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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1295: Facebook Places knows when you miss the bus

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1295: Facebook Places knows when you miss the bus

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On today's show, how future generations will know all too well where they were conceived, thanks to Facebook Places--and yes, it's opt-out and lets your friends check you in, but somehow, I can still find a way to love it. Plus, Intel buys McAfee, Verizon's bringing TV to your iPad (in bed), and Windows 7 is killing it!

Today's Thursday. When he and I Jason -- I'm Donald bell I am Molly Wood and welcome to buzz out loud in -- -- doesn't intimate link it's episode 12195. -- is on vacation. Donna -- making it on early -- and take it anymore. Which is totally understandable. Unfortunately is not here to talk about the big is but checked in announcements. Yeah this is the best thing that ever hit the Internet I'd never seen anything like it. No well it's totally like I'd like foursquare read it unfazed but only. Okay and no one saw this coming -- -- and so this is the long awaited check in announcement. And it is. -- just what it sounds like you can now check in on FaceBook. Your friends can check you in places. When you like it or not. It's troublesome and apparently -- like it or not it's available now I think as -- today right or iPhone. You mean the most recent application Herbert version of the FaceBook app right on no -- -- you'll have -- unit touched it but he won them. The -- when -- on the government of planes. -- -- Playing things very few I'm joining you do it on planes and other cows to check in on the plane now though I checked touch dot FaceBook dot -- story in the -- must be rolling out slowly I think -- -- -- area. I I have to say I find. FaceBook places potentially useful because it's. Well we get tired of network currently not on -- where I don't affiliated polite and I the most dangerous. To understand items and upon okay yeah. I'm ready for economic ballad I'll I'll I'm jump in the got we continue does so like that me out -- it's a simple check in feature added to FaceBook which is. To me -- controlled environment right and I happen is it for just my friend. Then in my becoming -- -- you know let's completed or whatever. You're at the show two that's often -- all of the things that -- -- let's do it without having to create a whole other network. And fortunately it's based. And they did it kind of the Facebook where via which is that that you -- at the invading opt in -- -- not. -- you do in this is now on you know what you like modernize. I mean you could probably privacy control your way out of it yes so what it so you're opted in on her -- opted in of course but it's in I was is based let's roll. MO I don't know why the words won't work it's because they're listening to -- terrible -- If you know data now -- terror LA I don't know holiday about how is those -- will they -- admit they're. Yeah. -- -- This replaces it. The Darren I'm married opportunity yet and your friends can check you into places and tell you tell them not to the lady -- not you can't entirely turn it off -- people are saying my god is I would ignore it. But -- you can't you can go to your privacy settings and you can customize the places I check in option to only me. Right and then I think that there's an option a separate -- maybe that's like my friends can't tell you but panel -- the tag. There's no like yeah there's -- -- you know kind of like rewards or points system or anything. Involved in this this is mostly you're getting -- location. You're checking -- you're seeing together FaceBook friends in there yeah there is -- badges that read somewhere good and they said that if there is there is some integration with the foursquare where it's going to pull in information from other. And there are now -- -- see things like that right I think it'll it'll remembering history of foursquare locations he tech game but I don't think there's that -- pads kind of not the same kind of game like. You know. Basis for the whole idea this was -- a rip off of other services already that would really be a -- and unity and all well. They they took -- different tone with that too it's like their description of it was very Kaliningrad as a -- of that kind of talks about the way that they define and instead of really talking about. This immediacy like what your friends are doing right the second in real time go find them at the Barton. FaceBook -- it really as creating kind of a richer history on your site almost like on your profile so you've got this. That its data becomes data instead of a real time updating thing it becomes part of your data history the thing that they can use to create a silent out of you Vader. That we'll have. Really much more detail about all the places that you visit regularly -- the places that you -- micro Cox has thank you against products Chris. -- -- -- Hopefully there will be a web exclusive they explain how -- as a regular missed our preach Apple. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What he says is that they're gonna -- they're gonna become store -- access applicants that they'll become part of this whole story select. In twenty years stories from your mind of your kids go to ocean -- -- their little G job yeah vibrate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- or something. What am I didn't have for the first time when -- -- that -- -- and it. You're conceived on the beach. Yeah -- the but so they really it is part of the long running. Registered data history. And I'm and they Tara with content for me to read the actual vote with I am not going to do. Okay good what do you several. Your children go to ocean ocean -- and have -- go and their little magical thing or the Ivory Coast and we'll we'll we'll all. -- thing with the and -- off the rails we are yes so. Okay okay so there it is I get it it's if -- his -- -- for FaceBook. I mean I'm kind about a little bit just because I am Imani antique phones anyways I don't I'm not that -- to the whole geo location humans I missed I missed my bus on this month. But even if I did I feel like I would kind of missed this feature in FaceBook like I feel like becoming gets lost and all the other. Features that are hardy available like -- doesn't seem to need to have the same. Excitement and I know when space depositary gonna feature is thank available to millions and millions and millions of people that's part of the appeal events. It's so big they've been -- -- so -- on FaceBook that you already have this huge user base and these but the switch right. But. The things -- -- Leo he's like a dozen or more features updates that I'm not using this is now gonna be another one of. Yeah I I have to admit aside from that the type -- department friends can check -- in which I don't. No it's not even though they don't like that I actually like this is this is the conundrum that I often have about it but right -- like what they're trying to create. I just don't want them to force me into it so much I actually find it like the other day my friends were my friends just moved away right and they were having a little like going away. Thing in the park. And they -- that happens but that where at the park right now and that is the kind of thing I would order will be used on FaceBook like. Take you know I'm at the park and my friends and media content that -- the list of friendly fire Allen -- -- as the or whatever. Like I post trip data sometimes debate but -- can -- and on the threaten you know. And and and I'm even okay if all my friends and I are together if -- -- out of it because it's sort of like it's no different from how they tagged me in a picture that in a place that we were all together. It's just. -- it's that they -- implementation of a -- -- well. Just to. You know but but I understand also that if they really want to take -- running them they need to -- everybody you know what so. Is foursquare and Angolan -- of the series -- -- -- angry. Paris they can't that's the lesson that I mean -- definitely and a crushed. There was -- -- -- there was a funny little blog posts on tech consumerism and noticed at mobile crimes that are mobile gear that The Who. Though the new places logo. Is in fact. A four. In ask where is Leo I take a look at it goes out of cargoes across streets yet it's under the pink blob delicate pink -- -- -- got confusing there's -- floor. And that's where it. That might be like a little -- thing they did they could have I actually think FaceBook could have just been like. He felt it places such it isn't -- But they didn't they actually had representatives from -- and foursquare on states. And they talked about the new places API and they said that they're gonna let these services integrates and if you're already using -- -- You can do like the -- but connecting him and have you know publisher or protections. Which is useful and polite. Although. In a later interview. Is that the -- Dennis -- kind of like. Wording. Future we're gonna try it out. For the -- where not so sure they're not even get me they're getting it with everybody else to some bad -- tried it out that was one of -- things like we we're excited about the potential. For all these new users that the two FaceBook in the FaceBook audience is so much bigger whoo it's great. You know if gay people you CAF checking in is a good thing for us right because it it dovetails with and it -- -- to our product that we've been working out the past three years. But. Yeah I mean who knows if he if he I didn't understand his position of like we're not sure were being eaten right now -- this is the best thing that's ever happened to -- Exactly and think of that is being on holiday on the bus garage that's just drag them over and over them. It's like we did miss the bus because clearly they wanna get on her about her hand and again I like this but into the good idea of adware onto something but he is being like is that necessarily circumspect -- well -- that. We'll see how this -- -- as it seems to me that it could be. A good thing for -- if people are already there. If people people who are already on -- Americans to keep using this but Mac and of course reckoned that we have a better value proposition because we have the badges in the retirement and you happen you -- But it might it might just be competition mean yes I think he also makes the nine point two -- -- which is that. Faced -- but the -- of verses foursquare a thing of like foursquare and Wallace kind of like what they hit it they'd be hip little -- series is now -- kids would step by step less. Crowd goes nuts for -- kind of is but -- yeah yeah I had I think they it's not gonna have that same. Cash game that is -- gonna have a huge amount. A people who are just like I just checked in on it tolerate what you gonna do you know I morning by the kind of general. Kind of bored audience -- the part -- the bespoke places -- fall to think is MER in the long and that's what's gonna win out but it. Now is that if not kind of yeah I mean got to go to -- -- -- -- people are you know and worth right now does have an added burden of being. A better. Option like -- like how are you improving your better option when -- -- on FaceBook and -- a thirty houses that are getting convinced me to go elsewhere you know. I think -- is one mission my kids know that I went to a beach once or twice. My life -- straight -- -- my -- to see my sad chickens NATO flag amendment desk I'm on the bus. Yeah I went home and your kids and I miss them I'm gonna get older and you're gonna Oakley yeah I'll -- the magic thing they. And I think pinging them. If it. So boom. It's a pillow break apartments are about again and come back hours argument the other big news of the day intelligent and -- -- Why not why not live McAfee Intel. Because I guess they're just like a block away from Intel do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- McAfee yeah. Have you done this tragic but as -- -- -- logo everyday MS will buy it one day you're right you click made copy it. And I'm gonna do with this. I -- I know all the is now heard back -- the year McAfee depending on what you silly thing. Or seven point 68 billion dollars. Possibly. I think one of the more actually leaner times one in the most eye catching them and it's forty -- two years street the big departure them yeah obviously. They fit it into that Mac if you will continue to run as and independent subsidiary. And -- kind of just keep doing their security. Thing while -- -- doing chipping but they say that they think security is now sort of the third pillar of what people demand from all computing experiences so. And that this might be an embedded technology. In intelligent moving forward -- that security isn't listening to you buying off the shelf and install -- is just part of the the computer experience out of the box let's say. That makes perfect makes sense but it's also lake. I mean I -- it's it's all totally. Here's -- who knows but I can also imagine. Really -- security options built into my computer attack have to try to disable the install something actually works I know that's the problem right is that it becomes part of any -- you could argue that McAfee and Norton at this point are little more than kind of the crap where that comes with -- new PC then and if they're the hardware level craft where to -- nice and easy that could be pretty annoying -- but I also see -- and that it was in the Intel statement here the idea that. Computers are just that desktop boxes that we have now but there like. They're gonna be in our refrigerators and -- microwaves and in our heads in all that's that's those like. The security is -- gets all that more critical when every kind of device in your life is connected to the. Internet right. And if they if they don't I mean what if if what they do is use kind of the talent in the technology. To build more secure chips. And -- -- -- you know they've talked about and what. When Intel trying to really do the problem that they've had so far is really expanding into these sort of low power. Mass production chips like may -- in the refrigerators and such and if they can say these have built in hardware level security that is not manifested as software -- not a it's not a crap where -- it's just like part of the component -- That that might be useful for them. -- I -- -- -- outplayed and out yeah I mean have Louis there's also been like you know odd pairings that don't work out like eBay and Skype. You know I can think why do they do that we'll we'll see maybe it'll be great -- media. Kids are going -- make things. Updating calls but that it. Yeah I -- I I. -- and he noted I think I think it's comfortable I think it seems like Intel's recognizing that. That security is the next great battle that is gonna have to be -- thing like that in -- Yeah I'll be optimistic it will see that an optimistic guy. Mostly it. I choose also to be optimistic and on and now. And this is actually where Matt and so sure about this one -- this. Very interesting Verizon showed off a series of new video applications including an upcoming iPad app. That will that -- subscribers watch. There stream their television. Q their tablets currently the iPad part because no part in other tablets and that's right. -- -- It's it's interesting answer is rolling out just to existed or two to allows subscribers threats and yet -- had to have that home service. In order to make this thing -- -- and apparently it's ready to roll out. The only thing that there waiting for is to get sign off from all the content providers. But they're not thinking that's the new problem because of what makes this thing kind of not as cool as -- hope here comes along while they too could only use it in your home. On can't like slingbox the stuff we're -- to your cell network but you DVR sentiment that. So that thing -- that this app hasn't and he's such a big deal because just another screening how secure watching the content on. But you have to like. Yet to be on your home network and -- -- -- it somehow when you sign and it identifies it John -- home network mentioned at the content is now you don't he's -- your bedroom. He's using a proxy. Oh I can't see where they -- -- and this the -- confident independent. Yeah eight or could you are like -- of did you VP Andy and I mean you this is infinitely hackable I'm -- -- -- that the ending at the optimistic side those says. Look at that content providers to sign on to the concept -- Then maybe it's is slippery slope it's a little you know you gotta love the iPad you're technically -- is streaming to the idea of the little short -- yet to like -- streaming lot of public but also I think. You know it. We tend in the technology world to want everything all at once like I want the whole seafood platter instead of just the lobster but this. Answer because -- I think it would I don't have a TV Hiram and I and I frequently use the iPad tablet entertainment -- that I can -- more you know. I'm q.s and this is an and I liked -- does it do them a little YouTube -- for Blue's Clues and you know it may have and I bet that the -- I'm tired of companies devoted to -- -- and drunk every line that. Of a special copy at that kick anybody who didn't think I mean if can be kinda cool did. To be able to to stream stuff from I mean it's sort of like the router and streaming and -- -- -- streaming to the which is actually I mean it is another screen in the home. And I I can see I can definitely see the argument for -- this would be. A cool feature. Yes and apparently that that same application is also along for support for drew wade. -- straight to Windows Mobile Blackberry storm of the stuff. I mean at the end of this year fourth quarter so. It's not just iPad and at it it's it's an. Yeah it's cool feature action -- hate on it just because it's night. It's not that seafood platter if not -- analogy it's not just you like that as soon as we mentioned at the entire chat rooms -- only at your house. Just so easy to just be like that focus on the limitations but I do think it's a short -- to you know from. From approving it in your home to having it everywhere and also like having your own and also -- it's it's an extra feature for something that your arguably -- painful right. Yeah yeah and guardian Apple -- -- and then. -- what's left to play with this -- of any command iPad I think slingbox should be kind of nervous about this right now because I do think that eventually they will get two. To the streaming everywhere -- -- that has so far only slingbox that mailed me to -- They don't have the content -- story and president really is also testing a hundred dollar. Unlimited plan. That would include the whole science and all we really care about that in yoga that apparently doubted Ireland and it -- only. Been tested in -- from markets and even -- A -- it can be going over to acute systems in the yeah. Okay so and since how boring is that talked about art and whoop apps today -- -- -- unlimited yet but I'm. I'd -- -- glad that includes all of unless it whizzing you quieter -- or. Programmed by grain noodle that what is apparently what the fact that -- as long as you want out. So -- I have friends who deal with his team's ability. That's actually the play on anything anything anything. Another reason that we're talking about these -- in case you're wondering other than their hilarious value is. That wired has this great article about how -- Shoemaker. Who is the director of applications technology Apple -- the guy who runs and oversees the app store approval process. Sells his own iPhone apps in the app store under this company name great you don't need it -- so. He's the guy who says like satirical cartoon right. -- -- in there or applications that include objectionable content can't be approved. But he. And his company. Have you know corner the market have carte Blanche part -- and then -- is fired. -- and drop apps. I -- -- a slider bar here on the part threshold from go to high. -- -- -- -- the funny part of -- -- -- -- -- you that -- the front seat of Apple's app store right now and could have you know could really be pushing -- welcome positioning is his apps to get -- under the downloads. Which is -- nobody is that -- -- review yeah that some of the -- and even have reviews. Technically it. Luckily they're not good apps but -- if you studied by the content of the apps like this guy works for Apple -- he oversees the app store process and he is. So in his own maps and their wit and these apps that are are either useless or potentially objectionable enough that they might not get approved -- their arbitrary system otherwise. But yet -- -- gets to -- demand and then Apple an Apple spokesperson said. Now his ups were developed and what into the stores before he started working at Apple. Which make that okay let's make that which they said that's okay likes of Carly why we recruited him -- kids proficiency whizzing and -- -- Which we love you did indeed he was hired for his expertise of the developer even though that's apparently a -- But they but wired points of that three of the seven apps in his store were published after he started after he tweeted that he started working and Apple. And I. And then the funny part is. That. After wired publish their story she maker -- his Twitter account which they -- throughout and he changed his Linkedin profile. To remove mention of great noodle the company that makes with -- bank. But wirelessly yeah we archive that. We take pictures -- there. Boom now -- good recording yet but I actual -- -- -- the -- now. I'm really analyses and that might make a lot of my I don't think these are making a lot of money maybe I'm wrong -- it sounds like just from its report that these apps -- not down from the very frequently and are not rated very highly downloaded more now embed in the pantheon of -- in fart applications these united these OpenId listeners. You know. So maybe -- that maybe -- -- them on purpose to show people where it where the bar is on like. I got the ability. I think though like you can't necessarily -- conflict of interest by. Profit -- I mean it's still it's still I think is a little inappropriate mainly because Apple doesn't have stated policy. And so sort of you know there are people -- really think what has been hailed as a director of me so holy which is like a -- religious up. And he's saying my -- material was considered objectionable under their totally vague standards and rejected it but this guy's. Apps which are now arguably. Offensive like certainly image her right they're not necessarily offensive but they're certainly amateur and then let you wouldn't necessarily complaining that the -- -- -- What's happening anyway. After the game he could be a potty training you know yeah incentive and I think the thing that's gonna make. People -- in you know there's and a and it sounds like he is still involved with prenatal. -- -- -- Maybe -- I don't know its its in its medium and in -- like. -- scale it's definitely medium to low -- and possibly wouldn't be anywhere near as interesting if it -- it did involvement was not -- -- the. Love the fact the -- thanked his his whole idea is whole concept on like how his enemy millions in the app store. Like unlike the lowest common denominator. I know of anything like this really does does your your big -- genius. And it's not as though the app store has. A dearth of fart apps otherwise wired points of the search for the word part returned 745. IPhone. And 37 iPad -- so it's not like. It's more like desperate and them went out the bigger story than just the job. I think the iPhone. A federal appears the appeals court has ruled that it is okay. To use an -- to secretly record a conversation. If it is and it's not a violation of the wiretap act. If it is done for legitimate purposes. Whatever those. And he had half a defiant legitimate. So yeah I guess this is involved in -- -- let's just say secretly recording case where there is someone who is they. Secretly recording their mothers late last. You know will and testament it shouldn't have a written well. As -- hear her last wishes he failed to secretly recording it. And they're not only just a conversation that is of course and -- -- -- it was I had record initially and then now it's being he's being allowed because of its it and this particular ruling. Yeah. It in its. It's weird to hear a legal. Statement include like. That you -- legitimate purposes well they say. That it's only against the -- independent has the intent to use the illicit recording to commit a -- of crime beyond the actor recording -- right. Hello to act with nefarious intent. Map -- that was that mountain actually nefarious -- the end -- dignitaries and then they devalue aren't apparently. I guess there you know it's funny it's certainly you can make all those recordings in -- just. Yeah I'll -- it shouldn't -- what happening the whole delegates -- thing. Right yeah that's exactly what happened she recorded -- their conversations not a totally because. Diagonal and its various -- analyst -- that Mel Gibson. And nefarious -- there could -- be blackmailed like you know you're recording -- -- to you -- Yeah -- -- that that happy and -- being construed as as platinum possibly about -- -- that this weakness according to the public in order to. Again I that's where I've celebrity slam studio very -- here and yeah I mean have you very weird ruling because it does. Does it yeah what is legitimately why. In what cases are you secretly recording phone calls of people are legitimate purposes like -- don't -- an archive them album. Yeah and why isn't -- and iPhone called different. Why is that in is it like calls made over cell phones are public but calls made over I mean it seems to. It seems to have a little more work agilent. And this needle -- or hectic yeah but. I'm like I'm not sure if this sounds -- yeah I still wouldn't do it because yes -- one person's idea when nefarious intent or -- more ill intent in it is completely you know. Subjective -- and full -- it metal aviator. It's in its Arabs as does that include in nineteen some -- -- that have anti recording -- Like there was a guy who says -- taped a cop pulling them over and jail time for now. So it -- probably not -- would estimate doesn't come states' rights completely but it's weird -- if you think it's gonna -- -- court. They record I'm saying right if if they say they don't just in case is never a totally -- -- Interesting read up today at -- net about on Windows 7 -- -- concluding that Windows 7 officially. Is -- hits you and XP it is. Finally in decline that Windows 7 has been a quiet success and maybe even a phenomenon. The company sold 100 million Windows 7 licenses usage of windows XP has finally fallen below 40%. Of all windows users the Vista demons have been purged. And that even attempts to trump up like you know serious security problems or anything in Windows 7 -- basically -- it is in fact. Solid. Even. Definitely solid maybe even good. I tell you also says that good evidence of this is the fact that the -- Mac vs PC campaign got shelved. I don't know late 2009. This is it's not as strong as -- used to be like you can't just say like. That -- windows of and it's. Yeah I guess the last Mac vs PC I was October -- third 2009 Nina. -- images haven't had enough like. Firepower to -- them back was against and they really -- -- -- they have not been able to say as definitively that windows is insecure because Windows 7. It is solid enough and and solid and have more importantly that it is dislodging XP strangled on corporate computing even corporate environments are finally I -- How Microsoft -- classy to you by not like to Sammy hey look at this we're totally winning -- were totally not winning but we're. Mean it we have this huge comeback -- and strong operating system you guys are welcome. We're solely on the bus yet but now -- -- think. But let's not this method dash units ultimate but here -- you enlarging it doesn't the bus like that's a very good -- strategy America as you like it keep it in. But just keep cash -- -- you hate it because I think. And all that matters. A leak coming out of by new dot com. Interestingly. Out of China shows apparently Nokia's new -- nine -- phone not the forthcoming an eight. But the -- nine which is running in the media platform. Which is kind of the Intel and Nokia. Android competitor when. My firm -- -- and 98 sounds like -- super full featured phone like -- you know whatever ten megapixel camera and catalogue that's that's means and nine. I'm sure it has a lot of the things that it may have the -- it doesn't -- but also it it is. Dynamic and I'd I'd. Hesitate to even say it because -- know like there's gonna be people to gonna point out it's the Mac. Ness of it but it's certainly. Keyboard really does look like and coming -- one of those I'd rip off. You know. Clones of a MacBook Pro -- looked like a Mac little MacKey. In its design it's they come aluminum one piece. You know and -- rounded square keyboard design yeah. Back then yeah at and I don't. There's not a lot to say about the operating system here that and that's the really interesting. What would be the rulings in part for me would actually be seeing how -- Looks and acts and right now aside from -- the home screen. And like I know burning pain he -- not a whole lot to say about me. And. Give it you know -- -- really to the -- too late. It's sort of feel like well. Okay you don't have any carrier support in the US -- you found there unbelievably expensive as a result share an Android and the iPhone OS have arguably a stranglehold on the US Smartphone market so and only. You gonna make it like amazingly easy but who support their apps that area have developed four and greater -- the iPhone over to -- platform. Yeah it's asking. You know developers to develop a hole for a whole new platform -- -- windows. The phone seven is its looking in the same. -- problem -- but at least that's a known entity with. You know a lot of decent amount of hardware support raritan -- batting just getting a nice looking you lie on your mobile device is only half the battle getting apps -- the developers on board is the other. Huge part of the entire thing if you're gonna compete. And that's gotta be hard to do -- late in the game will be a little little -- MacBook Pro. I am moving on to -- news finally after years of battling with preservationists in the city of Woodside California Steve Jobs. Is gonna get that pared down his historic -- okay Janet Cowell. -- and -- -- -- haven't been going on earth like. I don't at least five years that he bought this. This mansion. And he has wanted to demolish it you know it's in fine shape or whatever at the start Manson was designed and open -- the mining -- hate in nineteen -- -- you know you may think he didn't -- Cadillac lot -- -- -- -- -- like and you wanna live writer Ashley let him do anything and a piece -- mouse. This is historic mansion block a you have too many buttons on the wall. And and the -- So finally here now and like it received permission -- one point preservationists sued in May then they were willing they had offered to literally like. Paid have a reunion -- -- located somewhere else airlifted and then jobs like he does he failed to respond you -- And then now apparently. Analysts on a slim and my crappy house Democrats an -- -- there you -- I'm the only one -- gets to destroy this house finally preservationists said. Possibly they're bigger battles to fight possibly bigger mentions to -- So it does it does seem like kind of horrible -- that that -- be millions possibly put aside to move someone's. House now in late in these troubled times. -- -- -- -- It's a different in the job old -- house to think of it -- the same world that we live in okay hey thank definite evidence that -- reality distortion field in there yeah. -- then yeah I guess I'm gonna I'm interested to see the house that Steve Jobs will build. Yeah -- -- and how that it looks like a -- -- -- that the next half sorry. And if there be any buttons. And it didn't -- the doorbell will be like some little via iris Lynette. Speaking area multi touch -- yeah exactly -- and total lack of buttons the iPhone as you know. Has that the total lack of buttons which are many have completely -- -- inaccessible. To the line our voice -- today. As some good news on the -- The does vary from machine and I am so grateful that Apple computers has now made their. Smartphones their -- accessible for the point after complaints the FCC now they're going to put braille. On the iPhone a refresh also we can use them to. Thank you ample not everything else could be accessible in the world -- Probably not -- -- -- There's a video on wired from July 13 we -- -- -- this but apparently iPhone for. And the iPhone OS has support. For braille displays it's not that the phone itself is going to obviously. But you employ graph but you plug in -- -- -- -- -- -- that's -- It needs and I'm -- emails -- at cnet.com is our address Brendan writes -- says a quick note about the Tivo -- video on demand hopefully -- put it to rest of this is like. Actual here's what the heck is going on -- Is it last year they partnered with Steve change which provides BOD for the majority of cable systems including Cox. To develop a way to get video on demand on Tivo without true two way hopefully this is the first of many cable company announcements as far as the logistics the Tivo premiere is currently a one way cable card device. As it doesn't have the -- hardware as much I would like -- -- the USB dongle. I hope they use the Internet connection to request contact any linked us to the press release. On the sea change deal. And now we now. -- I think -- takes -- Out at me get it okay here ago. Daryn in Columbus, Ohio writes in sisters listen Tuesday's show and I did a quick found. There's a camera FM radio as -- One in the car -- -- -- picked up one in the big stereo three alarm clocks in -- with radios to boom boxes one -- One dedicated your phone headset radio. Three smaller small dollar size FM radios -- -- -- and radio for -- -- -- nifty I -- -- get those I'm from an impaired you know and they don't have you know. Out of all these the only one that gets used is the one in the car because they do not have an aux plug in a car stereo. But still I do not listen to over the air FM stations they use the FM transmitter to listen to podcasts -- -- drive on usually -- I do not see the need to increase the number of radios I don't even in an emergency -- can always find -- -- Very good point in another hole in the idea that that's when they're permanent teeth well maybe you can use it FM transmitter -- get other things on here. Now -- -- -- -- their radio to save them you know yeah. I got this one from Alec in Australia -- hey let's do this came to me about me and this morning. The absolute killer app for that Google TV set top box in the -- While watching live TV or something being streamed to you he EEP -- semi hilarious or ridiculous you can hit a button on your Google remote. And snaps a screen shot of what -- -- watching and then allows you -- apply stamp like. For all eaten or daddy TF and then post that picture with its stamp on it if FaceBook Twitter buzz are -- Brazil. -- I -- could -- some video -- bit out by the bring the wrath of TV movie industry is seriously how many times would you want to do that that the awesome. Love the show PS some an email view about that -- -- -- Oh people who. That would be absolutely agree -- I want that -- somehow that. Yes some of naked -- -- -- Google TV thing now -- -- Canada. The top that would just not good they can Alec are. It houses gonna say in which would you tap. FaceBook or foursquare for location check it thing where do you side on the issue Blackberry users. So this comment via Blackberry messenger are pin is 245. Q3 C 65. And let us now. Yep and we will and if you don't wanna pull over write that down right now you can find that's. Information as well all the ways to contact us. The -- write up about today's episode and links all the shows the stories that we talked about our blog below that cnet.com blood exclusive excluded. You know explains the whole bunches -- about think yeah you know what that -- -- the web exclusive later at cnet.com -- live or on her blog. You can email us about that cnet.com all the winning hundreds excellent 6638 and you can see -- right back here. Tomorrow. Or are they break apart they are summer vacate that's ready not forget the next week -- -- -- will be on summer vacation. And -- -- than I was I am here and totally willing to view it but if an average -- -- a long ago though and I'll. Anyway don't panic -- met with some classic episodes -- -- and we will be back.
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