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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1306: We instantly instantized the Internet

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1306: We instantly instantized the Internet

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Today on Buzz Out Loud, the deadly dashboard of patent pendencies, YouTube's new live-streaming test (which we hope will eventually include CNET!), and Halo: Reach launching at midnight. Plus, could Apple launch an iPad with camera in time for the holidays? Rafe's money is on the line. And a Stanford student gets the best tweet ever.

Today is Monday September 13. Twenty tonight Jason Howell primary feel that I'm -- -- I'm Hollywood welcome -- buzz out loud to the podcast of indeterminate length it's episode thirteen 106. And we totally understand if you're not watching -- live stream of art show right now because -- super busy watching Rocketboom on YouTube last Tesla -- Atlanta whose public young Hollywood. Haven't you heard of it is the hottest young Hollywood. Is it -- this. Are those people -- us -- I never recognize anywhere in the end we could be everywhere he's on the Lyonnais last night series they may help we're the rocket what I tried. Well and we can't anyway Rocketboom is I think it is our hosted by whatever our. Our co workers -- Allah. From an old always. Right -- so now we're not gonna talk smack about. Rocketboom now we are -- -- actually -- -- that but the news story that YouTube has finally debuted lie it's live streaming platform which we have been waiting propellant tenement apartment that's forever yeah they're doing. A two day test. And that depending on what they. And of doing after it could put them in direct competition with U stream Justin TV live stream in wrong. -- cameo you know I mean. Live streaming content aggregators but what's interesting about this is that they're doing this with partners as opposed to doing the used for anything and opening it up everybody. Which is very on YouTube I mean YouTube is the people's voice and this is well -- points out how -- is very cool. Young Hollywood but those things and better yet you always -- that's MR OID and I never heard of that it. Yeah well that'll integrate live streaming directly into YouTube channel but like you said it won't be user oriented which -- guessed makes sense -- -- To a -- it and because. That is. -- techcrunch says there's obviously big infrastructure herbal involvement in Atlanta a lot of from so many people and then there's really mean. You are talking YouTube and you just don't know what people with -- stream yet -- -- you know I think it's a at all not about it that way and I can chat -- if you stick cam live streaming. It would be ethic. Yeah and and it's one of things they say they're gonna do in addition to the live streaming is have a real time conversation port as well. And I'm -- what a good idea where they get that idea ever be like live streaming video and then also -- -- -- That'll never work I think one not mean positively looking at the fact that there -- the partners and probably will do so in the future is the fact that. We know when U2 has as it's been -- we kind of always rip country just so low quality crap like you know Leo -- and -- -- there but. If they do this live streaming platform generally connected with actual more legitimate content -- makes it more viable for people to come visit and look for real content yeah that's that's one of their big issues him. Places you can make money from real time yeah -- I get advertisers and sponsors and yet minute there's no question that part of the YouTube should totally -- the money now. -- -- And it lives here and it's not going anywhere so it's good that there they're now ready to it and other -- -- armed police and an -- -- -- -- Not a bad idea -- them into -- channel. Well I'm sure that's coming via. I just CNET are coming and maybe -- But so that. -- -- -- up at school itself also cool huge news -- I got the patent office which after years of defending it's absolutely ludicrous process fees. Is now in sort of subtly starting -- -- -- -- absolutely it. In an effect. Don't work at all. David capita as the head of the US patent office released. A dashboard. A terrifying after everything that we're showing up after going this -- -- shows how slow the patent office -- they call these things. Tendencies who hasn't. -- -- -- -- And anyway those little dial -- -- -- watching this on video are how long it takes for various things to get through the the patent cycle. Including how long it takes for the first email confirmation of a patent application -- -- they're trying to lower that auto reply. From I think you know report month -- down to ten weeks it just -- -- -- -- this okay then. But but the real data the real terrifying did it is okay but there are 728055. Patent applications -- on the back. -- and also that the biggest thing is if you if you you know apply for and the average -- Average time you're gonna hear any kind of response. Is 71 point six months or in other words an average of six years and six years -- and to get a final we're gonna pad and then if you want to appeal it. Rate and say like well no we think this is like it it takes another six months after button via your response. Ridiculous six years and testing it's usually -- -- They have we'll stick it in and any day but it does particularly raised the question which has and so heated. About software and technology patent software patents in particular I mean the idea of patenting an idea. And then waiting for six years and for that. That patent to be approved is like -- the idea is now -- hopelessly -- quite right and furthermore it. It it it makes it very. Difficult if not impossible for. Patent Apple technology ideas to get market traction because you're living in limbo while this whole thing is slowly inching its way through the -- -- the patent office. And -- -- they -- 6000. Patent investigators this is the definition of a non scalable processor. Crazy right you think that this is immediately moved a little that's what that many people on hand but still over 700010. -- Right what 6700000. Pending -- 6000 people go through more do the math it's just it's -- -- collapse. And then as as this article on the -- pointed you know who does -- -- it says. As I have said many many times smaller companies and it at recent large scale study found in appear likely that high costs often deter companies from getting -- Hindering innovation and then as a result you just have these big giant suing each other nonstop Oracle suing Google -- -- open source Java which was supposed to be available for everybody anyway. Apple's saying it's easier Nokia suing Apple over who might be copied -- -- handset. And it and they say patents vitamin business and economic sense when someone is capable of inventing the content of the telephone. But at this point given the thousands of patents on singularly in significant features. That can be involved in everyday devices and the amount of cross licensing mastered engineering and a new product maybe it's time to pull the plug. And stop the man you've got an editor Erik Sherman reading -- I -- about. You've got a magical a large majority of those in the Q are probably tech related as well. Oh yeah because it's -- -- ads soliciting he's fuel are you know slow your finger and Z like motion to unlock this again -- -- to -- -- want. I mean really -- dikes that you do start to wonder okay if there's a backlog of 700000. Patent application from. -- is do we really is it is it good for anybody know and what's in the examining these patents the first six and it's especially. That for the patents that really do matter. You know it as a relay technology to a patent yeah if you if I put in something about you know I invent anti gravity and I've gotta put it -- -- a went through the patent Q six years now I've got a problem. Now one of the things they are trying to do here that they're talking about is having a fast track. For energy -- the green patent process. Right which they currently do they -- -- -- -- created a a special program for that so it's a fast track program. For applications with inventions that increase energy efficiency. And they can petition for speedier review so that apparently it worked and has been really popular in fact in 2009. The office issued a 190100. -- enhancement was the most in its history. And so they say that that green energy fast track has been so popular that they're considering a similar approach for other products including medical devices. But any circular but although it would be a three -- track system that lets applicants for a fee get their inventions -- and about a year. Right and in the in and they're saying that small companies would be more likely to -- that the you know if they can if they -- hopefully wouldn't be too much -- because that if that's not gonna confirming the patent process is supposed to be a public good. So you create this tiered such practices here I can understand that treading into energy patents -- but. Fast tracking software patents would just create. Yes I mean and it sounds like -- has committed to keeping -- that fast acting. Reason Olivia reasonable and you know medical medical devices -- but I'm not let them green energy. Sure you know but but but it's time for the patent office to really go back and revisit the kind of -- applications they won't even allow in the first place and I know this isn't. Necessarily. A popular opinion but because I'm imagining reckless arguing appearing now are who mile hate it but -- but. Is it reasonable anymore in the -- -- to allow people to try to patent. What are flat out idea -- That argument really has to be looked at because agree with even if you don't agree with you you have to admit that the patent process is busted them it is not a scalable business and there. There has to be. It's like. Get away like prison overcrowding. The problem is not prisons -- the problem is much deeper more endemic and that medicine from we have right now patent and the problem -- that patents are seen by many companies as a source of incremental revenue and actually they are they have become these sorts of revenue for a lot of company -- that exists you know solely as -- control than you do you'd have to say at some point -- That they're coming up the works on purpose because -- and allows them to make money from coming up the work. And especially at the rate of technological progress and these these ideas to a large degree being kind of -- -- technology evolves and it takes so long six years. Imagine all the other you know vendors manufactures whatever incorporating those ideas within that time it's like a gold mine and eventually the patent is granted and yes I -- to -- -- yes so for lawyers that's the six year lag is like you say. That's just money waiting to be welcome to that yeah and more likelihood that it's going to be used in you know them in time for the pageant it took six years for us to get the -- appeal -- -- later. Because -- confidence that that does a travesty. Across -- repels the a lot of -- or hydrated food city got -- erotic just gonna waste. Over hydrated -- -- wildly exciting to do something about -- that they've been brother I'm. -- -- and is halo reach its stores tonight at midnight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah obviously got a copy early. Then there literally are so worker wearing an eye patch and -- mpeg. If that. There were other there are huge they were highly publicized in the recently. Apnea or released and that higher chip. -- I have to get an Xbox now getting timely. Are you can come over him my place I'm in it's a party I didn't ever going to in thirty then maybe down into like an effort now I let's surprise alright I -- -- people there has -- restart. Alec Taylor. The worst of it's it's I can equal a copy it well -- you're wondering it'll totally cost sixty dollars like they'll do the limited and legendary edition will sell 8800 it actually halo there is -- and act like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I like to start my gaming cycle you know five years after the fact when there'll be games in the Logan. And digital on the premiere and they -- -- -- fun and everywhere exactly. It's crazy Apple rumors land time -- this -- before totally let them. -- -- sound -- out rumor mill -- up. I just rumor mill about that a new segment called rumor -- IPad camera will mean seriously how -- yet again so the latest from Apple insider is not just that there will be an iPad with a camera because they're reading as you can't do it without -- through her anymore. It's that there will be an iPad with a camera in time for the holiday season do it. Just six months after I do not original it'll drive me crazy months if there is a camera on the iPad in six months did you I was still -- did you really lets you think. That you're iPad was going to be a current device -- more than a year -- -- creates Steve and happy a year okay they don't know million years they won't be able to get us here though they announces that monthly yeah I wouldn't be surprised they announced like get around January that annually idly in the summer there's no way they're gonna announce it in October or yeah 'cause you -- -- -- -- -- they're not gonna do that again on the -- they totally -- Oh no snow that's here there's a prediction now yeah yeah because they need to do sales again and keep everybody wants an iPad right now pretty much know it's too expensive to be gifts that really got one of the lobby let's Solana -- yes is -- -- don't in my family members now although you know why. I have met I've encountered a lot of people that really toxic Gibbs yes absolutely it's like -- like -- little puppy right. And they say is that we're and should I get an hour wait a minute and they know and how they know in -- -- now with an excellent but they're all but everybody of that -- like you haven't got it now. Then you're gonna wait do it yet which might be a tiny argument for manner. Put against it and yeah especially with all the competition -- in -- -- to be announced engineering and come out in March -- I -- do it. That's that's what's gonna happen now what about that album I don't really two copies so that's true put a -- popular quality Christmas release -- with. I -- have an idea and I'm so were I mean I I just like buying care alone I'll be very debate not -- -- okay zero pound of hydrated food on top of exactly. Our chat -- source who has. Proven correct and many instances says asthma and yet we haven't we have an Apple insider has. But idea I could think the last time they did what -- that the price drop iPhone price cap of six months after yeah that was. Such a hue and cry that I would be. Honest if I and I mean you're right that did not go you cannot trick people into buying -- -- hundred dollar product and a new map it's that monthly public way. They're also just testing it right now it takes -- takes at least agreements for the -- and office. You don't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An interesting story on Friday there was an analysis and analyst report from Piper -- thing that Apple's antenna design. Might be damaging sales to the tune of about 20% and in my in his and 20% of their potential united -- -- because customers were so concerned about the intent and design defect. On signals from. It was based on it was gene Munster. Take it as -- well. -- is based on a survey of ten -- fifteen mobile phone users in Minneapolis although. Then in his research -- he also said that the bit that thing that was dogging the sales more than the antenna was. The Verizon like. People don't want it that people don't want to switch to. Or stay with AT&T. In order to get the iPhone everybody feels. No matter where they are that Verizon is a more reliable carrier moved and the antenna but it kind of goes hand in hand -- -- issue people who just don't trust. The iPhone as a phone. For time for good reasons. Yeah he's -- three times as many response that 20% said. The antenna design and negatively impacted my decision to buy one like they said yeah -- -- -- -- -- when I think that what's. Canada actually. But he said that three times as many respondents brought up the issue that the iPhone isn't available on Verizon without prompting from the surveyors. They -- our allows the write in candidate Verizon yet while connect on demand with that the unaided awareness and I don't I Verizon is there are other. And that's the question that most people asked me -- -- it was it a horizon many times it okay -- when it does yeah as the conversation. Meanwhile. Apple is saying that the iPhone -- antenna continuation if you quote from the Apple site it's even smaller than we originally thought and that's why. Effective September 30 and as -- -- -- -- they're dropping the free case program. Yeah yeah and they're not stories don't go together logically -- today. I mean -- that. You've got the case the other candidate one is for a meanwhile they're both perceptions are right here Apple is announcing that it ending indicates the program to Asia and in order to fend off people being mad about that they're saying like somebody -- Neither defendant -- there weren't that many people are needed to kid's -- that's really smart and it happens it's that still overblown though but I mean you know -- They're the ones that put that sells its mind control and if you so if you don't yet have your free case get -- before September 30. -- -- you can -- that's when they terminate the program now it's funny because apparently some country's. When you buy an iPhone and actually comes with -- case in it they redesigned the packaging normally I did -- -- that. -- -- -- I think I'm not here court's other on September 30 will see another. Bunch of ads targeting other phones -- and issues that Apple alone as you Apple should do well but an Apple can go to the business of making -- cases for every other phones -- They could do that. They certainly -- the FCC it will meet on September 3 23 -- to iron out the final details of its white spaces. Wi-Fi plan and they're hoping. That are if they're able to and there are a lot of obstacles. But they're hoping that if they're able to sort of set proper rules for white space usage and come up with -- that right technological implementation. That it could lead to the creation of. -- super -- -- -- until alone otherwise the. A lot of -- Wi-Fi networks think -- eliminate the need to find hot spots and apparently Google FaceBook. And others are already chomping at the bit to start using super light and Microsoft that -- switched on it's campus wide white -- network this is this is all you need to know -- It's was described as. Like Wi-Fi on steroids steroids -- every time -- it but every chemical up with and or WiMax or whatever yeah that's they have no longer range for faster. Yeah is do we really need yet another frequency devoted to wireless networking and we still haven't got these other ones polio down. Well I mean -- life basis if the white spaces. Part works then yes we need it because -- it is in fact blanketing the country right now which no other. You know evening standard is able to what everybody to a wide open meeting with -- have to put up transmitters. The senate admin area have them like its existing -- -- -- they would put this on this would be a centralized cellular type service rather than point to point service where have been put the new. -- transmitters will -- -- -- for from what -- from -- did the you know they don't really talk about better larger and with with this -- -- talk about its ability to travel. Through and through walls and for -- to. -- it's white spaces is unused spectrum yes between broadcast TV channels they wouldn't necessarily have to it RD exit like -- -- that -- America. Well the spectrum America. The problem is that spectrum detection so that the problem is that the TV broadcasters are saying. No because -- you start using white spaces for Wi-Fi. You're gonna McCain you're gonna -- infringe on our broadcasting center channels and so Microsoft and others are hoping that white space radios will be on restricted. But. They need to use this detect and avoid technology that would establish which TV broadcast frequencies are being used locally and then make use of them. But at the register -- out -- fortunately. Such detect and avoid technology doesn't actually work right now. The best thing to get have to coming you know they want and I think Google pays but -- -- they all want sort of unrestricted rights based radios. -- the building from a manufacturing perspective that the FTC thing -- if you have that. You would probably be wildly infringing on TV a tiny. -- -- pondered what FaceBook is doing in the business of broadcast and they run a service they shouldn't I and a -- that's kind of weird replace the thing we want the spectrum. They they run over the existing at whatever it is. Yeah there's will be mean and existing Internet within that network I mean every anyone who runs a web based. Businesses popping read aspects yet it Eritrea that -- figured on it but all the time all the time anyway September 23 of the big medium that's when they will. Hopefully -- although probably just delay any -- setting for what it's a -- mention and let's be honest spectrum allotment but. If they announce the -- that'll be interesting that the whether we get any closer to super Wi-Fi -- Wi-Fi big battle from -- company. Cool so yes I so the new black in the technology to other than super lack -- instant in that they took a weekend is it oh yeah. It expands its high eighties we instantly in that is their Internet. It ties know why couldn't get what you expect I mean it -- that had happened bath. So you Google -- Google instant even though it was a feature that people have seen experimented with before elsewhere but Google made it real. And now everyone is doing and there's this cool little -- -- -- where uncle -- ties with kind of aggregates all the instant services together and which is really fun it's pretty -- saw them and at the top of the page it has all the little sites that you can instantly search like YouTube instant maps instant images incident. Hacker news instant. It's that little area and Twitter instant. It -- cracked me up actually because it may be things like. The Google how hard was this. Because within. -- almost instantly. People had created not only that but like. Enough click the Stanford student created YouTube instant -- which instantly searches YouTube as you titles of the day event at any rate instantly got -- -- -- out -- How could they not I mean had to put their money where there -- the now as I have nothing totally hat too it's really cool stuff and that the thing though is. It's easy enough to create a friend and -- -- -- mean somebody some -- we talk to a report did this were being. Like our Microsoft search awhile ago the hard part is building back mobile which will support you know five X increase in the number of hits that your service is getting back and paint over tonight when everybody's instant. In -- -- seemed in -- -- instantiate -- instantly whenever I think. Favorite actually that's one called ozone Chrome had been ozone dot -- -- dot com which searches from five sources as -- tighten or sassy is useful application and you get -- like US I did something that's pretty sick what's cool that -- is an anti cool you can log in. You can get access to your other services. And it'll and it'll search your face -- in -- linked in Wikipedia should I -- -- -- -- the -- -- does not on Amazon. We weren't actually there are not there and then -- And now I didn't write that did this to be has the most potentially gonna I'm excited does that -- I got snapped up. Immediately they are creating his YouTube instant but I want that somebody is now about those and. That was funny by the way that back to that story this student brought. Boot the pit -- for a look at me yeah I. We call for or so ago by his first -- for -- very good friends he got this job offer over YouTube. Are over Twitter yet have Chad Hurley treated him and said -- I love this I did you wanna job. And then eastern breed of Barack throw it back and it's to a new name and he was like -- through speed and -- hero and then Hurley said are you ready to leave school. I'll DMU. He about it wow hey hey I think that's that's tweet at her. Are you ready to leave school I like best -- ever be he went ahead on under the Twitter site favored that we yeah I'm even. And I like that right there that's my favorite. Other news today an update on the box to box we've been talking about a lot lately and it turns out. It's gonna ship the -- box is now available back it is available for pre order yeah. For 200 dollars in the US it also it was previously going to be based on the Nvidia tegra two chips that apparently now it is going to get a switch to Intel atom. Which I guess the big news about that is that it will now be able to handle full 1080. While the as a result that it serves as modern art understand and it has modern in his -- they're -- -- -- on it. -- kinda wanna try America you with a little the -- and figuring the Apple it's pretty expensive and apparently on Amazon appeared apprentice to 29 and. The -- though I mean you don't six yeah. It's all Venezuelan has tested out audio glitch on the partner with open them and -- it will trying to. And some -- it's all about like people turning. Lemons into lemonade today. They instant -- Internet and then there are also finding a way to make that crappy ruined iPod nano so Michael again they're making it into a watch. With a band. Let's face filled it with the -- you put little. Now this is when this thing for him and we -- in -- I and I of the -- watch that when I want and and you think about it like. Kind of don't work at the watch and lets you really like those old LT LED -- -- had to press the button to -- at a time. Could this thing isn't gonna all the time right yeah although -- it's -- perfect size for big clunky up not to watch so it this is the thing about the images that show all right sure whatever -- the -- they don't initially use of the lots of guys -- in this picture. You know they -- is definitely okay yeah so many things to watch a little radio -- -- it's a smart watch these are trapped cool. Except without the Wi-Fi or the radio the smart -- Spot watches the way edges it's not have -- radio and it doesn't have an -- of them and what as exactly an elegantly and headphones but it doesn't get via so -- be -- -- like watching -- you'll be collectively -- -- watch yet it. And I'd be careful it's like that you version of the very connected to your nose piercing. -- an extra. The headphone connector here and analyze it's like a wallet out of time I'm gonna I'm Iraq that -- just you just that is oh lord yeah that's implored him down garment and -- line. -- -- This walk around the hospital you look cool Eric. It I'm sorry you cannot nobody can make in nano nobody can think of it I'm gonna rock and and watch the thing -- ruined pads you -- you you just said. On Iraq the nano watch watch watch again and -- and it plots of land happened again it's cool or voicemails you. A fugitive -- -- that 10616638. Sat did it and an interesting thing about those -- silent cars. This is -- calling from those Californians -- calling about the quiet hybrid car I'm legally blind and you're the guy dark. And that guide dog training program they actually own hybrid car and they drove -- that estimate -- -- was. Do released most do and Jim Mazzola. -- and I feel pretty confident that I can do though it was beating hybrid map so. I think we can keep them quiet and keep much solution out of our neighborhoods publisher Leo. Who -- hello and I did not know that I had not considered the dominant factor and have -- certified dogs. That chemical stickers on the -- and they estimate that led that they've got word here and see in -- vehicle command and you know. A -- factor. That although there are a lot of here and visually impaired people -- -- -- that bad about them yet but they might still need the -- great marketing for the guidebook for an -- and -- rescued from a speeding average. Didn't -- but that's all the time it so Rodney from the -- its data center grunt from -- says you may have gotten a few times now but not you may find of interest. Could this be the app that -- cable ratings that people have a waiting for any points this app called optical do you. With TVs her ITV ITV. Which is an -- -- ivy ivy I I and and what this isn't this cool little app. That. Screens. Major network TV to your computer. We seen this before but here's the thing right they radiating out is that it has. All the major TV channel that has actual contents -- CBS NBC fox PBS and -- TW. It has -- 25 channel lineup. Cast or 99 a month like about some -- the 99 cents -- and -- DVR like abilities to schedule recordings -- show. It -- it -- airline and everything that Hulu plus should be Holiday -- -- now I -- I don't love that yeah. Bowling and -- volume two months sees the dead giveaway. The dead giveaway that they are glycol all of mp3 on us here is that CBS. Is now CBS. Now though there that that's how you know you you know and and haven't and I and those to get them -- -- anywhere -- -- -- -- payment for the services and rubles. No I'm kidding about that. But it should. Now -- the -- super sketchy running ads say again allowed inside that -- -- Give -- -- bad but much has done is an actual credit card and it. And -- of the -- you probably literally spending ten dollars on it -- it only last two months anyway I saw it worthless it's Brian until looked into a you know -- -- -- public of the not -- -- but that's not until Les -- of the ninety irony of it like compliment -- balloon. And -- Guess from Sweden -- in and that I know you guys don't get modify and now. And it kind of breaks my heart a little bit because it's such a great service and has FaceBook integration and the best way possible doesn't pollute my -- -- -- speed. But only when I log in spot I can see what my friends -- listen to -- -- with an optional comment attached. The reason that I'm telling you this. Is paying. Ping is like not even an alpha version of the social music network that spotted -- is becoming but just because -- Apple -- will -- so it will grow fast enough. So that would spot I finally reaches the US that will no longer have the advantage of being first on the market. -- -- very time the reason spotted by having so much trouble getting the record companies on board. Is because Apple have been planning paying for a long time and have therefore use their influence to keep the deals from happening. Or as -- things -- Eden incident and what things -- -- -- just the minutes of -- sticks in the -- As an Apple opening -- in the will the spotted by it and had built their mind anyway I love the show what that is highly plausible conspiracy and now it actually really is. Because every one has been having trouble getting deals -- the record label and that yeah and one -- everyone's having trouble paying two because social network for music now. The monument is not that -- now I we have now that we've totally made fun of our company for not opening like it's TV anyway. We do you have an obligatory. Family -- -- -- that -- whether putting their TV everywhere they're putting. -- -- -- Britain is everywhere is CBS news headlines an iPad app. Which is. Pretty if you wanna get all the CBS news and stuff on there -- no yes notes on the purchase. -- -- that it. I guess there are finished click etc. I'm glad that you and I bet you can get my eye on parenting period -- that that actually -- -- -- that he's got our our content to the back to school special level in its baby the back to school special the comic -- special donated 800. There's some you know the -- content and we pretty sporty yes well I was -- -- activity in the privacy. I've been opening -- the day. Anyway at the very first CBS news iPad apps and -- -- and it works and it is very -- And they asked -- to tell you about it I even have an element had -- them. I'm not really that you know do it -- just launched today it's hot off the press that it you have a son my job right now -- -- You can't leave the building without installing them -- sexuality is that it will check units you're the other way out yet useful apps let's movements that. I highly in the country now -- ourselves. You can bundling everything we talked about today including a whole story about CBS news iPad -- At our blog beyond that cnet.com is the pilot buzz at cnet.com we wanna hear from you we like -- your voices on the show. Even literally in college that 100 and fixed. -- -- -- -- Right now have remind everybody you -- it with them. --

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