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Ep. 1338: Avatar 2: The tree of money: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1338: Avatar 2: The tree of money

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The New Nook Color makes its debut: is it half a loaf or a half-bottle of wine? It's a tortured set of analogies, but we hope you'll get the point. Plus, big news about the show's host lineup (welcome Brian Tong!), Spotify is in the news but still not in the U.S., and the white iPhone 4 officially reaches "annoying tech unicorn" status. Oh, and "Avatar" will never die. Ever. --Molly

This Wednesday October 27. When he -- And video Gonzales -- Palin Brazil I'm Hollywood's -- but -- Lahoud David identity determined. This site and could. -- acknowledging that there is back. We're back we're back -- what are you. Today that it we've survived of the nerds show. We think we I have a couple listener pointed Steve to give away your need to I like that so well that every -- the -- if we can we talk in her voice -- -- lot a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good time. Also before -- into the tech news today we have a little bit of a new used to announce yeah. -- didn't get to depicted. Yeah senator -- a little or nothing. About the show about the show. Yes well I'm gonna go back to writing. About starts and innovation. Would generate came from -- don't know I came from a startup I was born they can prevent -- Barry yes I was at a -- Michael with word but I've never been able stop being fascinated by. -- -- and -- and innovation they do so I'm gonna go back to doing that. Differently than I've done before with some video components still being developed. But that means that as them not to be able to join you guys every day but haven't left several months -- ain't it great. Has been it's pretty much the rock above -- -- left yeah and really. We appreciate -- it is fun I love this show. And -- -- -- again you're not gonna go aiming at you Nelson -- -- still something -- company im gonna be cutting rates radar and a and some other stuff I'm doing the rescue show. Report roundtable back here. But I really need to get back to covering the innovation in technology and elsewhere. Not just computer tech but all -- And interviewing -- partners with -- what I love to do and telling -- world about. Yeah -- -- that coming and we need that parents watch for it at -- I'm and that means also who's comin' incident rate -- -- -- -- -- -- your -- wants to seat -- everybody is different. All right yeah. Somehow. We -- -- hung out at -- -- and we can get them back. Then he could do is they'll every single -- the drink was so strong actually -- legalese might drink that you like I don't know becoming unity insulin. The mall and I will join forces. Out and combine that's an unholy alliance if you want it's I'm excited I mean I hope I can hold down the deal -- that India -- it. Like that. -- -- -- -- It makes it up a little I don't see why you said Amalia Brian and I are so similar to come anyway and it's going to be -- news -- -- nobody's gonna notice. There's not been noted recommends -- the -- -- -- the -- Anywhere and it's actually that's my -- when I'm not around I do is I mean what's from gonna bring -- buzz little you can't you can't hardly see any other rape has. -- -- I'm actually I'm sorry I started it he started it we have abilities that you guys illness that. I'll at least keep that part of brief with me I'm gonna I'm gonna stop should examine though you. Time without them can really tired yeah that is that is correct also another shift change -- will be announced in the Apple by. What we're gonna tell me that -- Let's -- gas. But the. Anyway yes though that is that change will be kind of starting next week we're gonna start on Monday organs are rolling out right away but obviously we -- give -- time to respond. And -- hello since he's still in the building. I really you know pretty much anybody is in the building and abundant will be worked out whether it's a regular schedule or what because you know -- -- Andy's got announced might. Again I -- -- the -- diet. Some more. It's smart is this is what you're -- It's gonna be. It's gonna be fun I like -- -- -- you know when I was doing this at that red -- back in the bubble one point -- you'd like that a thousand entrepreneur -- for the taxes -- column and 995. Of them are now out of business can tell if you're not -- you would like to be covered by rates radar let me know and now which -- the. Day today I can't help expand our -- -- -- and I think is that I thought that got on a plane recently he was like I'm that the blah blah blah I don't know what LT and went into the player and let me go now operating steal it. -- it wouldn't -- -- think it's. I don't -- Leo really I mean you know -- Saturday night at like the number three animals now thinks of you from here. I think I'm advocated -- You're not in. And I the CEO of the -- machine. Okay dude you should totally your -- -- -- the of the -- machine can be like -- where they -- held. That might be relieved audacity is really all you really do -- -- they now that would be so into the pro I actually wanted to that there are defined by the currencies to the guy -- and ask you who are exploring their options ranks units in Austria there really hard time thinking that time -- camera at this one behind the music. It is though even though that -- that -- read out -- and -- -- -- not to hurt anyone. -- -- -- -- -- And now it cannot be Brian Thompson -- Whatever you do don't give -- a -- before the show and there's now -- -- yeah. Are taxpayers everywhere and it's been a blast that I'll be back kind of the -- the 83 users. Where my watts for typical freaking -- We'll have a -- -- bureaucratic. I so let's get to the news the bar and that the new Barnes & Noble nook is out the new colors speculated about yesterday and. -- it's actually kind of cool this is very -- what if is it. It's more like a tablet is it in the LTV -- infidels color screen it's no. Questionable read ability in bright light and diminish battery life but it still looks pretty bad has -- Well bring you an advanced -- required -- -- oh yeah it. And it seems against the not a Caribbean -- that thing in the bottom it -- seem to -- -- a little link silver blob bullet they did you know that little thing in the corners it was a design feature. To me than -- unique and they're also gonna be selling trinkets. Connects -- that corner there had been thinking charming little charms like little you know little animals little you know flag eat things just to make -- unique in your own the last thing I'd say I I -- I actually believe you because I respect their product and that came with charms in the box come and it goes with -- -- Somebody actually ship with little plastic chart for the hang up the end of anything you need a break -- -- -- ultimately went. Did I think that's so cute -- -- itself on terms that we're against is panic. That -- at about eight years ago but still I don't care complicate that the Apple on my note color. But overall but also it is seven and -- -- I think that are full color LCD touch screen. It made -- the screen is being made by LTD they've they've that it has eleven -- coating that should minimize declares that hopefully -- counteract the fact and it's now. A back -- -- the -- -- and so it's interesting because it Android powered. And it's. I have like a -- tablet. And it'll only cost 250 dollars -- but it sort of still and and Howard tan -- and it's and it's. Android powered but it's a mantra for so it's based on the hand records not means the Android marketplace and this is -- that during a new direction I just talked to -- -- you guys -- the -- -- street -- -- coming -- -- -- -- That. People are taking Android and putting it off in -- other direction -- it's like the core OS. But it's not Android that we don't look right so it is what happens when you open source operating system via and it and it. I mean you'll still but presumably it is standard -- so you might still be able to read it. And then -- kind of customize it did you regularly charms are enough for you yeah you gotta be your child I need charms and root. But -- -- is that they've really been smart about getting this in between directly in between. Kindle product and an iPad that's what I'm actually tries to 49 and -- the price is right between the product itself is in the year but it's an out -- -- with the web browse it falls exactly. In that middle spot. That hasn't really been addressed so I mean that's that's a smart move animals I think there's a twenty dollars gonna -- I do a little -- -- jump up to it. And yeah I think kind of an interesting price point and low -- placement placement but it a lot of people are finding that the use -- iPad. Mostly for reading and it has it will have a hundred color newspapers and magazines that they both individual issues and subscriptions. Including The Wall Street Journal the New York Times Rolling Stone L. They'll have music playback. Which will be possible while reading it will have this little that excited about -- actually -- kids. Which -- -- selected interactive picture but the children with the help of professional narrator Q what -- -- I know. My no go knock you out as video playback as well enough flash to me the real the real thing you'll Make or Break this product is will be easy too because -- color so cement it's -- magazines. Right that's what it's for -- -- -- So the real thing and we'll make -- practices. Will they get the subscription mechanism and price -- right so if you wanna subscribe to. -- or. Rolling Stone or whatever car driver whatever magazine -- will be easily available at a reasonable price on -- device in that doesn't happen right. Then this isn't gonna -- the content can -- -- obviously. I feel like if our comments to write thank you -- -- -- just had been. If it did email. I'd be there. Because and I mean that email on a browser and I guess I can read it for that that -- -- like. This is just -- kind of all that I -- You know are we gonna need like -- Kindle for a books. And the key thing for our magazines and we're gonna have like nine different -- and art and only innovative -- -- all he does and I've had to do every thing so many it does the browser. So that that that I don't think it has other browser I've been watching -- responses though and it's pretty interesting because they're kind of feeling like at the committee just that -- -- -- hello. And John -- earlier said he felt like it was too. It didn't do quite enough. It didn't do as much as an iPad and didn't do. In it was too overpowered to be like chicken medallion and easily read -- but seriously when you go to a restaurant aren't -- happy when they have nice half bottles. And actually exactly. Like I hear -- -- but I feel like this it doesn't the perfect analogy this is the half bottle line. I think this is a very adaptable thing will will be instant I'll be very interested to see what the responses it down by the way it will drop. November 19. Don't drop it it'll break the -- I am excited about the little charm and it coming into the facility Tillotson. Tomorrow gathered coming tomorrow Nancy we might well -- Correspond to Donald -- -- and -- done that Cuba to screen thing or you've got though black and white I was smart decision. Now that's not happening now is that that was the Griffin of of tablets that little -- that -- you happily. I'd another kind of -- expects super unexpected gadget news there on engadget. Yesterday popped up that thing the that they say the picture of the PlayStation phone. Yeah that this is there's been rumored -- signs of -- slide. Designed screen with controls but. This the first time everyone's pot -- -- -- with the holy Grail for gaming now because at -- it doesn't -- I know you're -- -- it doesn't look -- but see it looks like a walkman it that won't know if it'll -- those that when -- I don't -- -- -- this is for gamers and -- you know as an -- phone users for today. It's gonna -- but every only even -- -- even talking about. How we find the device that's gonna compete with something like the iPhone when that when it's gonna take in -- capital market and it's a phone. With a portable gaming system and it. -- plausible that uniquely I I think very plausible perhaps and it would make a lot of sense because that is it is. Unquestionably the thing that they need to be able to compete with yeah. With the iPod Touch and the iPhone because those are scary new gaming devices and -- and everybody and that if you put opponent PSP. It would be totally killer now to be clear Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Has said in responses we do not comment on rumor and speculation. That's their official -- which means he's not -- which means according to the Tom Merritt theory of Sony denial. This is totally real yeah it's -- -- I mean they're -- a play from me at Steve Jobs label which is like will never do. Exactly that means it's totally -- very well. The have to take a look less like -- walkman oh yeah resident per clock I've been playing pretty lame I mean it's very prototype V via you know the fact that. It potentially exists who excuse me to do it accidentally. I -- -- quick break and when we come back we're going cute speak directly to all of you portal -- will not be watching the world through -- on opal well. At that you're done -- sometimes I wonder they knew there in our action series yeah. I'm -- -- actually in serious news the World Series starts to night. Actually three blocks from her office -- yeah -- -- retro of course that was India. State -- your well they'll they'll all be there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but if you are or example. In new York New Jersey or Philadelphia while you know you -- the under fluent you -- but. You -- you won't be able to watch it because Cablevision and news -- that continues. And in fact it is if anything been ratcheted up. A -- as fox released a statement urging Cablevision to return to the bargaining table -- and that they have tried to negotiate. In good faith the -- was not hearing it Cablevision has been saying. That they agreed to arbitration. And fox wouldn't com and then FCC was like hey. Not get all the -- -- FTC is calling the Cablevision letter arts -- Yeah nobody is happy with anybody else and guess who loses yeah exactly -- -- -- science. Hopefully not the giant -- most certainly in the consumers at aptly -- -- you know this would have been resolved -- the Yankees actually needed to the World Series. Apparently the stunts yeah but the EU you know I'm I'm I'm really right -- serious. I would effects that evidently after. Well we were all saying that -- the giant and the Rangers made it into the world here is that network executives everywhere were in an umpire riches because there's a thing is going to be another earthquake. Hopefully that now that's just when there's a base series okay this management but it -- it Acuna the lord. -- said that Cablevision in accurately describes three words. This is it. That apparently News Corp. used during -- As they take that -- they that threats apparently they were having negotiations and these -- that this is it. And then Cablevision was like you give it to take it or leave it threat and in the FTC -- like seriously docket. -- children. But if you can't solve -- -- ourselves we're going to take away your toys yet nobody gets even better because he Cablevision now people are calling it was insane -- -- we get our content obviously fox distributes to other cable outlets but I'm according to recorded phone calls yeah Cablevision is telling some customers. To go to a legal specific illegal web sites to stream. Those games. Through their computer so it's like I'll go check out. -- level like you'll get -- -- there for free no party and government recorded calls say when when people are calling complaining that word I get -- content. The reps are saying on the phone you can watch them online did you know about that they pretty much have all the games and then they give the URL and this is when I got an email from here. Thank god for the Internet. Funny how the funny thing is the Cablevision -- said that this was like -- that's the part of the reason that the call was recorded because it is because it was a fox employee. Who's also a Cablevision customer. And asked and then taped his thing and then -- was able to pounce on Cablevision for purportedly sending customers to illegal broadcasts which you know what. Yeah why wouldn't day. They get absolutely -- really really. New demand what two to three times the transmission -- -- -- -- getting before from Cablevision Cablevision rightly says like them and doesn't and -- neither side is -- advocate way to work it out but if you are actual customer service representative and somebody called intimately how can I get the -- why wouldn't you just like you know what -- I mean really because frankly you both of these companies. Force consumers to turn to the only place that they can to get the content that they otherwise -- paint -- and that is illegal broadcast. I wonder what the MLB is gonna do with -- after this. Now it's because they've got at least they're Eminem the other party there are many parts -- all over there's another part it's gotta be -- -- right now it's like come on yeah this is this game is about the game I mean -- to making it about some health for the -- East -- forget about it. Well you're out of here. You're -- -- -- had me and a. It's -- it really it's just appalling behavior and there's another network by the way that's really good for carrying baseball games. We'll also put a little so -- -- it -- it -- Cessna had the. If you know you don't -- actually. We -- here we -- we care if it's. I didn't mean travel sites are joining forces several popular online travel companies are joining forces to oppose Google's proposed purchase of a software company that gives flight data. Because Google wants to be able to return. Search results. That include its cookies search about you know a row or a I've traveled a vacation -- -- who want -- search results to include. Flight routes and pricing them so they wanna by the ITA software while Expedia kayak dot com. Cable sabre holdings and their logic got together and -- if you do that we will be out of business so no thank you. And Google -- in response that said competition improves the breed but the fact is that. The airlines sell the tickets. And it. Kayak XP it's that are are middlemen bear the travel agents of the day and there's nothing wrong from -- really good and useful site if Google buys ITA has -- -- status and the Google engine algorithms and all that all of the the traffic. Then kayak Expedia it's that are are I think the technical -- is screwed yet. So they are fighting it rightfully so and Google thing. Sorry this we this is going to be better for the consumers -- -- -- that that's arguable. But. And probably true and I'm going well in Switzerland but they will they will end up getting completely -- In 1999 word but I always -- -- on time distant mediated to just enter in he would. Well that is that is the dilemma that the the eternal dilemma of the middleman basically is that a better middle -- may someday come along and let's be clear. Google -- a middleman yeah absolutely and -- legit and all that good I mean. Arguably all that Google is saying is we want to do the same thing you're doing and we have every right to do it now these companies are saying that. Well interestingly. And not surprisingly the companies don't have what might amount to elect a legal argument is near the near as I can tell that they don't want it to happen they're trying to make it an anti trust -- -- All they have to go out it'll just kind of all they have to -- -- But it sort of I I guess I would have a hard time understanding why. How it becomes an antitrust issue it's really just you know they provide -- While they got that are lower than we -- there and there's where I mean -- it also worry about Google because they can on this -- -- they could technically if they want to prevent. There was other companies from getting tax assessor data and once they could make -- Google wouldn't do that they would -- have. They would just get 99% of the traffic because they're Google over Connie and -- -- and -- are -- and when you search for. You know when you search flight San Francisco Paris the Google result will say you know 800 dollars leaves tomorrow okay here boom and -- -- over an American Airlines. And Expedia gets up right now eight that I -- been. But what their value proposition along those that they were able to negotiate deals and thought they were able to keep doing that it doesn't you know. And I think they're worried that Google will animate it through this nineteenth -- will be able to negotiate better deals against the I don't know. There they haven't got at the price poignant. At -- and is actually different from all these guys because they actually have different prices than just getting the best fares from the the -- -- -- via. I think there from them. A bit like a point by point response on its public policy blog. Two all of these various points like that it would result in higher travel prices are fewer choices by consumers and at the arguments -- you definitely theme. A little bit weak JD 2000 the -- -- had a funny comment does everything and that. These are the people you know Expedia and -- on these it people who put local travel agents out of business -- now they're complaining that the world to come along dissing him and. So really. Thank you don't -- Microsoft has played this game as well I'm in the book Eric after they've been pushing yeah and they have would -- they're a little -- travels down the -- authorities on the F byword at working a kayak or Expedia right now I'd I'd -- I'd be nervous I try to figure out how to -- really add value beyond just beyond just offering. Itineraries and prices -- got to do more and that's hard but you know. It's happening trains -- Yet and it. Your. Also would at least the train is rumored to be on the tracks that apples and on again off again talks -- modify it according to techcrunch. We don't know anything more than that extent that we do know that modifies lines in the US has been delayed to the point where this -- unicorn -- the food the food and yeah. That everyone seems they wanted and north think that maybe Apple is responsible for spotted by -- delay is. The biggest Apple would you just by spot by and not -- -- them. By them and bring them to the world instead of buying them and and killing -- I'll bring them as modifying as it -- the service as whatever in my life does bring that live streaming subscription goodness to us which is the one thing the one music service that Apple doesn't -- do right. For no good reason millions and -- their servers and everything in North Carolina and all that. What ever -- that's server they're a little behind the game but it's -- -- server space from S three whatever. You. This article on techcrunch also says that last year around the time Apple -- -- that Google and. -- -- deep -- acquisition discussions Google is going to pay almost a billion dollars and then have it preinstalled tunnel Android phones. But then apparently the deal went sideways because Google -- -- all that label deal to be grandfathered in them. Which that almost have to be it -- going to be a useful and but apparently. -- the video -- -- for a couple different reason than. -- grand fathering thing means against the deal that music labels do with online music companies contain a provision that if the companies -- the deals terminate and that's what tripped up FaceBook. Right according to this when they wanted to buy a music start. I IBM and I cannot see Apple doing any kind of music deal word they don't set every single. Term of the agreement with the labels not even -- the labels don't wanna give Apple that power anymore they've already learned from iTunes and they're gonna you know they're gonna -- let those expires that they can renegotiate deals that. Doesn't make Apple's service as you know. -- it as compelling for people to jump on. Well and Apple -- that Apple might not need to do so it makes sense of Apple's gonna buy spot by because they have good content of them may have been label relationship and -- I don't even think spotted -- has the kind of relationship and North America and they have a lot of global label deals but I don't think they have any -- but doppler he has so they might. That might not obvious such a deal breaker Apple's penchant on the yet despite it gave subsidies and -- streaming service men like that's all up and about the line I because. Seriously yeah yeah when -- okay. In other news Lime Wire. Is done for platter that's still use -- right given up the -- yeah. Last spring a federal court ruled that Lime Wire had to shut down -- Which were the bulk of that actual operations but -- -- -- -- wider than not my wired did. They were under they have been operating under a court ordered -- -- distributing and supporting its file sharing software. And now they have finally taken down according to a person familiar with the company's planned. Taken and the relay servers on the new talent network which the -- wireless client uses to figure out which other PP clients have what information. On -- who who still uses Lime Wire who isn't like just begging to have them. Black booted thugs come knocking their door and there's some people that do so my friends the randomly comic Regina and on the management and well -- know they like to darken -- are. And -- Lime Wire did clarify in a statement that they are not shutting down. They're going to. This season that -- supported distribution of the file sharing software along with increased filter that's -- says where people get the virus is now. And I think -- that -- we give everybody there's lots of just about anything it. And other tech unicorn news that Apple has delayed. The white iPhone let me know what phone. Oh cool. -- I love that. I think it's in other tech unicorn news. Dave red planet of the tech unicorn -- -- -- -- -- -- And in fact right on the heels of report that they were delaying the white iPhone until spring came a boy genius report speculating that in fact they have just gone ahead. And -- The the little. Thing about it is that it based on the -- -- -- they see it's gonna come on in spring -- there's a new iPhone that comes in every year June or July. Is it they're not going to keep that there -- to be like oh hey guys here's the new iPhone and we also happen to be releasing the iPhone for in a way. Not gonna happen and not gonna happen I'm sitting this story that are -- coming anything having to do with paint because who hair -- Okay or I mean if someone is it has never brought it up again is like water and -- -- they got straight 1984 and -- -- I. So will see if it comes out I don't even -- public the last or every tournament and hopefully. We -- -- -- that it -- it T-Mobile is going to it depending and I like edit start charging for tethering or a debut a tethering plan on November 3. Which -- you tether and he mob now. I think you can if you I think you get the packet of iTunes on devices like you can under the radar fuels most Pak friendly of the -- -- exactly and T-Mobile very hacked and the and then. They are apparently the most price friendly too because they tethering plan that will come on November 3 will be 149 -- -- month. Well can you hop on and on top off -- using like are you today one of these contract the only. I'm assuming that it is part of your contract that the tethering and Wi-Fi sharing -- on. For entertainment and so less than I've seen it around that's pretty nice what's the what's the what the living materials as that they have giant says there pre and post paid -- night -- -- a five gig per month. And technology that -- exactly and throttle you down yeah they just announced that -- just so timing India. Q now the thing is though the T-Mobile is on three G -- -- fifth PA which. Is not. The I don't -- speak them a little user but you know I we have data on iPhone which is the same network technology and it blows we've here. What will it started there just there is just Peta -- network is beta which is limited -- which is in limited areas but it is pretty much can rival -- speeds. Yeah that -- it's okay Italy and the GQ is HSP plus but. Yet it just -- plus yes yes the T-Mobile three G is actually like that 2.5 G the slower version of street -- -- that it's not -- either where it's at. But it -- -- -- -- about -- -- that you it also includes. Wi-Fi sharing. Which I definitely think that I did not have to pay for anything that -- -- I haven't -- got it I understand you may be charging a monthly -- currently tethering with my. But that's just like oh yeah a year where allowing you to do this thing like that a routers can do -- -- so but that won't -- answer cap. So that's good it makes it easier to use it as a hot spot it's rolled into the fifteen dollar month PC can share either your three G connection or your Wi-Fi connection. And then that -- I'm not that good but you do have to get the twenty dollar web plan. Apparently to get that the -- tether and also says your customers that Iraq must -- the port 99. Wi-Fi tethering or -- there are right but I don't -- -- -- options are good or anything to replace might. Inoperable sprint overdrive. I hate that thing. If it's such a beautiful networks -- also like it. Such a fantastic -- -- networks -- of that group product just does not connect and -- I -- -- terrible I have had the -- Obama and I just gave weapons I don't give a -- and you know -- and is an amber by the image of mind activity it is just a piece of up when -- -- and -- it's -- replace it three times in the span of like a month and Catholics -- -- You know at this is -- the feedback we should be given to you. There's also which we well okay good news of the rare good news from the world's spam apparently after. Why -- gigantic. Operation anti spam operation in Russia and an arrest. Global spam has dropped in volume I would fully 20%. -- for a. Because of it like arrest at any minute they got him as criminal and just decisions and came in kingpin eagle removed that. -- wow was who has now fled the country but now believe they believe there is gonna start up began then -- land or something. -- -- -- -- yeah probably but they shut down spam it dot com which was paying spammers to promote online pharmacies. And it has suddenly stopped operating -- -- operating entered wink at and they noticed. An what I think -- -- on -- -- significant drop in spam. The you know it -- tenets is about this articles that com courier recently what is it in June. The president of Russia came up came out California silicon Alley says -- can you talk talk to the terminator. Arnold who are the -- later isn't about you know on this whatever Silicon Valley trade delegations and so. They did they mention that span it dot com closed it site two weeks before that right -- so and you know maybe making a native of -- can still shut things. Fair enough spam so the site map because just any day -- -- that's. Dammit. Website with post September 27 and global weekly spam messages went down to under 200 billion. Com that's up from a highway in January 2010. Of half that over half a 1000000000500 billion. The weekly -- -- -- -- I get about half of those. Also as saying in it's a ninety day than to admit to the -- -- for regular highly. -- they have a lot that's wrong I'm not happy enough. I am excited noting here that Walgreens right next to the like him and those Halloween candy is apparently selling -- for an idea -- -- that's what -- -- -- -- Like the importance and Chinese -- pads that are adding Android one point six. With 800 by 480 this in the 99 dollars this is there is a seven inch TNT LCD or a hundred bucks. You could get five of these for one galaxy have -- I and I -- or your new price spike is his ability I app lets up prize fight fans. -- -- Walgreens. Fat versus Apple's iPad the -- result -- Other champion Sam we -- -- -- your site better Samsung's galaxy spam via. Oh my this -- now is brought -- -- pretty good picture for. Prevented not a bad deal I'm filling in nearby did any get rooted in but it movement at bumping up the -- line. -- -- unfortunately cannot put you cannot put terms on this -- -- -- are there out of Canada -- on the color and that this is the beauty of an open operating system. Is goof ball products like -- -- display but I gotta hand it is probably is not going to be good ready and her hand and ran. Oh good I don't think that -- -- -- -- large -- things people even ideal person is going and buying a hundred dollar tablet thingy at Walgreens has no idea that -- -- in. You're right it's either one of two people with either people who don't give a hoot about Android and wouldn't -- -- -- -- Did -- in their you know -- whenever -- -- or. It's guys like people like you mean her like while hundred dollars for readable hackable thing let's go get it now we know we're doing so -- not I'm not I know what I'm doing but. Yeah we'll get it out there and you airlines -- violent raid. -- hundred bucks. Yeah you -- -- Walgreens had a -- -- I'm gonna get why not up with a velcro back and stick it on my walls the picture for immigrants Atlantic I don't in the wall -- right after the amendment on the corner. In our ongoing coverage of project get off this rock. NASA Ames director Simon Pete warden -- serious Simon quote -- -- and revealed that NASA Ames has just started a project -- DARPA called the hundred years starship. Whom I -- featuring a million dollars in DARPA funding -- 100000 from NASA 100000 that's like nothing now just for couples papers he shares. And they say that the -- human space program is now really aimed at settling. Other world. They say I warden now. One of the propulsion technologies they're talking about here have been reading about quite a lot lately -- the idea that you you beam energy from earth. To your space vehicle. And so that it doesn't have to carry fuel that you'd -- it's like electrical microwave energy Internet is the ocean power it's not a lot of -- but over time -- that. Which is great because you not to put all the fuel on the spaceship yeah the problem is what if there's like a revolution on earth and they and they cut off your your beamer here -- Hey guys featuring the power to -- on please we're just gonna drifting here. They need to make him hybrids. That's right yes I -- electric. And things like crops that could use that for bio -- Orderly and exactly -- -- -- that some. Elevated and that they're giving them efficient and yeah well that's a panel -- thing that they -- the thing but. The government and -- -- humans. -- a lot of it -- is yeah exactly along okay. Ultimately -- how are counted and that means is that the -- is -- -- come from somewhere a lot of people and humble county can tell you haven't. Well. NASA -- apparently boring and other radical new content heavy lift airship that can carry hundreds of times that they think -- rebel I revolutionize air transport if any what else is just imagining Battlestar Galactica while we -- I think you know were -- if I'm not so they won't the heavy -- The the air ships are. Blanchard her troubles they're filled with helium -- and as we know we are not to get us off the rails here we are running out of helium. We weren't going to be out of helium according to Paul -- who was on reporters around it like McArthur Friday. We're gonna be running out of -- at about 2015 and the price of natural Muslims -- to go up to like I was gonna say really yeah really. And meanwhile NASA is planning to build all these cool transport ships. As turtles now they -- analysts say they've used here in a while and they're not news hydrogen and -- knocking -- air. That's gonna be helium and the recycle most of it but there mark my words there's a helium crisis looming -- -- by -- future's now. And -- -- -- and funny voices. Are we giving it to do that is what computers are. I don't need you know right now you don't need helium. And then finally before we go to our voicemails and -- your feedback shocking news. This is he would do it James Cameron's next projects. -- -- -- And I've done that. Avatar can entry and you are you kidding -- -- -- December 2014 relief that the dates -- finally here data gathered Marguerite against -- he fifteen. He said. That will continue to explore its themes and characters which touched the hearts and my wallet of all you -- all cultures around the world. I'm looking forward to returning to pandora -- -- a world where up. Also went all the world where imaginations. Run wild meanwhile isn't George Lucas planning and bringing the U walks back -- something which is -- -- -- -- so important. Pandora the you know -- -- right by hand or upright site. Crossover. I'm moving over I think the reason why they're doing an avatar to entries because it's earned nearly two point eight billion dollars so far I think you'd take your banana UN 100 nerd played for avatar to -- the -- of money. It's a green planet after all. Don't blur as I love your voicemails letting -- they -- sixty -- that it is our number our first caller has an interesting idea for emergency system. -- -- -- -- when you're thinking about your episode about putting FM radio and cellphone. -- I think couldn't put the -- broadcast systems some -- Netflix and other web. Deliver television and text messages. That forcing your body of the old technology loot that -- rocket -- -- -- consistent something. To that -- Just an idea. And a good liability and the idea that I love that really doubt it I tell you what here attempt -- go we have this wrinkled alert and theft which you can subscribe to your phone and you get like major police action in traffic alerts. And estimates which I use -- -- cool yeah but that needs to be more standardized and you're right in the should be breaking into over the top transmissions -- In a five year from now that's all anybody's gonna be watching anyway yeah idea -- really see Indians are totally technically feasible. I tell all week we've been talking about mix tapes and asking you for your top recommendations we have a whole idea that luggage at the end of the show but. Men we the best mix tape fail phone call I think I've -- -- -- -- freshman year. And drove it out at that as -- senior my key -- collapsed. Typing and fully into the light meter that -- -- -- put all these are totally talked about clout so totally into our. And I just Nike and -- Kelly's Balkan garage com. Little it and it's only didn't work. I'd leave him this let's in my car and -- -- that it. I love this show -- -- -- I love that I don't mind. Oh my god you know is -- on it'll pumping ground running in the future of and so that's. What have we done oh yeah. The method is broken. Actually -- on that same now on to the amount. Oh in a region ole ole U guys have some good all right ideas the songs come from Paul I will not reveal his last. It's taken of anonymity Paul I was so into giving the Levys mixed tapes and I wanted to say that the iPod Shuffle is my new mixed tape. I've bought about a dozen of them and given them loaded with snappy songs to girls I think what as far as putting one in -- ring box and got -- my knees. Yes she was so nervous and when she opened it up by an upbeat shuffle and it. -- -- like crazy. And was -- -- 00 plus X after you give a shuffled through -- -- always thinks about you every time they use it. -- it's more expensive than tape but it only takes fifteen minutes to load sounds really saving you the attorney it -- me to make an old makes me love the show. All apologize and hope you and I am thinking about is does your wife know that you sent out a dozen other shuffles to a dozen other ladies -- not that is why. All she was butter Paula is a player. I I -- save flash at one. From Nokia and view -- now then you. If they you know the vacuum state news that listeners love. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now it's ridiculous what on the back thing. -- -- okay. And I've -- get your phone ready I'm ready we have admit I don't want in the bottom on one of the room here with an iPhone yeah I gotta get a cool I -- and -- you've got as well what was it with it united Clinton that's right area. I did not survive and once again -- many with them and my phone is ready. Okay it is dock built for road and with a shocking email regard -- OS security flight yesterday. I did try out the voice dialing feature of the phone. And lo and behold I was able to use the voice command even though the phone -- the -- and has a -- code. Seems a bit odd and -- it'll take my locked down and I'll whoever they want just by speaking clearly. -- must be getting rid of all these problems are running -- -- four or iPhone. This lets try to look here at the phone is locked. This by the way this does not even involved the -- -- that we talked about yesterday Catholic here again I'm nervous I'm gonna do this to do enable voice dialing news that mean. Call Molly Wood. And Internet mirroring but that's sick I that was without unlocking the -- about it is locked. And has a passcode. At the end left and the answer -- Leo we aren't a little while we know -- now let me go I'll. There he is okay I was able to access to make the call without unlocking all all my attic in -- that does happen I'm all. I just called you with the ultimate phone. It Darren says it's an option you can disable all you can however. I didn't know that. Thanks for not making it clear that. -- why would that be. Something and I just thought I'd just on totally locked down have a short time -- I have to keep a passcode on and I mean I'm security paranoid. And I didn't know that was an option turn off and in the -- -- -- know someone on their Apple. That's pretty crazy. I. That's our show today if you would like to scour the email or copy and paint it -- -- Apple emulate what eight. And at our show notes BL well dot cnet.com on the dollar past episodes where we key -- -- -- gonna do with the shuffle thing. -- -- already -- oh yes so back to the -- -- thing is that I know same. I'll stop. Video -- an awesome idea but he -- -- That we and you -- that we should so we have been these need to -- -- -- I don't he would call me don't you know you know yeah. Mars may not -- -- -- -- Not okay so but we've been asking -- -- -- it keeps sending us here at number one makes -- 'cause we're gonna make a compilation. Put a lot of shuffle -- in on a shuffle and give it away to a lucky but Allah listener. We haven't exactly figured out what big mechanism will be whereby you win filler -- will pay you know obviously we're gonna decide which ones are favorites -- If -- we'll put an Italian put as many beating me contends that means possible to have. That's -- really do not look well -- the buzz out loud baby make -- well not all make stated in the library at the back and called the deal will be eighty Acre. Yes. And seriously I'm not that I'd like -- visited the display you'd have to comment in the comments and and we in them and pick what I just have components awards yeah but so flexible sinister yet so that -- have -- -- -- out by Friday but those spend the rest that we coming up -- the time Indians and a minimal yet. We'll go get the -- And that really is our show below that cnet.com you can email as the record -- -- -- the that cnet.com. College Dublin and I think -- -- through -- 38. -- have a lovely it was that Wednesday and also -- Yeah. Day by the idea.
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