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Tech Culture: Ep. 128: Searching for Samsung's 11-inch Series 9 laptop, PSN is back, and ThinkPad history

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Tech Culture: Ep. 128: Searching for Samsung's 11-inch Series 9 laptop, PSN is back, and ThinkPad history

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This week, we search for the elusive 11-inch version of Samsung's Series 9 laptop, check in on the still-ailing PlayStation Network, and stump the gang with some ThinkPad trivia.

That's an upstart. Because I feel like it and because it's 3 o'clock and that's what congress starts at -- time to start with the times are jealous of you are. Deeply. In the -- were -- lost and not because you are monitoring this is interesting and -- is monitoring. Will be between clearing his throat in front of the microphone Joseph is monitoring eBay auction solely for his son. And the auction is about to end in I'm gonna say two minutes and -- -- time out a minute -- -- to -- thirty seconds right now okay you're bidding on some DC action figures from 2003 -- -- that much which which action figures this in particular this one is yes the Greenland. That -- suddenly very hot green lantern but that's not the movie -- astronaut none of this is the year from the the original -- with a cartoon series and -- now occasional Cartoon Network and boomerang and I have lost track to be a lot of agreement. This is that this is this is actually has he has Hal Jordan. Okay this the other guys downstairs without a black guy has selected as it is abruptly ends abruptly efficacy than the things in closet -- -- the quintessential multitasking you always have something else going on and that's -- can't say okay. Okay I can actually now I think. Excellent how much is that what -- the option that right now is great this is I got the world's first live -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Total Asia forty seconds going -- -- got my current bid is 1290 ninth street and great acuity -- is nine books how many bits are there right now on it. It's only to only 22 and -- -- -- I would assume so. By -- he's gonna with a soft and that it may get some of its night is their minimum I wanna log on an article bad article I -- in investment in WiMax is well above 121998 -- fifty you might not you have to guess my Macs to be bureaucracies would if not over yet. 1514. Don't fire people in the pot in -- -- -- you know what happens is start Saturday -- a specific Clement justice David all I accounting got to find. -- -- three. To. One happy new year it's gotta pay for now I will I didn't want -- -- what we can't hold it up but we received the okay policy that the -- -- page. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A judge Joseph and everybody knew the world's first live podcast eBay auction. For it's not a digital city first -- at -- -- It broke new ground today -- while you're doing that. I gotta tell it are -- PlayStation network slowly started filtering back this weekend now is pretty exciting right. -- -- Think you know I mean even gone to check -- -- and so filled with ennui about this. So you're you're you're basically did mentally detached from the entire -- -- what I've -- like twenty times are really each time -- went -- weekly -- on Twitter or a new site to go back to freeze by the wanted to be Jack back panel and want to be like partially down our physicians PlayStation home Condo that you built on a seaside resort and actually -- -- -- -- -- I I. Now have an isolated -- but now another -- -- on on the 360 being in a dual system and it all right. I'm really need to be online now and on -- -- these entry. I haven't played for a different English rights and so com but I was -- I was not able to play that so I just got. While in orbit is the DS three -- -- -- better because it's on one -- as opposed to three -- for the Xbox -- yes -- and it has apparently developed for the PlayStation 3 and imported to the Xbox and and one of the few times -- -- one -- you -- the PS3 got an -- is this the it came with the that easily and -- Moleskine like notebooks boot -- attempts opportunities keep in mind a -- -- do reverend of the tablet notebooks later. Just -- did you get your PlayStation 3 -- online. I didn't turn it on really I think you're living history junkie. I don't really need -- -- evident Netflix right now I can't or Blu-ray well not -- have been have been discouraging the race is about digital copies of I just recently got Apple TV and I did you cut you mean legitimately purchase downloadable television front the front of Eurasia doesn't -- WL I don't clarified an avid Apple TV -- -- -- needed to stream from them I've had so. And have a lot of movies on my iPad so it just do it from there to soldier by the Apple TV because the iPad to. I bought the app -- what the Apple TV because I was Osama wonder what what way to -- -- -- -- kind of in the mud brick in my set in the general economic that we might -- call me -- whatever greedy. And little greedy because. -- -- and because. With with with you know with the president on this box in the week you can stream that flows at -- I didn't want to. Break up that set I don't wanna -- behind and disconnected exits and what's applicable to other TV or get my Netflix on that as well write an Apple TV was like between Apple TV -- -- -- with. Since I have so you have no PS3 year anything in that were looking don't know that PS3 the Wii and the Xbox Google's ads especially if this explanation of of just a -- got a business. -- Julie if you take. Your PlayStation 3 online since the system came back the and and then using that to succeed it costs. And I'm not missing anything -- the PlayStation. Because there's no new games counts there is lean clean -- going back and an FX 360. And I just realized how frustrating it is though then Netflix how how clean it is. -- Nokia steam comparisons is V6 that's true. It is -- is as well as -- Madison. Gas I'm not let that play them as we look good to see it's I still get to CN NE sixty -- I'm -- pointed out that that that David Cone of -- -- it stands is now on Netflix and yet -- -- to that on is that -- Blu-ray yet. You know not right I don't know if they don't have finally getting on its Guitar Hero lately actually seen a few minutes in -- and cable. I'd watch -- -- -- -- -- but I really actually when we get a cool Blu-ray with a good commentary track and extras that's why I bought the because it was the one that came with the -- -- commentary. So -- -- America -- that yes. -- -- Is a different route -- -- and it -- it rip -- If you do every in a car so I tried it last night I went online -- downloaded the update you know because just I saw that they were starting at the coast. And working their way in the middle of the country but being on the coast as we are so maybe it's a -- I checked like Carolina had to download an update which shifted to all the time on the PlayStation anyway did you change -- -- it forced me to change my password which is kind of annoying. Just because if the severe and type it in with -- that would stick. Com and it can't be you know it. Letter and a number rumble welcomed the rules and ideally cues you'd you have to be a real password on the notes fortunately it did not believe that could ahead might save -- -- -- idealist and a member -- -- ski. I once forgot I had to reset your password -- -- -- -- in the it yet few ever I mean I once forgot mine and down where I change my email with it now and it was -- horrible -- human or call the password. I couldn't even hacked my own the government my passwords -- -- so I got. -- -- -- -- Found my new so -- so I got -- line. But the PlayStation store were still down he could actually buy any games -- rent any movies or do anything like that particular around. And Netflix should find the outage didn't wanna go through the bother of signing myself back in with with a stick -- while email address and stuff. Why didn't bother -- that. And they have like a what's new on the PlayStation he'd get no universe like slider have a whenever there's no mention of the outage at the fact that serves -- -- -- it was like none of it ever happen. It was all just Promos for things on the PlayStation store you could not actually that's because the -- still quote down for maintenance. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About that term securities and many. We do not that's that's usually store though with I -- Britain has a dozen stores that data is usually web interface -- portal you log -- through there. -- -- -- PlayStation every -- slowly ramping up I guess was he would happens. I'll -- some other videogame guys -- some bad news these days that Nintendo 3-D S. Sold like 40000 units its first couple weeks -- in March but for all of April. The only sold -- 194000. Compared to. 250000. Original DS's of the various times -- DS DS lite whatever -- the old model is outselling the new one what's up with that. But they were a problem is that they don't even have their online store available yet it still like -- It's a physical pre release system now they've pushed it to June right in the middle. And now of course it's right in the middle V three so. Any attempts to covered -- sort of conveniently covered over violent video game news -- it's not a perfect launch. You'll kind of lose interest -- -- interest -- -- -- and -- -- you gotta have a you've gotta have the downloadable games you've got to have the Netflix service they've promised to listen there. And the -- and there are no new games outside of those -- the consumers are -- Possible because you know we -- -- We're responsible because we demand figures are -- we demand things quickly and in and it forces vendors of with the results a lot of time before they're ready. And a lot of times we have to wait meanwhile maybe they should wait to tell us about it illustrate we'll also the fact also that what I mean -- -- wanna keep in their new name in the -- -- clear their name out there but also the fact that you know. They also probably release -- continue to generate some more revenue because. Development. Is. There is -- house -- is next and he whittled them I'll always those banner yet after than my biggest obstacles for Solana exactly there's -- lessons about anyway and it may integrate it dipped in price and now we're gonna go in and promises -- DS really DS and even now. I think is down 29 and yet it's -- that range and into systems -- -- and the idea -- a huge long tail were as a shipping and sales -- like the teen boys. Actually you can still -- thinking what color balance and it became catalogs -- in larger video game sports bodies to go in by the older gaming by the -- -- -- lost him but at the same time the dynamic shifted and single use items like the ideas that radius of the PSP are out now. Multi function devices that also play games are in and as we discussed many times I can return fifty bucks is probably better off buying an iPod Touch then -- DS. Product that any kind plan because he wants to do more than just play games I mean like. For girls through girls and -- All love the iPod Touch from one yet and and the iPad it's crazy -- It's like people are buying them further for their mind my nephew just -- they wish for -- -- hardware vendor to a software only company. Nintendo could do the same thing eventually. In -- release in the hand -- space. Burning out there so here I stolen license -- you want to see them wanna see the games -- Mario Xbox or Sony. And I'll point everybody to the custody like sonic aspect now -- is exotic as a platform agnostic you MRR -- -- -- -- and on the weekends have you guys. Just -- -- on do you hang them that we can deal lot of planking. Not -- you don't like -- and -- liking and you mentioned is known that had plenty of up they did. Back to iPods are so as night it's apparently the hottest trend among young people remember when I thought was yeah. You can't there's a mistake right there were unanimously -- this is true I feel very -- -- and icing was big last year white icing. -- -- -- -- I've been a baby cave -- not paid attention to force him to go to show note is that where you skid across the rode it out it -- -- enters icing is when you go up to somebody with the worst drink you can imagine which is apparently. -- What was it became a member of the Smirnoff ice. And you handed to them and -- handed -- even as they have to treat it immediately if the drop from when the -- immediately. And the whole web site with pictures to people posting pictures of that -- bros icing bros and my girl and viral ad now it was no -- the worst part. So we -- that's what Michael Ian Black to this whole new with the -- we don't sweeteners actually with taco it was a six week mean basically that burned itself out very quickly. So this is the latest thing planking what you do is you apparently lie down. Face down prone on the floor and Sony takes a picture view in your weird spot and -- it. Doesn't at a time that's my -- play at our yet another physical -- it is laziness beverages arms. Excited to take pictures I aside yes. Like this picture right here. Well apparently some guy in Australia so is -- you plank on a seven floor balcony rail fell off -- That up liking is officially gone too for them or -- like it. Clicking. Viewers I was I would say like you I can only be cruel people who died or is it like an idiot but I mean. -- planking on a real I was a little now and -- finally friends like on an area its gravitational and according to do. That's according to Wikipedia clicking is the action blank face down with arms -- side to it than usual public spaces and photographing it. They do something like that the program and it took it out of the actual when it came to dvd where they laid out this I actually know Utah and other cars just to set fire and then let the cars -- -- -- -- they -- the middle of the street very status and it in it and but it took it out of the movie when it came to dvd but it was actually went to dear Santa -- Like in my -- but doesn't that happens all the in the -- of in the -- -- may help put up the older cubs got -- the border -- down on the flaw has been. -- -- In the right behind every play and I think that's your entire recommending an infant and back although apparently this is a new version of an older game for -- musicals called the lying down game. As being in Europe and Japan I do that every night when I'm going to sleep. -- play the line if they don't mind donating. That I would examine the -- Heather -- they have the game we -- -- from from. Asked to place and throw back in the person's face and put it on YouTube. I'm I'm -- I haven't seen on a user's video is through -- or like a large Pepsi a third of the Internet and you immediately distort right back guys like -- -- accidentally drive off. I know I know these are we encouraging anyone listening to do this we do not recommend doing it I -- -- up any ice. -- it lost it several listen to our show that -- don't laid down. Missing in action. Besides the point he -- which will soon go away. Since -- have its series on thirteen inch like about a month ago a sudden death of the eleven -- also. We keep saying they what is this thing coming out we asked Santa on this earth early day and then never backed did well -- -- early may so how bout that they my response in mid may have. So yesterday. Tiger direct which is -- online company that sells. -- computers and stuff also owns. The Circuit City brand name now they bought from a bankruptcy. And a few other brand names. Flip the switch and said -- this is not -- coming some product you can order them little real information they just. Even if somebody has hit a button and a database and where -- -- -- -- you're going it's shipping now but there's no actual evidence of this however. -- is on Amazon because tiger direct sales to Amazon. Some tiger direct website Circuit City -- -- -- one company. To -- the only guys for listing this product everyone's eager to check out. As available but that we're not sure if that actually need to chipping Samsung doesn't know we -- and -- look into it looks cool but but -- but that that goes to show yet. If you see something that -- shipping now on one web site but not on any others. It could be clerical error he did you you don't actually have to -- -- had to go oh my god it's it's shipping now -- -- violent -- stuff. They stunts yeah we we are looking forward to checking of eleven -- series nine however yeah but but. I pray to be sure better deal analysts it's until somebody actually has one in hand whether or not and -- tiger -- is is is the exclusive retailer. Notice that product. That is -- I'd also like to mention briefly that. People been talking about. Leno's new super thin laptop. The X one which has been leaked all over the place we've written about it other people have -- supposedly coming out very soon -- quite quite soon apparently quite soon. But without your eggs in that time to act on -- I have four hours since I want nothing more -- -- to give away all the cool games when that's cluttering up my desk. I asked him questions right here in my hands. Sorry you're here we are very easy to your targets that we all want I'm not necessary and -- -- intro and they are actually largely Lenovo and -- related questions. So all -- computer experts to be really good -- and I feel like to play our little game. Contact Joey -- the -- gonna play you gotta Arriaga likely next week -- on FaceBook page or just hop in the -- -- -- and basically these guys answer questions if they get it right. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm just -- -- we're gonna have to be very important about. -- only until. See stories yet so one is the S begin digital city we got it right -- -- we owe it to ourselves to discuss today's announcement about. York's intention to become the digital city. It is a perfect name for a podcast notes -- happening. But that we are thought that you mention it was -- -- the digital city before this but at City Hall today Bloomberg and look to the full details of this whole. Documents. To make New York City more digital -- what it really amounts to it seems like -- a lot of social media. Not surprisingly including partnerships with FaceBook Twitter foursquare and Tumblr. Which you know if you live in the city purity you're -- relationship with the services here and doing that stuff and look for script the next obvious gap house. But I'm very guys wanna mention additional savings and other site and not fourteen. If you -- -- -- -- and and a little more. We don't need to do that we've -- we write stories here there's -- Frank Bruni the secondary tunnel Hillary -- much for plank. What planet but at -- -- -- that was actually related to another story that you put up about the iPad vs the netbook and about the -- -- that. Last week we've discussed Chrome looks all right because a lot of people don't think it tremendously interest in them the tools I -- conference. -- announced official Chrome looks last week which of those -- Chrome OS. Laptops that seem a little expensive and kind of ran a story last week but the little -- not yet 500 bucks in your pocket what you -- -- spend money on. Chrome book and netbook an iPad. An Android tablet and cheap laptop or -- smart -- if you want one plus accessories. 9500 response so far. And probably not a surprise that 50% of them are the iPad he surprised me because it's numbers than that but it's vs all options on this Apple you do that -- -- over -- thousands of 4700 votes at this point. Are going for the iPad. Second was the Android tablet. Third was a cheap laptop. -- -- 10% for surprise nobody knows that it yet but netbook at 7%. With a paltry 620 months. But a -- -- -- are big factors conveniences also people familiar with people just like going to from it was as one -- that makes it easy to go from one -- device to another. You go from the iPhone three to four in back to the five it's just something you gonna pick up -- and have not even automatically not a user -- don't -- or maybe like. One or two features that should have been a -- is already looking for those dirty not a work those -- it's it's it's really convenient OS and that's probably why Andhra. Followed right behind this and also earlier OS Apple fans enjoy -- -- -- -- exactly -- -- -- announcement as bipolar PP more bitching that we said that. But -- and -- netbooks were dying eccentric etc. and not that. Not that haven't -- -- -- -- there -- a lot of things happening but that's certainly one of the things we presented -- an actual data. That that is very -- we dug into the scene and business intelligence archives and got them to give us this. Highly proprietary data they told us we get published to great -- should be right now from this chart right here shows an opinion elements of here. -- -- -- -- little -- they reached via the Blue Line. That starts going down about halfway through the chart is reader interest on CNET in netbooks. The Red Line is see if CNET reader interest in tablets and you can see as soon as tablet started coming out during the first iPad. That line goes up the Blue Line goes down and there's inverse relationship between these two so it's. Fairly clear to me that people are -- reading about tablets. More than netbooks I'm not laptops and told that -- that's so much bigger category and and specifically netbook. -- of -- -- that chart was that reviews or news data and this is this is people who read who looked at a product page file on CNET. Whether it's the review page source -- -- front page. Right or -- and running across the board because it's actually I -- I wondered if it was because there are obviously more tablet reviews coming in and that -- you know being. Netbook configurations go down and so that's something -- but yeah who knows but that's a trend that is that's that is in it in this in inescapable inverse relationship it's there in the numbers it doesn't say that can. The iPad. Is responsible for people not buying netbooks it just says. There's an interest in tablets and as a waning interest in netbooks -- But I will say until Google until Android tablets develop I would say. Personality. And an agenda and I don't get hit me if they -- becomes self aware yeah well. That they will not supersede ipads until that happens whether it's a Kindle tablet that needs to do it whatever it is. That's the problem and and holding any Android fan would would really in their hearts disagreements about phones and other tablets because -- -- night. It's and radio ice cream sandwich may help -- it it doesn't let you know. Whatever this -- I just ridiculous it commends itself a lot of the logo looks -- -- logo looks to lets you share his look is cute that's proposes to many products and even the ones that exist don't really have agreed. -- or ore -- built in software strategy. Well -- getting their -- well that's that's the way I think that's the layer is slowly real -- that's the one thing Andrew's working right now they are gonna are they -- -- no they're gonna -- to start having software for specific devices. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 64 bit 99% to -- At the same thing. Dave and his home premium orbit the first which -- -- the same -- -- different versions of interest however are a lot more different is fragmented among different devices write a that you can get to -- a one -- can't get on the other and you don't know what you're -- is gonna get the -- -- enough now it's time -- Avic -- change the wallpaper on it but nothing I use a third party I -- from but that only one netbooks. -- -- -- -- Due to -- neighbor Joe you're wrong nothing comes a starter except for like netbooks which again nobody customer -- -- the chart. -- moving us or told. They're both right do a good position yourself in the foot if -- also buy netbooks and -- actor in a given ID as wallpaper on my iPad and true and liberalize the I need to give out some prizes I have too many things on my desk there it's it's getting all cluttered they have their eyes are definitely out at first thought yeah what I would assume it was an against our -- as -- is -- guy. I guess -- have a spike in there what what the name against -- night. Schneider's tonight is Snyder's. So it gets what is it -- you have used and lowering agents interested in water guy is Scott and your partner is -- guy I was ridiculous and it's not that is truly thank you. An idea what gives you adequate unless there we are -- -- -- I would start with thunderstorms. Aren't. It's got elegant way and -- -- a lot of stuff now I'm not just bundling these together -- and that's not Xbox-360 -- page including a highly collectible. Sit revolution won number six only five let a thousand however one mile per kilogram one other thing I'll ask scooter want to wish you the best -- -- -- -- wish you speedy recovery is actually usable and one those last week. But he asked him to -- for the joystick and -- -- I did because he's sitting on the -- and are using the joystick excellent. I get asked this question we -- -- -- -- and move on dot yes. We're talking about the Lenovo X one that that coming Hansen yes what year was the first thinkpad laptop released. We can with the IBM logo. I'm I'm I'm I'm not I'm not to that point pocket okay I will say he. We -- first think Atlanta. I didn't question and thirteen. In. Was it was -- centuries as a 1993. Wild that isn't actually just factually correct but that is very good. Not just -- passing question to you but I'm gonna give you a little more information. Well it had a it had a ten inch screen do you know that. Urged China to deal -- that any screen. He -- and windows. Old Lowell Scott was correct it was actually during the nineteen hundreds at some point it. Dollars and not Orion landings -- -- -- up 1785. -- the correct answer. -- -- Also could guess but it has got to ninety season and before that's good that's also has a of the forward really tiny farm that. -- and -- down everything needs to do that they don't and that was the -- this comes. It's like the prices I think what I have any college had 80000 -- Z 700 C and at least 25 megahertz processors. I'm not gonna share right now section responding billions arguments between them -- who has a question Stockton a dead end -- just to -- the next question I. I I was gonna ask actually. About which company owned the thinkpad brand before Lenovo bought it -- that -- five securities and IBM -- I -- -- thank you I -- and that. I gotta I have a related question doesn't just so much -- IBM I don't engine doesn't have justice as it stands for something. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let the world in one very important category for the seventeenth year and grow what category was that. They led the world -- -- category in for the seventeenth -- in a route seventeen year that's right. This year below the -- doesn't yet have it doesn't it if they repeat it'll be the age ain't here. I don't Joey -- shouted out with that before -- after IBM he would've gotten the book who -- thinkpad for a little question when one right away. He jumped the gun had. That's what they tell -- during a police interrogation just have never volunteer additional information -- you know not a criminal. This is 1993. So roughly 617 years it's. Dot com -- lets you cited yellow 93 but -- quickly because threat of time right. To vote yes. What -- they do. They are -- Created confusion -- -- and what they had worlds and hardware -- they don't know they don't they'll think well the OS until Microsoft birds but music com. We can just -- -- that there -- -- out there please listening after an interview question please get in 2010 IBM let the world in one very important category for the seventeenth year in a row. -- -- -- Public -- Building -- delivers -- computers building personal computers IBM. As of last year led the world in building for I -- I know actually I was glad to say something to Julie what he got for us. -- An IBM. Is a world leader in one category and has been through -- seventeen years at least. What categories that. Undisputed world leader. Hobbyists like number of copiers sold. Look at that doesn't -- yeah if it -- in a minute -- got. The -- for might say business calculators. Number of calculating an elegant gift. I'm ugly yeah. Joey deacon of the gets just for fun. Brand recognition and friends -- lead the world in France for seventeen years. The company earned the most US patents of any company in the world grabbing 4914. New patents. In 2009 Samsung was number 23600. Microsoft number three with 2900 IBM currently owns more than 30000. US patents obviously not -- ones that have expired -- I want to -- calculators to be surprised. Who know anybody where we figure out there -- a thousand calculators sold a year and to wine into one part of the world and Antarctica and -- -- -- an idea and I doubt. Next up I've got a copy of monopoly streets for the Xbox-360. Up doing -- ago. What do they think has -- -- come from. It would -- the origin of the thinkpad name you know that that's at the curious bit of laptop floor give when he hears that at one point or another with a talking about. Do you think -- coming out -- typically very specific within the IBM organization. The guys you guys cyclical -- -- -- for a specific reason for -- for saying that wireless that. -- This is that it might 1992. Through it -- ipads and other things like that back that. And and now that. Don't want someone to be able to enjoy monopoly streets for the -- -- -- -- -- over the -- if I just I just a little started getting -- that Thinkpads when he switched over from from -- but the the networks have 260 secretly some audio line that's where applicants Lexus or infringed their monopoly classic -- you have -- It's one of those English and French boxes monopoly in friendly Switzerland and treat they have and only inspired. -- is all that although I -- well I don't forget to look longer at Google and there. See you and I guess you haven't heard the anecdotes and -- -- on it at wouldn't it -- again then do is you do is passing them here in any case -- opera has two sides but I don't know if you know that's a lot. -- -- -- -- -- I know this existed -- com I will say that it was a a prototype. Tablet that was developers who that -- they originally planning on making in and that was the reason for the term thing that is that that'll be -- to even back in 1992 leaving the word pad would become synonymous -- -- at least can get that is incorrect. Just have. I I would say because the developer I did all his notes and everything -- be on a pad. You know what that's half right back. I'm gonna -- it here because I BM employees all had leather notebooks with the word think embossed on the cover yes pad there and I highly correct activity that you spikes well. -- -- Pretty -- I crashed -- And now that they were think has a way that it's got Google it is not an hour -- were originally yes. Designed to be death tablets -- I remember here industrialist and others. Am I am I wrong only -- they they didn't have an early pain and -- every product out after the first thing cantina when it was not the first product that Apple had an idea first panel and looking up his animal ruined my. Give us an advantage in any future trip to -- Bush governor mr. Arrington wrote me 123 it's your turn against opera in us and that's an MS -- -- jury room and not want when a man of thought that Jennifer good -- -- give away some cool that you teamed -- locations ye and a under ten. Apps have been out. If there's an indefinite enhancing real -- novel let's read a little -- Altman immediately disconnected from the system and went outside calls god -- -- she started a little confused and after while he sort of -- the details. In a way that -- -- understood. Okay -- was of the personifies what -- your party sleeve your on here. The dramatic reading of opinion in opposition is one of the funniest things anyone can do. That's a good way to -- its. Sick and they've got insomnia to read a few things look like if I don't do an interesting passage maybe -- it's got excellent content -- are you ready -- and what thinkpad model. Is on display. As part of the permanent collection at the museum of modern art right here in New York -- And why. Black around the -- I -- you wouldn't believe that but there is a thinkpad as part of the moment collection. You don't hear it from industrial design that's actually I wish to retain it could take advantage that you -- know the answer to this data to work -- -- media okay Scott putting effort. -- -- -- -- I will take either the model name or the reason why it's there. Nice. Allow. Well I'll give the -- it's very much harder really. And I and all be wrong but as one of from a well look at that you'll be right. The T four tennis that's a good guess that's incorrect. Now islands -- the reason why it's there -- and it isn't -- -- asked. Let's get easier yeah. Not only you knew -- we -- against. The -- just the -- -- Alex stripped back on that Saturday night live's most of our. I don't always make personal Shaun -- was -- I remember like diversity -- -- -- the first -- running gospel. Three point or whatever but I remember my DOS that he was I think it's quickly. The first sent the first laptop with the built in modem okay that's it guessed that's incorrect really. So this is a laptop although I know what is one thing -- on display -- moment. -- that there and -- against an enemy just after of course that -- Some. But he's -- modern art. Might have some due to the operating system is not an artist and I don't know what it's okay I -- think it's something and now. The component for us and I get an art components everywhere and I know I know is taking a Lafayette I've got I got it as -- noted. I'm happy -- is now a link to -- spacing. We were completely insecure and here's that we -- nobody want as much stuff because you usually the best and then that's a lot. Allergies were killing over the weekend I wish I guess why why why is there a -- -- moment. The museum of modern we'd like -- touching -- Don't distractions is -- not in here with -- should step in the clear front camera and -- talent on -- and -- thing and of the number and and put into it and then -- a gazillion -- That is that's actually yes but not right -- is already got. I would say yeah I would say is to track pad that was the first have a track -- out no wrong okay and we'll talk. -- -- -- That aren't an apparent about it is -- -- that person a full close I don't know if that stuff that we ought to study guys from -- throughout the country at stated that thinkpad -- -- which had a unique butterfly keyboard. And -- 701 C. That's right let's put a picture that somebody netstat an Internet. In an undefined it takes it through that ceiling of the -- twice and it's trying to do I I everything had a picture ready. -- -- Are gonna scroll back because -- -- -- -- struck down on the -- their weekend contests today missiles that -- and it shows up on the screen to even gotten that. Big when you open it up to two parts the keyboard slid out into a larger keyboard and -- For the ego I -- the lot of seven. That in the lab schools. I think it was a moment. That's -- -- a long time that it in the land -- that's right then enter in -- industrial. Design section. Well they got okay but thank you for -- everyone what surprised you today let's get rid of more calls on -- -- really today announced the idea. I I have -- -- enjoy themselves and you know. It's it's it's Monday silly and -- Maybe should have the cheerleader in the treatment of mental more well -- I told you just have -- come in you can have them you know you can have them come into this the staging area you can OCB for some podiums there. Oh yeah it's a sound effects live yes. I like it let that sort of a big version of this game show which don't have a name given nameless now -- -- of the Ackerman shown a separate message and respond well to that I called winning actor Charlie Sheen. But that's gonna hold out for shouted out the culture now got a call and -- did you beat me to it for college coaching is coaching. The markets and -- -- -- was Nortel every Monday 3 PM eastern live or download it later on iTunes or your favorite podcast downloading or viewing service. Paul Scott at just got sort of farming had to enact revulsion at digital city CNET and go to our FaceBook fan page -- say hello. And leave notes and sometimes we get video games demo codes and we've heard about -- -- live. But we did twice for gears of war three last weekend I think -- -- Can rejoice nobody here even Yahoo! doesn't have our fourth floor of the industry's got hellfire -- -- -- -- You're limited edition got Superman Batman and wonder woman -- girl and extremely user doesn't normally see flash -- -- -- -- amigo -- condition human torch is now being pressed to get. Dude you're gonna source. I just terrific and I -- don't -- --

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