren't. Boot yeah -- Whoa. And actually reminded him you'll blow -- Dad so yeah we're gonna go the gadgets now. There's always been talking people inside out invisible cloak -- -- how far away is it from being a reality and so now a new development. From the witnesses at university of -- and use. Have made a breakthrough because currently all these invisible cloak would work on. Like that we can't -- with -- and I and our optical range so the meta meta materials that are used to potentially. You used bird in his -- -- they can now. At least based on their test and experiment they're now able to bend visible the stuff that we see. That's amazing so it is getting closer that. We that the floating heads at home any time -- someone might you know someone might. Bump in -- at -- differently and you'll know what -- Come up. That's that's the outcome. Off of them and -- inappropriately bumping into you in that. Back to black -- and then you black ops. Model the limited edition 2011 Jeep Wrangler colleague Dave Black spots in model. And play. Dude it's one thing to get really excited about that video game but if you buy a 30000 dollar Jeep. It says like -- yeah yeah -- on the side wears the brandy does it in that emblem there and yet that's -- it's pretty public and branding that. Good at least that you need it doesn't say it all the way across the door to the -- like wrapped around and -- I'm I'm bummed about that you know it that is -- -- -- respect. -- -- -- old gadget of the old time music because all wow. They they they gonna produce between 2503000. Of the limited -- wranglers though you know understand get line now. -- All right so here we go check this out in science news this is some pretty amazing stuff. McMaster scientists have turns in -- in -- I'd previously figured out how to take the human skin. And run it through. Public process -- beginning to use. -- -- Now -- they do but they interact conversion they take these little pact does it in and man made turning into like these. Turning into other things that this -- -- sort of loads that is that and -- retreat that. There's like a big. Empty blob where the rest of the -- should be is the problem. But it says that people meeting -- then will be blood for surgery cancer treatment or treatment of other blood conditions. Could have -- created from a -- of their own skin -- -- unions would really ease the burden of donation can never again and and yeah. Pretty easy that's why isn't -- it's like. When that change things for -- significantly. They could just she'd -- -- on themselves I foresee another giant change and the vampire Canon as they think they realize that they can just like nearly everything you -- -- night. Those twilight people are gonna be really happy about. Also I want you all to know that I think it's official we're going to survive the large pattern platter at least. Allotment they stick to me need big day mean -- things they have apparently. Successfully created already on November and -- Which was -- yesterday. Where a lot were still alive from all the nations that they smash together lead ion instead of protons and were able to successfully replicate the conditions. Just in a teeny teeny tiny form of the Big Bang while and and and scientists that they were. Thrilled if he -- They were thrilled that they were still alive -- I love I love how these guys tactic that is so excited so they that it took -- -- -- they controlled environment. It in generated incredibly hot and dense sub atomic fireballs with temperatures of over ten trillion -- -- a million times hotter than the center of the sun. At these temperatures even protons and neutrons which make up -- the eye of -- -- resulting in a hot dense soup. Of court and -- -- known -- -- -- blue line plus and that's announced pays the hot dense soup. Might be onerous -- relentless -- has evolved. And -- mean. So there I can just -- I have -- incredibly hot and then -- dvds like an early technical and oh global mobile a lot -- Yeah gates and load it so we don't -- -- -- the active we have done announcements -- -- about the work and you didn't. -- where email -- at cnet.com until we picked there was not much which will be today actually for college now read the promise. And that hey this recommendation of connected probably to a realization piggybacked a previous topic of eye tracking -- that records which -- you actually look at. I wonder what can come of combining that. With can act like technology. Because the possibilities of software that responds to wear your eyes are an example that came to me is the -- an iPad e-book where this tech can trigger motion elements. When the user -- do specific point in a page of pros. Or even better the YouTube clips that I attached to -- -- for humorous effect. That automatically load once my friends read the words of my choosing. This -- I don't wanna read words and have a video pop up of -- -- Leo. All you're right I'm saying there -- -- -- all look alike. They -- the funny part is that to a seven and then once you read that the video automatically use that to just -- -- that I know look at the word in the like. Double blinked open man you're right -- because -- -- That's on yeah that yeah I think that that this. Alright this one's from -- A -- -- -- okay fine so there's no iPad app out yet but according to my secret inside sources. AK a family member who works there went out and out. They've been working on one for a while now of course it's not certain whether or not that's going to be released. There islands dev team was crippled a while back after all but at least it's in the works they were a great show. This CN -- he has been at the tip I hope and I hope that's true to that it is that can be pretty fun for us. -- like ordering -- and blue the blue cool. I didn't exactly Howard admitted outright say -- you know there working on html by version oral -- so what if that's what that worked not just saying where they're kind of parallel developing -- yes and an alternate world yes. Richard from Ottawa Canada -- in and says just finished listening to yesterday's episode where he had talked about the connect having followed the development from a two years and getting up early to -- -- -- -- -- local game store. I must say I was excited. Although I agree with you about -- -- of the system mainly in the amount of the room needed and -- after playing for a few parts. And pulling a muscle in my about where you play even well. It doesn't -- essential -- -- they density than it is dangerous I dangerously -- a a guy that thought to myself so what could they do with the system in the future game life. And then it hit me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah perfect sport I need a game you lynch and live marketplace and would probably be even more at home and -- your. So -- angry birth you know that's you like. -- -- -- -- Hard -- surnames and in this arm pulled up. And go push. I did hear some plain -- and bathroom that time that was this disturbing at all the rule not fool. Michael Michael -- If you -- divide all of the way to contact us including -- email us your request for a rack mount. Invite yes it's all there at our blog BOL dot cnet.com. That email address -- as -- -- -- -- comes make it easy for you and am I I know I know it seems ridiculous for me to give you the phone number because for three days and and probably never gonna pick the right now but today we are we so. The maybe his -- like four hours and and college that what can we just stick Olympic the end does give me sad like you because our voice mill has been down. No one calls this anymore I know that play app so I agreements have only -- to pick this can be downloaded it a personal ones -- we created. Well I think it'll it give you better chance of what's going getting through because the help the -- -- -- we're not getting any calls me being willfully your -- you can get under thirty seconds leaves. We're begging you. And I know we're not again it was born and things. Think through things for your patience and -- are -- tomorrow guys.
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