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Ep. 1261: Where we pass Glass: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 1261: Where we pass Glass

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Cybertronic Bridget Carey guest stars on today's episode and dons her newly purchased Google Glass Explorer Edition headset! She'll give us her first impressions and we'll try on the future of wearable technology.

-It's Wednesday, May 1st, 2013. It's the 404 Show on CNET. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Cyborg Bridget Carey. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. Welcome to the program, everybody. What a week of shows we got going on, and today, for the first time on any Podcast ever, it's Bridget Carey and Google Glass on our face. -On my face. -What's the-- -Technology on my face. -I'm not gonna lie I've never seen Bridget so freaking amped up over-- -It's exciting-- -Yeah. -as a journalist to see something that's a new thing, you know. -Yeah. -For sure. -This is amazing. This is the first, so-- all right, so, tell us about-- like what was the process like you got it. I got this for the explorer program and-- -Okay. -I went over to Google's offices in New York. Got a demo, you know, walk through how it works. It was very nice and it wasn't rushed. -Yeah. -And I really got to spend some quality time really diving into and understanding how it works. -Uh-hmm. -but as you wanna know how does it work. -Yeah. -Okay. -And how much do you hate it already. -I haven't had enough time with it to really be critical. -Yeah. I'm joking. -It's really just more of that, this is interesting moment. -Right. -I'll come back later and I'll let you know, you know, -Okay. -as you spend more time with it as when you learn. You can control it three different ways as you figured already, you could do it by voice. -Right, yeah. -Or you can-- there's a side panel here. -Oh, look at that. -This is a touch panel. -It's like a Fun Dip stick. -I can tap it to turn on the screen, and from-- -Oh, look at that. You can see the screen turn on. -And now you can see a little light. So, that's how you know I'm looking at something. -Right. -Holy Molly. -It's-- if you don't see anything, this is just a clear panel and by you'll know I'm busy. I can flip through photos I'm taking. -Oh, my. -Yeah. -It's crazy that you can see it. -You can see the mirror image. -And you can probably see it in the camera too. It's moving around like that. -Yeah. -And if I go to the other direction, -Oh. -think of it as a bunch of cards in front you. -Yeah. -Just like you're cycling through. So, if I go to another direction, I get weather. If I set it up on Google Now, I would get things that it knows I'm doing like maybe following my local sports team, -Yeah. -or other information. There's apps like the New York Times if I wanna get some headlines. It doesn't really let you reutilize. It's just a tiny screen with maybe three lines of texts at a time. If you do a Google Search on here, say I'm in a conversation with you, I wanna prove you right. -You are. -And I'm having argument over something. -Yeah. -I can say, you know, do a Google Search and-- -Can we do that right now? -Yes. Sometimes, the wireless is a little funky. -So, is it hooked up to our WiFi? How's that work? -Okay. Actually, it might not work live because I think we had some-- I'm sorry. -I'm sorry but when people are using this, both of their eyes look up. -Yeah. -Are you seeing that? -Uh-hmm. So, your eyes look up like you're thinking about something but you're not. You're just-- because no one can move their eyes independently. -Yeah, let me talk about that. -I mean I can but that's like a trick, you know. -Yeah. -He's right -You feel like the weird little cross-eye thing. -I know how that's-- -You-- -It actually looks kinda silly probably that I'm always kinda rolling my eyes back to look up into it. -It is. -Yeah. -It does look silly. It's like you're thinking really hard. -Okay, Glass. Take a picture. -Yeah. It is crazy. You're right. -And it's taken. -And it took a photo. -There, it's instant so there's no-- -So, the voice activation seems to work pretty well even if other people are talking around you, like if you're in a crowd or something. Have you tested that out in public yet? -Yes and I think you can set it off. Watch. Let me get it ready. Say okay Glass. Oh, I see I said it. -Oh. -All right. -Say those words. -When I point to you, when I point to you, you're gonna do a drive by, take a picture. All right. -Oh, this is a good test. -All right. -Okay, Glass. You will Google image search for poop. -It can't do image search for poop. -Oh, okay. -You got the point, people. You ruined it. You ruined it. -Okay, Glass. Take a photo. -Too late. Too late. -All right, try it again. I really wanna see if Justin can do it. Yeah, go for it. -Okay, Glass. Take a photo. -Oh, not yet. I guess-- see, I'm learning like the best ways to get it too so I could get to the main menu, I think, on my own. -There's a bit of a learning here. -Oh, there's a third way. There's a third way to turn it on and off. -Damn it glass. -Okay. Yeah. -See now, I'm in a menu now. I'm like-- I don't know WiFi networks see. There's not moment when you're still learning, like I can get it pretty fast but-- -Now, I'm just noticing-- -I have to get it down and up to get out of it. -I'm also noticing you're a woman, I'm noticing that and I'm noticing that you have long hair and I'm noticing it's getting in the way. -I have to keep pulling it back, right? -It's getting in the way. -I wanna have that long, flowy, awesome futuristic look and yet I'm like, all right, gotta clip it. So, there. -You know-- -Let's clip this back. Let's make it work. -Now, you don't wear glasses, eyeglasses. -I have contacts. -You wear contacts. I was talking to Scott Stein yesterday. He wear glasses, he couldn't fit them on top of this glasses. -No. This is something where I feel eventually have a way for people with glasses to wear it but-- -Am I the only one that's just like slapping my forehead over this? -This is the experiment. This is just the moment of let's see where it goes. The reason it is so expensive and hard to get is because they're just trying to give it to developers to make apps for it. -Right, yeah. -I understand that. -That's where it's gonna be fun. -But the photo that you showed yesterday on your Instagram was like, you had blue blockers on or something with you on top. -You can snap on sunglasses. -That's okay. -I like that. I like that -It's like clip on. So, yeah, I can take that on and off. -So, now, what is adjustable on there? So, you have a band that comes around. -This is very flexible. This is titanium. -Oh, look at that. -Oh. -I don't feel like I'm gonna break it. -Yeah. -Although, I should probably stop it. -We'll make sure of that. -What you would adjust is these nose pads. -Right. -They come with extra nose pads too. It depends all-- only adjustment is where-- how did your nose really fit? -True. When you get eyeglasses they measure that, you know, -Right. -arc on your nose. -The one thing you wanna do when you're wearing it is you wanna make sure that this little screen is above your eye. I'm looking at you. I can't see anything. Yeah I know that in my-- -It's in your peripheral. -Yeah. There's something fuzzy but I feel like I can talk to you. -You can. -And I was looking in front of my face and I look up-- -Right -to interact and then I look back down. -So, the only really way to get the screen to pop up, because right now you're looking at me, we're having a real conversation, the screen is off. The only way-- -I can tilt my head and now it's on. -It's a head tilt. -Oh, man. -Or I can tap it. -What would-- okay. Pass this thing around. I mean-- -Okay. -actually, aren't we supposed to break this now? Isn't there like torture test we're supposed to do? -No, no. -[unk] to break this. -I feel like everyone that has glasses just always sits on them. So, I want that to be like their ability test, you know. -They do come with a case-- -Put on your seat and show it. -that is hard. So-- -Yeah, yeah. -Hopefully that won't be the case. -I just-- -Yeah, the other thing I wanted to ask you about is if you've tested about the audio 'cause that was the one big key feature that it uses, a normal audio, right? -Yeah. I bet you-- -So, it's a bone conduction technology. -If I play a video that you can hear this. -Yeah. -It's supposed to be-- -But you hear it-- and then you don't hear it through your ears. You technically hear it through the skull. -It's the bone conduction, yeah. -Yeah. -That's what they said and yeah, I think you can hear the chimes. You can hear the chimes. -Yeah. -Yeah, I could hear it when I took the photo. -So, it's not exactly silent to the world around you. It's a little bit of a-- it's loud to me. It's very soft to you. -Well-- -Can you turn that off to be a little bit more covered? -I'm sure. -I don't see that setting. -It might be buried in the settings somewhere. -Yeah, maybe. -You can't-- people can't hear it but they see it. So, if you're wearing this out in public yet, people are giving you weird looks. -People mainly came up to us and were like, is that Google googles? -Yeah, yeah. -Like, oh, can I think a picture of you with it? -Yeah. -And I think what you find are people who are excited 'cause they're like techies who know and other people who kinda like, I think I've seen this in the news before. -Right. -And you get stares. -Yeah. -I-- -It's like she won the lottery. -I'll let you know what it's like riding the subway. Haven't done that yet. -Don't do that. Don't do that without someone-- -Be careful where you ride. -You wonder-- -A bodyguard. -I think it's all about and like anything in life would tell, like it's about your situation and where you are and how, you know. -Yeah. -So, I'll be smart about that but-- and besides, if you don't really get much connection, [unk] doing taking pictures in the subway, it's the same concept. -Right. Yeah. -You really would get more used out of this. Right now, the first thing I wanna do is take videos and photos. It's a hands-free camera. -Yeah. -So, that's a big part of the whole thing, right? -But the later evolution of the things you're gonna be doing hang outs instantly, calling someone instantly, texting someone instantly. -And you can't do any of that right now. -No, you can. -Oh, you can? Yeah. -Or one thing that was interesting, I was talking to someone that Google had for two months and I said, how have you changed in two months of using this? Of course, I'm just getting giddy, playing with everything. She's like, it's small things, for example, she still took out her phone to take the time and all her co-workers were like, what are you doing Ma'am? -Just look up. -Just toss your head up and there it is. -Yeah. -And she's like, wow, the small little things that we're used to doing. You can now do something different and for that, those kinds of things will come in time as we all like are playing with it more. -And I think it's something that that we need to reiterate that this is basically more or less a prototype in the sense that-- -Absolutely. -it's really not for everyone right now. It's a lot of money, right? How much is it? -This was $1500, that's not counting tax. -Yeah. -Right. -And really that was because you only got an invite to get the chance to buy. -Right, you're right. -If you're one of the 8,000 explorers. -Sure. -Or some of the developer. -So, $1500 right now, it's really just for developers who are interested in developing for this Google Glass platform. -Yeah, people also make, you know, different kinds of apps for it. I was just gonna try to see if it fits well while running. -Right. -It doesn't move. I imagine there might even be fitness uses for this in terms of seeing my like distance or like-- -Yeah. -if there's an accelerometer. -You know what I want it for? I want someone to make like a golf app for it. -Uh-hmm. -I wanna be able to wear it while I play golf and see the flag and the distance and tell me how far away the hole is. -I was thinking of that with a lot of different sports actually. -Yeah and it goes for like a pool environment too, -Yeah. -where you could like see exactly what trajectory you will have to hit the ball at or-- -Yeah, that's straight up cheating. -That'd be cool. -It's almost smart enough to right now give you directions. So, how much better is it as a driver to just kinda glance up than to go, hey, where's my phone? -Right. -No. That sounds dangerous too, though, every time you're taking your eyes off the road. -Yeah. Well, if you're looking up, you're not looking away from it. -Yeah. -That's what I'm saying. -Are there any games on it? -Not yet. Not yet. -What kind of game you're playing with Google Glass? Let's be honest. All right? Game that's right. -Virtual reality. -Some sort of augmented reality game. -I think it's got an accelerometer. Why can't I be in the game I see? Like can I-- -Yeah. -Yeah, I'm just gonna be controlling Angry Birds with the tilting of my head. So-- -Swing those birds. -So, can I put that on for a second? Can I check them out? -Yes. -All right, hold on. -All right. -Headphones are coming off. All right. -Okay. Once you put it on, make sure it's-- -I feel like I need-- -sitting close to your eyes. -Okay. -Tilt your head up. -Oh, yeah. -And now you see it. -Okay. So, I see it and-- -How big does the screen look? Because it looks tiny. Is it hard to read? -It's not hard to read. -It's like it just was floating in front of you. -It's proper to say it's probably like an inch. An inch wide, is that a safe estimate? -Uh-hmm. -So, it's not projecting on to your eyeball. -No. -It's just a mini screen. -Yeah. -It's a-- -No it is projecting. It's actually lasering right in my eyeball. It feels fine. There's no veins, there's no nerves in your eyes. -No. it's a mini screen and the illusion is that, imagine taking a-- yeah, like I guess a 3-inch screen kind of hovering right in front of your face. -Right. Okay. -Like-- like that. -So, I'm scrolling through your photos right now. This is something else, man. It's-- -And you're picking this up and since it's the first time that you've put it on your face. -Yeah. Well, I also saw that video but, okay Glass, take a photo, take a picture. And it just did it over the top of your head. That's pretty cool. Yeah, it's interesting. -There's also a photo button. So, if you just-- if you don't wanna go through all that, sometimes I think saying "Okay, Glass" is kinda funky. So, you can just tap to get to those menus instead of going to take a picture, you can just silently select by tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. -Yeah. -It says there's a WiFi issue. -Yeah. That's what I mean. -It has WiFi issue. It's having an issue with WiFi. -So, was it only over WiFi? Does it only work over WiFi or will it be working on a like 4G network eventually? -Okay. Right now, you need a WiFi connection and if you wanna do things like navigation, it needs to be able to talk to your Android phone with the Bluetooth connection. -Uh-hmm. Okay. -And if you wanna text your, you know, people or call people, obviously that requires a shone. So, it needs to talk to your phone as well. -Right, right, right. -If you have an iPhone, you can only do so many things. Android has more usage. -Right, right. It is all in your head-- -How is it like to be part of the collected? -It's very strange to be obsessed with nothing. -Yeah. -I feel like I'm going crazy, if someone looks at me and maybe like, oh, look at that lunatic just you know, flailing his arms at nothing and that's what it kinda feels like. -Yeah. -There. So, you can hear like little clicks when you move. -Right. -I want you to try this one. -Yeah. -Yeah, you can hear little clicks and whatnot. It's-- -It's pretty cool. -It's an audio acknowledgment if you're going through the menu, right? -Right now, though, it feels like it's-- I'm at like [unk] center. And they're like here, look what we did, it's cool, you know. My whole thing is obviously we always look at everything through a very skeptical, you know, lens. -Of course. I'm very skeptical about it. -Oh, cool. -Yeah. -You know what I mean, like I'm very skeptical. -Now, see, I would adjust it for you, Justin, because-- -Yeah. -it really shouldn't be in front of your eye. I should be able to see your eye just fine. I should be able to see your eye just fine, like-- -It should be higher up. -Go higher? -Yeah, it should be much-- -Yeah. -There you go. -Yeah. -It should be higher and this little front piece, -Yeah. -actually-- -So, the front piece-- -bends. -Oh. -Oh, it does bend. Cool. -Oh, wow. -I didn't realize that. That would help. -And so you wanna be able to see the whole screen, you can kinda go back and forth like this on it. -Yeah. That's wacky. That is super wacky. It's-- I mean, it's one of those things that you should clearly put it on just to experience what it's like. -My whole thing is like, okay, now, pop it into real world. -It gets your creativity going. -And that's fine. -Okay, Glass. -I think the biggest thing-- -Take a photo. -I thing the biggest challenge this thing is gonna face is the same thing 3D glasses faced. Nobody wants to wear freaking glasses. -Well, 3D glasses also faces like the image of like you get a headache. I get very easily motion funny and my eyes gets strain when I'm in a 3D glasses-- -Right. -or things like the Nintendo 3DS for a long time. You start to feel it like, oh, I gotta take a break. I don't feel like this. -Right. I feel like my eyes are getting really dry because I don't wanna blink. -Right. -Otherwise, I'll miss it taking the photo. -You'll miss information. -Yeah. -You'll miss the time. I-- yeah, I mean, it's definitely an achievement, a technical achievement. I think it's really, really cool, what its doing and what's the best part is like you can see through it too. You can see through the images display. I knew that would obviously have to be a feature. -Oh, like sharing this. -But there's something very-- what movie are we dealing with here, it's not quite Minority Report, it's some sort of you know, Optical Implant movie or whatever the hell, you know, that would be. But it's-- I mean, it's pretty cool, you know, when you put it on for the first time like you did, you freak out a little bit. -Yeah. You get excited over the potential. -Yeah. -And you get a little creative in your head but of course, you could be skeptical. Right now, I see-- let's pass it to you Ariel. -Yeah. Try it on, Ariel. -Right now, I see it as something where-- well, I wanna just hang around with it on my face. Well, I have a computer screen in front of me to check my e-mail. -Right. -But what I wanna use it for hands-free video. -Yeah. -That could be-- that can have some fun potential-- -Yeah. -depending on activity. If I'm on, you know, Coney Island, you know, I'm gonna wanna put it on and see what it's like to be on the roller coaster and share that video. -Right. -But it stunts right now in my head. I don't really feel like I need it. Of course, what technology do we really need? -Okay. -So, it's a funny little learning-- -Absolutely. All right, Bridge, I'm gonna throw something out here. -Okay. -You don't like-- you send it right back. I want to wear that in a hockey game. I wanna wear that kinda wanna-- -It seems like it's not kind of hold up too well. -Yeah. -Oh, here's why I wanna do it because I want to take video and I wanna see like how, you know, how durable it is. -It's durable not for a-- -Didn't people like skydive with that thing? -Let's say, for skydive. -Yeah. -Can you wear it underneath a hockey mask, though? -We're gonna find out, Justin. -No. -You know what, let's talk. -No, I'm listening. I'm listening. -Let's talk and see 'cause-- -Well, it's fine. We'll duct tape it to my face. -'Cause I think sports are really awesome way-- -Yeah. -to like show first person perspectives. -I think so. -I've had my own couple of ideas too with sports, though. -I use GoPro, oh-- -So, you can hear it. I'm like-- -What is it doing? Is it playing music? -It's playing a video. -Playing a video, yeah. I started the video. -Oh, cool. -It's vibrating a little. -It does feel very intuitive. The swiping to me seems very intuitive. It's smooth, there's not a real notice of a lag in the menu system as far as I can tell in the 30 seconds I had it on my face. -We have to charge it because just by playing with it too much, it really ran out battery fast. -Yeah, when we talk about the battery life. -I mean, this is something that is not even a consumer project that they could fix that issue. -Right. -But-- -And where's the plug in? Like what-- yeah, what's the deal with? -Well-- -And what's the battery life supposed to be like? -Well, battery life is supposed to be a day of normal use. When you have this on, you wanna take pictures and video constantly. -Right, yeah. -So, we drained it pretty fast like by-- was it like 8:00 to noon, we needed to recharge it. It charged up pretty fast. You just stick it in a-- -On USB then. -On USB charger right there. -Typical USB. -Power button is on the inside right there. It's a little circle button. -Yeah. Oh, yeah. -And the audios coming from this thing here. -Okay, cool. What-- is there anything else remarkable that you were-- I mean, we've obviously seen. Now, that's interesting. Show in a way you just had it, flip it on inside. You can see a sort of cross section in the clear part. -Yeah. -So, that's obviously where the image gets displayed here. -The images like bounced and like into your eye that way. -So, that's like a mirror I would imagine. -Yeah. -Yeah. -It's something like that. -It's kinda like a camera. -Yeah. -Like the way a camera works. -Uh-hmm. -Very cool. -Yeah. -This has been amazing, Bridget Carey. -That's really like I'm in the future. -I just love that it's in our office. -Yeah. -This is good to have. That's pretty awesome. Thank you so much for-- now, can you get a different color? Like a different rim? -Yes, yes. They come in 5 colors-- -Yeah. -at least these early ones do. -Right. -It's black, gray, white and like a light blue and tangerine. -Well, that's the one I'm getting, tangerine. -But when I was there, they have white and-- -Right on. All right, well have fun with it, come back, let us know what you think when you really dug deep. -Oh, yeah. There'll be last little stories-- -All right. -over the course of this test. We're not gonna be in this in the consumer hands for almost a year. -Wow. -So, there'll be a lot of little stories along the way as everyone kinda plays with this. It'll be interesting to be an explorer, so to say. -Yeah, for sure. All right, well, thank you so much. Check out update everyday cnet.com/update. Are you gonna wear it on Update Today? -Oh, yeah. You know it. -You are. You should. -It's a special glass edition of Update. -Nice. I like that. All right, more 404 right after this. Thanks again to Bridget Carey. We'll see you on the other side. Stay tune. Welcome back to the 404 Show. -Uh-hmm. -Had a nice little first half of Bridget Carey in Google Glass. -And, you know what really freaks me out is, I read a story earlier today about a hacker that already rooted Google Glass. Look, check this out. It's this guy named Jay Freeman, code name Saurik, and apparently he's already rooted and jailbroken the Google Glasses. And so, he's working on maybe creating custom Gestures that will activate the camera. Maybe you know what Bridget was saying about how you know when someone's taking a video because you could see the reflection from in front of her. -Yeah, how they could turn it off. -Yeah, this custom hack will let, you know, you record without a display showing up. -Yeah. -It's just really freaky or like custom voice commands to engage the video recording like, you could say anything. You know, like hello, -Yeah. -and that will automatically start recording. It's only a matter of time before those things become common. It scares me. -Just a quick note on when you take a photo with it, there's a weird game your brain has a problem playing. -Uh-hmm. -And take a photo and because it's glasses and because you're not really looking through like a view finder, -Uh-hmm. -in your head you're like, oh, it's just gonna take a photo of what I see out of my eyeball. -So, it has to fit your perfectly. -Well, no. It's not that. It's impossible to do that obviously. No, no. -So, it is. What I mean, like that's the idea that it's supposed to fit right in front of your eyes or should be sort of right the eyes. -No, but it's like an inch and a half away from where your eye is and that's significant when-- -In terms of depth, yeah. -Well, right. So, like, you take a photo and there I am thinking like it's-- and I'm thinking oh, it's gonna take a photo of that clear spot, you know. -Right. -But no, it's different because the lens is to the right of the clear window spot and when I thought I was taking a photo of Bridget, the top of Bridget's head, I actually took a really good photo of everything right here. -Right. -So, that's gonna be strange too. And I also didn't know when the photo was actually being taken. It sort of just went and that was that. -You think you could watch an entire movie on that screen? -No, no. -Well, like, I think you would. Like I do run an airplane or something. -No, no, no. No. -I could do it. -You could do a lot of things. -You can watch. Yeah, you can watch anything on your iPhone. -I can also survive on cache the rest of my life but I'm not gonna do that, that's crazy. -I'm gonna add you to this Tumblr that I found earlier today. Check this out. -Oh, you son of a-- -whitemenwearinggoogleglass.tumblr.com. This is basically a collection of all white tech journalists and CEO that somehow got their hand. -Why does it have to be white? Why does it have to be white? -Because there's plenty of photos. There's no shortage of white men wearing them. -I'm sure there's people who are not white that put on-- -And that would be only one [unk]. -I like-- -You're such an-- -Yeah, enough for Tumblr page. -Look, what about you two a-holes that just had it on. -onechineseguywearingglass.tumblr.com. -Well, I like the color of this one, that like carbon color then? -Yeah. I like that one too. -That's the one I would get. I wanna get a black one, seriously. I like the black. -There's 15 pages of these photos, by the way. -Yeah, great. -Three hundred photos. -I think-- -That's right. -It's funny. You know who I would like to see wear Google Glass? -Who? -Marc Maron. -Okay. -Can we put them on his face? -Yeah, we could do that. -I can't. He wears glasses. -But we'll find out tomorrow 'cause I guess Marc Maron is gonna be on the program tomorrow. That's freaking awesome. So, tune in. We'll have a lot of fun with him. We'll talk about his book and show in IFC and all that good stuff. -Yeah. -Because he is really sort of-- he's kinda like a luddite, you know. -Yeah. -But I feel like he struggles with this whole thing because, you know, he has this like new resurgence, -Uh-hmm. -because of this Podcast that he does called WTF. -And his IFC TV show. -Yeah. But that's not necessary like a tech thing. But the Podcast is the most certainly the tech part, right? He's like that's like a big deal. He's like number one on iTunes, in [unk] and stuff like that. -Yeah. -And now, he's like sort of struggling with the digital and analog life. -Yeah. You know the fact that Marc Maron has become so successful with his Podcast, and he somehow like turned that into a television show and he's so famous now, it really gives me hope that maybe in 25 years-- how old is Marc Maron? Fifty? -He's gonna be 50. -Yeah, maybe 25 years we'll have the same success too. We just gotta keep talking along. -That reminded me of like, it was like coming to America. -Yeah. -When McDowell was talking to Eddie Murphy and he's like, maybe in 20 or 30 years you have a house like this. -Yeah. -That's what I thought of. -It gives me hope. -Put that-- -People who have hope success. -It'd be good to put that out of your mind right now. -Yeah. -And just try and to have fun with Marc when he's in the studio here tomorrow. -Yeah and talk about a lot of stuff. Cats, I wanna talk to him about cats. -Yeah, he has a cat thing. -He's a big cat guy. -So, you're gonna be super psyched about that. But there's a lot to talk about. We have-- we already have a lot in common with him. So it's gonna be fun. -Uh-hmm. -So, tune in for that. And then, what we're doing is, we're actually rescheduling Caroline McCarthy who's supposed to be here tomorrow. She understood. She was like, you know, this guy is not in New York all the time. You're across the street. -Yeah. -So, she'll be here on Friday. So, we got Marc Maron tomorrow, Caroline McCarthy Friday. -Okay. -So, that's that. -Very cool. -All right. What else we got going on? -Oh, man. I'm still freaked out about Google Glass. I mean, with all the popularity of it coming, I mean, it gets only amount of time before you see a bunch of people walking around with it on the street and we stop to talk to anyone. -I don't know about that. -If they wear Google Glass, I'm just not gonna talk to them. -I don't know about that. -All right. Like, I'll just ignore them and walk away. I mean, I refuse to have a conversation with someone wearing Google Glass. -You just like immediately put your head, your hand over your eyes. -Yeah. -And you're like, get away from me. I know what you're doing. -I have to ask them to go off the glass, you know, like take off the glasses when we're talking. -But don't you think it'll get to the point where you can't tell that they're wearing a Google Glass 'cause they're talking about how they're working with 3rd party like frame designer. -Yeah. If it's integrated into the frame. -Yeah, and then you won't even know. -Then it's scary. -Yeah. -Oh, God. -The thing is though, is that right now the way it's setup, there's no-- you're not disguising the fact that you're recording. -Uh-hmm. -Because you can see the lens and I mean, there are people who will not understand what it is and they'll just be like, oh, he's got really funny glasses on. -Yeah. -But then, you know, once it enters the realm of hidden cameras sort of thing, -Right. -that's the issue. -Right. It's freaky. -Everyone lost their mind, they're like, oh my God, everyone has a smartphone. Everyone has a camera now in their pocket. -Uh-hmm. -The world is over and while, yes, we've all become victims of over-sharing and whatnot. -Right. It's still not-- I mean, there's invasions of privacy but it's not an epidemic, right? -Yeah. -It's not like you can't leave your house. -Yeah. -Right? -Yeah. -You gotta be careful of what you do, what you say, what you breathe with, you know, but-- -Yeah. And there's also a lot of praises there-- -Change the world forever, -Yeah. -but we've just been able to-- maybe it's just that we've been able to accept it. -Well, yeah. There's also a lot of places that have already banned Google Glass from allowing you to enter from, like there's a bar somewhere. -I think you were there last night. -Yeah. I think so too. -Strip clubs maybe. -Yeah. You're not allowed to. I like Romancer's comment in the chatroom. What if you're a pirate? -Yeah, good point. -It's discriminating again the pirates. And that's my biggest problem with Google Glass. Treats pirates like second class citizens. -Yeah. -Yeah. -It's nonsense. -So offensive. -Get out of here. But yeah, I don't know, man. The second it enters the realm of undercover, hidden camera. -It's gonna get there. That's gonna be one of the first things people do. Yeah, definitely. -And how much is this really gonna be when it's available to the masses? I mean, I know it is, anyone can get their hands on it if they know the right people if they-- -Yeah. -wanna pay enough money. -It's too late already. -But, I mean, with that technology, cheap. That ain't cheap. -Yeah. Who's moving with me? -To where? -They're never gonna get Google Glass in Hawaii, right? -Hawaii. -Let's go there. Let's move. -Oh, I finally say if you're in Hawaii where technology-- technology can't survive in Hawaii. -I think they have cellphones there yet. -It's too beautiful. It's too beautiful. -Yeah. -Yeah, there's barely any service there. Oh, I don't know. -Okay. -It's a brave new world, ladies and gentlemen. -Yeah. -All right. Let's talk about the Netflix thing. -Yeah, okay. -I'm really excited 'cause in a couple of weeks, the forgotten season of the rest of development is hitting Netflix, which is sick. They're releasing all 15 episodes at once. But today, news comes out that classic titles, literally hundreds of classic titles, -Uh-hmm. -will evaporate from the Netflix library. -Right. -What the hell, man? -Well, this is because Warner is about to launch their instant video streaming service. It's gonna be called Warner Archive Instant, which also means that hundreds of titles from Warner Brothers, MGM and Universal are all gonna disappear coming May 1st from your Netflix Instant Queue. -Right. -I'm not sure. I think you read more about this Warner Brothers Instant thing yet. Is it gonna be free? Or do you have to pay for it? -I can't-- I don't-- I honestly don't know. -Yeah. Well, regardless, a lot of them are gonna disappear from Netflix and so, you can actually go on to CNET right now and see a huge list of the movies that you have to watch by May 1st. You don't have a lot of time to do that. -Isn't it-- -Today. So, if you haven't watched it yet, forget it. You're not. -It's gone and just like that. -That's the story. -And it's gone. Oh, is Netflix doomed? -What do you mean? -Is it doomed because-- -I think it's [unk] like the one major place where you're gonna go to watch videos. -And here's why I think it's really ultimately doomed. -Yeah. -And I'm sorry 'cause I really like Netflix and I've been a member since I can remember. -Uh-hmm. -But you know, they were just so ahead of the curb when it started. -Uh-hmm. -And it literally took a decade for all of the content, you know, provider and-- -Right. -to realize-- -We could do it ourselves. -Yeah. We should do this ourselves. -Yeah. -I don't know why it takes as long as it does. The glacial pace of digital progress. -Yeah. -But it takes forever. -It's slowly trying to disappear. Soon we're gonna have to look at a legend to see, oh, you wanna watch this movie? You have to go to this website. -Right. -It's like, will it stream? What website will it stream? Or something like, can I stream it? -Yeah, right. -Yeah. -Then you're gonna need a freaking directory. -Uh-hmm. -To get to navigate the web of crap that will be-- and then all of a sudden we'll be like, wait a second. Is this just like cable again? -Yeah. -And I gotta freaking flip the channel and do what I gotta do. -Right. -And the vicious cycle continues. -Yeah. I mean, it'll add maybe a little bit of complication to it, but just look it up online, you'll be able to find it anywhere. -Get upset about the movies that are disappearing. Get upset about classic James Bond movies. -Yup. -Get upset about classic Woody Allen films like Stardust Memories, gone. -Yeah. -You've never seen Stardust Memories? -You should know this-- you know this about me. I've never seen a Woody Allen movie. -Oh, that's right. -Have you? -I have but I don't remember. -Don't tell. -That's good. Right here in my [unk]. -Yeah. -Don't tell Maron in that, man. He'll freaking sit on you. -I know. Yeah, I will keep that firmly. -That's a freaking-- that's blossomy right there. Regardless, James Bond has like Dr. No Goldfinger. -Yeah. -Gone. -Uh-hmm. -Say goodbye. -Yeah, last year, Netflix kinda took a blow too when Stars took out their movies from the service. And apparently, I guess Stars also owns the internet rights to Disney, according to the CNET article. A lot of movies from Disney and Sony Pictures, so not be able to watch like Pixar stuff on Netflix anymore, a lot of that stuff like Kings of New York, Toy Story, Scarface, none of those are on Netflix. I feel like Netflix just has a bunch of old movies that no one wants to watch. -Cancel this, right? -That's like what it is. -The streaming feels like that. -It's bunch of like 70's and 80's movies, -Yeah. -that like no one really cares about. Like Spaghetti Westerns, you don't actually watch this. -The streaming and anyway, have you ever noticed how obscure and specific some of the categories are? -Yeah. -They're like Late 80's Campy Sci-fi Horror. -Right. -And you're like, what that-- there's like 6 movies that fall into that category. -Right. -You're like, what the hell, man? -Yeah. -And then all Bruce Campbell. I don't know, ten years from now, is Netflix a company? -I don't know. Ask Google Glass. -I don't know. -We'll see. -I do not know. -Good thing there's still House of Cards on Netflix, though. -This is-- -My mom wants to watch that. -This is an interesting little Soap Box ran from Morpheus 2009 and the chatroom says, Jeff, Netflix is the Napster of video, except they make you pay for it. It's opened the doors for Hollywood to separate how access-- separate the access to movies and keeping all movies in one location to access. -It's kind of an interesting thing to say. I don't know if I call it the Napster of video 'cause it's not free. -Uh-huh. -And you can't get everything and it's not run by some guy with Napster hair. I don't know. -That's an interesting comment. -That is. -I don't even understand what he's saying. -I have no idea what that comment is. -I am not sure-- I even-- I'm not sure that's English. -All right. Let's get to a couple e-mails, right? We got some listener e-mails. -We do. -Okay. -Big topic on the show has been nasty as computer stories like physical, your physical tower, you open it up and out comes like, you know, roaches or something disgusting. How did we get into this topic? I'm not sure. -We ask for it. -But Derek, from South Jersey has another doozy. If you have a sensitive stomach, maybe turn down the next couple of minutes or we'll see you tomorrow. -These are really nasty. -These are gross. So, just a word of warning but we gotta get through them because this is the reality we're living. This is the side of tech, you know, everyone else is scared to talk about. -The dark side of tech. -It's the dark side of tech, as my good buddy Ariel says. -Hey, guys. I was listening to a show. Another listener mentioned finding bugs in the computer. He was fixing. I'm currently a tech support agent and everyone's favorite cable company, they will not be named, Comcast. -Before I worked here, however, I was a satellite installer at Dish Network. I have done hundreds of jobs in some of the worst urban areas in South Jersey. There are no bad urban areas in South Jersey asides [unk]. When removing old cable lines from some customer's homes, I have to take them and throw them in a garbage bag until they got back to the shop. The boxes were infested with roaches and other insects and their bug cracked. -Yeah, goop. -Like the bug goop but it's so-- bug goop. -Yeah. -Anyway, so much so that you could like-- you could smell it. That's basically what you can smell. It was extremely gross. The shop have been infected in the past because of this exact situation. -Oh, my God. -What's the sound effect we're looking for, Justin? Yeah, that. -So, okay, let me read another one. We might as well just pile through this. -Yes, let's get through. -So, West was actually the first one that sent us yesterday's voicemail or e-mail about the bugs in the computer and he sends another one. He says, I'm an IT professional for a very large satellite provider and he tells us the story about just happened to him today. This is yesterday. He says, a middle-aged woman called me this morning complaining about some issues she was having with her computer. I needed to replace the hard drive as it was beginning to fail, so I agreed to open up the PC case and almost threw up inside of the computer. -Oh, why does he have to say it like that? -Yeah. -This next sentence is the worst thing I've read in a really long time. -You-- is it too gross to say? -It doesn't matter, I'll say it anyway. -I'm scared it might be too gross to say. -Here it is. Probably 3 to 4 years worth of fingernail clippings were covering the inside of this case. -No, no. -Apparently, does woman had been slipping them inside the vents of the PC case for however long, this probably isn't the most disgusting thing that I've come across in my career but because it just happened to me today, I have to share. -That's so gross. -He was putting it inside the computer case. -Like a piggy bank. -Oh, my God. That is-- -Why? Like what's wrong with you? -I'm getting chills right now. -We need to do a new series on CNET that's just like My Gross Tech Thing. You know, like TLC. -Yeah. -You know, like The Learning Channel has like my disgusting addiction. People who eat like laundry detergent, you know, idiots like that. What is up with putting fingernail clippings in your computer? It's so gross. -That's so nasty. That means you maybe picked them up off the ground and put them into the computer, right? I mean, you can't just catch one in the air like Mr. Miyagi. -Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why does that happen? -Okay. -Why does that happen? Why is that a thing? -Just to add to the grossness, they're probably not all fingernails. -Oh. -Yeah. Oh, man. That's a great point. -Disgusting. -I just can't-- how do you move on from that? -Yeah. -How do you segway out of that? -Well, with one more I guess. Right? You wanna read this one from Jordy here? -This here is from Jordy. -This was not as bad. -It's not bad. This one is like so PG, it's awesome. -Yeah. -This is a delight. I would lick this computer, -Yeah -compared to what we've read. This is from Jordy. On the subject of what nastiness can lurk inside of a computer case, I used to work IT for a well-known boat builder and shortly after coming on board, I get it, I though it might be a good idea to use some compressed air to blow the dust on his, out their 40 some workstations. Had opened the first one and the entire inside is coated in fiber glass dust that's a half inch thick. How are all of these people not dead? That's what I wanna know. Like he was spraying it inside on purpose. -What? -I looked up and I asked the receptionist if it bothered anyone else that this stuff was floating around in the air they breathe every second of everyday and she gave me a quick dismissive, "No" as she sucked on her unfiltered Marlboro cigarette. And needless to say I moved on shortly thereafter. -How does that stuff get there? The fiber glass. -The fiber glass. -The fiber glass stuff can't. There's no way all of that accumulated over time. It was probably like one time where they fix the ceiling or something. -Oh, yeah. -And it just sucked it all up. -Oh, it's [unk] too, yeah. I'm sure that's the problem with construction. -Yeah, like how could that be? How could there be all of this floating, you know, a fiber glass? -Oh, my gosh. That is really alarming. -You don't think about-- -And it's just like sitting right there in the belly of your lungs. -Yummy. -No. Thank you. I-- and then he goes on to talk about other funny things I will just leave for ourselves here. -Yeah. -You don't wanna read that. But it's-- I don't know, man. It's strange, right? It's strange stuff. -Yeah. This-- actually I wanna read his PPS here. -Okay, be my guest. -He says, although I've watched the show before, I generally binge listening when I'm on the road and as such my brain feels the need to visualize the show or what we look like-- -Which makes sense, that's a normal thinking. -Right. And I do this too. I used to listen [unk] and before I ever watched-- before I ever knew what Dr. [unk] and Adam look like, I would imagine them in my head, right? -Right. -Everyone does that. And anyway, he's decided that each one of us has a cartoon avatar approach, -Okay. -that he visualizes when he listens to the show. So, he says, thought you might like to know that Jeff, he pictures the obvious choice as the grumpy old man from the movie Up. For me, he pictures-- -That little dude-- -The old grump. I could imagine. -Yeah. -Yeah, but is like happy at the end. -Yeah, maybe. -Yeah. -Justin, he pictures as the flailing arms balloon thing in front of the cheesy used car failure, incredible-- this guy. -You're so good. -He's good at that. -Yeah, because I'm so-- do I come across as lanky in my voice too? I don't know. That's weird. He wants to see me once. -Well, no, that's clearly, you know, what people could summarize from hearing me talk about you. -Oh, right, yeah. -Like a whole mantis thing. Like mantis-- -Yeah. -You know, playable guy. -Hand in hand. -And this is the weirdest one. Ariel, he pictures this and actually apologizes for an advance. He says, Ariel, I'm sorry to say, is Dora the Explorer. -I don't know. -Is that racist? I don't know. -No. -What does that mean? -She's cool. -Speaking, I don't know, like it's a [unk] attraction there? -Oh, I didn't know-- -I have no idea. -Is Dora [unk] a Filipino? -Dora speaks Spanish. -No, I don't know. -Dora speaks Spanish but I have no idea where that comes from. -Exactly. -Or-- -That's the only connection that I could think of between Ariel and Dora the Explorer. -I didn't know Dora speaks Spanish. -Yeah, that's her thing on the show. -That's her thing. -But Ariel doesn't speak fluent Spanish. -I don't even speak Spanish at all. -And he's also not a little girl. -Yeah. -I have no idea. -That's the big thing. Not a little girl. -That's the main-- -Do you have a girly voice? -Probably, yes, I'm gonna say I do. -I don't think so. I don't know. Maybe. -Yeah. -Whatever. -That's so weird, huh. -I have no idea. -All right, Dora. -I'll accept it. -You will, I guess. -Yeah, whatever. -He could have said something worse. -Something worse, yeah. -Perhaps. -Yeah. -Wow. All right. And with that, I think we'll say goodbye. 866-404-CNET, that's the phone number to call. If you wanna say hi to Marc Maron. Maybe send us a voicemail and if it's good enough, we'll play it on the air tomorrow. Send us an e-mail the404@cnet.com. Oh, I just got an e-mail from one of Marc's guys. He's doing an AMA on Reddit today. -Yeah. -At 2:00 PM Eastern Time, might have missed out on the live version of that but if you wanna go check it out after the fact, go to Reddit and the AMA section and read his AMA. So, that's pretty cool too. He's here tomorrow, Caroline McCarthy is here Friday. And that's gonna do it for the week. Again, 866-404-CNET. You know the deal, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit. We need like a pretty recorded thing for that, you know what I'm saying? Can you do that? -Yeah. -Yeah. -Yeah, I can do that. Sure, whatever you just say. -Thanks inflatable flailing arm guy. -Yeah. -All right. We'll see you guys tomorrow. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -No, you're Dora the Explorer. -Yeah, I'm Dora the Explorer. -That's the 404 Show. I take a little bow back here with Marc Maron tomorrow. We'll see you.

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