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The 404: Ep. 1271: Where we Carey on just fine without Yu

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The 404: Ep. 1271: Where we Carey on just fine without Yu

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Aside from today's show having the best title ever, we're chatting with Bridget Carey about Google I/O 2013 and nerd fights. All this plus a new contest giveaway!

-It's Thursday, May 16th, 2013. Thanks for tuning in to the 404 show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Bridget Carey. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -Welcome to the program. This the last show of the week. No more after today. No show tomorrow. We're back here on Monday. -Oh, it's sad, man. -Don't be sad, you love it. You don't have to do anything tomorrow. I'm not kidding. -Yeah. -Well-- yes. So, we're not gonna have a show tomorrow-- -Uh huh. -which admit you're happy about it [unk]. -A little bit. -A little bit. -So Monday is double good? -Double good, what do you mean? -Just more-- -Twice as good. We gotta catch up. Yeah. -Yeah, exactly. -Right, exactly. So-- -It's concentrated. -Monday will be twice as good of a show as it normally is. Usually Monday suck because-- well Mondays. -Yeah. -And then Tuesday the 21st, we're doing CNET live from New York City covering the Xbox Infinity-- whatever the hell it is-- event that's happening in Redmond, Washington. -That's exciting. -So myself, Ariel, Bridget, and Scott Steiner are gonna be here talking it up. Trim will start at 11:30 AM Eastern time. The Xbox event-- when's that start 1:00? -No, I think it's in [unk]. -Freaking doing 90 minutes of Wednesday. -Yeah. Yeah, we're gonna be in early. -That's way too long, but we're still gonna be here for-- I don't know what the hell we're gonna talk about for 90 minutes. But-- -We'll have some talkers in here. -Yeah, I guess so. And what we'll do is we'll get-- we don't-- we don't have the ability to take live calls like we do in San Francisco. -Uh huh. -But we will do is answer live emails, and tweets, and people on the chat room. -Uh huh. -So we'll be able to do that. And it will be on live stream CNET, YouTube, and Ustream.tv. -Uh huh. -It will be on the trifecta of-- -Uh huh. -streaming platform. So get excited about that. What else do we have to talk about upcoming programming junk? That's really all you need to know, right? -Yes. Schedule your little calendar alert. -Like I said, grab a post it-- -It's important. -and put it on your forehead so you know. I wanna talk about a brand new contest that the 404 Show is very happy to be teaming up with 2K Sports. This is brand new. It's the first time you're hearing about it right now. I'll float our guys right where you can also use the Xbox live app too, I think, forgetting the live event. -Okay. -Appropriately so because-- -Very cool. -it's on Xbox. -I haven't seen that yet. Does that look pretty good? -It looks good now that there's no-- there was problem with the way the show is coming in there. It was like window box, and now it seems like it's fixed. -Very cool. -So thanks to, to whoever fixed that. Like I said 404 Show is teaming up with 2K Sports to bring you the first ever MLB/NBA Double Pack contest. This is what we're doing. We're giving away 3 double packs of MLB 2K13 and NBA 2K13 on both consoles. So, that's 6 prizes total. -Lots of-- -Three on Xbox 3 and PlayStation. -Yeah. -Pretty kick ass. Here's how you enter, it's a video submission contest. We want you to record a video, 30 seconds or less, showing off your ability or inability, which something tells me the latter will exist with more of the 404 crew, with baseball or basketball. Get creative, extra points if you work in some sort 404 tie-in. Basketball, baseball whatever it is. You'll have to at the end of the month to submit a video and we'll announce the winners right before Mark and I leave for E3. So record the video. Put it up on YouTube. Don't send us video files. That's so annoying and tough to deal with. Put it up on YouTube. If you want, deal with the private link so you don't have to deal with people seeing your tomfoolery. Send us the link and email it to the 404 at CNET.com with 404 2K Sports in the subject. Again, 30 seconds or less, show us your ability or inability, most likely, with the sport of baseball or basketball. Get creative-- incorporate the 404 in some capacity if you really want extra points. And again you'll have to at the end of the month to submit the video. Email it to the 404 at CNET.com with 404 2K Sports in the subject thing. -What about-- -Very nice. -baseketball? -BASEketball, worse. -Why don't think of that. -One of my favorite movies of all time. It's not my all-time but come on, have you seen that flick? -It's been a while, but yes. -It's pretty good. -Yeah. -Pretty good. So that's how you submit your-- and you're gonna have a good chance to win especially if you submit a video. You know, video-- once you-- just tell people all you gotta do some work. -Uh huh. -People get freaked out. So we want the best of the best. Send that in and like I said in a few weeks we'll announce the winners and you will win a double pack. So it's nice, it's celebrating the NBA playoffs. It's celebrating the baseball season, you know in full effect-- nothing to do with hockey. -Yeah. -Two kid doesn't make a hockey game anymore. They should-- -Oh my god. -they should, but they don't 'cause they're silly. And that's that. So there you go. -Very cool. -To give-- -Cool right. -bonus points for-- -[unk]. -for a home team advantage [unk]. -Yeah, whatever it is. I mean, just getting-- like no, if someone's like uses the Knicks or the Mets or the Yankees. -Yeah. -No. no, no. That I mean-- -I would-- I would totally give bonus points for any key references. -For heat, right. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Okay, fair enough. But they just advance, right? -Yeah. -You're pretty psyche about that-- right on. Excellent-- okay, moving along with the program, yesterday was a very big deal, Bridget Carey. For people who would like Google, it is a big deal. -Oh, it was so much Google. -There's a lot of Google-- -You'll Google until so we can Google no more. -Right. And lot of-- -You couldn't keep up. -Yeah, it was-- it was a lot. It went on for like-- what 3 almost 4 hours, right? -Almost-yeah-- well, 3 hours just for the, you know, the pure keynotes-- so yeah. -So, the keynote went on forever and then surprising everyone, Google CEO, Larry Page gets out there, and we all know he's has this like very rare voice afflictions sort of thing. -What? -Yeah. His vocal cords are paralyzed from just being damaged in there [unk]-- -Just feel like sneezing too hard, apparently-- -Yeah. -and the poor guy, he gets up there and he just talks and talks and talks forever and answers all these-- you know-- does this huge Q and A with people, which is awesome, I thought. -He must have had a good Ricola before it, yeah. -Yeah. He must have just-- he bought Ricola, then he was like, "All right, now I'm gonna be able to speak for a couple of hours." So let's get through all the highlights of the Google I/O event yesterday. The keynote, I wanna wrap it up in some capacity. Among the highlights, Google+ obviously one of the biggest things there. Completely redesigned social network, doing some automated filters-- -Uh huh. -and hash tags. -A lot of really cool photo effects. -Right. -It's very interesting that here at Google+ to saying, "All right, we know that you probably don't use us all the time, but if we give you some reason to come by-- I mean, make your life easier with all the photo effects and just do all the work for you," 'cause that's what I feel like this is. -Yeah. -Google saying, when it comes to your photos, we'll do the work for you. -Yeah. -You come back from vacation, you have 600 photos. You don't wanna deal with that. It's homework to go through all those and post them. You know what, were smart enough to identify what's a bad photo, who's important in your photo, what the photo is, and we can even make it nice and pretty by changing the lighting effects-- -Right. -and like smoothen out those skin tones. -It's good. -Uh huh. -So you look flattering. And with more-- there's more tricks than that. There is a way to make gifs-- animated gifs. I think-- -Smart. -I think what they're doing is, word will get out among-- you know-- friends that, "Hey, I did all this really quickly in Google+. We'll spend a little more time on there," slowly but surely they'll start, you know, finding their way over there. -Uh huh. -I think it's gonna work out because, I think-- you know the whole Instagram thing is starting to become a little fragmented, right? -And a little tiresome. -Yeah. -I mean, I think it's cool, but it's like what are we really getting out of this at the end of the day. -I'm still spreading it to all my other networks, you know. -Right, exactly. -I'm just using one app to like send it everywhere. -Hundred percent. -Right, right. -So now that-- I'm telling you, Google+, this is just the tip of the iceberg. -Uh huh. -If everyone used to make fun of it, I still do, because I never use it. -Yeah. -Don't really understand it as much as I wish I did, but I'm telling you it's going to mean a lot, even 2, 3, 4 years from now. -Right. -It's important and you gotta get involve with it. -I wanna ask you guys how weirded out or if you're not at all about the new feature where it's smart enough to even know what you're taking a photo of. The example they give in the keynote was, all right, so you're taking a picture of you in from of the Eiffel Tower-- -Uh huh. -big landmark, you know, easily recognizable. You didn't write a caption with the word Eiffel Tower. You didn't do any kind of words at all. It knows it and will automatically put a hash tag Eiffel Tower on your photo. -That's cool. -Yeah. -See-- -Think about that. -I love it. And then while at the same time I'm like, wow. That's kind of-- it kinda makes you really take a step back and go if they can do this, what else can they do? -Yeah. -Well if they should do it, they really should. And to me like tagging is work. -Right and yeah-- it's on a level-- -You know, tagging is work. -That's right. -of making it easy, right. -And if Google is really here to make all of our lives better, that's what comes with that declaration. They have to make that, take out the busy work and that involve-- and that includes auto tagging which is so freaking awesome. You know-- you know it's-- -I can't wait to see how it-- how it actually, you know comes about though, you know. -Right. -If it will be awkward like that's the wrong tag Google, it's not related. You know. -Uh huh. -Right. Well it'll learn. If there's one thing Google's really good at, it's good at learning. -Yeah. -Right. -You know-- so, I'm kinda excited about that. What else went down at Google I/O? -Music. -Music is a huge deal. So man, they're just like-- -Yeah. They're shaking the world. Every-- -they're just-- they're just freaking just like dropping balls less the height on literally. They are like, "Oh, go help yourself, Spotify. What's that instagram? You know, eat me." And they're just-- they're just walking around. -Or how about, WhatsApp messaging on Hangouts. -Yeah. -Sorry WhatsApp. We do hang out soon. -Yeah, you know, it's-- it really is crazy like that you know-- and what I'm so freaking pissed off of that. All these people they're like, "Oh, they didn't announce any hardware," shut-- -Hey, I'm hot. -Yeah, how long is Google not been a hardware company? -Yeah totally. -Like when Goo-- for how-- with the first product they ever released like a physical product, you can hold in your hand was only a few years ago, right? -Uh huh. -It's kind of one big hardware everyone's talking about for the past month and-- -Yeah. -that's the one you put on your face. So-- -Brand it. -Yeah. -But you-- -I mean, that kinda like have done the hardware, yeah. -You're right. -Yeah. -And even if you wanna play devil's advocate and say-- okay, Google has his name in the real it's not a thing. -That's true. -Right? It's not even a product. You can buy it. But you know it's like relax, they don't need-- they're not Apple. They're not in the business-- -Right. -solely of hardware and software. They're mostly of a services company. -And isn't that why you would want to be in their ecosystem, if they make it better? And if they make you wanna hang out in all of their products, that's what they have to really focus on for you to even care about, or maybe I will get the hardware too. -Right. So excuse me-- you know-- to me people who complain about that, they're just-- they're just out your-- You're just out of your mind. You're no longer an enthusiast. You're just a leech. And you're annoying. So shut up about it, right? -Go home. -Go home, okay. Let Google take over the world and you could just play around with freaking-- I don't know-- with your, I don't what. -You've been taking Mr. Page's advice, to Hard about being nicer and it's all-- -No, I mean. No, but it's like-- -Like, why do we have to be so mean? -And he's totally right though, but he was kinda mean, right? Didn't you-- -No. -think he was kinda mean-- -A little bit. -the way he was dissing a few other-- a few of his-- -All I know is-- -competitors? -it was a little-- it was a little funny. -we said about oracle, right? -Uh huh. -And would totally said, oracle just, you know, was in there for the money and I wanna help innovate and bring-- move the world forward. -Uh huh. -They're just worried about the money. -Uh huh. -Look, he-- you know-- ethically we all can get on board with it, but it's like-- all right, dude. Yeah, I get it it's not about the money with you guys because you have like you know just-- -You can buy the moon. -you buy the moon. -Yeah. -Right? -Right. -You can display a G on the moon, right? -Pretty much-- -Like you can do whatever you want. -pretty much. -But still it's a big deal. You know, and I just struggle with like-- you know-- both sides of that coin. But nevertheless, they're really just already taken other companies out one by one. -Yeah, totally. -So now, they set their-- you know-- aim on Spotify with Google Play Music All Access. We kinda knew about this-- the streaming service, 10 bucks a month. And only be 8 bucks a month if you sign before June 30th. Gonna give you basically the same kind of functionality that Spotify allows for. -So-- and also it has like Google smartness power-- -Right. -You know they're kinda must lean their ability to kinda customize to you by giving you recommendations. -Uh huh. -And you can kind of stream, like you do on Pandora by just putting, you know a couple of keywords in and it has that like, I don't have to think about it. Way to discover music-- -Right. -mixed with a yes I can blend it all and have my own custom playlist. -For sure. -Oh, wow. So it's like-- kinda like a Pandora and Spotify really. -Right, it's like the-- right exactly with like 2 birds one stone thing. -Well-- -That's okay. -I wouldn't call it a killer if I gotta pay for it. -Right-- -That's- -but you have to pay for the Spotify to be good. I mean Spotify is okay, by the free version. -It's free. I mean there is a free version period. -Right. And you-- -So there is always that. -And I agree maybe they should have released some sort of free thing, but I think-- -Yeah. -the focus with Google All Access is mobile and-- -And what it will-- -you can't have big-- -right. Well yes, and it's not on-- it's only on android, [unk]. -Right. -so until it's on every device. Spotify is on everything to the point where it's even on Windows phones and Blackberry-- -Yeah. -phones. -Yeah. -So-- -It's in frigging AV receiver. It's-- -Yeah. -it's everywhere. It's like-- -Yeah. -it's crazy. It's in ATMs. It's-- well it's everywhere. So they did that. Google play few announcements their of 48 billion app installations on Google Play mostly like, you know, a way for them to flex their muscle. -Uh huh. -Google Maps. Huge update rebuilt from the ground up for the web version. -And that's totally rolling out. You can get a preview now. If you go to maps.google.com/preview-- -Right. -you can kinda see it. -Very cool. Google Earth, which still not sure like anyone else besides cable news outlets use this Google Earth-- I don't really use it. I use Maps. -Yeah. -Do you use Earth ever? -Not really. -No. -Unless, I'm just having some fun yeah. -Yeah. -Right, if I just-- -Not on a daily basis -just wanna be like-- -Yeah. -Yeah. -let me do this fly through. I remember when Google Earth first came up, it was more-- came out it was more of like a, "Whoa," sort of that-- -Yeah, at first. -and now, it's like all right-- well now I need maps to tell me where to go. -You're a busy man. -And I don't think I-- -You don't have time to fly around space. -It's fun-- you wanna rock Google Earth, be my guest. They seem to have an unlimited resource of developers helping them out with that. So, yeah, not to many huge announcements about android. They didn't really talk about-- -They didn't talk about android at all. -Which was-- I guess, you know marginally surprising. -I mean, I'm talking about a new version. -Right. -Of course-- of course, there were a lots of talked about android apps and what it can do. -Right. -Interesting, the voice search on your desktop computer-- -Uh huh. -be and being smart enough to understand to follow-up questions that have pronouns. -Right. -So, how do I get to the restaurant and it tells you and I-- or rather I'll say where is the nearest pizza restaurant, the next question is how do I get to it. -Right. -It knows it. It knows where I am-- context clues. We're, you know, I'm talking on a Star Trek computer ship with this. -It's funny because now we're entering that realm of-- you know-- it's like they're at the very-- it's very basic level voice recognition what you have to clearly define everything you're talking about. Now it's like that second layer-- -Uh huh. -where it's like-- okay, now we have this more conversational humanistic artificial intelligence, where it under-- -Right, it kinda knows what you're next follow-up might be naturally-- -Right. -based on your first question. That's so crazy. -It is kinda cool-- it is kinda cool and-- -I don't know, as someone who's like getting excited about Star Trek this week on. -Yeah. -I'll tell I can think about-- -It's true, right 'cause all freaking Kirk does is be like, "Put me there, we'll go over there. What's up with that?" -Yeah. -You know, and that's kinda where we're headed which is fun, I think. What else happened yesterday? That was-- was that-- I feel like we nailed everything, right? -Yeah. -So Google I/O 2013, the show continues on today, right? There's like other things going on. -Yeah, and there's a few little news-- announcements that have been coming out beyond the keynote, like you can send money to someone on Gmail. -Right. So do you know a little bit about that-- -Yeah-- -can you explain that? -They're incorporating Google Wallet into more ways. Right now the only way you really been using Google Wallet is if you had one of those NFC phones-- -Right. -and you'd tap it at the register. Well, they're trying to like spread that out into an attachment on your Gmail that's totally rolling out. It's not for everyone yet. I don't have it yet. But you could just, you know, send money to your-- you know-- roommate for the rent that way, maybe. Or they're also gonna let app developers make it really easy to pay from a Google Wallet, you know, applications-- -Right. -like inside their android app. So they're trying to like just you know, spread the love on the Google Wallet side. -So, okay-- I don't really know much about it. So where does Google take a cut at that? Like if I'm paying you-- -Uh huh. -rent-- If I'm paying you 500 bucks for rent, where does that come from? Like how like-- you know what I mean, like do they take cut of that? -I know that they have a service fee if you have your Google Wallet account attached to your credit card or debit card-- -Okay. -but there is no fee to send if it's just from a prepaid Google account. So they're kinda giving a slightly cheaper way or reattach it, I think directly to a bank account. -Can you do that? -I haven't used it in up to really like, you know, see-- but yes, you can attach it directly to a bank account. You can attach it to some prepaid, like debit account. -Uh huh. -But if you just say, "All right, I want this to be another link between me and my credit card," they're gonna charge you an extra fee-- -Right. -so, I'm not really sure like I think right now, it's all about getting more able to use it, 'cause-- -Right. -and once they-- give you a [unk] use it maybe then we'll have more muscle to charge for the [unk]. -And if you listen really, really closely like really closely, you know, turn-- -Uh huh. -of all, you can-- it's really, really faintly here PayPal crapping [unk]. -Yeah. -Yeah. -That's what you can hear. If you really put your ear-- -Yeah. -to the ground. -And PayPal's become crazy with all their fees in there recently-- -Yeah. -'cause I have to make payments for payroll recently and it just sucks-- -It sucks. -but you're paying so much more. -Yeah. -So there's a PayPal killer right there. -It is-- it's just again murdering companies and that's bad. -I don't think-- yes, it's-- -Just destroying the world. And everyone-- you know, I don't know what it is like when you think, I mean in-- this is a company whose stock price blasted past 900. -Yeah. -Uh huh. -Isn't that like twice what Apple is right now? -It's pretty crazy. -I know that they're-- the whole, you know, market value is not as big as Apple but still, there's something to be said for that. Thank you, chat room. We forgot to mention the Galaxy S4-- -Right. -that was announced, that's gonna be available for AT&T with completely stripped down pure android Bloatware-free. -Yes. -Kinda like what the Galaxy Nexus was doing-- -Yeah. Here's-- -and that's awesome. -here's the thing about that though, they're not really expecting a lot of people to go out and buy it because A, it's not gonna be in the stores-- -Did they-- -it's not promoted by AT&T [unk]-- -Right. -you gotta but it right from the Google place store for the full price. -Yeah, which is 6-- it's like 650? -So, this is for people who are just dedicated and want-- and don't mind paying the full price up front, and getting their own SIM card to put into it. -I just wish-- if you're paying the price up front, and it's not subsidized by the carrier, you should get a discount on your plan. -I think so too. -Right? -I mean, but I think if you go with T-Mobile, they have a lot of new-- -And T-Mobile's doing it too. -yeah-- they have a new little tricks to save money here and there like that. -I wish I could get an S4 like that-- -Uh huh. -from Verizon. -It would be a first for you. -I'd pay-- I would pay 300 bucks for that. I wouldn't pay it for 650. That's just-- -It's a mental game. You know, you're paying in the long run but it doesn't feel like it though. -Right, but that's the whole point of like owning your credit card-- -Right. -and having a mortgage. You wanna pay things off over a longer-- -Yeah. -amount of time. -Right. -You don't get-- you don't get, you know, that huge-- you know-- chunk of a-- chunk of the payment I want. -Right. -I don't know. -Yeah, I guess you could just do the same thing and root your S4 when you get it that'll-- -Uh huh. -choose just the same thing. -All right, so that's all the Google talk stuff. If you wanna find out the latest and greatest coming out of I/O 2013, head on over to CNET.com/google-io. I found that that works. -Oh, okay. -All right, so there you go. I want again to-- another story that I threw one on one down here, this is gonna be lots of fun. -Uh huh. -Apparently a big old nerd fight broke out in the UK, in Norwich, United Kingdom, when Star Wars fans and Dr. Who fans square it off outside of a convention center. Okay? -Like a Westside story showdown. You know, where they each-- -They we're snapping and saying-- -like coming into each other-- -right. No. I could not imagine that being choreograph. -That's more cool. -Yes, it's way too cool. -Too cool. -I mean, was this a tickle fight? Was this a slap fight? Was this a foam sword fight? -I'm thinking of a bunch of plastic lights like sabers like all breaking apart. They're connection points there. -Right. Or everyone's glasses and inhalers broken on the ground. -Dr. Who's-- -Yeah. -all the Dr. Who fans had their scarves that are getting people and chokes. -Right. -I imagine like them about to brawl and then they roll 20 sided dice-- -Right, exactly. -to see who hits it first. -They have a dice-- very good-- very good. According to the Norwich evening news, it all started at the 4th Annual Norwich Sci-fi and Film Convention on Sunday, hosted by the Norwich Star Wars Club UK and Hollywood Cinemas-- long waiting list to get on that. The convention refused entry to members of the Norwich Sci-fi Club by the members of the Norwich Star Wars Club reportedly after the treasurer of the Sci-fi Club asked the Dr. Who actor for an autograph. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? -That's why they're there to make money, because people want your autograph and your picture. They wouldn't care if you came, if you couldn't get that kind of stuff. Wow. -Uh huh. -There were no light saber and sonic screwdriver duels. -I was gonna say, "Where's the screwdrivers?" Yeah. -Yeah. But police did respond to a report that a man was being assaulted. After investigating and reviewing close circuit footage, police determined no assault had been taking place, because let's be honest, flicking someone in the ear isn't really assault. Okay, right? -Right. -Right, it's not. Tickling someone isn't either. -Yeah, it doesn't count. -A spokesperson told the news that the 2 arrival groups were spoken to and advice to keep out of each other's way. All was settled though when their parents came to pick them up. So that is the story there. -I'm just glad my Star Trek pips kept it cool. -Yeah. -I mean Star Wars, don't they teach there, you know, anger leads to hate. -Exactly. -Really. -Hate leads to suffering and can't get into a convention center. -And it shouldn't be Dr. Who versus Star Wars. It should be like Star Wars versus Star Trek, right? -That's what I'm thinking-- -Yeah. -but it's okay. It's all right. -You know I feel like when I was growing up, Star Wars was always cooler than Star Trek. -Uh huh. -I think that-- I think the tide's changing. -Yeah. -I would definitely agree with you. -I kind of-- even though I don't-- I've never watched any of the old Patrick Stewart-- I didn't-- -That's all was. -I didn't. Did you see her squirming her [unk]-- -Yeah. -I may or may not have every single action figure from the Next Generation. -I think you may have. Okay, I think I'm gonna definitively say that. Yeah, growing up, I was always like, man Star Wars is so much cooler. Then 1, 2 and 3 came out and I'm like, wow they completely destroyed this franchise. -Yeah. -J.J. Abrams' Star Trek comes out a couple years ago and I'm floored. -He's double-dipping. -One, because I don't like J.J. Abrams, but I did like Star Wars-- -Right. -and two, I was like god, this is-- Star Trek, and I was like, wow this is a really good-- -Uh huh. -film. And then you know, now this new one everyone says is fantastic-- -It's amazing. -as well. -I can't wait to see it. I was gonna see last night at midnight-- -I'm actually very excited. -but I realized, you know, I'm gonna see it tonight, it's Friday. -Right. -Oh, you're lucky. I wish I was seeing that. Pip at chat rooms like hey, hey, hey. Wait, they would really wanna go down this slippery slip. They would really wanna get into a Star Trek versus Star Wars [unk]. -Hey, I'm not against Star Wars. I've gone to many Star Wars events too. But- -Well, here's the thing. Here's what I'm getting up to and it all comes back to J.J. Abrams. Now I don't, I'm not a huge fan of his because people who tell me they like Lost, they tell me how much they love Lost and then they say-- -I like Fringe, JJ Abrams did that. -and then they say how much they hate it, because they're like, "Oh, I'd left everyone" and the ending was bad. -Yeah I was really upset with Lost. -For any-- did he-- did he write Fringe or did he just EP it? -He was involved in it-- I don't remember at the very end if he was still involved in it or not, but I think I wanna say yes. But I'm not that into it to know how much the involvement he had. But man, that was-- -Right. -that was an amazing show. -He was in-- he had a lot to do with Cloverfield, right? -Oh, that's right. -Cloverfield was awful as far as I'm concerned. -Yeah, didn't even care to see it again. -You know, so I'm not really convinced that he can do it. It was Super 8 good. Did you see Super 8? -I didn't. I didn't. -I don't know-- you know, that didn't make a real big lasting impression on people either, so-- -If you like Solar Flare? -Yeah, If you love Lens Flare-- -[unk] they would be having. -you're gonna really just eat that up 'cause my man doesn't put any filters on any of his lenses. But then, that it comes out and they were like-- oh, okay, so he's the doing Star Trek and you know what-- yeah lets him do Star Wars too. What the hell was that about? -I'm really upset about the double-dipping because it just means that I feel like there's a conflict of minds that may be he'll try too hard to make it too different. I think he did a great job with Star Trek. I'm really happy that is but-- -I agree-- -I hope-- I hope that if they're-- it hasn't feel like he has to walk away from it but at the same time, he's gonna look at that and go all right, I need to make a very clear tone with Star Wars. I think Star Wars already has a clear look about it, the color scheme about it. I don't how much he wants to change that. With the Star Trek, he's actually said he wasn't that much of hardcore fans-- -Right. -so you'd feel bad about messing with it. -Yeah. -I'm a hardcore fan. I feel like he respected it. So-- -He did. -so, except for maybe the fact that maybe someone didn't have a relationship before Spock and Uhura but-- -Right. -other than that he said, well it's a different reality now. It's a different dimension. And so that he got away with it that way. Right, I think he'll-- it won't be that much different. I don't think people who are really strong fans will be that upset. -Yeah. -People were upset of that Disney had a control over Star Wars. I'm gonna tell you, you shouldn't be because if you ever been to in Walt Disney world, they have Star Wars weekends, they have Star Wars rides, they respect it. I'm gonna geek out a little bit. -No, I understand. -I went to a big event where even George Lucas was there and a bunch of people and it was-- it was a dress up and [unk] that particular event. But it was awesome. And I know that they can respect the franchise. -Yeah. -So I have faith that it'll be fine. -To me, I just-- I think it's-- I think it's sad. I think it's cosmically sad, because you have all of these talented people in the world, and your giving two of the arguably most popular-- -Yes. -Sci-fi franchises of all time. And you're letting one dude take control of those two things. -I think-- yeah, that's not necessary. -And to me it's cosmically sad, because it's like-- what like-- why not let someone else have a go with this? -Are they gonna give him X-Men too in the future? -Right, you know. -Like how many-- how many-- -'Cause he can do Iron Man 4. -Yeah. -Right. -Right? Like, you know what I'm saying? -Yeah. No, I agree with you whole-heartedly, it's just like let's have more creative input. -Let-- I just-- to me it's just such a safe move-- -I think everyone's still afraid-- -for Hollywood. -right. -It's such a lame old safe thing. -Well, as you talked about before they have formulas now to know what works and what doesn't. So-- -Exactly. And to me it's just like how freaking lame. And if you're JJ Abrams, you're like-- yeah, of course. I want my-- you know-- great, great, great, great, great grandchildren to be-- you know-- rockstars-- -Uh huh. -because he's set for life for sure. And you don't say no to a gig like this. -Uh huh. -I don't know, maybe he does say no. Maybe he says you know what, I'm gonna let someone else do this because, this is crazy for one man to have all these responsibility. It seems kind of idiotic. -Give a man enough power to control the entire geek universe. -I'm just, you know, I don't know-- I don't know. -Yeah. -It's a scary thought. -It is. -I just-- and maybe he'll do something to Star Wars that no one else has been able to do before. You know, maybe he'll make it, I don't know-- he'll have a different angle on. I don't know. -Uh huh. -But to me it's just-- I think it's lame. -If you-- well, he's not even in a follow the books, so that's already gonna upset people who have been following it very closely. I mean-- I mean, Lucas gave the rights to what happens next in books. And he doesn't care to follow that, so you're already gonna get hardcore people a little upset. -Yeah. -Or a lot upset. -We'll see how it plays out. To me it's just like let someone else have a chance at it. You know, let the-- I don't know-- who else would be a better Star Wars director guy. -Uh huh. -I don't know-- you know-- give it to-- give it to what's his famous? -Singer? I don't know. -Oh, yeah. Give it to Bryan Singer. Give it to Darren Aronofsky. -Uh huh. -You know, he's done some wacky stuff before. Let's see what he does with it. -Uh huh. -I don't know. Give it to freaking Nolan. Give it to Christopher Nolan. Just-- -Oh, yeah. -give it someone who can make it and maybe it'll make a little darker. -Uh huh. -I don't know. -Sure. -Give it freaking Jon Favreau before I give it back to J.J. Abrams. -Yeah. -Right? -He did a good job. -Anyway-- anyway, that's where we're gonna end today. Right, as smiling politely as right-- as a fan, let's all just be happy it's not Michael Bay. Right? We can all-- -Right. -sleep a little more peacefully at night knowing he won't be behind the camera for that. That's gonna do it for us-- 866-4404-CNET is the number to call. Again, no show tomorrow-- back here live with Justin in the studio on Monday. You got the phone number, email us at 404@CNET.com <mailto:404@CNET.com>. Follow Bridget on Twitter at BridgetCarey. Watch CNET Update everyday, CNET.com/update. And that will-- -Thank you. -do it for us. Don't forget, the MLB/NBA contest is going right now, so please participate and that get that going. And yeah, have a great weekend guys. We'll see you on Monday. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Bridget Carey. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -It's the 404 Show, high-tech lowbrow. Have a good one guys. We'll see you Monday.

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