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Ep. 1316: Where baby got back buttons: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 1316: Where baby got back buttons

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LG just announced the new G2 Android phone, and there's a surprise waiting for you out back. Bridget helps us take you through the specs, plus a working hoverboard Indiegogo funding campaign, Snoop Lion's $100 in-app purchase, and more!

-Hey, what's up everyone? Thanks for listening. It's the 404 Show on cnet.com. It's August 7th, 2013. I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -And I'm Bridget Carey. -Back again. -Hey you guys. What's up? -The team is back together again. Thanks for coming back on the show Bridget. -Always a pleasure. -Yeah. It's always very positive and nice when you're here and when Jeff's not here, of course. -Yeah. -But especially when you're here Bridget because I feel like it's just this ray of positive energy, which I love. You know, it's like you have birds singing around your shoulders for no reason. -I'm a Disney Princess, yes. -You're really are. -I just strive to be one every day. -And it's not because we talk about Disney at least 3 times a day. -Yeah. It just happens to like going to my conversation-- -Yeah. Did I tell you yesterday by the way, I went to McDonald's for lunch because I was inspired by our conversation yesterday. -Oh, good. I'm happy I could influence your life. -Yes. So, thanks for taking off two weeks of my life. -With every bite another day is gone. -Also, you sent over some really cool-- Clarissa Explains it All history for me, so thank you for that. -I was so upset that you don't what Clarissa Explains it All is. -I didn't realize that she is played by Melissa Joan Hart. -Yeah. -And there's a talking cat in that story. -No, no. -Yeah. Supposedly-- -That was a joke. -Oh, that was a joke? -That was a joke about Sabrina in the Teenage Witch. -That's, well, that's-- okay. So you sent me over this article and at the end it was like-- -I did. -and she has a talking cat. What was up with that? -It was-- -So I thought she just has this talking cat that keeps following her around in all the sitcoms-- -It was pretty awkward humor. Sorry being confused you more right-- by linking you to a humor post. No. -Okay. So she didn't have a talking cat in Clarissa Explains it All? -Yeah. But that's how she became, Melissa Joan Hart-- -Uh-hmm. -you know, on the scene. -So lovable. -Yeah. -I can see her direct influence in you too. -I guess-- well that would be weird if subconsciously like Melissa Joan Hart, you know, influenced me the way I am today. -So what's going on this morning? There's a big press conference that just ended. I believe LG just announced a new phone, right? -Yeah. The G2. So if it's not hard enough to say LG G2, you know, say it 3 times fast. This is a new Android phone and it stands out as a little unusual in a couple of ways; for one, it's massive. A 5.2-inch screen. We're like bordering on phablet territory here-- -Oh, man. -with a 5.2-inch screen. But it's also interesting because it has buttons on the back underneath a camera. -Okay. -There's no side buttons for the power. No side buttons for the volume. Those buttons are on the back right underneath the camera. -Yeah. This is really weird. Is that because the phone is so damn big but you can't get your fingers around to the side buttons where they're normally are? -That's what they say. But, you know what? I don't know Samsung has done it so it's not like it's impossible. -Right. -But they're like, "If we do it on the back, it's gonna be better." -Right. -Personally, I gotta spend some time with it to believe it because it just seems kinda awkward. But those back buttons are also shortcuts. So if you hold down the volume down button, you know, it'll take it to the camera. If you hold down the volume up button, it takes you to a note, you know, shortcut of some sort. -Right. -But everyone's got a gimmick now. -Yeah. -Everyone's got-- do a little trick, you know. It's got tricks like. If you just pick up the phone, put into your ear. It suddenly will pick up the call for you. -Right, right. -In Moto X we saw, you know, last week they had its own little tricks with voice activation or never having to touch anything to turn on the camera. -Right. -Comes to a point we're like how many tricks we stand proud against other Androids or will these tricks even be really strong selling points compared to maybe people who really need like the best specs? Now, this G2 has some really good hardware apparently. It's got like top of the line Qual-- the Qualcomm 800 Snapdragon processor or Quad-core-- -2.26 gigahertz. That's something-- -Yeah, it's got a lot of-- -Yeah. -So it could back up the software as well. -This 5.2-inch panel is ridiculous. It's a 1080p screen which has 13 megapixel rear-facing camera on it and then it's got, of course the front-facing camera as well. Do you think-- I mean the argument here obviously there's a lot of little features. I think Guess Mode is really cool, by the way. That's when you wanna hand your phone to like your child or someone that just wants to see your picture. When you give it to them it only shows a certain amount of apps that you designated for, which is cool. Yeah. -How many people are like being snooping on your phone when they borrow it? -Yeah-- -You loan into them I guess, maybe. -They're just liking every Instagram phone in your feeds and-- -Let me look all of your photos. -Defriending people on Facebook. That's why I think they're everything. Yes, Guess Mode get rid of that. But you're right. You know, all these Android phones like come out every single week to have to do these small little features to set them apart. But no one really cares about that stuff like knocked me for example on the G2. That's basically if you knock twice on the screen, it'll wake it up without you having to touch it. -It's because the power buttons on the back. It's hard to get to. -I just-- it doesn't mean anything to me. -It's like, let me just step twice. Yeah, and it turns on. -Yeah. -I think-- -The screen size then it seems to be a big differentiator. -It depends on the personality that drives you. I-- screen size turns me away. I think it's too big. -Right. -I don't know about you guys. I mean, your pocket is kinda be so big especially chic pockets, you know, we don't have much space in there. -Right. Well, that's why I always thought that females might actually prefer larger screens 'cause they're gonna have to carry it on with the clutch or anything anyway. -'Cause you could pop it in a purse. Yeah, we could put it in our purse. -Yeah. -It's-- there's just comes a point where, it's just the fact to be bigger. It's just the fact to be a little faster. The battery life is the one-- is the area that has to improve. I mean, we see the new Motorola Droid, the Maxx, with 2 "Xs". That one has doubled the battery life in terms of-- it's a little bigger but, it also does 2 days with the battery. It has the area of technology I like to see improved more. I don't really care so much about the screen is even bigger now, you know-- -Right. -People who love that stuff, you know, and that's fine. -It's funny like looking at these comparisons like we put up a chart ourselves in CNET, which I linked to in the blog today. But Carnoy-- David Carnoy is kind of comparing the different features at the Moto X versus the G2, and he talks about how, you know, thick the device is. And he says the Moto X is 0.1 inch's thicker than the iPhone 5 because of the extra battery that needs to be in there to power the screen, which is so much bigger. So that's something that you have to worry about as well if you wanna get a little bit a brighter and bigger screen. Then you're gonna have to maybe sacrifice battery life. -And-- -But that 0.1 inch is probably doesn't make a big difference in your hand. Are you gonna notice that? -And we're putting cases on our phones anyway. So-- -Right. -Right. -So it's already like, "Oh, it's the thinnest phone ever until I put this big honky case on it." -Right. You have that waterproofs in anyway, right? -Yeah, exactly. So-- -But there are so many cases for the G2, which are pretty cool. I believe they're manufactured by Samsung. And if you're gonna put them on the front, you know, it obviously has like your normal, you know, both cover feature. But then the front has a cut-out for some new widgets that you can display on the screen that shows the most important calls, voice-mails alerts and things like that, which is kinda cool that sort of an alternative to me for smart watches. -Yeah. -I've actually seen people on the streets sometimes with Samsung Galaxy version of that, where they open up their phone like a book and they're like, "But let me do something." -Right. -And like that's kinda cute, you know. -Yeah. -This is more original than just slap anything on the phone. -Right. -'Cause I mean, another selling point us the design of the phones, the Moto X is very customized but what kind of back you want. But you're gonna cover it up with a case or the HTC One, you know, has kind of like a metal back and it's kinda sexy and-- -Right. -and so it get scratched and you should put a case on it. So-- -Right, right. -I don't know. I'm someone who likes to keep the value of my phone longer because it's all about upgrading 2 years and getting some money for it. -Uh-hmm. -So, have we gotten details about the price and the availability yet? I heard that all 4 carriers are gonna be-- -Yeah, it's also-- yeah, it's global. It's all 4 carriers too. And no word on exactly when. They said 8 weeks-ish around the world. -Uh-hmm. -And with all this hardware, I'm starting to wonder if it's gonna be a $300 with contract or not. But I would like to see a $200 'cause I think that's to be book in, you know, that they're used to under contract. -Right. -Yeah, I just feel like when people, when any manufacturer announces a new phone, it just should have this wild factor with it and I don't really feel that with this. You know, you can collect a bunch of small new design updates like the G2 does. -Uh-hmm. -But at the end of the day like a button on the back below the camera isn't gonna make me wanna run out and buy this thing three weeks later, right? -Uh-hmm. -I mean, yeah-- how important. How it-- -There's no killer app here. -How important is it to you to be so different from your friends that you're like, "Check this out. I can touch you on the back." -Right. -And then that gets tiresome later. Yeah, I'm with you on that. -So that's interesting to me that you said that because what would be the wild factor? 'Cause this has some pretty good specs like-- -Right. -you know, it's super fast. I shot the video with Brian yesterday, so I know a lot about this phone. -Okay. -But, so-- it has a chip just for graphics, you know, 1080p display, 75 percent of the screen space is just screen. -Yeah, awesome camera. -It's kinda-- it's nice, great camera. Everything is really nice. -Yeah. -But what's missing? 'Cause I agree with you though. -Yeah. -Like it doesn't have that wild factor. But what would-- -Right. -make it have it? You know-- -I'm not sure. I'm actually-- I know, I thought about it too. -Uh-hmm. -I think-- I'm trying to compare it to the jump from regular phone to a smart phone. -Uh-hmm. -You know, that was such a huge feature upgrade, you know, like when you started being able to put it into your entire music library on your phone and have that around with you. That was something that you could never even think about doing before. -Right. -And now I feel like it's all the same features but that upgrades on those features, you know, like-- -Or like the tricks. -or the last one had a 12-megapixel camera. -Yeah. -Now we have a 13-megapixel. It's like great but if you're not putting up posters, then-- -And now-- -it really doesn't matter, anyway. -a special high five with your phone-- -Yeah. -and make sure it turns on. You know, I think what makes us getting excited about the Samsung and the iPhone is the marriage of-- "What can I do with my life now?" -Right. -I like that the phone's faster, I like the phone's lighter. -Uh-hmm. -Sure, we all like that kind of stuff, it kinda makes a little more sexy. -Right. -But what can I do with my life now? With LG's new phone, I guess they're saying, now you can tap it and, you know, like I'm not hearing a lot about how my life is improving, right? -Right. -I think that's what maybe-- when we see Apple presentations were like and my pictures gives you what? -Yeah. Totally. -Or Google really focuses a lot on that as well when talk about their integration which G+ and the photos just automatically fixed themselves. -Uh-hmm. -And whether or not the public is really catching on to that. It's a different story but that's really where technology can sells us. -Right. -Right. Totally. Yeah I think it's more-- I think it's largely a marketing-- -Uh-hmm. -you know, like if they're marketing it right 'cause there is cool features in here but like you said, they're not explaining how this benefits your life, you know. -Look at the Samsung commercials, where that lady is like taking a picture of her son on stage graduating and someone jumps in and she erases the person in the photo that she didn't want in the photo. -Right. Uh-hmm. -Did once that we hear about the specs? -Yeah, totally. -It's all about, "Oh, my life is cooler now. I can tap to share something with someone else." -Uh-hmm. Right. -Of course, for us techie, as we do care, we make sure that we're gonna spend the money. We're gonna get good specs of it too. -Right, right. -Yeah, I think that's another part of it, is that the fact that we covered your technology every single day. -Yeah. -It's probably, you know, those upgrades you're gonna see much more incremental to us because we're following a new so closely, whereas, someone how hasn't checked out any new phones in the last two years since their contract expired is gonna be a lot of-- their skirts gonna get blown up much more with those stuffs-- -Totally. -We're getting to the point like laptops. When you go into a store, people aren't really, well fast as fast, it does what I need to do and our point is there that different factor. -Right. -Uh-hmm. -So I guess, none of us will be running out to buy this-- -No. -Because we're all iPhone users. But, there's a strong chance that the next iPhone will be debut before the end of the year too, right? There's a lot of rumors going around-- -Oh, it's-- yeah, yeah, fall. -about a discounted smaller plastic-covered iPhone coming out. And yesterday, Apple announced that the iOS 7 beta 5, the new iOS software that they announced a few months ago is coming out today for developers that have that beta package-- -So they're pushing ahead on it? -on the device. -That means, you're-- yeah, you're looking at something soon. -Yeah. So that's big upgrade for me 'cause I'm like a solid iPhone user. Not a fan boy but I've just used it for, you know, ever since the first one came out. -Uh-hmm. -And a lot of that has to do with brand loads because I was really into iPods before that, you know-- -Yeah. -when iPods were around. Nothing can close for that. -Uh-hmm. -So, you know, those were the kind of big jumps that I was hoping to look for but before the end of the year, it doesn't look like we'll get that iPhone 6. It feels like it's gonna be an iPhone 5s. -Oh, yeah. I mean, it's not gonna be a big-- I guess, right? -You know what I wanted the new form factor. -Uh-hmm. -Like every phone now has that candy bar sort of shape, that rectangle-- -Flip phone's back. -I just want something crazy. -You like the flip phones. -Yeah, like I want something automatic or something that converts like a ball. I just wanna use like a phone ball or something like that. -I wanted like slide and fold that into or [unk]-- -Exactly. -silver that flies away. -Yeah, yeah. -That would be awesome. -That's awesome, yeah. So, I don't know. We might not seeing anything new for a while, but the LG G2, if you want it, keep following CNET and we'll update you when you get more present information. -Yeah. -And you're covering it today and update as well, right? -Yeah. And what I think is interesting about this phone announcement is that they're like a big-- -Speaking of phone-- -I even [unk] my phone off. You know, they make all this big splash and they go, "And I don't-- I can't tell you when it's coming out." And only Apple seems to get their act together when it comes to like and it's all on this carriers on the same day and here's your price. -Right. -I'm tired of like these presentations for the like, "And-- wait a couple of moment." You know. We're so glad you came and we don't have all our information together but don't you worry. It's gonna be great. -Just before-- do you remember the show we are talking about how awesome Bridget's voices are? -Yeah. -And that was a perfect example-- -Thank you sir. -of one of those exaggerated voices. You my friend should be doing voice over work. -Yeah. -Oh, I love to do that. -'Cause you don't get that a lot with females. -I love to be a part of cartoon, I have like one enough. -I love your voice. -We gotta make a CNET cartoon. -I know-- that's one-- a good idea. -We can animate-- -Oh, yeah, step one. -We gotta find [unk]. -Well, speaking of technology that isn't around but we wish was. Let's talk about Back to the Future for a little bit and-- -Yeah. -I'm bummed-- -Is that a sarcastic "yeah?" -No. I'm so excited. -Oh, okay. -He said Back To The Future. That's my jam in case you don't know. -Yeah, it is. And I'm sad that Jeff is not here because this is his story-- -His story-- -I think it's close to his heart too. But, you know what? We only have 2 more years until the hoverboard is supposed to come out, right? So in Back to the Future 2-- -2015. -Supposed to be 2015, June 2015. So we just past-- -Along with Jaws 16-- -Yeah. We're supposed to have a giant shark too-- -We gotta go through. -But, yeah. We only have 2 more years left until all those technologies supposed to come out and obviously the most important one in Back To The Future 2 is the Hoverboard, right? -Yeah. -And I believe those last year a comic con when we saw those metallic hoverboards that we're really disappointing to a lot of collectors because they didn't actually work. They're more props, the blew air onto the ground and made it easier to glide on a surface. -Uh-hmm. -And I believe you actually got one, right? -I have the metallic prop that was shown off at Toy Fair, where it makes sounds. It doesn't have air but it's the official metal, they only had a few additions out and when you tilt it, it kinda sounds like it's being tilted and it starts up. -Yeah. -So that's my little pride and joy. And it even came in a box like it was a kid's box. -Right, right. -That you would like, "now, come hoverboard. You know, battery is not included and it was just awesome." -Did it also come with a scooter attachment like the handle bar? -I was so upset it didn't had a mini version of that but the instructions had a lot of warnings about-- and I'm gonna butcher the wording but it was like a scientific warnings about how-- don't put the batteries in backwards. It even cause a problem with the space time, you know, like a warp overload, you know. The technology doesn't exist yet. That was brilliant. You know, I collect a couple of things like that. I have a flex capacitor all I'm missing is the Mr. Fusion, which they are making. -Wow. -And I need to get that and I'll be complete. -You're nerd stock just went through the rough, I didn't notice about it, you know. -It was like my favorite movie. It's so awesome. -It's a great movie and I don't blame you for it ether, but seeing you might be able to add a real hoverboard to your Back To The Future collection. So check this out. This is really cool. It's an Indiegogo crowd funded project right now. That's asking for a million dollars to develop the first ever open source hoverboard project. And so obviously they're trying to get this started in time with the Back To The Future 2 June 2015 release. There's a company called HallTech Industries and they're proposing this hoverboard constructed out of this honeycomb fiber, right? And it's-- this all new technology here, so that's why it's taking a million dollars to manufacture it. This honeycomb techniques is supposedly gonna make it super strong without sacrificing weight, which is obviously important and something that's has to hover. They're actually using this thing called a "Omni-directional two-backshield blower" which sounds like a total marketing bullshit do you mean, but whatever that means, it's supposedly have the hovering technology. All they gotta do is put it into a board. So this is cool. They've actually worked with other people on projects like this, for example, which looks totally fake. They're showing pictures of a-- what looks to be another vehicle that they've developed that uses hoverboard technologies as well. And it just looks like something off like, I don't know. -The massive, you know, giant, giant craft. -Yeah. -I mean, I've seen hover technology in small form where you have magnetic involved and, you know, but-- -Right. -I mean, the key is, can it work on water? -That would be the ultimate test. -It's gonna need power. -Oh, boy. That was a good one. -Okay. -I'm gonna let that one slip. So, you also be able to access the hoverboard through your iPhone as well, so that's gonna be a new sort of updates to the classic movie technology. You're gonna have to recharge the batteries through your phone. It's gonna have a USB port on so you can actually insert apps into it so they're gonna open up the developers' SDK as well, which is really coo. That's the open source side of it. Developers are gonna have access to the SDK to maybe make apps or, you know, whatever else you could imagine for this hoverboard. -You know, we can maybe make this dream come true if we get some serious celebrity power behind it, you know-- -Uh-hmm. -people might donate a portion of it went to Michael J. Fox's foundation. -Yeah. -Get Nike in on it because they made the shoes that went with that movie. -Uh-hmm. Right, that's true. -Get a couple of power behind it to really make this happen too. -Yeah. -And people would jump on this too and want to participate. They know it, it also goes to good causes. -That I think is a big deal. That's a great point and I wish that more people would be on board with that because in order to obtain a real working hoverboard, you have to contribute $10,000 to this campaign-- -And invent science. -Right. And if you have $10,000 to throw away on a toy. -What I mean is like-- and you're putting money towards some that it hasn't been invented. So-- -Right, right. -it's technology though. We can't even get a phone battery to last more than 2 days, we're talking about. So-- -Right. -Yeah, it's gonna be a lot. -I feel like if you can afford to pay $10,000 for a hoverboard-- -You should afford it to your kids-- -you might as well just give them a million dollars and just have it right there. -Yeah, yeah. -You know, I mean to start your own company 'cause no one's gonna drop 10,000 without having an extra million. -And there are other causes that your money can go to. -Right, I agree with that-- and that's big of you to say because I know that you're a big Back To The Future fan, all you wanna see is this hoverboard invented. -Yeah. -But, you know, there are bigger things you can worry-- -And I can die happy. -I agree. But, you know what? Even if you do love Back To The Future and you wish hoverboards are around, doesn't a lot of other technologies that exist right now that were also in Back To The Future, like for example, you remember when Marty McFly in the second movie he is eating dinner with his family and he wants fruit. But he's wearing those glasses, right? -Yeah. Hercules-- -Tell me we don't have those glasses already and we have a much better, more ergonomic version in Google Glass. So if you want that technology, it's there already. -But what about my Pizza Hut dehydrated pizza? -That-- you're gonna have to settle for George Foreman Grill. Sorry. It knocks out the fat though, that's pretty cool. Yeah, or drones for example. Do you remember when Beth got arrested in the second movie at the end? -Yeah. -And he's walking on the steps and he's being escorted. They have that drone robot that sort of flies up, takes pictures of him and then it's automatically published the times, the whole valued times. -I'm gonna give you another one. -They have those already too. -When Jennifer had to put her thumb on the door to enter-- -Right. -We now have Smart Homes that can do it not by thumb print like it was but rather just by being near the door key with your app and your phone and you touch it-- -Right. Yeah. -that enough. Yeah. -You're right. Biometric is almost seem like dated technology now compared to all the other sensing stuff that we have. -Yeah. We just saw a touch/open lock the other day at the tech show. -Yeah. -So, this is happening. Although I want a fax machine in my closet, you know, you're fired. -Oh, I can get to you that. We have that technology. Fax machines on fax machines in the bag right now. We'll take care of that for free and anyone else too. They don't even selling fax machines anymore. They're just giving them away. So I have the-- I got you hooked up on that. -Good. -All right. Let's move on to more useless technology 'cause that's kind of what our bread and butter is on the show. So, Ariel, remember I told you to watch that Snoop Lion movie, right? -Yeah. -On NetFlix. -Reincarnating-- -Reincarnating. Great movie, right? -Awesome, yeah, that was great. -So good. -Uh-hmm. -If anyone hasn't seen that, just go to NetFlix right out and check out Snoop Lion. What's it called again? -Reincarnated. -Reincarnated, right. And I just said resurrected, he's not dead. -No, no. -Yeah, Reincarnated is great. It sort of tracks his movements in reggae. -Uh-hmm. -And they follow him to Jamaica, where he meets with a lot of the guys that worked with Bob Marley when he was young with the Wailers and things. It was really cool. -It's basic capturing his spiritual and musical journey to Jamaica to find a new style-- -Right. -It's pretty cool. -Yeah. And along the way he also smokes a bunch of weed too, which is not surprising. -The usual-- yeah. -It's Snoop Lion. But if you guys wanna smoke with Snoop Lion, you can do that now for $100 through his iPhone app. Not really but it's kinda cool. So he has his app out right now called Snoopify. All right? The concept of the app is really simple. -I used it. -You had-- -I've Snoopified. -You Snoopified yourself? -But I had it report one for updates, of course, I had to Snoopify my-- -Where is that photo? -Let me go hunt for that. -I'll explain the app when it does while you look for that. I wanna see it. So basically, Snoopify is a photo app. You can take pictures with the app and then after you're done with that, it offer you all these different stickers that you can place over your photo, right? -Right. -So you could personalize them with things like Rastafarian hats and dreadlocks and things like that-- -Uh-hmm. -which is borderline offensive to people that are actually live in Jamaica. -Snoopify. -But there it is. So, we're looking at a picture of Bridget-- -Wearing Google Glass. -Is that a kangol too? -Yeah, looks like a some kind of-- -Sick bucket hat. -Yeah, bucket hat. -Like similar-- like Hawaiian shirt with the collar puff and bunch of money. That's awesome. -It's another day in the office. -Bunch of stacks there too. -Drop it like it's hot. -Are you wearing Google Glass? -I am. -That's not a sticker. That's a real Google Glass. -You are flashing on so many levels there. Oh, my God. That's amazing. That's gonna be the main picture for today's blog. -Yeah, totally. -But I know that you didn't have one sticker on there, which is arguably the best sticker of all and definitely the most expensive. If you plopped down $100, you can buy the Snoop J-- Golden J sticker. -Which-- I don't know people who were buying this 'cause there are people who were buying it apparently. No-- -It's amazing. -like at what point does it go, "Are you sure? It's really $100." Or people like smoking and now they're realizing that like, "Oh, I just spent $100 on this thing." -Yeah, exactly. -Yeah. -That's it. -That $100 virtual currency. This is $100 they asked for your credit card when you buy it. -Well, no-- -And it's just a sticker of a joint. -It'll go to your app store, iTunes purchases. -Right. -Because it's an app purchase. -Right. So you're still paying for it though. -Yeah. -With your real money. But check out the sticker though, isn't it cool? I want that. It's basically a Golden joint halfway smoked so you don't even get the whole thing. -It's like inspired by Lisa Frank, it's so rainbow. -Yeah, exactly. It's got a rainbow smoke cloud coming out of it and at least 15 people have purchased the app according to that guys who made Snoopify. -Yeah, the sticker. Right, yeah. -Fifteen suckers. -I have reported on sticker purchases in different ways throughout my times. A lot of times when it comes around for Valentine's Day stories, people are trying to woo others on dating sites by just paying a virtual image of gold that would be $50. -Right. -And it shows, "Hey, baby. I can pay for this sticker of gold. Do you wanna have a conversation with me?" -Yeah, I've seen that as well. -And this happen to be, because the report on it, I decided to sign up a couple of years ago and see and I just got hit with dozens of like people spending $10 to $50 on images. -Right. That's what I'm saying. -They're like, "I'm gifting you this virtual teddy bear." A dollar is one thing. -Right. Even a dollar though 'cause you could buy a really cool app. There's all kinds of very nonsense apps either that would benefit you much more. -Well, as someone who has paid for outlets for Xbox Live. -Uh-huh. -I even bought a wedding dress. It's like I'm someone-- -Wait, what? -I dressed up my avatar on my mood. So when the Heat were winning-- -Okay, right. -Oh, that makes-- yeah. -So when the Heat were winning, I was wearing a Heat jersey. For Halloween, I, you know, I wore something different for Christmas. I bought the hats on and then I know I'm getting married so I even bought like affordable wedding dress on and I'm gonna be so cool and like-- yeah, I know [unk] will spend, you know, $30 on that. But we're talking less than $5. When it get-- it's kind of-- it gets a little crazy when it's-- 'cause you just accessorizing on one hand or making someone smile or another. -Right. -It's just showing off you're rich. -Right. -Yeah. -This is weird. -Remember there is that I'm Rich app-- -Yeah. -That was, I think we covered that on CNET a few years ago. -A thousand dollars. -And it was a thousand dollars just to buy it and all it was was a Ruby on the app that displayed on your screen and that was it. And you're gonna show people this Ruby and you're like, "I paid a thousand dollars for this thing." -No, I'm sure Mr. Lion has many rich friends who might have done it just to get a laugh out of it themselves. -Right, yeah. I'm sure they does. -You know, I mean we're about 15 people, a good percentage of that is probably people who like have the means-- -Yeah. -and wanna be funny about it maybe. -Hey, if you have the money and you wanna buy this junk. If you want to spend a thousand dollars or $5,000 or $10,000 on a hoverboard, then you can do that. You know, it's your money, which is why I think we should start our own Indiegogo campaign for this podcast 'cause apparently people are just trying to give away their money to anyone that asked for it. -Yeah. -I actually kinda get disturbed by that to like a couple of levels and like, I'm gonna do something, please give me money." Like what is that saying when people just hand over Money or two, you know. -Stupid idea gets funded now. I don't know if you were here for this but we also talked about a couple that was trying to fund their vacation on I think it was Indiegogo or maybe it was Kickstarter. It was one of those crowd funding things but they had no-- there were no illnesses. There were no dead babies involved or anything like that. It's just, "We wanna go on vacation. We can't afford it. Give us a thousand dollars to sail around the world." -Yeah, total bullshit. -I don't think if a couple-- I think if a couple knew things I can make up. -Yeah. -Things I want. -Yeah, like Bridget's wedding for example. -Oh, my Gosh. -Get me on a honeymoon. -Yeah. We'll see, there's a difference between services that you could do as, what do you call it, like a set of registering for a store for gifts for your baby. You could do something like that. -Yeah. -But it's public. It doesn't make sense. I don't know. -If you're gonna ask for money for something as the name is that, then you should have to go to each person that gives it to you and go pick up that cash yourself. You know what I mean? Like you should have to show up at every person's door, give them a handshake and a thank you personally and then take your money like a real human being. -Yeah, totally. -Accept it for free online. Even though now that Jeff isn't here, I'm still getting-- -Yeah. -negative vibes from him. -Yeah, totally. -All right, I guess we'll end the show on that negative. I think we're used to doing that. -Awesome. -If you want, leave us a voicemail. Again, we got a few on that-- we'll play tomorrow maybe but we need more. Give us a call. It's 1-866-404-CNET, that's the number to call or you can e-mail us at the 404@cnet.com and we'll read that e-mail over the air and also tweet us as well [unk] @404 or submit stories through our subwriter and we'll thank you on the air for that as well. It's just the 404. -Or come to Justin's house. His address is in-- -Yesterday, I gave them my phone numbers that's why I'm giving my social security. -And hand a money when you knock on the door. -Please do that. Again, thank you Bridget for coming on the show. Always a good episode when you're on. -Thanks for having me. -Yeah, definitely. If you're not doing anything, come back tomorrow and bring your voices, please. -Sure, fine. -All right guys, that's gonna do it for us. I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -And I'm Bridget Carey. -It's the 404. It's high tech. It's low brow. Thanks for listening. We'll see you tomorrow.

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