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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1284: Superman is faster than a foreclosing bank

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1284: Superman is faster than a foreclosing bank

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On today's show, Intel's FTC antitrust settlement, Darren Kitchen explains the iOS vulnerability that makes all your devices belong to PDF, and the feds admit they're storing some of your checkpoint body scan images ... for ... some reason. Yuck. Also, Facebook for Android finally comes into the modern age. Phew.

-- -- Wednesday August 4 when he -- Jason -- ivory Palin on your kitchen I -- Hollywood welcome buzz out loud in -- podcast of indeterminate length of episode 12184. An Intel and the FTC have finally settled their long running antitrust case it isn't that long running that they -- he had. Sued Intel for anticompetitive behavior saying that Intel had illegally stifled competition. Which others have alleged in -- well -- they have AMD AMD previously sued Intel and they settled for one point 25 billion dollars in this the and this is a bigger -- -- bigger deal this -- -- big -- there's no fine so it sounds like it's not a -- as big deal and it sort of like. The settlement prohibits Intel from using -- bundled prices or other offers to -- -- -- the competition filthy used EP -- attempt that. It also prevent Intel from deceiving computer makers. About the performance of non until he -- and he has been sort of sounds like -- L existing law. Well but in this case at least now they're gonna there's going to be some oversight and intellectually did you. This really puts -- serious constraints on how Intel operates especially their business one of the things they talked about -- with the deception is that the Intel has Pilar. And apparently. Versions of it would intentionally slow down other chips and other compatible chips and that would make their chips look. Intel's -- look much better they will get better deals. They can't do that anymore -- this actually what they have to do -- interestingly is just disclose it. They -- to disclose that it might happen not. That -- that the that it might in -- -- and and the performance thereby invalidating those claims nobody constraints on -- Intel's health products. It Intel's reaction to this is is interest thing instead of getting all huffy and -- we're gonna appeal of it -- they say. They're senior VP of and councils that. -- the agreement provides a framework that will allow us to continue to compete and provide our customers the best products. At the best prices in enables us but an end to the expense and distraction of that litigation. I didn't I mean. They didn't the settlement doesn't require them to admit any wrongdoing and or violation of law. Or two except as accurate any of the facts alleged in the complaint nor does it require them to pay any money and -- really. I think it feels fine that's. They can't continue to cheat as blatantly as they used to but they can cheat a little bit technologically they can still you know hamper the performance of some -- -- -- have to be up -- about it. And into the company money then we. The upshot for the industry is likely to be more Compaq Intel compatible products more products that work alongside Intel products well. And less bundling of all Intel machines. Because Intel won't have the heavy hand that can put on there -- customers to say if you buy this chip the F -- -- as well so we'll see a more heterogeneous environment. If you're watching the video person I totally not to -- attention to our new -- here -- I heard the announcement saying. Which is that we now have like a cool little old logo flipping that puts our our little follow us bug on it -- and wetter weather to -- -- -- -- you'll -- -- itself. -- -- -- -- Oh it's wonderful to be other things we do down. Anyway we have an update nine yesterday's story about the web based jailbreak for the iPhone -- it turns out. That the web based jail breaking with exploiting. Apparently that vulnerability. In the Harvard Darren goes from -- he -- -- really -- go ahead -- -- -- in a. So it's not actually a vulnerability in safari it's actually vulnerability in the way that it renders PDF files. And basically when you go to -- -- -- dot com sure it makes it super easy to you know you'll break your phone and get on city and get all -- other cool apps right but you are essentially willingly running malicious code. That's how it exploits this it it uses the PDF -- you -- a buffer overflow that puts some special code on on your device that allows it to. Excused himself and basically this means okay sure see if you can go to. Just a website -- -- dot com and it's able to. Take over your phone essentially to you to do some good puts city on it it gets -- in really deep though in order to do that -- does and it's not like the source is difficult to find -- You know somebody else could do this on any site. So be careful with his PD FC find. And and also if you do go ahead and jailbreak your phone remember back in 2009 the -- -- Virus this was the Rick roll warm for the iPhone to changed everybody's iPhone wallpaper to Rick athlete moon Larry if this is the same thing. Because what happened was when everybody did that deal -- -- -- everybody had or still does now if you do that has the default root password of Alpine. And you don't change your root passwords and well you know you're on the Internet you know firewalls -- -- -- -- the tenth year. Phone and and how fun with -- without owning an added value set that how do you actually change -- suppose they do this. Just real quickly how -- I change my password to well you've got to deal when you do this is -- in that apps or you'll find a terminal application I'll let you go into. Like the Unix like prompt and your found what you need to do is run -- command past WT. Root and then you can issue a new password and please don't make this a dictionary word -- said. In the master -- -- to -- -- you'll notice that in the new -- There's a new user account called mobile so not only get to ginger root user -- yet to changes user mobile as well. There's a directions over that room at 36 Q dot com and this is like if you have -- run that you've already got to the site and number -- -- -- using this if they exploit. When you need to do that to you he'd do those two things Hamid and then I'll tell you keep in mind is. The -- -- dot com site has like the IP addresses of everybody that's gone -- on their device on the computer but like. Since you can do this over the air on your phone. Well that's the public IP address of your phone and -- -- given to them and -- may -- the dev team have no ill intentions. But the dev team are getting slammed the -- people can't and probably -- attempted. Right well the thing is people didn't like this there are mirrors now of the -- -- site because the jail breaking easily getting so slam and that -- can't step and people are going to these other ones. And there's nothing to say that somebody that comes up with the mirror isn't gonna come up with malicious -- this is the -- Jason does the same thing that we have to keep in mind when we use. These home brew -- like cyan magenta about this piece of whatever may be on -- Android phones there's nothing to say somebody hasn't ate something. -- that's a good thing to keep in mind because I haven't been keeping -- okay so you're right I should. And how we gonna assume that -- jailbreak me site by the way the web based overhead is not going to be effective for alarm because I suspect Apple and -- especially considering -- -- you know it's creating legions of you print your act on. They are so insecure Apple is there there's the Internet about it Android devices in the field really and they are there if they don't -- -- anymore can Apple pick the sort of Adobe have that assistance is obvious that this -- again profoundly -- hello giving affiliated. I hope yesterday. Okay yet today. That's not just I -- -- it -- all iPhone iPod Touch and iPad turning three point one point you and higher this is also senses. No different than -- -- a day vulnerability in windows where can do you like what's called selects -- -- -- America to a website your computers hijacked it's the same thing it's just that you willingly doing it. And it is you think it's good and their way to go so cool -- the way to avoid it for now by the way as. And probably don't overeat when he's not -- type -- But also don't go to any PDF link directly or loan any load any PDF through an untested source and -- and if -- gonna be that risking your we're here whenever jailbreak and change your root password and -- sixty -- Has the details on. And into the terminal deal -- I wouldn't take a quick break and when we come back more scary news about -- -- your naked body. The US Marshals Service admitted last week that it has been despite. Previously insisting that it has not -- It has in fact been key being surreptitiously saving tens of thousands of images that were recorded with a millimeter wave system -- the security checkpoint every single Florida courthouse. That means that you know that millimeter wave system that like looks through your clothes -- X ray bit their act straight I don't know the noise about then that makes it look all -- -- just and this one Florida courthouse for whatever reason. The market we'll have been. It that -- has been keeping that victor you're not supposed to like about or you're not -- yeah. With numbers on them you can you rated as Kansas -- -- look at ten they'll keep the eights and nines and pants right out to everybody else and that's kind via you're not supposed to be able to keep these things that the machines are spokespeople set up so that the images and are viewed and white. -- not wiped off but the they're also supposed to be able to start it. -- -- Early over here. And also look the way they TSA supposed to be able to it is must implement this is. They run these images and in the reviewed elsewhere. And then if there's a problem. Then they call up gate -- say it's not that person. It's just it's creepy technology but. I don't know and body scanners penetrate clothing to provide a highly detailed image so accurate that critics have likened it to a virtual strip -- yeah now one thing I do when it. You're safe for -- Out and they doubt it -- like button all -- and and yet again. Anyway. -- images of these millimeter wave pictures and they're all like high contrasting its -- that kind of looks like a body there. Apparently those are the images that are made public and that the real millimeter wave images that that people see the scanned are actually much more true to -- -- -- -- William hardly an associate General Counsel at the Marshals Service acknowledged in a letter that approximately 35314. Images have been stored in. In Florida. Just because there's are not saying why and then it follows an earlier disclosure by the TSA that. That it did you say requires all airport body scanners that approach is to be able to store and transmit it images -- or that external testing training and evaluation him -- but that's really why these guys are saying there's they're doing it to an -- this kind of trickle. Of information about. The fact that these body scans are not by any means like you -- to you scanned you're done that they are in fact they're. They're being stored they're being transmitted they're being used -- That's what it'll allow the amount walks through training purposes training purposes they told you what like we're gonna well they basically they showed me an LED. Like when I went through like I was anyway you got buddies and I was going to Heathrow -- motorcycle gear had to wear all my -- -- look like the -- going through the airport what why because they only do carry on. And I was going on a motorcycle adventure through the UK so -- -- motorcycle gear and then they didn't like that they need to get to the body scanner. But when -- was done they showed me on the LCD and unfortunately didn't show me like my naughty bits backed myself which I don't know if you weird but still -- I just wanted to see that it was like this really garbled black and white image or something but now they just showed me in -- that lit up in -- like CL ED lit up it's -- the leader like. That's no. That -- use your can use it like LA go and I see that like sequel database query saying that is removed from yeah Italy cannot actually I'm not new here -- and that little -- -- -- -- out of. Now the Electronic Privacy Information Center has filed a lawsuit asking a federal judge granted immediate injunction pulling the plug -- -- -- his body scanning program. No more body scanning -- -- -- I am yeah it's optional though you don't have to go to the body -- you can say frisk me instead. You haven't and you end up in the room that's a lot more Ariane. I've just aimed at ending. They should there should be writes in mean if you get an up and some millimeter wave -- -- -- pin -- calendar you -- get cut out definitely up. I'm gonna calendar right now I want from royalties not a constitutional right to make enough money yeah yeah yeah yeah they're going to abuse our freedoms you know -- -- okay you can charge for my my eight millimeter wave likeness without my -- and I -- a little bit on the back and. -- Updates and the United Arab Emirates plans to crack down on Blackberry services in that country it will extend as it turns out to foreign visitors. Which is big news because it basically means it's gonna be really hard to do business there gets a -- fly through. Dubai. You you'll still be able to make phone phone calls on your Blackberry but all your data services will be -- Which is really -- which seems like a really bad idea because Dubai is a total center for international commerce and international criminal or whatever it and they'll run on Blackberry there it is it is kind of interesting. It's interesting that they're willing to go that far to maintain control every -- -- and -- He hates this and then the hacker part -- understands you know I mean it's it's going through Blackberry server -- -- don't know the issue with this is not -- what we thought it was originally which is that the data is being stored offshore and therefore UAE can't. Is it a monitoring their citizens -- or get it he asked the Garcia is there's -- reason they don't like the data being stored off shore or affect. Blackberry in general has nothing to the offshore part really what it is is that Blackberry enterprise encryption is so good. That the net UAE can't -- it. Well and because of that that's really -- -- apparently that's really why they don't like similar mandate plain text you know I know that's a cell connections for your Windows Mobile so they want that yet they want the data in house well there are in their in their country's borders and they want to so they can get into it right now on the matter where extort whether it's offshore or in Dubai. They can't break it the encryption on the Blackberry services so that the nobody can break it it's no different from -- Acela. I know internally it is. Well and I'm -- encryption like yes yet technologically there's billions -- here but this is just okay fine you do this article in the happens. That US and other governments and and obviously pregnant privacy organizations have been -- have been -- protesting. This decision and that I thought was really funny story yesterday about how the Canadian government. Weirdly has been like strangely silent. Whichever of these is weird because rim has basic -- when they get the Canadian government apparently has no problem. We -- weird little product news today actually this this interesting little. Portable hot spot from clear there for GI spot. When -- originally fascinating to people because it was only 25 dollars a month with no contract compared to. But like the MiFi and overdrive four G which are sixty bucks a month with a two year contract. And then now it turns out that this odd little product. Only works. With I think I OS devices right or app -- Apple -- estimate that it's a very. Odd little product first of all it's a white -- it supposed to fit into the Apple -- design thing although. Apple's -- of aluminum or whatever. And yet if you want it to be enabled to work on something other than an iPad or an iPhone. Then you have to ups you have to get an up sell to have more expensive data plan. So it's cheap for Apple users. It's a really weird we have we have -- tell us and as an Apple users -- like they get what do to like an iPhone forgy report and then and I -- I don't get a data plan -- is this making it cheaper for me to get online. What I want only with those devices I just can't imagine why not -- all the whole only that for these devices thing is mute because it's or I can Apple has nothing to change. Your you know nothing says you can't change the way that your device identifies itself to this one if you're you through okay fine -- you got five out of San Antonio right now but yeah seriously it's like changing your Firefox make it look like its Internet Explorer -- now. That said why why you might still what do I want this is it cheaper than the carrier. And -- -- you want this is this is a less expensive Internet hot spot for I would like this for my computer. And for my iPad -- you agree with it unless I have -- -- my computer so looks like violence really evident in that lets you know if you're not going to do that than it does this odd little then it's an odd little iPad. You on the -- -- filling of the the iPhone with the -- need to care all these extra board and our laws like come on its simplicity that's the -- I think you get the -- medals -- -- also points out one other little. Problem with this device. It's not like an overdrive which is three G forty this is forgy. Only now oh forget it again yeah yeah you can't now and that's a weird little device. And probably not long they're gonna they're gonna -- barely mentioned hasn't -- in Narnia. Good news for Android users though who have long complained OK maybe it was just me. That faith -- no it was now not just let you know Facebook on Android. Reason is that -- almost a deal killing time via that app itself bad and it has finally gotten. An update that appears to make it. Mostly usable and this means we just lost my. Thank god they're very effective. In the -- -- -- on the one. He added that you rented about was the ability to to accept friends request -- for some reason they found a way to -- that you. Well I was about to show you that all of got as the fourth -- nobody has yeah you. So we know it's so. It's been so bad but it does sound like that you can accept a friend you can accept friend request was an exciting which is exciting except you can't put them in groups. So I just I'm scrolling and scrolling there's -- it -- -- a box and I believe that this is -- actually the result of my -- conversation. Have you with I thought that for that -- -- VP of product it and I told them it. Here we should -- I said that the -- -- the anarchist but Kaplan. Not -- them. -- they lost their mobile developer the guy who did the -- really very good iPhone app. Yeah FaceBook -- I left. And that's what is not iPad app although if you're like -- what -- -- in the -- it's not. It's it doesn't work very well it's like not fast and handed them the page and now it -- that it does that's a definite need -- In other -- but news FaceBook apparently -- that -- FaceBook dot ME domain. From. And and UAE based squatter increasingly which is now redirecting to FaceBook dot -- but. There's a kind of an interesting little story and national about how FaceBook has an app. That's like a -- me -- That actually gives you it's very shoddy can find it now it is a type -- -- dot com. And it -- -- just gives you like a customizable. View of your own -- with your own little status -- and. You can make right and if you go over FaceBook attack and the dot com you can see what was basically put together by FaceBook designer rob -- -- and wouldn't say if -- -- -- -- lots and lots and -- You and even -- -- edit edit and happy whipped up at. At the FaceBook on FaceBook has a -- fun. If no battalion there and sign in and then it looks like Jackie but then if you hover over in the top right it -- sexy and that's computers because when there and I really know I mean but it. It's pretty -- love it. -- supposedly this is their and their answer to you MySpace conundrum that is like everybody wants to go on their play with the CS that -- steam Alan. The glitter and music and stuff and on FaceBook everybody looks like -- so read this you could customize it potentially or their -- or developers could get in to this three guys and make. Alternate you -- interface the FaceBook. Right or use upset -- -- molecular basis and the speculation is that this would be some sort of like a Tumblr meets FaceBook. The whole micro blogger. Like that somewhere halfway in between real blogging -- Anyway it -- up slicing the pie. It looks prettier. It lets do some headlines in headlines today sharp. Corporation plans to launch -- the read these smart -- this year -- the Nintendo 3-D S which would be at 3-D display. That requires no glasses that's very important on your phone have three dean why. Well it's from -- so this is just gonna be -- you know cool technology that comes out and them we're all gonna forget it and then that Apple's the LA fighters later and be like yeah of tech and vegetarian you I had the united up on other imagine handset which is one front facing camera to and the display that continue in three all the sudden this time get a lot more intimate. -- on mine anyway. Yeah. And on there you back on a -- market research. Surveyed by change -- shows that 72% of iPhone for users are very satisfied with the new Apple device yes and -- -- the same people from -- when video. I don't care. I don't care down from 82% in 2009 that we GS owners -- 82% of murders -- -- it can't. And when asked what they dislike most about their iPhone for guess what the number one thing was in the networking -- 27% requirement he's taking -- you know. Take that Blackberry. I mean with the -- -- making the only they'll figure. Thank you. Oops couch and being is bringing sexy back check out the new -- seeing it as -- -- with a new maps I was playing around these last night their. Gorgeous I thought -- on the -- geek I love maps and these its silverlight not flash or combination of last and so really want long how many plenty of Ajax and silverlight and when -- human -- as -- -- thing so and as you zoom in automatically goes from a beautiful map view where they've basically had like. Ophthalmologist figuring out what the right contrast levels and colors -- and as you zoom in and automatically goes to the aerial view which you can rotate. They're it's their -- I mean it's just like. Mean is it is very -- network but in my -- I -- that they spent a lot of times like diving into the colors and hit him. And elegant backdrop of information delivery that hopes content you pop on the map. We're so says -- being blog but. I think it's kind of like washed out and I can really help and I'm very pretty and yeah it could drag and and and I was actually potentially thinking that okay I'm gonna try this for a week I use Google Maps constantly in the Bay Area on -- is on my Android -- -- motorcycle to get around. As -- -- I'll give it a week but no -- And of course know this -- pleasant silverlight -- them. Yeah I just I'm sorry like I'm not telling them they think it's a nice for advanced if you're on a PC it's transparent when using several -- -- it's really really not in Chrome. Know -- -- is totally not to me broken. On to kickers. Cool and funding is part of the day there's just a little -- video over at triple tech dot com. Where these guys at the Waterloo labs in Austin, Texas have created a way of controlling -- original Nintendo any -- Simply by moving your eyes you can just use your eyeball in the end I think that popular blame -- -- yes. The -- Mario okay what could. Well the guys gonna let you know -- his -- -- -- think it can run into the rumba and then you can heavily ultimately disorders about when you look to the regularly. -- It would be like a permanent yeah damaged no come on it gets into your brain that feedback -- -- too tight. I love it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The news is starting to come out about this cool discovery so the Stanley was. Their home was gonna be foreclosed on my example lost their jobs and recession we're gonna happen move out of -- -- the packet about and they in the basement. Discovered. Rare and very old action comic which I think is like -- it was like the first appearance of Superman yeah so I actually interviewed date -- guy from what is that comic connect. They're gonna put they bought this and they're gonna put it up on auction and just the discovery alone was enough for the bank to say like. Yeah you can be good -- if I think we're gonna hold off panel for pleasure things that that the comic just got. Rating of five out of ten so very good flash find rating. And it's gonna go on auction on August 27 and they think it will fetch upwards of 2000 -- think you mean. Superman -- their house. Superman. They of their house. Awesome I want to hear that that he wandered -- -- it's a really I have a feeling actually that if anything it's gonna drive up the price. At auction it could be just the sheer heart warming in -- Sympathy factor -- the -- this is the action comics number one -- out of -- the -- it is number one. Yeah and that's a very that they their house at school name -- economic number one. That these this comic connect actually being super interesting like these. They sell. There at comic con with all of these like old super rare comic thing an -- and -- and earlier today from the needn't unanimously what are they dude they like come -- with a Mac truck later and get that. Comic and taken home but they they broke a record recently they -- the comic from million dollars and now the cost of -- totally what was it. And I can it was an action comic that it got one I think with action comics number one it was not this one is the first Superman. The first appearance -- Which apparently a copy of act now knowing yak copy of action comics number one person with -- -- Anyway if it's in heart warming that will -- option when it starts it goes from like October I do thank them through September. And then we'll tell you the final -- Million dollars and go visit. Under the voicemails we have that whole talk about tablets and you know that the never going to appear Android ones first but -- but Andrew the question about a whole other kind of small computer. Hey guys it's better than ever -- -- again. -- just a quick note on the tablet issue that was raised. What happened of those UMPC. News. You know they -- netbooks Microsoft -- is really gonna promote them. They had a real cool look to them. Could have done all of those things and everybody was asking work and yet they still run windows. -- -- and that's right nobody bought them. Yeah I bet she has -- get -- you. Acting here but maybe somebody else will come out would one that actually does all of the things that everybody actually needed to do. But then if we did that then we would not be Apple fans around with little Apple and -- -- -- -- of people. What -- show. Is he proposing is he proposing that there's a device that does everything we wanted to do and then we can all just by that -- While we're so glad that the -- came out we no longer need to the lust after any other technology. Also did you not know that people don't actually have different needs and desires in the world and nobody likes all the thinking that -- all like excess and and honest let's be honest they're reasonably about the amputees can they were like 2000 dollars yeah they were cool they were -- they were right they were total James -- computers one it's an effective space here in the Sony UMPC which was really cool to hold that played with that Apple -- were just a little too big. It was we did see the movie the thing and one that -- know -- still open and I felt well and I have things that was. Some and it -- -- Q I was first debuted at the end I mean our members in my -- the idea ivory I was routed I drool all over that. There are like drag it. I was readmitted from Leo related I was working it's all too big to be it Smartphone to be opponents of small to -- -- computer. We did a Q and -- -- the -- -- it's nice to know and love again two years later. It said that it was never -- -- it -- true thousand dollars for half a. You can articulate you have better eyes and I do those move full windows that'll looking screen thank -- Now and it didn't it was terribly implemented a good dialogue boxes for windows and this -- on the Netflix and -- in -- you hold dialog about it went -- to -- -- Australia and it was just like have to scroll to see a pop up roller yeah there happening -- -- that this whatever happens the UMPC is the same thing we're gonna be saying about the whatever that sharp 3-D thing. And that Apple come along years later and and him that you -- -- did so to. Clos Utley writes -- -- such already three talked about the new Blackberry torch one of the features that he thought was good. Was the ability for your -- charges to show up on your phone bill I wonder how useful feature will be given the most lepers -- corporate provided phones. While you might be able to justify the expense of an excel GPS app I don't think wallpaper expressed or easy bartender are going to be an easy sell how long until companies are locking down -- -- the way to do text messaging. That's a -- point and in fact arc of hour from. I suspect that most companies do that yes CNET does this with their CBS with our blackberries that MMS or the whatever profile it is that also allows you to fill and send MMS this is turned off I the corporate blackberries because -- That's also the profile that allows you to download ring tones and maps and they -- yet the corporate Blackberry like forget about having any. Picture messages but they want might -- and if I'm not mistaken though that the way that this ability to. Charge. Application purchased -- -- -- just one of the ways he can buy apps that you can also buy them through different -- three put Democrat part. But yet that -- typically locked. Up. -- killed in Indiana writes and says that just got that you got to update -- my trusty Motorola -- noticed that there is an option to tether via USB. I tried -- out of my Windows 7 laptop and it -- -- -- from what I can tell there's no extra charge to use go to settings wireless networks tethering. After connecting the computer via USB -- USB tethering checkbox and wait for the drivers dot mapping stop. I installed two two on my wife's neural drive last night and I noticed the same thing in the settings I launched -- -- -- that connect this to -- has -- -- late so I didn't. But I really wonder who like is what have jury trial. Yeah I mean you know again like we mentioned yesterday it was valid only -- -- and -- give them hasn't it there hasn't been any follow up I I upgraded to -- -- -- and all -- China the name yeah port checking out of them pedicure at the if it's one of the things retirement because it's not supported or right yeah you put a lot trials -- I -- -- -- actually if if if that's -- -- please don't put them options yeah. That's really wanted to don't grey out options manufacturers to he's an optional but it's -- that's only on the pillow they're made of 100 cards that you get the cheaper version of the car and there's these little play button they click thing we're yet -- -- that they had to include trying to control it. To me you -- -- -- -- and they do that and to show you a keep your yeah that's not purpose and that's where I'm from America -- Lebanon long history. There is an update actually smile and then tavern just put it in in on mobile -- that common for the reader reached out about. The question of whether Verizon is in fact -- it sounds like the hardware in question the Texas Instruments WL when tooth and one like a -- that. If technically after the -- the firmware that runs on that hardware is not. So presumably that is why the pro you hot add capability -- picked. How many -- you tethering with the right -- yeah. Well yeah created. Yeah right but -- hardware -- yeah it's totally get the the in fact there. Really hear it parents I don't know the reason shouldn't give too much to guide the unofficial hot -- solutions utilize ad hoc mode. Google's official Android two point you have that requires access point mode and T I haven't gotten around to adding that in any firmware. Yes there's a difference in the way that the chip second handle -- there's five different modes that Wi-Fi chips that can handle what master which is what a regular access point shows up as. Ad hoc and then Theres also managed and then and couple others but essentially yes the firmware doesn't do this -- looked into this with Robin would. We got it that does pineapple software with me because we think about it and -- in -- Wi-Fi pineapple but. Yeah we'll let chip supports it not gonna happen but still but I -- to -- is gonna get you out whatever you connect to get online. And why would Google's official Android 2.2 hot but not just use that landed that have to require -- appointment meant it has not enabled. -- Well it -- there it now there's some clarity about -- So I presume I'm still gonna drag it presumably that would suggest that I will go through the whole like trying to -- paying him an will be like and -- And don't know why. I've Ohio reported -- let us know extra yeah I'll report back to give your phone it's Iceland and they're in opening it via I think -- -- into sports marveled well not have another email yeah. Captain Paul and others actually pilot Ken -- -- hidden. About. My micro rant about not being able to use my Kindle an airplane -- take -- landing. Anyway. Captain Paul who has a long time listener and emailers and I've been an airline pilot burger joint -- for the past seven years -- -- on the safety committee -- my airline. The primary reason the airlines point to shut up all electronic during take -- landing has nothing to do with the possibility of interfering with the airplane's avionics. And everything to do with paying attention to your surroundings through the two most critical things like. Oh that's also -- -- But -- -- initiated only can come around the link wake people up. There's -- -- -- that -- though you oh totally we're landings -- we met I would be it -- When you're when you're landing. And I was -- -- from the. -- immediately sitting in the that -- we have a giant. Okay I'm not sitting next to you. Number because of rights into note if coffee -- for cracking down on PCs -- -- we should all show up and place and dungeons and dragons my that the dice rolling on the tables -- the people arguing over there plus five or connecting just as effective against works. Will drive them to let the PCs back and lightning bolt lightning bolt the old -- -- -- US I have only one thing that day. Natural twenties. And that's where the community yours they're now. -- -- audio on. And play them may. Amen yeah -- -- -- the -- are replaying a dice game it is so noisy. Here though I -- -- -- that one. I hate that coffee -- that allow pop ups yes. Let -- It's time for today's Blackberry messenger question when what do you think. The they're doing with your story nude images now you've got what. -- outlawed it that copy chips and other things that should be outlawed it pops up Nava also -- history. -- -- let's be honest we know our audience we need like a Paul we need an a or AB. Yeah. You're right we doomed to jailbreak yeah that's it that's it ripple after her acting rim people -- still -- but yes. That's that's what Janet that and -- -- that doesn't at all you don't actually do and now is. -- -- -- -- -- Like at your Blackberry. I don't know if -- if you want if your interest in the torture and out of that when it doesn't mean. Those under the comment via Blackberry messenger let's note here interest in the Turkey not -- -- is Q4 523 fees entirely 65. That of course can be found her written down helpfully -- our blog and -- -- dot cnet.com you can also email us. But at cnet.com and hollered and meet with voicemail and 10616. -- victory. Yeah and that's version of -- have a lovely it was posted it went -- -- it all day measurement and. -- thank you very much -- you guys can check out H a K the number five dot org for Austin Defcon coverage later this week. Really -- I and I run. An auto -- remain mobile phone. The way it would have to have lyrics and Molly. Notes and out of plastic with possible out of tune I mean does audits a lot of the land on the discomfort that allows for a MI -- singing at my. It is to create a whole new line of discomfort maybe they can to auto tune late the intro. And management of the -- we. In mountain. And a it is they are lacking an -- agreements you know it's true yeah. -- that wherever you island and started adding. -- -- get -- -- you know if they took yes lets people walking again and then put it to sound like good beats I would have to happen but you would have to do in the style we like to the repeat stuff and yeah it really makes an effort I mean that's. That's no like -- you know how that -- you tomorrow kind of thing yeah and you got to go back I don't. I don't know that -- the drill our listeners there are pretty apt you know what I would do if our of the deal listeners a good onto the Christmas episode for you guys do -- The best of clip shows and find some good stuff from that data is classic status and -- -- Belmont and their two. It and it just. Now would be epic Apple the challenges out there will probably check that out in five months when it's yes has done. You're gonna.
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