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The 404: Ep. 1313: Where there is no such thing as too much guacamole

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The 404: Ep. 1313: Where there is no such thing as too much guacamole

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Drowning your sorrows in ladlefuls of ice cream is sad enough, but now Haagen-Dazs is making you wait for it with a new augmented reality app that challenges you to "temper" your cravings for two minutes. Sounds impossible, but worth a shot.

-What's up, everybody. It's Friday, August 2nd, 2013. Thanks for tuning in to The 404 Show right here on CNET. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -What's up, everybody? Finishing up this fine week of shows that we just accomplished. Good work, everybody. Stacie was here. -I was just cycling from over-- -You sighed again, man. -I've been sighing a lot this morning. I just think I had a rough not. Sometimes, you gotta take those deep breaths, you know, get the blood flowing in your system. -Yeah. -Justin's got a case of those sad feels. -Yeah. It's one of those days but those days are never Fridays, so it's kinda weird that I'm feeling this way right now. But you know what, it's ups and flows. It's up and downs. -Ups and flows. -Yeah. -And most importantly, what have you's. -Uh-hmm, what have you's. -All right. So, I got a story. -Okay. -You wanna-- -Yes. -I'm the one who's supposed to be depressed 24/7. Not you. -I'm not depressed. I. You're just sighing every 40 seconds. -I just wanna hear your freaking story. -What's wrong, guy? -Nothing. -You wanna talk it out? -No. I don't wanna talk. -Did you get a good night of sleep? -No. -I told you not to eat peanut butter all night. Number one, Ariel. -Yeah. -It is true. You can eat too much guacamole. -Oh yea, definitely. Definitely. -Okay. I just want everyone to know that. -Yeah. -I did that last night. I ruined. I f'd up my stuff. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Stupid amateur move right there. -I know the feeling, man. I do it everytime. -What happened? -I should have known that. I just ate too much guacamole, man. I just ate it and wouldn't stop because it was so good. -Uh-hmm. -And I had those Tostitos like Multigrain Scoops. -Oh, yeah, little hint of lime? -No hint of lime. -No? Okay. -No. The lime was in the guac. -Nice. -You know, and there's, you know, you look at the back of the packaging and it's like, oh, 73 chips is 4 grams of fat, cool. Sign me up. -It's awesome. Make it 3. -And I'm just like, I'm gonna eat all that. -Uh-hmm. -And then she made-- Stacie made like a 3 avocado guac, which is enormous, which is an enormous amount of guac. -Yeah. -Even for two people and I'm going in here with two hands and it's disgusting. -Yeah. -Ten thirty at night rolls by and I just feel like dog shit, and it was just-- anyway, that's what happened to me last night. -Yeah. -That's really not that interesting. This morning, I had a moment, man. I had a moment on the train where I did something that in retrospect, I guess I'm kind of proud of because I think I might have had intervened in some super shady creepiness going on. -What? -Check it out. I get on the path train, which everyone knows it's what I take everyday from Hoboken to Manhattan. It's about a 7-minute train ride. I sit down and it's a pretty packed sort of train. Although, all the seats are taken but there's not a lot of people standing. So, I sit down, I'm listening to music like I do every morning, and this guy comes, there's a seat empty next to me. A guy comes and sits down. And I think nothing of it, you know, you know sometimes you sit down and you get a glance in someone else's phone, right? -Right. -Yeah. -So, anyway, train is getting ready to leave, a very attractive woman, -Oh, where this is going. -comes into the train and sits across from me and my person. -Oh, my God. Yeah. -So, next to it. -Okay. -So, I'm just, you know, hanging out, you know, I usually wear sunglasses on the train because I hate making eye contact with people. -Uh-hmm. -Just don't wanna be-- just think of me as background. Just let me blend in with the windows and the seats and I don't wanna deal with anyone. Right? So, I'm just sitting there and you know, this attractive woman, so I'm checking her, you know, I'm looking at her, I'm like oh, so that's a pretty girl. That's nice. But the guy next to me, all of a sudden, a guy can tell he's doing something creepy. -Uh-huh. -He picks up his iPhone and he starts like, you know, fingering around with it, finagling a little bit and he-- and I can-- and I'm looking out of the corner of my eye and don't forget, I'm wearing sunglasses, so I'm somewhat camouflage. And I see out of the corner of my eye-- train is moving now, we're out of the station. All right, so I'm like, wait, is this guy photographing this girl like across the thing, like for no reason? So, he's doing this where like the phone is up to his chest. -Yeah. -You know, and he's really not settled at all. And he's like-- and I get-- and you know, like the train rocks, so he moves a little, -Uh-huh. -and I see-- I could see he's taking photos of this girl. He's like zooming it and he's like kinda not taking photos of her face, you know what I mean? -Okay. -What was the girl wearing? -She's wearing a skirt. -Okay. -And she's sitting down, right? She sat down on the train. -Uh-hmm. -This guy is zooming in, -Oh, my God. -taking photos of her. -Wow. -Okay? So, I'm looking to what's happening and I'm like, you know, this aggression will not stay. I'm just not gonna let this fool do this. -Wow. -So, I take off my sunglasses and I turn and I'm like staring at this dude and he's like not paying attention to me staring at him. -Uh-hmm. -And my nose is 4 inches from his ear. -Yeah. -And I'm just like-- and then, I do, you ever give off one of those like disgusted dudes, like, dude. So, I'm like, "Dude!" Like that. And he looks to me and he's like, "What?" And I said it kinda loud, like other people on the train-- -Yeah. -They pulled out their earbuds and I'm like, "Dude. What are you doing?" and he's like "What?" I'm like, "You're taking photos of that girl over there. That's crazy." -Oh, my God. -Right. And I swear, I swear, this is what I did. And the girl who's wearing headphones, -Uh-huh. -takes off her headphones and she's like, "What's going on?" I'm like, "This freaking creep next to me is taking photos of you." And she's like, "What? What are you doing?" Like that. I'm just like, "Dude, it's not cool. You can't just go around taking photos of people who don't know you're taking photos of them. It ain't right." -Yeah. -And he's like, "I'm not taking photos." I'm like, "I'm watching you take photos, you creep." -What? -And he's like getting all defensive and turning red and whatnot. -Yeah. -And I'm just like, "Oh, what is wrong with you, man?" Like, "Get a freaking life." And I'm really just like freaking out on him because right now, I'm at the point where like I can tell he's on the defensive, -Uh-hmm. -you know, everyone on the train is just ready to just give it to this guy. -Uh-hmm. -And I don't wanna ruin his freaking life here but I'm just like, I'm like, "Get up and go over there. Just like leave everyone alone and don't take photos of people." -Yeah. -And he did, and that was that. -Wow. -That's crazy. You're a hero. -Well done, sir. Yeah. -Hurrah! Hurrah! And the girl-- -Gentleman. -And the girl turns to me and she says, "Thank you. I've never had that happened to me." -Yeah. -"You're, you know, that was very nice of you. You didn't have to do that." -Uh-hmm. -And I'm like, "You're right because they were great photos. No." And, no,I was like, that's bull-- what is this guy doing? -Yeah. -Like I'm so disgusted with it. And like seeing, you know, you like to hear about it all the time but when you see it, I wanted to take a shower after because it was so filthy and creepy. -Yeah. -It is possible that he wasn't necessarily taking creep shots though. -He-- -I mean, there is a slight-- just to play devil's advocate, there's a slight possibility. -Leave it to Justin to defend the creeps of the world. -There is a small possibility that maybe he was taking a picture of her shirt because his wife has the same shirt and he was like, hey, check out this girl's-- -Okay. So, you wanna know what to do? -Whatever. Like her bag, her shirt, you know, unless he was taking crotch shots which you didn't necessarily see, right? -He wasn't-- like I said-- -It could have been something. -Oh, my Jesus. -He didn't defend himself, though, I mean, that's something he should have said right when you brought it up. -Exactly. So, if that were the case, the first thing that come out of his mouth would have been-- -Like, no, dude, I'm a fashion designer. -Like-- yeah. Clear. This guy was not a fashion designer. Okay? -Yeah. -He's one of these guys wearing the flip flops, the jeans curled up. -Right. -Anyway, so, I just-- I was not gonna believe anything like that. -Sure. -And if he had said, oh, you know, yeah I can see why this looks creepy but I'm actually just, -Right. -you know, you have the same top as my wife, -Right. -that we bought yesterday and I thought that was funny. -Even if he gave me that very well-rehearsed spiel, I would not have believed it. I would be like-- -Did you ask him to see the photo roll? Because when he was defending himself, you should have been like, let me see it, you know. -No. He just-- like he got up and like you could tell, like he was guilty. -Uh-huh. -He-- the admission of guilt was in the context of his defense. -Wow. Yeah. -You know, like, he-- -That's great. -And this girl, you know, she was really appreciative of what happened and I was like, you know, and I said that, I'm like, I've never actually seen someone doing that. -Uh-hmm. -And that, my friends, I said, "That, my friends," as I made eye contacts with everyone else on the train, "is a creep." -You said that? -Yeah. -Yeah, I did. I did. I called him a creep 40 times. -You got [unk]. -I called him a creep-- -Why didn't you make a citizen's arrest? -What am I going to do? I'm not gonna beat him up. -No. That's good, though, because I mean, for all the times that we've seen this happened before, imagine how many times it goes unnoticed. That's so creepy. -It would piss me off. It was like, man, he wasn't even being slick about it. -Yeah. -Like that will piss me off too-- -Yeah. -because he was like, he was like down in his seat like-- -Yeah. -Yeah. -Like that. -Easy. -And I'm just like, "God. You're not even being subtle about this." -Yeah. -At least pretend you're on a phone call. -Yeah, something. -Yeah or freaking, you know, like you know, if you're-- made me so mad. -Uh-hmm. -And it's funny because this is one of the one-times that I commuted in the morning without Stacie. And if she was there, I'd bet you, she would have been the one to just rip this guy, I knew, man. -Yeah. -Because she has a tendency to yell at people who are being awful. -Well, that's-- -And now I see, you've taken your phone and put it under your desk. What is going on over there, sir? -One of us is wearing pants right now, so I thought I'd take the opportunity. -Yeah, yeah. So, I didn't get the guy's name but you know, there's one last-- -Public shaming-- -there's one last creep in Manhattan, I think. -Yeah. -Before you said something, did you instinctively like look around to see who else could help you out if things got crazy? -No. -No? You don't have to like-- but I guess you couldn't take him. -Oh, yeah, you know what he looked like? -What kind of guy is he? What did he look like? -I don't know. I mean he was dark, I don't know. He's like a dark dude, like really tan. I don't know. He wasn't very muscular but does that matter? Not really dark like, look like-- he just looked, you know. -I was just kidding man, yeah. -I don't know. He's like-- I don't know. -But you would recognize him again? -Hell yeah. -Let's go to Manhattan. -Hell yeah. He's like really creepy slicked back hair too. -Yeah. -You know, like the creep pomade. -Uh-hmm. That man. Imagine how bad that's gonna get Google Glass comes out and everyone can get their hands on it or you know, yesterday, Motorola and Google had a conference and they brought up their new Moto X phone. -Yeah. -That thing can take pictures on a slice so easily just be whispering into your headset, right? Did you guys hear about that? -Yeah. -Take photos without you even prompting the voice activation. -I don't know. And you can like shake it. -Right. -Uh-hmm. Yeah, you give it a little shake and you know, open up the camera app. -Yeah. -It's about to get a lot creepier. -Chat room wants to know if they think I could have taken him. I think I could have taken him. You don't even know the guy. You just yelled at me yesterday about all my rage. -I did, yeah I did. Just yesterday, I told you that you should beat someone up and you got the perfect opportunity this morning. Didn't take it. -First of all, if I beat him up, I go to jail. -Like what? -Yeah, dude. You can't just beat people up, man. -No. No jury would convict you for that. -I don't know if it would go to jury. -Right. -But either way. -Well, let's keep talking about privacy issues here. So, you guys remember the story we talked about yesterday? About the family that was Googling pressure cookers and they Google backpacks and the government ended up showing at their house. -Uh-hmm. -Showing up at their house. Well, we got a few more details about that story, that sort of bring the whole thing-- sort of brings the whole thing together. And this update is kind of interesting. So, it happened at the Suffolk County in Long Island. And we found out yesterday that the government showed up at this woman's house-- -Yeah. -after she Googled the perfect store on search terms, right? -Right. -It turns out that it wasn't actually Google who was monitoring her search terms and it wasn't Google that sticks the dogs on her. They did show up at her house but the cops in Suffolk County actually released a little bit more-- a few more details about it. It turns out the searches were reported by the husband's former employer and he was looking up those search terms on his work's computer that had recently let him go. And so, that's why they're wondering what he was looking up because-- -It doesn't make it any better. -No. -So, this guy, he got either terminated or like, for whatever reason he wasn't working at the company anymore but still had the computer that they issued him. And so he was using that and the family was using it to look up all these things. -Uh-hmm. -Right? So, you know, when he finally did get back the laptop, I guess they checked out what he was looking at and when they found that out, they reported them to the police. -Got you. So, this-- okay. -Right. -So, this is-- it's a little more-- I don't wanna say, it doesn't make it any better. -No. -But there's a little more transparency to-- -Right. -And I guess the, you know, that over-- you know, that umbrella, you know, of like paranoia, -Uh-hmm. -it's not as awful as we thought. -Right. -Like this wasn't like a Google thing just your personal computer. -Yeah. -Although they're still watching you. -Yeah. I mean, it doesn't-- just because this story didn't happen though, it doesn't mean that Google is not complying 100% with any kind of more answer-- -Yeah, right. -or things like that that the police request from them. -Correct. -In fact, from researching the story, I found out that you could-- Google actually issues a transparency report every six months that shows exactly how much has been reported, you know, based on what cops have asked them for. -Right. -So, look, check this out. This is like publicly available online. It shows exactly how much-- how many requests were reported during the last 6 months and how much that's grown compared to previous years and things like that. -Unbelievable, man. -Yeah. Don't think that you're safe because you're searching Google. -There's way too many numbers there to think that it's not coming on. -Clearly you're being monitored. But also, just don't use your work computer for that kind of stuff, right? -Yeah. -I mean, really-- I don't know. You just have to be as safe as possible. -Well, no. But those terms that were being searched at work were still harmless. -Yeah, completely-- -Yeah, totally. -You know, so, yeah. And how did you know? You never know when you're gonna accidentally, you know, -Yeah. -lock in that perfect storm of search terms like you put it. -Even if he was intentionally searching for how to look up or how to make a pressure bomb, right? I mean, you should be able to do that without it implying that you're actually gonna follow through and kill people, right? Just because you're looking it up doesn't imply-- -Right. Yeah, and technically I guess you're right. If you're just kinda like detonated in the woods, -Right. -somewhere there or something like that. -Or you're just curious about how those guys did [unk]. -Right, or how it actually works. You're just the science geek and you wanna know the-- -Right. -the technicalities of it. -Yeah. -So, that doesn't make us feel any better. -No, it does not. You know, we always get to that really-- it's like sad feel, uncomfortable. -It's on the show, man. -Yeah. -It's like a scary feel. -Oh, it's a sad day. Now, this will make us all feel a little better, because we always like talking nostalgia and this is really cool. So, yesterday, no the Pics Subreddit, so it's like a pictures-only Subreddit. -Uh-hmm. -Yeah, P-I-C-S. -Yup. Someone posted a really cool story and it's kinda similar to another story we talked about a few months ago. Remember that story about the guy that moved into the drug dealer's old house? -Right. -And he found a safe in the basement, -Yeah. -and we're trying to figure out what was in the safety because they didn't know the combination. -Never opened it. Never opened it. -Yeah, so the result of that story was that they never actually opened it. So, we still don't know. It's still a mystery. But this is kinda like that, the story here is that-- someone posted that their parent's friends recently bought a house, right? -And that house was completely furnished, turns out. And you know, that's not that uncommon. There's a state sales and a lot of times when you foreclose a house it will come fully furnished. But when the guy's parents ended up moving in, they ended up finding a huge load of old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles paraphernalia. This is a really cool stuff too. -Yeah. -It's not just toys, although toys were included. -Uh-hmm. -And he actually took a bunch of photos up and then posted on the Pics Subreddit. This is really cool. So, check this out. This is the imagery of photo album of everything that they found inside this guy's house. -Wow. -This is crazy. -It's insane. So, what we're looking at here is a life-sized replica prop, probably from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie from the '90s. This one is a Raphael. -Yeah. Check it out. -Wow. -And it's like a 6-foot-- -It's like a one-to-one scale toy. -Yeah. -It's insane. -It's amazing. -Including the size and everything like that. -What I don't understand, though, is like-- so, they bought this, right? -Uh-hmm. -And you buy a house fully furnished. Do they not see the house before? -Yeah. That's what I don't understand. Why would anyone buy a house that they'd never looked inside? -Does that happen a lot? -I don't know. Maybe they're-- the broker just sometimes pictures the house. Maybe they're just really rich. -There are one-to-one Ninja Turtle scale models. -Yeah. So, let's scroll through some of these photos while we're talking about it. This is the back of-- look how detailed that turtle shell is. -It's pretty cool. I can't tell if it's like scary or cool. -Yeah. -There's Ninja Turtle's art all over the walls. -Yeah. So, this one is really cool. Let me see if I can zoom into these photos. This is an original TGRI canister-- -I love-- -from the Secret of the Ooze movie. -That's awesome. -With all-- a bunch of original toys from the '90s but this-- this is what I was the most excited about is. These are all the original weapons and they don't even look like props. They look like the real onset props. -They look like they're actually from the-- -From the movie. -And what's amazing too, if you look closely, -Yeah. -you can see the piece of art-- -You know what that is? -that-- who drew it? -It was Leonardo. -Did he draw it or was it April that drew it? -I think it was-- I don't know. -You know, when they go and hide into the farmhouse, -Uh-hmm. -which is like the weirdest part of the movie by far when they're like hanging out, and there's like abandoned like farmhouse. -Uh-hmm. -Well, it was when Raphael was in a coma. -He was in a coma? -Yeah. When he was hurt real bad and he couldn't talk. -He just had the sad feel. -Yeah. So, they put him into the bathtub. -Right. -And I think it was Leonardo that was-- maybe he was-- -Someone drew Leonardo who was like waiting by the side of Raphael, I think. -Right. Right. And then he wakes up, right? -Yeah. It's just so cool. -And he's like-- yeah. -Anyway, it looks like they have either a replica or that original drawing. -Right. -What I gotta do to get the food around here? -Smiling [unk] says that April drew it. -April drew it, okay. -Yeah. -This is the scene-- I remember crying in the movie theater watching this scene because he got up from his paralyzes. -Oh, right. Yeah. Like he was in-- he was shell shocked. -He was. -To get some food around here. -Oh, then Leonardo tries to apologize too. -Yeah. -You're gonna be okay, Raph. You're gonna be okay. -Oh, here's where they makeup. -Yeah, yeah.All right, Leo. Get a grip. -I love it like Raphael is like the wise cracking-- -Oh, it gets real right here. -The wise cracking like Brooklyn guy. -Listen to this. -You know, I'm not leaving you at all. -Leo, don't. -About to cry. -They're gonna-- -That's so sad. -They're really gonna kiss or cry. -Look how close they are. -That's a great screenshot right here. -Look at those turtle knobs right there. Those turtle tips are touching right there. Are they not? -Oh, don't cross the stream. -Wow. -The coolest thing is that Raphael is taller than Leo there because that's how he's held these puppets where-- -Well, it's a clawfoot bathtub, so it raised him like a little higher-- -Don't break the moment for me. Okay? -But that's what that is. -This is the original drawing that April O'Neil put up. -Yeah. -It's sick. -In the first movie. -It's so cool. -That's so rad. But it's not just Ninja Turtle stuff. There's like lithographs and things like that. Whoever owned this house was also a big nerd because look, these are the original comic book drawings from the first Ninja Turtles. -I felt bad someone had to part with all this. -And then look at this. The guy is like a huge sci-fi geek-- -Yeah. -Wow. -One-to-one Star-- Stormtrooper. -Because he also has one-to-one Stormtrooper costumes. He's got like a Darth Vader thing here. A bunch of different really cool things. This is a life-sized Superman replica with the cape and everything. So, it's really crazy and obviously, you can imagine these Subredditers were kinda speculating on what might have happened. I'm with them. I'm thinking that it's probably a bankruptcy situation. Right? Like clearly this guy put a lot of money into this. -Because he spent too much money. -Yeah. -And they probably had to foreclose this house and didn't have time to take the stuff with them, which is really sad. Right? Or someone just died. -Yeah. That's what I was thinking. It's that he was like a really big nerd who just passed away. -Dude, this is like you in 50 years, man. You start collecting. You go to one Comic-Con and the keep doing it every year. Fifty years later, you die underneath a big avalanche of all the toys you've come up with. That's sad. -That's sad, man. Thanks for painting me that picture. -Yeah. -You know. -One day you're shopping for glass cases to put your shit in, the next day they bury you. -I can only hope to achieve the same amount of nerdom that this person was able to achieve. -That's really cool, though, and you can actually buy all this stuff so that person that put up all the photos, that's the son of the parents who bought the house. -And they're selling that? -And everything is for sale. -Wow. -Wow. -So, if you want any of that stuff that we just talked about, go to that Subreddit. We'll post the LinkedIn blog today. -It's so weird, man. -By all of us. -It's so crazy. All right. Yeah. Again, we somehow turn that into a real sad story for me. -It's all about death today, man. -Yeah. I don't know what the hell-- -It's all coming from Justin too, man. -Yeah, seriously. -We're all gonna die sometimes, guys. That are-- -That's true. -that are kind of terms. -What is-- what the hell was that like some e-card? It's like whenever work is really getting you down, don't forget you're going to die. -Right. -Yes. -Something like that. All right. What we got next, man? -Oh, man. -Is this [unk] that sad? -What? -The Haagen-Dazs thing? -No, no. It's not sad. No. This is actually a really cool story. So, it actually goes along with something we talked about yesterday too. It all comes together here. Yesterday, we were talking about tampering your meals and sort of taking a minute to appreciate what you have in front of you, whether that means taking a photo of your food or whatever, because that little amount of time you spend before you eat it can really make the food taste better. Right? When you just stop and look at it for a little while. -Right. -And to go along with that, Haagen-Dazs is actually coming out with a new app that sort of does exactly that. It's really cool. Here's how it works. You fire up this app, it's called the Concerto Timer app. You fire it up and you point it at the strip on some of the new packaging lids that they put on these latest Haagen-Dazs quarts, right? It's a little strip that exists right in the lid andif you point your phone at that, it's an augmented reality app that brings up a tiny little fairy cellist about 3 inches long. -What? -Yeah. I'll describe it as the best I can and then I'll just show you a video because that's the only thing that will make it makes sense. -Yeah. -Oh, I'm watching it. I could see it now. Do you have to play this? Because it's absurd. -Yeah. It's crazy. So, a tiny little fairy cellist will pop up on your screen and it'll do a little dance on top of the Haagen-Dazs quart and it will play you a little two-minute concerto from Bach Inventions Number 15. -What the hell is going on here? It's like a freaking-- -It's like a hologram, right? -Yeah. It's like Star Wars. -Like one of those Tupac Holograms. -Yeah. -And yeah, so she plays you like a little two-minute ditty here and that two-minute is the exact amount of time that user should wait for the ice cream to sort of tamper. Right? It's gonna melt a little bit to get to that right temperature and that's when the flavor really blooms according to Haagen-Dazs. -The first line of this video is, 'Just as wine needs to breathe.' -Yeah. -As if ice cream and wine are in the same category. -Right. -Yeah, they kinda are but that's cool. Yes. -Yeah. Like I didn't realize that, I mean, you shouldn't just be ripping open that plastic and diving right into it. You gotta wait for a little while-- -Apparently not. -to melt. -I like that. -Yeah. -Kinda let it breathe a little bit. -You know what's really cool is if you have a second Haagen-Dazs quart, it will actually play a violinist and they'll play duet at the same time. -No way. -Yeah, they should. -Wow. -We gotta try that out. -Yeah. So, we gotta do that. -That's what-- I mean, it's really good marketing for Haagen-Dazs. -It is. -And on top of all of that, for every download of the Concerto Timer app, Haagen-Dazs is gonna donate $5 to the University of California, Davis, Honey Bee Research because apparently, honey bees are going extinct. -That's right. -And they contribute a third of our food sources on this earth. -Wow. -And so if they die, we die, you guys. -No. -So, eat as much ice cream. -I don't think if the bees die we automatically die. It's not good, though. -Not necessarily in that line but it's like the butterfly effect. -It's like-- -You know, -Yeah. -a couple of bees die-- -No. Butterfly effect is when you go back in time and [unk] something. -Step on a rabbit or something. -Yeah, yeah. -And it turns out not [unk]. -You're all for three right now. -So, anyway, just eat as much ice cream as you can is what Haagen-Dazs is trying to say here. -Yeah. No. -You said it so. -It's a pretty cool app though. -Are there still Haagen-Dazs stores or is it just what you find in the supermarket? -No, there's stores. Yeah, there's one down in Chinatown. Yeah. -All right. -Right off Elizabeth. -Okay. Good to know. -Yeah, check it out. -Yeah, eat some ice cream because when you're so sad-- -Check it out or whatever. I don't give a shit. -When you're so sad what do you do? You eat a-- you take a whole pint ice cream to the dome. -Exactly. Yeah. -Yeah. -You take that ladle that you just used, right? And you just dip it right in there. Take it all out at once. -Oh, we shouldn't kill all those bees. We're all gonna die. Don't be sad. -I'm not sad. -All right. -Okay. So, you know wanna talk about one more stories? -One more stories? Sure. -One more story before we end the show today. -I'm okay with that. -All right. So, this happened over the weekend but I wanted to talk about it because I think it's pretty cool. And Jeff, I feel like you've asked about this feature before but Netflix just rolled out this new profiles feature that let's you basically set up different accounts for all the members of your family that use Netflix. -Okay. -So, this is cool, right? Like before, if you had a 4-person family that all use the same Netflix account, you get suggestions based on what your dad was watching. -Or what you all-- -Or all your kids were watching. -Yeah. -You know, like-- then you would get cartoon suggestions from what your kids were watching. -Uh-hmm. -And now this is pretty cool. The video streaming site just introduced the new feature that lets you individualize your habits on the site. -Okay. -Actually Netflix used to have this feature before where they separated DVD rental queues for your household account. -Right. Yeah, what the hell is the problem? Why can't I just separate the profiles then? -It makes sense, right? But you know, they took that away back in 2008 and brought it back and then took it away again in 2010. And now, it's back permanently for the streaming stuff. So, if you have a multiple user household, you should get on that profile. -Cool. -Then you can have I think up to 6-- -That's cool. -I'm sorry, up to 5 profiles per account. -Very nice. -Yeah. -That's the news, huh. -Yeah, that's it. -Very exciting stuff. -Uh-hmm. -All right. So, we're gonna say goodbye. We have some giveaway stuff that I just got in that I wanna take care of next week hopefully. We've got 404 shirts that we're still trying to figure out how we're gonna give away those and I just got a shipment in of Powerocks. Do we know what this is? -Nope. -You know what Powerocks are? -Are those drugs? -No, they're not drugs, Justin. Guess again. They are-- -Chargeable, rechargeable little rocks? Yeah. -Yes, sir. Ariel got it. So, they're like really great, super, you know, versatile rechargeable bricks. And we-- I just got like 5 of them in. So, we'll give them all away. -Okay, nice. -They're really cool. They look nice. They're like high-end ones. So, they're super nice. So, thanks to the people at Powerocks for hooking it up. What? What's up, buddy? -Is this it? -Let me see. No. That looks-- -That's like a flashlight. -It's like a flashlight for USB. -Yeah that looks like a mushroom or something. That's not what it is. But that's-- I guess that's something they make. -Oh. -Yeah, that's something Powerocks must make. That's called the Power Tree. -Power Tree. Yeah. -Right. -Interesting. -Interesting. -Okay. So what-- -You put that, goes in your cigarette adapter. -Yes. -It's where that goes. Okay? -So, okay. Which one of these? I have the Powerocks-- -Yeah. Those cubes right there, down there. -On the bottom right. -Oh, the stone. -Yeah, the-- no, to the left there. -Oh, this stone. -No. In the middle. -Yeah, when you just-- -The one, that one, yeah. -This stone, okay. -What are those called? The stones. We got some stones. -Oh, cool. It looks like a Looxcie camera, remember? -Yeah, exactly. -It looks a lot like that. -Yeah. These-- I think there are 6,000-- what's the measurement of power? What do they call that? Mega amps? -Yeah, mega-- -Mega amp hertz. -Megawarts. -Megawarts? Yeah, 6,000 Megawarts is what we're offering. They're sick and they come in a variety of different colors too. -So cool. -So, thanks again to the people at Powerocks for hooking it up. They're freaking awesome. Go check out their stuff. And we're also working on something with the guys from the Controller Shop. They are the fine people who hooked it up with these customized 404 Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers. Thanks to them. They are going to give us like a coupon where you yourself can save something like 15% on a customized controller. -Nice. -If you're into it. So, standby for that and yeah, we'll be back here next week. -Although we won't. -Right we won't. So, here's the deal. I'm gone until Thursday. I'm gone Monday through Wednesday next week. You'll be here, though, right? -Yeah. -Yeah, you'll be here-- -Uh-hmm. -if you survive. And-- -I'll be here sighing and staring longingly into the camera. -Yeah. You will be here, okay. You'll definitely be here. -Yeah. -And then I'm-- -Me and Ariel will bought be here. -We'll both be here. -Ariel and you guys will-- right. So, that will be a good show. -I'll try to bring my depression level to the same-- -Sure. Yeah. -Thank you. -We'll have some very depression-- -So, just really down at kicking level. -Yeah. -All right. Hopefully that all works out. So, that's gonna do it for us. Follow us on Twitter, follow us on Reddit and Instagram and Facebook and all that stuff. Share our stuff with your friends if you think it's funny. And we're back here on Monday. Give us a call 866-404-CNET or you can e-mail us the404@cnet.com. Thanks for tuning in everyone. Have a great weekend. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -You, sir, we're gonna get you-- we're gonna fix you right up. -Shots. -You're gonna be as good as new. -Shots for everyone. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Have a great one, guys. Have 404 Show. High tech, lowbrow. We'll see you next week.

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