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The 404: Ep. 1,325: Where Apple goes mining for fool's gold

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The 404: Ep. 1,325: Where Apple goes mining for fool's gold

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On today's 404 episode we'll gawk at the gaudiness of a gold Apple iPhone, crown a smartphone the king of Bridget Carey's smartphone camera shootout, and learn how to submit our NSFW selfies for an upcoming Brooklyn art exhibition.

-Hey, everyone. It's Tuesday, August 20th, 2013. Thank you very much for tuning in to our little show here. It's the 404 on CNET.com. I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Richard Peterson. -And I'm Bridget Carey. -Hey, again, you guys. -Hi. -The team is back again. -I'm so happy to see you guys, you know, and I've seen you all morning 'cause we've been working together another stuff. -Yeah. -When we get in here, it's a very special vibe. -Yeah. -So again, Richard Peterson, thank you so much for producing. -You're welcome. -And Bridget Carey for CNET.com update. Thank you so much for helping us guest host today while Jeff Bakalar and Ariel Nuñez are both out. -Yeah. And they're having tropical getaways. -Yeah. Meanwhile-- we're diligent as always, continuing to work the hardest people at-- hardworking people at CNET, you know, right? Yes, that's right. Man, how was your day yesterday you guys? Does it good? -Yeah. it was kinda busy yesterday 'cause it was just me and our other video producer Sally because Mark and Ariel work on-- -Right. -So it's kinda buys. -Yeah, we got some new people in the office. So we should invite Sally in here maybe one day this week and she could check out what's going on to the show. -Yeah. -What does Sally do for CNET? Can you explain to everyone? -She does kinda the same stuff I do-- shoot and edit the First Look videos, which are the product review videos. -Uh-hmm. -And she hasn't helped out with CNET Update yet, very much. Has she? -No, but-- yeah. -She will. -She's also right now helping out our new CNET Español. -Yes, that's right. -All right. -And get a bunch of videos together. So she's kind of having to wear a lot of hats, you know, diving in on a lot of projects. -Yeah. -Yeah, so are we allowed to talk about this project yet or-- -Yeah. -Yeah I think it's officially announced, yeah. -It's official, right. -Yeah. -So CNET is gonna be translating I think 150 or so product videos over to Spanish. -Yeah, a lot. -So all of the main products that you see are-- that are reviewed on CNET like phones and game consoles and things like that. -And she's helping to a lot of those on camera-- -Yeah. -reviews. But they're also gonna have their own content too. So they're kinda have-- they kinda wanna build up a little something there on the website, you know, take it to get it launched. -Right, that's great. So that's gonna be a lot of work for you guys. I'm sure you're gonna busy over the next few months or so. -Yeah, we'll do a lot with that stuff. -Okay. You guys-- I didn't have a very good night last night. -Why? -What happened? -Can I tell you guys a story? -Okay. -And I'm sure it's something that you guys all know because anyone that lives in New York can probably feel my pain. So last night before I went to sleep-- I went to bed around 1, right? And right before I got into bed, I noticed something flying around my room. But, as you know where this is going, right? So-- -Wait, wait, something like a shadow? Like a-- -Like a tiny little guy. -Shadow, that's good. -Well, we talk about something flying. You can notice something flying that was huge-- -Yeah. -or you can think you perceive something-- -Right. -at the corner of your eye. -No. It wasn't like a dust spec or anything like that. That was something legitimately flying in my room but I ignored it because I figured it was like a fruit fly or something, it was tiny, right? So I was like, "Okay, yeah I'm not gonna worry about this. I don't have time to hunt this down and kill it right now." So I go to sleep around 1, wake up at 3, covered in mosquito bites. Has it ever happened to you guys before? -No. -It's funny 'cause sometimes I see mosquitoes in my room and then I'll go to bed and-- look at Bridget right now. I go to bed and I wake up fine. No bites whatsoever. In this case, I woke up and my whole body was red 'cause I had been subconsciously scratching myself in my sleep. -Can I ask a personal question? -Please-- yes I do sleep naked. -I was gonna say, where are the sheets? You know-- that's all. I wasn't gonna ask that much but just where the sheets? You know-- -The sheets were there. -So basically you had like-- -But apparently they can break that barrier. -You had like 1 or 2 really determined and starving mosquitoes or-- -I think it was just one that was really hungry-- -Wow. -that just probably hadn't eaten or drink blood in weeks or something 'cause it looked like I had been hugging kids with chicken pox all day long. -How many bites did you have? -They were all of my body, innumerable, probably more than 15 or 20 like I'm still scratching them right now. -You gotta get one of those screens for your windows. -I have one. That's the thing, but those screens don't cover the entire window. -Yeah. -And that's the problem, I mean, this is such a New York issue but I'm sure in the south can also feel my pain. -Yeah. -But, you know, you guys get mosquitoes all the time, right? New York summers are beautiful except you have this one scorch that you just can't-- unless you dose yourself in mosquito repellent before you go to bed. -It's typical. It's typical we're I grew up to. -Yeah. -I mean, it's just a matter of like, yeah, that kinda stinks. -Oh, so bad. -Sorry about that. -So I woke up at 3 and I was sitting on my bed clutching a rolled up magazine and a flash light for an hour just trying to hunt this goddamn thing down but couldn't find it. I don't-- and also I read online that-- 'cause I was looking up tips on how to track mosquitoes, 'cause you ever noticed, when you look at mosquitoes, sometimes you'll spot it and it'll be flying around for a few seconds and then they'll disappear. -Uh-hmm. -Yeah, 'cause they're practically invisible. -What's the science behind that? -Yeah. -I have no idea. -Well, it's the same thing as like a fruit fly. Just hard to catch when you miss it. I mean like-- -It's ridiculous. -Yeah. Even regular flies, there are bigger like that. They just disappear. -No idea where they go. And I read online that they can also detect the scent of carbon dioxide, which is how they track movements of the humans as if they're gonna feast on. So I was holding my breath while I was sitting on the bed holding like, you know, grasping at this magazine. It's just bad, and I didn't get it. So I had to go back to sleep. And then when I woke up this morning, I was again covered in even more mosquito bites. -You know, it makes me thing if this mosquito was perhaps avenging a former lover that you have smashed or something, you know-- -Right. -like this is the guy. I'm gonna cause him misery. -That could be it. -You don't know what you've done to annoy this guy. So-- or actually, isn't it female, the mosquito that do the sucking or is it both of them? I don't know. -Oh, really? I don't know. That would make sense though. Too easy. I'm not gonna touch that. But "Sokindacharm" has a great comment. He's like, "It was craving fastfood." It's probably from all in McDonald's I wasn't Justin. -Yeah. -Your blood was sucked. -Yeah. Anyway, so that was my name. -I have this ritual before I go to bed every night I-- like take off my sheets and just like look underneath to make sure there's no spiders or bugs like-- -Wow, that is high-level paranoia. -I know. What's wrong with-- -Wait. Did something terrible happen to you when you were kid or something? -No. I'm just afraid of like lying in bed and just feeling something crawl on me. -Wow. I mean that is terrible feeling. -Yeah. -Yeah. Mosquitoes are bad too because even if there's just one flying in the air, you know it's there even if you can see it 'cause you can feel something crawling on you like in a subconscious way. You can sort of like sense it, right? -The worst is hearing them buzz by your ear. -Yeah. -If that happens, I will totally freak out in the middle of the street just screaming. And people were like, "What's wrong with this one?" All right, it's New York. -Maybe I should start doing a check too. -You know, just get those candles, those like-- you know, repellant candles that they used in outdoor parties. Just light it up in your bedroom-- -And just fall asleep that sounds safe. Just put it underneath your curtains and then go to bed, you'll be fine. I also wanna try one of those off machines too. -Yeah. Maybe you need-- -Those work. -Maybe you need a spray more than a candle. -Yeah. I don't know, I'll figure that out. But if anyone hasn't any mosquito repellant chips-- -Just go to bed, brush your teeth and spray with off. -Yeah, just wash your face with that mosquito repellant. -Yeah. -Okay. So what was going on yesterday 'cause I noticed you posted this really awesome video and it was something that you and Ariel had been working on for a while. -Yeah. We did a smartphone shootout to test-- -Yeah. -What camera was fastest in the smartphone or which smartphone has the fastest camera? And because after you hear all these marketing for example, the Motorola Moto X. -Uh-hmm. -It was pushing how you can quickly wake up the camera by just shaking or twisting your wrist twice. -Right. -There's a screenshot from it. -We will put this in the background while you're explaining the story. -But I kept thinking, "well, how much faster is it to use these little gimmicks, these shortcut buttons in a scheme of things?" so I just grabbed 6 top popular phones from different makers; HTC, even Blackberry and just to see what their tricks were, what other methods were. -Uh-hmm. -And-- -Yes, so we just saw on the screen here. This is part of your video. But the Moto X does this cool thing where if you-- right, if you twist your hand and you describe it as opening up a canister. -Yeah. It's like opening a jar, twist twice and the motion sensor inside can tell that it should instantly open the camera and you touch the screen anywhere to take the photos. -Yeah. -So you don't have to worry about where is that button. -Right. -And so it is pretty fast but, yeah. Our results-- you have to watch the whole video to kinda see it all but maybe that's not as fast as other methods. So-- -Well, you know, it's funny 'cause I love these anecdotal test that we do on CNET, because it's really about what we can do with the Technology, not the technology itself. And you would be surprised because you also use the Nokia Lumia, what is it? The 1020? -Yeah. This is-- -And that's a crazy camera. It's 41 megapixels and they're touting this as the smartphone to use for shots. But-- -But that doesn't always mean it's fast. -Yeah, right. -And the-- what I did with all these phones, as I put a password on them because, let's be realistic. If you're not using a password, grow up. -Yeah, if you have kids or something like that. -Also, if you sign up for your work e-mail, a lot of them require you to put password on the phone. -Right. -So, some of the shortcuts can bypass the password and some do it in different ways and take a longer to skip a password when you're in a hurry and the Lumia 1020 is a little unique than other Windows phone because it has a special camera app that works for a 41-megapixel camera. And that's the one tied to the shutter button. And the shutter button that requires still a password. But other Windows don't. Everyone's got their own thing. -Right. -And you have to play around. -Right. -But either way, by using a shutter button, whether it's that or some other phone, you still got to hit it twice. It doesn't mean it's as fast as maybe using an icon to wait up. -Right, right. And that's the thing is, that a lot of it is, a lot of the phone are in compared by their software. -Uh-hmm. -Right? Like a lot of them just, you know, even if they have a quad-core processor were built in, there's still not gonna able to wake up that quickly and take a shot. The average time, I would say for all the phones you've tested about what-- 6 1/2 or 7 seconds, somewhere between them? -Well, no. On the high-end-- -Yeah. -you start looking at 7 seconds. -Uh-hmm. -And on the low end, just under 4 seconds. -Well, okay. -Some people, I'm sure will get faster times-- -Right. -If they, you know, check a bunch of coffee and go as fast as they can and perfect it. -Uh-hmm. -But, doing this test nothing's perfect, there's human error. But it does give you a sense of all the tricks you have to do. How many extra steps one might have then another? -Right. -And what method might be just a little faster than another. -It is really important though. The other day I was walking around the East Village, where I live. And there was a guy that I saw who was walking around with a cat on his head like the cat just had like a cat perched onto his head and he was walking around with it balancing it on his head. And by the time I whipped out my phone to take a photo, he was gone. -Yeah. -You know-- and a lot of that also has to do with the fact that I have iPhone 4S, which isn't a snappy as the iPhone 5. -Right. -So that's another thing to take into a-- if you have an older phone like God forbid an iPhone 3G or 3Gs, that's really gonna take a lot longer. So-- -Yeah. I could tell there's a huge difference between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s as well, between those two just because of just-- they programmed it, so it just be a lot faster. I know, I had those moments for like, you need to get that moment right when it happens and then if you miss it, who cares about the megapixels. You missed your moment. -Right. I though-- -It was interesting that the Galaxy has 4 zoom, which is meant to be a fancy camera, was one of the slowest forms, right? -You know, okay so the zoom is the Galaxy S4 that has that 10x zoom lens on it. -Uh-hmm. -And you might think it slows down because it has to extend the lens. But really, it has a shutter button like a dedicated camera button that does not wake up the phone. -Uh-hmm. -So you have to wake up the phone. If you have a password, what's interesting about Samsung devices is that they have this option to put a shortcut to a camera on your lock screen. But when you want to put a pin or a password on it, that option settings goes away. It-- so it's like one of those things where it kinda makes you have to do another step unless, of course, you're savvy enough to figure out another work around-- -Right. -By downloading an app or something. But the point is is that, then you gotta put a new password, then you gotta hit the shutter button to get the camera open then you guys hit the shoulder button again, all these little steps, sometimes just starting as fast as to some other phones. -Right. -And to be fair, it's, you know, it sort of a boon for Android users and you tested a lot of Android phones in there and they benefit compared to iPhone users from external software-- -Right. -like tasker for example. Someone commented that the use of tasker for Android-- -Right. -and that allows you to put a little widget for your camera right in the lock screen, which lets you bypass that 4-digit security code, right? -Right. There-- yeah, exactly. -But iPhones, I'm pretty sure there's no third party software that lets you really embed the settings differently in that way. -But they have a program that we just swipe up-- -Right. -on a camera icon-- -Right. -which is what HTC does too. And the HTC One I should be specific. But I know, it's kinda-- it was just kinda fun to see, "all right. How much is it a gimmick and how much is it not?" -Yeah. -And the truth is sometimes it is a gimmick and it's the same. -Yeah. -But it's kinda fun to see how fast they can go. -You know, what I'd really be curious about maybe this could be a follow up to your video shootout. I wonder about putting phones up against simple point-and-shoot cameras, digital point-and-shoot cameras, you know-- 'cause a lot of times those take a lot of time to fire up too and I'm sure Lori Grunin, our CNET Camera's editor would definitely have a few for you to test. -Oh, yeah. I think we definitely need to do a rematch on menu levels. -With that out. -Yeah. I mean, I also got a lot of cons, people were going, "Oh, you didn't test the Xperia and Sony, and what about a pure Nexus 4 device?" People get really interested in what other phones can really be the fastest rather than the 6 top ones I just, you know-- -Right. -picked because they were hot in the media right now. -Well, that's good 'cause they are basically wanting you to do more testing-- -Right. -which is great. They are a fan of your idea. -Yes. So we'll have to see when maybe the next iPhone comes out, we'll have a rematch on different levels. -Yes. -But yeah, in the end, specs are great but it's also about how you can get in and out of software. -Right. That's exactly true. And I'm glad you brought up the iPhone because that's our next subject for today. Big news today-- so, we've been talking a lot about this September 10th Apple event, right? That's where they're gonna be rumored to release the next iPhone and there's a lot of rumors going around. We usually don't touch rumors about iPhones on the show because there is new ones that come out every day. -Oh, my gosh. You don't know what to believe at a certain point. -Right? And so right now we're dealing with a possible iPhone 5C, which would be the color/cheap version. -I don't think they're gonna call it C for cheap. -Yeah. -But yes. And besides, what's cheap to Apple might not be cheap to you. -This is true. That's a great point. There are also rumors going around about maybe a biometric finger scanner to bypass security, right? So you don't have to type in that security code-- -They found that programming in the beta version of iOS. -Yup. Uh-hmm. -So it's programmed in there. -Yup. Well, the latest rumors, a little bit too hard to ignore so we're gonna talk about it on today's episode. Sources are confirming that Apple's CEO Tim Cook will unveil a gold or a champagne-colored iPhone at September 10th event. This is due to a lot of reports that are going around that confirm the existence of parts that are gold or champagne in the new iPhone. Actually, all things the-- -Uh-hmm. -They had-- they also. -Another big new site. They've confirmed it. -Uh-hmm. -So has Gizmodo. These are based on a Japanese part shop that posted an image of a gold Nano simcard tray that was used. And then people are already starting to mock up images online of what an iPhone champagne-colored device might look like, and so this is one of them here and we'll post a few more of them in the blog. But what do you guys think? Do you think it's Goddy 'cause I've talked to a lot of people about the possibility of a golf iPhone and they say, "You know what? Anything gold, that's not real gold is Goddy." Right? Like you can't just paint something gold in the way that you would-- it's like painting something with a diamond pattern. That's not a real diamond. -Hold on. I'm gonna give you an argument here. -Please. -Yeah. -I mean, maybe I'm just bias 'cause I'm a girl with some jewelry and accessories all the time and your phone is-- -Sure. Yeah. -essentially a fashion statement. -It's true. Yeah. -Well, silver isn't really platinum. You know, if you had a silver iPhone, you just have it in a different hue, which is what you like more. -Right. -These mock-ups and these leak images kind of a show. It's not like gold brick, golden-- you know, road gold is more just a saddle muted champagne. -Right. -So it doesn't look like what you're saying like obviously, you know, kinda corny. -Not Goddy, yes. -Also, I mean, every phone now has multiple colors. It's just the Apple going, you know what? If we have something different, then you wanna buy it because what happens? Every other year, the phone looks the same but just the inside is different. -Right. -And this is a way of showing that you've got the new one. -Yeah. -Kinda like a-- I don't know if you ever-- I'm such a nerd. The Sneeches stars on stars off, the Dr. Seuss story, you know-- -Oh, right. -"Oh, you got the new one 'cause I could see it on you. You got it-- I gotta get a new one now" is that kind of concept. -Yeah, that's definitely that competitive attitude with all phones-- -So, you know, this is a way of maybe have it in a little more style so it looks different. I'm sure there's gonna be internal things different with it but maybe this is their way of going, "Oh, it's another color." -Yeah. You know what's funny? I'm always surprised when I hear that people are excited about the actual hardware being a different color because I thought people just personalized their phones with their cases anyway. -I know. I mean, are you still gonna slap a case on this if you don't wanted to get room and-- -Yeah. -it's an investment so to speak because of the-- and you wanna trade in, you can get a lot of money for it because it's not scratched up. I mean-- -Right. -I don't walk around without a case. I put a case on it-- a case of my personality is pink. I love it. -Right. -But-- -Yeah, you could still put that on here. -And I drop it, you know, and just feel bad for that person walking around using the phone that looks like it's Spider web shatter, you know. -Right. Well, now when you walk around, if you have a gold iPhone. If you weren't already a risk of getting robbed before-- -Oh, there's that. -you'll definitely get pick-pocketed or held up now. Right? -You always kinda stand-out when you have the new Apple gadget this time, you know. -Right. You know, and some people are saying that this gold iPhone maybe the opposite here of the iPhone 5C. You know, that one plus should be maybe a little bit cheaper plastic housing. -Uh-hmm. -Whereas, perhaps the golf version will be the luxurious one. If you're cheap, you'd buy the iPhone 5C. If you're rich, maybe you'll buy the iPhone 5G. -It's the gold [unk]-- -Yeah. -of phones so to speak. -Yeah. -The pictures I've seen are the 5C too. They do look really cheap. They're all these techie colors like bright colors that just look cheap. -Yeah, it really makes me thing, you know, I'm wondering if Apple's just trying to throw people off the cent at the fact that maybe the 5-- whatever is coming next won't really impress people in terms of features, right? Like by being incremental upgrade and they're offering all these colors sort of a concession price to distract people from the real news. -I would like to see more colors, why aren't they just pick gold? -Yeah. -Look at their iPod Touch line up. They had really nice metallic color scheme about the choices you can get. -Right. -Add on a sheen to it. It didn't look cheap. It looked nice, you know. -That's true. -So if you're going to gold, all right. Give me some other metal colors. -Yeah. You even bring a great point. I remember when Apple came up with the iPod Nano, that was offered in gold for a few months as well. -Uh-hmm. -And that was a very classy sort of muted gold. It wasn't like a sparkly-type jewelry items. -Yeah. Although, I'm sure there are people who would still wanted to be very sparkylicious. -Yeah perhaps. -I mean, but I don't know. That's what the case is for. -Yeah. -It's funny. I actually read this venture beat article that was pointing out that the company maybe catering to Chinese customers because, you know, the color gold in the Chinese culture is actually a really good luck, right? -Uh-hmm. -And also the fact that 1/3 of all smartphone sold in the world are sold in China. So that's a huge lucrative market that Apple's missing out on. And the fact that Golden Week is also coming up in China as well. -What's Golden Week? I never heard of this. -So Golden Week happens in the first week of October of every year. And it's a day when Chinese workers get several days off. I think it's 3 days off guaranteed. But a lot of them just take the rest of the week off and it become sort of like a vacation week for everyone in the country. -Uh-hmm. -And it's the time when you go and see your family and a lot of people actually compare it to Black Friday-- -Okay. -during that week because a lot of stores have shopping sales and things like that. So with that coming up, this might be a really lucrative way for Apple sort to get into the Chinese Market. -Wow, that would be interesting. -Yeah. -You know, I got a-- it's really making me think, you know. This is my time to upgrade. -Uh-hmm. -I'm coming up on it 'cause I'm always on this cycle and I gotta wonder like, am I gonna won a gold one? -Yeah. -It kinda makes you question your values a little bit. -Yeah, right. -Like I really think, you know, I could do all the same things on my phone. I don't have to even upgrade but-- -Right. -how much do they gonna, you know, poke it at my inner, you know, like "Oh, it's shiny and I want it." -Uh-hmm, yeah exactly. -What will have to say? Well, I don't know. -What do you think they'll do anything else with the hardware like make a bigger screen or thinner-- -Probably gonna see more software. I don't know. -Yeah. -I mean maybe improvement to the camera, because it seems that there's some slight adjustments being made the position of the flash. -Yeah, right. -But I mean, we're talking so slight that you ain't gonna notice probably but, who knows? -Yeah, I feel like handset manufacturers, Apple included now, just have to do as much as they can to set themselves apart from the group and the fact that there are no gold Android smartphones that maybe an impetus for them to come out with the gold iPhone. I don't know. Something distinguished, you know, that's what's smartphone users obsess about is how can I get my device to be better than everyone else around me and this maybe a way to do that. -I know. -Very vain though. -And Apple never really had to worry about that 'cause they were the one that stood out. -Right. -And now there's just so much coming at them from Android that they have to go, well, maybe we will, especially with-- look at the HTC One, it's all metal. It looks pretty cool-- -Yeah. -so they-- not everything plastic out there. -Yeah. The Moto X is actually really beautiful too. I mean-- -It's got a bit of a curve on it. -Right. -And it has a woven pattern. -Yeah, I like that one as well. Actually, you brought the Nokia 1020 and-- -Yeah. -I've never seen that in person before, but-- -Here's a color for you. -Man, this is the-- this is crazy. -There's a gold phone for you. No, this is canary yellow. -So, have you actually use the camera? 'Cause 41 megapixels is orders of magnitude over what we have right now. -Right. -is it really a big difference? -It saves in 5 megapixels, unless you, you know, take it off and really zoom in. So yeah, I mean you can get more detail. But how much patience do you have to play around? Not every thought they'll maybe. -Right. -Maybe only you'd use it for when you really wanna take a big, you know. I need to take it and see how much of a New York Skyline I could capture with this, you know. That's your test. -Yeah. You know what really stands out to me about these new batches-- these new batches of smartphone is that the screen goes all the way to the edge of the glass and that makes it a huge difference, this is in terms of aesthetics. -Uh-hmm. -And when you're using the phone, Richard, you asked, you know, like what do we expect to see in terms of hardware being different. -Yeah. -I'm really hoping that they do a screen edge. -Yeah. -You know, glass to the edge of the screen-type deal on this one. -Well, then again, if you drop it, you [unk] usually that the case. -That's true. -More room to smash. -Yeah. Gorilla glass. Keep my fingers crossed. -Oh, yeah. They do gorilla glass. Man, that would be the thing. -Yeah. Well, you know, we've talked about this earlier but it's really not about the hardware specs of the phone anymore. It's really about what you use it for, right? And, you know, we're talking about cameras and taking photos and Richard is smiling right now 'cause he knows what this next story is about. -Where are you going with this? -Before I get to the story though, I do wanna apologize to Bridget in advance because, you know, we usually try to stir clear of the gulch when you're here because you're a lady and we're gentlemen. But sometimes you do have to dig in to the dirt to get to the real story-- -You know-- -and that's where we're going right now. -a true reporter always digs into the dirt. -Come shoot the messenger Bridget. I'm just talking here. This is the story that I found. You know, it's really no surprise to see pictures of male genitalia popping up all over the place, right? You can look to the Mayo [unk] in New York right now with Carlos Danger and his dick pics, right? Open up any type of gossip website online right now. You could see all kinds of dick picks. -That's the glory of the internet. -It really is. Yeah, you can't swing a bat on the internet without hating a few dicks. Anyway, so maybe you've seen one on your phone yourself. Maybe it's been solicited or unsolicited, who knows if you're on OkCupid or Grinder. These are places where people tend to send these dick pics. And well, the story here is that 4 feminist artists in Brooklyn have decided that they've had enough dick pics. They've seen enough pictures of dicks. And-- -How was that possible? -It's kind of hard to believe, right Richard? Enough. People have had enough of their dick pics. Very strange I know. But these girls have had enough and they've gathered over 300 dick pics that they've received and they've organized the said pictures. -They're popular girls. -Wait. How many girls are there? -I know. -Four girls, 300 dick pics. -They're very popular. -And I tell you how they got them in a second but they're gonna organized them into an exhibit that will be on display on August 23rd at a gallery in Brooklyn. So that sounds like a great CNET field trip for us. -Yeah. -Then maybe we'll do that but this is kind of interesting. So there sort of got sick of receiving these dick pics from their boyfriends and these random strangers on online dating websites. And so what they did was they went on various forums like Grinder, like OkCupid, and they solicited dick pics from these guys. And amazingly enough, you could read this interview on Vice with the artists. But it was incredibly easy for them to receive these. They just asked for them and people gave it up. -We live in a world where technology lets us do so much. -Yes. -We are talking about phones that can capture 41 megapixels of a photo. -Yes. -Make-- and change our lives with going into space. -We can zoom in. Yes. -This is what we do with the technology. -Dick pics. We do-- we should, we have that as a segment on the 404 with Richard introducing it, do it. -Dick pic. -So anyway, you might be wondering about the legality of this, right? The problem here is that not all the submitters actually are aware that their members will be on display. -You lost all legality by sending your photo to a stranger. -Right. -The end. -That's the problem. -Do they show their faces? -No. Their faces are not in the pictures. So, this is interesting. You know, according to a one person that was collecting these dick pics. Apparently, they actually went on Grinder and post it as a gay man and they were able to get 150 photos of said dicks in less than an hour. Isn't that crazy? So they were able to get 150 pictures just from Grinder. -That is a lot. -But this is where the legality stuff comes in. And if they've actually consulted a lawyer for this article in Vice, but they asked him about, you know, whether or not they can go to jail for something like this. And apparently, they can because when you posts someone else on the internet and you solicit images or whatever, if your posting under the guys' of someone else as a false pretense, then you can get up to a year in jail if you do something like this. -See, your post is something to someone else that is, yeah. I guess that can be a problem. -It's a bit disingenuous, right? -Yeah. -Not to mention this rude. I mean if-- -I mean-- -someone's gonna go out of their way to send you a picture of a dick. Gotta mind as well be honest about it, right? -I'll let you handle the ethics of this one. -But, you know, the real story here is that, you know if you have a problem with this and you're worried that maybe you might show up in this exhibit, you're gonna have to march your way down at Bushwick in August in order to check out yourself. And you also have to recognize yourself and then bring it up in the court. -And then yet to prove it somehow. -Right. So probably have to save more pictures after that. So anyway, that's the dick pics story. I'm glad that you're remaining very quiet about this Bridget. -I mean [unk]. -Okay, last thing I'm gonna say about it, it's called Show Me More, collection of dick pics that's gonna be open August 23rd at 8PM as part of an event called The Explicit at Morgan Avenue, underground studios that's at 55 Morgan Avenue in Brooklyn. Go and check it out August 23rd. Richard, I know I'll see you there. -What? You'll see me there or-- -No. Not-- well, you tell me. Maybe I'll see you there in front of your own picture. Oh, boy. Okay, let's move on to something a little bit more boring. I think we'll all appreciate this-- me especially because I don't really get to talk about printers that much on the show. -Yeah. -And that is what I do. -Hey, that's your specialty. -That is my specialty, printers and headphones are random collection, but yes that is what I do on CNET. And, you know, every time we get to talk about printers on the show, it's always 3D printers, right? 3D printers building things like Kermit Crab shells. -Things that no one's really buying-- -Halloween costumes -for their home though. -Yeah, and door stops and exciting things like that. Now, 3D printers are great. But what about 2D printers, right? How come no one's really made strides on the design of your standard inkjet desktop computer? -Yeah, the only strides they make are to booby trap your ink so-- see you're always gonna buy more ink. -Yeah, exactly. Or put it online so that other people can print random stuff onto your printer from thousands of miles away. -Oh, there you go. Yeah. -So there's a lot of worries there. But not a lot of things have been done to improve the design until now. And this is really cool. This is a project from a student named Mugi Yamamoto. He's a Japanese art student and he designed this printer. So check this out. It's awesome. It's called the Stack. And, do you know how the way paper feeds in printers normally work is you actually have a top mounted drawer like a tray that you put the paper into and that feeds into the printer. Well, with this Stack, it's the fraction of a size of a typical desktop computer and what it does, it sits on top of a stack of paper and then it sort of feeds from underneath. -That's pretty cool. -Yeah. -It's just like a rectangle that's just sitting on top of a clean stack of paper. -Yeah, it almost looks like a record player but it's not much bigger that your standard 8 1/2 x 11 size sheet. And what it does, it basically swallow each piece underneath it ingesting it during the print process and then it spits out the printed document back on top of the unit. -I'm curious about how much movement itself causes and if that would shift the tower of paper underneath of it. -Yeah. How tall can you tell it be? -You're worried about printer dancing, right? -Pretty-- -Like when you print on a lot of stuff sometimes the spool makes it move back and forth. -Maybe, yeah, exactly. -That could create problems. -Yeah. I'm thinking naturally it's gonna move a little up and down. -Yeah. -And kinda shift your nice stack and maybe-- -[unk] and then you have a ground zero of paper, that wouldn't be good. -Yeah. -So, I don't know. I mean, it's a concept right now, if you go to this website and will post your link to it in the blog today. He has a very detailed designed proposal and he gets down to all the filaments and the feeder-- the feed tray, all that stuff. So you could actually build this and he is actually selling the designs to hardware manufacturers right now so we might actually see this concept one day, so not just like a proof-of-concept type deal, which is really cool. So here you see it on a really tall stack tall enough to obscure this guy's face. -Yeah, it seems like it would be easy to get messed up like if there's just one page that's-- -Right. -right out of place. -Yeah. -But you could take this concept to have it be in a container and it's kind of interesting. -Yeah. You know, there's no reason why it can't have a separate external tray that fits underneath it. You know, that sort of crawls on the paper together. -Well, yeah. I don't know. -It'd be kinda cool. This is interesting. -Yeah. So we might see this one day. I'm glad to see design improvements being made because it's not very often. We get to see this kind of stuff. So there it is, that's the Stack. That's gonna do it for us today you guys, kind of a short show. But the last thing I wanted to talk about was this Powerock. You know what this is? -What is it? It's-- -You ever heard of Powerocks. -shiny metal, I don't know. -So this is kind of cool. This is basically a contest that we're running right now and it's gonna be up for a long time. We actually have 5 of these Powerocks to give away. -Is that like a spare battery? -Yeah, that's exactly what it is. It is an external battery compartment that you plug in to any USB source that could be your iPhone, whatever smartphone you have or Bluetooth speaker and it'll charge your phones several times back to a hundred percent. -Sounds good for a travel if you don't, you know, want to deal with re-charging if you're out for a long time and you can't recharge. -Right. Yeah. If you're camping or something like that, this is perfect, or a long travel trips. -Uh-hmm. -It's great for that. And we're giving away, I believe 5 of them, and the contest is still running all week and we're gonna announce the winners on the day Jeff gets back, which is next Monday. I believe that's the 26th. And if you want to enter, all you gotta do is go to last Wednesday's 404 show blog at cnet.com/the404, and just leave a comment. That's all you gotta do. -That's it. -And then we'll pick someone-- 5 people randomly to receive this Powerocks in those comments. -That's like the easiest contest ever. -So easy, right? And if you wanna say some nice things about us for our boss' read in the comments, well, we wouldn't complain about that either. So that's gonna do it for us today you guys. Leave a voicemail, we got a few good ones that we'll play later on of the week. It's 1-866-404-CNET, or you can send us a video voicemail, record yourself on YouTube and send it at cnet-- I'm sorry. Send it to the404@cnet.com. You can also go to our 404 Sub Reddit page, as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all of that stuff, Grinder coming soon probably. Check us out there-- showing pretty soon and try to guess which one is us. So that's gonna do-- -And you win one of those thing. -Yeah, Powerocks. Get your rocks off. That's the way to do it. -Thanks Justin. -You're welcome. I promise. If you come back for the rest of the week, we won't have any more stories like that. -You like to keep a prom-- why make a promise you can't-- -We're not in the business of breaking promises. But again, Richard, Bridget, I can't thank you guys enough for coming in and helping us out today. You're an invaluable resource to the show. It's a pleasure to have you guys on every time. -We love being here. -So genuine. -It's so nice to be here. Thanks. -Air hug you guys. So we will be back tomorrow, as well as the rest of the week with some new shows and hopefully Bridget will be back trying to get some new guests in here as well. So that's it for us today you guys. I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Richard Peterson. -I'm Bridget Carey. -It's the 404, we're high-tech, we're sometimes low-brow, not very often. -Whenever I am here. -We'll see about that. -You're a little-- -All right guys, have a great rest of your day. We'll see you tomorrow.

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