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Ep. 1283: Where we whirlybird this picture disc: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 1283: Where we whirlybird this picture disc

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Nobody's taken hits harder in the digital age than Weird Al, Bridget Carey tells us her favorite vacation spots, how to rent a jet ski in God's bathtub, and Xanga is about to shut down you guys!!!

-What's up, everybody? It's Thursday, June 6, 2013. This is the 404 Show. Thanks for tuning in. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Bridget Carey. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -What's up, everybody? -Hey. -How's everyone feeling on this Thursday? Bridget Carey joins the program. Thanks for doing that, Bridget. -Oh, it's good to be here. -What's up with you? What's new in your world? -Well, a big event happened the past week. -Yes. -My fiancée, his sister-- -Right. -Had a baby. -Wow. -In New Jersey. -Oh, the best place to be born. -That's what we're doing this weekend, visiting and helping them out and it's kind of funny because the room number they were in, in the hospital was 404. -Oh. Nice. -I was like this is a good sign. It's a good sign. -All right. Talk about being born under a good sign. I don't know about that. -Baby not found though. Are you sure the baby was in there? -That's another thing. Yes. You know when labor goes for a while you start to wonder then. -Yes. -Baby not found. Not bad. All right. Cool. -Congratulations, Carey. -Yes. Absolutely. So you're looking forward-- I know you're not coming out with us to E3, but you're looking forward to all that stuff. Yes. -Oh, it's gonna be so crazy. I mean I'm gonna have 1 screen with the E3 news and another screen with Apple News because they're going on at the same time with-- -Yes. -The Xbox and Apple announcements, so-- -Am I the only one who's just like what the F like why is Apple just trying to rain on everyone else's parade? -I mean it's kind of-- I mean I don't know. Aren't the dates known for a while? Yes. -I mean E3 has been a pretty cemented event that's going on. -That's probably one of the reasons too why Xbox and Microsoft wanted to do a little bit of an early sneak peek at some stuff because they you know they didn't wanna lose out on everything. You gotta wonder about that how much that played a part. -Yes. -But yes. It's gonna be an interesting day. Now there's rumors of maybe we're gonna see a new iPad and colorful iPhone minis. I mean the iPad rumor came because we already have a case coming out for it. -Right. -So one company is pretty confident. -Right. -At least. -To me anytime Apple takes the stage somewhere, to me now all it is is just them proving they're still cool. -Yes. -Like are trying to convince people that they're still cool. -Hey kids, hey, hey. We still got it. We're still with it. -Hey. We're still a thing. Right. Dr. Evil in there. Yes. I'm just like right. To me it's just hey prove to us that you're still you know super relevant and not just for my grandparents anymore. -Is that fair? Everyone is so hard on them because they are the cool kids. Like are you still cool, are you still cool? No one else really gets that kind of treatment. -I mean I don't think any one company should be at the top for too long and I mean they're still at the top. -Yes. -But you know it's okay to sort of you know chip away at the armor. -Yes. -I'm okay with that. -I'm looking forward to a new operating system because they hear that the next iOS is gonna be really different like it's supposed to be flat as supposed to the 3D models that they have for the past few generations. -I don't know if the average person-- -I feel like the operating system will look the same. -Really cares so much about like oh, it's flatter and it's more, you know, I think they're gonna go oh, this is still button squares. Okay. I'm good, you know. -Yes. -Do you think it's gonna look more like Android? -No. -I think of a few things-- -They can't. -Might borrow from Android a little bit. -We already have some similarities like you know swiping down-- -The pull down. -You got the pull downs. The worlds are merging. I don't know. -I don't know. Tim Cook, man. Guy doesn't seem to sweat anything. Stocks down like hundreds of points. -Yes. -There's a trial going on right now. There's always some trial going on. -They're losing you know court decisions left and right. Dude doesn't even break a sweat. I'm not sure he's human. -Yes. -I'm not sure he's actually alive. I don't know. -He's immortal. -Maybe. All right. What do we got today, Mr. Yu? -It's gonna be hard to transition-- -Don't even try and do it. I did before you. -Into this one, but yes. I'll just bring this up. So in the world of user-submitted videos, YouTube, everything, right, streaming video everywhere, there's one man that's really just taking it harder than everyone else and that man is Weird Al Yankovic. -We're finally talking about Weird Al. -It took 5 years, right? It's been a long time coming. I can't believe we haven't talked about this already, but-- -What's going on with Weird Al? -Weird Al has announced that his next album which will be likely digital only will be his last. -Oh. -What? -No more Weird Al albums. -I didn't even-- -After 30 years of performing and making music. -Why? -Oh. -Why? -For that reason that the parody videos is becoming so mainstream that it's hard to sell records basically. -Yes, that's true. -That's pretty harsh to say I am not gonna do it anymore. -Well, it's just not cost-effective. -Well, he's got a long career. -The return on the investment isn't what it was when you know-- -People just don't care about one guy. I don't think if you asked the average, maybe 15, 16-year-old, they would have no idea who Weird Al is. -He's right. Probably no clue. -He probably thinks he's Howard Stern. -Yes, most men do make money on like on concerts now and concert cruises. We could have a Weird Al cruise then he'll change his mind. -Yes. -I mean did you know he was still doing this thing. I kind of didn't know. -I did not. -No. I had no idea. -This is all very new and surprising to me. -He is a man who needs to contribute his gift to the world, and I don't wanna hear that he's not gonna be doing-- he's gotta be doing something with his time. -I think he belongs on doing like a podcast or something. -Yes, maybe. -That to me that's where the future of Weird Al will exist. -I had no idea about this but in this research for the story, I found out that he's had a dozen albums, 10 have gone gold or platinum. -Wow. -He's had 3 Grammy Awards, but he's been nominated 6 times. That's insane, right? -It's amazing. -I love it. -Wait. They're giving this guy Grammys? -Yes. 3 Grammy Awards. -For comedy album. -The comedy albums. Yes. -Okay. -Right. -Who had a comedy album in the 80s though? I mean-- it's like Delirious was a really good one. -Yes. I was gonna say that. -I think that went out once. -I mean I'm sure Richard Pryor had a bunch too. -Right. Definitely. -Right? But yes. That's like well, you know what? Everyone must-- oh, apparently he does have a podcast with Nerdist. -Oh, he does. -See? -Awesome. -We didn't know about that either. -Yes. -But you know sooner or later everyone's gotta you know hang up the boots, man. -Yes. I also think that like Weird Al, he's so nice that there's really no room for him in the record industry. -He's not mean enough. -Music is now-- yes. You know he's not like brutal enough right now. -Yes. -I think that's why. -He's very PG. -Yes, too PG. He's like children's music and I don't think children are listening to this kind of stuff anymore. -Yes, they want much more dangerous stuff. -Yes. Should we go through our favorite Weird Al songs? -If you want. -I mean I know that you know a lot of them yourself. -I do. -Smells Like Nirvana. -I definitely grew-- yes. Smells Like Nirvana is my favorite Weird Al song. There's absolutely no doubt about it. -Yes. -No. -Yes. Well, for me it's my-- I mean I like Fat. -Fat, right? That's Bad, right? -Eat it. -Eat it. -Eat it is-- -The one everyone knows-- -What's that? -Is the parody of Gangster's Paradise. -Right. -Right. -Amish Paradise. -Right. -Right. -Churning butter once or twice. -Right. -Living in an Amish Paradise. -That's the only way to talk about Weird Al is just blandly you're citing the lyrics. -Yes. -Right? -For sure. Well, he had an album that was based off of like Jurassic Park, didn't he? -Right. Yes. I forget what it was called. -Which one was that? -I think it was called a Jurassic Park or something. -Or it's like Alapalooza maybe or something like that, yes. That's what's it called. It was called Alapalooza released back in 1993 right after Jurassic Park went out. That's the one. I believe-- what's the track listing on that? Oh no, it's not the one with the Nirvana, is it? But they had that song about Jurassic Park which was based on MacArthur Park by Richard Harris. -Oh, okay. Right. -I don't know, man. It's just-- what if he had a song on that from an Aerosmith song too. Oh, let me look it up here. -What about White and Nerdy? That was-- -The White and Nerdy. -I love White and Nerdy. -That was pretty good. -That's like Rotten Dirty, right? -Yes. You look at it. -Is it there? -Yes. This is funny because he started like this hardcore song into White and Nerdy. This is still hilarious. We riding a Segway. -Yes. -Oh, I remember. -And they received at a Picard and Kirk reference-- -Right. Yes. -I loved it. -Really good. -Here's what it was. It was a parody of Aerosmith's Living on the Edge called Living in the Fridge. -Yes. A lot of his songs are food-based too like I love Joan Jett's I love Rocky Road. -Yes. Yes. I love Rocky Road. It's so funny. We didn't bring that up with Shannon when she was here about how weird-- -Misheard song lyrics. -It should've totally come up. -Yes. -Don't forget though. He also did on each record he had original stuff too. -Right. Yes. -He would just write original songs about whatever. -Right. -And it was just totally absurd. Who doesn't love Weird Al? Come on. And if you really like Weird Al, if you really do and you're still around and you're still doing your thing, go see UHF. -Yes. -UHF is like such an underrated 80's comedy gem. Go and listen to that because it's-- or not listen to it, watch it. It's ridiculous. -Yes. -What are we listening to now? -This is I Think I'm A Clone Now. -I remember that. -I think the most the strangest was random topics too. They always practice boys. -The crazy auto dude and stuff he does is so absurd. And his hair-- -And his music video were always really good too, right? I mean he was on point. -Yes. -This guy, man. -It's all about his hair, dude. -Yes, that's right, and that weird mustache too. -Listen to the chorus here. God, the music is so funny because it's like worse than a karaoke version of the song. -Yes. -What's this? -This is White and Nerdy. Look at this video. -Hey, that's Key and Peele, right? -That's Key and Peele. Yes. -Is that a Pac-Man? -He's the man. -I freaking love him, dude. -Give him another Grammy. -Right? -You know this generation's pop really needs a good dose of getting Yankoviched. -Yes. -I mean Biebs-- -Absolutely. -And he's asking for it. -It's too easy. It's too easy. -I'm not sure he could outhumor how ridiculous his songs are currently are. -I also don't think that anyone would give him the license to record these parodies like all the artists that have given it to him. -Yes. -Right? I mean because he gets permission from everyone to do it. -He's had trouble with Lady Gaga. -Oh, right, yes. -When he did I Performed This Way. -Yes. -Like he was trying to like tiptoe and be polite even though he's like I really don't have to be this polite and yes. -How cool is that when they don't give him permission to put out the songs commercially, I think he just goes in and releases them online for free which is rad like this guy would like circumvent the system. -Yes. -I think he had beef with Coolio too. -About Amish Paradise? -About Amish Paradise. Yes. -Who won that battle? -I'd like to see that fight. -Yes. -What about Pretty Fly for a Rabbi. I thought you would like that-- -Oh, I don't know if I know that one. -Yes, listen. This is it. -Let me hear it. This is a video too or no. -No. Just the song. -Oh, my God. I just wanna hear maybe a second of this. -I never heard this. -Nice. It's nice. All right. Cool. Not bad. I'm surprised he's a Jewish dude. He should've done a lot more Jewish parody stuff. -I want him to adopt me. Could you imagine Weird Al being your father? It'd be amazing. -Does he have kids? -Yes, he has 1 kid. -That's awesome. All right. Right on. We salute you. You've won a Lifetime Achievement Award, Weird Al. That's how they should honor him at the Grammys. -Yes. -Give him a Lifetime Achievement Award. -Yes. -Let's get him on our show. -He earned it. -Yes. -All right. What else we got? Switch gears out of that, dude. -Yes. Geez. I don't know where to go with this one either. All right. Let's talk about God's bathtub. -Okay. -Okay. -We're talking about talking vacations earlier. You guys we're actually all going on to vacations pretty soon. -Yes. We're on our way soon. -Speaking of which no shows next week. Might as well be-- -Right. Good program. -By the way. -We'll do that. We'll talk about that here during the show. -Well, if you're looking for a really lucrative vacation spot, how about one that has just been discovered. -Okay. -One that hasn't been touched in over 7,000 years. -What? -This is crazy, right? So scientists in Australia have uncovered what they're calling God's bathtub, also known as Blue Lake. -But it's real. -This is a real spot, yes. This is a photo of it right here. So this is a lake right off the south coast of North Stradbroke Island, beautiful photo, am I right? -Yes. -Why are they-- -Those beautiful 180 x 281. -But why are they calling it God's bathtub? -Because it's so pure that you could see 30 feet below the surface-- -Oh, wow. That's impressive. -When you're swimming in it, yes. So it's also been untouched by human hands for the last 7,000 years. -So come on down. -Until now. Yes. -Come on down. Pee on our lake. -Why are you encouraging people to go to this and destroy the planet? -Yes. -I don't know. -Don't tell Sean Parker. He'll just gonna bathroom it. -Yes. -He'll fill it up with cement and turn it into a sweatshop. -Yes. -So this is just like an untouched-- so how did they know it's untouched? -Well, I don't know. Apparently it's like the swamp is refreshed by this thing called an aquifer and the shores haven't moved at all which means that there's been no erosion on the surface. -Oh. Don't tell any people you know like anti-global warming people about this. -Why is that? -Because they're gonna use this and like you put this on a pedestal. -Oh. -See. -This is what we should've-- -See. Everything is fine. -Yes, right. -Venice is sinking but this is fine. -Right. Yes. -Yes. So this is-- I mean I wished I had more photos of it. I'm gonna try to keep looking for pictures here. -Well, it's totally untouched so there shouldn't be any photography-- -Yes, starting right now. -At all. There you go. -Here's a pretty good-- -Let me see what this-- what God's bathtub. Wow, look at that. -Wow, that's beautiful. -And it's deceivingly shallow because it's clear, but it's actually pretty deep. -Yes. -I mean yes. That really is amazing. -It's pretty. What's the most beautiful spot that you guys have ever been to? -Hawaii. -Yes? -Yes. -The beaches in Hawaii? The one that's no longer there? -Well, there's just places that seem fake. Like they just seem like CG. -Yes. -And you're like what, there's like a rainbow with a waterfall and a cloud. -Yes. -And like-- -That they walk into a green screen. -Yes. It's absurd. -Yes. -Like I said after you're there for a while, you get like beauty fatigue. -Really? -Because it's just like a rainbow coming out of a unicorn coming out of a waterfall going into like where dolphins are constantly like jumping around. -You just don't even care. -And you're like oh, this is just silly. And then there's like a volcano in the background that's like erupting very softly so that it just looks good. -Yes. -Right. -It's just so-- it's absurd. -Man. -It's a mood volcano. You can set it on to low dim. -Yes. -It's crazy. -Every night you could see you know billions of years in the past by looking at the sky. It's absurd. -Now you're talking me into a trip over there. -I'm just saying like-- no. I mean you know because we're talking about Bridget's honeymoon destination. -Yes. -You should go wherever you wanna go, but at some point in your life you gotta go to Hawaii because it's just doesn't make sense. -Yes. -It doesn't make sense how one set of islands can be so ridiculous. -Yes. -Yes. And you know if you wait long enough, couple you know 100,000 years there'll be another island there because the volcanoes underwater are like making new islands. -Right. -And they'll just look really good too and that's how worst-- -I've been to this place called Hundred Islands in the Philippines. It's like a hundred small little islands. -Yes. -And all the sand is white. -Oh, that's cool. -Yes, because it's actually volcanic ash. -Right. That's awesome. -Yes. If you look at our pictures it's beautiful amazingly. -What's it called? -A Hundred Islands. -Hundred islands in the Philippines. -It's crazy. I was a kid. I didn't really appreciate it. -Right. -But I gotta go back as an adult. -It's amazing. The planet's got some really unbelievable stuff going on in there. -Totally. Wow. -Yes. -Yes. We all need to take a vacation right now. -Yes. -I'm going to Aruba over the summer. -Nice. -I've never been there. You guys ever been to Aruba? -Never -Cue the Beach Boys, man. -Yes. Seriously. Yes, I'm excited. -Bahamas is beautiful. -You have an underwater camera case, an underwater for like a-- -No, I have a GoPro so I'll just use that. -Oh, yes. -You know, just do some of that. -Man. -Yes, I'm excited. -Let's get out of here. The show's over. -I'm gonna get a sun tan. -Yes. -What? You? -No way. Even if I wanted to I couldn't. -Don't you have like a special shirt that you have to wear? It's like-- -No. -A white shirt that like reflects the sun. It'll stop global warming right there. -No, I don't. I can't be shirtless for too long like if I take my shirt off, not only there's like a helicopter start landing nearby, but no. It's just I get burned. -It's just different shades or red. I know what you're talking about. -Yes. That sucks. -That's all I deal with. Yes. -It sucks. I mean I know this is like really white people problem. -Yes. -But that isn't literally white people's problem. -It's just not good being me in the summer. It just sucks. -That's okay. -That's why I live up here. -Yes. All right. Let's move on. Let's talk about Xangas because I guess I don't know, weird kind of talking about this briefly before the episode. You guys didn't have a Xanga in high school? This was like an online journal that preceded LiveJournal. -See, I had a LiveJournal. -Preceded MySpace and Facebook. Okay. So this was like around the same time. -Yes. -Xanga was like kind of a less popular-- -I remember hearing about it, but I don't have any friends on it. Clearly if I was your friend, I could've been on this. -Yes, maybe. We could've liked each other's photos. -This is the first time I've ever heard about Xanga. -Yes? What did you write on your LiveJournal? Was it like fan fiction? Was it movie fan fiction? -I wasn't a fan fiction person. I was just a life-- I was documenting my life and bitching about school. -Yes. -Okay. -You know those archives are still online if you go to in their archive. -I know. I know. -You wanna tell me your name? -No. Maybe later, maybe later. -Yes. -It's pretty embarrassing. -What about you, guys? Do you guys have any kind of like online journal? -No. -Never. -You invite your friends to like-- -No. -Read your daily lives. -No. -Nothing like that. -Not a loser, no I'm kidding. -Oh, yes. I did do that. -I'm kidding. -I would do that. Well, anyways Xanga, one of the most popular ones that arguably maybe spawned things like Facebook and what we have now-- -Yes. -Stuff that we have now is shutting down unless it can raise $60,000 by the end of July-- or I'm sorry, mid-July. So this is one of the more popular ones in the early 90's. They've survived 14 years, but over the weekend the co-founder actually wrote on the Xanga's Team Xanga which apparently people still read that the platform is running out of money. They need to raise $60,000 in order to convert the entire thing over to WordPress. So why are you scoffing? -It's just like, guys, you can barely stay afloat. -Yes. -You're asking for 60 grand to move everything to WordPress then what? -Yes. -Does that equal profit like how is it gonna work after that? -It's funny because they're not even using a popular crowd funding so it's sounded like a kickstarter-- -No. -It's not anything like that. It's Crowdhoster. -Which I've also never heard. -Yes, they're really married to like 3rd-- I don't know, 3rd place. -Talk about an unnecessary thing. I mean look. They've got until July 15th. -Yes. -That's just over-- it's about 5 weeks away. -Yes. -They haven't even reached halfway. -They're at 23 grand. They have a month left. That's not bad. But I think the effort is really cool. They're trying to make the entire thing open source. So basically the users will have to pay for their own webspace and they can blog about whatever they want but the membership on Xanga will continue to be free. -This is like-- -Cake, cake. -And it's hard when there's like Tumblr. -Yes. Why? Why am I keeping-- what does Xanga offer that Tumblr doesn't is my question. -I mean as long as there's a way to get your archives off-- -Yes. There it is. -Then we should all just you know move on. -Right. -You know like the HD DVD didn't plead everyone like oh, we're becoming irrelevant. -Right. -Laser disc. -Save us. -Help us. -It's like come on. -Give us money. -Drop it. -Yes. I know. It's tough. -You know everyone has got to just like Weird Al, you gotta know when to hang them up. -Yes. -Anybody-- let's call it a day. -Weird Al is not asking for more money. -Weird Al is not like bumming quarters at the bus stop. -See, here's where it's different though. There was an old device long ago called the Chumby, it sat on your desk and it was an adjacent oh, just understanding that you could stream things to Wi-Fi before we all had you know cellphones. The company went under, but volunteers were asking for money because if you have one, it's just a brick but if you give us a few bucks, we'll at least give you, you know, some basic apps and you know voluntarily kind of let it still work. -I remember the Chumby. -So like that makes sense when it's a physical product that is useless, but on the web we move on, you know. -Right. Right, right. -You gotta freaking get out of the way for progress. -Yes. And asking people for money just because they've been using it for a long time and $48 a year for membership can buy you a lot on the internet besides the Xanga. -Yes. -So I don't know. -What do you know-- -They probably are not gonna make it but we could check back in 21 days. -All right. Good luck, little buddy. -Take your bets. -All right. I wanna talk about this Xbox thing. Did you guys see this? -What? -The thing I reviewed the other day. Have you heard about this? -Yes. -That sounds very serious and your voice got low for a second. -It's not very serious. It's actually exists more in the category of the absurd. It's called the Gaems and it's G-A-E-M-S Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment. Okay? What are you laughing at? -Just because I was there when you opened up the package to this. -Yes. -And I had never heard so much profanity in one unboxing. -Wow. What do you mean profanity? I mean I don't know if-- do you have a picture of it up here? Can we look at it? -Yes. Let me bring this up. -So I get this thing and I'm trying to figure it out. It's basically an Xbox suitcase. -Yes. -Inside this enormous case lies a 19-inch LED TV attached to one end of the suitcase. The other end is room for your Xbox or your slim PlayStation 3 and that's really all there is to it. I'm not gonna get like all the details of how it works, but you need power and you need 2-power slots, 1 for the console, 1 for the screen. And it's just like what kind of person is this for is like the question I ask the whole time while I played with it. -The 2 concerns that come to mind immediately are it's cool that this is mobile but it looks heavy, right? I mean how much is the Xbox plus the power source plus this TV. -So it's 20 pounds. -Oh, doesn't work out. -Okay. So 20 pounds doesn't seem like a lot, but when I was carrying this thing back and forth-- -Yes. -No, no, no, no, no. -Why are you so desperate to use this without a TV? -And that's the thing like if you're going on a long trip, right? And you really wanna, you know-- -Like a hotel room. -A hotel room like if you're going on a long like extended leave sort of thing- -Yes. -Yes, you bring this with you maybe, but you can even travel with it practically going on a plane. It is FAA approved. -Right. -But you can't like you know you can't check it, don't throw this thing underneath the plane. That's terrible. I can't imagine what would happen to it. -Right. -It's just a very weird sort of niche product for people. It's a huge hit with the military guys. They love bringing it. They can pack it in like somewhere -Oh, that's cool. Yes. -So that's cool. It's huge for like pro gamers and tournament guys. But other than that, unless you have the sickness where you can't go a day or two without playing your Xbox-- -Right. -You know it's really not for-- but you know I gave it a decent score because it does what it's supposed to do. It's expensive, it's $350 for this one and $250 for one that's only 15-1/2 inches. -Not including the Xbox. -Not including the Xbox. -Wow. -But again you're getting a pretty decent picture quality TV screen built into a suitcase and you could hold, you could attach other devices too if you or so incline. -Yes. The other thing that I was looking at here is you know you've seen OtterBoxes and stuff that was the military grade durability. This doesn't look like that. I mean I saw it in person and it's made of plastic. -It's made of plastic. -You're not supposed to be moving around your Xbox that often and you could damage it, right? -Right, but it does do a good job of keeping it secure. -But look at the-- okay. I understand the security part but look at this photo. The only thing that's protecting the Xbox from touching the television screen looks like 2 Velcro straps. -Right and those straps are heavy duty like-- -So they're gonna be touching basically? I mean-- -Well, it doesn't touch the screen. There's about 3 inches you get in between. On either side of the Xbox is where you put all the power supplies in these like cloth sleeves that it comes with. -Yes. -Which you can see pictured on the left over there. -Yes. -So yes. I mean you know it doesn't have a battery, share rooms like it only requires 18 D batteries to operate. That would be cool if they could figure out some sort of portable power supply. -Oh, I thought it had. Yes. -Because imagine like oh no. Come on. If you could bring this like on a camping trip, that would be sick. -Yes. -No, that wouldn't be sick-- -Yes, it would-- -The whole point of camping is you're-- -Because if you're gonna be camping, go camping. Don't take a 20-pound thing off to your campsite. -It would be cool. It would still be cool. -I'll play. -I'll play too, because I'm sorry like once the sun goes down like I can only stare at a freaking camp fire for 2 hours before I lose my mind. -Some of the ghost stories and some crazy songs. -But you know what you do, you play a really scary game. -Exactly. -And you totally cut yourself out in the dark. -It'll be cool. -Totally. -You know. So anyway if you're so inclined or you're interested more, go to the review on CNET that just went up. There's also an accompanying video and check it out and judge for yourself. It's cool, man. Me personally when I was testing this thing, I lugged it around with me for months. I took it everywhere and I got a lot of stares. -Yes. -People are asking me like what the hell is that. I mean it's a suspicious-looking box. -Right. -Yes. -You know people are always like what do you got there, you know, that sort of thing. -There's no rollers or anything? You just have to pick it up and carry? -So you can buy-- -I feel that you could make this yourself out of a portable television. -No, but not-- yes, maybe. -And a suitcase. -But they do a really good job of like fastening it. I mean it works. -Yes. -You can buy like the roller suitcase attachment. -Don't feel nerdy enough just by buying this? Buy these roller attachments. -And then make a fool of yourself because these are crazy, but no. I mean there's a lot of accessories. You can customize it. The one I had is like a Halo special edition one so it's got all the Halo branding on it. -Right. -I don't know. That's what I have to say about that. -I like the idea for the military. -It's cool. Yes. For sure and I think they sell a lot of them to those guys. -Yes. -And they probably donated much too. -Or you know kids who, I don't know, a hospital I can see using this going from room to room or something. -Yes. For sure. -That'd be cool. -For sure. You know what I was surprised about? You know it works well enough that you'd really it's super easy to set up. I'm surprised when I go to my demos and everything that I'm not getting demoed on these types of things more often just because you just pick it up and you go. It's like you know it's a super heavy briefcase, but you know it's probably easier than you know shipping a TV and setting that up in a hotel room somewhere in New York. So I don't know. They seem to be doing pretty well, but again these are probably not gonna work with the next gen consoles just because they're not gonna fit in that case. -Yes. -You're gonna need a freaking you know-- -Plus there's a connector, right. -Forklift. -Yes. -It's just not gonna work with the new stuff. -And I can connect other game systems to this perhaps or-- -Yes. Just 360 and PS3. -Okay. -Yes. That's about it. So there you have it. -Yes. -All right. Can we talk about this other-- well, it's funny, right? -Yes, it's funny. -It's a funny story. -I'm thinking about that and White and Nerdy at the same time. -Yes. Call me White and Nerdy. -It writes itself. -It's like oh, look at this guy carrying around it. Like come on, let's be honest. If you saw a dude with that in like a Starbucks-- -Oh yes. -What are you-- -Tripping for sure. -You're just like you know I'll pull your Atomic Wedgie and pour your coffee all over his Xbox. -I don't know. -Oh, how's this working for you, sir. -Yes. -I don't know. Speaking of Xbox, we got another story about that, right? -Yes. That's right. This is a gamer after my own heart I really like this story. So there's a New Zealand man that was in the 10th month of his 11-month house arrest term in New Zealand when he just got so bored playing his Xbox and apparently doing other things in his house that he decided to go back to jail to spend the remaining 1 month of his term. -What? -Yes. So house arrest we all know what that is, right? -Yes. -It's a lot cheaper than sending somebody to jail. You can fight your-- -You have an ankle bracelet or something. -You have an ankle bracelet, yes, exactly. You're monitored in your house 24/7. You can't leave a certain perimeter. -Sounds awesome. -Yes, sounds cool. -You can put me on house arrest. It might be the little things that's great. -I don't know how you get food in things like that. I'm sure maybe the radius is like is big enough for the grocery store. -You dial a number and you say hey, in your case Domino's. -Yes. -Bring me over some filth. -And some drones. -Yes. -Yes. -Good. -You need variety in your life. Clearly this guy was just going crazy with the same thing every day. -Yes. -I get antsy over a weekend, you know. I can't imagine you know not ever leaving your house for that long. Even if it's jail, you'd rather see a warden and go, hey, yo, hello person, you know-- -Yes. -Right. -You need human contact in your life. -But there is. -I just can't believe-- -He's not getting that? I don't understand. -What do you mean? In not getting human contact? -Yes. -Apparently he doesn't have any friends, not even on Xbox, not even on Xbox Live because it's so boring that he just decided to go back to jail. He needs more structure in his life. I like that. -These anti-social criminals are so lame. -Believe it or not there's stuff to do at home besides playing video games too, right? -Yes. -Like God forbid, you like read a book or like-- -You could organize your video game. -Yes. -You could do stuff like that. -Buy more games, man. There's more than just Xbox. -Exactly. -PlayStation, things like that. -That's a weird story, man. -Yes. -What a weird story. -Kind of sad. Very sad. -Yes. Oh well. -Yes. -What else we got, man. -Let's talk about Blu-rays. -Cool. -Because I've kind of been like archiving my own picture disks that have like kind of been like collecting and-- -I don't know, what-- a picture disk? -Yes. Like I've been like burning picture disks of all my old photos. -Oh, okay. -Yes. -Picture disk to me sounds like a way someone from the 1900 would describe a CD. -Yes. -In these days like oh you just put your little whirly bird on the pictures. -Yes. -And you're money in the bag, right? -Yes. A few years later it's still there. Oh, yes. Anyway I've been like archiving my photos on like burning CDs and stuff, but I saw this on Gizmodo. I think it's really cool. There's this new company called Millenniata. -Yes. -That's been offering a 25-gigabyte Blu-ray disc that supposedly lasts 1,000 years. What do you think the rating was before this came out? -Well, no. I know about this. It's like super short. -Yes, is it? Really? -I don't know about for Blu-rays but I know for CDR's it's something pathetic. -It's like 100 years. -No I think it's like 30. -Really? -What? -Yes. I think they-- I'm not joking. -Oh, my God. -Maybe. I don't know about the ones towards the end of their lifetime. -Yes. -But I'm pretty sure early, early once, maybe had as early as like 10 years. I'm not joking. I can't back this up with like proof or anything. -There's no facts. -But I'm pretty sure. I mean think about how delicate the original generation of CDR's were. -Yes. -Like if you sneezed on it, the plastic would start to peel off. -Right. You couldn't even lay it on a glass table. -Right. -You have to put it. -It's done. -Face side up. -Yes. It's done man. -Well, these ones I'm just gonna read this off because I'm not sure about the tech here, but they burned data onto a more permanent layer of metals and metalloids instead of organic light-sensitive dyes. That's like technology that apparently has been on standard DVDs for a while now, but it's coming to Blu-ray so you can guarantee at least 1,000 years, make sure-- -So-- -Or whatever you got-- -So now movies are gonna be forever on this disk. -Yes. -That it's great for the environment, we'll never be able to burn and destroy copies of like terrible movies like Gee Wee or-- -Right. -Yes. -Unfortunately they will continue to live on forever. -Yes. -Unfortunately Blu-ray players will only be made for the next 10 years or so. -And the only dumping ground will be like God's bathtub. -Right, exactly. -Who's laying them all in one. That's actually what the ET excavators are gonna do. -Right. -They're just taking that and dumping it into that. What I don't understand is like it's kind of weird, right? So Blu-ray, I think the largest amount of capacity on a Blu-ray disk is 50 gigabytes. -Yes. -Am I right about that? You guys know? -Something like that. -I know 25 is like the most common or one of the other you know varieties the Blu-rays come in, but that's still not a lot compared to the other flash media or not, this isn't flash obviously, but the other storage mediums we have. -Oh, like platter drives and things like that. -Yes, like 50 gigabytes is kind of nothing. -Yes. -Right? -Well, how do you store your stuff? Do you have like-- I have one of those IoSafe drives. -Yes. -Have you seen those things? They're like the indestructible ones. I've dumb though set one on fire and is a view for one of them. -Sure. -They're like supposedly, I don't know, indestructible. -Right. -I have my data on those things. -VHS tapes for me. -Yes. -You have everything. -Oh, yes. -There's 5,000 floppy disks. -The only true indestructible backup media for sure. -I used to have a big stack of floppies, I know, and like 2 of them are like 1 file. -Oh my gosh. -I'm thinking back to those days. -1 photo per day. -Yes. Pretty much 1 photo. -It's only now. It's only 1.4 megabytes. -1 WAV file, sound made at like home are saying dough. -I know. -Not even. -And it couldn't be more than dough. Romancer in the chat says really, 50 gigabytes on a disk isn't enough for you? No, man. It's not. -Yes. -It's not. -Each movie is like a gigabyte, right, a gigabyte and a half maybe. -Sure. -You do like encoding. -Sure. -That's a lot. -Well, I mean no if like the real Blu-rays they take up a lot more of that, but-- -Yes. -No. I mean you know. I guess it all comes down to like the people who used the medium. So obviously movies and stuff like that, there's enough space for the next generation of consoles. They're gonna use Blu-rays. That's gonna be enough I hope. -Yes. -You know because right now, but only for Xbox they're DVDs and there's just not enough room on it. -Right. I think the problem for me isn't so much putting it, finding a place to put the data. It's organizing the data itself. That's so time-consuming. I feel like I would pay a lot of money if there was a service out there that would just organize your hard drive. You know what I mean if you say like hey, look. I have photos on like this external, this laptop and like this hard or sorry, desktop computer. Can you like organize them all and like maybe organize them by date or like date the photo was taken, something like that? -And you're gonna let another company to snoop around in your computer. -100 percent. Yes, I don't care. Or like MP3's, how much would you pay someone to organize all your ID3 tags that have jumbled up? -Oh. -I don't know. -I pay a lot of money for that. -I'd pay 100 bucks for that. -Oh, I'd probably pay more than that. If you have a lot-- -You're forking over, dude. I'm ready. -Would you do that? -No. -You'd be like life intern? -No, absolutely not. -Because then you could start from ground, you know, you could start from zero and then just keep organizing in that fashion. -Yes. And just you know pick up food for you whenever you want. -Yes. -Because you are on your own self-inflicted house arrest. -Yes. You're a digital servant. -That'd be nice. -Yes. -My digital manager. -Yes. Get that from me. -Inquire within. All right. We got some housekeeping to take care of before we say goodbye for the day. Number 1, first things first, holy crap. John Hodgman is on the program tomorrow. -That's exciting. -Mr. John Hodgman. I'm very excited. We are gonna have a lot to talk about with him. So make sure you tune in to tomorrow's show. Not sure we're gonna do it live, but we're gonna get it up right away. So stay tuned for that. If you have any questions for John Hodgeman, be sure to send those into us, email us, the404@CNET.com. Let's find the best bet to do for tomorrow with questions for him. So make sure you do that and mark it in the subject lines so we know what you're talking about. Next week is E3 and as Justin sort of inserted out of nowhere, we're not gonna have shows next week. -Yes. -So this is kind of sad. -Well, I'll be in the office, but I'll be too wrapped up in the E3 news and following your coverage. -Oh, yes. -Yes. That's what it is. -That I won't be able to record a show. -That's what it is, everybody. Just to get that straight. So there's no shows next week, right? But, Justin, this is your last show for a really long time. -Yes, then I'm gonna be gone next Wednesday, the 12th through the 19th through the following week, but you'll be doing shows next Monday and Tuesday, right? -Right. So basically all you need to know is the next 404 after tomorrow is Monday, June 17th. -Goodbye. -And it's just gonna be me. -Yes. -We'll figure it out who joins me then. And that's that. Then it's all you gotta worry about for the immediate future, all right? -Cool. -No shows next week. Maybe we'll do something to pass the time. We'll figure that out. -You ended on a strong note though. -Yes. -Definitely. -We're definitely going out on top with Mr. Hodgman in the studio tomorrow. He'll be here too which is awesome. So we're not gonna do Skype. He'll be here. He lives in Brooklyn. He's right here. So that's gonna be fun and we'll see you guys tomorrow. Again if you have a question for him, send it to the 404 at CNET.com. You wanna call us? We won't get to that for a while, okay? 866-404-CNET. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, all that good stuff. Back here tomorrow with John Hodgman. Thank you to Bridget Carey. Follow Bridget on the Twitters. Watch Update, all that fun stuff and that's gonna do it for us, guys. We'll see you soon. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Bridget Carey. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -This has been the 404 Show, High Tech, Low Brow. We'll see you guys tomorrow. Later.

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